National Ignition Facility Exceeds Break Even Nuclear Fusion

An American first on a par with the historical significance of the moon landing – scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have exceeded fusion break even.

Polar bear habitat update: Winter conditions well on their way across the Arctic except in Svalbard

Sea ice is developing quickly over Hudson Bay and moving slowly towards the Bering Sea but the Svalbard archipelago is still devoid of pack ice.

Electric Buses

Have EV buses been beneficial? Depends on your point of view. From a driver view-point I give them a thumbs down. The extra stress placed on drivers adds to an…

UK’s Arctic Blast and Australia’s Cold Spring Contradict Climate Narrative

The mainstream media (MSM) wants the world to believe that climate change has turned us into rotisserie chickens.

Claim: Global Warming Induced Colder Winters Could Cause More Heart Attacks

If we don’t act quickly to prevent more global warming, we could all freeze to death.

“THIS AGREEMENT WILL BE GOOD FOR ENRON STOCK!!” (Enron’s Kyoto memo turns 25)

Dated December 12, 1997, it was written from Kyoto, Japan, by Enron lobbyist John Palmisano in the afterglow of the Kyoto Protocol agreement.

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