Ancient genomes suggest woolly rhinos went extinct due to climate change, not overhunting

he extinction of prehistoric megafauna like the woolly mammoth, cave lion, and woolly rhinoceros at the end of the last ice age has often been attributed to the spread of…

Aussie Government Asks the UN to Dismiss an Indigenous Climate Case

The Australian government has asked the United Nations to dismiss a climate case brought by Torres Strait islanders, on the grounds the harms they claim are a violation of their…

Air pollution could be making honey bees sick – new study

Whether it’s exhaust fumes from cars or smoke from power plants, air pollution is an often invisible threat that is a leading cause of death worldwide.

Cliff Mass Fights Back Against @knkxfm

It is time for me to speak about my firing from KNKX and I will reveal much that is not known publicly about the station, its leadership, and the events…

More Solar Cyclomania

Previous investigative forays of this solar cyclomania sort have not ended well, so Charles asked me to investigate this one.

Scientist to resurrect water fleas from U.S. nuclear fallout zone

A researcher of The University of Texas at Arlington could soon uncover the evolutionary effects of nuclear testing by resurrecting decades-old crustaceans.

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