President Obama Just Transferred ANOTHER $500 Million to the UN Green Fund


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Back in March WUWT reported how President Obama transferred $500 Million to the UN Green Fund. According to Mother Jones, he has just done it again.

Obama Just Took One Final Step to Fight Global Warming

And there’s nothing Donald Trump can do about it.


President Barack Obama has made one final contribution to the fight against global warming on his way out the White House door. On Tuesday, Obama transferred $500 million to the UN’s Green Climate Fund, a key program set up to finance climate change adaptation and renewable energy projects in developing countries. That’s on top of another $500 million the Obama administration had already given to the fund.

… Trump won’t be able to reverse payments to the UN that have already been made.

Obama’s total contributions of $1 billion are still far short of his $3 billion pledge, but his actions are drawing praise from climate activists. “The Obama administration is refusing to let President-elect Trump’s posse of oil barons and climate deniers dictate how the world responds to the climate crisis,” said Tamar Lawrence-Samuel of Corporate Accountability International in a press release. “This victory is the climate justice movement’s opening salvo to the Trump presidency. And we’re not going away.”

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I hope President Trump defunds the lot of them. The UN might be laughing about having received a billion dollars of US taxpayer’s money to which they were not entitled. Obama might be laughing about his joke on the American people. But President Trump has the power to stop this nightmare – let us hope he uses it.

283 thoughts on “President Obama Just Transferred ANOTHER $500 Million to the UN Green Fund

  1. Request a reversal in a few days and if they don’t return it, just dock it from next months payments to any of a dozen other UN accounts.

    • Good thought, although I would go further and significantly cut back funding until they reverse the recently passed measure on Israel among other horrible UN actions. The only leverage we have with that crowd is that they are significantly dependent on our $$$ to do anything.
      Obama’s decision to send them this cash is an affront to every taxpaying person and those like our Veterans that are denied medical service.
      I am sure Trump is not someone to be trifled with, and he will have much better ideas to exercise payback for this and all the time-bombs left for the incoming President.

      • There used to be a principal of not doing anything in the transition period to disrupt or undermine the incoming president. Now, cry-baby “democrats” are doing all they can leave a policy minefield and destroy the credibility of the democratic process itself.
        Currently about 30 congressional cry-babies are refusing to attend the inauguration of the new president. They don’t seem to realise this is just undermining the office president.
        Funny how little regard “democrats” have for democracy.

      • Greg, let the “cry babies” stay home. Who gives a d*** if a bunch of alinsky leftists are a no show. The more that stay home the merrier. This does nothing to undermine the office of the presidency. (they think it does only because they’re legends in their own minds)…

    • That’s one idea.
      Another is to just kick them out of New York and be done with them.
      The UN has outlived its usefulness.

    • That $500M could have done a lot for US citizens dying from climate change when winter sets in. What happened to his moral compass?

      • He figures that more money can be printed anytime to replace what he hands out. It would be comforting to hear of his generosity if that were his own money he was pledging, instead of ours.

      • Obama grew up living off of other peoples money, His entire mind set has no compunction against spending other peoples money. To him wealth is a public commodity that belongs to everyone, not the individuals who built it.
        It not to difficult to see where that path leads.

    • If I was American I would be urging that the US toss UN out and refuse to pay any more for such a corrupt bunch of petty dictators etc. They are laugh-able.

    • The United Nations charter was drafted in 1945. According to the charter the UN’s purpose was (among other things) to insure world peace, promote individual freedom and economic development. I remember trick or treating for UNICEF to provide assistance to poor people and prevent world hunger. In 72 years of the UN’s existence, as far as I can see the UN has utterly failed. So, why does the USA continue to participate? I’d say that after 72 years and billions in US taxpayer dollars wasted, the UN should have accomplished something.

      • Well, South Korea wouldn’t exist without UN intervention. I consider that a good thing and an accomplishment. Yeah, it was mostly the U.S. and South Koreans’ effort – but there was genuine UN cover and many international participants.

        • TomB commented: “… South Korea wouldn’t exist without UN intervention. it was mostly the U.S. and South Koreans’ effort..”
          “Mostly”? “…90% of all army personnel, 93% of all air power and 86% of all naval power for the Korean War had come from America.” Aside from committing the US to the Korean War what else has the UN done? Token troops (sometimes with orders not to shoot) at most and certainly hasn’t stopped any wars. Its’ major thrust has been to condemn Israel for defending itself after the UN decided it should have the land it occupies now. It addresses the Middle East turmoil by relocating the civilians and does nothing about stopping the wars…..because it promotes relocation as a ‘social’ good for the world. Come on, the UN is divisive, political, and useless. Witness what it has done with AGW.

    • Agree…but I would go a step further and stop all payments to the UN. They are a rogue organization , a foundation for world government. By paying into this idea you are encouraging it. It was a idea that might have been a help in it’s time, but now, it is an affront to sovereignty.

    • you know…..unfortunately, you make your bed….now lie in it
      Obama was personally responsible for bringing race into everything.
      Now in this day and age he created….this does not just reflect on a political party

    • My understanding is it’s against federal law to to fund any UN agency that recognises the Palestinian State, it is also my understanding that the UN’s Green Climate Fund recognises the Palestinian State; It would be delicious irony if Barry’s Retirement Salary payments were garnished until the illegal payments made to the UN were recovered!

    • Well he was born and raised a mohammedan. It is part of their culture to lie cheat and steal to further their goals. And it has nothing to do with their religious beliefs.
      But he is behaving like a spoiled brat; just like the 60 some odd democrats who will boycott the inauguration.
      They will not be missed; nor will he.

      • My daughter (now just 26) is currently covered under a COBRA plan through my work. I pay just over $800USD out of pocket per month or about $10,000 per year to keep her visiting her doctors and getting prescriptions filled, visiting the dentist, and having her vision checked yearly. Her annual deductible/out of pocket is $300 per year.
        Looked into Covered California, they would only suggest Kaiser at $230 per month but that had a nearly $7000 annual deductible/out of pocket cost
        Really a wash either way

      • Gareth,
        Last year I paid $12,000 for myself, my wife, and my adult son. My deductible was $8000/yr, so potentially it could have been as high as $20,000 out of pocket if any one of us had required more than $8000 worth of medical care. The premiums went up this year again like they have every year since ACA came into force. So yes, Mark was exaggerating for satirical purposes, but it is quite expensive.

