Maldivians sink to new low with an underwater publicity stunt

Cross this place off my tourist list. I don’t care how inviting, it will be now the “island of stupid” in my memory. Watch the video below the “read more” line for today’s dose of silliness. Look for more stunts like this leading to Copenhagen.

Maldives Cabinet Signs Climate Change Document 20 Feet Under Sea

From Fox News:

Oct. 17: Maldivian Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Ibrahim Didi signs a document under water.

Excerpts: GIRIFUSHI, Maldives  —

Members of the Maldives’ Cabinet donned scuba gear and used hand signals Saturday at an underwater meeting staged to highlight the threat of global warming to the lowest-lying nation on earth.

President Mohammed Nasheed and 13 other government officials submerged and took their seats at a table on the sea floor — 20 feet below the surface of a lagoon off Girifushi, an island usually used for military training.

With a backdrop of coral, the meeting was a bid to draw attention to fears that rising sea levels caused by the melting of polar ice caps could swamp this Indian Ocean archipelago within a century. Its islands average 7 feet above sea level.

“What we are trying to make people realize is that the Maldives is a frontline state. This is not merely an issue for the Maldives but for the world,” Nasheed said.

Read the complete article at Fox News here

Members of the Maldives’ Cabinet donned scuba gear and used hand signals Saturday at an underwater meeting staged to highlight the threat of global warming to the lowest-lying nation on earth.

h/t to WUWT reader Steven Skinner

In the meantime, readers might benefit from reading this WUWT post:

Despite popular opinion and calls to action, the Maldives are not being overrun by sea level rise


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Ah, I’m the first up.
This might be slightly “political” in nature.
But I must remind everyone that EVERYONE…by law in the Maldives is a MOSLEM!
Arab trading ships, and we might note…NOT KIND TREATMENT lead to the “conversion” about 600 or 700 years ago.
See Thor Hyerdahl’s “The Maldives Mystery”. (Circa 1972).
Thus, in terms of “hobbling the great Satan” (USA) there might, just MIGHT be some “hidden agenda” here…

Evan Jones

I wonder what Dr. Moerner would have to say about this.

barking toad

Just another version of “brother, please give me a dime”


Is it too early for a tee-shirt that says
“Global warming, anyone?”
Oh yes, I will be merciless.


The upshot is “Give us money” ?
Also at the Climate Meeting in Bangkok from 28 September through 9 October, a delegate from an African country said “We do hope that developed nations provide us with measures to cope with the GW” (my translation; Give us money!).


This “news” was covered by all the MSMs, both TVs and newspapers here in Japan, but no mention was given on the observation that sea level around the Maldives exhibit practically no rise in recent decades.

Daryl M

As a scuba diver, I am ashamed of this. What a shameless publicity stunt.


I just want to ask 1 question …..
….. given that the Maldives are a carbonate reef system (ie. will always be at sea level) and given that sea levels have risen 130m in the last 13,000 years (on average 1m per century ….. and for some of that time at much higher rates) ….
Anyone who seriously thinks about this will realise that they in absolutely no danger of sea level rises … whatever happens.


Well, at least I learned where the lowest lying nation on earth is.
I approve the movie Not Evil Just Wrong.


Sorry for the slightly politic comment.
Real paradise, bla bla, with Islamic sharia and arresting tourist with Non-Islamic items ad the borders.
“Non-Islamic items can only be imported with special permission from the Islamic ministry and only for educational purposes.”
The people are pore the tourist money goes directly to Swiss.

Looks like no one but them believes in AGW any more. Otherwise the US wouldn’t be about loan Brazil $’s to drill for oil.


Too bad there weren’t a few hungry, rather large, friends of mine (of the tiger and bull variety specifically) swimming around this publicity stunt at the time!
Cue John William’s theme: Dah di dah di DAH di DAH di…..CRUNCH.
Norfolk, VA, USA

Ok seems to me that they adapted to the Rising Sea Levels quite well, problem solved.
Proving that their country can operate in 20 feet of water is an interesting way to point out a potential danger from sea level rise. Seems they can still sign lunacy into law at that depth.


I live in Tennessee. Our ocean’s are rising at a rate far faster than ever predicted before. In no time at all, we could be underwater. Can someone please please give me $billions to help me relocate to higher ground, down the street?
Thank you!


