New WUWT feature: World Climate Widget

I’ve been thinking about this for months, and finally put it together today. This experimental free sidebar widget for blogs uses the UAH temperature data as well as the Mauna Loa CO2 data combined with SWPC solar information.


Above: Demo image – don’t use this one

Read on for how to get the widget for your blog or website.

This widget is in the process of being fine tuned. It is currently in early “alpha” development. You can place the widget on your website if you wish, as the URL for the image will remain static as new developments occur. The widget will be updated daily. though updates may be erratic until the code and process is fully complete.

To get the widget, simply click on the right sidebar widget you see on WUWT’s sidebar, or click on the “Widget” link under the masthead above.

Comments are closed on this story, because I want them on the Widget Page here for easy evaluation. Please go there to comment or to get the HTML code to put this on your website or blog.  – Anthony

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