      • Bryan,
        $10,000/year insurance is a LOT more expensive than $3000/year insurance with a $7,000 deductible/out-of-pocket maximum, at least if the person is reasonably healthy. It takes major medical bills to meet a $7,000 deductible, and if you don’t have to spend that money on actual medical expenses, you can pocket the balance (or save it for future years’ medical expenses). A typical 26-year-old probably won’t ring up $2,000 of medical expenses in a year, much less $7,000.
        If you spend the full $10,000 on insurance to have the low deductible, minimizing medical expenses won’t save you any money.

      • Raw cost for a reasonable family plan in Mass is a bit over 18,000 per year. $500MM is 27,778 families covered with a plan that is worth having.

      • It doesn’t take much to go from reasonably healthy to reasonably unhealthy.
        Just a few mm here or a few ms there.
        If you don’t buy insurance, then you should have it in the bank or kiss your assets goodbye…

      • Those cost claims can’t be right. Obama said eveyone’s health costs would go down $2500.00 per year with the Affordable Care Act. You can keep your doctor. You can keep your health plan You have to pass the ACA before you can see what’s in it. Remember all that bs? Obama is a trainwreck.

      • Wow, those figures are really eye-opening. Here in the UK we have ‘free’ healthcare – paid out of taxes, of course. If I’m ill, I go to a doctor (no charge), go into hospital (no charge) and have medication in there (no charge). When I leave, if I need medication it’s $11 per item. But you don’t even have to pay that if you’re already receiving social care and benefits. I can be referred to consultants, and even to the private sector – all no charge. An eye test and two pairs of glasses is $25. But again that is free to many people.

      • If you think medical care is expensive now, wait until it’s free.
        As you acknowledge, your medical care is not free, you are just enslaving others and forcing them to pay for it.
        Of course those who receive free stuff love it.
        Regardless, it may be free, but the statistics, especially the statistics on wait times, show that it isn’t good care.

      • Yes, healthcare in the US is very expensive, but it is also very good. For example, recently my wife hurt her knee. It was causing her pain, but was not debilitating or life threatening in any way. She called the clinic and was able to see a doctor three days later. Two days after that she got an MRI, and a week after that she was seeing a surgeon. That was yesterday. Torn MCL. Her surgery is scheduled for Feb 8th. How long would she have had to limp around and suffer with this in countries with national single-payer healthcare? Months? Years? There is a reason why wealthy people from all over the world travel to the US when they are sick.
        The other point I want to make is that everybody in the US, under the ACA, get the same level of healthcare as I do, regardless of ability to pay. This is why I pay so much, because I am subsidizing them. Before the ACA I paid $300 a month for my health insurance and had a $1000 deductible. Partly it was cheaper because we chose not to have maternity coverage, mental health coverage, or substance abuse coverage because we didn’t need it. Under the ACA I have to pay for all those things and more.

      • kb
        Unfortunately, my daughter has had a multitude of health issues thruought her life.
        4 major surgeries and 4 minor surgeries since she was 10, and 8 different prescriptions.
        Constant Migraines among other problems

      • +1 for needy Americans. Or even needy Africans, who will be given joke solutions to their problems .

    • Well I can tell kb has never been in a hospital, unless (s)he was born in one.
      I was in one night with some quite routine surgery, and was billed 13,000 plus dollars for the tab.
      My insurance paid quite a bit less than that to settle the bill. I’m sure the difference from the $13,000 became a tax deduction that the other taxpayers all paid.

      • How can it cost so much in the US for healthcare? That’s nuts. I just paid (fully out of pocket) for my daughters tonsil and adenoidectomy which was an overnight stay and surgical procedure in a private hospital with a top surgeon and it was about $5k all up (Australian – about $3k US). Hospital room was $900, surgeon $1600, anesthetist about $500, theater fee etc makes up the remainder.
        You guys are getting ripped off by your healthcare system.

      • AP, the problem to a large degree is cost shifting.
        Hospitals are losing money on many patients, especially medicare/medicaid, they have to make that up by charging patients with insurance coverage more.
        Beyond that, here in the US, many hospitals and doctor’s offices charge a lot less for anyone who pays cash. This is because of how much dealing with insurance companies cost.

      • For any hospital stay you are almost guaranteed $10-12,000 per day just for the room and board.
        Then the doctors poke their heads in and ask how you are doing…$150 consultation fee…
        Then like was mentioned…Lab Fees, Imaging Fees, Anesthesia (and a number of the hospital’s Anestesiologists arent members of many health plans and so you get strapped with their entire bill instead of just a copay.
        Why is medical care so expensive in the USA??? Obamacare and no interstate competition (Monopoly)

    • Obama is Pro-Choice, selective, opportunistic, and unprincipled.
      Meanwhile, Obama et al are a first-order cause of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Climate Change from Benghazi to Aleppo to Kiev and beyond.

      • Bryan A, I believe there are but two classes of abortion. Those which are euthanasia and those which are murder for convenience. The latter of the two should be the crime.
        I can’t dispute the assertion however, that those who willfully terminate their own offspring are probably doing the gene pool a service.

    • He put a qualifier in his ‘smooth transition’ statement –‘As much as possible’ or words to that effect. As always he slid over the part about just what is possible.

  2. I wonder if he’s being paid by the Green Blight.
    They mean Anthropogenic Global Warming, or, more correctly, Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming, right?
    The corruption caused by conflating terms for political progress is second only to conflation of logical domains to inflate scientific plausibility.

