Greta’s Movement Is Imploding

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School Strike 4 Climate began with Greta Thunberg skipping school to protest the ‘climate emergency.’ The movement went global, with students across the globe skipping class in order to fight climate change.

It appears School Strike 4 Climate has hit a crossroads. A New Zealand chapter recently shut itself down to to it being an overwhelmingly white movement. Is this the beginning of the end for School Strike 4 Climate? We’ll find out!

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Dan Briggs
June 18, 2021 10:04 am

Have to say it does my cold, dead, heart good to see them eating each other!

Dave Fair
Reply to  Dan Briggs
June 18, 2021 11:54 am

What to do … what to do? Watch or intervene when one endangered species is eating another? Woke climate vs woke racists.

Pillage Idiot
Reply to  Dave Fair
June 18, 2021 12:03 pm

The problem is that the Venn diagram of these two groups shows almost perfect congruence between the set that contains “woke climate” people and the set that contains “woke racist” people.

Dave Fair
Reply to  Pillage Idiot
June 18, 2021 12:25 pm

That describes the finest circular firing squad.

John the Econ
Reply to  Pillage Idiot
June 19, 2021 6:41 am

Perfectly aligned and yet perfectly intolerant.

Reply to  Dave Fair
June 18, 2021 1:21 pm

Just like the Iran-Iraq War… I hope they both lose…

Reply to  Dave Fair
June 18, 2021 3:48 pm

As I have seen on a blog site, when you see something like this happening, you don’t choose a side…instead you pray for an asteroid.

Reply to  Dave Fair
June 25, 2021 10:24 am

White supremacist climate activism, oh noes! The humanity…! =)

Reply to  Dan Briggs
June 18, 2021 12:20 pm

I suggest getting out of their way and take a bunch of pictures. They are unfortunately following the herd instinct and it is backfiring on or at them…. or something like that.

Shoki Kaneda
June 18, 2021 10:08 am

A New Zealand chapter recently shut itself down to to it being an overwhelmingly white movement.”

I really do not understand the concept of loathing the skin with which you were born. It has nothing to do with who a person is, ethics, morality, beliefs, etc.

Richard from Brooklyn (South)
Reply to  Shoki Kaneda
June 18, 2021 11:54 am

While I agree with the sentiments expressed here that the issue (if important) should transcend colour, let’s not leap to the conclusion that the closing of a ‘white’ chapter in Auckland NZ means that they have all packed up their tents and taken up another woke issue.
No. their press release (and as was reported in NZ media) stated that they would disband and seek to join a properly constituted diverse climate strike movement. Their was less detail about when and how this was to be formed but clearly such detail would not come from this ‘white’ group.
Time will tell is another ‘diverse’ movement arises.

Other climate issues are causing more impact in NZ ATM. The Governments EV subsidy that normal people actually have to pay directly from their pocket (rather than from taxes) has caused much more concern. EVs are too expensive for the majority of people to buy and do not cut it in range. Even then, people need a car to drive a real distance, certainly on holiday, and the costs of 2 extra nights away just to charge up will not please anyone.
Farmers (where we as a country earn most of our money) have complained that their utes (pick ups in Americanish) need towing and carrying capacity and range and there are no EV utes yet. The Government just said that these will “come soon” so you farmers just have to suck it up in the mean time.

I predict a rising backlash (ballot box?) simply as this hits directly in the pocket and is not the hidden climate tax we all have has to date.

Paul Johnson
Reply to  Richard from Brooklyn (South)
June 18, 2021 12:31 pm

Could it be that they simply lack funding and are seeking to put their best face in it?

Gordon A. Dressler
Reply to  Paul Johnson
June 18, 2021 1:34 pm

A GoFundMe page for Greta? . . . she could probably retire on that.

Reply to  Gordon A. Dressler
June 18, 2021 1:45 pm

If she would promise to go away and never be heard from again, I’d be tempted to donate to that.

Dave Fair
Reply to  Shoki Kaneda
June 18, 2021 11:56 am

“… when my little children will be judged on the content of their character, not the color …”

Last edited 1 year ago by Dave Fair
Caligula Jones
Reply to  Dave Fair
June 18, 2021 1:08 pm

I actually quoted this to someone who was praising Kamala Harris. No, they didn’t get the irony…

Reply to  Caligula Jones
June 18, 2021 1:46 pm

Other than as a useful martyr who was shot, MLK has been memory holed.

