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Unprecedented Warming in Lake Tanganyika

Well here we go again, you know the drill. Global warming at fault, other possibilities ignored, multiple press releases. Lake Tanganyika is the second largest lake in the world for fresh water, so naturally any change it is cause for … Continue reading

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“It Was 30 Years Ago Today”

… Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play … by Steve Goddard I remember May 18, 1980 like it was yesterday.  I was skiing behind Taos Ski Valley in ten foot deep snow, up to the base of Wheeler Peak. … Continue reading

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Livetooning the ICCC, Day 2

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Fewer cartoons today, I presented my paper (which was well received) and there were fewer sessions. The Conference is over now, it was very successful. Lord Moncton gave the closing address in his inimitable style. … Continue reading

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Consensus? What consensus?

The 4th International Conference on Climate Change – Chicago, Il., USA Consensus?  What consensus? by Roger Helmer MEP I’m writing this in the Marriott Hotel in Chicago, where I’m attending the Heartland Institute Climate Conference (and I’ve just done an … Continue reading

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Think-Tank Says Trained Chimp Can Predict Hurricanes Better Than NOAA… And Puts it to the Test

Chimp Predicts 6-8 Atlantic Hurricanes in 2010 Via press release: Washington, DC: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s track record in predicting the number of Atlantic hurricanes is so abysmal that a trained chimp could do better, says The National … Continue reading

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Leaked Doc Proves Spain’s Green Policies an Economic Disaster

Christopher Horner reports that Pajamas Media has received a leaked internal document confirming Spain realizes its green failures, just as Obama pushes the American Power Act based on Spain’s program. Pajamas Media has received a leaked internal assessment produced by … Continue reading

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Dr. Richard Lindzen’s Heartland 2010 keynote address

At the ICCC4 conference yesterday, I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Richard Lindzen give his keynote address at the luncheon. As always, he made some very salient points. I took this photo from my Blackberry and just moments … Continue reading

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By Steven Goddard As discussed in my last post, GISS claims to have better Arctic coverage than Had-Crut, and uses that as an explanation of why they are trending upwards when Had Crut isn’t. “A likely explanation for discrepancy in … Continue reading

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Most idiotic global warming headline ever

I may just divert to Toronto from Chicago and pay this writer a visit so I can tell him to his face what an idiot he is, or have my two new Canadian friends, Guy and Stuart, do it for … Continue reading

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