  3. The UNFCC should have already been defunded under US law for having granted full member status to the Palestinian Authority. Willis has written about this previously here and here.
    One of the signatories of the referenced letter urging defunding was Senator Jeff Sessions. At the time Secretary of State John Kerry paid no attention. 46 hours and counting …
    Full list of signers:

    In addition to Senator Barrasso, the letter was signed by Senators Roy Blunt (R-MO), John Boozman (R-AR), Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), Bill Cassidy (R-LA), Dan Coats (R-IN), John Cornyn (R-TX), Tom Cotton (R-AR), Ted Cruz (R-TX), Steve Daines (R-MT), Mike Enzi (R-WY), Deb Fischer (R-NE), Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Jim Inhofe (R-OK), Johnny Isakson (R-GA), James Lankford (R-OK), Mike Lee (R-UT), Jerry Moran (R-KS), Pat Roberts (R-KS), Mike Rounds (R-SD), Marco Rubio (R-FL), Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Dan Sullivan (R-AK), John Thune (R-SD), Thom Tillis (R-NC), Pat Toomey (R-PA), David Vitter (R-LA) and Roger Wicker (R-MS).

    The full letter is here.

    • To my understanding, this is correct. Current U.S. law forbids funding the organization since it accepted the Palestinian Authority into its ranks.
      That makes the Obama administrations’ payments of $1 Billion (this $500M and the last) quite illegal.
      It is also “unappropriated” money. Congress is supposed to hold the purse strings under the Constitution, and it did not even remotely approve this. Which makes it a violation of the separation of powers, and therefore doubly illegal.

      • AO, your first point is quite correct. By law, UNFCCC must be unfunded because it atmitt d Palestine as a full member state. Your second is shakey. As with the first $500 million, he took it from a state department funded budget for third world economic development. The problem is, the Green Climate fund is supposedly not about development, but rather climate adaptation and mitigation.

      • Anne, want to apologize. Your second point was spot on and my waffle wasn’t. I had to read the UNFCCC letter from the Senate to Kerry, then go back and check the US law, for this lawyer to fully get it. I was thinking there must be some grey area Obama is exploiting since he is a Harvard Law grad. NOPE. The direct UN cutoff law was passed 1990. Applies to UNFCCC. The ‘affiliated with’ law was passed 1994 under Clinton. Senate letter to Kerry refers to both. GCF is affiliated with UNFCCC. Your intuition is sound. Obama simply ignored US PL 103-256. Thereby violating his oath of office and Constitution Article 2 section 3.

      • Will the legal trail lead back to him? I mean I know he is responsible, but was he able to weasel the whole thing in a manner that somehow puts the final deal in the hands of a bureaucrat that, through feigned incompetence, assumed that there was a legal directive from above?

    • @Alan Watt. Exactly what I was thinking. It sounds to me as though the Trump admin will have the legal authority to withdraw funding for the UNFCCC and the Green Fund. Good to see the letter signed by members of Congress who are aware of this. Gives the Trump and Sessions the last laugh.
      UNFCCC shot itself in the foot when it recognized Palestinian Authority.

      • CD, this Harvard Law grad and bar certified lawyer just did the requisite legal research. The law is clear. Trump must immediately withdraw all funding from UNFCCC and GCF. Obama just deliberately and intentionally violated the law, since his administration was put on notice by a Senate letter last year. And there is 2011 Unesco precedent that the Obama administration complied with these laws passed in 1990 and 1994. No excuse. Obama went rogue on climate..

      • Thanks ristvan.
        Gee, a U.S. president violating federal law and his constitutional oath of office. It seems to me that he can get impeached for that, can’t he? Obviously however, since Obama only has a few more days left in office, it is pointless.
        It would be interesting though if the Trump or Sessions brought this violation of the law out into the open after they are in office and demanded an explanation from Obama and/or Kerry. Now THAT would be interesting.

      • Obama is in good company, called Washington DC. The latest addition is Senator Kamala Harris, CA, formerly CA Attorney General. In that function she decided not to uphold the California Constitution which defined a marriage as one between a man and a woman. They just ignore any inconvenient law.

      • Just attach Obama’s wages and freeze his assets until his $500,000,000 unlawful seizure payment is recovered from his personal assets

    • The first $500 million payment was made March 8th. The membership for Palestine was accepted March 17th. So it would appear the first payment was legal but this most recent one is not.
      Interesting legal question: can the US demand return of the payment on the grounds it was illegal under US law? The UN could refuse, but then the Trump administration would be on firm grounds to stop not just UNFCC payments but all UN payments until the $500 million illegal payment was made up. Then resume normal UN payments not including the UNFCC.
      Pity the new administration can’t make it up by deducting from retirement payments for Obama and Kerry.
      Fasten your sealtbelts everyone; we are in for a really interesting ride.

      • The best strategy is one that keeps the UN hanging on a string. Obama has made that easier. Ideally the US can make up the $500 million loss somehow as well as use the situation to its advantage. Thanks Hussein!

      • ristvan January 18, 2017 at 3:28 pm
        Hi ristvan
        Seems congress passed a couple of stop-gap budget measures to keep things going until Mr Trump rakes office the latest on the 12th of this month.
        Would (will) be interesting to see if any was discretionary. This could get ugly.
        I think they may have been too clever and screwed up.

  4. First orchestrating the passage of the anti-Israel resolution and now giving away more U.S. money, it seems he is trying to buy a stairway to the U. N. Secretary Generalship.

    • The Secretary-General of the UN may not be a citizen of any of the Security Council’s five permanent members. The permanent members of the Security Council are China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, and the United States.

      • I am sure he would gladly renounce his U.S. citizenship to become “king of the world”. Perhaps he might even produce a Kenyan birth certificate to prove he is a citizen of that country.

      • Obama could resign his U.S. citizenship, or claim actually to be Kenyan, or…. If he did, my goodbye would be “Don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on your way out.”

      • When he chooses Kenyan or Indonesian citizenship we can then forward the bill for the 23% of the UN budget the US currently pays to Kenya or Indonesia as appropriate.

      • Tom and Janice,
        I was of the same opinion as Tom that Mr Obama, down the track, was viewing this as a likely job and as an avenue of further promoting this distribution of wealth notion that drives him.
        Janice has rid me of that misconception and thanks for the the information.
        That leads to another query.
        Hillary Clinton and Governor of New York.
        Certainty. Likely. Possible. No chance. Does not qualify due to certain reasons?
        What is the news about Hillary and her next job or activity?

