Democrat Rep. Claims Climate Change is Root Cause of Illegal Immigration

RealAmericasVoice LOL: Democrat Representative Pete Aguilar claims CLIMATE CHANGE is the root cause of illegal immigration. 🤣🤣🤣#BorderInvasion #title42 #BidenBorderCrisis #bordercrisis @RealMirandaKhan @RealDrGina @AgueroForTexas

Americans Increasingly Choose a Warmer Life

There’s a reason why people are flocking to Texas and Florida, and not to the Dakotas or Maine.

Sea Turtles, Florida Lore, and Hurricane Prediction

According to Florida folklore this will be calm storm season.

Claim: Climate Change Could Cause Us Catch a Nasty Wooly Mammoth Virus

Aix Marseille University Professor Emeritus Dr Claverie explaining how ancient mammoth viruses released by melting permafrost could make us sick.

The Auto Industry in Jonestown

Thus does EPA deviously announce its intention to force manufacturers to make, and consumers to buy, all or almost all electric vehicles.

A Heatwave in Spain

The latest garbage from the Guardian:

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