President Obama just gave $500 million of Your Money to the UN Green Fund


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Tyrants and dictators, shady international arms dealers, brutal leaders of broken, basket case nations like President for Life Robert Mugabe, will be celebrating today; President Obama just transferred $500 million of US Taxpayer’s money into the new UN Climate Fund.

According to The Guardian;

Obama administration pays out $500m to climate change project

The first chunk of a $3bn commitment made at the Paris climate talks ‘shows the US stands squarely behind climate commitments’, the State Department said

The Obama administration has made a first installment on its $3bn pledge to help poor countries fight climate change – defying Republican opposition to the president’s environmental plan.

The $500m payment to the Green Climate Fund was seen as critical to shoring up international confidence in Barack Obama’s ability to deliver on the pledges made at the United Nations’ climate change conference in Paris in late 2015.

Administration officials said the initial $500m payment to the Green Climate Fund demonstrated that Obama would follow through on the promises of last December’s Paris climate agreement – despite February’s setback at the supreme court and threats by Republican presidential candidates to dismantle Obama’s agenda.

“Today, the United States provided a $500m grant to the Green Climate Fund,” a state department official said. “This grant is the first step toward meeting the president’s commitment of $3bn to the GCF, and shows that the United States stands squarely behind our international climate commitments.”

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$500 million is only a drop in the ocean, compared to the FY 2016 $22 trillion total US public debt. However, given the severe and rapidly worsening state of US government finances, a more productive use of the President’s remaining time in office, might be to find ways to cut expenditure, instead of thinking up new ways to give federal money away to people who hate America.

UPDATE by Anthony: Uh, oh.

State Dept defiant on $500M to UN climate fund: ‘Did Congress authorize the Green Climate Fund? No.’

Asked by Senator Cory Gardner if Congress approved the US State Department to divert $500 million to the United Nation’s Green Climate Fund, Deputy Secretary Heather Higgenbottom says: “Did Congress authorize the Green Climate Fund? No. […] We’ve reviewed the authority and the process under which we can do it, and our lawyers and we have determined that we have the ability to do it, and I pledge to you and to other members we’d be happy to provide that legal analysis and the additional details.”

Senate Foreign Relations Committee March 8, 2016

231 thoughts on “President Obama just gave $500 million of Your Money to the UN Green Fund

  1. Write Your Congressman. I have a very hard time understanding how Congress gave up their control over the budget process and allow this waste of taxpayers money to occur.

    • Americans have the government they want. It just isn’t the government the country’s founders wanted for us.
      And judging by what is going on in lieu of the usual four year Presidential election process; it’s a cross between the WWF and Saturday night Live; well maybe SNL is too high class; perhaps The Gong Show. And that is World Wrestling Federation; not Wildlife fraud.
      All you thoughtful citizens who wanted to be a part of history, and help elect the Nation’s first Black President (not counting Bill Clinton) and even did it twice, why don’t you complete the process, and give us the Nation’s first Woman President; and likely the first jail bird President.
      In this era of Too Big to Fail, even the USA is not too big to fail.

      • Well, from what I’ve gotten from actual people who are supporting Trump, this is exactly the nonsense they want to stop, arbitrary power-grabs without oversight or authorization to comply with a treaty in all but name explicitly for the purpose of sidestepping Congressional approval
        If the man wasn’t so vile, I’d support it completely.

      • Could this become an election campaign issue? I doubt it .. the GOP is too narrowly focused.

      • “If the man wasn’t so vile”
        Vile is relative. If it comes to maintaining American culture I’m all for it (past culture, not Mexican gangs/siestas and Islamics taking over the streets to pray 5x a day as in Europe) . Ok so he’s sometimes crude (which identifies with the “unprotected”, see Noonan article) but at least he’s not (so far) one of the mealy mouthed politicians presently residing in congress or the White House.
        Trump and the Rise of the Unprotected (Peggy Noonan):

      • BFL, I understand, and I agree with your points (though I don’t see what’s wrong with the Muslim prayer habits. It’s in many ways less intrusive than the Blue Laws that we are still throwing off).
        The problems I have with Trump are his
        1: Disrespect for any semblance of decorum.
        2: Willful ignorance or willingness to provide a boldface lie in the matter of citizenship through his challenges to Cruz’s eligibility to run.
        3: Deliberate spreading of fear to trump up support.
        4: His history of multiple financial bankruptcies on his businesses.
        I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt until #2. However, any person entering politics who doesn’t know the birthright citizenship requirements after the mess 8 years ago is just ignorant or deliberately lying, and neither of these are acceptable.
        If you don’t think #1 is important, think of Trump attempting his standard approach with Czar Putin. We would probably leave that meeting in a world war.

      • The problem with Trump is that no matter what he is saying now, he was saying something different just a few years ago.
        So if we elect Trump, which one will we get, the culture warrior who made is miraculous appearance in the months prior to the primary season, or will we get the Trump that existed prior to that “reformation”?

      • “though I don’t see what’s wrong with the Muslim prayer habits”
        Here’s a clue (common in parts of Europe):
        Now if this was done by the normal population, they would be arrested. Islam is not “just” a religion, it is also a political force and a thoroughly unchangeable repressive ideology that requires termination for those wanting to leave it. “Normal” religions can be assimilated, not so this one. However, it may appear safe enough for present cultures with low population levels, but that won’t be so when their percentages increase to a “tipping point” and there are easy examples of that to find on the European continent. Police in London and parts of France, already refer to heavily Muslim portions as “no go” zones.
        I’ll go with Steyn on this one:
        “who doesn’t know the birthright citizenship requirements”
        Since this has never been specifically settled by the Supreme Court there is still some question depending on what lawyer is asked.
        As compared to maybe the uncountable gross mistakes in D.C. At least he appears to be able to learn from his mistakes.

      • Trump has given every indication that he is more comfortable working with these insiders than he is with outsiders.
        He’s been friends with these insiders for years. He’s contributed heavily to the campaigns of these insiders.
        He’s bragged about his ability to call up these insiders and request favors.
        About a month ago these insiders declared that Trump was someone they could “make deals” with.
        Once again. Do we go with Trump is saying now, while he wants the votes of the discontented? Or do we go with what he’s said for years?

      • “He’s bragged about his ability to call up these insiders and request favors.”
        As a business man/lobbyist he made deals with congressional insiders, as is routinely done at present. So as prez he would owe nothing to the outside lobbyists but could still receive favors and a working relationship from congress. Isn’t making deals with the president with minimal lobbyist/corporate input exactly what is needed?

      • I’d thank you not to generalize. A lot of Americans do not “have the government they want.”

    • Thank God we elected Cory Gardner to the Senate from Colorado. That State Dept woman Higgenbottom should be marched out of the hearing in handcuffs
      Ted Cruz is the best man to restore the Constitution as the prevailing authority in our government, especially the 10th amendment.
      The 45th Presidency of the Republic needs to start with the greatest firing of Federal bureaucrats in the history of Washington DC. Flush the rats from the sewer, kill Federal program funding, and return power to the States where it rightfully belongs

      • Unfortunately we would first have to get Congress to repeal/replace the Civil Service Act. Even if you find a civil servant with their hands in the cookie jar, have pictures and seven witnesses that they murdered a homeless man on the grate outside the office, and video of them throwing a regulated citizen out the fifth story office window, it still takes 6 months to a year to fire a federal employee. For mere incompetence it takes them reaching retirement age!

    • “Write Your Congressman”
      I’ve just written “Your Congressman” and it doesn’t seem to have worked. There are such things a prepositions. Try writing to your congressman. That may help

    • Congress did not give up the power as indicated in the video at the end. The tyrant illegally took power and the system via the courts is so slow it is impossible to correct the issue in a timely manner. Of course packing the courts with progressives will assure the President unlimited power if they are of the same mind. Remember Roosevelt tried to pack the Supreme Court to accomplish his goals over Congress.
      The President has lost numerous court cases some won by Cruz before the supreme court, but by the time the case is settled it is often too late since the damage is done (coal mines are bankrupt or coal plants shutdown). Also upon loosing, the Administration pursues a a slightly alternative course to accomplish the same objective and the battle starts from the beginning.
      The founding fathers did not foresee a “dictator” getting elected that could bypass the system.

      • Your answers as to what and when may be found at this link:
        As to why and where the authority comes from – well I guess when you control the government, you can say where ‘your’ money goes….kind of like the cookie jar in the kitchen with that hard-earned rainy day money…except that money has (or will) come out of American taxpayer pockets.
        Wish I could just conjure up a pet project budget, grab your money, and fling it around wherever I, as King of the Country see fit.
        Sorry, just going through a dream-like fantasy here..