      • Does anyone think this guy is worried about money? You don’t broker giving back to Iran access to $160 BILLION DOLLARS of frozen assets without getting a commission. This guy is as dirty as it gets.
        Not mentioning the $400 million in NON-US cash sent by dark of night. Paying my USA taxes is supporting terrorism, effing incredible.

  5. Is it just me or does it seem like Obama has put in more work in the past two weeks then he did in the balance of his two terms? Spending our money on leftist causes, pardoning criminals, releasing Gitmo terrorists…damn this guy needs a break and we from him.

  6. Obama demonstrates just how easy it is to hand over other people’s money.
    You can’t say he hasn’t done his bit for global wealth redistribution

  7. And how much of that $1B will be ‘recirculated’ through NGOs and back into the ‘Barack Obama Foundation’, following the same racketeering methods used by the Clinton Crime Foundations?

    • On a per capita basis it pales into insignificance to the $140m donated to the Clinton Foundation by our last socialist prime minister Julia Gillard, who, surprise, surprise, got a post-politics job working for….the Clinton’s education initiative.
      These people are scum.

  8. 10 Trillion borrowed dollars spent by that putz has-been. Another 500MM is but mere chump change.
    Obama didn’t close Gitmo.
    Obamacare is reverse, maybe Monday.
    The EPA is toast…soon.
    Planned Parenthood is broke…soon.
    Coal is going to get a boost.
    People will soon be back to work in the USA.
    etc etc.
    Let the erasing of the worst mistake America ever made begin.
    Choomgang, Enjoy continuing to PLAY golf while the rest of the world gets back to doing useful work.

    • The sad thing is that the media will credit all of the recent announcements of jobs being brought back to the US, to Obama.

      • Do YOU still listen to the media? MarkW… surely you advance a canard! Trump, has made the left wing biased media a play-thing. I swear he took a shot at John Lewis to dilute the MLK/Obama gushing and pretty certain he went after CNN in his first press conference to make the story about him while Tillerson et al sailed through subsequently ignored senate hearings. The MSM are self-serving dopes.
        Pre-Trump reasoning would say you are correct, but Trump has no problem using Twitter and blowing his own horn. He hasn’t gotten started yet.

      • “The sad thing is that the media will credit all the recent announcements of jobs being brought back to the us, to Obama.”
        Yesterday the Chicago Tribune filled half their front page with an article about what Obama is planning to do after he leaves the White House. For those of you who don’t know, the Chicago Tribune is Chicago’s main newspaper. It was founded before the Civil War and used to brag in its banner line that it was the world’s greatest newspaper. In the front page article the Chicago Tribune was practically worshipping Obama as a saint. All they left out was the part where he cures cancer after feeding multitudes with a half a dead fish and a loaf of bread. It was a pure and simple propaganda piece. Most likely it was written by the White House press office and the Tribune just put their reporter’s name on it. And it was their front page story.
        But the story about General Motors decision to invest a billion dollars in their American factories and to hire another 1000 American workers? That was one brief paragraph above the fold on page 11. I mean, we wouldn’t want to let the public know just effective Trump has been.
        Is it really any wonder that so many good people have drunk the Kool-Aid?

      • MarkW. “The sad thing….” What jobs are you talking about? The sad is that you really think that Trump, who isn’t even President yet, can send out a tweet and terrified employers will immediately cancel overseas projects?
        The U.S. jobs I’ve heard about obviously had been in the works for a long time. First of all, why should any President get credit for it? Large employers look at the whole landscape when locating a place of business. But I doubt they base anything on what a blowhard with a publicity fetish blasts out to the world in 140 characters or less.
        If anything, some employers will announce pending employee decisions to capitalize on the nativist sentiment that Trump has fomented.
        We shouldn’t be naive about why businesses act. If anything Obama should get some credit for the business atmosphere created for 8 years.

    • If you want to eliminate Planned Parenthood (overturn Roe v Wade) then legislation is needed to force fathers to toe the line or to completely take over financially if Mom can’t.

      • “force fathers to toe the line or to completely take over financially”
        Why on Earth is this needed? Did you miss something?
        For 40 years, women have enjoyed 100% reproductive rights and freedoms. Women have 100% rights whether to get pregnant or not. Women have 100% rights to determine whether to carry a pregnancy to term or not.
        Making men pay is to make men financially responsible for a decision which they have no right to take part in. There is a word for that, slavery. (Also unconstitutional, BTW)
        Outside of marriage, when a woman wants a child, she can figure out how to pay for it. That is the responsibility which goes hand in hand with the rights mentioned above. In the US, Rights and Responsibilities going together is called “Freedom”.

      • Come on Tony, A woman alone cannot make a baby. A man has always been necessary.
        And yes, it the woman wants to abort the fetus and the man wants to block it, then the man should assume total financial and child rearing responsibility

  9. Why does the USA get the continuing privilege of housing the UN ??
    This seems very unfair.
    Surely it must be the turn of some other country…….
    maybe Syria, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela…?
    I propose a 4 year term of housing the UN for each member country.
    Countries could vie for the privilege.

      • Just think what the Trump company could do with the UN building in NYC. It’s prime real estate…

      • Its easier to spy on the united nations members 🙂
        Climate Heretic
        PS I regard the united nations as an abomination 71 years and poverty is still rampant.

    • The country that declares the lowest global GDP per capita should be the recipient and the beneficiary of the UN edifice. The bureaucratic largesse, the spawning of service industries would be of enormous value to the host country and for the UN, a perfect exemplar of ‘putting your money where your mouth is’.

      • I don’t know if you meant this sarcastically, but this is a brilliant idea. Those self-serving UN bureaucrats will fall all over themselves to improve the host country so that they don’t have to live in a crap-hole.

      • Although not a direct relationship, there is a relative tie between poor countries and corruption. As much as I would like to see these self-serving individuals function in countries that need assistance, be careful for they might find more ways to exploit to their advantage.

