“We need support”: Pacific Islands Demand More Climate Action

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Unhappy Pacific Islanders are vigorously demanding more climate action, and they want to know when the “support” will arrive.

‘We Need Support’: Pacific Islands Seek Help And Unity To Fight Climate Change

October 5, 201911:56 AM ET

Pacific Island government officials in New York for the United Nations session and environmental conferences earlier this week and last week appeared more unified than at previous events in their push for greater international help, participants say.

We need resources. We need support,” Marshall Islands President Hilda Heine told NPR’s Morning Edition. “We need everyone on board, and not everyone is on board at this point.”

Micronesian President David W. Panuelo was upbeat, however, after the events in New York. “We felt we were heard by the global community,” he said in a phone interview.

He said he is particularly encouraged by the attention paid by U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres. He also pointed a resolution passed in August to enhance U.N. cooperation with a group called the Pacific Islands Forum, which aims to “build resilience to extreme weather in the region.”

“Guterres is very genuine about his concern,” Panuelo said.

He wishes the U.S., which he called his nation’s closest ally, would return to the Paris agreement, he said.

Read more: https://www.npr.org/2019/10/05/764570478/we-need-support-pacific-islands-seek-help-and-unity-to-fight-climate-change

If you want to make Pacific Islanders smile, all the USA has to do is recommit to the Paris Agreement, agree to the dictates of the UN Secretary General, and start shovelling taxpayer’s money into the hundred billion per annum climate “support” fund.

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  1. How come these islands are not under water?

    Didn’t the UN and Climate Warriors day in 1989 that we had 12 years to avert catastrophe?

    Well Justin Trudeau knows the answer: it’s not about the climate, it’s about transferring money. For example, Justin uses two planes on his election travels. One for him and another for his baggage.

    But Justin buys carbon credits! From a gent who happens to be a friend of Gerald Butts. Butts is one of Justin’s best friends.

    • Correct!

      The Pacific Island word “Action” actually means “money” or “handout”.


      New Zealand used to have a quota for Climate Refugees, I think they still have it.
      Anyway, a few years ago, someone from Kiribati tried to get citizenship or permanent visa here using the quota, but it was declined as the court found that it was actually an economic application.

        • yeah and I hope they do as well as everyone else who lets em take over the ports and other biz and then cant repay the loans n lose it all
          this Aussie personally hopes we pull everything we hand em out medical schools and the rest they bludge off us

    • Of course these islands are under water. You just can’t see it. You need Climate Disaster Visual Correction. It only costs a few billions, and lasts for 12 years.

      • Greta can see the water covering the islands, and says we will be able to see it, too. If not this year, next year. Or the year after. But it’s there. She sees it.

      • Sam Pyeatte October 7, 2019 at 8:35 am

        Just tell the Pacific Islanders to … be quiet and go fishing! It will smooth the hysteria.


        Micronesian President David W. Panuelo was upbeat, however, after the events in New York. “We felt we were heard by the global community,” he said in a phone interview.

        – leaves the question: how far are pacific islands blast fishing to hear –

        He said he is particularly encouraged by the attention paid by U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres.

    • Why too, are the Maldives using what extra funds they are receiving to build another airport?

      I take encouragement from a UK government decision today to override an Inspector’s refusal of a planning application (to convert the Drax power station to oil). The appeal to the inspector – and his subsequent refusal – had been made on the basis of the new generator’s supposed contribution to climate change. Instead the government simply made the point that the UK needs a variety of energy sources. Minor progress perhaps but welcome nonetheless.

  2. Micronesia needs to acknowledge its debt to the US for developing much of the scientific advances and technology that it benefits from.

  3. Millions of Americans thought Obama was gonna give them a payday too. But just as with all Socialist hero’s … it went to the politburo elites … it went to political cronies.

    8 long years … and the Obama-bucks never materialized.

    • That’s ok, he promised the folks in Kenya a couple of schools when he went there to campaign for his cousin Odinga in 2006. The natives were all happy about it and named some stuff after him. They never got their schools.

    • Oh, but they did. Obama got a $30M job with Netflix after delivering free transport to said company via net neutrality.

      • Forgive the autocorrect for doing my editing … a daft stand-in for proofreading. Perhaps an edit button would be useful

      • Neither “heroes” nor “hero’s” is an appropriate word to attach to the word “Socialist”. The word you are looking for is “villains”

  4. For the love of God. The sea level has steadily risen over 400 feet for the past 12000 years. Do the Pacific Islanders honestly think if the USA returns to that farcical Paris Climate Accord and hands over $100 billion per year for God know what, the sea level will stop rising? When will this nonsense ever end?

