Biden’s climate policies realized: New York’s ‘Home Energy Crisis’ – ‘More than a million households are 60 days in arrears on their energy bills, with an avg. of $1,427.71 in debt, & shut-offs are increasing’

From Climate Depot

Marc Morano,

May 21, 2022 12:54 PM

More than 471,629 disconnection notices were sent out in April 2022 for residential customers across New York State, with Orange and Rockland counties leading the way, with 79 shutoffs that month. For commercial customers, there were more than 77,651 disconnection notices overall, with almost 2,544 already carried out. National Grid (KEDLI) had the highest number of service terminations, 882, followed by Con Edison at 831 terminations and National Grid (KEDNY) at 310. Residential terminations in March were at 131 and commercial terminations stood at 1,688.

Advocates fear that if there are more shutoffs by other utilities in the state in the coming days, some residents won’t have the air conditioning needed to stave off the summer’s often scorching heat, a life-threatening situation for some vulnerable people in the community.

“Most people who die of heat in summers are senior citizens or children,” said Jasmine Graham, the Energy Justice Policy Manager at WE ACT Environmental Justice. “Shutoffs in summers are as bad as winters.”

In November 2021, the Biden-Harris Administration added 4.5 billion to the budget for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) to help families with their utility bills. The money, under the American Rescue Plan, is available until September 2022. New York State is also offering assistance to people who require energy relief. The Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) highlights several benefits which low-income households and families can apply for.

“More than 471,629 [electricity] disconnection notices were sent out by the electric utility in April 2022 for residential customers across New York State” because the households are more than 2 months behind in payment. THIS IS A DIRECT RESULT OF BIDEN’S WAR ON FOSSIL FUELS.

— Alan Tomalty (@ATomalty) May 21, 2022

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May 22, 2022 2:07 am

An unemployed “climate justice organizer”… yup, there is a God.

Reply to  PCman999
May 25, 2022 6:16 pm

Is there any other kind??

May 22, 2022 2:23 am

That’s one way of reducing emissions and possibly numbers

Joel O'Bryan
Reply to  fretslider
May 22, 2022 1:45 pm

This energy poverty from Biden’s Climate Scam driven War on Fossil Fuels WILL work its way up the affluence ladder in the US, Canada and Europe.
Russia’s War on Ukraine, and the resulting energy and food prices shocks, are now synergistically feeding into the Climate Scam’s War of FF, amplifying and accelerating the energy poverty onset rate.
The Socialists in the Democratic Party are about to get their long desired wishes in a fast onset rate. No one, not even the billionaires who thought themselves insulated, will escape these difficult years ahead.

Mike Lowe
May 22, 2022 3:00 am

Average debt US$1427 – I’d be worried if mine was even a quarter of that! And all due to technically-ignorant politicians!

Reply to  Mike Lowe
May 22, 2022 3:35 am

Mike, why did you qualify ignorant with “technically”?


Mark Whitney
Reply to  Bob Tisdale
May 22, 2022 5:21 am

“Willfully” would be a better descriptive.

Shanghai Dan
Reply to  Bob Tisdale
May 22, 2022 9:07 am

I think he meant technologically-ignorant

Reply to  Bob Tisdale
May 22, 2022 9:07 am

Most are probably well up on knowing which palms to grease.

Reply to  Bob Tisdale
May 22, 2022 10:29 am

I like Eric Worrall’s term – engineering dyslexia.


Joel O'Bryan
Reply to  Brad-DXT
May 22, 2022 1:48 pm

math challenged.

Reply to  Mike Lowe
May 24, 2022 12:06 pm

I’ve got a credit of that much….

My utility takes credit cards, so when I get an offer that says “spend 3K within the first 3 months we’ll give you points worth $800; and a 2% deal on the 3K” I use it to pay the utility, ahead, and essentially save 25%.

May 22, 2022 3:27 am

Biden policy achieves it’s aims. Ensure people can’t afford aircon = more people die = evidence that climate change kills people.