      • MCR
        I’m not sure what your point is but Congress has never passed 1 of Obama’s budget proposals and not 1 democrat has voted for his proposals when they are is put up for vote. Congress has the final responsibility to pass a budget proposal which the President can pass or veto.
        His most recent budget proposal was not passed by Congress, the final one was negotiated with Congress.
        The President has the responsibility to spend according to the final passed budget, and moving money around has limits as the Congressman said in the video. The problem is that Congress seems to have limited power to enforce their agreements except through the courts. President Nixon decided not to spend some money on a particular budgeted item, but lost in court.

      • Michael Roberts.
        “The problem is that Congress seems to have limited power to enforce their agreements except through the courts.”
        Well, the problem is that Congress refuses to hold people accountable. In theory, the secretary of state serves at both the discretion of the president AND the congress. Congress has the ability to impeach cabinet members, it just happens even less frequently than presidents.
        And why? You need 2/3 quorum to even hold a hearing. In our political state as it is, nearly 1/2 of members would never show, let alone agree to impeach for defying the will of congress. And that’s why congress is pointless.

      • Except of course that they did foresee a dictator possibly getting elected. It was the major preoccupation of their deliberations, and the rationale for the doctrine of ‘separation of powers’.

    • Might I ask, if it is not too rude of me; but just WHY is it that mrs/ms/whatever Heather Higginbottom (HH) is actually a HHH ??
      What the hey did she do to get appended with a hon.
      And I can guess from the look of that battle axe in the picture with her, that ‘hon’ does NOT stand for ‘honey’.
      But I though that titles of nobility were prohibited in the USA.
      All of us are just ordinary ‘hey you’ individuals, even Sen. Mrs, check bouncer Barbara Boxer Ma’am .
      So howcum, the US State Department (was that Mrs. Hillary (named after Sir Edmund) Clinton, who behoneyed Mrs/ Higginbottom ; is handing out titles willy nilly ??

  2. ..I can’t wait to find out which dept. he stole the money from ! It was not approved by congress …

    • Looks just like the academy awards. Did you ever see such a culturally diverse coffee Klatch in your life ??

      • Not to mention the Lenny DiCrappy-o facial expression on his diety-deluded visage above….

      • I just read an article that Canada is getting ready to pass a law that will require half of all movies made in that country to have female directors.
        Expect the nascent film industry up there to come to a screeching halt.
        Either that or expect the creation of shadow director positions, so that a female can take the titled position, while someone else does the actual work.
        Much the same way companies create shell corporations run by minorities in order to get around the minority set-aside provisions.

      • JBP
        Exactly. And that is a huge reason Trump is so popular. He actually says the childish, obscene, disgusting stuff that lots of voters would love to say to so-called “elites”.
        Problem is, I think Trump would govern more-or-less like Obama: thin-skinned, petty, inexperienced, uncooperative with ANYBODY, lots of executive actions, facts-don’t matter, blah, blah, blah.

      • Chip,

        Problem is, I think Trump would govern more-or-less like Obama: thin-skinned, petty, inexperienced, uncooperative with ANYBODY, lots of executive actions, facts-don’t matter, blah, blah, blah.

        I agree completely! That is my main concern is that he will do the same things for the same self-serving reasons–and what have we gained? Besides–if he is the candidate then Hilary will win anyway.

      • If State has US$500 million to give away for something unauthorized by Congress, then the budget of the State Department should be slashed by at least that much.

      • Because they are spineless and not doing what they promised and not what they are supposed to do.
        Hence the Republican rebellion.

      • They do not stop this because we have one political party that agrees with it and doesn’t care about how it trashes the US Constitution, and another party that is too worried about “the optics of impeaching the first black president” to press the issue as it should be.
        Part of why I don’t worry about Trump trying the pen and phone technique is that both parties in Congress would impeach him so fast his head would spin. With him I worry about nepotism and crony capitalism since those are his bread and butter. Now with Hillary, I worry because the same party would be all in for her abuses of the constitution and the other party would be wetting their pants about impeaching the “first woman president”.

      • Congress cannot stop the President as long as there is a complicit media supporting anything the President does. Also the court system is slow, and the Attorney General promises to investigate wrongdoing but does nothing.

      • OWEN,
        You see the potential for either future very clearly. The damage that Hillary could do is much greater than that of Trump (or anyone else) for the reasons you stated.

      • OwenM, when your car is heading for the cliff at 100mph, promising to slow it down to 90mph is nothing to cheer about.

      • MarkM,
        True, but that is why I am more of a Cruz supporter. Trump would cut deals with the devil himself if it gets him public attention and money.
        Unfortunately the politicians are not the real problem, but the public that elects the same dirty dealing dogs back to Washington every two or six years. Many who know better feel overwhelmed and drop out, leaving the gimme types in corporate America, the unions, the farms, and the inner cities to select the candidates that will keep the gravy coming.
        All a conservative president can do is use the bully pulpit to try to cajole the people into doing the right thing for freedom and independence, and place a big stop sign out for legislation that makes things worse. They can’t even promise to slow us down to 90, just keep us from going over at 110. The people are the only ones who can change this and it may mean tarring and feathering, and running folks out of town on a rail may have to come back into vogue for corrupt local election officials.

      • And Robert, that is a citizen rebellion; not a Republican rebellion. It is republican ineptness that is the prime cause of the rebellion. And yes we have more than enough thoughtful citizens, who will sit around and watch Empress ( not impress) Hillary ascend the throne; just to be a part of history.
        To be written up in a best seller; “The Rise and Fall of The United States of America.”
        Published by Hunan Press.

    • Really….you actually think that congress reads much of anything that they approve anymore, and most of what they do read doesn’t include the last minute deals that most of them don’t see and also the lawyerly writing style that can be interpreted 10 different ways (which is no doubt done on purpose). So most probably it is allowed in the budget…somewhere… especially after the not so ethical lawyers finish with their interpretation for the benefit of the not so ethical prez.

    • Seriously. Isn’t there ANY way this can be blocked, vetoed, filibustered, or something? Jeezaz H. fracking CRIPES!!!~

    • The money was apparently transferred from the Economic Support Funds, so it’s just money that was already destined for off-shore.
      “Economic Support Funds (ESF) is economic aid designated to promote economic or political stability in areas where the United States has special strategic interests.”
      “The executive branch is responsible for policy decisions and justifications for ESF use, including country eligibility and funding levels.”
      As a Canadian, I have not contributed directly, although we have been shipping discounted oil for some time to the US.

      • mebbe commented: “…The money was apparently transferred from the Economic Support Funds…”
        Conjecture or fact? Is there even $.5B in this fund to begin with and none of it used so far?

      • markl,
        I’m writing from rural British Columbia, so you can imagine that I am not intimate with US foreign aid allocations.
        However, Eric posted the video of the Foreign Relations Committee hearings and Heather Higgenbottom identified the source of funds.
        The quotes I gave are from the Security Assistance Monitor site, where I learn that the ESF has funds of 6.25 billion.
        The 500 million is just the first instalment but it’s a standard maneuver, for political reasons, to rename and re-target money that’s already been allocated. It’s having your cake and eating it.

      • And going farther than mebbe, the Obama administration has identified (wrongly but the law is silent on this) climate change as a major factor affecting political stability of the developing world, thus allocating this half a billion dollars is proper within the poorly defined framework of the congressional authorization.
        So while I greatly disagree with this use of taxpayer money, my elected representatives by not passing a real budget in 8 years (thanks Senator Reid), have enabled this abuse of the taxpayer.
        (note: for each of the last 6 years, the House of Representatives has passed all the budget bills – the relevant Senate committees have passed all but three of the required bills to the floor for the last 6 years, for the first 4 years Senator Reid simply refused to schedule the bills for a floor vote, and for the last two years has threatened to prevent cloture votes and Senator McConnell simply folded rather than force Senator Reid to vote the bills down. Thus the omnibus spending bills that simply grow last years expenditures at 5% [I might be off on the growth number] without ever looking at how the money was actually being spent. Reid did this to prevent Senators from having to face constituents with their actual positions on spending programs)

  3. This story is incomplete. This transfer is covered by which congressional budget authorization? What does the term ‘grant’ mean? Who authorized the President to issue ‘grants’? Earth to Paul Ryan, what is going on here?

    • How soon you forget. The house gave Obama a blank check as soon as they got in control of the purse strings. He’s doing what they authorized him to do.

      • If you watch the video one would concluded that Congress does not agree that the 1/2 Billion $ transfer of funds was withing the Congressional authorized funding. Obama want to blame congress and many are falling into that trap. Is he legally bypassing congress? After watching the video do you agree with the Congressman who questions the legality or the Administration that the transfer was authorized? I thought the Administration official was fudging or lying. Am I wrong? I see the problem as one where the Congress has little recourse to correct inappropriate actions by the Administration on many fronts including IRS, EPA, lack of border security, etc. except impeachment which is difficult given complicity in the MSM. Go here for another example:

      • And some of the rest of the story:
        UNEPFI/UNEP Finance Initiative
        List of signatories:
        Note the banks, insurance and investment companies around the world.
        Putting over the climate change agenda requires huge sums of money from governments and financial institutions.
        Obama made a direct grant and the use of carbon taxes and/or cap-and-trade are also sources of funding for the renewables industry and those engaged in the climate agenda.
        Check the list for the U.K., U.S., Australia and Canada for participating parties.
        Green bonds and pension funds are other sources of funding.
        There isn’t enough private sector money to fund the climate agenda so government sources of money are required.

    • No it was not a commitment, Congress must ratify treaties and yes it is a treaty as well as appropriate funds. Presidents do not have that power. Should be an impeachable offense but not with the wimps in congress!

      • Here’s the problem from a legal standpoint. The Department of State Spending Authorization in the Omnibus Spending Bill has a provision for (I think the figure is) $6.9 Billion for Economic Stability Grants which are given as determined by the executive branch to enhance the economic and political stability of developing nations. The president has (wrongly) determined that Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change is a threat to stability of the developing world so has authorized the Department of State to grant this money to the fund as enhancement to global stability.
        The fact that it is all based on a fraud is completely secondary. The primary concern is that congress thought it was a good idea to give almost 7 billion dollars to some bureaucrats to determine how to spend without congressional insight. I mean really, a billion dollars here and a billion dollars there and pretty soon you are talking real money.

    • He just added it to the tab our children and grandchildren, ad infinitum, will never be able to repay.
      What a philanthropist we have ruining our country! You must be so proud.

      • Right? We’re even bribing the Iranians “to be our friends,” kind of like the kid who stole your lunch money. Or the way we paid off the Tripoli pirates back in 1813!

    • No it wasn’t. It takes the US Senate to make an “International” commitment.

      • George
        Unfortunately, not so. Currently the USA has 3 types of international agreements: treaties, congressional-executive agreements, and sole-executive agreements. Only treaties require Senate approval.
        Unfortunately (bend over, here it comes) international law considers all 3 to be treaties.
        Yea, I know – this is just like Animal Farm.

      • Doesn’t matter what international law says. What matters is what the US constitution says.

      • And only Senate approved Treaties are enforceable under the US Constitution.
        Says nothing about any other ersatz informal arrangements.

    • Simon, regardless of whether you support the outcome, you should be concerned about the process.
      If being President means you have arbitrary power to write gigantic cheques on the bank account of the American people, what do you plan to do, if a future president starts writing cheques for causes which you do not support?

      • Eric.
        I guess it has to be said I do agree with him on this one, so it is much easier to stomach, but at some point you have to accept that he is the elected president, he was acting within his powers (otherwise he would have been stopped), and so like it or not, this is democracy in action. The other option is far worse.

      • I doubt this matter is over yet Simon. And if you are saying you support the new presidential power to arbitrarily write half billion dollar cheques, don’t be surprised if that democracy thing starts to look a little shaky in the next decade.

      • Eric,
        He did not “arbitrarily” write anything. I believe your own article stated (I know they are not your words) he was delivering on a pledge made to the United Nations. That is far different thing to just randomly writing a cheque.

        • Simon commented: “…He did not “arbitrarily” write anything. …. he was delivering on a pledge made to the United Nations. …”
          He made an arbitrary pledge therefore the “delivery” is arbitrary. His “pledge” as you call it was soundly defeated in Congress already.

      • It was Obama’s decision to make that pledge, and his decision to write the cheque.
        So in my view this matter still qualifies as the president arbitrarily writing a cheque, on his authority alone.

      • Mmmm, then will Kruz or Trump or Rubio be being arbitrary (should they become president) when they ignore the opinion of the entire worldwide scientific community which states man is (to some degree) the cause of recent warming. I mean could that be more arbitrary/irresponsible?
        At least Obama signalled loud and clear his position, it is backed by the science and the contributions were negotiated and agreed at a United Nations convention. I don’t believe there is anything arbitrary here at all. Certainly no surprises.

        • Simon commented: “…and the contributions were negotiated and agreed at a United Nations convention….”
          You’re defending the indefensible. Obama has no authority to promise money to anyone/thing/entity without congressional approval. He did not get the approval so to put it bluntly he lied to the UN.

      • MarkL
        “Obama has no authority to promise money to anyone/thing/entity without congressional approval.”
        Well he seems to have done very well then because he just did it.

        • Simon commented: “….Well he seems to have done very well then because he just did it…..”
          No, he just said it. I believe he knows very well it won’t happen and like I said before this is purely a grandstand bluff. It remains to be seen if he “did it”.

      • markl
        Correct me if I am wrong but I think you will find the payment has been made…..
        “At one point Republicans insisted that the Paris agreement be submitted to the Senate for approval before any funds were released – before quietly relenting during budget negotiations last December.”

      • markl
        “Like most leftists, Simon apparently approves of dictatorships.”
        Surely you are kidding? You can’t be that blind? You want to see a dictator, vote for Trump. Trust me he is no leftist and nor am I. Voted for both sides I have.

      • You like having a president who can do whatever you want him to do without having to worry about those pesky people. Sounds like a dictator to me.
        As to Trump being a leftist, communists routinely refer to socialists as conservatives.
        I judge the Donald by the policies he supports, and until last year, they were solidly left wing.

      • Persons with NO principles “vote for both sides”
        Hedging your bets is the same thing.

      • george.e.smith
        “Persons with NO principles “vote for both sides””
        What a load of bollocks. A thinking person does not accept that any party has the answers. I listen to to what they say before they vote. I don’t care what colour their tie is. Which is why I am here. Even though I disagree with some of the articles here (and certainly do this one) it challenges my thinking, and I think that is healthy. You want to try it some time rather than just blindly accepting a political position.

      • george.e.smith
        “Persons with NO principles “vote for both sides””
        What a load of bollocks. A thinking person does not accept that any party has the answers. I listen to what they say before I vote. I don’t care what colour their tie is. Which is why I am here. Even though I disagree with some of the articles here (and certainly do this one) it challenges my thinking, and I think that is healthy. You want to try it some time rather than just blindly accepting a political position.

    • How could he become the chairman of the green fund after he leaves White House if did not contribute into it?
      That is the job he wants when is no longer president of the USA.
      Maybe he will take our (Canadian) prime minister with him.
      But this is just wishful thinking on my part.

    • So Obama honored an international commitment? Shame on him….

      Come on Simon, you know better than this–it was not a commitment! It was a “I want to do do it therefore I ‘ll agree even though I am not really authorized but since no one will stop me, who needs authorization?”

    • Another fool who has no idea how the govt works.
      Obama has no authority to commit the US to anything all by himself.
      It’s a lot like me agreeing that posters named Simon should buy everyone else lunch on Wednesdays, then contacting your bank to pay for this lunch.

      • So what, you approve of the way this president flouts the laws, so long as he is advancing an agenda that you agree with.

      • markl
        “So what, you approve of the way this president flouts the laws, so long as he is advancing an agenda that you agree with.”
        No law flouted. If there were he would not have been able to act as he did. And yes I approve of his actions. Eminently sensible fair to support those nations most up against it with CW. I think he will be remembered for his commitment to the planets future and I applaud it. Just saying.

  4. Obviously, State didn’t need the money to fund our embassies and such, therefore the State Dept. has just identified a $500 million which they won’t need to run operations, next year.

  5. “Did Congress authorize the Green Climate Fund? No. […] We’ve reviewed the authority and the process under which we can do it, and our lawyers and we have determined that we have the ability to do it, and I pledge to you and to other members we’d be happy to provide that legal analysis and the additional details.”

    Any bets that the “legal analysis” will be heavy on precedent but stop short the the original “precedent”, the US Constitution?

  6. This is the norm for a socialist. He will have his snout in the Global Warming trough when he leaves the White House I guarantee it. Our Julia Gillard set great examples of this type of rort.

