Holiday Flights are OK for Extinction Rebellion Climate Leaders

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Extinction Rebellion Founder Gail Bradbrook
Extinction Rebellion Founder Gail Bradbrook.

h/t James Delingpole; In 2016 Extinction Rebellion founder Gail Bradbrook boasted on social media or taking an expensive holiday flight to Costa Rica, racking up around 11,000 air miles for the round trip.

‘Hypocrisy’ of Extinction Rebellion founder’s 11,000-mile trip to Costa Rica as she boasted of taking a luxury long-haul holiday on social media

  • XR leader Gail Bradbrook had £2,500 stay at New Life Iboga resort in Costa Rica
  • Trip racked up a 2.6 ton carbon footprint – a quarter of a Brit’s year average
  • She said the holiday was ‘filled with nature and warm sea’ on Facebook post
  • Tory MP Paul Scully says it is ‘blind hypocrisy’ from group disrupting travel plans

PUBLISHED: 11:59 AEDT, 14 October 2019 | UPDATED: 19:11 AEDT, 14 October 2019

The founder of the eco-activist group Extinction Rebellion boasted of a luxury long-haul holiday on social media just three years ago.

Gail Bradbrook racked up 11,000 air miles when she flew to Costa Rica in 2016 to stay at the £2,500 luxury New Life Iboga resort.

The 47-year-old, pictured, helped to set up the protest group last year and it has called for a drastic reduction in the number of flights taken.

But Dr Bradbrook’s Central American trip had a carbon footprint of 2.6 tonnes – a quarter of the amount that the average Briton emits in a whole year.

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To be fair, extinction rebellion was founded in 2018, so maybe between 2016 and 2018 Gail had a green epiphany and renounced her former carbon sins. A month ago Gail revealed how she started the group after taking psychedelic drugs.

But it is fair to demand Gail clarify Extinction Rebellion’s position on whether climate leaders are still allowed to fly. A few months ago actress Emma Thompson flew 5400 miles to participate in an Extinction Rebellion anti-flying protest, not a peep of protest from Extinction Rebellion leadership at Emma Thompson’s blatant climate hypocrisy.

The way I see it, greens like Gail Bradbrook and Emma Thompson want to create a future where only the little people lose their flying privileges.

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      • Yes, the conditions for membership are very strict. You have to prove that you don’t work, that you are below average intelligence, that the police are the enemy, that you take drugs, that you do not agree with democratic principles, that you feel you know better than governments and the people, that you are prepared to do yourself what you are telling everyone else to stop doing, that you only eat meat when no one is looking, , that you have no worry about people dying from your silly protestations, that you are willing to be manipulated by certain idiots who have made a lot of money even though you oppose capitalism, that you are a left wing celeb, that you bath or shower only once a month or less to save the planet, that you are prepared to do anti-social activities to alienate the rest of society, and that you are certain that at the end of the next five years we will all be gone. Fortunately few of us can fulfill any of these conditions, so our membership of this juvenial organisation would be blackballed.

        • You need to check your facts. Go and speak to XR people instead of spouting nonsense. A large proportion of them are professionals with degrees, jobs in caring professions and scientists. They have a strict policy of no drinks or drugs on deminstrations. Their concern is for the environment and the futures of their families. And yours.

          • Mary Smith: if they are scientists as you say, they need a reality check on green energy. I suggest the TED talk by Dr. David MacKay, a physicist and environmentalist. It’s available on YouTube. Come back when you’ve found a realistic alternative to fossil fuels and nuclear.

    • Interesting link to the Mail article. The comment section is informative inasmuch as it seems to show that XR have gotten a Hasbara type operation up and running. Equally interesting are the up and down vote indicators on the comments, with all the prophesies of doom getting heavily thumbed down. Encouraging as we can be fairly certain that the Mail is careful to keep its finger on the opinion pulse of middle England 🙂

  1. Just think of all the carbon savings if only 5% or (dare I say?) 1% of the population is allowed to fly? Just as long as it’s the right 1% then all will be well.

    • OK HotScot and Sunny, I watched the twitter video, and I wished I hadn’t, but Reality Exists, and these people need to be extinct, so they are in the correct organization.

    • It’s clearly degenerative behavior, but I don’t quite understand the reactions of being grossed out. We’re just mammals people.