Reply to  Harves
May 22, 2022 4:16 am

More “free” money must be handed out to solve the problems produced from handing out free money.

May 22, 2022 3:28 am

Pandemic had nothing to do with this. 100% caused by leftarded Democrat Party driven policies. And make no mistake, people are going to become violent over this crap.

Reply to  2hotel9
May 22, 2022 9:57 am

About time !

May 22, 2022 3:32 am

Perhaps if the Constitution natural gas pipeline had actually been built?,controversy%2C%20including%20opposition%20by%20New%20York%20state%20officials.

Natural gas would then be much less than $12, and electricity would be less than 15 cents per kwh (9th highest in U.S.)

Reply to  Andy May
May 22, 2022 3:52 am


rather than speculation on pipelines that have never been built, what astonishes me is why Putin didn’t wait a few weeks until Nordstream 2 had been officially approved and permits given, whereby gas would flow within weeks and Germany, and Europe would be in even more of a mess than it is now

Reply to  tonyb
May 22, 2022 5:29 am

After Georgia and Crimea he didn’t think there would be a problem.

Richard Page
Reply to  tonyb
May 22, 2022 5:34 am

The only thing I can think of is that it coincided with Zelensky allegedly firing SS21 missiles into civilian areas of Donetsk. Presumably at that point waiting to see what happened was no longer an option and pressure was mounting to ‘do something’. I imagine that if Putin hadn’t invaded there would have been a hardline coup followed by an invasion anyway – there are certainly no shortage of hardline successors waiting to step into Putin’s shoes.

Reply to  Richard Page
May 22, 2022 6:33 am

And Zelinski’s

Reply to  Derg
May 22, 2022 6:50 am

utter bollox! have you ever been in UA?

Reply to  pigs_in_space
May 22, 2022 9:37 am

Zelinski is an installed agent.

Reply to  tonyb
May 22, 2022 8:52 am

He thought the Ukrainians would welcome his army with roses and cheers. He wasn’t expecting any more than just token resistance. He thought it would be a repeat of when Hitler went into Austria and the Austrians went wild with joy.

Richard Greene
Reply to  Marty
May 22, 2022 10:23 am

Complete Nonsense.
You have no idea what Putin was thinking.
Putin almost certainly knew most Ukrainians would NOT
welcome him, except for Russian speaking separatists
in the Donbas region.

About 11,000 of them, including thousands of civilians,
had been killed by the Ukrainian army in the Donbas civil war
since 2014. Russian speaking Ukrainian citizens were about 30%
of all 14,000 deaths (3,000 deaths were Ukrainian military) and
about 25% of all 30,000 wounded. Such a high percentage
of civilian deaths adds up to a genocide, in my opinion.
Russia waited too long to act, in my opinion, to protect
the Russian speaking Ukrainians in the Donbas region.
The rest of Ukraine was none of Russia’s business.

Dennis G. Sandberg
Reply to  tonyb
May 22, 2022 2:14 pm

He had waited a few weeks, he could see it wasn’t going to happen because of internal politics (wind, solar, coal (lignite), and green opposition). The permanent delay was firmly in place well before the “invasion”.

Richard Greene
Reply to  Andy May
May 22, 2022 10:39 am

Natural gas (New York State average)
has been lower than in 2022
in every one of the past ten years
with no pipeline.
So does the lack of that pipeline
cause low gas prices too?

In fact the average NY State price for natural gas
has only increased 12% in the 10 years from
February 2012 to February 2022,
according to data from the website below:

Most of the natural gas used in NY state
is from Canada and Pennsylvania.
It obviously gets to New York without that pipeline.
NY state bans fracking so has to import natural gas..

May 22, 2022 3:55 am

As Obama said, “..[to solve Global Warming], it will be necessary for energy prices to skyrocket.”

Well, we don’t need to “solve Global Warming” because this hoax doesn’t exist.

