Pentagon erases “climate change” from the National Defense threat list

The Pentagon released a National Defense Strategy that for the first time in more than a decade does not mention manmade global warming as a security threat.

An 11-page summary of the new National Defense Strategy makes no mention of “global warming” or “climate change”. The document makes no mention of “climate,” “warming,” “planet,” “sea levels” or even “temperature.” All 22 uses of the word “environment” refer to the strategic or security landscape.

The document is here:

The National Defense Strategy, signed by Defense Secretary James Mattis, doesn’t have much to say about energy issues, except that the U.S. would “foster a stable and secure Middle East” and “contributes to stable global energy markets and secure trade routes.”

The Pentagon released the strategy document Friday, and officials were clear that it would make no mention of global warming. The Bush administration added global warming to the defense strategy in 2008, but the issue gained top-tier status during the Obama administration.

The Trump administration released its “America First” security strategy in December, which called for “[u]nleashing these abundant energy resources— coal, natural gas, petroleum, renewables, and nuclear” to boost the economy and aid U.S. allies.

That plan de-emphasized policies aimed at fighting manmade global warming, a complete u-turn from national security under the Obama administration.

“Climate policies will continue to shape the global energy system,” reads the National Security Strategy, released in December.

“U.S. leadership is indispensable to countering an anti-growth, energy agenda that is detrimental to U.S. economic and energy security interests,” reads the plan. “Given future global energy demand, much of the developing world will require fossil fuels, as well as other forms of energy, to power their economies and lift their people out of poverty.”

The Daily caller and the Huntington Huffington Post were used as sources for this story.

This cartoon got it right:




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Preemptive strike:

Does Griff get a bonus–over and above the regular compensation–for putting up the first post on a WUWT article? Or posting something within the top five? I’ve counted three since Dec. 27.


Perhaps he doesn’t have anything better to do.


I was going to somehow dedicate the cartoon of Obama in the snow fort to Griff but decided to name the file “Obama Throwing Snowballs from Behind” when I saved it in my “Climate Fools” folder.

Mission accomplished.




Get a life guys, rather than let a troll dominate your day.

Gary Pearse

I agree craft. I ‘ve detected a bit of a shift away from the dyed in the wool diametric positioning of a few of our trolls. I think we should be more welcoming when this is happening. There is a seductive education at this site that is hard to resist. That is why the Team doesnt run the risk of visiting WUWT. BESIDES if you jump on Griff in the first post when he isnt even here, who has been the most effective?


Is a contradictory comment automatically a ‘troll’?

If you don’t want opposing views, then just ban them.

Plenty of climate sites do (both sides of the debate). Fine by me, though I think you’d lose by it.

Otherwise, be polite and engage in dialog?


“….. There is a seductive education at this site that is hard to resist. That is why the Team doesnt run the risk of visiting WUWT. ….”


Remember in the days of the “climategate” release whereas WUWT and Climate Audit were not to even be mentioned!

Ohhh, how things have changed !!!!


Griff your “contradictory comments” are mostly just outright blatant lies or at best speculative stupid PR press releases from some renewables company or government on how they are going to save the world.

You never check the source of your article claim or the background which is why you are treated as a fool.

Patrick MJD

“Griff January 21, 2018 at 8:39 am

…and engage in dialog?”

Which is exactly what you do not do. You post alarmist articles which are continuously shown to be rubbish. You constantly state the emissions of CO2 from human activity is now *THE* driver of climate change and yet you cannot show evidence of that that is not a lab experiment, Bill Nye video or computer model.


There are lots of people who post contradictory statements without trolling.
On the other hand, repeatedly posting disproven lies is trolling.


As at Jan 10 2018 the UK still has paid it’s Green Climate Fund monies

I think Griff should still remain persona non grata until he pays up 🙂


missed a “not” in there


My cheque is in the post…

Bryan A

Your cheque is In the Post or From the Post?


Surely no-one pays griff to post here.

What a monumental waste of money that would be. !!