Reply to  MarkW
June 18, 2021 4:01 pm

I like to post this whenever some karen says we should not question the covid laws…

Reply to  PaulH
June 19, 2021 9:27 am

The problem here is who gets to decide which laws are just and which aren’t.
According to the Antifa thugs, private property itself is unjust.

Reply to  Caligula Jones
June 19, 2021 4:18 pm

I’ve been told it’s racist to quote that. Or that it’s taken out of context.

Reply to  Shoki Kaneda
June 18, 2021 1:05 pm

Remember, these are children who are unencumbered by the thought process and led more by their hormones than anything else.
H/T Tom Magliozzi (Click and Clack)

Reply to  yirgach
June 18, 2021 3:49 pm

Hormones and propaganda

Reply to  Shoki Kaneda
June 18, 2021 3:48 pm

Nothing about Marxism makes any sense

Tom Gelsthorpe
Reply to  Art
June 18, 2021 11:12 pm

One aspect of Marxism makes sense: the power of the Green-Eyed Monster of Envy to destroy what it cannot have, and does not understand.

Reply to  Shoki Kaneda
June 18, 2021 5:03 pm

It is a religious (“ethical”) movement founded on diversity [dogma] (i.e. color judgment), based on internally, externally, and mutually inconsistent principles, not limited to racism, sexism, ageism.

Last edited 1 year ago by n.n
Reply to  Shoki Kaneda
June 18, 2021 5:42 pm

“I really do not understand the concept of loathing the skin with which you were born”

Because you’ve never had Psoriasis or Shingles !

Last edited 1 year ago by saveenergy
Patrick MJD
Reply to  Shoki Kaneda
June 18, 2021 10:10 pm

There’s is no such thing as white in NZ anymore. If you happen to be white and male, leave.

Reply to  Shoki Kaneda
June 18, 2021 10:39 pm

We’re all the same colour under the skin

John Tillman
June 18, 2021 10:13 am

I guess they couldn’t find a token Maori gullible enough to join.

Reply to  John Tillman
June 18, 2021 10:26 am

Minority movements are all the rage. Once you find yourself in a majority, better fold.

Reply to  Curious George
June 18, 2021 5:09 pm

Yes, diversity [dogma] (i.e. color judgment), not limited to racism, sexism, ageism, denies individual dignity, individual conscience, intrinsic value, and normalizes color blocs (e.g. the racist designation “people of color”), color quotas (e.g. Jew privilege, White privilege), and affirmative discrimination. Also, the democratic/dictatorial duality. One step forward, two steps backward.

That said, diversity of individuals, minority of one. Baby Lives Matter

Reply to  n.n
June 18, 2021 8:45 pm

Well, that knife cuts both ways. If “divversity” is so dogmatically important, every “climate-warrior” NGO _must_ have a pro-fossil, pro-nuclear, pro-cheap energy chapter. Maybe even an actual pro-pollution chapter, or the whole thing is inherently unjust and one-sided!

Dave Fair
Reply to  John Tillman
June 18, 2021 11:57 am

Pay ’em!

Gerald Hanner
Reply to  John Tillman
June 18, 2021 12:34 pm

The Maoris got there in open canoes; the white folks came by prison ship and other more modern means of transportation.

Reply to  Gerald Hanner
June 18, 2021 4:13 pm

Wrong . Australia was the penal colony not NZ

Reply to  Gerald Hanner
June 18, 2021 4:48 pm

Hey Gerald Hammer you got that wrong .
No transportation of convicts to New Zealand .
My descendants all came on sailing ships over 150 years ago .
All were free looking for a new start and a better life .
Back to this woke movement for Gretta disbanding may be they have seen the light?.
This just go’s to show how shallow these people in charge are and they do not mix with other ethnic groups.
They probally all live in Auckland and don’t mix with all people as we do in country towns .We take no notice of the colour ot any ones skin around here .Golf Cub ,Bridge Club ,Rotary Club,or Rugby Club..
Business or pleasure we are all New Zealanders .

Chris Morris
Reply to  John Tillman
June 18, 2021 1:32 pm

It was actually the opposite reason. It has come out that BIPOC members (which were exclusively Maori) demanded money to be involved. This money was to come from the near exclusively white volunteers. So high ideals defeated by moneygrubbing. How unusual.

June 18, 2021 10:14 am

Look, they’re immature children.
They’ll join in on anything they perceive all the other kids are into because its the cool thing to do.

Kids don’t fear global warming anything like they fear not being “cool”.