Energy prices are needlessly “skyrocketing” for absolutely no reason whatsoever, other than Leftists’ agenda to destroy capitalism and to instigate global redistribution of wealth through the auspices of the CAGW hoax, ESG scoring and “The Great Reset”.

Leftists have accomplished skyrocketing energy prices, collapsing of the entire economy, and achieving the highest inflation in 40 years, and will soon pay the price for achieving their goals..

william Johnston
Reply to  SAMURAI
May 22, 2022 5:20 am

I sincerely hope the price they pay is permanent. (definitions vary)

Reply to  william Johnston
May 22, 2022 10:41 am

I’m on the fence between conviction of treason with subsequent firing squad and life sentences in general population.
The latter will allow for them to experience the lives they are trying to perpetrate on the bulk of humanity with the added feature of frequent beatings and sodomy. The former will insure that they will no longer have an influence on their fellow humans.

Decisions, decisions.

Richard Greene
Reply to  SAMURAI
May 22, 2022 10:43 am

“Well, we don’t need to “solve Global Warming” because this hoax doesn’t exist.”

What are you drinking?
There has been global warming for the past 47 years.
Every global average temperature compilation shows that.

What does not exist is any harm caused by that global warming.
We love global warming here in Michigan, and want a lot more

Reply to  Richard Greene
May 22, 2022 6:51 pm


1) CAGW is a hoax (ECS=4C~5C). We’ve enjoyed about 1C of beneficial global warming recovery since the end of the “Little Ice Age in 1850, of which, rising CO2 (a good thing) only contributed .5C of the total, which is also a good thing…

Based on observations and physics, ECS (warming/CO2 doubling to 560ppm) is only around 1C, which is a net benefit.

Most of the global warming since 1979 has been from PDO and AMO 30-year cool cycles.

Leftists now call the CAGW hoax “Climate Change”… Leftists constantly change the meanings of words of to hide their agenda and to control people.

Bob Close
Reply to  SAMURAI
May 22, 2022 2:38 pm

Hopefully that’s true Samuri, however this lesson has not yet been learn in Australia, that has just elected a socialist Labor government (Democrat) intent on prosecuting net zero policies, closing coal fired power and delivering more unreliable and expensive renewable energy into a tight grid. They will have their blackouts sooner than they anticipate, and may then realize their mistakes; but the Green mania is held most strongly be the woke elite (progressives) entrenched in comfortable inner city gulags where they can afford any energy costs, except those pesky blackouts. Its the only way to bring reality back to them when their electronic gadgets and cars don’t work, and force them to question their religious zeal about fossil fuel energy, CO2 and the rest of the climate issues, they have foisted on the rest of us!.

But why do the general public still listen to these people, when there are many good scientific reasons to show that there is no climate crisis worth worrying about in the first place, and rising CO2 emissions are actually environmentally good for the planet. It’s really all down to politics now as the globalist socialists are finally been held up to scrutiny on all their anti-capitalist campaign to close down reliable fossil fuel and nuclear energy in richer developed western societies like ours.
Instead of closing us down and create a smaller economic pie, we need the whole world to enjoy the benefits of a fully modern industrialized society, let them all have abundant energy, and when fossil fuels etc decline invent new technology to replace them, we can do this if there is the collective will to achieve it, only poor leadership will cause us to fail!

Reply to  Bob Close
May 22, 2022 7:31 pm


Unfortunately, Leftists have been propagandizing/brainwashing the public on the certainty of the CAGW hoax (“97% of scientist believe in the CAGW Hoax; a lie) for the past 40 years as Leftists control and run: the public schools, colleges, MSM, the music, movie and TV, industries, most of the social media providers, the Internet providers, most of the world’s largest corporations, and most major newspapers and magazines….

Humans are very social animals and are willing to tacitly believe in CAGW to avoid conflict with others, but there are still billions of people who are skeptical and epistemologically self aware who think CAGW is BS.