James Schrumpf

Unless I’ve missed some of his posts, Griff is always polite and civil. That should be all with which we’re concerned.

Gerald Machnee

**Unless I’ve missed some of his posts, Griff is always polite and civil. That should be all with which we’re concerned.**
I would not call it civil when griff says Dr. Crockford is not a scientist and has no respect for her work, and furthermore agrees with the 14 pseudo-scientists who denigrated her work.


Crockford I think can stand up for herself?

She’s certainly had her own say in reply to my comments (I took a little bit of a bashing). And my comments, I repeat, are quite general on the internet.


“And my comments, I repeat, are quite general on the internet.”

As we all know, everything posted on the Internet is always 100% correct – especially when it agrees with your personal prejudices, right?

And THAT is your justification for maliciously and mendaciously slandering Dr. Crockford, attempting to damage her professional credibility and flat out refusing to apologise despite being proved totally wrong on multiple occasions by multiple posters…

You really are a deeply unpleasant individual.


Mr. Schrumpf I have to agree, and I further agree with Griff that Crockford doesn’t need a class of defenders.

Let’s not let this blog become an echo chamber. Some of the best commenters here are believers. We can do without the childish persona; stuff.


Griff, writes this dishonest statement:

“Crockford I think can stand up for herself?

She’s certainly had her own say in reply to my comments (I took a little bit of a bashing). And my comments, I repeat, are quite general on the internet.”

Yet AFTER she destroyed the nasty attack on her by propaganda group of scientists, you continued to disrespect her, saying she isn’t a scientist and ignore her PDH in ZOOLOGY, along with a significant number of published papers on various ARCTIC animals including Polar Bears. You keep denigrating her over her many years of research on Polar Bears.

Here is an example of your dumb post since you IGNORED what she said about their dietary habits:

“Griff December 11, 2017 at 6:36 am Edit
“In August, this bear would have been only recently off the sea ice”

I think the author needs to look at where the sea ice was in august.

this bear is likely in it sad condition due to the rapid and distant retreat of sea ice from the coast.

similar conditions have seen bears stuck on shore scavenging Inuit whale kills and then there’s that picture of bears on Wrangel Island flocking to a dead whale carcass

Polar Bears depend on sea ice… when there continues to be a lot less of it in summer they have to be affected.

This author needs to consult those doing long term field studies on bears on the true state of things”

The reality as she pointed out in the main post, is that they get most of their calories in Late WINTER to early Summer:

Susan writes,

“In August, this bear would have been only recently off the sea ice: since most bears are at their fattest at this time of year, something unusual had to have affected his ability to hunt or feed on the kills he made when other bears around him did not starve and die. It could have been something as simple as being out-competed for food in the spring by older animals.

But if sea ice loss due to man-made global warming had been the culprit, this bear would not have been the only one starving: the landscape would have been littered with carcasses. This was one bear dying a gruesome death as happens in the wild all the time (there is no suggestion that a necropsy was done to determine cause of death, just as with Stirling’s bear that supposedly died of climate change.)

In fact, research done by polar bear specialists that work in the field shows that the most common natural cause of death for polar bears is starvation, resulting from one cause or another (too young, too old, injured, sick). From Amstrup in Wild Mammals of North America: Biology, Management, and Conservation…”

and this as well you ignored,

“Nicklen should do a bit more reading: polar bears in Western Hudson Bay routinely go four to five months without ice. Four months was normal in the good old days (ca. 1980) and almost five months in some recent years (Castro de la Guardia et al. 2017; Cherry et al. 2013; Ramsay and Stirling 1988; Stirling and Lunn 1997). WHB pregnant females spend 8 months or more on land with no ill effects that can conclusively be blamed on a slightly longer time without ice (Crockford 2017). Southern Hudson Bay polar bears spend a similar amount of time without ice (Obbard et al. 2016), see this post (with references).”

They get most of their calories for the year in just 4 months of the year. April to July.