Alan the Brit
Reply to  Mr.
June 18, 2021 10:05 pm

Sometimes they get really excited, they join in because it’s a hot thing to do, in fact it’s so hot it’s actually cool!!! That’s the yoof for you!!! 😉

Reply to  Mr.
June 18, 2021 11:39 pm

And the teachers promote this . . . and also get the Friday off.
There’s no flies on teachers.

Reply to  Mr.
June 19, 2021 12:29 am

Just think, the democrats want these kids to vote(over 16)

June 18, 2021 10:18 am

First world problems on parade

Reply to  Scott
June 18, 2021 10:20 am

At least one can say that an imploding movement is better than an exploding movement.

Reply to  Scissor
June 18, 2021 10:43 am

Thanks, Scissor. Still laughing as I write this.


Reply to  Scott
June 19, 2021 7:18 am

Climate Change the worry you have when you have nothing else to worry about.

Gary Pearse
June 18, 2021 10:27 am

“A New Zealand chapter recently shut itself down to to it being an overwhelmingly white movement”

I have been harranging on this fact for the whole meme of Global warming and all the diversity drivel, gender inventions. All the Champaign Socialists oiling the wheels. The entire edifice for destroying civilization is a white persons thing. The emperor not only has no clothes, but buck-naked, he’s white.

Dave Fair
Reply to  Gary Pearse
June 18, 2021 12:29 pm

The race hustlers (along with every other con) have jumped on the CliSciFi bandwagon.

June 18, 2021 10:30 am

Greta’s movement just proved that climate change is the ultimate white privilege concern, if such a thing exists. You need to have a lot of spare cash and time to get excited about that nonsense.

Reply to  Greg61
June 18, 2021 1:04 pm

climate change has always been about regressive taxation while the rich fly private jets.

Reply to  ResourceGuy
June 18, 2021 11:19 am

Turns out it is Autonomous. Of course, Autonomous and AI are not equivalent terms. If it was true AI, it probably would decide to go somewhere else than the creators had intended.

Dave Fair
Reply to  ResourceGuy
June 18, 2021 12:02 pm

With no humans on board the ship, there’s no one to make repairs while it’s at sea.” Great endorsement for sending AI on all missions that are unsafe for humans.

June 18, 2021 10:48 am

Now that Climate Change has been declared racist maybe we can cancel it.

Alan the Brit
Reply to  markl
June 18, 2021 10:18 pm

I believe in Climate Change, always have done! As a retired engineer but also when active, I would say to people going on about it, that the Earth’s climate is always changing, always has done, always will do, & the only true Climate Change deniers are those who deny that the Earth’s climate changes!!! I have even offered to lend such people a couple of geology books to help them in their education!!!

PS, can anyone tell me just how terribly high the Earth’s average temperature has risen in the last 20 years or so, I don’t seem to recall hearing any clamour from the warmunists of late about actual temperatures! Has all the fizz left their CC bottle?

AGW is Not Science
Reply to  Alan the Brit
June 19, 2021 10:42 am

Clarified for you…

the only true Climate Change deniers are those who deny that the Earth’s climate changes absent a human influence!!!

June 18, 2021 10:48 am

Not to worry. Gold Club members get to fly to many other wonderful resort lands.

June 18, 2021 11:14 am

Isn’t the entire Climate Alarm movement overwhelmingly white?

Reply to  Jeff in Calgary
June 18, 2021 11:28 am

Yes, until the smell of money attacks many others.

mark from the midwest
Reply to  Jeff in Calgary
June 18, 2021 12:09 pm

Pretty much. And if you look beyond that go to any land grant university and look at their programs in natural resources or ecology or other one-offs like “environmental studies.” Students are just about 100% white as white can be.

Joseph Zorzin
Reply to  mark from the midwest
June 18, 2021 2:09 pm

I’ve been a forester in Massachusetts since Nixon was in the White House and have never met a non white forester. In recent years, however, some women have joined the profession- and of course they ALWAYS got hired by the state agency when they applied, what with MA being ultra woke.

Reply to  Joseph Zorzin
June 18, 2021 4:15 pm

A Massachusetts Forester once provided me with the definition of a “vernal pool.” In his best Southie accent he said “wicked big puddles.”

Reply to  Jeff in Calgary
June 18, 2021 1:04 pm

I have a hunch that you may be correct ….. Margaret Mead, I won’t mention the other Margaret who recanted, Hansen, Jones, Trenberth, Oreskes, Santer, Thunberg, Trofim Karl …. and the list goes on. Talk about racist, they won’t even let people of color be climate crackpots.

