Climate regulation changed with the proliferation of marine animals and terrestrial plants

“The shift from a Precambrian Earth state to the modern state can probably be attributed to major biological innovations – the radiation of sponges, radiolarians, diatoms and land plants.”

Global Man-made CO2 emissions 1965 – 2020: BP data

Although they hesitated for a moment as a result of COVID, it is clear that CO2 emissions are continuing to grow in the Developing World and they can expected to…

Greenland Votes to Suspend Oil and Uranium Exploration because Climate Change

The Greenland Government, which currently survives on handouts from Denmark, has voted not to encourage the development of local oil and mineral resources, because of climate change.

Friday Funny: Andrew Dessler’s Self-citing Consensus

Then who burst onto the scene but activist Mini-Mann, Andrew Dessler. He very sanctimoniously poo-pooed this heretic questioning of expertise.

Another Biden Administration eco-con

Any American “energy transformation” would simply transfer emissions from the United States to these other countries. Worldwide fossil fuel use and CO2/greenhouse gas emissions would actually increase significantly. Even assuming…

Hubble Trouble – NASA Working to Patch Their Ageing Space Telescope

Perhaps if they trimmed the climate budget NASA scientists might not have to spend so much time struggling with the ageing Hubble platform.

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