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Another benefit of increased CO2 – trees use water more efficiently

Warmist, document thief, and water expert Peter Gleick must be terribly conflicted by this news from USDA. Trees Using Water More Efficiently as Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Rises DURHAM, NH, July 10, 2013 – A study by scientists with the U.S. … Continue reading

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USGS models ‘Climate-change-induced aridity’ in California

More climate modeling from a  non-climate organization, I hope they still track Earthquakes. News Release Climate Change and Water Supply in California’s Central Valley: A Model Approach SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Scientists have developed a new method to help resource … Continue reading

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I wonder if Gleick is invited?

Dr. Peter Gleick recently resurfaced at another water conference acting as if nothing had or is about to happen just 17 days after admitting he apparently engaged in wire fraud. One wonders if he’ll be seen at this big event … Continue reading

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A green product worth recommending

Readers of WUWT know that while I have my doubts about the magnitude of AGW and express skepticism and sometimes outright disdain for certain green schemes and products, some of which work about as well as the photo at left, … Continue reading

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