How Human Disruptions Impact Global GDP

“Many economists are interested in understanding what the literature says about the cost of “non-climate” and “climate” related human disruptions.

Oxford Climate Activists Setting Up Illegal Roadblocks?

A shocking video has emerged of anti-vehicle activists illegally blocking a road in Oxford, to enforce their version of low traffic rules.

EU War on Agriculture Pushback Protests Spread

Emboldened by the recent BoerBurgerBeweging electoral victory in Netherlands, Farmers in Slovenia, Germany and Flanders are staging large protests against the EU’s war on agriculture.

McKibben: Last Week’s Climate Report “landed … with a gentle plop”

McKibben believes the reason the IPCC’s increasingly frantic climate warnings are being ignored is people don’t believe they can make a difference.

Wash, blow dry & talk to me about global warming please: Hairdressers trained to talk about ‘climate action’ to customers

During the sessions, hairdressers hear the basics of climate science and get to role play how conversations might go.

The genetics of temperature adaptation: how does life thrive in extreme conditions?

Interestingly, the researchers found that thermotolerant organisms had smaller genomes and a higher fraction of core genome.

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