Dr. Crockford is well aware of the research on Polar Bears, as she cites quite a few over the years.

You don’t have any credibility here when you write and behave that way, Mr. Griff


How refreshing after eight years of Obama administration lunacy. Imagine, a military focused on warfighting rather than climate change and social engineering.


ISIS isn’t pleased. Or what’s left of them, I might add.

Robert of Ottawa

It depends upon what the meaning of IS IS.

And after the cheep joke, congrats and whoopee!


Does this mean the military will stop making $400/gallon jet fuel? Woo HOO! Another savings.

I might have preferred to keep ‘Climate Change’ as a national threat, although I would add a 3rd word to the phrase – Alarmism. Greenpeace, etc sure seem to be a danger to the US (or am I being hyper-sensitive?).


Oh! I feel as though I just stepped out of a time machine or something. What happened? There was white stuff everywhere, and… and there was white stuff falling from the sky… and… I head this message coming from somewhere.

Good morning, Mr. and Mrs America and all the ships at sea. This message is brought to you by your local farmers market. Please patronize those lovely people whenever possible, and lend your patronage to local small shops.
And now for the message: global warming and climate change are no longer a threat. Winter is here and Spring is nine weeks away. The forecast for your area can be found in the newspaper on your doorstep, or you can just go outside and make direct observations. If there’s a red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.
Enjoy the weekend, be kind to small animals and children, and make sure your kids ask permission to leave the dinner table.

And good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.


The year’s at the spring,
And day’s at the morn;
Morning’s at seven;
The hill-side’s dew-pearled;
The lark’s on the wing;
The snail’s on the thorn;
God’s in His heaven –
All’s right with the world!

Gary Pearse

Hi Sara. I was a J Durante fan, too. But it shows our age! It also recalls that the stuff we watched (or even just listened to!) puts most modern comedy in the blah category.

On a skit when he had written the Inka dinka Doo song his pal tells him the song is great and that he should take to show Alex Taylor. Big pause, then JD responds “Why not take to Alec himself?

James Francisco

I’m sure your comment would have brought a smile to Jimmy’s face.


Sara, you got the weather rhyme wrong.

Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning, red sky at night, shepherd drunk, shepherd’s cottage on fire.



Oldseadog, it depends on which side of the ocean your ship is cruising. 🙂

John B

Spring is sprung,
The grass is riz,
I wonder where the boidies is.
De boid is on de wing.
But that’s abzoid,
I know the wing is on the boid.


Nobody remembered Paul Harvey’s greeting, always the same.


Obama made it all go away….wotta man….

Gunga Din

wotta what?


Quite. Accept my grovelling apology.


Finally a glimmer of sanity in D.C.


There never was a threat from CAGW, and this is the proof as it falls off the radar. It was a man made ‘threat’ that put it on a list, and it was man made than the Pentagon took it off the list. Never meant anything.

If all the predictions from 10-20 years ago were even remotely accurate, then something would be definitely be happening by now that was obvious. Weather does not constitute a National Security Threat. We deal with it and move on. The world is still here pretty much the same as it was 40 years ago, while the Universe unfolds as it should.

Now the story two posts ago, well that might be another story. Having said all this, let’s not quit gathering data and trying to understand Earth’s complex climate system better.


“There never was a threat from CAGW, and this is the proof as it falls off the radar. It was a man made ‘threat’ that put it on a list, and it was man made than the Pentagon took it off the list. Never meant anything.”

That’s right. You won’t see any generals resigning over not including CAGW in the national defense strategy. If CAGW were a real threat to the USA, there would be generals raising the alarm, and generals threatening to resign over it.

steve mcdonald

The gravy train has sprung a serious leak.
The Democrats believe that robbing the poor and taxpayers isn’t capitalism.

The entire fraud is a disgrace.

