Maldives Government: Where's Our Climate Cash?

Maldives Male Airport

Maldives Male Airport. By ╚ DD╔ from Male, Maldives (Male Airport) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Maldives Environment Minister Thoriq Ibrahim has warned that unless the Maldives gets its climate cash before 2020, the 1.5C global warming limit will be breached.

We need bold action before 2020 to hold global warming below 1.5C

Published on 26/04/2018, 9:00am

If rich countries fail to live up to their promises over the next two years, they condemn small islands to catastrophic warming impacts, says Maldives minister

By Thoriq Ibrahim

A recent report found that unless bold climate action is taken in the next couple of years – before 2020 – it may become impossible to hold global warming below 1.5C.

This could prove catastrophic for small island developing states like mine that have already witnessed severe climate change impacts at just the 1C of warming the world has already experienced, including the devastating hurricane season that struck the Caribbean last year.

Next week international climate change negotiators will gather in Bonn, Germany for the first in-person meeting of the “Talanoa Dialogue”, the new UN process designed to track international efforts to implement the Paris Agreement.

Since the beginning of the UN climate change negotiations and through the Paris Agreement, it has always been understood that developed countries would take the lead in transitioning to low-carbon energy sources because they are responsible for the vast majority of historic emissions.

Time and again they also agreed to provide financial support for developing countries to build their own renewable energy systems.

It has also long been recognised, and is explicitly laid out in the Paris Agreement, that pre-2020 action lays the foundation for a global transition to sustainable energy and, importantly, builds trust among all parties that we will all live up to our commitments in the future.

But many developed countries’ pre-2020 obligations remain unmet and now some seem eager to forego early action altogether.

Read more:

This call for climate cash echoes a similar demand from African nations a few weeks ago.

I’m not sure how the Maldives reconciles their climate concerns with all their fly-in tourism and their aggressive airport and resort building programmes, but no doubt some of that climate cash will help with the reconciliation if it ever arrives.


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DC Cowboy

If you ever want to see your climate again. Leave $1.5 billion in unmarked $20 bills in a dumpster located at …..

R Shearer





… located at 20,000 leagues under the sea


…could be their money was misdelivered to Iran…..

Patrick Powers

Exactly what everyone is thinking…


One graphic says it all: Who actually paid in to the Paris Green Climate fund?comment image
NASA Data Proves Trump Right to Exit Paris Climate Accord


Can we get another flag, with bozo on it, with “$4.5M (pledge)” as the caption

Great graphic. Except you need another flag box. One for Bloosiberg and his $0.0044 Billion payment into the Paris scam fest.
And tell Maldives to skip whining about it. They can apply direct to Bfoolberg and his $billions deep checking account.

They didn’t get the memo, the tooth fairy stopped visiting Muslims!


Mel Brooks understood the approach the Maldives are now using….

Walter Sobchak

One of the best scenes in one of the best movies ever.
Can you imagine them making it now?

Harry Passfield

Can you imagine them making it now?

Only if Stormzy and Jayzee were in the cast as they seem to be immune from criticism when they use the ‘n’ word.

Barbara Skolaut

Mel Brooks has already said they couldn’t, now. It’s still the funniest movie ever made. Gawd, I miss Cleavon Little.

Pamela Gray

This is my feelings regarding Maldive snowflakes:


Absolutely one of the funniest movies ever made, right up there with “What’s Up Doc?” which introduced us to the comedic talents of Madeline Kahn. Yes, Eunice. Oh, the youngsters these days have no idea what they missed. Fortunately we have DVDs.


Reminded me of my favorite Detroit LIon — Alex Karras.
‘mongo only a pawn.’
‘mongo like beans.’ source of GHG?


Candygram for Maldives…

Lucius von Steinkaninchen

“Gibe moni plos”

Tom Halla

What this is reminiscent of is the old line that climate change cash is taxes going from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries.

Nowhere near strong enough. Should be:
I’ve often wondered how stealing money from poor people in a “rich” country and depositing it into the Swiss bank accounts of the tyrants, despots, and warlords ruling third world countries will somehow “save the planet”.


Simple. When the planet starts cooling (which it may be), they will say “See! We saved you. All those reparations were worth it”.


sounds like one of those laws of thermodynamics about heat flow and entropy.
or the other one about s**t flowing downhill and money flowing the other way

The article says:
As important as it is to measure global progress toward cutting greenhouse gas emissions, it must be recognised that the national contributions under the Paris Agreement don’t legally commence until 2020.
Thought I read a few times that the Paris scheme was just voluntary?