For a Friday funny though, check this out:

Reply to  Jeff in Calgary
June 19, 2021 4:22 pm

It’s the ultimate in White Privilege, given that third-world countries that can’t afford to be “carbon free” are overwhelmingly non-white.

Reply to  TonyG
June 19, 2021 4:23 pm

You know, it strikes me that this could be a possible chink in the armor…

June 18, 2021 11:15 am

A poorly considered campaign: kids out of school separates them from their primary source of indoctrination, and deprives those same (primarily white) teachers of their incomes. And of course, think of the motivation: “Stay out of school, children, and you, too, can grow(?) up(?) to be just as angry, demented, and useless as Greta.” And of course, there are all those fuel-saving, non-power-using activities you can do when you’re not in school.

Reply to  dk_
June 18, 2021 4:29 pm

Highly unlikely that the teachers are deprived of their incomes.

Alan the Brit
Reply to  dk_
June 18, 2021 10:24 pm

Yes, just imagine all those liberated school children, given oodles of free time to play on their manmade fossil-fuel derived mobile phones/ipods/tablets etc!!! Tell it like it is kiddies, who needs fossil fuels???

June 18, 2021 11:18 am

School Strike for blah, blah, blah.
An excuse to skip school, with a “noble cause” so the adults will let them get away with it.
Now that summer is coming, no more need to skip, and everybody has better things to do.

How convenient.

Reply to  TonyL
June 18, 2021 10:52 pm

It’s early winter in NZ

Craig from Oz
Reply to  TonyL
June 19, 2021 5:34 am

The other point is that you can only skip school when you are enrolled in school in the first place.

Leave school, either sideways into the workforce or out the top by ‘finishing’, and you have nothing to strike against.

This is like ‘Youth Issues’ and the ‘Youth Vote’ that parties like The Greens here in Australia like to claim are vital and need to be respected. Actually no, they don’t. Youth are only youth until they age. Once they become ‘adult’ they start to look back and ‘youth’ and develop a dislike for the spoiled little idiots.

The fact that Greta is no long ‘one of us’ isn’t helping either.

Bruce Cobb
June 18, 2021 11:19 am

Spoiled, rich, white, self-important, virtue-signalling Climate Kidz FEEWINGS matter!

Brian Pratt
June 18, 2021 11:36 am

Rex Murphy had a fun column about our Green Party’s apparent disintegration in yesterday’s National Post. Greta gets mentioned. Hopefully the attached screen shot is legible.

Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 12.34.31 PM.png
Randle Dewees
Reply to  Brian Pratt
June 18, 2021 11:56 am

open in a new tab, zoom screen
And yes, it is a good column, thanks for posting it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Randle Dewees
Reply to  Randle Dewees
June 18, 2021 1:06 pm

Yes it is, like all of Rex’s columns. But you really need to be Canadian to understand all of Rex’s subtle or nor so subtle references.

Reply to  Brian Pratt
June 18, 2021 1:07 pm
Caligula Jones
Reply to  Brian Pratt
June 18, 2021 1:19 pm

Yes, a “national party” that received less popular support (6.55%) than a party with voters in one province PQ in Quebect (7.63%).

Although I give them credit, never though they’d get over 5%.

Steve Z
June 18, 2021 11:56 am

Maybe a lot of the black people living in sub-Saharan Africa are too busy developing their oil resources (Nigeria in particular), and don’t appreciate Greta trying to shut down their business.

June 18, 2021 12:02 pm

Worrying about climate IS a wealthy bourgeois privileged. Happily they are now so busy trying to out-woke each other they will disappear up their own ass. The tipping point has been reached.

June 18, 2021 12:12 pm

Well, circled wagons will eventually shoot themselves, if they’re all perturbed enough about something.

John K. Sutherland
June 18, 2021 12:18 pm

‘Scoldlilocks’s grasping, manipulative parents, made their money off this scam already, so they can move on to the next con.

Dave Fair
Reply to  John K. Sutherland
June 18, 2021 4:21 pm

Scoldilocks is one for the dictionary.

Alan the Brit
Reply to  Dave Fair
June 18, 2021 10:27 pm

“How dare you!!!” 😉

Dave Fair
Reply to  Alan the Brit
June 19, 2021 8:53 am

Thank you, Alan, for the badge of honor.

Kevin R.
June 18, 2021 12:23 pm

The inherent contradictions of socialism.