Eric Simpson

Meanwhile, the Democrats had another issue to decide:
comment image


When all they’ve got is the race card….you know they’ve run out of ammo
…and they have so overplayed the race card

J Mac

DACA: Democrats Abetting Criminal Aliens

Extreme Hiatus

I’m sure there were many in the military who cringed and laughed when the Obamites pushed CAGW as a national security threat. Probably not many complaints from them about this change – except maybe those stationed on nice beaches tasked with battling sea level rise, and other urgent missions.


This topic was one which showed me how utterly and completely brainwashed my progressive, Guardian and NYT reposting “friends” are when it comes to these topics.
In their eyes, this is a clear example of the Trump Administration’s war on science in general and climate science in the specific.
I pointed out that the original report upon which the Obama era declaration was made contained the assertion that climate change was creating breeding grounds for terrorists.
I suggested that there may be more direct and readily understandable causes for ideologically motivated terrorism than the existence of purportedly ideal weather conditions. Or indeed, weather conditions which preclude other more wholesome activities and therefore drive ordinary Afghan homesteaders into constructing improvised explosive devices and truck bombs for a living.
Or perhaps those ISIS members are so infuriated by their exposure to drone-strikes due to the lack of tree cover in a once wooded and fertile region of the world, that there original intention of settling down and running a plumbing supplies business out of a bazaar in Aleppo had to be put on hold for a while, whilst they direct their fury at western imperialism.
Whichever it is, this presentation of the motive forces behind the current state of affairs in Europe and the Middle East is so tragically out of line with any of the insights provided by actually knowing facts and history that one hardly knows where to begin in debunking it.
When the theories of your opponents are more idiotic than the contents of a Monty Python sketch then how can you even begin to construct a satire which would reveal them for the nonsense they are?
One by one, we are going to drive out terrorists by stopping the “extreme weather” conditions which they so crave.
Ahahaha, check mate, now we’ve got them…

There is evidence Middle Eastern extremists are experimenting with using Western CAGW propaganda as “evidence” to inspire their troops.


Maybe because those Islamic extremists believe Western CAGW propaganda? If it can befuddle the “best” of our liberal intelligentsia, it also entrance the minds of less-sophisticatedly educated Islamic extremists.


It’s always going to be a struggle to identify the exact roles, actions and motives of all the players.
When what we appear to be witnessing is often the collusion between rational actors exchanging energy products for billions of dollars, and the “useful idiots” drummed into their service via some program of ideological subversion or conversion of extremist religious or cult beliefs.
i.e. collusion between the rational motivated via self interest and the irrational, motivated via self-sacrifice.
It’s often hard to tell who is doing what for what reason.
However, at the most simplistic level, it should be obvious to anyone why foreign actors would be happy to encourage the U.S. in the direction of kicking itself in the nuts – by raising energy costs and prices, and by placing all kinds of pointless regulatory hurdles in the way of its own industrial competitiveness.
Especially when those foreign powers often have near exclusive dependence on just one main commodity and are therefore obsessed with driving up its market price.
On that level, the anti-fracking and solar and wind promoting activities of Russia Today and Al Jazeera should come as no surprise.
They leaders can clearly do the maths.
But seemingly, ours can’t.

Crispin in Waterloo but really in Ulaanbaatar

Could we please have a war on cold?

Tonight Ulaanbaatar will equal the record for this day: -43 C with a wind chill of -55 C.

The suffering of the poor in these conditions is heart-breaking. It is on nights such as these that poor yurt-dwellers burn plastic, engine oil, tires, wood scraps, coal, garbage, literally anything that will support a flame.

Please support when you can by word and deed the development of modern, clean, efficient stoves and boilers for the ordinary people of Central Asia.


Break out the suntan lotion and pool toys. A temperature of -67 C (-88.6 F) was recorded in the Yakutia region of Siberia late last week. I read that was the coldest surface temperature ever recorded anywhere on earth outside of Antarctica.

This year’s cold wave was delayed around 7 weeks as compared to the last 3 winters. Typically this is what mid November temps should have looked like. I wonder if it might also linger longer as a result, …,66.32,672/loc=94.389,62.565


”…countering an anti-growth, energy agenda that is detrimental to U.S. economic and energy security interests…”

Not only is CC eliminated as a threat to national security, that statements puts Climate peddling charlatans in the US military crosshairs.


