Just like climate models over-predict the future, so do protest organizers and journalists

From the “adjustments required” department comes this “Inconvenient Truth”. A couple of days ago I carried a reference to this story in The Guardian that said there would be “hundreds of thousands” of climate actions protesters this weekend organized by Bill McKibben’s 350.org.


I said then:

Just like models overestimate future climate, I’m betting they are overestimating the crowds.

Seems I was right. Compare these two before and after headlines:



Lest you think this is just a US vs. the world comparison, note that a day later, there are no other stories on the Guardian about “global protests”. Either there were none, or they were too miniscule to cover because they’d be embarrassing.


127 thoughts on “Just like climate models over-predict the future, so do protest organizers and journalists

  1. I wonder if a heapin helpin of public ridicule would have a positive effect on climate protests? Just stand there as they pass by, point and laugh hysterically.

    • A bar with a nice patio overlooking the proceedings would have been nice. Bring in a bunch of bikers, set up the charcoal cooker and roast a pig, a bunch of ribs and chicken, have a burnout contest. A good time could have been had, at least by some! And don’t forget the American flags and the group singalong National Anthem and God Bless America.

      • Especially if all four verses of the Anthem were sung ….
        verse four would drive them .. . bonkers .

        • The crowd I generally run in is on the rough and unrefined side, bikers, farmers(many one in the same) oil and steel and construction workers(and again, many one in the same with bikers)vets and non, a slew of college and high school and elementary school “instructors” and staff(do I need to say it again) plus spouses/companions and chi’drens. So it should go without saying bonfires and cigars are common, start to finish. And usually you can’t even hum GBA or Anthem without a few people singing along.

      • Speaking of bikers, I happened to drive by Pepperdine University on Saturday afternoon and found myself in the midst of hundreds of Harley-Davidson motorcycles attending a patriotic celebration of some sort, at a lawn covered with thousands of US flags. I didn’t have the ability to stop to ask what was going on, but it was a breathtaking sight.

    • Sounds like a good idea. Who doesn’t have a minute or two as the protest passes to ridicule the self righteous.

    • Soros, has moved on…left the building
      He’s now focused on Antifa, rigging elections and appointments…at least he stopped paying black people to burn black towns

      • A lot more attention needs to be focused on the Left-wing Socialist Billionaires of the world and how they are using their money to manipulate our politics.

        They are a threat to our personal freedoms. They want to run our lives. They don’t want us running our own lives. And they are spending large amounts of money to tip the scales in their favor and against us.

  2. But surely Al Gore’s presence [flying in, I assume by wind-powered (Aeolian wind, in case anyone had other ideas about the wind source powering the AlGoreithm) pogo-stick] ensured a veritable blizzard of snowflakes.
    Uhhh – didn’t it?


  3. Hundreds of millions of people are sane enough to recognize the value of fossil fuels and are not protesting.

  4. France 24 reports there were 18000 protesters in Paris. To my amazement the BBC (Bolshevik Brainwashing Company) is totally silent on the matter. Maybe nobody turned up in London. Ha ha!

    • Assuming the report be reliable, I wonder how that turnout compares with previous climate-themed marches and protests in the City of (fossil-fuel and nuclear-powered) Light.

    • The climate has indeed changed in London. It used to be a civil society. Now, London carries the additional cache of acid, knife and vehicular terrorist attacks on any public assembly, from their diversity of islamic fundamentalist immigrants. Tends to put a damper on frivolous public displays of faux-climate-change virtue signaling, dontcha know?!

      • “J Mac

        The climate has indeed changed in London. It used to be a civil society. Now, London carries the additional cache of acid, knife and vehicular terrorist attacks on any public assembly, from their diversity of islamic fundamentalist immigrants.”

        Not anymore. Many are “home grown”, the 2005 London bombers for instance.

      • J Mac

        Interesting to note there isn’t a single functioning power station in London (being within the boundaries of the M25), they are all farmed out to the home counties. We are forced to tolerate the emissions from their profligate energy use but I don’t see the London snowflakes out here protesting about our air quality.

