Tuvaluan’s May ‘Escape’ to Australia, but if They Do, Associated Press, It Won’t Be Because of Climate Change

As early as 2010, research showed the small island nations of Tuvalu and Kiribati were growing, rather than being submerged beneath rising seas. 

Tropical Paradise Islands Are Not Sinking and Shrinking…Most Are in Fact Growing!

The reefs thus permanently supply sand that compensates for or even overcompensates for the rise in sea level.

Science Yields Surprises! Island Nations Growing… “Atoll, Island Stability Is Global Trend”!

It is noteworthy that no island larger than 10 ha decreased in size.

New Study: Pacific And Indian Ocean Sea Levels Rising ‘Much Slower Than Climate Model Predictions’

Over 700 low-lying islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans have coasts that have been stable to expanding in size since the 1980s. The  relative sea level rise has only…

Sea Level Alarmism Unravels As Earth’s Coastlines Are Observed Expanding Since 1984

Claims of dangerously accelerating sea level rise posing an imminent global threat to coasts have once again been challenged by real-world observational evidence.

New Study: 62 km² (+6%) Net Expansion In 100s Of Pacific-Indian Ocean Island Shorelines From 2000-2017

From the NoTricksZone By Kenneth Richard on 30. August 2021 A global-scale analysis of 221 islands in the tropical Pacific and Indian Oceans reveals “a predominantly stable or accretionary trend in the area…

I got to ruminating again; a third WUWT retrospective post

By Rud Istvan My first recent ‘ruminative’ post was about basic climate science misconceptions. My second was about their resulting failed basic climate predictions over now 4 decades (e.g. Viner…

Pacific Islands must stop relying on foreign aid to adapt to climate change, because the money won’t last

The storm of climate change is approaching the Pacific Islands. Its likely impact has been hugely amplified by decades of global inertia and the islands’ growing dependency on developed countries.

Inconvenient Study: Sea level rise likely not to drown low-lying Pacific atolls

By H. Sterling Burnett A new study published in Geology, the journal of the Geological Society of America, indicates even if seas continue to rise, low-lying islands and atolls, such…

UN Chief Poses For TIME Cover Off ‘Sinking’ Pacific Island Nation That’s Actually Growing In Size

from The Daily Caller Michael Bastasch | Energy Editor TIME magazine’s cover shows U.N. chief António Guterres standing in waters off a Pacific island that’s allegedly “sinking” into the sea…

Lead or sue? Pacific islands take twin tracks on climate change

Author, Climate Home News. Published on 22/11/2018, 3:43pm Vanuatu becomes the first nation state to threaten oil majors with climate damages lawsuits, while the Marshall Islands submits updated climate plan…

Kiribati – a global warming refuge?

From an NSF press release, comes this strange new term, look for real estate prices to soar and airports to be built there soon. Oh, wait, that’s Tuvalu/Maldives, which global…

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