    • My belief is the best plan is to stack those bills under the homes to raise them above the anticipated SLR. Also send some money to the city of Miami Beach.

      • We’re floating the idea of sending them a shipload of rubber rafts, mud jacking pumps, and hip waders.

        On the other hand, they could follow the Maldives example and invest $4 billion in new seashore luxury resorts (while waiting for reparations, of course).

    • Kamikazedave

      Answer to your question “Do the Pacific Islanders honestly think if the USA returns to that farcical Paris Climate Accord and hands over $100 billion per year for God know what, the sea level will stop rising”, OF COURSE THEY DO!!!

      …or at least the part about USA returning to Paris accord and handing over billions…

      • There are some States and cities that have resolved to do what Paris requires but somehow, I do not think that includes their share of the $100 billion per year commitment that Obama made. Perhaps we should encourage these States and cities to do what they have promised and also encourage Obama to commit his wealth to the cause and forgo his new house which is located about 10 feet above mean high tide.

        • There are some States and cities that have resolved to do what Paris requires but somehow, I do not think that includes their share of the $100 billion per year commitment that Obama made

          Indeed, most (if not all) of those states and cities are already deep in debt to cover their liberal spending habits and thus don’t have that kind of money to shell out in the first place.

    • Instead of money we just send them Obama. After all he’s the one claims to be the initiator of “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal”. so lets see him slow the rising oceans for them.

    • Kamikazedave – Exactly. To add to your thoughts: In order to stop sea level rise, global temperatures would have to be lowered to a point where land based ice melt is equal to its accumulation. Basically, this is the start of the next glacial period. Can you imagine the impact to global food production at this temperature? In addition, these people believe that CO2 is the driving force of the temperature. So what CO2 level do they think is required to drop the temperature this much, and how would that impact crop growth? This is a double whammy to food production.

      If their fairy tale was real, and mankind could rapidly alter global temperatures via controlling CO2 levels, that’s when we will see massive ‘climate refugee’ migration as people flee the northern latitudes. These nuts never even consider the unintended consequences of what would happen if their fairy tale was to come true. Of course, the real answer is that they only want the money and they know that they can easily fool the masses with the help of the MSM.

      I for one feel blessed to be living during an inter-glacial period.

  5. The islanders are missing the point, although see :
    Bank of England chief Mark Carney laid it all out again recently at the UN – London’s GFI, Green Finance Initiative, intends to replace the Dollar with unlimited strictly green credit using a Synthetic Hegemonic Currency (move aside Bitcoin and Libra). See the BIS, Bank of International settlements :
    That means a green cargo cult, run by London, who else. The Dutch DNB with NGFS overlaps GFI , along with a list of other central banks. This was mooted at Jackson Hole, the FED confab.
    It’s called “regime change” by central bankers. It’s a last ditch effort to stave off another 2008 everything-crash.

    Only problem is Mark Carney declaring no national elected government will have any say, just a panel of experts, which is where Guterres enters the theater. Then Pres. Trump at the UN declare the future does not belong to globalists, but to nations. All hell broke loose since then. London is taking no chances with the looming crash – their RIIA, Royal Inst. Int. Affairs or Chatham House, made clear their “special relationship” will not survive a second Trump term. It will not survive a second crash.

    This is planned since 2015 where the UN clearly saw no change unless green credit was issued and controlled, before Greta et al.

    So, finally the SHC is a digital Bancor of Keynes, rejected by FDR in 1944 Bretton Woods. Sanders, GND people smell digital liquidity, AOC is at the trough too, “just print it”.

      • Pardon, to be precise :
        De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) is the central bank of the Netherlands.


        Frank Elderson, chairman of the NGFS: “The financial risks we face through climate change are analytically difficult, unprecedented and yet very urgent. By issuing these recommendations, the NGFS members demonstrate collective leadership which will result in action to foster a greener financial system across countries and continents. As long as the temperatures and sea levels continue to rise and with them the climate-related financial risks, central banks, supervisors and financial institutions will continue to raise the bar to address these risks and to green the financial system.”