  7. Slightly off topic, but many governments waste money, the State Labour Government of Victoria Australia cancelled a contract (signed up by prior Liberal Govt) to build a much need freeway. It cost $1 billion to cancel the contract. We paid $1,000,000,000 to not build a road.

  8. The shame of it is that virtually NONE of the 3 billoin will go to ‘green causes’ it wi line the pockets of the very corrupt UN bureaucracy officials who have zero accountability.

  9. Just when you start to think “Obama could not be any more stupid”, he becomes more stupid.

    • “Obama could not be any more stupid”
      Don’t fool yourself, he’s not stupid. That money will find it’s way back to Obama, follow the trail.

  10. All citizens are guaranteed “a republican form of government” under Article IV section 4 of the Constitution. Republicanism refers in the first instance to the master-slave relationship between the people and their government: the people are master, the government is the slave, representing the will of the people and serving at the pleasure of the people.
    This funding for green climate advocacy is an attempt to invert that master-slave relationship by using the taxpayers’ own money to indoctrinate the electorate into agreeing with instead of opposing the will of their representatives. Instead of representatives representing the will of the people the try to alter the will of the people to confirm with their own. It is akin to Obama’s attempt to import a new electorate, one more to his liking, by intentionally collapsing our southern border. Instead of us having the power to kick him out, he is in effect trying to kick us out.
    If the guarantee clause were properly enforced these thoroughly I republican and anti-democratic gambits would be held to be illegal.

    • Please stop this ignorance. A Republic is a state that is not a monarchy. It can be democratic, despotic, theocratic or any other form.
      Democracy is a form of government
      Learn the difference.

      • Democracy is a [theoretical] form of government

        …which is not practised anywhere in the world, not even in the US of A.

      • I guess that’s why the founders who wrote the Constitution spent so much time arguing about the pros and cons of republics vs democracies. /sarc
        In the context of the US Constitution there was a very REAL difference.
        Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Methinks we are losing it.

      • No they discussed the differences between a Republic and a Monarchy, as well as the form that the government should take.

      • Grey thinks that Article IV section 4 guarantees to the states that they can be subject to a despotic theocratic monarchy. Dude, you can’t just google “republic.” It has a specific meaning in American constitutional history, and no, it does not mean democracy. Democracy is one tool for achieving a republic, which in the American sense refers to the system of liberty under law.

      • Actually, there exists a legal distinction in this, as it was defined at the time of the constitution. A constitutional ‘republican’ form of government had the following principles underlaying it, (as per the arguments in the federalist, and antifederalist papers, letters between parties to the constitutional convention, and the congressional archive and supreme court cases surrounding it).
        1: Power must be separated into three parts, the executive (enforcing the law) the judicial (judging what the law is) and the legislative (codifying the law within the limitations of the constituting authority of that body).
        2: Law must be general in its applicability. It cannot pick and choose those upon whom it is to operate, and must operate without codicils, exceptions, or grants of privilege. (Federalist 57, article 1, sections 9 and 10 on attainder).
        3: Law must not be ambiguous, or arbitrary.
        4: Any legislation passed that is outside of that delegated authority is no law at all, and had no legal authority from the beginning, as it was place as a fraud without authority, and all acts, comissions, omissions, and offices created by such a law are void not merely from the time finding it, but from its inception. The finding is merely a recognition that the law never could have lawfully existed.
        5: No law can be placed that would accomplish anything that the constituting authorities cannot lawfully do individually.
        6: The delegated authorities cannot be redelegated to a third party by that office created by the original delegation.
        7: Offices created by the delegation of authority are limited by the constituting principles as well. No officer of the state can do things the state is forbidden, including in the enforcement of contracts, unlawful acts being impossible as either forbearances or considerations in contract.
        8: That there must be systems of recourse for violations of those forbearances created within that constitution, both in the legal and physical realm.
        Sovereignty, as a subject, is sorely misunderstood. Unlimited sovereignty would be the power to do anything one wants, as they are the creators of law… but sovereignty comes at a price. One must respect the rights, and properties of other sovereigns, or one becomes something quite different, an aggressor and outlaw.
        While sovereignty in the United States is delegated to the system of states and federal government, it is retained by those who created them, and by whom and for whom all power exists and acts, and engaged with the limits of that original sovereign power to not be able to diminish that of others. It is retained by the people, who created the states, and for whom the constitution was created, the state governments being unable to place in the hands of another that which was borrowed, in the same principle that no operator of a store may legally sell or destroy it, without the express, written permission of the title holder.
        Note that this argument does not come from a vacuum.
        Reid v. Covert, 354 US 1 (1957) discusses the limits of constitutional treaty power.
        Yick Wo v. Hopkins(118 US 356, 1886) discusses sovereignty at pages 369-370. This is building on a large body of previous cases, in light of the 14th amendment, and arbitrary application of the law.
        Cummings v. Missouri (71 US 277, 1867) discusses bills of attainder, and its sister case, Ex Parte Garland, discusses their application via a state constitution as being impossible under state authority.
        The federalist papers (under federalist 44, and 57) discussed attainder, and made a federal guarantee that congress could pass no law that did not equally affect itself, its friends, and the whole of society, that being the most certain way to safeguard rights of individuals and groups from governmental interference. The only exemption was the regulation (or making regular) of the militia and army (as seen in the Militia act of 1792).
        The privileges and immunites under article 4 were discussed under Dred Scott v. Sandford (60 US 393, 1857) at pages 416 and 417 and the much earlier Prudence Crandall cases, being established that they were nationwide, belonged to all citizens… and that those who owned slaves, and the states, wanted to deprive them to maintain their monopoly over slaves. They were well defined, and the language in this document defined the language of the 1866 civil rights act, and the 14th amendment. These privileges and immunities were the separation between being a slave and a free man in the US. They are the legal authority of sovereignty under the British system, as the crown was the only ‘person’ (as distinct under the human wearing it) who could own land, allow businesses, or be allowed to maintain the power to defend itself. The citizens of the United States were guaranteed this form of government to safeguard these rights, which would be meaningless under a pure democracy.
        And the people could not delegate a power they did not possess. They cannot delegate the power to diminish the rights of others (though the states claim that power even today, so long after the 1871 civil rights act and the 14th amendment allowing punishment of those deprivations, currently under title 18, section 242 USC.
        They cannot collectively vote away the property, liberty, or lives of any minority, no matter how small, nor establish any religion, nor mandate any religious observance. They cannot interfere with peaceable assembly, nor interfere with the public discourse, no matter how objectionable the state finds it.
        That is the difference between a ‘republican’ form of government and a pure democracy. In the republican form of government, that constituting authority, the people, are equally bound against transgressing the rights of others. In a pure democracy, nothing prevents changing or altering any aspect of government, up to and including depriving others of a voice in government, depriving others of their voice in the public sphere, or depriving people of their right to defend themselves, their property, and their livelihoods.
        And that’s why there is such a strong movement to move over to pure democracy, it fits the agenda of those who would like absolute power.
        As was said in the federalist 10, by Madison himself:
        “From this view of the subject it may be concluded that a pure democracy, by which I mean a society consisting of a small number of citizens, who assemble and administer the government in person, can admit of no cure for the mischiefs of faction. A common passion or interest will, in almost every case, be felt by a majority of the whole; a communication and concert result from the form of government itself; and there is nothing to check the inducements to sacrifice the weaker party or an obnoxious individual. Hence it is that such democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths. Theoretic politicians, who have patronized this species of government, have erroneously supposed that by reducing mankind to a perfect equality in their political rights, they would, at the same time, be perfectly equalized and assimilated in their possessions, their opinions, and their passions.”
        And my apologies for the long post. It’s a complex subject.

    • Article IV, section 4 also states that the United States, “shall protect each of the States against INVASION.”
      So when do we in California, get protected from the totally unrestricted invasion across our southern border, from which, the United States Administrative arm (Obama) is obliged to defend us.
      That wording was put there to relieve all of the several Sovereign States from having to have their own military, which they are prohibited from having in peacetime.
      Article IV section 4 is one of the few parts of the US Constitution that TELLS the US Government what they MUST DO.
      Article I, section 8, only tells the US Congress, the 18 things they are authorized to do, but it doesn’t require them to do any or all of them.
      And clause 18 only tells the Congress that they can make laws that are “necessary and appropriate” for carrying out the first 17 items.
      Congress doesn’t understand what the word “necessary” means.
      ” A is necessary for B, if and only if, no matter what, B cannot be accomplished in the absence of A ”
      So if California can rescue upside down starfish in a tide pool, by just tossing them out into deeper water, but Oregon can do it, by fishing the starfish out with a hand net, and putting it down right way up in a deeper pool, then each of those methods can solve the problem, so neither of those can be made into a Federal Law, because neither one is necessary to solve the problem since the other method is also a solution, and likely other States could have other solutions.
      So clause 18 of Article I, Section 8 only authorizes the feds to make a law, only when there are no alternative ways for the States to deal with whatever problem.
      Congress chooses to interpret clause 18 to mean they can pass any law they damn well please, whether it is necessary or not. And they don’t give a rip about whether it is appropriate.