They are just “diving for dollars” trying to milk the AGW system for money.
Any small community politician would be stupid to ignore that much potential money.
It is perfectly understandable from the point of view of political survival. Most politicians cannot afford the luxury of being honest with this sort of thing because if they don’t milk it their opponet will.
Free money corrupts the political process, which is one of the reasons AGW is so dangerous.


BTW, don’t these people realize, that with every breath they take, they are injecting that deadly CO2 pollution directly into the ocean? They are raising the acidity at an alarming rate! All the sea creatures are going to die!

Les Francis

All those island nations plus a few others (e.g. Indonesia) are 100% on the AGW bandwagon. As already mentioned they are after the money. Or Free right of emigration to the best western country of their choice.
AGW should be AGT : Anthropogenic Gravy Train

Les Francis

Of course the other problem with the Maldives is that the population risks being obliterated in the case of another Tsunami such as the 2004 event. – They were extremely fortunate to survive in 2004.


OK then The Netherlandic (I know, sounds stupid, but it is correct) people should be out with their sandwich boards begging for funds too. According to Wiki (the reference source of all great science, after all), 27% of The Netherlands is below sea level, and this includes the residences for 60% of the population. Seems the Dutch have an affinity for low lying territories:
There is a good pic of the sub-sea level regions here:
I, for one (and as part-Dutchman), look forward to my handout from the New World Order Government (might have to work on the acronym a bit) and shall look forward to my early retirement in Grand Cayman, Andorra or perhaps Liechtenstein.
PS> I think Ansterdam could rebadge itself as the Venice of the lowlands? or maybe the Lost City of Hashlantis? So much potential…

George Bruce

How much, exactly, do they want?
I’m just curious. I wouldn’t send ’em a penny.

Mike Bryant

A tee shirt contest would be good… speaking of PR…
A couple:
Got Global Warming?
Things go Better with Global Warming
Al Invented Global Warming

Ron de Haan

Do those idiots know they are scaring the sharks?


I wouldn’t call this the island of stupid. By the contrary, I see this as the island of smart politicians, who know how to play their cards very well, in order to be able to pull some money out of the pockets of the real stupid politicians (ours!).


This is cool. So how did they keep the paper from disintegrating? Are they in a bubble? If so then why the scuba gear?
And why are they building beachfront resorts?


Okay… I’ll bite.
The city I live in is on flat ground and just a few feet above sea level. Do we get some of this financial windfall as well? Our city budget could use it.

@ Bulldust (20:28:09)
Yup, better hand over the money now because Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland (Water board Delfland) needs more money to ensure my safety from the ever rising waters.

James Allison

But aren’t these Maldivian expelling CO2 directly into the oceans and wont that increase acidification and cause the coral to die. Ahhh yes they can’t hear Al underwater.
Al’s Global Warming = AGW
Anyone know where to download the Not Evil Just Wrong movie?



I thought it was hysterically funny. Do none of you people have a sense of humor?


The economy of the Maldives is heavily dependent on tourists who fly in on long-haul flights. Yet funnily enough, for all their concern about AGW, the Maldives are not advising tourists to holiday closer to home.
Hypocrisy, anyone?


As the Holocene is the emergence from the ice age to present and the temperature was of the same increasing gradient an interesting problem arises in Geology where sealevels were higher in the Maldives 2100-4000kbp .
Holocene reef growth in the Maldives: Evidence of a mid-Holocene sea-level highstand in the central Indian Ocean
P.S. Kench1, S.G. Smithers2, R.F. McLean3 and S.L. Nichol1
: Radiometrically calibrated ages from three reef cores are used to develop a Holocene reef growth chronostratigraphy and sea-level history in the Maldives, central Indian Ocean. Last interglacial reef (U-series age 122 ± 7 ka) was encountered at 14.1 m below mean sea level. An age of ca. 8100 calibrated (cal) yr B.P. immediately overlying this Pleistocene surface records the initiation of Holocene reef growth. Massive in situ corals occur throughout the cores and the consistency of the three age-depth plots indicate that the reef grew steadily between 8100 and 6500 cal yr B.P., and at a decreasing rate for the next 2 k.y. The position of modern sea level was first achieved ca. 4500 cal yr B.P. and sea level reached at least 0.50 ± 1 m higher from 4000 to 2100 cal yr B.P. before falling to present level. Emergent fossil microatolls provide evidence of this higher sea level. Results are significant to two long-standing issues relating to Maldivian sealevel history. First, the ambiguity of a late Holocene highstand has been resolved with clear evidence of its existence reported here. Second, the uncertainty of the regional pattern of sea-level change in the central Indian Ocean has been clarified, the Maldivian results broadly agreeing with island records in the eastern, rather than western Indian Ocean. Our results provide the first field evidence confirming geophysical model projections of a highstand 4–2 k.y. ago in the central Indian Ocean, though the observed level (+0.50 ± 0.1 m) is lower than that projected.