Bruce Rouleau

Maybe you just can’t volunteer until 2020. Volunteers for the Maldives should start swimming over to them so they will arrive in time to save the planet.


Maldives Government: Where’s Our Climate Cash?
Go and get it from Obama and the Democrats.

Bryan A

Twas Obama that Promised it, not the (Of the People) US Federal Government
Tis Obama that owes it, not the American People


“If you like your climate cash, you can keep your climate cash.”–Barack I-am-not-a-Muslim Obama

Walter Sobchak

Maldives Government: Where’s Our Climate Cash?
In my pocket.
Molon Labe, Baby.

Don’t remember where, but: “Judge: $300 fine. Defendant: Hell, Judge, I got that right here in my pocket. Judge: Reach into your other pocket and give me 30 days.”

It was a work of fiction.

Harry Passfield

Obama – or Solyndra. That’s where it went.

Barbara Skolaut

Ask Bloomberg for it.

Bryan A

Perhaps the USA should assist the Maldives with Carbon Neutral “Renewable” energy sources and any proven ocean intrusion problems.
But instead of sending CA$H, we should send American Workers paid by American Companies to install American Made Solar Panels and Wind Turbines, and American engineered Sea Walls constructed from American manufactured Concrete and Steel rather than just sending Klimate KA$H


Why spend a dime on them? If they think they have a problem they may solve it. However, it certainly isn’t a problem of our making. Let some other fools crowd fund their boondoggles.

Javert Chip



That’s called tied aid. There’s always the worry that if you give a big pile of cash, the local politicians and bureaucrats will take it all before it can get to the people who need it. example


The thing is, that is exactly what the Chinese are doing in many areas. Of course, the money for the construction given by China is a loan. The rulers of the countries get to pocket millions, the people are made to think there is progress but, in the end, the Chinese expect to be paid. They have leverage to make the country turn over its resources to China and can force them to do whatever it wants them to do politically.
As the song says,
“I owe my soul to the company store.”


They could ask Bloomberg, Soros, and Steyer.

D. J. Hawkins

Yes, “The Three Caballeros”.

John F. Hultquist

Michael B. says he is writing a check for $4,500,000. When and to whom, I have no idea.
To Maldives Environment Minister Thoriq Ibrahim, maybe.
For why that amount, I’ll guess his tax accountant supplied the number.

J Mac

The Maldives should get their money the old fashioned way. They should earn it!
Provide real goods and services that people want and will pay real money for.

Matt Bergin

J Mac
+ 1000 In spades


[This could prove catastrophic for small island developing states like mine ]Too funny! I think he means to say OVER developed.comment image

Matt Bergin

Wow talk about construction run amok. Gonzo that picture reminds me of the planet Terminus in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation books. Now that’s taking me back a few years. 🙂

I think you mean Trantor. Terminus was actually pretty agrarian.

Matt Bergin

You are correct. It has been a while since I read those novels.

John F. Hultquist

. The stake marking the founding of “Terminus” was driven into the ground in 1837.
Oh, that was the unofficial name of Atlanta, GA.
And yes, the Foundation Series does date you (us!).


I bet if you showed this image to 100 greenies, none would guess it was the main island of the Maldives. Try Googling Maldives images – you have to scroll thru a pile of images of idyllic undeveloped islets and coral cays (with just a palm tree and a couple of deck chairs) before you get shown this picture. Obviously not what the Maldives government wants us to see.

Mike McMillan

Nice island you have there. Be a shame if it capsized.

Bryan A

Certainly not a place to go if your intention is to escape city life and enjoy island life

Ref. From Wackapedia:
“…Since there is no surrounding countryside, all infrastructure has to be located in the city itself. Water is provided from desalinated ground water; the water works pumps brackish water from 50–60 m (160–200 ft) deep wells in the city and desalinates that using reverse osmosis.[17] Electric power is generated in the city using diesel generators.[18] Sewage is pumped unprocessed into the sea.[17] Solid waste is transported to nearby islands, where it is used to fill in lagoons. The airport was built in this way, and currently the Thilafushi lagoon is being filled in.[19][20]…”

Where in the heck would you put any windmills or solar panels ? Offshore? And then we get into the difficulties of THAT, which would require MORE money to really implement.

Joe Wagner

Then they’d just have to ~beg~ demand more.

Alan Tomalty

It doesnt look like they are in need of money.