Once people start suffering the severe economic and social devastation which Leftists’ CAGW policies create, and they realize global climate is not catastrophically changing as Leftists said it woukd, they’ll come around…

I think this major shift will start to happen with US’ 2022 and 2024 midterm and general elections, and following the major economic recession likely starting from July of this year.

Truth is the daughter of time.

Reply to  SAMURAI
May 23, 2022 5:32 pm

You cannot overestimate the stupidity of voters. There might be a slight change in 2022, but by 2024 it’ll be business as usual. The Democrat Party and their policies have been around since the formation of the US.

Reply to  Bob Close
May 23, 2022 10:47 am

Simple, the media is on board and has the adults under control; the schools / education system provided control of the children. It seems to me we were still in the game against the media but along came the schools and Greta. Who in their right mind would listen to never mind invite an ill informed child to speak to parliaments.

May 22, 2022 3:57 am

This has nothing to do with the alleged “Biden war on fossil fuels.” There is always a portion of customer who don’t pay their bills due to a humongous number of reasons – job loss, drug or alcohol abuse, divorce, excessive debt, business reverses, medical expenses, or just being deadbeats who choose to not pay their bills because they don’t want to.

The high cost of electricity also has zilch to do with Biden. The vast reduction in oil and gas production in 2020 preceded Biden’s entry into office, all due to the sudden and unprecedented crash in consumer demand in early 2020 then sudden and unprecedented soaring of consumer demand in 2021 as Biden entered office.

Propaganda is useless – stop, just stop. Presidents do not control either demand or supply of fuels, never have, never will. Markets control both.

Just spend a few minutes reading oil and gas industry publications and they all say the same thing – this is all due to the short and very deep COVID recession in 2020 and the sudden and steep COVID recovery of 2021 that the industry is still struggling to adjust to. OPEC and the Russian-Ukrainian war are exacerbating the problem.

Jim Gorman
Reply to  Duane
May 22, 2022 4:23 am

From: New York Blocking Natural Gas Pipelines Comes Back To Haunt Them | The Daily Wire

“New York Blocking Natural Gas Pipelines Comes Back To Haunt Them”

From: New York State Codifies Fracking Ban in Budget | NRDC

“New York State Codifies Fracking Ban in Budget”

Just a couple of articles. These don’t even address the increase in costs due to unreliable sources.

Reply to  Duane
May 22, 2022 4:52 am

The high cost of electricity also has zilch to do with Biden”

I’m not an American and even I found that claim hilarious.

Vic Hardy
Reply to  Duane
May 22, 2022 4:56 am

My natural gas yearly contract is up next month. In my research so far the best I can do when I renew is double what it is now. I live in the south and do us it for winter heating as well as cooking and hot water but it’s not terrible. I cannot imagine my anger if this happened with northern latitude bills. A lot of people will be in for a surprise next winter.

Frank from NoVA
Reply to  Duane
May 22, 2022 5:06 am

‘Presidents do not control either demand or supply of fuels, never have, never will. Markets control both.‘

Bad policies can certainly effect supply. I keep hearing that ‘we’ are at war with Russia, and that some of the actions our ‘President’ has taken have drastically reduced the supply on NG and oil to the West.

I’ve never read Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’, but I seriously doubt that he ever considered implementing an energy embargo on his own country to be a winning strategy.

Reply to  Duane
May 22, 2022 5:26 am

canceling the keystone pipeline, stopping oil leased in anwar and the Gulf of Mexico. these first day decisions had nothing to do with it huh.

Reply to  Duane
May 22, 2022 5:41 am

Duane, there is being wrong and there is Duane wrong. Policies do influence supply and demand. The war on fossil fuels do impact their investments and lower investments impact production. The war on fossil fuels also impacts demand, through price inflation driven increases.

The other impact is the attack on fossil fueled electricity generation for PREFERRED renewables generated electricity.