      • Paul, more likely they will just build their luxury apartments, hire guards and build walls to keep the rifraf out.

      • @ MarkW…
        Then what happens to those homes hen the UN re-locates every 4 years or so.
        Maybe a 10 year stint in a low GDP country is the go. Give 10 years of ecomonic input.

  10. The Trumpster can simply reduce the USA’s contribution to the UN (and/or other useless globalist
    organizations) by $500M–or better yet by $750M.

    • I’m sure we can reduce our UN funding by FAR more than $750M.
      I’m also sure that AG Sessions can, should he and the President wish to do so, suggest that since the money was illegally transferred no entity that receives Green Climate Fund funding may operate in the US and any officers of said organizations will be charged with receipt of stolen funds if they set foot in the US.

  11. Don’t just defund the UN Inform them that the monies were illegally transferred, That the US Senate did not ratify any treaty, and Congress did not appropriate any funds. The entire 1 billion must be returned. Since members of cop21 conspired with Mr Obama’s illegal act and the UN condoned it, the UN building in NY is closed.
    Prior to delivery of noteto the UN GS:
    Just go in the middle of the night and lock the place up no chance to remove doc. hard drives etc.

  12. “This victory is the climate justice movement’s opening salvo to the Trump presidency. And we’re not going away.” “This victory”? Is a “climate justice movement” victory? Sending US taxpayer dollars to the UN is a victory to them? Goes to show you how the LPSC community thinks of OUR money! And where are they going to get their “salvos” from when the $$ is cut off? Soros? At the rate OB has been giving away OUR money, Soros will runout very quickly. And when the money dries-up – – well, dust to dust.

  13. Halt all payments to the UN, and watch them twist in the wind. Take over the UN building and turn it into a Veterans hospital. Scrap 99% of all regulations passed by EPA in the last decades, and give the others a life of only five years, with review and consideration for repeal at the end of that time. That would be a small start.

  14. Shameful and embarrassing.
    With the globalist’s help he did pretty well execute his program of marginalization of the US, promotion of Islam.

  15. Most of this Green Climate Fund seems to be getting spent on improving resilience to bad weather in developing countries, dressed up with all the usual guff about the bad weather getting worse, but that is pretty irrelevant if you can’t deal with the existing bad weather:
    But the fundamental contradiction remains, as the wealth of these developing countries increases the more they will want SUVs, air-con and flights to historical theme parks, such as the UK.

    • Probably more like Disney World the way we are headed. We are going to leave the EU, apparently Trump will offer us a trade deal. No doubt such a deal will include a new harsher version of TTIP which having left the EU we will be powerless to oppose. Anyone for rides on the London eye?

      • I doubt it. Trump would like to see the EU sunk without trace and it just isn’t in his interests to shaft the Brits with a disadvantageous trade deal. Rather I’m sure he will want to encourage others to leave the EU by rewarding the Brits. Naive possible but I think that’s his mind on the matter.

      • Why not just restore whatever treaties were in effect prior to Britain making the mistake of joining the EU?

      • “Is fear and loathing the only thing you have to communicate?”
        Gareth is a self-proclaimed Lefty, and “proud of it”.
        ‘Nuff said.

      • I think you misunderstand Trump.
        He’s a business man so he makes deals that benefit his clients, that’s us.
        I don’t think he wants to screw every non-US citizen or prevent anyone else from making money.
        If a US company wants to move from CA or WA to a right to work state like FL or SC I doubt Trump would say anything.
        If some company is preventing a level playing field, he will make a new deal to re-level it.

        • “I think you misunderstand Trump.”
          When it comes to politics and politicians, as a self-confessed “proud” Lefty, Phillips misunderstands just about everything.

  16. Every tax paying American has just paid $5.00 each to make Obama-the-Nobel-Laureate the king of the UN.
    It is what he wanted all along.

  17. “Trump won’t be able to reverse payments to the UN that have already been made.”
    Why not? he knows their address. How much do you think that building is worth? Maybe it would make a nice new residential condo with river views.

    • Budget?
      He don’t got no budget.
      He need no budget.
      He ain’t got to show you no stinkin’ budget!

  18. News from the future, NYT, February 14, 2017
    “The UN announced today that former President Barrack Obama has accepted a position as head of their Green Fund.”

  19. Maybe Obama wants to remind the Trumpster that he’s still the President. This is his right. Some of us may not like it. The Trumpster will have his chances soon enough,

    • So you have no problem with an outgoing president creating as many problems for the incoming president as possible?

      • MarkW, he’s following through on a commitment. I’m sure you’d prefer that he abandon the commitment.
        You feeling sorry for Trump? Yeah, poor guy. But real problems so far are self-inflicted, particularly his flirtation with Vladimur Putin.

      • I love the way liberals justify anything they do.
        No, the only commitment was to create as many problems as possible.

      • ‘Self inflicted’. You clearly haven’t been paying attention to a nationwide smear campaign – including your childish repetition of the Putin talking point.
        And yes, I would prefer Obama not continue to follow through on his commitment to damage our country in every way possible.
        But he’s very dedicated.

      • Joel Snider – how would you characterize Trump’s relationship with Putin, or do you, under the rubric of “fake news” or a “smear campaign”, deny that such a relationship exists?
        And yes, this problem would appear to be self-inflicted. But don’t take my word for it. When Congress investigates his behavior, we’ll find out – but you probably will regard that as a conspiracy cooked up by members of his own party.

  20. This amounts to quid pro quo for the wordsmithing of the IPCC political scare reports, setting aside the toned down science report version, and that sex offender in charge of the IPCC at the time.

    • Rajendra was an amatuer compared to Bill. And I doubt he ever ordered $60,000 worth of “hot dogs” for a white house party like Obama.

  21. We all knew that president Stompy Feet was going to the the Grenade Thrower In Chief on his way out.
    The question of the day is:
    Will Hillary get her Presidential Pardon? Will Bill get one?
    44 hours to go.

    • Tony,
      I put the odds of the Clintons receiving pardons at 75%. Most likely one of Obama’s last official acts.