June 18, 2021 12:27 pm

School Strike 4 Climate began with Greta Thunberg skipping school to protest the ‘climate emergency.’ The movement went global, with students across the globe skipping class in order to play video games.

There, fixed it.

June 18, 2021 12:44 pm

It seems people of color have more important things to worry about than what some expensive computer game says the weather will be in 50 years.

Hokey Schtick
June 18, 2021 12:55 pm

Climate change is a white girl thing.

Reply to  Hokey Schtick
June 19, 2021 8:35 am

100% true

Ed Zuiderwijk
June 18, 2021 12:55 pm

I’ll miss her. The world needs more Pixies of Doom. From Sweden. Like furniture flatpacks they come with an unintelligible manual written by a laptop in China. Good for a laugh.

Caligula Jones
June 18, 2021 1:07 pm

I’m afraid, as usual, this generation is literally decades behind the previous generation:

I don’t care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members.” G. Marx

Although, Monty Python had it better with its Judean People’s Front vs. the People’s Front of Judea…not to mention the Popular Front…

Reply to  Caligula Jones
June 18, 2021 5:25 pm

Judean People’s Front vs. the People’s Front of Judea

June 18, 2021 1:27 pm

Here is another step down in temps at the South Pole. This is at 10 hPa, and one spot has recorded a temp of -129F. This translates down to a spot on the surface which is reading -96F today, very cold. ….,-89.47,481/loc=-169.691,-80.389

Dave Fair
Reply to  goldminor
June 18, 2021 2:10 pm

Great pictorial representation why they had a bitch of a time sailing around the tip of South America.

Tom Gelsthorpe
June 18, 2021 2:01 pm

Like many talented child actors, Greta goes by Harry Truman’s dictum: “Always be sincere, even if you don’t mean it.”

Since there’s no substance to her shtick, she needs another gimmick besides ostentatious angst, and Viking child braids. Maybe a horned helmet would buy her another 15 minutes of fame. And a battle-axe, if the helmet’s not enough.

Dave Fair
Reply to  Tom Gelsthorpe
June 18, 2021 4:23 pm

Is her mother the battle-axe?

Reply to  Tom Gelsthorpe
June 19, 2021 12:55 am

Horned helmet AND breast cups!
97% of fantasy film makers agree that breast cups maketh the heroine!

Reply to  Leo Smith
June 19, 2021 9:30 am

That and bikini armor

Al Miller
June 18, 2021 2:08 pm

There’s a typo in there- I’m certain they meant to say  “to it being an overwhelmingly Vapid, brain dead movement.”
There fixed it!

June 18, 2021 2:12 pm

Who posted this one? Comical Ali (Baghdad Bob)?

The Greta thing will escalate.

Gunga Din
June 18, 2021 2:19 pm

So another “useful idiot” is biting the dust.
But it’s those that pulled her strings that are the problem.
(And some of them don’t realize that they are also “useful idiots”.)

Gunga Din
Reply to  Gunga Din
June 18, 2021 2:21 pm

And then there’s Joe Biden.
A rich but useless idiot.

Dave Fair
Reply to  Gunga Din
June 18, 2021 4:25 pm

An idiot that made a fantastic family money-making machine out of ‘public’ service.

Reply to  Dave Fair
June 18, 2021 7:08 pm

Not so brilliant. Pretty much every Democrat has managed to do it.

June 18, 2021 3:47 pm

Children and “adults” who have never grown up and who think they can stomp their feet at the supermarket checkout demanding their parents buy them candy.

Reply to  Art
June 18, 2021 4:45 pm

Don’t forget the Participation Trophy.

William Capron
June 18, 2021 4:08 pm

So, where does Griff stand on this? It’s hard to know what to stand against or support until I see his opinion and do the opposite.

Reply to  William Capron
June 18, 2021 11:00 pm

Probably waiting for instructions

High Treason
June 18, 2021 4:18 pm

We should be encouraging them! …….To eat their own.
Hopefully they will collapse under the weight of their own insanity.

Frank from NoVA
June 18, 2021 4:39 pm

Ironic. She’s too old to be skipping secondary school and doesn’t have enough credits to matriculate to a university where cutting classes is a time-honored tradition.