It’s nice to have the military back to doing it’s proper job, and not being used as a tool to try to control our beliefs.


Gee! Climate Change no longer a threat? Back in 2004 The Guardian was reporting that a “secret report” from the DoD warned President Bush that Climate Change was a greater threat than terrorism. That by 2020 Britain would be “plunged into a Siberian climate” and that there would be rioting and possible nuclear war!

There was a reason why during my 12 years active duty I did everything I could to stay the hell away from the Flag Poles.


That’s just some regular fake news. They’ll never learn.

Dangerous climate cooling is a real, if remote, threat. Dangerous global warming promised by the doomsters is an impossible scenario.


and in both cases, man has nothing to do with it.

Bloke down the pub

Climate, changing or otherwise, has always been a threat to life and so it should not come as a surprise to see it mentioned in a defence strategy paper.


And yet the role of the military is not to defend life but to take it, which they do exceptionally well–it’s the only federal agency charged with that mission.

To dwell on climate as an objective in battle is simply silly; the Obama administration made error after error and that was a big one.


“…it’s the only federal agency charged with that mission.” True, but it is not the only federal agency that does it (take life, or at least the quality of life.).


Offices of ‘Hillary pay to play’ renewables concern raided.


Hmmm….Mitt Romney was included as one of the “Recipients” along with Obama, Hillary, and John Kerry.

Methinks Romney’s attempt at becoming a Senator from Utah has hit a speed bump.



[snip -wildly off-topic-mod]


Oh, and about that raid…

Hillary, donations, Boston Consulting Group,
Looks like a pay to play…And under watch by Judicial Watch as classified info on the Weiner’s laptop.

DeLoss McKnight

This raid in Portugal was 7 months ago?


(Reuters) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation has lost about five months worth of text messages between two staffers who worked on probes into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails and possible collusion between Russia and President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, according to a Republican lawmaker.
Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, who chairs the Senate Homeland Security Committee, revealed in a Jan. 20 letter that the FBI’s technical system failed to preserve texts that were exchanged between Lisa Page, a lawyer, and Peter Strzok, an agent, between mid-December 2016 through mid-May of 2017.
A spokesman for the FBI and a spokeswoman for the Justice Department declined to comment.


I’d decline, too–what they would otherwise admit to would be obstruction of justice. And that, folks, is a felony.


The next administration will put it right back in there 🙁

Sometimes memes just burn themselves out. Particularly dumb ones.

Gary Pearse

The Dems are still fighting the last election and don’t have plans for Party renewal it seems (same ageing losers in charge) They may be out for a generation or two if they don’t find a substitute for elite global governance from UN/EU as a policy. Doug this is a paradigm change and the left doesn’t get it.

Pop Piasa

The Dems seem to fear paradigm shifts in anything and everything. They want to reverse the climate and the election. Going back won’t be a move forward, so what makes them so ‘progressive’?


That assumes the next administration will be as corrupt as the last. Considering the depth of Obamagate, there won’t be enough leaders of the Democratic Party who aren’t in jail to man such an administration.

Good timing, first climate change is no longer a military threat, then the US Navy releases news that a ship commissioned in Buffalo last month is stuck in Montreal for the winter because the St Lawrence Seaway closed for the season when it iced over before the ship made it through on its way to Florida.

The temperatures in Montreal and throughout the transit area have been colder than normal, and included near-record low temperatures, which created significant and historical conditions in the late December, early January timeframe.

I dunno, I could argue that climate change still threatens naval operations.

J Mac

Yep. It’s winter in North America, naturally.


I would argue that weather conditions impact naval operations. 😉


There they go again – conflating weather with climate.

Ian L. McQueen

To Ric: I doubt that your ship is stuck at Montreal. Icebreaking keeps the St. Lawrence River passable to Montreal for the purpose of getting ships that far. This is to the great annoyance of Saint John (NB- where I grew up) and Halifax (NS), both of which are ice-free year round.