The meme is they are poor islanders threatened by sea level rise. Don’t let the rubes see that picture!

Robert from oz

Why don’t America and OZ help them out by sending a shipment of coal .

Harry Passfield

Sinking? It must be the weight of the concrete.

Barbara Skolaut


Sum-bitch! One good tsunami from a geological fracture will wipe out the whole thing!

old construction worker

Looks like a place the very well to do go and play.

I love it, but wouldn’t want to be around in a healthy cyclone.

Steve Keppel-Jones

How do we know when “developing” countries finish developing and become developed? I haven’t heard of any country that isn’t doing any developing whatsoever, certainly not the more advanced Western ones, so I’m pretty sure all countries are “developing”.

Justin McCarthy

Hope they have flood insurance.


Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just throw cash at the hurricanes?


And far more effective.

Joe Civis

perhaps the “official” response to the Maldives should be to officially cancel all “fossil fuel” powered transport to and from there along with an embargo on all fossil fuel products of any sort. Just to show the worlds support of their belief in catastrophic man made climate change!


Good point Joe. And do you suppose any of the cars, buses, boats, aircraft, building materials, etc. in the photos above were manufactured there? Of course not, the Maldives manufacture nothing. All that stuff was manufactured elsewhere, using cheap fossil fuels. If the Maldivians want their claims to Climate Victimhood to hold any credibility, they need to stop using all of that stuff immediately.


Paper 5: Status of Coral Mining in the Maldives: Impacts and Management Options – By Abdulla Naseer, Marine Research Section, Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture Malé, Republic of Maldives
Coral rock is the main aggregate for most construction purposes in Maldives. In 1986 the demand for coral aggregate for the construction industry in Malé Atoll, the industrial center of the country, was estimated at 0.5 million cubic feet/year. Although no recent estimates have been made, it is thought that demand is probably at its limit now and according to predictions, the current methods of mining would exhaust the coral buildings in N. Malé Atoll within a maximum of 30 years if coral mining is not controlled.
Coral reefs are economically important to Maldives in terms of revenue and ecosystem services, particularly as a buffer to shorelines from wave action and other oceanic processes.
Luckily for the Maldives a ban was put on the use of Coral in the early 1990s but in the meantime it did not stop the Maldives blame the damage to the shorelines etc on climate change.


I guess they are really afraid they might tip over without money. 😉
I want to see a plan of what they intend to do if they get the money they are demanding. My guess is that the high officials, if indeed they have bought into the idiocy, are planning new homes in some terribly racist nation like the USA.

Tom in Florida

beachfront homes no doubt.

Tom in Florida

The 2020 deadline is really about getting the cash before that because once 2020 comes and goes without any “climate tragedy” they will not be able to continue with the charade.


According to these clowns our entire gulf coast, California, Miami, New York, the entire eastern seaboard, etc
… going under
Our “climate tragedy” trumps theirs a mega ton more……who’s going to pony up and bail us out?

Where should your tax money go? Rich islanders or poor Miami Cubans.

Joe Wagner

Then it’ll be a 2035 “climate tragedy” or possibly 2050- after all, these tragedies happen at nice, convenient time intervals..

But IPCC AR5 had to arbitrarily reduce 2035 model-estimated temperatures because they were not getting the “projected” 0.2C/decade temperature increases.
So, tell me: Why should we fundamentally alter our society, economy and energy systems based on IPCC climate models?

It is my understanding that the perception of government corruption in this republic is quite high, which begs the question, “Even if the required money were forthcoming, how could we be confident that the money would go to where it was supposed to go?”
Giving money to highly corrupt nations for good causes just seems ill conceived, … to put it nicely.


…I’m all for letting them go under

Ashok Patel

Paris agreement in a nutshell is a financial burden for the common people of Developed Countries to pay the Elites of Developing Countries !
Nothing to do with Climate Change.

Coeur de Lion



Perhaps such leaders should outline EXACTLY what they plan to do with that money. If there is no “shovel-ready” project, why do they need the money now?


Dear Mr. Thoriq Ibrahim
I understand that you want climate blackmail money, or else.
I received an e-mail from a Princess SGT Bitta Odesky this morning saying that she has $7+ millions she needs to store some place.
I’m fresh out of cash, but I’ll forward your blackmail request to her. You and she can work it out together.


Whatinthehell is this Minister or that tourist atoll offering in return for the ransom $$$$
Do they have to give some of the money back if an asteroid hits/volcano explodes and the temperature plummets?
Gums ponders….

Barbara Skolaut

You go, Sara! 😀


These leaders should be demanding that China and India freeze their production of CO2 at current levels, if they are worried about CAGW. That’s the Elephant in the Room.


Fund further oil and gas exploration, that’s what they’ll do with some of the cash. Preliminary work has already been done.


Don’t they realize they are doomed anyway. Patches of land like theirs come and go in the blink of a geological eye. Get money, build lifeboats!

Bruce Cobb

Sorry, the US is fresh out of climate cash. Will you take quatloos instead?

Never heard of Maldives – checked up up on them and they claim to be 100% Muslim.
Recent internal strife – sounds like a corrupt govt.


From Wiki:
Islam is the official religion of the Maldives and open practice of any other religion is forbidden and liable to prosecution.
Article 2 of the revised constitution says that the republic “is based on the principles of Islam”; Article 9 says that “a non-Muslim may not become a citizen”; Article 10 says that “no law contrary to any principle of Islam can be applied”.
So the question: Is the president, contrary to the constitution, practicing the religion of CAGW?; or is he utilizing the loopholes allowed in Islamic religion to con and rip-off non-muslims?


An airport built at sea level? So, no attempt to mitigate potential circumstances into the year 2300? Yea…na, I’ll keep my money in my back pocket thanks very much.


Answer: Look in NY,NY or Paris

Bruce Cobb

Maybe it would help if they held another underwater cabinet “meeting”. Because stunts like that are so “convincing”.

I checked on Google earth, and the island of Malé has a park with and elevation of 33 ft above sea level. I guess if worse came to worse its 92,000 people could congregate in that park. Much of the rest of the island has an elevation of 29 ft. down to 3-7 feet in areas near the ocean…

Damn – “an elevation of 33 ft…”

Google earth view location, shows elevation in Sultan Park of 33 ft.:
4°10’39.25″ N 73°30’39.09″ E

But wait! The Maldives Environment Minister is wrong! There is no distinction that’s made between developed and developing countries in the Paris Agreement. It says so in this AP Factcheck article:
President Trump says this in the article:
“They called India a developing nation. They call China a developing nation. But the United States? We’re developed. We can pay.” — CPAC speech.
But a top climate scientist from MIT says in response that:
“Such differential treatment “has nothing to do with the Paris Agreement,” said Henry “Jake” Jacoby, founding co-director of MIT’s Joint Center on the Science and Policy of Global Change, in an email. “The Paris Agreement does NOT … impose specific differential action among countries regarding greenhouse emissions abatement.””
Henry Jake Jacoby must surely know the Paris Agreement backwards. After all, his department, the MIT Joint Program on Global Change is continually analysing the Agreement and modelling emission/temperature scenarios based on it.
In fact, the MIT Global Change twitter account was so adamant that Jacoby was correct that they tweeted a link to the AP Factcheck article (now a broken link hence link above):
The tweet reads “Joint Program founding Co-Director Henry (“Jake”) Jacoby corrects U.S. president’s misinterpretation of the Paris Agreement.”
In fact, Jacoby and his department’s twitter account are so sure Trump is wrong and they are right on this matter that even after I replied with 10 screenshotted pages of the Paris Agreement with 44 references to developed and developing countries and their differential obligations, they didn’t delete their tweet, nor issue an apology to president Trump nor ask AP Factcheck to correct their article.
So if top MIT climate scientists are this adamant that differential treatment between developed and developing countries “has nothing to do with the Paris Agreement” I think they should be publicly rebuking the Maldives Environment Minister for saying we need to stump up the cash and importuning their president to send not a dime more.


It’s amazing how deep the mainstream media is up the ass of these leftist causes, they have lost all perspective and sense of perspective, they cannot see when their side tells egregious lies. Cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias at its best. The mainstream media beat the drum about developed/undeveloped nations ad nauseum for years, and now pretend like that had nothing to do with it? These people are very dangerous.

VERY dangerous.


WR, having dealt with the news media at every level from literally the first week of my career to doing an interview the last day, I can assure you no matter how bad you think it is relative to the MSM being far left, it is far worse than you can imagine. Fundamentally if you are not buying and selling the present leftist orthodoxy you are ignorant, evil, from the dark side, a racist, even a threat to world peace.


That is another step towards blurring scientific and political terms to derail the dialog:
Global Change:
First it was global warming, then climate change (because of the pause, the record snowfalls and other things), and now is global change.
And like the other terms, it means what they want to mean. Only more obscure, this way it is more difficult to refute.