    • NO ! Article IV, section 4, only guarantees to the 57 Sovereign States, “A Republican form of government.
      US Constitution is a written contract among three parties or entities.
      One is “We the People”
      Two is the 57 Sovereign States (including the Obama appendix States)
      And three is “The United States” AKA that boondoggle in Washington DC.
      And incidently, it is that “United States” (WDC) that in Article I, Section 8, the Congress is authorized to tax, to pay for the common defense, and general welfare “OF THE UNITED STATES)”
      Nowhere are they authorized to pay for the general Welfare of Tom, Dick, and Harry (Jane too).
      NOTE: that in the “Preamble” it says ” ….. ‘promote’ …. the common defense and general welfare …. ”
      It does NOT say “provide for”. The preamble says what the Constitution is about, like a library card description of content and purpose. “In order to form a more perfect Union.”
      Find me a formal decision by the SCOTUS, wherein they ever cited the preamble as the legal basis for reaching their decision.

  11. And establishment Republicans wonder why their constituents are voting for Donald Trump in droves. Might this be a perfect example? Idiots!

    • Welcome to America (I got my naturalization papers not long ago). Would you, as a Pakistani dissident, confide in a CIA operative? Substitute Somalia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Venezuela..

  12. What did I just watch???? As she sat there, with bottled water at the ready. While 500 million goes into a slush fund which will, under no uncertain terms, enrich corrupt third world leaders like….Mugabe. Astounding. Not quite as astounding as Justin Trudeau’s first act of rote, 2.8 billion…into the same fund. But astounding nonetheless.

  13. Okay. we are operating under a congressional law called the Sequester. So if all the funds were ear marked, they have a problem. Embezzlement .
    During the Nixon administration congress passed a law stating that monies appropriated had to be spent as appropriated.
    Okay was the 500,000,000 discretionary, or ear marked? . Next hold all those in the state department responsible for the refund of the lose of funds.

    • The Economic Stability Funds at the Department of State are used by the discretion of the Department of State to fund grants to developing countries to stabilize their economies. The president has determined Climate Change is a threat to developing countries, thus he directed the Department of State to grant this money to the fund as a way to enhance the economic stability of third world countries.
      It is all based on a lie, but perfectly legal within the framework of the ill-conceived lawmaking of the congresses of the last 50 years.

  14. It remains to be seen if this will actually hold true. There are even many Dems and people in his administration that are against Climate Reparations. I think it’s a grandstand attempt to shame people into supporting the “save the world for our children” meme. I’ve already written my Congressman asking for an explanation of this atrocity. I don’t believe the actual transfer of the money can happen without Congressional approval. His administration can make all the claims they want to the contrary but I don’t believe it can happen.

    • Criminal acts are meaningless anymore for the elite. We were once a government of laws, where no one was above the law. It is a criminal act, a violation of the espionage act, to mishandle classified information, but just such a criminal is likely to be the next president. I am glad to be at the end of life, so I don’t have to watch my beloved country devolve into tyranny. Had I handled classified information in the manner of Hillary Clinton when I was in air force intelligence, I’d likely still be in Leavenworth.

    • Except for the fact that it is legal under the ill-conceived actions of the congresses of the last 50 years to continually pass bills with the phrase “the secretary shall determine…” in key places.
      This unfortunately is covered by the economic development fund at the Department of State. Congress needs to repeal about 95% of the laws passed since 1960 and replace them with either nothing (leaving the questions to the states) or with more sensible laws that don’t lead to abuses (I can dream).

      • The more ambiguous the law, the more room there is for congressmen and senators to put pressure on the bureaucracy to benefit well healed constituents. In exchange for campaign “contributions” of course.

  15. So Obama has begun to pay a world tax to a world government, and in the name of science and saving the environment, will destroy conventional agriculture, energy and transportation with international emissions reductions commitments.
    Where have we seen this before.
    “Human history can be viewed as a slowly dawning awareness that we are members of a larger group. Initially our loyalties were to ourselves and our immediate family, next, to bands of wandering hunter-gatherers, then to tribes, small settlements, city-states, nations. We have broadened the circle of those we love. We have now organized what are modestly described as super-powers, which include groups of people from divergent ethnic and cultural backgrounds working in some sense together — surely a humanizing and character building experience. If we are to survive, our loyalties must be broadened further, to include the whole human community, the entire planet Earth. Many of those who run the nations will find this idea unpleasant. They will fear the loss of power. We will hear much about treason and disloyalty. Rich nation-states will have to share their wealth with poor ones. But the choice, as H. G. Wells once said in a different context, is clearly the universe or nothing.” –Carl Sagan, Cosmos, 1980

    • I am an atheist
      And I gree with everything you said, well almost everything…
      And I was born in communistic country and lived there for the first half of my live.
      For all the religious types: Not all atheists are evil!

  16. Okay,, Watch the Vid. its always “we’ll show you where we got the authority. Hmm why not cite it then and there?
    Look at the spokes women, she is uncomfortable,. She has been left out on a limb. If a Republican wins in November she is toast. The President did not come out and defend this transfer, ,, (the buck stops there)
    He is using staffers as a shield, and will defer to them for the authority for this debacle.,leaving them to take the heat.

  17. Before the last budget was passed, the Democrats wanted a last minute change. No one noticed that the clause excluding payment to the UN GCF was gone. So yes, Obama can use money from other budgets to make payment. It’s OK though. Obama can use this good deed to run for head of the new One World Government.

    • I am not so sure, I am sure there is a lot of discretionary funding in running the FBI, CIA, Dept of Education, Dept of transportation, and so on.
      Giving away money to other countries based on unauthorized commitments I believe is a whole other story. So will be interesting to see if the GOP runs with this or feels it’s not worth the fight.

  18. “President Obama just gave $500 million of Your Money to the UN Green Fund”
    He just gave 500.000,000 dollars borrowed from China that will have to be paid back by your grandchildren.

  19. So?
    This is what modern government is for.
    Rob the many to benefit the entitled few.
    Kleptocracy Rules.
    What is the point of being elected figurehead of the biggest band of thieves, fools and bandits, if you can’t fritter and waste a few megabucks?

  20. Obama’s state department is tragically inept.
    They claimed there was not enough money to protect all the embassies and is what contributed to the Benghazi tragedy. Somehow however they now have $500 million to give away with no mechanism to oversee how the money is used. That money is gone, vanished, a bunch of random people just got richer.
    This is similar to when we brought truckloads of cash into Iraq and had no idea where much of it ended up.
    BTW is that picture of Obama at the top of the article his “hope and change” look or is it the “I can’t believe all the favors and kickback I’ll get for this give-away” look?

    • The money from the economic stability fund could not legally be diverted to security details without emergency authorization from congress, however all that is needed to make this a legitimate grant is a finding by the president that climate change is a threat to economic stability in the developing world and it not be explicitly forbidden by other provisions of law.
      Unfortunately, US Law is a dog’s dinner mess of badly written bull written by lazy drunks more interested in getting to the next fundraiser than actually attending to their constituents business.

  21. The “surrender caucus” ie the establishment Republicans decided that nothing Obama could do would be an impeachable offense. Of course, the Democrats are into fuehrerpricip, and tolerate violation of the powers of congress.

  22. Small change compared to the 150 billion we dumped into Iran’s lap recently.
    We were warned on camera about this type of stuff, no?

    • What he said “… I have more flexibility.”
      What was understood ” … as a high end useful idiot, this guy and his actions will be a hell of along term asset”.

  23. Just watched the video.
    No matter what the question from the congressman, the state departments answer was in essence, “We can do it because we can do it.” Great answer, I know 2 year old’s who use the same logic.
    BTW looking at the video, based on what I assume is state dept. support staff sitting behind the state department rep, are men no longer allowed in the state department? Was that another executive order? If so another Obama screw-up since he must have forgot to mention to include minority women.

  24. Obama sends $500 million to U.N. climate-change fund

    . . .But they lost their chance to hold up the payment in last year’s omnibus spending bill, by failing to specify the State Department could not use its funding to provide for the U.N. measure, the Hill reported.