Nope. The the USS Little Rock is stuck solid in ice in Montreal …. Until it melts out next spring. Maybe April.

I’m hoping there will be no hull damage.

With sun cycles 24-27…military will need more ice breakers…to open shipping lanes…


Another superfluous distraction for advocacy donations for Obama and the Party goes down. At least it was not as harmful as at the VA where they were dutifully installing solar panels on the roof while inside they were fudging the wait list documentation and vets were dying.

Coeur de Lion

Dry day de boid is on de wing!
But dat’s absoid
De wing is on de boid

Big T


Pop Piasa

The job’s not completed until CO2 is no longer on the pollutant list.
Then we can say finally.

Matt G

not mention manmade global warming as a security threat

An 0.1 c to 0.2 c per decade rise in global temperatures has never been a security threat and it was foolish to expect this continuation occurring without influence from natural ocean cycles and solar activity.

Any serious concern was around 0.4 c per decade and after not far off 5 decades, it was clear to see that this would never be reached over the long term.

Did they take the Big Bad Wolf and Godzilla off the list too?


Surely a nuke falling on Hawaii counts as climate change of a sort — or would that just be “weather”?

J Mac

Predictable fallout from the ‘strategic do nothing’ policies of the Obama regime.
The NOAA was prepared to call it an anthropogenic extreme high pressure system.

Gary Pearse

The new report doesn’t go far enough. The biggest threat to national security and our civilization as we know it , is the very Trojan Horse CAGW is, foist upon us by a hopelessly NeoMarxy Europe and its fellow travelers. If Trump were more aware of the existential nature of the threat he might not work so hard being his own damaging opposition.

He is the only fellow in the world who has the guts to rip out the Big Things and end the incremental slide into the NeoDarkAge. Trump! Use all your efforts in this. Even the denizens of the Swamp don’t appreciate they are being saved. Get rid of the GOP bog critters that dont see the big picture too – the whole works needs a makeover.


+1 Meanwhile the “NeoMarxy Europe” propagators and “bog critters” shout ‘conspiracy theory’ to effectively divert the attention of the people they have mushroomed.

The Original Mike M

Time to end the bio-fuel nonsense in the military too.

“Biofuels are an important part of reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil and creating jobs here at home,” said President Obama

Has corn ethanol done anything to make us less dependent on foreign oil or has it been fracking + offshore & ANWR exploration + pipelines + … ? No thanks to Obama the USA is on the verge of becoming a net energy exporter.

According to the EIA –

The High Oil Price case provides favorable economic conditions for crude oil and natural gas producers while restraining domestic consumption, enabling the most rapid transition to net exporter status.

comment image

F. Leghorn

Now if only Trump could end the ethanol mandate we would once again be able to feed the world with ease. And my lawnmowers would have proper power again.

But on this one I’m not holding my breath.

Steve Keohane

Check your local farmer’s coop. Our’s sells pure gasoline, no ethanol from one pump for equipment operation.

F. Leghorn

We have a place too, but they charge a dollar more. Too much for a cheapo like me.


I use a combination of PRI-G and Marine Grade STABIL in all my small engines. The result is one-puil engine start, even after 18 months of just sitting around. Highly recommended.

James Schrumpf

“Climate change” is not a thing, because climate is an average of weather. Saying that “climate change” causes “extreme weather” is like saying Manhattan’s higher population density than Ottumwa, Iowa’s causes people to move from the cornfields to the Big Apple. An average cannot drive the data.

Do “climate scientists” even realize this, or even realize that’s what they’re saying? Or perhaps they do realize the inanity of the remark, but count on the useful idiots in the media to not ponder its meaning, nor the sheeple to question it.


Here’s why that policy is wrong..

Icebreakers, I hear you say… “because of the ice in the not melting arctic…”

Well the reason the Russians are building ice breakers is because with thinner ice and longer periods of open water, with icebreakers they can keep more routes open year round.