Bruce Cobb

By remarkable coincidence, the climate cash is located in the same place as the “missing heat” is. Go figure.


The missing heat is in Switzerland?


So if they don’t get “their” money by 2020, will the next last chance be 2025 (or 2030, 2035, etc.)?


If the sea levels are still rising, years after Obama stepped in to stop them, and if the climate is still posing problems after Paris, the only solution is to issue an international warrant and have the climate arrested.
If it’s not going to abide by the law, make an example of it.

Andrew Morrison

Some interesting history:
Around 900 years ago, the Sultanate of Persia was busy conquering the Indian subcontinent. It turned out to be a whole ‘nother world the Persians didn’t understand, so they dispatched high brain-power expeditions to report on various aspects of what they were getting. A guy we call Alberuni in English covered the Maldives among many other topics. Years after his expedition, he wrote it up in his memoirs. He said that occasionally an island would sink or another would rise from the sea. The locals took it in stride and could transfer stuff from an old island to a new island. So it had always been—a price for having your own islands. Alberuni reported what he saw and what the locals could tell him in straight, objective, naturalistic prose. He blamed no agencies human or supernatural. He conjectured no doubtful causalities. How far government-sponsored earth science has fallen in 900 years!

Bryan A

Perhaps if they are really good and pray 5 times per day, Allah will raise their islands an additional 10’…Or not.
Otherwise they could always ask China who seems to have no problem raising Islands in the South China Sea

David Chappell

Interestingly, China is already very active in the Maldives and wants to make it a “hub” of the One Belt and One Road initiative.

Man. Mitigation writ large. Who’da thunk?
A few millions in adaptation vs. a few trillions of mitigation.


From the Daily Mail and the Guardian;
Rising sea levels will make low-lying atoll islands like the Seychelles and Maldives uninhabitable as soon as 2030
Experts studied Roi-Namur Island in the Marshall Islands from 2013 to 2015
The primary source of drinking water for atolls is rain that soaks into the ground
Rising sea levels are predicted to result in seawater contaminating this source
This is predicted to be an annual occurrence by the middle of the 21st Century
Human inhabitatance of atoll islands could become impossible by 2030 to 2060
Climate change to drive migration from island homes sooner than thought (GW refugees, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, USGS)
Low-lying atolls around the world will be overtaken by sea level rises within a few decades, according to a new study
The study;
Most atolls will be uninhabitable by the mid-21st century because of sea level rise exacerbating wave-driven flooding (GHG emissions, models)


Those atolls drinking water (the eye) will long be polluted with sewage well before sea level rise “gets” them.

Smart Rock

Of course they will be uninhabitable if the sea level rises (that’s IF, not when) because they are being covered in concrete so the coral can’t grow up to meet the new sea level.


For the last 20,000 years sea level has risen by more than 125m at best the argument is that the death of the atolls was brought forward in time. If you care to read the life cycle of an atoll they are always in a fight to stay afloat with lots of forces trying to sink them. Human habitation of them is always going to be fraught with a risk.
I am with Smart Rock the act of people living there is probably contributing more to the problem than CAGW. The reality may well be the island sinks forcing all the humans to leave and then nature takes back over establishing back the atoll.
I am sure the die hard greens believe in santa clause and the tooth fairy and the world is going to magically stop all industrial development to “perhaps” save these people from moving. The truth is nothing will happen and you are selling these people false hope.


Your seriously using the Daily Mail and the Guardian as sources of reliable information?
Pull the other, it has bells on it.




The Japanese, advised by Donald Trump I think, sorted it for them.
“Male, the capital, is surrounded by a 3m-high (9.8ft) wall, which took 14 years to construct at a cost of $63m. Unable to foot the bill themselves, the government happily accepted aid from Japan, which paid for 99% of the cost.”


Has the UN provided any “developing” nation with renewable energy infrastructure assistance? After how many years? So now they have figured out they’ve been scammed twice? First the UN …. via their World Bank surrogate …. stops loaning money for building fossil fuel energy plants. Then it doesn’t come through with other people’s money as promised? What happened to the $500M Obama gave them on the last day of his Presidency? Is the wealth redistribution not happening? Now people are questioning the whole purpose behind the so called “Globalization” scam as well. Did they over promise and under deliver like they did with Global Warming? Where’s the money going? SHOW ME THE MONEY 🙂


It’s actually amusing looking at the Climate fund expenditure
In total the proposed 2017 administrative budget is USD 45.7 million, there are a lot of snouts in the money trough and getting more each year. It has approved 54 projects adding up to USD$2.65 billion. As at 17 May 2017, USD$10.3 billion has been pledged which is actually USD$8.3 billion if the USA does not honor it’s outstanding $2Billion.
Here is the current pledge status at 20 April 2018
You will see the USA is still shown as $3B having paid $1B

What a fricken joke! They don’t show how much money has actually been deposited to the fund.

