You are being conned: Data, studies & UN IPCC all reveal Canadian fires not due to ‘climate change’ – ‘There has been a significant & continuing decline in the number of fires’

The media and climate activists are again weaponizing wildfires and linking them to climate change. Wildfires, both globally and in Canada, have been declining significantly.

New Data Refutes Cheap Offshore Wind Claims

And where do these claims about cheap wind power come from? The Committee on Climate Change:

Carbon Tracker Fantasy: “Cleanup of abandoned oil and gas wells could cost Texans $117 billion”

Guest “this is horst schist” by David Middleton BUSINESS // ENERGYCleanup of abandoned oil and gas wells could cost Texans $117 billion Paul Takahashi Oct. 1, 2020 Plugging and cleaning…

Surprise! Aussie Bushfire Climate Change Outrage Pivots into an Activist Demand for Cash

Having failed to establish climate change is the reason for Australia’s recent severe bushfires, Aussie greens are now rushing forward with demands for a new levy to be imposed on…

Catching the Alarmists in a Baldfaced Sea Level Lie

Guest “catching them lying through their teeth” by David Middleton Unprecedented and Worrying Rise in Sea Levels Poses Serious Threat to Coastal Cities TOPICS:Climate Change, Environment, Oceanography, Simon Fraser University…

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