Offshore wind is systematically violating the Marine Mammal Protection Act

Clearly a thorough investigation is called for. In the meantime this illegal harassment must cease. Active IHAs should be suspended and no more issued until this issue is resolved.

Desperate governors beg for offshore wind cost relief

Six Atlantic shore Governors are begging the Feds to bail them out of a huge looming offshore wind cost overrun.

The Wind Industry Is Killing Whales–Michael Shellenberger

Where are Greenpeace?

The Ill Wind of Offshore Wind Projects

The crux of the matter appears to be the economic viability of these offshore wind projects.

Support For Offshore Wind Sinks as Costs Soar

Here’s hoping for a cascade of grief for offshore wind development. It serves no useful purpose, is environmentally destructive, and costs a growing fortune.

Gulf of Mexico Wind Auction Draws Little Interest

The US government held a Gulf of Mexico offshore wind lease sale and almost no one showed up!

Dominion Hides Huge Offshore Wind Cost Risk

Dominion Energy says the cost of its monster project will not go up. Apparently, there is not even a risk of it going up. This preposterous claim is worth exploring.

Offshore Wind has a Cost Crisis

Originally posted at CFACT By David Wojick  The horrific term “cost crisis” is not from me. It comes down from on high, in this case the mega-conference: US Offshore Wind 2023.…

Big Blow to UK’s Green Dreams as Costs Skyrocket

The race to net zero is leading us into a financial quicksand, sucking in vast resources for a future that will never materialize as envisaged.

The Whale Killing Study the Feds are Afraid to Do

The research question is simple: What is the mortality rate of harassment for a given offshore wind project?

The Potential Pitfalls of an Overly Ambitious Energy Transition: Lessons from Britain’s Green Energy Endeavors

A balanced and pragmatic approach that embraces a mix of energy sources may prove to be a more reliable and cost-effective solution in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

NOAA proposes massively cruel offshore sonar survey

Given this absurdly cruel proposal, NOAA Fisheries needs to be redirected back to its mission. To begin with, the Invenergy proposal must be rejected.

Feds admit offshore wind can kill whales!

Of course these admissions are well hidden, buried in the depths of thousand page documents

Gas Power Is Cheaper Than Wind, Despite Carbon Brief’s Claims

If we had more gas-fired power and less wind power, our energy bills would be lower, not higher.

Demands for more subsidy expose the illusion of falling wind power costs

The absurdity of current Net Zero plans is now exposed for all to see.

Offshore wind (whale) impact probe proposed

In the crosshairs are the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), which does the environmental impact assessments, and NOAA Fisheries which is supposed to protect the whales and other sea…

Greenpeace Betrays Founders to Peddle Junk Science

. By siding with machines over living, endangered whales they have betrayed their founders and everyone who really cares about the natural world.

Gas-Fired Power Is Now Cheaper Than Offshore Wind Again

From NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT By Paul Homewood . . There are increasingly strong signs that European gas prices are back to pre-war lows and may stop…

Evidence says offshore wind development is killing lots of whales

Basically the humpback death rate roughly tripled starting in 2016 and continued high thereafter.

Virginia Agrees to Compensate Fishing Industry for Damage from Offshore Wind

Nine states, including Virginia, have agreed to establish a major compensation fund to pay their private commercial and recreational fishing companies for damages caused by offshore wind turbines.  

Climate Change Weekly #454: Economic Realities Dash Biden’s Offshore Wind Plans

President Joe Biden’s plans for a offshore industrial wind facilities lining the nation’s coasts have more than a few hurdles to clear before they can become reality.

Massachusetts’ 1,200 MW Offshore Wind Project ‘no longer viable’ (rough waters ahead?)

It’s a perfect storm that might just overcome the taxpayer largesse of the federal subsidies (DOE and IRS) and rate averaging for captive ratepayers. With offshore wind experimental and extra-uneconomic,…

A Few Graphs Say It All for Weather-Dependent “Renewables”

A few graphs say it all for Wind and Solar power

WSJ: Virginia Raises Electricity Bills to Pay for Offshore Wind

While the Virginia SCC is “keenly aware of the ongoing rise in gas prices, inflation, and other economic pressures”, they have to obey the legislature.

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