Chris mahoney

I live on the Atlantic Ocean in Eleurthera. The ocean level has creeped up by .0001 inch since I bought my property. I demand reparations!!

I see Emangela ‘Jupiter’ Merkron was delivering Globalist speeches in Congress where he attempted to humiliate Trump and his administration on the usual leftist tropes -including of course global warming and the Paris Accords – to interminable rapturous standing ovations from the entirety of Congress. Dark and dangerous times.


A long time ago, I learned that with liberals the primary issue is taking the money. The secondary is what it is spent on. Although secondary, it is the banner or the sizzle, that inspires the fundraising or taxing.
In the 1970s Canada, Foreign Affairs was sending aid to African countries that had ended colonialism. It became obvious that it was “one-man-one-vote, once”. Then it was discovered that most of the “aid” was going into Swiss banks. To end this outrage was unthinkable. The department of foreign aid employed many in Ottawa and its job was to take the tax-payers’ money and give it away. That id did not get to desperate people did not matter.
More lately, the banner has been global warming. But it is the same story, taking money from taxpayers for some grand scheme.
It’s time for a big, loud “No!”.


We only have 2 years to “fix” the rise and we’re out of cash. Too bad. We’re all toast.

Randy in Ridgecrest

Can’t we have a paid climate troll get on here and provide us some entertainment?


Well I’m pretty amenable but how much does it pay? You are looking for a consummate professional stand in I presume.

I have the credentials! Over my professional career I’ve B.S.ed numerous bureaucracies and political bodies.
In fact, I lobbied the Nevada Legislature for renewable portfolio standards. Why? I was developing a geothermal electric power plant for which I wanted to force the local investor owned utility to buy the output at an inflated price!
Yes, I’m a ho. But a fun one!


I’m a troll, fol-dee-rol, I’m a troll, fol-dee-rol
I’m a troll, fol-dee-rol, fol-dee-rol-dee-rullee
I have three heads and I have three hats
I have three chins and I have three cats
I have six eyes and I have six ears
When I cry, I cry six tears
I’m fed up with sitting under this bridge so I’ll do it
…but terms & conditions apply.

michael hart

Why do I think 2020 will come and go, yet he will still be saying the same thing, only with a different deadline?…
…Because that is what always happens. Doom is perpetually upon us, we are told, but it never actually arrives. It’s like one of those Disney cartoons where Wile E. Coyote seems to have an infinity of time before the falling anvil actually hits him. And even when it does, he lives to experience it again in the next episode.

Derek Colman

The Maldives islands are not sinking into the sea. In fact most of the islands have increased in land area or remained stable over the last few decades. They are coral atolls, which grow taller as the sea rises. That is why they exist. If they did not grow they would have disappeared beneath the waves long ago.


Clearly we need a Go-Fund-Me Page to raise a whole $5.00


If I’d known that all we have to do to stop CAGW was to send a couple of billion to the Maldives, I’d have voted for that years ago.

Ian L. McQueen

Has the USA actually contributed 1 billion dollars, or is that only Obama’s promise?


Obama handed it over, and he gave them an IOU for another $2Billion on your behalf.

Justin McCarthy

Wasn’t it delivered in cash in small denominations via an unmarked aircraft in the dead of night?

Karl Baumgarten

The old two words come to mind.


Yes, they are already experiencing severe climate change impacts. Impacts like their islands are growing. Horrors! Quick, send them $billions so the climate will stop changing!


I was seriously considering vacationing in the Maldives in the next month or two. This, and the fact that they are run by an intolerant Muslim government, has changed my mind. Every hotel is super expensive there, as well as the transfer from the int’l airport to your hotel ($500 pp for a 15 minute flight, thanks to a monopoly by the local airline, and you know the corrupt gov’t is taking a cut of that). I’ll spend my tourist money elsewhere thanks.

Gawd, I love private enterprise. People vote with their money.

Tom Barr

Maldives doomed without more windmills? Follow the money: No sign of any flooding there.


To which I would reply: “Go pleasure yourself”. What about this new runway, built to accept the Airbus 380?