      • The gross-out factor is due to the transgression of simple, basic-good-sense societal norms. Civilized society cannot exist without such. Lawlessness can only be pushed so far before order collapses into chaos. The morality of squeezing one’s spots (as Frank Zappa once lyricized) is irrelevant. What is highly relevant and conducive to societal well-being is that certain things should only be done in private.

        (btw, does anyone have her phone #?).

      • Robert W Turner

        Is there an example of any other mammal on the planet behaving like that?

        It’s exhibitionism.

          • Correlation is not causation, but would you speculate that attention whoring is a cause or effect of cultural evolution? Been a long time since I’ve been to a zoo, but not so sure about that strong no.

    • Wonder what her kid thinks about mummy wasting his/her dinner at a rebellion. Maybe we should ask Geta

    • Looks to me like they are all on some form of drugs.. they do realize that most drugs require fossil fuels for processing? In fact the second step in making cocaine is to wash the coca leaves in gasoline… Although she appears to be on MDMA, but that is created through an industrial process utilizing many chemicals derived from oil stock. I wonder what the carbon footprint of cocaine is??

      These people need to understand 2 things..
      1) The law of unintended consequences
      2) Be careful what you wish for


    • I actually thought the people involved were funny, in a desperately sad sort of way, especially the woman on the receiving end.

      Keep it up XR you are tuning the unpaid people away from your cause in droves.

    • FTW! The lunatics really are running the asylum.

      Next: breastfeeding considered racist, because white.

  2. That is the way it is now, the little people (those who can not afford the ticket) are not allowed to fly.

    • Any “little person” could forgo a week’s worth of tax-inflated cigarette purchases to afford a plane ticket.

      The poorest folks in my area all smoke all the time.

      • Those poorest folks are probably also on government assistance. And while, technically, you aren’t suppose to buy cigs or beer with the government money, there are a few people that still find ways around that in order to get their smokes and their drinks.

    • Most “little people” in the US can afford to fly. Just have to plan in advance to get the cheap rates.

    • John, here in the states, pretty much anyone who wants to can fly. It might take some planning, as icisil says , in order to fit their budget but they could do it if they so choose (may need to wait for a really cheap deal, but such deals are not uncommon or unheard of). But honestly, those who truly can’t afford the ticket aren’t looking to take a flight in the first place, as they have much more to worry about (such as putting food on their table) than flying off somewhere for no particular reason.

  3. I’m waiting for some one to set up a class action to sue IR for damages. I’m too old and incompetent to do it but would support it with a crowd funding contribution .

  4. These people are morally, mentally, and spiritually depraved. Hypocrisy is part and parcel to it all.

  5. [to create a future where only the little people lose their flying privileges.]
    We notice class-warfare but this time it is not the suppressed people against their tirans but a new noble class that wants to create a sub-class. Now the choice for solar panels and windmills becomes clear: they are not able to produce enough energy for all.

    • I think that defines what I see pretty well. I note that not only did she fly, but she flew somewhere warmer! I could ask if she’s that stupid or that hypocritical, but hey, why can’t she be both? These people are actually disgusting in their hypocrisy. It’s just willfully blind as they assume that they are above what they demand of others.
      Mods.- will this post?

  6. Most folks, activists included, have no conception of the problem of getting rid of human generated CO2.

    Roger Pielke Jr.’s analysis was a kick in the teeth. He showed, with an easy and hard to refute analysis, that we have to build one nuclear generator per day until 2050 if we want to reduce human CO2 emissions to zero. WUWT

    When I pointed the above out to a friend, he waved his hands and expressed faith that technology would save us. That could happen … maybe. Gambling on it is dreaming in technicolor though.

    • The only way to reduce human CO2 emissions to zero is for all humans to be dead!

      And the concentration of what we breathe out is a damn’ sight higher than 400ppm! I wonder of those “scientists” who started the CO2 scare realised just what a dragon they had unleashed!

    • I agree with you but where was it reported? Forbes. It certainly wasn’t used to destroy political manifestos on energy production or greenie claims.

    • My response to your (my) friend would have been something like “How can you live with yourself being such a dumbfuc?”

  7. I don’t know a single soul who lives or acts like they really believe there is a Climate Crisis. They aren’t feeling it because nothing is actually changing for the worse.

    I cannot imagine Americans accepting a tripling of energy prices (like Germany) without a few riots here and there…followed by a 500 Electoral College Vote victory margin for the 2028 “Affordable Energy” Presidential Candidate.

    And Germany is nowhere near achieving their CO2 emissions targets.

    A tripling of energy costs would equate to around an extra $300 a month FOR EVERY Family…that’s a car payment without the benefit of the car.

    • I was repairing a wheelchair for a nice lady yesterday, her husband was there too. She asked if I was going to watch the presidential debate. I said no. I said I didn’t think there was a climate crisis going on.

      Well, they they did, “all the signs are there, if we don’t change, we’ll die.” That’s an exact quote from both of them. I had to just shut my mouth, since they were customers.

      But I didn’t see anything about their lifestyle that indicated they were trying to effect change. They still drove a fossil fueled mobility van. Everything about her high-end wheelchair was made possible by fossil fuels.

      People will say it, and might even vote for someone who says it, but they can’t really be bothered to change.

      • “Well, they they did, “all the signs are there, if we don’t change, we’ll die.” That’s an exact quote from both of them. I had to just shut my mouth, since they were customers”

        Understood. However, a simple, risk-free response could have been “I certainly respect your viewpoint because I too am concerned about our world, but certain things I’ve read have led me to think that things might not be be quite so dire” – or something like that. Such would remove the focus from you to the sources of your doubt (“Well, I don’t want to get into that right now because my focus at the moment is giving you the best service I possibly can. You could probably find what I’m referring online somewhere, but at the moment, what’s important is your satisfaction with my service.”)

      • Ask questions politely. If you confront someone on their beliefs, they will defend them forever. If you ask questions politely, however, they will attempt to answer them, and in the process reveal they don’t know what they are talking about.

    • A primary feature of the United States, is exactly that. It is an organization of states, not the People’s Republic of NA.

      California is free to go green, and drastically raise energy prices. Meanwhile, in Georgia, my last electric bill was $0.11/kWh plus 6% sales tax. No other charge whatsoever.

      And to ensure we never become the People’s Republic, we are heavily armed.

      Now let each state enjoy the fruits of their decisions.

  8. People send and give money to these “noble” causes. The more media attention, the more money gets sent….a bootstrapping ticket to fame, wealth, and travel…

  9. You presume Bradbrook has an emotional investment in Extinction Rebellion. Maybe it’s just a job for her. Maybe it’s just a business she created. Why wouldn’t she take a holiday?

  10. “Gail had a green epiphany and renounced her former carbon sins”

    As the cult angle keps returning and having a think about it made me realise that in (even?), less enlightened times God wa used as a proxy for processes not then understood by most. Quoting Bill O’Reilly the American ‘Journalist’ sarc/. Tide comes in, tide goes out you can’t explain that can you? Well yes Bill we can. The ideas of volcanism being the wrath of God’s anger is another example. The ancient world is replete with this use of a proxy.

    Fast forward and now we have a reasonable idea of many of the processes they now do not need a proxy. However that is power and control slipping away. So now we have what I’m going to call an inert gas for the sake of this argument.

    The problem of proxies is that they can be used to cover up what is really going on and now the God proxy is failing a replacement was needed. The God as a proxy argument only stood for so long, the Atheists have a hard time discussing the existence of God as it was a proxy it is difficult to disprove until knowledge grew for some. The same problem exists for CO2 being used as such, people can see processes they don’t quite understand so it is very simple for the manipulators to slip a harmless gas in as a proxy as it has no demonstrable effect on temperature but many complex processes do. So we’re getting this sin idea attached to a trace gas as proxy which is very difficult to disprove to some as they do not have the knowledge or attention span to even attempt to examine the issue. Screams akin to Heretic and accusations of denial are all the tricks of the earlier religious charlatans now making a comeback in a different guise but with the full weight of the Western Media and a full cast of actors. Dodgy times.

    • right, climate alarmism is the new state religion.
      Comunication with the God’s always took place by natural events.
      However lightning and thunder now is physics, plagues are biology, earth quakes and vulcanoe eruptions are geology. But the ill understood climate still is an excellent divine speaking tube.
      Btw: religion cannot proof it’s claims so truth is by consensus which implies that heretics must be silenced.

