Claim: California’s Carbon Mitigation Efforts May be Thwarted by Climate Change Itself

“We need our forests and other plant-covered areas to provide a ‘natural climate solution’ of removing carbon dioxide from the air, but heat and drought caused by the very problem…

Claim: Climate Change Increases Risks of Tree Death

But all of that carbon in trees and forests worldwide could be thrown back into the atmosphere again if the trees burn up in a forest fire.

Will Planting Trees Reduce Global Warming?

The mutual relationships between forests and climate are actually really rather more complex and not fully understood.

Claim: Global team of scientists determine ‘fingerprint’ for how much heat, drought is too much for forests

How hot is too hot, and how dry is too dry, for the Earth’s forests?

Forest Degradation A Major Climatic Warming Driver, Study Finds. CO2-Induced Tree Growth Cools?

“The conclusion is that forest managers therefore have some control in climate change over how much the forests entrusted to them heat up and are potentially damaged as a result.…

Methane production and emissions in trees and forests

Lots and lots of implications for climate models and GHG budgets. From New Phytologist Kristofer R. Covey J. Patrick Megonigal First published: 06 December 2018 Summary Forest ecosystem methane…

Predicting climate change

Understanding carbon cycle feedbacks to predict climate change at large scale From ETH Zurich Thomas Crowther identifies long-disappeared forests available for restoration across the world. He will describe how there…

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