Reply to  Frank from NoVA
June 18, 2021 11:01 pm

Greta will get an honorary doctorate

June 18, 2021 4:47 pm

Good. It looks like non-white people are the only ones capable of leading this movement, meaning white folks can go back to normal fossil fuel and maybe nuclear energy needs.
And if anyone expects the vast majority of non-white folk across the globe to start cutting back on their energy usage, good luck with that.
This could put the whole green movement out of business.
But don’t worry. Liberal, woke white folk will rescue it from it’s near certain death and try again to foist this nonsense on the rest of us. I mean, if the world’s temperature increases by 3 degrees, instead of it being -15 in Fairbanks, AK in the Winter, it would be -12. What a disaster!!!!

Reply to  Mike
June 18, 2021 5:14 pm

White, black, brown, yellow, etc. community leaders in a democratic/dictatorial project to consolidate capital and control, a secular movement, not limited to redistributive change. They are full of euphemisms for-profit.

June 18, 2021 4:58 pm

Rabid diversity (e.g. racism), huh. Some, Select Lives Matter.

June 18, 2021 5:10 pm

Woke and [morally] broke. It’s an ethical (i.e. relativistic) religious thing.

June 18, 2021 6:14 pm

The Greta movement is racist. It is racist because changes to reduce co2 will mainly impact the lower income groups which are disproportionately black. This is the dirty secret the Greta types hide.

James Stagg
June 18, 2021 6:44 pm

BTW, where are all the black scientists that support AGW? Could it be this is a racist effort to eliminate colored people from the earth?

June 18, 2021 9:29 pm

Oh, my!
I might run out of popcorn because of this development!
The Horror!

Patrick MJD
June 18, 2021 10:07 pm

When she broke on to the world stage as an activist, I said she will be dropped after her “15 minutes of fame”, and it seems to be happening. She allowed herself to be manipulated by her parents (Who should be charged with child abuse IMO), caregivers, politicians and media.

I do feel some pity because her well known mental heath issues have not prepared her for the fall.

June 18, 2021 10:16 pm

There will come a new generation loudmouth´s and I think that they will know about the exaggerations and lies that have destroyed the life of many young and they will point thier fingers at them as they scream.

June 19, 2021 2:19 am

if you are worried about seas rising why are you putting 100’s of wind turbines in the sea water displacment and building massive cruise ships and huge tankers container ships Also all building factorys etc. stopping the earth from breathing more you cover the earth with concrete the less it can breath

June 19, 2021 2:56 am

ah wokeness to the nth degree bites their own butts, now THAT- is Funny!!

June 19, 2021 3:36 am

Use their own tactics against them, that is how humans defeat these leftist a$$holes.

Bloke down the pub
June 19, 2021 3:57 am

WWW. White Woke Wrong

Craig from Oz
June 19, 2021 5:40 am

Most Left on Left conflict revolves around leadership.

Lefts are driven – rightly or wrongly – by the fact they know what is best and if only they were in charge they could use these skills to make the world a better place.

Important words are ‘in charge’.

This is why Leftie groups tend to fragment. It is not they their core beliefs are different, it is leadership.

In my view this has less to do with Woke Issues and more with the fact the people involved weren’t allowed to hold the leadership positions.

Tom Abbott
June 19, 2021 1:58 pm

Since this article is about race, let me just say Happy Juneteenth to all Americans. We are celebrating this day nationally for the first time, although it has been held officially in Texas for decades and observed by people across the nation.

Juneteenth was the day that Black Slaves in Texas learned that the Republicans had finally managed to free them from slavery.

Stephen W
June 19, 2021 6:57 pm

“this whiteness issue seems a bit privileged”

This climate change”issue” is privileged.
Climate change alarmism is an extension of white guilt.
Where it is now necessary to “check your privilege” while complaining about climate change, the left eat their own
Love it haha

June 20, 2021 12:03 am

I reckon it might implode even faster if A few more parents developed a backbone And sued the schools for allowing their children out without parental permission. My niece was supposedly going to school at the last climate strike in Australia and her mother spotted her from her office window. Consequences for said niece have not been pretty. School is also not enjoying the process as she went to school and then went to join the strike without a parent’s permission note. Since the school’s policy is that children cannot go off the school grounds during the day without permission from the parents in writing, and parents will be advised by telephone if the children so leave, and neither happened, the school is dealing with a very angry lawyer mother. I’m quite enjoying the process.

John Culhane
June 21, 2021 12:46 am

This is not Gretas movement. It is astroturfing run by the usual mob of SJW NGOs
I was curious about the Australian chapter of schoolstrike for climalte because of its distinct inter sectional vibe of women who prefer comfortable shoes.

Who is behind the contact number given here –

What a surprise the the contact number leads to onewoman project founder Madeline Price and I was not at all surprised to find this in the Guardian.

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