Climate Hysteria Ramps Up in Antarctica but Recent Data Shows Sea Ice Levels Similar to 1966

The climate catastrophe caravan is on the move again with the alarmists whipping up fears over a supposed low rate of winter sea ice in Antarctica.

NOAA U.S. Average Temperature Anomaly Data Through July 2023 – Where’s the Crisis?

What a bunch of alarmist politically contrived gibberish.  

The Grip of Culture: The Social Psychology of Climate Catastrophism

developing a powerful new model of public attitudes based on the interaction of traditional religion and a new culture – a new faith – of climate catastrophism

Heatwaves Getting Worse In India? More BBC Lies

In other words, it did not even hit the 46C threshold:

Manhattan Contrarian Announces The Arrival Of “Peak Oil-Hysteria”

From The MANHATTAN CONTRARIAN November 03, 2021/ Francis Menton Do you remember the “peak oil” scare? That was the claim, heard everywhere in the early 2000s, that nearly all the world’s…

Coronavirus Death Predictions Bring New Meaning to Hysteria

image licensed from Reposted from RealClearMarkets with author permission  (and slightly out of date) By Michael Fumento April 01, 2020 The U.S. is staring at a Netflix-type apocalypse. You…

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