    Impeachment requires a 2/3rds vote. Though Senators took an oath to “do impartial justice” – but 100% of the party of the Defense said Clinton was Not Guilty, and 93% of the party of the prosecution said he was guilty. Impeachment is no longer practical without the opposing party controlling ~> 60% in both houses!

    • Anything signed (or will be) by Obama at the Paris climate conference obligating U.S. funds for the UN’s “climate program” had to be approved by the Senate.
      Obama said he didn’t need the Senate’s approval ; that he has the authority under the Clean Air Act and the United Nations Framework on Climate Change signed by former President George H.W. Bush to commit whatever he wants; that any deal/pact/agreement/treaty he signs onto isn’t a treaty because it’s not legally binding, even though it may “ . . . legally bind the U.S. to a process.”
      Thirty Republican senators introduced a sense-of-the-Senate resolution in November 2015 that said, essentially, anything signed as a result of the Paris Climate Change Conference had to be submitted to the senate for advice and consent. Absent that, they would not budget money for the U.N.’s fund to “. . . fight climate change.”
      Prior to that, S. Res. 98 was introduced and passed 95-0 by the Senate June 1997. It said (verbatim):
      “ . . . Declares that the United States should not be a signatory to any protocol to, or other agreement regarding, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change of 1992, at negotiations in Kyoto in December 1997 OR THEREAFTER (my emphasis) which would:
      (1) Mandate new commitments to limit or reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the Annex 1 Parties, unless the protocol or other agreement also mandates new specific scheduled commitments to limit or reduce greenhouse gas emissions for Developing Country Parties within the same compliance period; or
      (2) Result in serious harm to the U.S. economy.
      Calls for any such protocol or other agreement which would require the advice and consent of the Senate to ratification to be accompanied by:
      (1) A detailed explanation of any legislation or regulatory actions that may be required to implement it; and
      (2) An analysis of the detailed financial costs that would be incurred by, and other impacts on, the U.S. economy.

  25. He has absolutely no authority to transfer half a billion dollars to the UN. That should only be done through an act of Congress. He is now truly a dictator.

    • Congress left this door wide open. It gave State an economic stability fund to grant aid to enhance the economic stability of developing countries. The president has “determined” that climate change is a threat to that stability, so State issued a grant to the fund pursuant to its mission of enhancing economic stability in the developing world.
      It is all a mess and congress is to blame.

      • They will spend it down for this use first knowing full well that 10x larger debt relief need is coming for those countries as a result of larger problems in commodity producing countries and unsustainable loans from the past 5-10 years. That larger need will then be treated as special funding or stimulus-style effort on top of this misuse of funds ahead of it. Its all in the political calculus of using your money, behind the curtain of course.

  26. He treats tax payer dollars like confetti. That is how much he despises the people who put him there.

  27. Can’t wait to see if Bill Shorten gets the nod in the Aussie election this year ,and how much he will borrow to send to the same fund after giving us back the carbon tax .
    America doesn’t hold the monopoly on idiots sadly .

  28. Any wonder you lot are in a lot of bother. A little snippet I picked up while reading the foreign blogs. I live in Australia.
    The last federal budget was signed into law on September 23rd 2007 by George W Bush, that was for fiscal year 2008. There has been NO BUDGET ever since. Democrats controlled the process in ’08, ’09 for fiscal years 2009, 2010. The Republicans controlled the process in ’10, ’11, ’12, ’13, ’14, ’15, for fiscal years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.
    Neither party passed a budget. The UniParty was go-along-get-along through continuing resolutions, raising of the debt ceiling, Stimulus I, Stimulus II, QE1, QE2, Omnibus 1 (’08), Porkulous (Dec ’09), Omnibus II (’11), and Omnibus III (Dec ’15), leading to the eventual removal of the entire debt ceiling by Paul Ryan in December 2015.
    Are you aware our Republican house and Senate no longer keep track of the national debt?
    If not, why not?
    Getting caught up on definitions of “torture” maybe.
    Or was it the confederate flag that made you stop paying attention.

    • “…Or was it the confederate flag that made you stop paying attention.”
      We stopped paying attention a long time ago.

    • Actually, that is almost correct. The Republicans took control of the House of Representatives for the 2011 and 2012 budgets but the Democrats still ran the House of the Senate. The House of Representatives passed all of the normal budget bills for FY 2011 – 2016. The committees in the House of the Senate passed all but three of the normal budget bills to the floor of the Senate for FY 2011-2016. For the FY 2011 and 2012 (like the 2009 and 2010 bills before them) Senator Harry Reid simply refused to bring any of the bills to the floor for a vote, preferring to shield his party from having to vote for any restraints on spending whatsoever. For FY 2013-2016 Senator Reid threatened to prevent cloture votes on any of the committee passed bills and Senator Mitch McConnell simply folded rather than let Senator Reid have a Pyrrhic victory (Pyrrhic because it could definitely have been used as a campaign issue and a battering ram to use against him when the inevitable government shutdown fight would come). The problem is the Democrats don’t want to constrain spending, but don’t want it traced back to them and the Republicans are a bunch of pantywaists that don’t have enough backbone to stand up and take notice.

  29. ‘We The People’ was just the most profitable way to conquer america. Now it is no longer needed they make you slave again. You are a 1040 form slave.

  30. the end justifies the means
    a ​situation in which the ​final ​aim is so ​important to Obama that any way of ​achieving it is ​acceptable . However the backlash i.e. Trump is just the beginning.

  31. Wouldn’t be surprised to find out that foreign money flowing into our politicians pockets is part of the reason for this.

  32. Typical American… $773 BILLIONS to the military and military contractors… nobody cares. $500 millions to a green fund… OMG they’re taking over our lives and wasting our money…
    The ego to brain ratio is simply amazing.

    • Green funds are more accurately called watermelon funds, since there is only a thin veneer of green over a very communist core. Almost none of the funds going to any so called green fund has ever gone to improve the environment.
      Are you one of those Europeans that are so used to an American military safety net that prevented Europe needing to learn Russian as a primary language, that you forget that American military expenditures were the reason Europe could afford those experiments in socialism? If Europe had been forced to arm themselves to prevent aggression they would have been bankrupt or conquered by the 1960s.

      • Military contracts to civilian companies creates jobs, puts cash flow into the economy and serves to protect all the weenie liberals who still don’t get it. Money going to the UN is akin to just flushing it down the toilet.

      • Of course. Needed and not wasted, like $436 millions for tanks the army didn’t want, $1.5 TRILLIONS for an F-35 that doesn’t work, $22 billions for a V22 that barely works and keeps crashing, at $76 million a piece, $10 billions on missile defense that never worked, $10 billions on helicopters that were abandoned, the list goes on and on and on and on…

      • Tom, military spending may create jobs in the defense industries, but the taxes to support it destroy at least as many jobs in the rest of the economy.
        Pat: Your ignorance is astounding. Yes, congressmen often order the military to buy things that the military doesn’t want. Blame that on the congressmen, not the military. Congress also wastes money in millions of other ways.
        It amazes me that if a program has problems, you immediately jump to the “it doesn’t work” mantra. It’s almost as if you are proud of your ability to not think for yourself.
        The F-22 works very well and is one of the best fighters in the world. It is unfortunately way too expensive.
        The problems with the V-22 were solved well over a decade ago. I’m really not surprised that in your ignorance, you failed to keep up with that.
        Strategic missile defense is progressing on schedule. Has it been deployed yet? Of course not, it’s still in development. Most of the technical problems have been solved in the 20+ years since Reagan first proposed it. Tactical missile defense not only is deployed and proving it’s worth, the US isn’t the only country with working systems.
        I’m sure your list goes on and on forever, however the odds of there being an actual example is close enough to zero that I’m not interested in reading your list.

      • Dear Mark. Your thoughts on the size of my ignorance are feeble compared to my thoughts on the size of your arrogance.
        But… typical American that you are… I’m sure it matters very little to you.
        Have a nice day anyways.

    • Hey, you’re welcome to share in the fun of nuclear threats from NK, threats from ISIS, Al Qaeda, threats from Iran, and warnings from China and Russia as they seize and militarize the east Pacific islands and Crimea, respectively.

      • I have no doubt that Pat is amongst the crowd that actually believes that if we are weak enough, nobody would ever bother us.