    • From the France 25 article: “Police estimated that 18,500 took part in the Paris march, while organisers put the number at some 50,000.”

      Ha ha the organizers said 50k. Police put it at about 1/3 of that. About the same as the inflated temperature readings.

  5. Maybe they just think the chic holding the sign was “hot”?
    (Or maybe they spent a bunch of “CO2” credits to fly her around the world?)

    • Which chic holding which sign?

      The lady in the center, wearing red, has a look that could curdle a cow’s milk. With a jaw set, capable of chewing nails.
      Definitely not feisty, spirited, inspiring, exciting, challenging, alluring, etc. etc.

      • I didn’t say I thought she was “hot”. I said, “Maybe they just think the chic holding the sign was “hot”?”
        She’s not.
        They’re overestimating the heat again? 8- )

        (Or maybe that was the biggest crowd they could find?)

  6. Esteemed Host,

    Your crystal ball shows infinitely more predictive skill than the notorious, GIGO GCM computer games. At infinitely less expense, to boot.

  7. “” there are now other stories on the Guardian””..

    Anthony, is that supposed to be “no” other stories?

  8. The Alarmists must be very disappointed.

    They have “cried wolf” too many times and no wolf appears. CAGW scare stories are landing on deaf ears.

    • Agree Tom. But I would characterize it as ‘landing on knowledgeable and correctly dismissive ears’. The purported big, bad wolf is a hairless chihuahua, at best.

    • They point and “cry wolf” to distract people.
      They don’t want people to take a good look at them and realize who are the real wolves.

  9. Wow, these climate “rallies” are losing audience as fast as the nfl is. Beginning to see a pattern here. Same one I saw at Shrillary “rallies”.

    • Just for the record, I won’t be watching the NFL Miami Dolphins or the Oakland Raiders play until they stand for the National Anthem. I hope neither one goes to the Superbowl. I would hate to miss the Superbowl.

      My list is subject to change depending on the actions of the players. There could be additions.

      Happily, my favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys have a policy that all players will stand for the National Anthem and they all did. So I get to watch my favorite team. 🙂

      I think the Miami Dolphins and the Oakland Raiders were the only NFL teams who had members who did not stand for the National Anthem this week.

      And having to watch that new Colin Kapernick Nike commercial is so offensive I have to change the channel while it runs. They are even running it during college football games. Sickening! If I owned anything made by Nike I would burn it.

      • I certainly won’t be buying anything from Nike. (wasn’t going to any way, so it’s a rather hollow declaration 😉 )

  10. ‘Hundreds of thousands’ predicted. ‘Thousands’ are the generously counted reality.
    Sounds quite normal…
    Two orders of magnitude ‘accuracy’ is about right for climate seance predictions, in my experience.

  11. The protests must have been effective. Nowhere have I read that they had to march through 3 feet of seawater. I didn’t see any photos of people in Miami in ski jackets. There were some reports of a couple of cubes of ice melting in Manhattan, but they were in a glass of scotch and the fellow seemed to have the melting under control. I didn’t hear any news about mass die-offs of penguins, so I take that as a no-news-is-good-news situation.

    All in all, it seems most of the climate problems are well in hand. Everybody can go home now. Don’t forget to throw your sign in the nearest bin.

  12. I have been watching some you tube vids of the marches and speeches, pretty pathetic, the main theme seems to be socialism, tear down the corporations, etc. All so hypocritical.

  13. All French information channels were promoting the “marche” that was supposed to start place de l’hotel de ville at 14 h. I watched many channels and could not see one large view. The “marche” stayed there for at least two hours. Wonders why.

  14. I checked to see what happened in Europe. From Al Jazeera:
    “Organisers in France claim that roughly 115,000 took part in nationwide rallies. If true, it would make the “Rise for Climate” marches the largest environmental protest in the country’s history.”

    Apparently Al Jazeera also has doubts about the claimed numbers. Note the “If true…”


  15. I think I may have passed one of these in sunny Adelaide this weekend, but it is always so hard to work out just what they are moaning about. Whenever one of these protests gets arranged all the fringe leftwing groups turn up for stage time with their own flags and banners. The group I saw could have been a ‘White People Are Evil’ protest by Aboriginal groups going by some of the flags being carried.