Russian military policy assumes climate change is thawing the arctic and they are moving their military into the region to support economic expansion…

Better acknowledge climate change and load up those missiles

DC Cowboy

“Opponents say arming the Coast Guard vessels sends a dangerous signal to Moscow that Washington is looking for a fight over the Arctic”

Love that reasoning, it looks to me more like arming the Coast Guard ships is a response to the ‘dangerous signal’ Moscow is sending Washington by moving military forces into the artic.


“because with thinner ice”…no Griff

They are building them to break up ice that’s 4.5-5 meters thick….that’s not thinner ice…that’s technology


“Russian military policy assumes climate change is thawing the arctic and they are moving their military into the region to support economic expansion…”

Very doubtful. Everything I’ve read regarding Russian scientists’ views about climate is that it is getting cooler.


+1 Russia and China know exactly what’s going on with CC and hope the Western Countries are fooled into submission so they can prosper at our expense.


Also Russia is building 3 brand new nuclear powered Ice breakers with ice melting capability.

That’s how convinced they are that sea ice is melting away,

But as we all know, Arctic sea ice is STILL in the top 10% of Holocene extents, time-wise, anyway. More than in the MWP and WAY MORE than basically any time before the MWP.

Data from the Chukchi Sea and from above Iceland (the two main expansion areas), shows that conclusively.

Only time its been at a higher extent was during the LIA, and short period leading up to and down from the late 1970s

There’s an awful lot of sea ice up there, y’know.


More totally ridiculous drivel, Griff?

Do you never get tired of making a public exhibition of yourself?


It’s amazing what some people will do for a paycheck.


Griff you keep telling us there is going to be ANY ice … you know “ICE FREE ARCTIC”.

So can you please clarify your position are we going to have thinner Arctic ice or be Ice free?

Here is your chance to prove you aren’t a troll, answer the question which is it.

Patrick MJD

“they can keep more routes open year round.”

Yep and they need nuclear powered icebreakers to do it.

They are sick of their cargo ships getting stuck in sea ice or it being impassable for large parts of the year.

Thanks for pointing that out, griff. 🙂

Now take both feet out of your mouth.


Less ice means more need for icebreakers.
Griff, do you have any idea how incredibly stupid you sound?


I fear that we will have to add militant environmentalists to the threat list soon enough as a result of this.

John B

And to the “Endangered” list 30 seconds after that.



This is utterly horrifying. The greatest threat to national security since World War Two and the petroleum industry removed it from the USA Department of Defense’s web sites. This is utter madness. It’s almost as if the tRump Regime were working for a hostile foreign country…. like Russia.


The preceding public service announcement was brought to you by the makers of Thorazine…

Bringing peace to the world….one shuffle at a time


LOL! I really do hope your were being sarcastic Desertphile.
I mean drill baby drill is doing so much for the oil based Russian economy. “In 2018, the US is expected to overtake both Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s greatest oil producer.”


“Petroleum industry removed it from the website”?

Yeah sure. The fossil fuel industry has nothing to fear from government. They are too important and everybody knows it.


In fact, the petroleum industry is VITAL to our military, as every piece of motorized equipment runs on some kind of oil-derived fuel.

And, trust me, there’s no way the military will ever run on solar or wind power…


Russia makes it’s money selling oil and natural gas. They would love it for the US to stop producing both.

John W. Garrett

Hurrah !!!!!!

Finally— some sanity.

J Mac

Hurrah! A bit more of the AGW slop drains out of the socialist griffters swamp!


I wonder if the Navy has figures out yet that you can’t fuel a cruiser with biofuels.

Gunga Din

I’m not sure about “National Defense” but I’m glad a friend gave his snowblower to combat “Global Warming”!