Duane, and the other renewables-warriors answer this issue: Unexpected and expected drops-offs are routine to wind and solar, that is why they need gas back-up. Wind and solar need gas, gas does not need wind and solar. In the real world why is it that nearly every article about natural gas failing winds up revealing a wind failure?

Adding renewables to a grid ALWAYS raise the price for electricity.

These are a few examples of how policies do impact supply and demand.

Reply to  Duane
May 22, 2022 6:34 am

Go back on the meds dude.

Reply to  Duane
May 22, 2022 9:15 am

Duane’s other posts show that he is not stupid.

He is a shill.

Richard Greene
Reply to  Duane
May 22, 2022 11:04 am

Dementia Joe Biden has done everything he can to discourage fossil fuel capital investments and production. The capita investments peaked about eight years ago, and Biden has made decisions to invest in future production very difficult to explain to shareholders. The 49mpg
EPA Corporate Average Fuel Economy standard for 2026 model cars and light trucks
is one example..

For gasoline, February 2022 production was LOWER than February 2020, not higher.
So we are not yet “soaring” back to the pre-pandemic level.

Jumpin’ Joe Biden is the worst president in American history.
His recent approval rating of only 39% shows many Americans agree

Reply to  Duane
May 22, 2022 11:10 am

Good Presidents don’t affect the supply or demand of fuels, because they let the market operate. Yes, a lot of the manipultion of the market occured before Biden became President, but it was either federal actions during his tenure as Vice-President, or Democrats govenors and Congress tanking the economy to get him elected. But he didn’t speak out against any of those policies or reverse the worst of them since he took office. His full embrace of the war on fossil and government manipulation makes them his policies.

Reply to  Duane
May 22, 2022 4:09 pm

ooooh, he not only drank the kool aid, he ate the cup & the straw. ayieee !

Reply to  Duane
May 22, 2022 10:29 pm


Skyrocketing gas, coal, oil and utility prices have EVERYTHING to do with the Biden administrations wild shift to far Leftist policies: 1st day in office Biden reinstated ALL of Trump’s massive regulations cuts, 1st day in office, Biden made an illegal EO suspending new oil lease auctions on Federal lands and offshore oil fields, stopped the Keystone pipeline which stopped 1 million barrels of oil per day from entering the US, many new oil pipelines were cancelled, Courts found his lease moratorium illegal, so Biden finally restarted oil leases auctions, however, the EPA kicked in and slowed/stopped approval of drilling permits and access roads and pipeline construction projects on oil lands to cut oil and gas production, banks and financial institutions started using new ESG scoring to greatly restrict oil and gas companies from getting new financing for drilling and daily operations, Biden cancelled all lease auctions for ANWAR and parts of Gulf oil fields, perfectly safe and reliable gas, coal and nuclear plants were stupidly shutdown early, unreliable and expensive wind and solar projects foolishly increased, Biden has threatened to increase corporate taxes, which has caused companies to suspend capital investments until he’s out of office, the severe supply-chain disaster has not been fixed because Biden refuses to force Longshore Unions to allow all US ports and Customs offices to run 24/7/365 like ALL industrialized countries do, crazy new California EPA truck emission regulations prohibit 50% of US truck fleet from even entering California (Biden should have forced California to suspend this stupid regulation), oil and gas shortages have caused a severe shortage of agricultural petrochemical and fertilizers, causing food prices to skyrocket, ocean freight rates and domestic inland freight rates have tripled due to oil and gas shortage and skyrocketing fuel prices, and the supply-chain fiasco, massive $5 trillion in unnecessary infrastructure and COVID relief extensions have caused excessive money printing and monetary inflation, etc., etc, etc., ad nauseam…

Biden’s administration has utterly destroyed the US economy and will pay dearly for his incompetence and destructive Leftist policies in the 2022 midterm and 2024 general elections..

What a complete disaster…

Steve Case
Reply to  SAMURAI
May 23, 2022 1:21 am

Biden’s administration has utterly destroyed the US economy and will pay dearly for his incompetence and destructive Leftist policies in the 2022 midterm and 2024 general elections..

