thunderstorm shadows

Ta Moko

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Yesterday afternoon we took off at 3:45 from Fiji en route to Brisbane. I always enjoy that flight, it’s often a cross-section of the types of clouds seen at different temperatures. Interestingly, we flew right over the course that we had just sailed. So having just seen the weather from…

air and sea temps off fiji

Fiji Waters

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I’ve been using a home-made thermometer setup to measure the air and water temperatures of the waters around Fiji. To start with, I’ve been thinking about just why I did it. The answer, as with many things in my life, is “I’m not…

fiji last 2

Gang Aft Agley

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach At least things started well on the voyage to New Caledonia. We got the ship all prepared, we cleared Customs and Immigration, and the good Fijian folks at the Vuda Point Marina came out to sing the lovely Fijian song of farewell, “Isa Lei”. The weather was stunning, the sea…

vuda last 2

Moving Out

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach The last crew member arrived today, and we moved onto the boat. It’s great except for the mosquitoes … and unfortunately, Zika virus is alleged to be here in Fiji. As a result, I’ve been increasing the quarterly profits of the insect repellant company … Mostly, today was gathering bits…

vuda 7

Sea Trials

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Before you take a new boat to sea, you do a “sea trial” to make sure everything is working. Today was the day for the sea trials. It was early afternoon when we went out, so the clear morning had been replaced by stupendous thunderstorm clouds. By about 1PM they…

shiloh's house

The Dogs of Winter

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach After a very long night, with a ten-hour flight somewhere in the middle, I blew into Fiji at about five in the morning. I was reminded during my trip of the old story about the guy who decided to leave the ocean behind. He said he was going to put…

estimated variance TSI steinhilber 2009 closeup

Steinhilber 2009

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Someone recommended that I look at the Steinhilber 2009 paper. I did. The data is here. My first-cut graphs are below. Discuss. For the reasons I talked about in my previous post, I gotta run. Best wishes to all, I’m outta here … w.