Corn up 7% worldwide, Paul Ehrlich of course sees agricultural collapse

While the alarmists wail over 400PPM of CO2, and push doom and gloom crop failure scenarios, in the real world where people risk money and livelihood, the news is far, far, better. Source: Of course Paul Ehrlich thinks the world will end (again).  Advertisements


Do Increasing Temperatures Lower Crop Yields?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I keep reading these claims that we’re all going to starve because of global warming. People say it’s going to be the death of agriculture, that increasing temperatures will cause significant drops in crop yields. Here’s a typical bit of alarmism (emphasis mine): A study by the International Food Policy…

The newest green slogan

No Food for Oil! The new green biofuels slogan. A friend of mine, Lon Glazner, runs a blog about things in my hometown. We joke around a lot, the image above was the product of today’s humor. But he needs some help, so please just click the t-shirt above and give him a hit so that…