Quotes of the Week: Some early comments on the National Climate Assesment report

I had to laugh at this one, because well, it is soooo typical of Joe Romm and the Center for American Progress, which subsists on a daily diet of gloom…

Quote of the week – beyond 'noble cause corruption'

A lot of popcorn is being consumed these days watching the wailing of the Lewandowsky lemming team as they furiously throw themselves over cyber-cliffs in support of a retracted paper…

Quote of the week, McKibben calls for a 'climate strike' while an MSNBC poll goes horribly wrong

Weepy Bill McKibben is fed up, because he says nobody is listening to the climate sirens any more. He says in an MSNBC editorial published on Tuesday April 1st, that…

Quote of the week – the Lewgate fussbluster

Steve McIntyre makes a point about Lewandowsky’s duplicity in the emerging “Lewgate”

Quote of the Week – get your war crimes trial tickets now!

Sometimes you just have to laugh. One of my blog spawn (a not so anonymous academic at a “respected institution of higher learning”) decided to have a go at our…

Quote of the week: Steyn ups the ante on the Mann lawsuit

Oh, my. Steyn is not going to pull any punches after seeing what Esra Levant just did in Canada.  He hints at a strategy to “go nuclear”. He writes:

Quote of the week – Masters of crazy weather

Weather Underground’s Dr. Jeff Masters jumps the shark with the Voice of Russia:

Quote of the week – Gore gets tipper, er tippy, er whatever

It’s the same old tired stuff, Koch, anti-science, big fundraisers while claiming skeptics are well funded, etc., but at least there’s a new humorous label from Gore. ========================= Former Vice…

Quote of the Week

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach In discussing President Obama’s latest boondoggle, the one billion (with a “b) dollar Climate Resilience Plan, The US Under-Assistant Minister of Scientific Silly Walks, John Holdren, wandered…

Quote of the Week: ego driven science

Some reflections on ego as scientific desire Guest essay by Eric Worrall Anyone wondering why, in the face of contrary evidence, alarmists (such as Matthew English) have not admitted they…

Quote of the Week – UEA/CRU scientist disses Cook's 97%

Barry Woods writes via email: A very interesting article, with Mike Hulme dissing the 97% paper along the way. But I think perhaps the most interesting part, is it seems…

Quote of the week – a preposterous POTUS pronouncement

Last night in the SOTU address, Obama made this pronouncement about climate change: But the debate is settled.  Climate change is a fact. To that, I say this:

Quote of the Week – sensationalizing for the greater good

Susan Crockford writes …commenter Brad Keyes at The Conversation defends the use of the “Ursus bogus” image with this astonishing statement:

Quote of the week – cue popcorn

Bishop Hill writes of our good friend and eco-entertainer, Dana Nuccitelli:

Quote of the Week: 'We’ve got to get rid of all this green crap.'

An about-face of epic proportions. You’ll never guess who said this:

Quote of the Week – 'global warming fear is damaging our young'

WUWT reader “Newty” writes in a comment in response to the National Geographic scaremongering at 2013/11/05 at 12:38 pm Seriously though I was terrified before I first started coming here.…

Quote of the week – the death of 'Popular Science' commentary

Apparently, the science was too popular, so what do these fools do? Alienate their readers of course:

Quote of the week- the recasting of the argument begins

Every once in awhile a window opens and shows us the dark, illogical souls of the bureaucrats in the climate cabal. This is one of those times.

Quote of the Week, down under edition

Many Australians are celebrating the win of Tony Abbott and his coalition government as a vote by the populace against the much hated Carbon Tax ramrodded by former prime minister…

Quote of the week …about that 97% consensus

For those that have heard about that claimed “97% consensus” on global warming from John Cook and the SkS Kidz, here is a thought from the oldie but goodie department:

Quote of the Week – 'high school' climate science

A poll follows, a first for QOTW. Sometimes in the climate wars when things get ridiculous and emotional we often ask or see asked “what is this, high school”? A…

Quote of the Week: Bill McKibben's self delusion

I had a tough time deciding if this should be “Quote of the Week” or “Climate Craziness of the Week”.  The quote is from 350.org’s founder Bill McKibben, who says:…

Quote of the week – Nature on the failure of climate models

From the world of Claimatology™, comes this smackdown from Nature.

Quote of the Week: London Mayor declares his climate skepticism

London Mayor, Boris Johnson, writes in The Telegraph: