Claim: Bangkok Climate Conference Failure USA’s Fault For Not Providing Money and Free Stuff

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Despite the overall failure to achieve their stated goals, the now concluded Bangkok climate conference actually made some progress – they all agreed to jointly attack the USA for not providing all the climate cash and free technology transfers demanded by delegates.

Meet fails to agree climate change rules

Espinosa [UNFCCC Executive Secretary] said there was “limited progress” on the issue of contributions from developed nations to developing countries, adding that she is “hopeful” that future discussions will be productive because of the importance of the issue.

“On the core issues of forward-looking climate finance and the degree of flexibility developing countries should be given on the information and reporting requirements for national commitments under the Paris Agreement, negotiators were stalemated in Bangkok,” said a statement from Alden Meyer, director of strategy and policy for the Union of Concerned Scientists, a US-based activist group.

But he said wealthy and developed countries “led by the United States and including countries such as Australia, Japan and even the European Union” refused to clearly show “how much money they are going to provide and how that is going to be counted”.

Activists were critical of Washington’s lobbying at the meeting, especially because President Donald Trump has announced plans to have the US withdraw from the Paris pact, which had been heavily promoted by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

The US has announced its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement but still negotiates as if it is a party, weakening international co-operation by not contributing to finance and technology transfer to developing countries,” Meena Raman, legal adviser at Third World Network, said in an emailed statement.

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Imagine how different everything would have been if President Trump had lost the election. Climate delegates would be awash with US tax dollars, talking up all their plans to save the world with a deluge of US money, after of course they had all deducted their administration fees.

75 thoughts on “Claim: Bangkok Climate Conference Failure USA’s Fault For Not Providing Money and Free Stuff

    • Not only unaccounted but unaccountable.

      No officer of the UN can be prosecuted in any country of the world. Add that to a $100bn / year budget slush fund and what could possibly go wrong?

      Anyone ever heard the expression “don’t tempt the devil” ?

      It is not just tempting corruption it is a system designed from the outset to ensure corruption.

  1. ” attack the USA for not providing all the climate cash and free technology transfers demanded by delegates.”

    Thank you. My work here is done.

    President Donald J Trump

  2. The whole event didn’t get any airtime here in the Australian left-leaning alarmist media. I am surprised about that.

    • Ron,
      I agree, but they are ‘slow learners’…. so I’ll repeat:
      To all of the grasping grifters attending the Climate COP-Out, from this native son of the USA: Piss Off!
      Pay your own drunken bar tabs and pervy massage parlor bills, you whinging con artists!
      The USA is done contributing to Climate Change fraud!

      • The USA is done contributing to Climate Change fraud (atleast until the next leftist gets elected president)

        • How likely is it that the next Democrat Fascist who is elected President will proceed to cause U. S. Civil War Numero Dos?

    • That would be the entirely imaginary technology that makes renewable energy viable.

      Many of the third world countries are exactly where the greenie activists want the developed world to be. They want a greatly reduced population that doesn’t use resources. That would take most of us back to the state of our ancestors in the Middle Ages.

      The honest message to the third world should be: “Quit while you’re ahead.”

    • ‘Which “technology transfers” are they talking about?’ The equipment and knowledge to lobby for more tax payers money.

      • I’m quite looking forward to the widespread transfer of the best modern American drilling and fracking technology to the rest of the world.
        My, how the greenies are going to squeal like stuck pigs.

  3. Just more evidence the CAGW hypothesis is at the beginning of its end…

    As Leftists’ doom and gloom predictions continue to fail spectacularly, both the fear factor and extorted taxpayer money dries up.

    Moreover, because Trump got the US out of the Paris Accord, other supporting countries are refusing to make up the shortage of wealth redistribution funding to the 3rd World…

    Leftists are quickly running out of excuses, public support and money on this CAGW sc@m…

    • Shock, horror, these people don’t think that the planet is worth saving …… at their own expense ??

  4. refused to clearly show “how much money they are going to provide and how that is going to be counted”.

    It was very clear if you were paying attention.

    “Thus, as of today, the United States will cease all implementation of the non-binding Paris Accord and the draconian financial and economic burdens the agreement imposes on our country. This includes ending the implementation of the nationally determined contribution and, very importantly, the Green Climate Fund which is costing the United States a vast fortune.”

    President Trump, Rose Garden Speech 1June 17

  5. The United States has played “sugar daddy” to many nations for so long (and not just the tiny ones), that they now have a sense of entitlement.

    • Change “nations” to “people”, and you begin to understand the corrosive effects of overly-generous welfare plans on initiative and self-esteem back here at home.

  6. “The US has announced its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement but still negotiates as if it is a party”

    They forgot to mention, “negotiate without authority to agree on anything that costs money”.

    Win win for us!
    Keeps internal climateriat busy.
    Keeps the climateriat international confused.
    Keeps them all wondering when those intensely despised American dollars will arrive.
    Keeps proving to the world, just how shallow and circular their arguments.

    As fast as the weather changes, climastrologists come up with new disasters caused by CO₂ until everything warmed, rained upon, dried, stormed, frozen, snowed, blown, ocean going, flying, burrowing, water borne, wind blown, sun receiving, etc. etc. is caused and imperiled by 0.001% to 0.005% of CO₂ increase over 100 years.

