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Is the 2015/16 El Niño an El Niño Modoki?

AND Is that the Reason Why This El Niño is Not Suppressing the California Drought as Expected? Guest Post by Bob Tisdale El Niño events come in different flavors, and those different flavors can have differing impacts on regional weather around the globe. There are East Pacific El Niño events like the 1997/98 El Niño,…

Weather systems that typically bring moisture to the southwestern United States are forming less often, resulting in a drier climate across the region. This map depicts the portion of overall changes in precipitation across the United States that can be attributed to these changes in weather system frequency. The gray dots represent areas where the results are statistically significant. Map courtesy of Andreas Prein, NCAR.
CREDIT Map courtesy of Andreas Prein, NCAR.

@NCAR claims: U.S. Southwest sliding into a drier climate, and it’s all your fault

Weather patterns that bring moisture are becoming less frequent From the NATIONAL CENTER FOR ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH/UNIVERSITY CORPORATION FOR ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH and the “there’s no natural variation component anymore” department comes this blame game claim that seems to ignore history, like the fact that tree rings show decade and century long droughts in the past: BOULDER…

The progression of the Palmer Drought Severity Index for California over the past three years

California’s governor Brown should read this paper about drought – maybe it will get his mind off the bullet train to nowhere and onto reservoirs

Severe drought no longer caused just by nature UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM Scientists at the University of Birmingham are calling on drought researchers and managers around the world to consider both human activity and natural phenomena in their battle to preserve increasingly scarce global water supplies. The experts say that severe droughts experienced recently in countries…


El Niño events and drought linked

Current SST: From the THE UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA: UM researchers document global connections between El Nino events and drought MISSOULA – A team of researchers recently discovered that global climate change is causing general increases in both plant growth and potential drought risk. University of Montana Professor John Kimball is among the team of researchers who…

Areas with the lowest soil moisture content since 1990 in July 2015 (in red) and in July 2003 (in blue) are shown.
Source: JRC-EDEA database (EDO). © EU, 2015

Europe hit by one of the worst droughts since 2003

From the EUROPEAN COMMISSION JOINT RESEARCH CENTRE Much of the European continent has been affected by severe drought in June and July 2015, one of the worst since the drought and heat wave of summer of 2003, according to the latest report by the JRC’s European Drought Observatory (EDO). The drought, which particularly affects France, Benelux,…

This image shows an abnormally low lake level at Horseshoe Lake in the high-elevation Mammoth Lakes Basin, Sierra Nevada Mountains, This photo was taken June 2015. CREDIT
Jennifer Bernstein

Ridiculous claim from Columbia University: ‘Warming climate is deepening California drought ‘

From the THE EARTH INSTITUTE AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY and the department of “intense droughts only occur in the age of the SUV” department, where they apparently failed to take the climatic history of the region into account: Graphic from North American drought: Reconstructions, causes, and consequences, Cook et al. 2007 PDF here: NADrought   Warming climate…