In the New Zealand news papers today theres a headline Start planning for Pacific warming refugees.MAJURO (AFP) – Many Pacific islands in danger of being obliterated by rising sea levels should seek relocation aid at the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen, a Fiji-based scientist said.New scientific projections show the pace of sea level is faster than the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change projected in its 2007 report, Nunn said.”If relocation is to happen by 2050, then by 2020 a plan must be in place,” he said. read more here.

Klimate Kip

Ok I guess its my turn this time…
All together now:
“Its worse than we thought”
ahhhh…it just keeps getting more stupid with each passing spotless day.


Mr Watts,
A frequent claim of global warming skeptics is that we shouldn’t trust any evidence that Man is causing global warming because producing that evidence is highly profitable. In other words, the evidence we have is a result of deliberate forgery by scientists in order to justify their research funding.
Of course, the latest “contrarian entertainment” book, Superfreakonomics, says the phrase “global cooling” on the front cover, making me suspicious that questioning global warming is at least as profitable as confirming it. After all, consensus doesn’t sell.
So out of full disclosure, I’d ask you to let us know how much revenue this site generates you personally in terms of ads, speech fees, book sales, etc. Otherwise, how will we know you’re being honest? I look forward to your response.
REPLY: I’ll be happy to, if you’ll post your full name, affiliation, and city here. Your website doesn’t give it. Otherwise, how will we know you are being honest? Also have you asked any other bloggers this question? – Anthony

Maldivian President

I call into order the first Parliament of October 28, 2259. First order of business, Typhoon Moosana passed over at 8pm last night. Churning action increased 2259 sand repositioning needs by 15%. Motion to allow.

David Ball

Hey, those bubbles weren’t coming from the scuba tank !!! …. 8^D


Bret (21:28:52) :
I thought it was hysterically funny. Do none of you people have a sense of humor?
Dude I laugh at the same Family Guy episode even though I have seen it 100 times.
Don’t come challenging about sense of humor or you will get tagged.
Laugh at it??? You bet. (We are laughing at them, not with them).
Is it funny? Yes. But world governments are not to be in the comedy business.
Leave that to Saturday Night Live….
Norfolk, VA, USA

And you thought the East African pirates were bad news…


Wait until everything freezes over and they get 20 m above the sea level… who’s gonna laugh then?

martin brumby

Re: WAG 22:04
You thermaggedonists have more cheek than elephants. The alarmist scientists are stuffed with massive “research grants”, nice comfortable salaries, endless jollies flying all expenses paid to “climate conferences” warning that mere mortals shouldn’t be allowed to go on holiday and can look forward to fine inflation proof pensions. All paid for at the expense of people lucky enough to still have real jobs and their tax pounds / dollars.
You have the brass faced effrontery to blog on here questioning the motives of those who are still interested in real climate science. I note that you do not even attempt to justify the blatant fraud which has been used to puff up this whole eco-fascist AGW bubble hoax.
When the bubble bursts, you need to make sure you have a good escape route planned because the millions crippled by climate taxes, fuel poverty and all those condemned to subsistence without hope in the third world might just want a word with you.
No wonder you are too cowardly to reeal your identity.


“the meeting was a bid to draw attention to fears that rising sea levels caused by the melting of polar ice caps could swamp this Indian Ocean archipelago within a century.”
Except that north polar ice is floating and won’t raise sea level if it melts, and the south polar ice isn’t melting anyway.

Mark Fawcett

tallbloke (23:44:28) :
Except that north polar ice is floating and won’t raise sea level if it melts, and the south polar ice isn’t melting anyway.

Also, and someone please correct me if I’m wrong, the Maldives are a series of coral atolls? As such, will they not themselves grow / rise in line with any sea level increase (assuming said rise is not abruptly overnight).


Yo, tallbloke – the Greenland ice sheet is an ice cap, and that’s melting. And have you ever stopped to consider that low backlighted oceans are practically black, and would no longer be white if it melts?

Adam Gallon

I’m so concerned by this, that I think I’ll e-mail their Tourist Ministry and say that I’m so concerned by this, that I’ve abandonned plans to holiday in the Maldives, so me flying there doesn’t contribute to their problems.
In fact, I think that I will start a campaign, I’ll send a few letters to diving magazines to say that divers shouldn’t go there either, ditto wedding magazines & weddings.
I’ll also highlight this article!
“The planned infrastructure development in the Maldives include the construction of 64 new resorts with each estimated to cost around US$ 40 million. Maldives is a country that imports almost everything and with the new government’s policy of large scale privatization there are endless opportunities for the bold and enterprising”.
Not that I’ll mention anything about hypocracy.


The other scare story is always Tuvalu, in fact the SEAFRAME data covers this and other South Pacific islands.
This is from the executive summary but it distorts the picture by using the trend from 1993 when there was a big bubble followed by a drop, bur since 2000 there charts show no trend at all, (P 9). However it is the exec summary as usual that is quoted and extrapolated.
“The sea level trend to date is +6.0 mm/year but the magnitude of the trend continues to vary widely from month to month as the data set grows. Accounting for the precise levelling results and inverted barometric pressure effect, the trend is +5.3 mm/year. A nearby gauge, with a longer record but less precision and datum control, shows a trend of +0.9 mm/year.”
Later they say:
Diverse climatic and oceanographic environments are found within the Pacific Islands region. Different rates of vertical land movement are likely at different stations. Many of the historical tide gauges were designed to monitor tides and sea level variability caused by El Niño and shorter-term oceanic fluctuations rather than long-term sea level change and lack the required level of instrumental precision and vertical datum control.
All of these factors potentially affect the rates of relative sea level change that are listed in Table 5. The overall mean trend from stations with more than 25 years of data is 1.16 mm/year.
Isn’t that 4 inches/century? But the scaremongers use the 6mm figure.
Dishonest? Deliberately misleading certainly.
They talk of global sea level:
Satellite altimeters have an accuracy of several centimetres in the deep ocean, but are known to be inaccurate in shallow coastal regions. As such they cannot replace in-situ tide gauges. Tide gauges are needed to calibrate the satellite altimeters and provide accurate and more frequent sea level measurements in specific locations where reliable tide predictions and real time monitoring of extreme sea levels is of prime importance.
Information about global sea level change derived from satellite altimeters is available from the University of Colorado at
Sea level data collected by Topex/Poseidon and Jason show that global mean sea level has risen at a rate of 3.3 +/- 0.4 mm/yr since late 1992.
This sounds like the figure often quoted to “prove” that sea level rise has accelerated, but they point out that the data only goes back to the early 90’s, which they say is inadequate for assessing long term trends, as I think most would agree.
This is in the summary:
In the early years, the trend appeared to indicate an enormous rate of sea level rise. Later, due to the 1997/1998 El Niño when sea level fell 35 cm below average, the trend actually went negative, and remained so for the next three years.
Given the sea level record is relatively short, it is still too early to deduce a long-term trend.
But we don’t care about that do we? Let’s use the bigger number in our models.
Interestingly, air and water temperature are currently falling.


Jason: no it’s not.

Jean Meeus

There is an evident solution for the Maldivians: to build stilt houses.
Why did they not think about that?

RR Kampen

Mark, coral grows harly these days on account of acification of the oceans.
To dismiss that underwater conference out of hand is to not understand what vulnerability you have when you country is nowhere higher than 2 metres above sea level.
It is like dismissing any action of New Orleans to build better levies and dykes. Only people not living in these areas could be so arrogant!


RR Kampen:
Do you even know anything about the subjects about which you write?. And don’t even get me started on people living on atolls.


Fawcett, maybe not overnight but if it’s faster than the reef can compensate or not, I wouldn’t be suprised either way.

Jason (00:17:10) :
Yo, tallbloke – the Greenland ice sheet is an ice cap, and that’s melting. And have you ever stopped to consider that low backlighted oceans are practically black, and would no longer be white if it melts?

So how much? Can you give the amount of cubic km that melt each year and how much cubic km’s there is in the Greenland icecap? And then is there another question, how much cubic km’s is added to Greenland every winter?
And once you know that than you would know that a catastrophic melting is not in the line of events that are going to happen in the next decades let alone centuries.