    • when using shorthand/acronyms it is helpful to always specify what they mean (you can’t assume everyone speaks your brand of conspiracy). While you did spell out a few, you left many unspecified. what follows is the list of ones you used, I filled in what I could based on the few you specified and the few that were obvious, but a couple remain unspecified:

      UN (United Nations)
      BIS (Bank of International Settlements)
      DNB (De Nederlandsche Bank)
      NGFS (???)
      GFI (green financial initiative)
      SHC (???)
      FED (Federal Reserve)
      RIIA (Royal Inst. Int. Affairs)
      FDR (President Franklin D. Roosevelt)
      GND (Green New Deal)
      AOC (Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez )

  6. Disgusting BS. Where is the people’s watchdog? Not only asleep but actually showing the burglars where the good stuff is hidden. Science has not stopped the islands sinking swindle but then we didn’t really think it would. Climate lies never die they don’t even fade away. Like Zombies they just keep getting back up.

    If tomorrow I see a video of Trump holding up a liquor store it will not affect my support for his re-election. That’s where I have come to. Trump has done more good on the climate scare than every other world leader combined. Lashed to the mast and happy to be there.

  7. well guys….when the rest of the world was developing things like electricity, engines, light bulbs, and fertilizer…you made a choice to hang on to your “traditions”

    …probably your best bet is for everyone to run to one end..and just tip it over 😀

  8. So getting millions if not billions, will change the weather?

    If they do get our tax payers money, what will they do with it?

    • Either spend it on wine, women, and song, or waste on investments in various stocks and bonds.

      • Then don’t give them money, give them infrastructure installed by us with the money going to our designers, contractors and workers. They get any benefit from infrastructure improvements but our corporations and workers get the monetary dividend associated with the work process. The money stays in the U.S.

        • Salute!

          That is what the U,S, needed to do in Puerto Rico years ago, Bryan.

          But nooo……

          So it took months and monthe to get electricity restored.after a storm. And don’t foget the warlords.

          Gums sends….

    • No, the millions will not change the weather, but heck, a million bucks is a million bucks. That can go to lots of useful things like more hotels made from coral sand, pumps to pump the remaining fresh water from the atolls and new international airports to boost tourism.

      Of course about 50% will need to go into “administration” overheads.

    • They’ll build more luxury hotels (that their own populace can’t afford), airports, etc, showing their extreme hypocrisy by promoting more and more air travel.

      • yeah and import near slave pay workers from phillipines etc to DO the dirty work in hotels etc
        as it appears the Cook Islands are doing presently.
        the locals wont work

  9. From the artist’s impression it seems that this hôtel is barely above sea level. Don’t the investors realize it will soon be underwater due to sea level rise?

    • “Don’t the investors realize it will soon be underwater due to sea level rise?” A tsunami will raise the water level in a matter of minutes, so it’s worth recalling the death toll of the Banda Ache catastrophe in 2004 which amounted to some 167,000 souls.

          • The irony is both errors can be attributed to simple typos (swapping the places of the H and E in the first case and typing an extra H in the second). Bottom line – if you are going to be a spelling/grammar Nazi, be sure your own spelling/grammar is correct and devoid of typos.

  10. 2011 census: 53,000 live in Marshall Islands & 22,000 from there live in USA. WHO in 2016 puts diabetics at 20% of population & Hawaii Journ. Med. 2013 put 2/3 overweight to obese.
    Seems climate is not the only issue there.

  11. China has plenty of money. Maybe these Pacific islanders can see what it will take to get China to supply them with cash (and other “amenities”).

    • Na, China spends their money building islands out of shoals of little dabs of sand in the Spratly and other islands chains where there is the oil they so desperately need.

  12. There was an article on this website a few weeks ago which outlined how there had been no rise in the sea levels around Kiribati, one of the poster child low lying Pacific Islands, since the US Army surveyed it in 1945. From a different source, no rise in sea levels around the low lying islands of Maldives, either. In fact there has been an increase to the land area of the Maldives.
    Low lying islands disappearing under the ocean is a claim as fraudulent as New York being inundated with water by 2000, and that no child in the near future will ever experience snow.

  13. Before Westerners arrived in the Pacific Islands, delivering food, water, supplies and technology … their closed island systems limited populations to what the natural (small, closed) ecosystem could provide. I strongly suggest ALL the Pacific islands return to their natural state. Remove ALL Westerners. Remove ALL Western tourists and $$$. Return to ALL things native … and deal with sea level rise as you always have … Mooooooooove!!! Sail your outrigger canoes to the next island chain. But leave my Western WEALTH and culture alone. Fend for yourselves … it’s only natural.