      • I make that about a 46.5% increase on the “ideal” (warmist expression) CO2 concentration of 280ppm to 410ppm today.

        Or, a change from 0.028% of the atmosphere to 0.041% of the atmosphere thus an increase of atmospheric content of 0.013% in atmospheric content.

  7. Remember the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, Serbia during the 1999 Kosovo conflict?
    It accidentily took two GPS guided 2,000 lb bombs from a B2 bomber launched out of Missouri and got leveled. Oppps.

    The next COP meeting in Poland should be so mis-fortunate.

    File under: “How to solve man-made climate change.”

  8. “the degree of flexibility developing countries should be given on the information and reporting requirements”

    Which means the US would have been paying for what, exactly? Real scientific information? Or just what the Prime Minister of a notoriously unsinking pacific island* decided was expedient for his political games?

    *insert the name of your favorite 3rd world dictatorship here

  9. And to think the hypocrites used to be us Christians. What a relief to be able to pass that responsibility on to the morally superior greenies. They will be able to do a much more thorough job than we could, because they aspire to save the whole planet load of humanity, while we were just calling to redemption those few who wished to be salvaged.

  10. Message to lefties – if you want to support this Bankok/Paris nonsense YOU pay the $100 billion to these freeloaders for their junkets. Don’t ask the sensible people to contribute.

  11. USA has already given 1billion dollars courtesy of Obama . Before donating more would it not be advisable to find out what happened to that money . Where did it go ? who received it , what benefits ensued. Surely it is not possible for such a sum to simply disappear?
    Perhaps donated money could be tagged in some way , like isotope labelled cells in a body being scanned for cancer to see where and how it flows out in the wider world.
    Another way to find out would be to enlist the services of those vigorous warmists such as “really sceptical” who read these posts with avid fascination and being such supporters of CAGW would be welcome in the Obama camp whereas some of us would certainly not be. So . “really sceptical”, could you ask your beloved leader what precautions he took to ensure that the money he handed over actually gave a global benefit?

    • I suspect much of the impetus for third-world complaints about lack of US money comes from Swiss banks, because that’s where most of the funds will end up, in suitably anonymous, numbered accounts.

  12. “The US has announced its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement but still negotiates as if it is a party,”

    Well the organizers must have let the US delegation in the doors. If they don’t want them to attend then they can boot them out. They booted out Christopher Monckton years ago because he dared to suggest climate change global warming wasnt a problem. The organizers can t claim the US is being unfair if they let them in the door and listen to what they have to say. They obviously expect the US to outlay wads of cash for what in retrospect is a big fraud. Not only do China and India and any other country that wants to keep emitting CO2 get a free pass , but they seem to be getting a free pass on any requests for green money as well. China has 45 % of the world’s skyscrapers. It is not a developing country.

  13. And of course to be able to hand over all that cash they’d first have to borrow it and so the scammers can skim off their percentage.

    James Bull

  14. Green Climate Fund bureaucrat salaries are on line. Lavish.
    How many delegates availed themselves of a ‘soapy massage? I wonder? Mmmm – delicious!

    • Look at the Kyoto farce of the so called “Developing countries”

      London in 1900 had about the same mix of super rich, middle class and the poor as todays India and China, yet no way would the British had considetred themselves to be a “Developing country”

      After all thery were a first world nation, and ruled a big chunk of the world.

      So if we must limit our emissions, a new word for CO2,then so should theses big Developiong countries. too.


  15. “… after of course they had all deducted their administration fees.”

    You hit the nail on the head there. Their main concern is to be able to carry on having more meetings.
    The person complaining about the US still negotiating while not agreeing to pay up should be careful what they wish for: They would be complaining even louder if the US didn’t bother to turn up at all and other nations started to do likewise.

  16. “…progress was made on most issues but nothing was finalised.”
    I know what they mean. I knew I needed to cut the grass, and got the lawnmower out, and there it sits.
    Still, progress!

    • I know that you mean. I knew I needed to cut the grass, and demanded my neighbor buy me a lawnmower. My neighbor gave me a one finger salute but still progress! 😉

  17. Correction: So-called “developing nations” would not be awash in U. S. taxpayer dollars in any circumstances. They may be awash in U. S. federal reserve imaginary magic money that the federal reserve magically conjured out of their magic hole in the air to then be borrowed by the U. S. Treasury so it be used as pretend money with which to “gift” the bandits in the United Nations so they could then be a part of the pretense that all was now right with the world now that everyone, developing nations included, can pretend to be rich on pretend money. Money laundering is considered a crime but there appear to be exceptions to all rules.

  18. Since Barack Obama negotiated that deal with John Kerry negotiating for the US, I think the 2 should, personally, undertake to provide the funds they promised to other countries without consulting congress on the matter, as required by all treaties.

  19. If they want free stuff, I have some beads and trinkets left over from American Meteorological Society trade shows. If they ask me really nicely I’ll hand them over, but they pay postage.

  20. Mr. Alden Meyer, from the UCS website: “Mr. Meyer received his undergraduate degree from Yale in 1975, concentrating in political science and economics. He received a master’s degree in human resource and organization development from American University in 1990.

    There’s the guy we can trust with the educational chops to give us the straight skinny on the science of climate.

    Skilled in political science and human resources. Yup, that’s the basis of consensus climatology alright.

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