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You are being conned: Data, studies & UN IPCC all reveal Canadian fires not due to ‘climate change’ – ‘There has been a significant & continuing decline in the number of fires’

From Climate Depot

Marc Morano statement: “The media and climate activists are again weaponizing wildfires and linking them to climate change. Wildfires, both globally and in Canada, have been declining significantly. Despite these facts, climate activists now want to use Canada’s wildfires as another excuse to take away even more of our freedoms and raise the price of electricity. Better forest management, cracking down on arson, and improved fire impression [sic] suppression practices are what is needed, not the Green New Deal.

Blaming global warming for the fires makes them ‘our fault’ — it’s our SUVs, our gas stoves, which have caused these Canadian fires and smoke! Now they can use this as a premise to justify more regulations to fix the problem. First, masks, stay-at-home orders, school, business, and sporting event cancelations. Second, to ‘fix’ the climate, we will give up more freedoms and modern necessities like gas-powered cars, eating meat, home appliances,  freedom of movement, and cheap reliable energy. Welcome to climate lockdowns.”

By: Marc Morano – Climate Depot

Despite the scientific evidence, climate activists are still pushing a man-made climate change link to the Canadian wildfires.

Biden joins AOC in linking Canadian wildfires to ‘climate crisis’ – Ocasio-Cortez has used the wildfires to push for her signature Green New Deal

President Biden has joined far-left “Squad” member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., in linking the ongoing Canadian wildfires pouring smoke into the U.S. to the “climate crisis.” “We’ve deployed more than 600 U.S. firefighters, support personnel, and equipment to support Canada as they respond to record wildfires – events that are intensifying because of the climate crisis,” Biden tweeted Wednesday.

But the wildfire data and scientific evidence and history reveal otherwise.

Canadian National Fire Database data disputes climate link to fires: ‘There has been a significant & continuing decline in the number of fires & no discernible trend in the area burned’

According to Canada’s Department of Natural Resources, fires have been occurring for thousands of years in the boreal forests of eastern Canada – not exactly unprecedented. In addition, they call fire a primary change agent that is as crucial to forest renewal as the sun and rain -perhaps not a calamity either.

It appears that 2023 is on pace to be a year with unusually high numbers of fires. Yet the previous year was one of historically low numbers. The Canadian National Fire Database (2023) provides facts to dispute the idea of climate change-driven increases in fires in Canadian fires. According the CNFD, there has been a significant and continuing decline in the number of fires and no discernible trend in the area burned.

Even the UN IPCC Admits Climate Change Doesn’t Increase Forest Fires– Roger Pielke JR, a former chairman of the American Meteorological Society Committee on Weather Forecasting, points out that even the alarmist Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) “has not detected or attributed fire occurrence or area burned to human-caused climate change.”

Canadian Wildfires – CLIMATE LOCKDOWNS BEGIN! Masks, stay-at-home orders, canceled schools, businesses & sporting events– Economist Martin Armstrong: “The governments are testing an ECONOMIC LOCKDOWN.”

USA Today: Smoke ‘keeping temperatures cooler than average – Temps ‘running 5-8 degrees cooler than forecast due to smoke in the atmosphere’

Media Wrong Again & Quebec wildfires: ‘Media has been quick’ to link Canada fires to man-made climate change

Canadian National Fire Database data disputes climate link to fires: ‘There has been a significant & continuing decline in the number of fires & no discernible trend in the area burned’

USA Today: As Canada burns, smoke makes US air unhealthy and skies eerie. Is climate change to blame? – “Climate change is real and having a huge impact on Canadians right now with forest fires burning across the country,” tweeted Catherine McKenna, Canada’s former climate minister.

USA Today: Smoke ‘keeping temperatures cooler than average – Temps ‘running 5-8 degrees cooler than forecast due to smoke in the atmosphere’Due to an area of low pressure that’s hovering offshore, along with an area of high pressure over Canada, a northerly flow of air was funneling the smoke south into the U.S. from Canada, AccuWeather said. This was keeping temperatures cooler than average, as the smoke filters out the blazing June sunshine.For example, the weather service in Washington, D.C., said in an online forecast discussion Tuesday that “temperatures this morning have been running 5-8 degrees cooler than forecast due to the smoke in the atmosphere.”