    • Pat, whadya’ make? 20K/year? 50K/year? 100K/year? Do you contribute to your 401K? Do you have an apartment or a home? Whadya’ pay in mortgage or rent?
      I think we can all agree that $100.00 is a pittance compared to any of the foregoing figures. So, Pat, what would you say if someone just yanked $100 out of your hand: your employer; the landlord or mortgage holder; or a total stranger? What would you say: that’s ok it’s only a small sum of money? Is that what you’d say? I think we can all agree you wouldn’t.
      Acquire some ethics. That 500 mil wasn’t authorized, Pat, anymore than the $100 you would’ve complained about if it was taken from you. And, it wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference if the jerk heisting the 100 from you justified it by saying it’s a heckuvalot less than the outrageous sums you were paying for your housing or retirement. If it’s not authorized, Pat, it’s theft. That’s not a difficult concept to understand; inconvenient though it may be at times.

    • Well according to the US Constitution, Article I, section 8, clause one, after paying for the National Debt, the only thing the US Congress is authorized to tax the people to pay for is in fact the military; usually called National Defence. Well they can also tax to provide for the wellbeing of Washington DC (AKA “The United States” one of the three parties to the US Constitutional contract).
      But the socialists noticed that although that was all they could tax for, it didn’t say what they could spend money on, and if they spend money they and we, don’t have, then it becomes a aprt of the National debt, and then Voilla !! suddenly they ARE authorized to tax to pay the National Debt.
      But they don’t eve pay down the National Debt, although they do tax us for that purpose.
      If the F-35 doesn’t work, blame Lockheed Martin or their subcontractors, who don’t take their job seriously. Same goes for the F-22. Dunno anything about any V-22, unless its that ridiculous propeller rotator piece of junk the marines have.

      • george,
        The F35 is having the same growing pains any new technology goes through. The airframe is constructed in an entirely different fashion from previous generation aircraft. As a result, it flexes in ways that the engineers did not account for in their models. (We all know what happens when models aren’t validated against the real world…) This led to a failure in one of the high pressure fuel regulator assemblies that caused a major fire and loss of an airframe. This caused them to put a scale model into the wind tunnel and get the real world data to fix the model (it’s amazing how engineers do this when the model doesn’t meet real world conditions, but I digress). They then had to use standard engine flight certification processes before they could fly them (USAF gets a little touchy about untested tech on single engine fighters). This put them about 3 years behind schedule, but it had to be. I still think the plane might be a little too expensive, but its low observable capabilities will put many more targets in the safety envelope near SAM sites.
        The F-22 had its growing pains, but seems to be maturing into a good first-line fighter.
        The V22 is the tilt-rotor plane the Marines and SOF forces use. It had problems with the early production aircraft that have been fixed. As with all radical departures from traditional design, it had its development issues but is maturing into a good tool for landing insertion of forward troops.

      • I have space in my garage for an F-22, when they become available on the war surplus market.
        The V-22 I could turn into a wind turbine for some occasional supplemental electricity; accompanied by a lot of noise to keep the birds away.
        I think F-35, is way cool, when they iron the kinks out; specially the Marine version. Boeing really choked on that contract with their crummy design. Had some problems in landing, in that a horse doesn’t run for too long on hay that has already been once through the horse !

    • A similar thought had occurred to me Pat. It’s as if no other President has ever spent money in this way on various projects, or as if all other US spending is morally justified and effectively used. I must admit that if this $500 million is all US citizens have to worry about, Obama is a financial wizard of a President. Does anyone have a good link to the size of the US national debt at the point the last 10 presidents have left office?

  33. While I am not happy he is giving away $500 million, some of which came from my pocket. At least it went to the sink hole of the UN. Everyone knows $500 million will only line pockets and nothing will ever come of it. No program, no policy no enforcement. What a waste of money.

  34. The $500M is below the weekly average of $1B for this maniacal money waster. But in this case it also shows just how off target he is with aid. The ongoing commodity market great depression is wrecking havoc on African economies while the state secrets of China’s boom bust economy is setting up most of the emerging market countries for financial doom and debt default. So it is the context of global financial distress that best exemplifies just how far off he is from reality. As to Pat’s comment above, the $500M is just the latest installment on green money fraud and by the way, debt relief for all of Africa and most of the emerging market countries will exceed $1T. That of course will follow the other 2 or 3 rounds of debt relief for many of the same inept countries with no incentive to stop new borrowing.

    • Well he could have used that for a couple of ambassadorial trips to his ancestral homeland for his kids.

  35. Yes, that same legal refrain sounds a lot like that used to defend Lois Lerner at IRS, executive over reach, and end around or dismissal of Supreme Court setbacks.

  36. Maybe he should have just piled it all on the front lawn and put a match to it, would have been equally productive. But then 500 million is couch cushion change.
    The United States produces 16% of the globe’s anthropogenic CO2 burden. That’s the biggest share except for China which is bigger with 28% and others at 30% and Japan, FSU, India and EU at 26%. But other than all these bigger sources the US is the biggest.
    Power generation produces 31% of US anthropogenic CO2 which makes it the biggest source of CO2 except for transportation at 27% plus industry at 21% plus commercial & residential at 12% plus agricultural at 9%. So power generation is the biggest source of CO2 if you just sort of, like, ignore the other 69% of which we hear little and do less.
    BTW, fossil fuel & cement production accounts for about 2/3rds of the total global anthropogenic CO2 burden, land use changes account for the other 1/3rd of which we hear little and do less.
    The goal of the CPP is to reduce power generation’s CO2 output by 32%.
    16% * 31% * 32% = 1.59%. Woooheee, we be makin’ some big difference now, you betcha!
    Instead of wasting everybody’s money on a trivial solution to a non-problem perhaps that money could be better spent elsewhere, say on aging infrastructure.

    • The United States is actually a net carbon sink, a good deal of that due to anthropogenic activities (tree farming and intensive agriculture). In fact we are the ONLY large land based net carbon sink on the planet.
      So no we are not 16% of any pestilence.
      The Shaky Isles are also a net carbon sink (small one) also due to intensive tree farming).

  37. So what’s the problem? King Obama just needed his UN pals to see that his claim to the throne is legitimate. That’s what taxes are for, after all.

  38. It’s so shocking that the law appears to provide inadequate means for Congress to control the public purse. In other common law countries, the person who authorized a wrongful payment would either have to recover that payment or reimburse the Treasury out of his or her own pocket. An outrage. I await her legal analysis.

    • Congress see’s it’s job as getting re-elected. Everything else is just a distraction from that.

  39. His nose stuck up in the air. This is how he regards the US citizenry and the Constitution.

    • Well what about his boot soles up on top of the oval office desk, a gift of the British; pointed at the camera in the standard mohammedan insult salute

  40. Like I said at the beginning of the Obama Administration, Putin and China would be falling over themselves playing Obama like a fiddle. Examples that played out to date include Crimea seizure by Putin, militarized island building by China, and the Iranian agreement to do whatever they want. I would be worried if my national security depended on alliance with the U.S. for anything.

  41. I heard a while back that 900 bridges need replacing in the US, in the next ten years. These Green slush funds could have made a start on that, but it looks like Obama does not mind if the infrastructure crumbles.

    • Crumbling bridges is the catalyst for another shovel ready stimulus authorization that will be misdirected to the uses at the last minute. They laugh about such deals afterwards. The point is that orderly funding for infrastructure does not fit with misdirection plays with huge pots of crisis-related stimulus and related lapses in policy judgement.

  42. “$500 million is only a drop in the ocean, compared…”
    In all due respect I beg to differ. In Illinois, the state Obama chose to foreplay his political career, Grand Theft starts at $3,000.00. (My older sister learned this the hard way – just kidding.) I believe that is a class 3 felony. I believe Grand Theft elevates to a class 2 felony at $10,000.00. $500,000,000.00 divided by $10,000.00 is equivalent to 50,000 class 2 felonies.
    I believe that is the proper way to look at this.

  43. Ok, so now re-run the GCMs with that $500 mil transferred. Results any different? Nope.

  44. “AG Lynch: DOJ Has Discussed Whether to Pursue Civil Action Against Climate Change Deniers”
    “( – Attorney General Loretta Lynch acknowledged Wednesday that there have been discussions within the Department of Justice about possibly pursuing civil action against so-called climate change deniers.
    “This matter has been discussed. We have received information about it and have referred it to the FBI to consider whether or not it meets the criteria for which we could take action on,” Lynch said at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Justice Department operations.”
    Read more at;

  45. That makes the Great O both a liar AND a thief.
    “Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.”
    Ben Franklin

  46. Behind every left wing politician is a frustrated dictator.
    Everytime Obama opens his mouth about the U.S. it seems he hates the place.

