Realclimate.org goes dark – is it permanent?

While few have noticed, since hardly anyone but the handful of extreme faithful visit there anymore, it seems that the website run by the climate alarmist cabal of Dr. Gavin Schmidt, Dr. Michael Mann, Dr. Stephan Rahmstorf, and others has gone dark this week. According to the “wayback machine” the last time the realclimate.org website…


Britain Officially Demotes Climate Change

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Amber Rudd, Britain’s Energy Secretary, has officially stated energy security is Britain’s top energy policy priority, ahead of Climate Change. According to The Guardian; The energy secretary, Amber Rudd, is to “reset” Britain’s energy policy on Wednesday in a direction that downgrades tackling climate change from its highest priorities but…

This is a photograph of Morning Glory Pool from Aug. 23, 2012.

Joseph Shaw, Montana State University

Claim: Fungus Can Help Plants Tolerate Heat

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Scientists studying mechanisms by which plants growing in hot geothermal soils like Yellowstone National Park tolerate extreme heat, claim they have discovered symbiotic fungi which impart significant heat tolerance to a wide range of plants. According to Grist; … But there’s a lesser-known type of fungus that actually grows inside…


Lomborg pushes back against Joe Romm’s over the top screed about the lack of impact of #COP21

Guest essay by Bjørn Lomborg My research paper, “Impact of Current Climate Proposals” published in Global Policy (and discussed on WUWT), is the first peer-reviewed analysis of the impact of 2016-2030 global and national commitments made ahead of this December’s Paris climate summit. Using the peer-reviewed climate model MAGICC, I estimate the marginal impact of carbon…