Canada Wildfires Create Terrifying Skies At Yankee Stadium That Had To Have Fans Thinking It Was The End Of The World

Crazy Videos Show Extreme Impact Of Canada’s Wildfires On US

‘Less fire today than centuries ago’ – Scientists, studies counter claim that wildfires due to ‘climate change’ – Book Excerpt

“There is increasing evidence that there is overall less fire in the landscape today than there has been centuries ago, although the magnitude of this reduction still needs to be examined in more detail.”…

“The ‘wildfire problem’ is essentially more a social than a natural one.” Researchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid found that “climate change” is not to blame for increased forest fires in the Mediterranean basin.”…

“In the United States, wildfires are also due in part to a failure to thin forests or remove dead and diseased trees. In 2014, forestry professor David B. South of Auburn University testified to the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee that “data suggest that extremely large megafires were four-times more common before 1940,” adding that “we cannot reasonably say that anthropogenic global warming causes extremely large wildfires.” As he explained, “To attribute this human-caused increase in fire risk to carbon dioxide emissions is simply unscientific.”

The Collapse of Climate-Related Deaths: Deaths have ‘fallen over 90% since 1920’

L. A. Times Calif. climate wildfire story hides key studies showing global & Calif. wildfires in decline


A Geological Perspective of Wildfires: ‘Global biomass burning during past century has been lower than at any time in past 2000 years’

Wildfires are not worse — despite media hype about ‘global warming’

‘Since 1998, fires have declined’

‘In the last 200 years fires don’t seem to have increased either’

‘In California, before Europeans arrived the area burned was 6 times higher’

Bjorn Lomborg: ‘Stop these silly, undocumented claims of ever-increasing fire’ Claims ‘based on anecdotes, not data’ – Reality is Global & U.S. fires declining]

U.S. Geological Survey: 2018 California Wildfires Emitted as Much CO2 as an Entire Year’s Worth of Calif. Electricity

Interior Secretary Zinke calls for better forest management

“The 2018 wildfire season in California is estimated to have released emissions equivalent to roughly 68 million tons of carbon dioxide. This number equates to about 15 percent of all California emissions, and it is on par with the annual emissions produced by generating enough electricity to power the entire state for a year.”

NASA 2019 report: Global Wildfires Drop By 25% Since 2003 – Plus Study finds Earth’s tree cover increased by 7% since 1982

“Since NASA satellites program MODIS began collecting measurements there has been a decrease in the total number of square kilometers burned each year. Between 2003 and 2019, that number has dropped by roughly 25 percent.” –NASA Earth Observatory, August 2019

“News reports about the Amazon fires strike a fear that one of the last great forests is disappearing.  That’s completely untrue. Forests are making a comeback! More precisely, the tree cover of the planet is increasing.  Since 1982, a recent peer-reviewed paper in Nature suggests, the planet’s tree cover increased by 2.24 million km2 (an increase of roughly 7%).”  –Vincent Geloso, American Institute for Economic Research, 26 August 2019

Shellenberger: Forget The Amazon Hype, Fires Globally Have Declined 25% Since 2003 Thanks To Economic Growth – Burning ‘is declining thanks to development’

Michael Shellenberger: “Against the picture painted by celebrities and the mainstream media that fires around the world are caused by economic growth, the truth is the opposite: the amount of land being burned is declining thanks to development, including urbanization. That’s because the amount of land being converted into ranches and farms has been going down, not up, and because more of it is being done with machines than with fire. For the last 35 years, the world has been re-foresting, meaning new tree growth has exceeded deforestation. The area of the Earth covered with forest has increased by an area the size of Texas and Alaska combined.

Less land is being converted into agriculture globally in part because farmers are growing more food on less land. Much of the re-forestation is occurring in deserts and tundra that had been barren, thanks to human-led reforestation initiatives, such as in China and Africa, and because of global warming. Warmer temperatures are what have allowed forests to grow in tundra.

“The wealthy countries hold big speeches on the need to avoid deforestation but they already deforested everything. “Few countries have the moral authority to talk about deforestation with Brazil.” – Luis Inácio “Lula” da Silva (2007)

NYT claims ‘no one is safe’ from extreme weather: Dr. Pielke responds: ‘I can’t get over how egregiously wrong this NYT article is’ – People ‘have never in all of history been more safe in the face of weather & climate extremes’

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. : ‘What is climate attribution about? Politics first, science second’

Pielke Jr. : “What is climate attribution about? Politics first, science second So let’s err on the side of claiming every weather event is linked, connected, fueled by climate.”