    General public seemed utter indifferent.

  16. Remember the BIG climate marches in autumn 2014 was it? Much smaller turnout this round. No one cares much about CC any more, i suppose.

  17. Even in reasonable weather seems the doomsters can’t pull a crowd. Rent-a-crowd organisers here in Oz now often have to resort to free rock concerts, raves etc to pull a crowd.

  18. Years ago there was a nation-wide climate change/global warming protest organized for most major cities in the U.S. Emails were provided so that protesters could coordinate times and exact places to stage the event. So I joined in and showed up on Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Milwaukee at the appointed time. There were four demonstrators a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporter and me. I told the reporter not to count me. Sorry, I didn’t follow up to see if there was an item in the paper.

    • Please explain the mathematical basis for CO2 saturation. I have never seen a satisfactory answer. All anyone says is it is like coats of paint.

  19. From the Daily Caller

    “Thousands of environmental activists participated in marches around the world Saturday, calling on their governments to end fossil fuel production and embrace renewable energy.

    Dubbed the “Rise for Climate” movement, thousands of environmentalists took to the streets to demand an end to the fossil fuel industry, claiming it is fueling a “climate crisis.” Around 820 demonstrations took place in 91 different counties, according to the Rise for Climate website. Led in large part by 350.0rg, the worldwide marches were orchestrated by other environmental groups, including the World Wildlife Fund, Climate Action Network and GreenFaith.”

    That “thousands march across the US” line appears to be exaggerated too.

    Even with extreme approaches to protest organization, attendances appear to be limited.

    e.g. The Associated Press reports that the protest in Philadelphia were clearly exhibitionists. Not that climate alarmists being exhibitionists is a surprise; society has known that childish temper tantrums, acting out and over the top performances were methods of attracting attention.

    AP’s article in the “Providence Journal“:

    “PHILADELPHIA — Hundreds of fun-loving bicyclists spent the afternoon gearing up for a ride around Philadelphia and then took off — their clothes.

    Mell-Taylor bore the message “Love Your Body” on her back, painted by artist Matt Deifer. She said that her husband attended a previous ride while she was pregnant and he loved it but that this was the first time for her and Juniper, who’d rather ride than walk or sit in a car seat.

    “We started riding bikes with her,” Mell-Taylor said of her daughter. “It’s her preferred mode of transportation.”

    The bike ride is to protest dependence on fossil fuels, advocate for the safety of cyclists on the road and promote positive body image.

    Olivia Neely, who rode for the first time last year after the breakup of a long-term relationship, said the Philly Naked Bike Ride inspired her and made her realize she’s her “own superhero.” She said it’s something she wants to do every year.
    “I’m doing it for myself,” she said.

    Model and former burlesque performer Loretta Vendetta, back in the bike saddle for the fourth time, had another reason to attend: “I like to be naked.”

    On top of Obama’s huge 750 rally attendees in Anaheim where he only attracted 750 attendees.

    “ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA — Former President Obama made his first campaign stop of the midterm elections in Orange County, California Saturday to stump for seven Democratic House candidates

    About 750 people attended the event at Anaheim Convention Center, where Obama delivered a short speech”

    And that’s according to the exaggerative minds at ThinkProgress.

    • Wow, these nudist idiots in Phylthydelphia must have been freezing their a$$s off, been raining steadily since noon Saturday all across PA.

    • “ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA — Former President Obama made his first campaign stop of the midterm elections in Orange County, California Saturday to stump for seven Democratic House candidates

      About 750 people attended the event at Anaheim Convention Center, where Obama delivered a short speech”

      Trump had 10,000 people at his latest political rally. 🙂

      • Very very close, Tom.

        “MT got 12,000! Indiana got 11,000! West Virginia got 13,600!”

        Blue wave looks to be bluish trickle.

        • ATheoK wrote: “Blue wave looks to be bluish trickle.”

          I think there’s a new antibiotic out that will take care of the “bluish trickle” lickety split.

      • Is that the speech where B.O. mentioned himself 105 times in 64 minutes? Gotta have something, you know. Must be a record, a personal “best”..

        • Maybe the audience kept forgetting who he was and he had to keep reminding them. 🙂

          And if it was the same speech, 64 minutes is not my idea of “short”. 😮

          • for a B.O. speech, 64 minutes is a quickie. Man that guy can jabber away for hours without saying anything worth listening to.

      • Well, hallelujah!!! They are FINALLY coming out of the composter!!!

        Sacre Gaia Terra Mater!!!! Will this be the start of The New Crusades?

        Do those people earn a living, or are they just sponging off the taxpayers? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • The bike ride is to protest dependence on fossil fuels, advocate for the safety of cyclists on the road and promote positive body image.

      With so many “messages” who can say what the numbers are for each message? it becomes meaningless. The biker doing it for “positive body image” might care less about “dependence on fossil fuels” and vice-versa. And then there are those like Loretta whose reason for attending is simply “I like to be naked” which has f-all do to with fossil fuels or cycling safety.

  20. News flash…………..

    Over 7,000.000.000 people did not march for the planet this weekend.

    Ya B@stards.

  21. the way they call it “climate justice” march, like they want revenge…against something, capitalism of course. Part of the pitch is for a “living wage” which seems to be far from the subject of weather.

    • These marchers might get what they wish for? A horse and buggy electricity system to go along with a horse and buggy economy.

    • If they are truly serious, they should spend time – at least a year – with an Amish family on a farm. No electricity.

      Hand pumped water. Horse and buggy transportation. Oil lamps instead of light bulbs. Wood-fired cook stoves. And they’d have to attend church, too, as part of the package, and help out with soap-making, food preserving, gardening, and taking care of the livestock.

      I don’t think they’d last more than the time it took to take their luggage out of the back of the buggy.

      And personally, I would love to learn to use a woodfired stove, as well as the side oven for baking that is part of a Rumford fireplace. Cooking a spit loaded with chickens at the fireplace is how people used to live.

      There self-righteous persons are not equipped, mentally or otherwise, to live that way.

    • A significant number of them may have been paid organisers. 350.org has been paying protest organisers in Canada trying to get the universities to set a precedent by divesting from all ‘fossil fuel investments’ with the intention of making the companies bankrupt. It is not clear how selling your shares to someone else bankrupts a company, but no one is listening anyway.

      Zero coverage of the mighty 200 on the CBC. You’d think they could have mustered at least 350 to go with the foreign sponsoring organisation.

  22. In my day it was antiwar protests. Like today if you looked behind the curtain it was organized by leftist/commies and turned out to be big hippie grass smoking parties to protest Vietnam. Not much has changed.

  23. I like the sign at the rear and to the left that says…

    “It’s too hot!”

    Look at the number of people carrying what looks like to be jumpers or coats.

  24. Interesting how many in the photo are carrying jackets or extra clothes. Were they told to brave the cold weather to make it look warmer? 😀

    • She can take a seat (or a knee) right next to Colin Kaepernick, on the ‘Self Destroyed Jocks Bench’. Her coach was shouting out suggestions from the stands while play was in progress, which is a violation of The Rules. No coaching during play. She was warned. Then she was penalized, when it continued. Then she was penalized for her faux-SJW tantrum. End of story.

      Who will be the next sports millionaire fool to implode through childish tantrums?

      • Not shouting. Hand signals. Common practice, though against the rules.

        Thirty-six year old mom, though the greatest female tennis player of all time, against a 20 year-old challenger who had previously beaten her in less prestigious circumstances. Shades of 37 year-old Federer v. a low-ranked young opponent earlier in the US Open.

        Even the best must eventually give way to younger challengers.

        Not to justify Miss Williams’ (Mrs. Ohanian’s) behavior, but odds are good that she would have lost even without the questionable rulings by the ump. She’s obviously a fierce competitor, unused to losing in Grand Slam matches. So naturally, she was frustrated. Perhaps more so, since victory at the US Open would have tied her with Margaret Court in Grand Slam wins.