Hmmm, I hope you are right, but I don’t see anything different in the upcoming election except that all those people who stuffed the ballot box for the Democrats in 2020 won’t be schlepping their cell phones around this coming November.

Oh, the rest of your post? Damn good run-down.

May 22, 2022 5:05 am

$40,000,000,000 to Ukraine with no oversight. Which means that $0.00 will actually make it to the people who need help, and that number may be too high. $10,000,000,000 will find its way into the hands of US politicians, another $25,000,000,000 will be spent on weapon manufacturers in which the US politicians own stock in, and the last $5,000,000,000 will end up in the hands of Ukrainian politicians.

Meanwhile, that $40 billion (or thousand million for those across the pond) will make inflation worse. Which will make it harder for people to afford electricity. But don’t worry, they have promised $4.5 billion to help with that, which, again, will make inflation worse.

And even worse than that, it will also make people dependent on the government. These are the same people who demand that we eat bugs and lab grown meat, while they still eat steak from cows; who demand we own nothing, while they own everything; and who demand we buy an electric car that we cannot afford, while they still own private airplanes and gas-guzzling cars. These people hate us. High energy and food prices means we will be dependent on people who openly hate us and want to rule over us.

Reply to  Wade
May 22, 2022 6:35 am

Congress cares more about Ukraine then US citizens.

Reply to  Wade
May 22, 2022 6:55 am

And what proof you have for your wild claims??
“means that $0.00 will actually make it to the people who need help”

I take it you the idiot have never ever set foot in Ukraine??

Reply to  pigs_in_space
May 22, 2022 8:14 am

Uh, wrong. I have family in Ukraine. I have been in Ukraine. I have the pictures to prove it. My family is in the western half that speaks Ukrainian. Beautiful country, with drab communist style buildings, instead of pretty capitalist style buildings found over here. (The exception being the old pre-communist European style buildings.) My family has a home, another lives in a tenement. My family with the home is poor due to communism, so most of their yard is a garden except for the vodka still and the fruit trees. Every time I went there I felt happy that I didn’t have to endure under communism.

I know $0.00 will end up in the hands of people suffering from this useless war because I know history. Politicians are corrupt. As one example, Joe Biden has been in politics for 49 years now, which means he has spent very little time in the private sector. Yet, somehow he is a multi-millionaire. Where did the money come from? And just because Putin was wrong to invade does not mean Ukraine is in the right. Did you know Ukraine broke a treaty with Russia? Ukraine was the country Joe Biden’s son used to funnel money to his pocket. This isn’t a US or Ukraine thing, it is a politician thing. How many rich dictators are in Africa? Why is Maduro in Venezuela fat while many in his country have to eat out of trash cans just to avoid starvation because the bread line ran out of food? Remember the UN’s oil-for-food scandal? Do you see a pattern? Shall I go on?

History always shows that the people who really need help don’t get it, while the rich get richer somehow. They don’t care if we suffer. They don’t care that we cannot afford the cool or heat our home. This attitude is as old as human history. If you read the gospel of John in the Bible, the Pharisees called the people ‘accursed’. That was thousands of years ago. This same attitude lead Hillary Clinton to use the word “deplorables” and Justin Trudeau to use “people with unacceptable views”. High energy costs is a feature, not a bug. Graft is a feature, not a bug. And make no mistake, the republicans are just as bad. There are only a few less corrupt ones.

Frank from NoVA
Reply to  Wade
May 22, 2022 11:14 am

‘Where did the money come from?’

Probably a good chunk of it originates in Ukraine. The fact that there was no Progressive / Neo-Con / RINO support to ensure oversight over the $40B Ukraine ‘aid’ bill means there’ll be a lot more grift where that came from.

Btw Wade, very nice post!