Biden tours Colorado wildfire damage that destroyed 1000 homes — offer his solution: ‘We’re gonna have windmills, you’re gonna see that have 100-yard wingspans, each, each propeller on that on that windmill, 100 yards long’

Biden after touring wildfire damage in Colorado that destroyed more than 1,000 homes: “We’re gonna have windmills, you’re gonna see that have 100-yard wingspans, each, each propeller on that on that windmill, 100 yards long. So there’s so much that’s going to be able to be done.”


Ben Pile: “Climate scientists are the worst people to listen to about floods. They are overwrought with emotion, self-importance and ideology. The best people to speak to are engineers. The engineer’s solution to flooding is to build and maintain waterways and drainage, properly zone development, and to raise land levels or barriers where appropriate… And so on…The climate scientist’s solution to the possibility — or even inevitability — of flooding is to completely transform society, to regulate lifestyles and to enforce austerity. But it will still flood.”

Fires far worse last century: Claim global warming causing wildfires goes up in — flames

Never ones to let a “serious crisis go to waste,” Green pressure groups are shamelessly attributing the fires to global warming and claiming that this year’s fires ravaged the largest area ever recorded. “But that is because the National Interagency Fire Center curiously – and somewhat conveniently – only shows the annual burnt area back to 1960, when fire suppression indeed was going strong, and hence we had some of the lowest amounts of burnt forests ever,” explains Bjørn Lomborg, President of the Copenhagen Consensus Center. “Yet, the official historical data of the United States tells a different story. Look at the Historical Statistics of the United States – Colonial Times to 1970,  There we have statistics for area burnt since 1926 and up to 1970. Reassuringly, the data for 1960-1970 ‘completely overlap.’  This is the same data series.”  Professor Lomborg shared the graph above.

Media & climate activists now admit Trump was correct on better forest management to stop wildfires

Watch: The ‘infantilization & gangsterization of science by CO2 Mafia’ – Dr. Willie Soon debunks climate wildfire claims

California Wildfire Devastation Was Entirely Preventable Through Proper Land Management – ‘Nearly every major forest fire…reveals deadly blazes either start or grow on federally mismanaged land’

A quick examination of the map for nearly every major forest fire to make national headlines will reveal the deadly blazes either start or grow on federally mismanaged land. “I don’t think you can call it a coincidence,” said Jonathan Wood, the vice president of policy and law at the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC), adding that two-thirds of fires start on federal property. “If it were one, maybe it would be a coincidence, but when you’ve got a series, you’ve got a trend.” Wood told The Federalist the outbreak of current forest fires was entirely predictable, raising alarm in a report published in April that the U.S. Forest Service confronted a backlog of 63 million acres with a “high risk or very high risk of wildfire” and another 80 million acres in need of restoration.

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June 10, 2023 2:04 pm

Blackface speaks with forked tongue.

Reply to  Scissor
June 10, 2023 3:33 pm


June 10, 2023 2:17 pm

It’s all about emotion. When they see this data, they claim the methods back then were different. Did fires look or act different back in 1930s? Either the data is skewed and works in their favor or it doesn’t count.

June 10, 2023 2:35 pm

Centuries ago, American Indians used fire to clear land and drive game. Nature appears to have always used fire to get rid of old growth and make way for the new.

Reply to  antigtiff
June 10, 2023 2:55 pm

At the present time, Idiots such as myself use fire to get rid of old growth in our tallgrass prairie acres and to suppress the growth of invasive trees.

I usually stay out past dark to make sure everything is contained. The coyotes certainly understand the concept of driving game. They stay right at the edge of my lights and typically surround my entire burn area.

We usually burn in a “patchwork quilt” pattern, such that every area gets burned one time over a 4-year cycle. That seems to optimize our game habitat since every succession of local plants is available somewhere on our farm at any point in time.

Reply to  antigtiff
June 10, 2023 4:30 pm

They also used it to make clearing where wild animals could come to graze. That resulted in a larger population and helped insure their food supply. If you have ever been in a forest, you may have noticed little grass grows there. Pigs do well in a forest because they eat acorns among other things but pigs are an old world animal and only recently are a part of the new world.