        Miss Williams is still recovering from her maternity leave. Her game will improve, despite her age, and she will go on to equal and exceed Mrs. Court’s record, the majority of whose Grand Slam victories came before the Open Era, and almost half of which were Oz Opens when few top Northern Hemisphere (alleged) amateurs could afford to travel Down Under. Not to take anything away from Mrs. Court, who also took off two years at the peak of her powers, and retired only after becoming pregnant with her fourth child.

        • In the report I read 2 days ago, her coach admitted he was shouting out suggestions; i.e. – coaching.

          In addition, denying the cheating and hiding behind her age, sex, and child are the artifices of a cheating loser.

      • Ump Ramos has been widely criticized, IMO rightly so. And Miss Williams is indeed a very strong player. More alarmingly for Mr. Ramos, she wields a lot of power in US and world tennis, so his umpiring career might indeed be in danger.

        He probably won’t ever judge another of Miss Williams’ matches, at a minimum.

        OTOH, Miss Osaka is a very promising young player at the tender age of 20. Miss Williams won her first Grand Slam, the US Open, as a teenager, defeating Grand Slam champions Kim Clijsters, Conchita Martínez, Monica Seles and defending champion American Lindsay Davenport to reach the final, where she defeated then world No. 1, Martina Hingis.

        • Calling th umpire a cheat for actually applying the rules is not on in any sport. Serena disgraced herself and i suspect the implosion was itself another form of cheating called trying to disrupt her opponent. Her behaviour was pathetic and calling it sexism in a game against another smaller female is a bit rich. Tie she remember she is a mother and grew up. Most mothers out there manage that rather well on a lot less coin that Serena. And BTW, she gets paid the same amount of money as the blokes for 60% of the work. This female thinks she is sad really that she has to resort to that.

          • Miss Osaka was cheated out of the joy and celebration of her huge win by Serena’s adolescent loser temper tantrums, when Serena was caught cheating.

  25. Anecdotal evidence for the Grauniad’s decline: two days ago I tried to buy a paper at W H Smith’s in Paddington Station and in Exeter St David’s. All the other papers were sold out, but there were at least 50 unsold copies of the Graun on the stand.

    Needless to say, I didn’t bother to purchase one.

  26. Sounds like the useful idiots are getting themselves educated and are not as interested in things that cost them money.

    James Bull

  27. I went back over the preceeding days adelaide and melbourne online papers and couldnt find ANY mention ditto aunty abc either;-)
    very pleased and amused;-)

  28. It’s odd that the numbers were down so much. Usually an offer of a free coach trip to the capital plus time to view the sites after the march would cause lots of takers. Your posters and banners were ready and waiting for you when you got to the capital. Those were the days….

  29. They get their mileage from the original headline. Subsequent reality has no bearing; the original headline is the reality for many.

  30. This is one among many reasons not to trust the lame-stream government-supported alarmists. Numbers are the first and easiest thing to manipulate. All the way from numbers in a so-called protest (paid for by alarmists) and political poll numbers to temperature records or other “scientific data”. One cannot trust ANY of it.

  31. I think it would be a hoot to show up at one of these “protests” and ask the crowd if they are ready to give up fossil fuels. Any that say yes, tell them to strip including shoes, give you their cell phones and iWatches and say there you go, you are fossil fuel free, then tell them they have to walk home, no bikes because bike tires contain fossil fuels. I bet you could re-convert a bunch back to the sane side.

    They have no clue what they ask for.

  32. Well, I spent most of my weekend shivering here just north of Toronto as I was camping and the temp went down to 4 degrees Celsius so I didn’t have time to march against the insidious warming predicted…

    BTW, most of these idiots don’t know much math, so hundreds of thousands and thousands are almost the same anyway.

  33. Total participation was well in excess of 100,000, if you count press, onlookers, people flying over, and fleas.

  34. Same stock photo for both Headlines? I suspect if there was any remotely serious turn out any where, there would be plenty of pics.Ah well, there’s always next year. …. No, there isn’t.

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