  14. If whingeing Barbara Dreaver appears once more on NZ television demanding more taxpayer money for the islands, I’m going to apply to TVNZ for the opportunity to speak on behalf of the taxpayers!

  15. The best aid would be from the US in the form of a study of HD satellite imagery to compare with 1940s aerial photography and make comparisons for each island. Some was done by New Zealand researchers that found most of the islands had increased in areal extent and were still about the same elevation above sealevel.


    It found islands growing, but then gave the usual catastrophic AGW boilerplate to offset the discovery. The islands are alive for goodness sake! As a geology undergrad we studied the core drilling done on Bikini Atoll by the US gov. prior to an atom bomb test. It showed coral debris rock to ~ 400ft depth where it penetrated a volcanic mound, the level at which the original pre-glacial coral got its start. Even Darwin came to this conclusion in 5he mid 19th Century. Not only is cli sci pseudo science but they are actively burying established science!
    Growth and build up of river deltas with rising sealevel was known for more than a century to geologists. Google it. I’ve written numerous comments on these topics over a decade here on WUWT (without attracting much interest). Do the photo comparison for deltas and repeat every 5 years and issue reports. So much real and easy research could be done.

  16. The Pacific islanders aren’t thinking rationally. They should be funding research on how to bring on the next glaciation.

    The land area of their islands would greatly increase, they would be among the few warm places on the Earth, and they could charge billionaires just about anything they want to come to the islands.

    They would be the big winners in the next glacial period. Why aren’t they working on bringing it about? They should think of their (insanely rich) children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren….

    Some people just don’t think things through.

  17. Same old questions.

    What do they really want to do?

    What real world actions will they take, and what is the expected measurable result?

    What are they personally willing to sacrifice and contribute?

  18. In the immortal words of Sam Kenison,”Send them f**kin’ luggage!”. If “sea level” is “rising” “catastrophically” then move, morons. Millions of people will happily pay large sums of money to occupy the same square meters you are fleeing. Get. The. F**k. Out.

  19. I have a possible solution–draw up a contract that all recipients have to sign to get any money–that to get any handouts they have to agree that if sea level continues to rise without any catastrophic change for 12 or 20 years or whatever time they claim that disaster will strike, the money has to be paid back double; sell the islands if you have to to pay it. Lots of Canadians would love to have a winter homelike that, especially the children who aren’t gullible to be on climate strikes today.

    There really should be some accountability for all this, something to be paid back if you cause a bunch of change and are wrong. I wonder how deep the conviction of imminent climate disaster would be found to be if being wrong cost you. A person forms his or her own opinion, if they use it to influence decisions there should be a personal accountability for that.

    And yes, one could say that about my opinion too, but as a geologist having seen from the rocks how this planet changes climate I’m comfortable that I can show that these changes occur without any causal influence of CO2. There will be climate change, but it will not be because of man and will not be a crisis.

    Besides–if we’re all gonna die, what do they need more money for?

  20. I think about Pacific islands, occasionally. That’s all the support they need and deserve.

  21. Quick shout-out to Josh – we sure are getting lots & lots of use out of that (incrementally modified) cartoon

  22. Given these Islands are roughly the same total size as they were 50+ years (albeit some bigger, some smaller) who thinks that if some clown hadn’t banged on about climate change and these folk were just living happily on their tropical paradise type islands with their easygoing life styles, would they have even noticed any change? Charlatans, all of them.

  23. Did anyone tell the people that live on those islands that they are actually gaining land area, not losing any?

  24. Corals are living organisms (animals; polyps) and the surface level adjusts to the sea level at any given time in a symbiotic relationship with an algae called zooxanthellae, which is a plant-like organism and makes use of the coral’s metabolic waste products for photosynthesis.
    This symbiosis gives the coral reef the power to grow with the sea level.
    It’s as simple as that.

  25. Roger Surf wrote:
    “New Zealand used to have a quota for Climate Refugees, I think they still have it.”

    As we here are seekers of truth I will put the record straight. The statement is wrong.

    One hopeful claimed refugee status based on climate change. He was rejected in the courts. We were not prepared to open that can of worms (- yet?)

    End of story


  26. Perhaps if such Pacific Island people stop mining Coral
    as a building material, thus destroying natures breakwater,
    they would have nothing to feat from the occasional


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