      • It’s part of Stateianity, one of their holly books.

        Main ritual of Stateianity is a miracle of transformation of paper ballots into an sacred act of collective violence. Non existing ‘rights’ are then miraculuosly delegated to other people, who than have those rights.

        more on thin in Tom Wods podcas episode 1487, keyword ‘mimetic theory’.

        • “It’s part of Stateianity, one of their holly books.”

          I prefer a nice Philodendron myself.

    • “The ideas of volcanism being the wrath of God’s anger is another example.”

      Odd, isn’t it, that volcanic activity appears to be increasing at the same time the world is going to crap thanks to people like this?

  11. Holiday Flights are OK for Extinction Rebellion Climate Leaders

    This was an official meditative event at the New Life Iboga retreat.

    She revealed that her holiday of self-discovery included taking hallucinogenic drugs that inspired her calling “to get with the spirit of the otter”.

    Bradbrook said she contacted a spirit known as Grandmother Ayahuasca and got a “kick up the a*** on negative habits”.

    This one really does have cranial issues

  12. Funny all these collectivist-believers perceive themselves as the elites – the ones who will dictate to the rest of us. Never once have I heard them speak on being the receiving end of any of their own policies – or else specifically exempt themselves.

    They’re ‘special’.

    • “Like you, and everyone else, we are stuck in this fossil-fuel economy and without systemic change, our lifestyles will keep on causing climate and ecological harm.”
      LOL! They blame “the system”! That makes them hypocrites and liars as well.

  13. Last week Hanoii Jane resurrected herself from the dead. This week, a moron in Europe announced that he had quit eating meat to help save the world. His profession? Race car driver. Can you think of a more unnecessary reason to add CO2 to the atmosphere (a good thing, imho), than driving a fuel-guzzling car in circles for hours at a time?

    That got me thinking: eat locally, right? Save on emissions. So why not entertain locally? Included in that would be actors, music, and sports. How necessary are global stars, or national and international sports to our society? History has show us that civilizations can suffer from poor nutrition, bad sanitary conditions, lack of warmth, and poor medicine. I have never read of any suffering from poor entertainment, or lack of competitive sports.

    Making a movie creates a HUGE carbon footprint – a lot of people driving, flying, traveling to multiple locations, promotional appearances, etc. Before industrialization, though, there were minstrels, troupes that performed in small areas, or high school plays, local bands, glee clubs, and barbershop quartets. They all had small carbon footprints. It would be simply to bring all of that back.

    The same goes for sporting events. Then there’s Disneyworld and Disneyland. Really? We need those places that produce huge emissions, themselves, plus all the travelling by their customers (how many daily flights are there in and out of Orlando?)?

    I would contribute to XR if they glued themselves to the gates of Paramount, Disney, Universal Studios. And I would contribute a substantial amount if they confronted Jane Fonda with a petition to SHUT DOWN HOLLYWOOD, and demanded she be the first signatory. If they all really believed that CO2 is the greatest existential threat to Man, then there is NO justification for Hollywood to exist at all!

    • I used to wonder how mass murderers like Pol Pot managed to get into power, and then I read your post and realized that some people are just so full of hypocrisy, they simply are begging to get their wish

    • excellent point jtom. “Shut down carbon-polluting Hollywood, now!” should be chanted at every climate change event one of these so-called celebrities attend.

  14. All must be allowed to the XR climate warriors so that they can implement their brilliant actions everywhere to save the planet :

    • Petit_Barde

      Ive only seen a few minutes, but lord above LOLol. I heard rave music, they all look high, stoned, wasted.. I do not want these people representing humanity… No way!! Also please everybody share that video

  15. Green leaders are idiots. If “little” people stops flying then, soon after, no one flies for long.

    The entire worldwide civil flying infra-structure is built on the contributions from mass travel.

    Weather & navaids down, ETOPS will collapse due to a lack of alternates, air traffic control and it’s safety aspects will instantly become dysfunctional short of funds and, finally, no one would distillate kerosene for such a small demand.

    A situation that would quickly limit the lucky ones to cross-country hops in a chaotic decaying fleet with marginal safety statistics as industry will not be able to supply innovation and components to a profitable market.

