New Zealand tornado rips roof off of major shopping mall

From the Herald Sun: Fatalities after a tornado ripped through Auckland today, turning cars upside down and causing a shopping mall roof to collapse.

Oh noes! Sea level rising three times faster than expected (again)

UPDATE: The serial regurgitation has started. See the end of the article. Somehow, I just can’t get past the picture of the guy in the beret who seems to be…

Oh, thank heavens wind power will be safe

This academic pushing this PNAS paper thinks wind turbines don’t break, but get obsoleted in about 30 years. Boy is she in for a reality check. That and anyone who…

NOAA releases aerial imagery of Tuscaloosa, AL tornado damage

Before and after imagery depicting tornado damage in the vicinity of the intersection of 15th St. E. and McFarland Blvd. E. in southeast Tuscaloosa, AL. The before imagery is courtesy…

Monday Mirthiness

Josh last week came up with his own science kit as he was inspired by the chemistry set with no chemicals I posted on. Bishop Hill posted that original, but…

Guess which newspaper does not have OBL on the front page?

As WUWT commenter “Andrew30” puts it, “the silence is telling”. The biggest story in the world today happens in their own backyard, and they don’t report it?

Stunning discovery by USFS and AP: dead trees burn faster

Yeegads. The serial regurgitation in media is impressive.  Here’s the money quote: