Monday Mirthiness – More 'skeptical science' kids scienz

Josh writes: Nic Lewis has a very amusing comment over at Lucia’s about a paper written by Gavin Cawley, Kevin Cowtan, Robert Way, Peter Jacobs and Ari Jokimäki – all part of the ‘’ team . There’s also a post at BishopHill Sans science, sans maths, sans everything. Cartoons by Josh   Advertisements


The Lewis and Crok exposition – Climate less sensitive to Carbon Dioxide than most models suggest

Full papers plus additional comments from co-author Nic Lewis follow. I have added some relevant diagrams and tables from the report, plus reproduced the foreword by Dr. Judith Curry as well as updated the summary Equilibrium Climate Response Graph originally by Dr. Patrick Michaels to include this new ECS value and range. – Anthony NEW…

New paper shows transient climate response less than 2°C

See also: Why the new Otto et al climate sensitivity paper is important – it’s a sea change for some IPCC authors New energy-budget-derived estimates of climate sensitivity and transient response in Nature Geoscience Guest post by Nic Lewis Readers may recall that last December I published an informal climate sensitivity study at WUWT, here.…