    They can of course nationalize all aviation resources and turn it in what climate science already is: -A state funded parade of cumulative incompetence.

  16. We really need to stop taking the bait. Extinction Rebellion is run by postmodern neo-marxists, who, as a matter of philosophical principle, don’t care one whit about climate change or any other ‘issue’. They are rebelling against Western thought, Western civilization and the capitalism that makes Western civilization thrive and prosper. Western civilization is built on hierarchies of competence in valued skills, and since they have no valued skills, they want to destroy it and replace it with a systems that reward them for being useless! The only systems that do that are bureaucracy and socialism.

    Issues are just tools to gain power and control. There is no genuine concern for the climate or anything else, other than power and control. People with power and control can go to Costa Rico Resorts anytime they want.

    That’s the whole point.

  17. “A few months ago actress Emma Thompson flew 5400 miles to participate in an Extinction Rebellion anti-flying protest”

    First Class too.

  18. The UK’s Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) based in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, has recently told BP that it will no longer accept financial support from BP because BP is a wicked fossil fuel company.
    In January 2020 the RSC is taking Timon of Athens on tour to the USA – Washington DC and New York. How are they going to get to the USA and how are the theatres in which they perform going to be heated?
    I sniff hypocrisy!

    • Stoic

      They will go on the same 5 million pound fossil fuel powered boat the co2 seeing puppet took, then they will ride horses between Dc and new york Lolol. The stupidity of these people is unbelievable

      • Sunny, the 5 million pound boat the co2 seeing puppet took was not fossil fuel powered (it was powered by sail for propulsion, and solar and underwater turbines for light and communication according to news reports). It was, however, made from fossil fuels and lots of them (the boat is made of carbon-fibre, which is 14 times as energy-intensive as producing steel). On top of that the crew that took her to the US flew back to Europe and another crew flew in to the US from Europe to take the boat back. Assuming all the members of the respective crews booked their flights together (rather than each taking a separate flight), that makes her little jaunt across the ocean have, at an absolute minimum, twice the carbon footprint as if she’d simply got on a plane herself

  19. A sign of things to come. Maybe with a little wink of the eye from the Tributes of Panem or the handmaiden’s tale. Climate extremists consider themselves part of the privileged class for which all the restrictions they want to foist upon us don’t count. But it also shows extreme arrogance. How did they think that this would not break?

    • Mike

      What did I just watch 😢 How are celebrities supporting these people?? Is life that boring that these people need to sound/look uneducated, just to have five minutes of fame? This board is made of plastic, his clothes to, the blue milk crates are pure plastic..

    • lasted 2.5mins
      he looked like he needed the loo with all the wriggling
      and i kept giggling at the get up being worn

    • I didn’t watch, but the still image… They can’t put their stuff on the ground, so they use PLASTIC milk crates as tables. These people aren’t serious about anything except attention wh*ring.

  20. “The way I see it, greens like Gail Bradbrook and Emma Thompson want to create a future where only the little people lose their flying privileges.”

    There is surely a mispelling there :

    The way I see it, greens like Gail Bradbrook and Emma Thompson want to create a Future where only the the little number of surviving people have flying privileges on Fridays.

    There, fixed it.

    • ” .. Extinction Rebellion isn’t about the climate .. never say we’re a climate movement .. we’re not.
      We’re a Rebellion .. coming together through .. mass political action that breaks the law. It’s the most effective way .. to actually create a crisis in society .. Through mass civil resistance, we’re going to create a new global regime .. we are creating a separate, true, fundamental democracy .. Extinction Rebellion is .. just about democracy .. we are calling for a fundamental change of the political and economic system .. We believe .. that confrontation through mass civil disobedience is necessary .. “.
      ” .. Hands Up! I run a charity and its mostly about securing your own salary .. “

    • May I ask what climate crisis matey? (hint: there isn’t one except in the fantasy-world of climate models)

  21. The huns settled the transdanubian lowlands at Lake Balaton.

    This is the european stronghold for emperors from the East.

    It’s where the mongol hords erected their yurts.

    Their predecessors were the Avars, whose predecessors were Thracians, Skyths, Boii, Parthians, Medes and Elamites – whatever was washed away with the foreign warriors from the East.

    passed down as the location of the Nibelungenlied.

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