Richard Greene
Reply to  Wade
May 22, 2022 11:17 am

Thanks for your comments/
The US and UL promised to defend Ukraine to encourage them to give up their nuclear weapons. Then in 2014 Russia seized Crimea and the US and UK did nothing.
A Donbas civil war began in 20215 with Russian speaking Uhrainians who wanted their own nation, in 8 years about 14,000 were killed and 30,000+ wounded. Most Russian speaking Ukrainians and about 25% Russian speaking civilians. The US and UK did nothing to end the civil war over those eight years. Russia decided to do the job this year. But I don’t see the connection between “liberating” the Donfas comment and attacking the rest of Ukraine.

Meanwhile Ukraine has become a proxy war between Joe Biden, with dementia, and Vlad Putin, who is sick with some serious illness, not looking anywhere near normal in video. the majority of nuclear weapons in the world are controlled by two unhealthy men? That can’t be good.

Frank from NoVA
Reply to  Richard Greene
May 22, 2022 8:30 pm

‘The US and UL promised to defend Ukraine to encourage them to give up their nuclear weapons.’

What is ‘UL’? UK?

‘Then in 2014 Russia seized Crimea and the US and UK did nothing.’

Missing our CIA / State Department inspired coup here….

Reply to  Wade
May 22, 2022 10:47 am

Once again I remind everyone that those who seek to lower your standard of living are not your friends.

Reply to  Wade
May 22, 2022 6:49 pm

Starving American children are dressing as Nazi loving Azov battalion soldiers to get a piece of the $40 billion.

May 22, 2022 5:31 am

I wonder how many people realize that they have been voting for this?

Captain Climate
May 22, 2022 5:33 am

That’s like 6% of the state. We are clearly in a recession.

May 22, 2022 5:57 am

As former British prime minister once famously said, “if it’s not hurting, it’s not working”.

May 22, 2022 5:58 am

“Biden claimed in his [state of the union] speech that his green policies would ‘cut energy costs for families an average of $500 a year by combatting climate change’. In reality, the direct impact of his climate agenda is to raise energy prices by reducing the supply and increasing the cost of coal, oil and natural gas. “

The laws of supply and demand have not changed.

Reply to  fretslider
May 22, 2022 9:25 am

Biden couldn’t have said something like that….

If he had, Duane would be prattling on about what a propagandistic liar Biden is, because … “Presidents do not control either demand or supply of fuels, never have, never will. Markets control both.”

Richard Greene
May 22, 2022 10:13 am

This is awful reporting.
Far too many missing details.
Marc Moron ought to learn how to write.

Here are the data this reader needs:

Total # of households in NY state – information not provided

Total # of households in arrears – “over one million”

Typical # of households in arrears at this time of the year – not provided

Percentage of households occupied by people
who will actually lose their electricity and/or gas – not provided

Percentage of households where renters moved out,
leaving behind unpaid utility bills – not provided

Extenuating circumstances:

Did NY State laws encourage people to delay paying their utility bills.
perhaps related to Covid. – not provided

What happens to people who move out of their apartments
without paying their bills? – not provided

Does a lack of punishment encourage people
to not pay off their utility bills? – not provided

Reply to  Richard Greene
May 22, 2022 11:04 am

If you are really interested in that irrelevant data, look it up yourself.
Marc did not write this article to meet your whims but to make a point about discouraging energy development is harming people.

Is that you Griff?

John Hultquist
May 22, 2022 10:25 am

The 2 counties of NY State mentioned have electric prices more than double (2X) what most places pay. There are various reasons for this, but the anti-carbon and anti-nuke mindset of Empire Staters explains much of it.

I suspect the folks will want the national government to send them money (newly created) rather than fix the problem by voting.

Frank from NoVA
Reply to  John Hultquist
May 22, 2022 10:56 am

‘The 2 counties of NY State mentioned have electric prices more than double (2X) what most places pay.’

The shutting down of nearby Indian Point’s 2,000MW nuclear reactors about a year ago probably has something to do with this….