Reply to  Dena
June 11, 2023 6:47 pm

Little grass grows in forests because grass needs more sunlight and because quite a few trees inhibit grass, maples, walnuts, etc.

North American game are mostly browsers, not grazers. i.e., they’ll eat grass when it benefits them, the rest of the time they eat branch tips, leaves and bushes.
Deer, turkeys, grouse, quail and many others are all browsers, not grazers.

Fire presages and often initiates new growth of trees and bushes. Abundant growth that feeds the deer and other game so necessary to Native Americans.

June 10, 2023 3:02 pm

It’s not about the size of the fires, it’s about the size of the media audience that can be fed the CC coolaid.

Reply to  DMacKenzie
June 10, 2023 3:52 pm

So did Mika and Joe look at the latest Nielsen numbers for their CNN show and run up to Canada with some matches so they could goose their ratings?

Tombstone Gabby
June 10, 2023 5:38 pm

“…a northerly flow of air was funneling the smoke south…”

From a “USA Today” quote in the article. Who do you blame, the reporter who wrote it, or the editor who missed it? I can only assume that the rest of the article is just as accurate.

Reply to  Tombstone Gabby
June 11, 2023 3:56 am

But doesn’t a north wind blow FROM the north – in other words, southwards?

Tombstone Gabby
Reply to  atticman
June 11, 2023 7:48 am

G’Day Atticman,

“…a north wind…”

Is not the same thing as a “northerly flow“. Flow – moving, northerly – to the north.

You’re right, a ‘north wind’ blows to the south. I have a hunch that that the reporter was trying to be ‘fancy’. The use of the word ‘funneling’ – which could mean directing or constricting in a particular direction – also got my attention. Another mis-use of the English language I my opinion.

Reply to  Tombstone Gabby
June 12, 2023 5:44 am

Thanks, Tombstone, the semantics of this are tricky! Mind you, isn’t that part of the problem? – the media (and,indeed, the warmunistas in gereral) are very lax in their use of language which leads to all sorts of misrepresentations of the situation, deliberate or otherwise…

Gary Pearse
June 10, 2023 8:10 pm

“…want to use Canada’s wildfires as another excuse to take away even more of our freedoms and raise the price of electricity.”

It has always been a peril for field geologists and other workers and residents in Canadian boreal forests. In 1958, it was a bad year. Our field camp was at risk from a huge fire and we decided to get out. This entailed walking west for several miles though the bush to get to a powerline, and then north for 20 miles to the mining town of Lynn Lake, Manitoba. The powerline was a cleared strip that took you clambering up rocky hills and down into awful bogs, a trip that took about twenty hours.

We got a lift back by float plane a week later to find the camp still there. I breathed a lot of smoke in subsequent years too, but nobody tried to lock me up or take my 1948 $200 Vauxhall Velox away from me. Come to think of it, I gave it away for $25 with a half dozen gear-selector spare parts and instructions on how to instal them when the transmission inevitably failed about every 2000 miles.

Phillip Bratby
June 11, 2023 12:19 am

Evil politicians. They may also be ignorant and stupid, but basically they are evil.

June 11, 2023 3:54 am

Just because the media are reporting things more frequently (because of the “climate change” angle) doesn’t mean that they’re actually happening more frequently: it’s a matter of public perception, stoked by media dishonesty, not fact, that there are more fires.

Tom Abbott
June 11, 2023 4:22 am

So Joe Biden and AOC are lying to us. All the evidence shows what they say about forest fires and CO2 is not true.

Any unbiased person who read this article would see they are lying.

Nothing to see here. Joe Biden and AOC are always lying.

Louis J Hooffstetter
June 11, 2023 11:04 am

“story tip” Let’s be honest, the real cause of these fires is mental illness:

Eco-terrorism is a form of mental illness. It causes crazy people to commit all kinds of chaos in pursuit of an unscientific, delusional agenda. They start fires, vandalize banks & businesses, destroy SUVs, artwork, & ski lodges, and they kill people by blocking highways and preventing ambulances from reaching hospitals.

These mentally ill criminals need to be treated with ZERO tolerance.

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