Bernie Sanders Attacks Bezos, Backs Amazon Climate Activists

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Bernie Sanders has recorded a video with the Amazon Employees for Climate Justice, attacking Amazon’s alleged climate failings and alleged mistreatment of their climate whistleblowers.

Bernie Sanders taps Amazon employees to blast the company’s record on climate change


  • Bernie Sanders released a new video Monday that features Amazon employees Marne Costa and Emily Cunningham.
  • Costa and Cunningham were warned they violated Amazon’s policies after speaking out to the press about the company’s climate stance. Amazon also threatened to fire Costa if she continued to speak to news organizations.
  • It comes as Amazon employees have called for the company to develop a comprehensive climate change plan.

A new video from Senator Bernie Sanders takes a swipe at Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, with the help of two employees who have spoken out against the company’s climate policies.

The two-minute video was posted to Sanders’ Senate Twitter account on Monday and features Emily Cunningham and Maren Costa, both of whom are user experience designers. In it, Cunningham and Costa discuss how they’ve faced retaliation from Amazon for calling out the company’s climate policies. The video does not appear to be part of Sanders’ presidential campaign.

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For years many large companies have gotten away with gross climate hypocrisy. Bernie’s decision to side with Amazon employee climate activists suggests fake climate activism is no longer a safe corporate strategy.

44 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Attacks Bezos, Backs Amazon Climate Activists

      • I was thinking the other way. Buy less from Amazon then they have to fire people. First to go would be those who are climate fearers in the ranks, fired because they were in breach of company policy. Getting fired, for whatever reason, sharply focuses the mind.

    • Message maybe being that it’s now in-vogue for their employees to bite the hand that feeds them?

  1. You can get a check from Soros or the Rockefellers to go around bitching about “Climate Change” or you can get a check from Bezos to fill customer orders and let Bezos bitch about ‘Climate Change’.

    Pay attention to chain of command, you idjits. Remember what you are getting paid to do.

    The money is the same either way. Switch from Bezos to Soros or the Rockefellers if filling customer orders is getting in the way of your activism, because millions of people still want their stuff on their doorstep… tomorrow… and to hell with the CO2 it takes to do it.

    • Bernie’s decision to side with Amazon employee climate activists suggests fake climate activism is no longer a safe corporate strategy. – article

      Yes, please bite the hand that feeds you and your family and make sure everyone knows what kind of employee you really are.

      Amazon isn’t a Big Tobacco company. It’s a 3rd-party retail seller and shipper. If Amazon were trashing every locale where it has a shipping facility, I could understand that, but that is not what is happening. And Bernie seems to be determined to destroy successful businesses, anyway, so there is no surprise in this.

      • But this has absolutely nothing to do with his campaign for the Democrat nomination for President. If it did, I think one might question his use of his (government paid for) Senate site.

  2. The Progtards have had their pitchforks out for Bezos since his Amazon forced the Seattle City council to rescind their employee head tax or face a beat down in a city-wide voter referendum and probably lose some council seats as well.

    As far as these two “woke” nitwits in the video with Comrade Bernie, overall Bernie is the gift that keeps on giving to Trump and the Republicans.

    Keep talkin’ Bernie!! Show everyone what today’s Democrats really are.
    Show every business-person and employer in the US how you hate capitalism. Make even liberals on Wall Street run from you.

    As a note: Amazon is like WalMart in that they have the deep money to hire a large and talented corporate legal counsel staff, a legal staff able to guide the company’s director and executives to stay out of trouble on HR policies. If Amazon thinks they can fire them for their activism against their employer, they are probably on sound legal ground.

    • Darn it Joel, I want to see Bernie get the nomination so Trump can win by a landslide. My buddies that are union-dems are hoping some centrist will come out of the woodwork and offer an alternative to the egotistical bastard that characterizes “the evil company”, but gave them 4 years with plenty of overtime pay.

        • These days, anything to the right of Stalin is ‘centrist’ and anything that is actually politically ‘centric’ is dubbed ‘far-right’, or even ‘hyper-conservative’ as our resident troll lloydo recently referred to.

          The goalposts are on wheels…

    • Here’s a thought…
      If Ilhan Omar can be an activist for Iran by providing retaliatory suggestions while employed by the USA, what’s to stop the government from extending that policy to the private sector?

  3. “The two-minute video was posted to Sanders’ Senate Twitter account on Monday and features Emily Cunningham and Maren Costa, both of whom are user experience designers.”