    • That’s an interesting question…
      You can’t pardon someone that didn’t commit a crime…
      …and giving them a pardon is admitting a crime was committed

      • Latitude January 18, 2017 at 3:12 pm
        Nixon was not convicted of anything, the pardon was for what he may have done.
        I was so mad at Ford but he was right.

  22. He is working hard to cement his true legacy. Abstain in the UN on a vicious Isreal vote. Knowingly violate the law on UNFCCC after a written Senate reminder. Send a billion to GCF without congressional approval. Promulgate an unconstitutional EPA CPP. Draw a red line on Assad chemical weapons use, then do nothing when it is crossed. Bilateral climate agreement with China where he handicaps American industry while China does nothing in return. Pass an Affordable Care Act that doubles health insurance premiums and prohibits obesity surcharges.
    History will not be kind to Obummer.

    • American history perhaps , but according to the BBC the World sees Obama differently.
      In an interview with a journalist at the weekend the BBC told us that Obama leaves office with a personal approval from the American people that is the highest (possibly “evah”) for a second term president . He personally wrenched the US economy , and therefore much of that of the rest of the world, away from economic ruin after the worst recession since the 30s. He stopped the killing in Iraq and Afghanistan.
      And Trump? well apparently he will “stumble from disaster to disaster ” and there is 50% chance he will not complete 4 years .
      The voice of the BBC.

      • 10% economic growth over 8 years is wrenching away from economic ruin.
        The so called poll that claims that Obama is so popular over sampled Democrats and independents by huge amounts.
        Stopped the killing in Iraq and Afghanistan? Don’t look now, but the killing at present is as high or higher than when the Americans were present.
        Liberals lie, it’s all they know how to do.

      • According to the BBC
        … brexit ain’t gonna pass, vast majority like being in the EU
        … but if it does pass there will be major financial problems
        … and nobody will want to travel to the island anymore
        … Trump has no chance of winning,
        … but if he does the financial markets will crash
        … and all the poor mexicans will be rounded up and immediately and sent to hell

    • “Pass an Affordable Care Act that doubles health insurance premiums”
      Obama proclaimed at a joint session of Congress in 2009:
      ‘The plan I’m announcing tonight would meet three basic goals. It will provide more security and stability to those who have health insurance. It will provide insurance for those who don’t. And it will slow the growth of health care costs for our families, our businesses, and our government.’
      How’d that work out for ya, ‘Merica?
      Entire speech:
      Transcript includes Joe Wilson’s “You lie!”
      There was no connection, NONE, between the things he said and any actual legislation before Congress. The teleprompter was loaded with tasty sound bites, which had NO CONNECTION WITH ANY REALITY.
      The Fake News Media loved the speech. Never fact checked any of it. Just declared it wonderful. I’d love to see Congress do a detailed analysis of the speech and the reality revealed by time as they prepare to vote for it’s repeal.
      Additionally, they need to start the amendment process to the Constitution prohibiting the Federal Government from compelling people to buy something. Obamacare’s mandate to buy insurance is evil.
      BTW, my son had Obamacare for a year. He said it was worthless. Remember that as the Fake News Media cries that repealing Obamacare will cost millions of people their insurance. It’s crap.

  23. Compared to Obama adding $7.9 trillion to the national debt, this is peanuts. Just another Solyndra. Concentrate on real money.

  24. . . . just a trivial observation, maybe: The photograph illustrating this story somehow reminds me of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns.
    Make of that comparison what you will — I’m sure there are lots of humorous analogies in there, but it’s just too easy for me, and so I’ll allow you to do the comical work there. (^_^)

    • Oh, and I just made up a new word to summarize this nifty little action of the outgoing President — Obamanoxious
      You know, I really liked the guy when he was running for office. He looks good. He speaks well. He has a great public appearance. He’s probably even a fun guy. … Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut, … just not too bright in critical areas, unfortunately [understatement ?]

      • I researched his positions and personality well prior to the election.
        Nothing he has done has surprised me in the slightest.
        The evidence was there for those who cared enough to look.

      • Mark,
        I knew a number of otherwise intelligent people say they voted for Obama because he was black, but then denied that action was racist. Another guy shrugged his shoulders and said “Couldn’t be any worse than Bush.” My palm was almost stuck to my face that day.

      • PP, half black. Technically what used to be called mulatto. Remember Elizabeth Warren’s minority myth that she is supposedly 1/32 Cherokee, so Native American, so entitled to preferences. What ever happened to just American or not? T. Jefferson would have apparently understood.

      • My claim to coining a new word is Obamalivion: the fading away of pretty much ever act of his presidency. And it starts in just 40 hours and 10 minutes …

      • “… Jesus wearing a crown of thorns.”
        I always thought he was meant to be Julius Caesar.

        Yeah, that’s probably even better, in terms of visual similarity, but in terms of religious zeal and its associated thorniness, … Jesus seems more appropriate. But then again, Caesar did not fair to well in the end, and so his own sort of zeal did him under, I guess.
        No I’m torn.

      • Obama strikes me more of hybrid between Nero, for imposing policy without Senate support and for mistakingvhis obsessions for his duty. And Caligula, chasing delusional causes and further weakening Rome.

      • Robert Kernodle January 18, 2017 at 3:26 pm
        Heavens no
        Try Flavius Josephus.
        The Jewish war.

    • Hadn’t looked at the photo until I read your comment.
      What I see is a very skinny and rapidly aging man (mebbe the wife is stealing all the carbs of off his plate).

  25. Fortunately in the Great White North we do not have the purse strings that our neighbors to the south have, therefore the level of corruption is not as significant.
    Magnitude is another story (lol).
    But never fear, we are also blessed with self-serving, unintelligent individuals who we, somehow, vote into positions of power, er, control.

  26. Wait a minute…..where did the $500M come from? Obama can’t spend money without it being budgeted by Congress first and he can’t unilaterally redirect budgeted money by whim. If he previously set up a slush fund with an extra $500M and Congress allowed it then who’s to blame?

