Friday funny – 97% Pause for a Food fight

Josh writes: The Pause has been in the news this week with the Karl et al paper, the ‘no-you-cant-have-our-emails’ story, and the Meehl paper with comment by David Whitehouse. It looks very much like a food fight to me – cheers again, guys! Click image for larger version Cartoons by Josh Advertisements

Could the Perspectives of Cowtan and Way Negate RSS’s 17 Year Pause? (Now Includes all October Data except Hadcrut)

Image Credit: Guest Post By Werner Brozek, Edited By Just The Facts In reference to my previous article RSS Reaches Santer’s 17 Years, and taking into account the good work already done in analyzing Cowtan and Way by Steve McIntyre, Judith Curry, Bob Tisdale, David Whitehouse, and Christopher Monckton, I will focus on one…

Cowtan & Way off course

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley This time last year, as the honorary delegate from Burma, I had the honor of speaking truth to power at the Doha climate conference by drawing the attention of 193 nations to the then almost unknown fact that global warming had not happened for 16 years. The UN edited the…