Climate Skeptics are Modern Day Churchills

Modern climate skeptics share many of the characteristics of Winston Churchill, as well as challenges. Winston Churchill, like Patton, believed that they were born to fulfill a destiny. They both had unwavering confidence in their ability, and the role they would play in shaping world history. They paid untold personal costs and made huge personal sacrifices, all for the unselfish goal of protecting society from itself, or more accurately, the political left. The reward for protecting society and preserving freedom was extreme opposition, criticism, humiliation, failure, underminings, and misguided political demagoguery. Their crime? They were unafraid to speak the unpopular truth and unwaveringly defended it. They were unashamed and unafraid to oppose the political left.

Patrick MJD

Lets hope this sets an example and other countries follow the US lead.

J Mac

Alternate Title:Pentagon Restores Verifiable Science to National Defense


The fact that climate change was ever on the national defense threat list illustrates how certifiably wacky our government had become under Obama. The man declared climate change as the single most important threat to our world. Was he on LSD?

Patrick MJD

No. He was and still is on OPM.

J Mac

No. Barack Hussein Obama is a socialist that follows Alyniski’s Rules for Radicals: Never Waste a Perceived Crisis, especially one created by socialists.


@J Mac
“Alyniski’s Rules for Radicals: Never Waste a Perceived Crisis”
Kindly point out where in Alynski’s writing that advice appears. I can’t see to find it.
Here’s a link to a PDF of the book –
and here are the rules:
“Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.”
“Never go outside the expertise of your people.”
“Whenever possible go outside the expertise of the enemy.”
“Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”
“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”
“A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”
“A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.”
“Keep the pressure on,”
“The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”
“The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.”
“If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside”
“The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.”
“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it”

If I had a dollar for every time someone attributed something to Rules For Radicals that isn’t in the book, I’d be a very wealthy person.
By the way, the Tea Party and Dick Armey – those flaming *socialists* were using it as a handbook.

J Mac

Kindly provide your evidence of the TEA Party using Alinski’s Rules for Radicals as a ‘handbook’.
T.E.A.: Taxed Enough Already.
From their web site, the Tea Party Patriots are focused on 3 priorities:
1) Personal Freedom – We are most free when the Constitution is followed, and all Americans can live life the way they want, as long as it does not harm others or infringe on their rights.
2) Economic Freedom – A growing economy, with reduced tax rates and government spending, gives businesses the ability to hire more people and us all a chance to earn more.
3) Debt Free Future – Increasing the US debt puts an undue burden on future generations. It is only fair and right to pay the debt we have incurred so our children are not stuck with our bills.

These may seem like ‘radical’ ideas to socialist, but they are foundation issues with main street USA.
Freeze, personalize, and polarize that!

J Mac

As I stated, Obama was an acolyte of Alinsky. So was his Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emanuel, his Chief of Staff. In the midst of the 2009 economic ‘crisis’, “Never waste a good crisis”, from the Alinsky triumvirates ‘horses mouth’ ….

J Mac

In addition, MorinMorris, had you diligently invested your dollars for 30 years in capitalist companies that made real products real people wanted, and employed real people in real jobs that paid real wages and real taxes, today you would be a very wealthy person. It’s not too late to embrace an economic system that really work, ya know?


The only advice the TEA party ever took from Alinsky was to make your opponents live up to their own standards.
Something leftists have never been willing to do.

Paul Pierett

I guess a funny thing happened on the way to Forum.


But is ‘diversity’ still a thing?

Jim Heath

Everything stops being funny when the crops don’t grow.


MY President !!!! WINNING !!!!


Let’s see if I have this right.
The Pentagon including climate change as a risk, under pressure from the president is not a political act.
On the other hand, the Pentagon removing climate change as a risk when that pressure is removed, is a political act.

The Canadian army is spending large sums of money replacing all their sodium lights with LEDs. It would appear that in Canada (one of the coldest countries in the world), climate change is still considered a national security threat.

PS, As I understand it sodium lights are as or more efficient than LEDs, so this is all a virtue signaling greenwashing.

I think this may have helped change their minds.. Or maybe they are just being nice and loaning this Military Inventory to the bff Canada for a bit..