    • Unfortunately congress deliberately creates lots of slush funds for the president to tap whenever he wants.
      It’s easier than actually doing their jobs.

    • I think they take it out of the budgets of the Alphabet Soup bureaucracies, such as the EPA, DOE and DoAg, etc. etc.
      We might dare to hope that the new appointees to these rogue agencies have the political will to demolish hidden budget loopholes which go to foreign interests, and dramatically shrink the roles of these departments.
      I always liked Governor Rick Perry. He was always my flat tax candidate.
      Now thanks to Donald J Trump, he will get his opportunity. We’ll see.

  27. I have a feeling there is something he can do about it, and we’ll need our 1% interest on that loan too.

  28. I don’t know what the law is in the US but it appears clear to me that Obama should be arrested and charged with illegal transfer of funds in contravention of US laws. If there are no consequences for such a transfer then what’s the use of having the law. Obama as a lawyer should know this. He should also be held personally liable for the payment and bankrupted if unable to pay it back.

    • David S, you’re right. There should be consequences for violating a law you don’t even know exists. Even if there is no law he probably, if the Trumster says so, will be held personally responsible for repayment. And, a $500 million debt will probably bankrupt him.

      • Yet another excuse from the party of excuses.
        It’s Obama’s job to know what laws exist. Regardless, congress sent him a letter informing him of his legal responsibilities. So the claim that he didn’t know doesn’t fly.
        Any other pathetic excuses you care to try?

      • MarkW, what law are you talking about? David S doesn’t know and you don’t either. And I’m sure Obama knew the law, whatever it is, before he did it.
        You should read what I say. Your response indicates you had no idea what I said.

  29. A more productive application for the $500 million would have been to put in the fireplace and burn it for a little heat.

  30. No one saw this coming? Really? I doubt that. Congress did NOTHING to stop it and I really doubt they care in the least that they shafted us one more time. Ryan is probably dancing right now.

  31. The green blob is all about the color of money so mo surprise here. Do we have good auditing of where this money goes and the results of those projects. Lots of entities staffed by the families of government figures.
    Remember oil for food in Iraq…. Kofi’s son Koko and all that.

    • I believe the UN is trying to pass an international law that allows them to spend money and break laws with no accountability.
      I bet the railroad engineer wants a do over.

  32. During the Obama years infrastructure in Houston, a city run by democrats, infrastructure desperately needed for flood control has dramatically deteriorated. A neighbor of mine drowned in the May 2015 flood. Thousands of homes were severely damaged. My niece had her house washed off its foundation. Important infrastructure has worn out all over America thanks in no small part to democrat party constituents. People are dying from preventable infrastructure defects. But this outgoing President, to fulfill his virtue seeking quest, would rather give our money away to top heavy ineffective organization like the UN. Thanks do much, Mr. Obama.

    • “Worst. President. Ever.”
      Not even close. Johnson, Lincoln, Wilson and Roosevelt beat him by miles.

      • I don’t know where you get your revisionist history, MarkG, but since you apparently were brainwashed by the Progressive/Marxist movement that has infiltrated academia across the USA.
        So I shall repeat: Obama is the worst president the USA has ever had. Period.
        (That shouldn’t be a surprise since one of the presidents you include and Obama admired most was Wilson.)

      • All of the president’s listed were progressive to extremely progressive.
        I was going to ask which Roosevelt he was talking about, but they were both pretty bad.

  33. I missed this one….
    EMEC Wins Verdict
    On Friday November 18th, a Bangor, Maine jury found, after a four day trial, that five wind power companies breached their contractual obligation to negotiate in good faith, and returned a $13.6 million verdict in favor of Eastern Maine Electric Cooperative (the “Cooperative”). The unanimous verdict against the defendants was reached after about two hours of deliberations.
    The Cooperative’s CEO, Scott Hallowell said, “The defendants’ breach denied the Cooperative of the benefits of the deal, and forced the Cooperative to take legal action.” Hallowell said, “We are extremely pleased with the verdict, as it vindicates the Cooperative’s position that the wind companies did not negotiate in good faith. We have not yet heard whether the defendants will appeal, but if they do so we will vigorously defend the jury’s verdict.”
    The contract required the wind power companies to act in good faith to finalize the sale to the Cooperative of a section of an electric transmission line, which provides transmission services to wind farms owned by three of the defendants. The parties had agreed that the three wind farms would pay for costs, including repairs and upgrades to the line, which is standard electric utility practice across the country.
    The Cooperative was represented by Sigmund Schutz, Joe Donahue, and Ben Piper of the law firm Preti Flaherty, LLP. The Cooperative’s lead trial counsel, Sigmund Schutz, said, “The Defendants had sellers’ remorse and breached their good faith obligation. The jury agreed and awarded all of the damages we requested at trial.” Schutz added, “The verdict is among the largest jury verdicts ever awarded in Maine.”
    The Cooperative entered into the contract in 2011 with First Wind Holdings, LLC and four of its former subsidiaries (Evergreen Gen Lead, LLC; Evergreen Wind Power III, LLC; Stetson Holdings, LLC; and Stetson Wind, II LLC), for the sale of a section of an electric transmission line, the Stetson Line, to the Cooperative. First Wind Holdings, LLC is now owned by SunEdison. The subsidiaries are three companies that own wind farms, Stetson I (Stetson Holdings, LLC); Stetson II (Stetson Wind II, LLC); Rollins (Evergreen Wind Power III, LLC); and the company that owns the Stetson Line (Evergreen Gen Lead, LLC). These four entities are now owned by TerraForm Power, Inc. (NASDAQ: TERP).
    Note: First Wind was sold to SUNE. They went under and the First Wind crew has formed another company, Longroad Energy Partners, based in Boston and San Francisco.
    I’m not finished with them at all….

    • Thank you for informing us. Detailed knowledge of the many green energy failures would surely change the public’s perception of these schemes. In my homev state we subsidized an entire solar supply chain which promptly collapsed. Reporting on the promises was extensive. Reporting on the collapse is non existant.

      • We are closely following a very significant development related to the above regarding Longroad Energy. Also note media did not (we believe intentionally) run the above story I linked to. TERP investors should take note.