May 22, 2022 11:29 am

When large number of shutoffs are being carried out the leadership should also be shut off. That would never happen but it’s a thought.

Shoki Kaneda
May 22, 2022 11:32 am

Looks like a new federal “energy relief program” blamed on climate change is in the offing.

Joe Gordon
May 22, 2022 11:35 am

People are quite happy to join a religion and achieve salvation if the government is willing to pay the tithe for them.

Dennis G. Sandberg
May 22, 2022 2:09 pm

Only a few New York residents are having trouble paying their power bills, the real problem starts when they begin paying for the soon to arrive offshore spinning trash. Just because it’ll be so far offshore they won’t be able to see it, doesn’t mean they won’t “feel” it. Especially during calm, extremely hot summer days, and cold windless winter events. But, even that won’t be too bad, the real crisis will come when the 10x more expensive battery storage “solution” is deployed. Can’t fix stupid.

May 22, 2022 3:59 pm

I was in Rochester NY in July 2015 and stayed in a hotel. I walked in the room and the temperature was set for about 65 Degrees. First thing I did was to turn the temperature up to what I consider a far more comfortable 78 Degrees. Ok, I am from Arizona so I may be comfortable when it’s much warmer. It took about a day for the room to warm up and when lady who cleaned the room came in, she thought there was a problem with the room temperature. I explained that I was freezing at the other setting and turned it up.
I don’t think that Phoenix will have a power problem this summer but I have already considered running my house about 81 degrees should there be a need. Consider that in the days before AC, coolers might result in temperatures up to 85 during the day and before coolers, room temperatures were even higher with outside temperatures around 110 degrees.
We have become somewhat pampered and have forgot that a little discomfort isn’t going to hurt us. Yes, excessive temperature can kill but being a little uncomfortable will help with the power bill.
I can afford the higher power bill but I am willing to conserve to ensure the power is there for those how might need it.

Reply to  Dena
May 22, 2022 8:19 pm

Dena, “But it’s a dry heat!” may be a cliche – but it is founded in hard fact.

I’m a native Arizonan myself, but spent a few years in New Hampshire. The southern part, which is full of lakes, ponds, and some outright bogs. Extremely humid in the summer.

In Tucson, I am not happy when it’s 100 outside, but am able to function. Even work outside (in the shade). The times that it hit 100 in New Hampshire, I was flat out unable to do anything. I was in my early 20s at the time, too – forty years later, I would be at serious risk of death in those conditions.

It is temperature and humidity that kills many people in climates other than our dry one. Even during the pre-monsoon “mug,” we are still much dryer than many, many other places.

Reply to  writing observer
May 22, 2022 9:25 pm

Air conditioners extract water from the air. In the east they use small AC units so they run more and extract more moisture from the air. In Arizona, we use massive units because they may have to handle a 120 degree day and on cooler days, the humidity really isn’t the problem that is in the east. You don’t need to run 65 degrees for effective cooling in more humid conditions.
Just for the information of others, I have a modern 2,000 square foot house with a 4 ton unit. When I replace the unit I will consider a 5 ton unite because my current unit barely handles 120 degree weather. In the east, a 2 ton unit would probably handle the same house.

May 22, 2022 6:11 pm

Don’t you see? If more people can’t afford to turn on their air conditioners in summer, then more people will experience global warming.

Enlightened Archivist
May 23, 2022 5:10 am

If folks are having trouble paying their electric bill now, wait till they have to plug in their cars. No air conditioning, no transportation. What a life!

Robert of Texas
May 23, 2022 10:06 am

You want people to have power? Then build reliable low-cost energy power stations. This is common sense, not rocket science.

Luke Lafferre
May 24, 2022 3:57 am

You only imply but do not say that energy costs have increased and that this has caused the problem.

May 24, 2022 9:46 am

Yes, this picks up where Covid leaves off, when people die from the heat. The timing is just right…

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