  47. Obama is trying to destroy our country by dwindling our military and overspending and leaving us so much in debt we can’t recover by giving everything we have two Muslim countries because he is pro Muslim and anti-christian there are rumors he told the leaders of un Muslim countries he would have the u.s. transformed into a Muslim country by the end of 2016 someone needs to get a leash on this Muslim traitor in the white house and keep him from spending our money without our permission this go It Alone crap can’t go on

    • Mark, do you really believe all this? Really? Would you genuinely vote and act on unlikely rumours or what someone or other told you down the pub?
      I can’t say how pleased I am to be informed by US friends that most US voters have somewhat more insight into politics than yourself, and vote on the basis of good evidence, rather than fantasy. By the way, try looking at how to construct sentences and use commas. They would make your post much easier to read, though the content would still be somewhat dubious.
      ( By the way, I have a strong suspicion you are using satire?)

      • Gareth ….. “I can’t say how pleased I am to be informed by US friends that most US voters have somewhat more insight into politics than yourself, and vote on the basis of good evidence, rather than fantasy.”.
        I get the jist of your comment …. regarding “rumors” … but don’t put too much stock into your US friends who allegedly have more insight or evidence ……
        …. there is little “good evidence” to be had in the US political system. I mean, we elected Obama twice .. and I promise you it had nothing to do with good evidence.

    • Indeed Dr.Deanster, and Trump is a front runner and likely to be the Republican nomination. If he is ever elected, God forbid, it would be symbolic of the collective breakdown in rationale behaviour by a hitherto wonderful nation. Whole countries have previously acted in the same way.

  48. It may have been mentioned above, but the Omnibus spending bill that the House passed this fall pretty much gave the President carte blanche to do whatever he wanted. Paul Ryan says that this will change next fiscal year, and the House will revert to the customary procedure of voting individual spending bills up or down. This is the way it has to happen, or the Legislature becomes irrelevant, as it has been for the past few years, under the threat of “government shutdowns.” The Republican Congress cannot a this point override a Presidential veto, so that’s why they have caved.
    The question is whether Paul Ryan and company will do as he promises, and stand up to this imperial President, even at the risk of “shutting down” the government. In practice that is a hollow threat, and shutting down the monstrous bureaucracies might be just the tonic we need, if we could do it long enough.
    The solution is to keep a Republican Congress and elect Ted Cruz, who will stop all the ‘green’ and ‘climate’ nonsense in its tracks. He’s the only candidate who has stood up to the enviro-nazis; he even held hearings recently on “Data or Dogma?” with Mark Steyn, Judith Curry, and John Christy testifying.
    /Mr Lynn

  49. Based on this article this Department was allowed to send all these tax dollars to the United Nations for Climate Control and Green Energy. Instead of stealing from the people’s taxes and giving it for some Socialistic BS. How about using our hard earned tax dollars towards lowering our national debt, creating jobs, lowering corporate taxes and lowering the high costs of government imposed regulations on businesses. This Administration stole so much money out of Medicare to establish Obamacare that even though you worked hard paying into Medicare and Social Security it’s not going to be there for long. This year alone hard working people that retired are now faced with the fact that although there was no Social Security COLA, but increases in the monthly costs of Medicare and a higher deductible. Plus what kind of BS lawyers does this group have. Their lawyers rulings have to be in direct opposite of what the Constitution of the United States stipulates, Congress has the power of the purse and must approve expenditures.

  50. All you Trump detractors here, please take the time to read this summery of his positions from his website and direct quotes from him and his official surrogates.
    I am a Trump supporter. Most of the anti-Trump comments I read on this site are based on past statements he has made which are or seem to be in conflict with his current positions. Given that conflict, he is labeled as a con man, a liar, a mountebank, a moral cripple, a degenerate, someone who would complete the evisceration of the Constitution undertaken by Obama and his cohorts and, worst of all, Obamas alter ego. Most of those anti-Trump commentators claim they are looking for intellectual and moral purity in their candidate, someone who will restore the constitutional constraints which have been torn asunder by progressives starting with Woodrow Wilson, shrink the size of the Federal government, and realign the power relationships between the Federal and State governments in line with the framers intent. Almost all state that Trump has not put forth any policies, only platitudes garnished with hot air.
    No policies? Oh really?
    While Trump has said that he does not have an answer for every problem facing the US today (does anyone?), he has taken the following listed policy postions and has also made it clear that in arriving at solutions to our nation’s ills, he will enlist the finest minds he can persuade to help in their identification. His stated positions, listed below, are spot on and warrant his being the Republican nominee and our next president.
    Long ago he has called this global warming movement “Bullshit!”.
    Prevent illegal aliens from crossing the border by supporting ICE officers in doing their job, enforcing the laws currently on the Federal books, ending H1B abuses, building a wall and establishing effective controls on future immigration which allow only those who will provide a benefit to the US to enter.
    Rescind Obamacare immediately and in its entirety while replacing it with market based systems which reduce overall costs and increase the individual’s ability to select insurance policies which are tailored to their needs based on age, lifestyle and current condition.
    Introduce competition into governmental drug purchases thus driving down costs and providing Yuge! savings to patients using those meds.
    Destroying ISIS’s forces in the Middle East utterly as well as its ability to 
    renew itself and gain new adherents worldwide.
    Revise the tax code to lower taxes for all catagories of individuals and corporations and incentivise the return of US corporation foreign held assests (dollars and manufacturing jobs) to the US.
    Restore strength to all branches of the US Military by eliminating political 
    influence in purchasing equipment and services which benefit only the 
    politicians pushing those purchases but do not satisfy the stated needs of the military leadership.
    Appoint supreme court and lower court nominees based on judicial philosophies which mirror those held by Justice Thomas and Justice Scalia.
    Appoint an Attorney General who will enforce the law fairly and, if warranted, prosecute Hillary Clinton.
    Evaluate the infrastructural shortcomings facing the nation at the Federal and State levels and focusing efforts and resources to eliminating those shortcomings.
    Eliminating all Federal aid to Sanctuary Cities and taking action against those entities which defy the law.
    Reviewing all foreign aid with an eye to modification or elimination based soley on its usefulness in promoting the commercial and geo political interests of the US.
    Reviewing all global trade agreements and relationships to ensure that all participants are treated fairly. Free trade only works when all participants play by the same rules.
    Renegotiate or rescind the deal with Iran. 
    Support Israel if attacked.
    Sounds. Pretty. Damn. Good. To. Me.
    So, all you here who keep attacking and slandering Trump for his style just might want to take a gander at his substance instead of doing the Leftists’ and Globalists’ work for them.

    • The Trump will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to make ‘the deal’. In this case, the deal is for the conservative Republican primary voter to vote for him. So that’s what his ‘policies’ are worth: snakeoil for the gullible.
      If you believe him, I’ll sell you one of his bridges. No bridges? No problem. He’ll tell you he has plenty. Which one do you want?
      /Mr Lynn

    • “Rescind Obamacare immediately and in its entirety while replacing it with market based systems which reduce overall costs and increase the individual’s ability to select insurance policies which are tailored to their needs based on age, lifestyle and current condition.”
      But not their financial situation.
      Trump will restore the God given right of every American to die from treatable illnesses because they can’t afford the insurance or can’t find insurance for their condition.
      The only problem that there seems to be no available treatment for is the delusion that Donald Trump is a real and ethical politician. The fact that he is a Russian sleeper should also be taken into account. ( Why not? he tormented Obama for long enough on even more dubious ideas)

  51. And immortal….
    “If the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) gave away a dollar an hour, it would take more than 114,155 years to get rid of $1 billion.”
    Forbes 2016

  52. By Don De
    Whenever I’ve had to fire employees over the years, I’ve always made sure to control the event by securing everything this person had access to PRIOR to the dismissal to minimize or totally eliminate any potential negative consequences. Obama is in the Lame Duck session of his Administration as President. He’s being fired thru attrition. Yet, unlike any smart business person would do, our Congress, that THEORETICALLY controls the purse strings in our Government, is in absolute dereliction of their duty if Obama is still allowed to give away even a wooden nickel never less a HALF A BILLION DOLLARS. Congress had better enact a moratorium on his spending. His focus now, among other nefarious activities is the redistribution of American wealth. He has incurred the largest deficit in the history of our nation, more so than all preceding US Presidents. Unless he’s stopped now, he will continue to give away billions of US tax dollars to his cronies and despots around the world thru their primary cornucopia of funds, the United Nations, that basket of US wealth that keeps on giving. If Congress doesn’t stop Obama now, the negative consequences of his largesse and it effect on generations of Americans may soon be insurmountable.

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