  34. China has lots of money. Maybe Corporate Accountability International and all the rest of the piggies at the tough can ask China for a few billion.

    • BTW, you can see this $500 million as an enforced payment of Jizya (Tax) to the Islamic state !

  35. “we will always have Paris” so they hope right. The green blob must, absolutely must spread it’s pain as widely as possible. We understand why. Who wants to take that final step to the level beyond in the fiery tail of the economic Hale-Bopp comet alone. On my local obsession with the TVA I was searching out the roots of the wind power contracts we have with Illinois based wind farms. The Portuguese EDP Group/Euronext owns those and they rotate (not sell I suppose) 20 year contractual profits to… wait for it… the Ontario Public Employees Pension Fund. Didn’t we just have a post about the disastrous energy policies of that hapless province. Aren’t the ratepayers crying on the millennial wunderkinds shoulder about their power bills in public. Leave it to government employees to come south for sweet returns in their retirement after having participated in the gutting of their own nest.
    Oh but we are not nearly done ripping off TVA ratepayers aka the people. They are likely about to sign a much bigger deal for wind power from Oklahoma with the mega wealthy Ziff bros standing by to catch the largess for decades to come. Cant we just import a few of their more obviously gaseous citizens and let them roam the streets of Nashville. It would be a better deal.

    • That’s what I was wondering. Where does Obama come up with half a billion dollars without going through Congress? He’s certainly not paying it out of his own pocket. But then I remembered Paul Ryan saying something about fully funding Obama’s programs to avoid a government shutdown. Were these payments to the U.N. Green Fund part of the budget Congress approved last year? If so, shame on Congress! Those cowards like to talk big about holding the line on spending, and then they quietly approve every spending program the Democrats want.

      • Ryan didn’t pass a budget: IIRC, it was a “continuing resolution”, whatever the hello that is.
        in fact, i’m pretty sure there hasn’t been a budget passed the whole time the #SCOAMF has been in office.

  36. Relocate the UN to Deadhorse Alaska. No parking tickets to worry about and they will soon accept the reality of HC’s warming their butts…

  37. Trump should tell them to make it last, because the gravy train days are over. Then cut our payments to the UN to 1/193rd of their basic budget & nothing more. let the rest of the world pony up for a change.
    then tell them we’re taking back the land and buildings in NYC to use for American citizens, and they can all move immediately to Geneva & start using the back up HQ there.

  38. And we’re not going away.

    What are they going to do? They can demonstrate all they want. Before G.W. Bush invaded Iraq, there were demonstrations all over the world. It didn’t matter, Iraq got invaded anyway.

  39. The folks who put him in the Oval Office did this and he can do what he wants within his powers. Maybe it can be reversed, maybe not, who cares?
    He’s out. Gone. History. Now things start over a bit, but make no mistake, the USA is a very large machine rolling in a direction set for it over the course of the past 30 years. I’d argue the course was set in the late 1980’s after Reagan left office. It is sluggish at the helm. It’s going to take time to change its course and those backing the Progressive/Fascist agenda know that. They’ll no doubt use it to their advantage.

    • Bartleby – Astute assessment. I like to use the analogy of the US of A (or any other large government) being akin to an aircraft carrier or oil supertanker, where the command to change course may be given, but the tiller movement to the new course takes time to overpower the inertial mass of the original course of movement.
      That being said, a lot of people just need to STFU (I sparingly utilize such acronyms, but this one seems appropriate here) and as the tiller is about to move to a new course for the US, to get on board the supertanker or aircraft carrier and come along for the ride – as a whole nation. No one trying to change who or what or why you are or want to be…no one stopping you from ‘protesting’ a perceived or actual slight, just give DJT a chance here.
      I have a strong feeling (there I go with the feelings again) that DJT and his administration will make every effort to identify and move forward with actions that are in the best interests of the nation as an industrial power. If it plays out otherwise, and the promises made during the election campaigns are either ignored or reversed, I may join you all in the ‘protests’ – although I’m not one to hammer a piece of cardboard to a stick, slather a painted slogan on the sides, and march around in circles for hours chanting…..(H/T to Sebastian Maniscalco).
      It’s. All. Going. To. Be. Okay.
      Yours in the US of A,

  40. Smug look Obama. According to Aussie media he did “Obama Care” and “Clean Power”, his greatest achievements. I am sick and tired of the biased media coverage in Australia about how Obama was great for America and how the Russians “hacked” the election allowing Trump to win.
    Get over it lefties/liberals, Trump won! Don’t like democracy, move to North Korea.

    • “…move to North Korea.” Or, more appropriately, to Russia. Trump’s already worked out a deal with Vladimir.

  41. Obama is clearly using money taken from the American people to bribe his way into a new job as Sec Gen UN.

  42. As Obama leaves office and Trump moves in, the Guardian newspaper has launched a climate change propaganda exercise. (More than the usual one, I should say.)

  43. Make that borrowed money for the UN fund as a final exclamation point on a White House political campaign. Just don’t call it science or fiscally responsible.

  44. “And there’s nothing Donald Trump can do about it.”
    How about: “Not a penny for the UN general fund until the Green Fund gives that $500m back.”

  45. That’s a good one:
    Think of India, developing country, little girls with hungry eyes, staring hopeless into a future without them nurishing NGOs. Why?
    Well, as a developing country, litarally Hindi have to threaten their former neighbors, migrated muslim pooled in Pakistan, with remote steered atomic weapons. How will they feed hopeless littal gerrals, sittin’ in the puddles next to the streets without pavements.
    Not to think of the Monsoons, region of Kerala, every MonsoonSeason 10 mill. new umbrellas. How will they pay a proper fee to their blue collar workers that never will afford blue collar working suits:
    How will Ban Ki Moon save them; what are we able to spend to god bless our NGOs.

  46. How does this work ? The President in his last days phones somebody up in Treasury and says cut a $500 million check to the UN and nobody in Congress even says WTF ? No wonder the USA debt doubled under Obama .
    Who protects tax payers interests ? NO one ?

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