    What are “user experience designers”? Sounds like a fake “skill” to me bit like people studying Latin Literature at PhD level.

  4. … Amazon’s alleged climate failings and alleged mistreatment of their climate whistleblowers.

    When an employer does something illegal, whistleblowers are supposed to be protected.

    Under the Obama administration, being a whistleblower could land you in jail.

    If a company is doing nothing illegal or, in any way exceptional, and everybody knows what they’re doing anyway, you’re not a whistleblower when you complain about it. No whistleblower protection for you.

  5. Somehow, I can’t picture Bezos getting intimidated by a pretender commie.

    He will fire employees who don’t get to work on their jobs, he has done it before…

    • An interesting book, Snowing in Bali, describes the downfall of a group of cocaine dealers. In the early days local authorities were content to take small payoffs, a few hundred dollars per month could buy a licence to flout local drug laws.

      Then the story is the police realised how much money was on the table – they started simply throwing dealers in jail, getting them on death row, bleeding them dry then executing them anyway.

      I can’t help thinking maybe the green movement has entered “phase 2”.

      • You should look up the series called “El Chappo” probably the most notorious drug baron ever. There was so much money about he had a .45 gun gold plated and diamond studded. If they needed to fly drugs anywhere, they would buy the plane, in cash, load it up, fly it to wherever, unload it and just leave it. Many of those planes cost minimum US$1million, for one trip. Most are still where they landed.

  6. We are in the middle of a political inversion here in the US. Bernie is pushing the moderates to the right, Trump is pulling them from the left. So far so good!

  7. Always someone else’s job to actually do something with these whiny lefties isn’t it? Heaven forbid they actually do something themselves. They’re like kids who stamp their feet until they get their own way. If they really feel so strongly about this, why don’t they quit, start their own business, run it according to their own belief system and actually take real world risks like all business people have to?

  8. Crazy communist Bernie Sanders is showing surprising (to me) endurance, popularity, and financial support.

  9. I’m I being cynical or do these two employees just seem to be wanting to get on the gravy train, but are too stupid to figure out how?

  10. So Bernie Sanders has not studied any of the sciences. He graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in political science from the University of Chicago.
    I have no problem with anyone having a scientific view regardless of qualification or not as all that matters is whether the view is correct. However, Mr Sanders has conviction which is not a scientific method and he is a self confessed activist, which is not a scientific profession.

  11. Bernie is exactly what he looks like…an old crank. His apologetics on bread lines being a good thing is priceless. It shows that the food is being distributed fairly. You can’t make that up.

    I’ve had business dealings with Amazon which allowed me to see the inner workings of their fulfillment centers and interact with their employees. There is good and not so good about it. It’s an awesome technical achievement in the distribution industry. You are also a cog in that tightly operated machine which isn’t very satisfying. While the company has many tech related jobs it’s base workforce moves packages and boxes from point A to point B. That gives workers lots of free mental capacity for other thoughts.

    Amazon makes very little profit vs revenue. Money spent on virtue signaling climate policies comes straight from the employees pay packets. You don’t get to spend the same dollar twice. It would be good if an employee group formed ask for a raise instead of green praise.

  12. Sanders says, ‘Amazon employees…’ making it sound like there are many. But it’s just two backroom employees- with an axe to grind?

  13. Well, this is how it works:

    When you let liberals/political progressives influence your company, whether it be from the outside or the inside. you are dooming it to eventual breakdown or loss of purpose.

    While there may be temporary exceptions, the liberal progressive m.o. is destructive, not constructive.


    • Exactly Andrew. The “woke” only know how to destroy. Let them into you business and inevitably they will work towards destroying it.

  14. …fake climate activism is no longer a safe corporate strategy.

    The problem is that real climate activism is rarely responsible from a fiduciary obligation perspective.

    That said you’d be surprised at the efforts some companies go to pursing energy efficiency. The people in brown (UPS) have been doing this since the 70s. Translucent roofs to light the cargo area. And believe it or not, aerodynamic van design changes. Careful attention to tire rolling resistance and correct pressure. Huge investments in “traveling salesman” software. Rigorous speed caps. You name it, UPS has invested in it.

  15. Bezos must be getting a little weary of the extreme regressives. Cortex and now Bernie, they sure know how to win friends and influence people.

  16. Ok that does it.

    I’m sending in my order for that electric golf bag with wheels that follows you around.

    Thank you Mr Bezos. Commies don’t understand the business concept but feel qualified to tell business managers how to do their job strictly on the basis of ideology.

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