CNN Fact Check Admits Joe Biden Told an “Untruth” About Fracking

“Will you remember that Texas?” The Trump / Biden debate moment when Biden realised he just promised to destroy the jobs of millions of oil workers

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The internet never forgets, even when the masters of the universe appear to be doing everything in their power to suppress narratives which hurt Joe Biden’s political campaign.

Fact Check: Misleading new Trump ad claims Biden plans to ‘end fracking’

By Tara Subramaniam, CNN
Updated 1937 GMT (0337 HKT) October 26, 2020

Washington (CNN)Less than two weeks before Election Day, a new Trump campaign ad scheduled to air in Pennsylvania misleadingly portrays former Vice President Joe Biden’s stance on fracking, a drilling method used to extract oil or natural gas. 

There is some basis for the Trump campaign’s continued attacks against Biden’s stance on fracking. During the July 2019 Democratic primary debate, CNN’s Dana Bash asked whether there would be “any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking, in a Biden administration?” to which Biden responded, “No, we would — we would work it out. We would make sure it’s eliminated and no more subsidies for either one of those, either — any fossil fuel.”

During the final presidential debate, Trump referenced these past remarks from Biden, prompting the former vice president to falsely insist he never said he opposed fracking. Biden then tried to clarify his position and claimed his past opposition was specifically about fracking on federal land only. While it’s untrue for Biden to say he never voiced an opposition towards fracking, it’s also inaccurate for Trump to claim Biden’s current plan is to end fracking if elected.

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Given Biden has apparently shifted position a few times on the fracking issue, and even CNN admits he recently told an “untruth” about his past statements on fracking during the last Presidential Debate, surely it is reasonable to suspect Joe Biden does not want to come clean on his fracking policy.

What are the alternative possibilities? If Biden didn’t realise he was speaking an untruth about his previous statements on such an important issue, because his memory is failing, that would in some ways be even worse.

88 thoughts on “CNN Fact Check Admits Joe Biden Told an “Untruth” About Fracking

  1. Despite his vehement denials, Joe Biden has said he would end fracking on MANY different occasions! Does he not know that the internet NEVER forgets? ANYTHING? Or does he think Americans don’t remember these things? Either way, he is sadly mistaken!

      • Biden is totally shot at this stage. The George um, George erm …. comment was clear, clinical evidence of dementia. For a moment he actually forgot who he was running against, he forgot who the pres. of the USA is. The last 15y disappeared in the bat of a synapse and his association of US president came up with George Erm. ( Assuming that this was not a flashback to George Erm Sr. )

        Soon they will find him wandering around in the woods of his Delaware mansion, dressed in his nightgown, looking the puppy he used to have when he was five years old.

        Senile dementia is tragic, but to pretend that this guy can seriously assume and fulfill the responsibility of the office of President of the United States is laughable.

        He will get hit with an amendment 25 process or get permanently tucked away out of sight as soon as he is inaugurated.

        A vote for Biden is a vote for president Harris. A candidate who only polled about 3% with the Dems themselves in the primaries.

        The Biden/Harris ticket is not just showing contempt for the nation as a whole it is showing, once again, the total contempt the DNC has for their own voters.

        • “( Assuming that this was not a flashback to George Erm Sr. )”

          That’s what I was thinking. Was Biden thinking about George W., or George H.W.? Or maybe he was thinking about George Washington.

        • I’ll be a bit gentle on the guy. He no longer can understand what is going on.

          The people backing are using cruel an unusual punishment since the criminal can,t understand what is going on.

    • More tha a few sites are doing quite a bit of “forgetting” anything unpleasant, to their way of looking at the world.

    • I have a compilation video that someone produced in which Biden says ‘end fracking’ several times and doesn’t back out of it. So CNN is incorrect in this case, whether they like it or not. We all know he’s just doing that to get vote, nothing else.

      • So Joe’s handlers craft short carefully worded position statements, Joe contradicts them numerous times in debates and campaign events, but the media insists that Joe’s “position” is whatever his website says about it.

        I can’t think of any other time when the media has ignored the numerous plain statements or actions of a politician and used a talking point summary as their ultimate source.

  2. Poor old Joe, he is now reduced to asking CNN what he said and was it the truth about a subject he has no recollection of.
    In another moment of candid recollection he said…” Watch my lips, I did not have sexual relations with that woman, I would die for my country, but I would never ask my country to die for me, there you go again yes we can, it’s the economy stupid……”

  3. This journalist clearly bends over backwards pretending that Joe has not actually said what Joe did say. And of course the president was untruthful too, because Joe only half lied, you must understand that, obviously. That’s journalism for you, nowadays. Walter Cronkite turns in his grave.

    • A) It’s a CNN fact check. No journalism involved. They would need an army of fact checkers to point out all of CNN’s lies.
      B) Walter Cronkite lied also. He wanted the war in Vietnam to end so he downplayed US military victories to get the man on the street against the war.

      • Don’t forget the nightly count of the dead, on CBS evening news. Remind you of anything NOW?

        The daily update of the China Virus death toll in the US, with no real context, as in it is throughout the population spreading rapidly but not killing many due to many of the most susceptible to death from contracting this virus have already had it and died.

        All coverage meant to benefit old slow Joe.

  4. My God, all you have to do is look at “The Green New Deal” and you will know what the Democrats have in mind. One has to believe that put in power they will actually do what they say they will do. After all, they have already started.

  5. There is no reason to “fact check” Joe Biden. His only strong point is that he is not Donald Trump.

    • 😎
      Besides, he wouldn’t stay President. Harris would.
      (Cue the clips of Joe and Harris both talking of a Harris administration.)

      • Not to jump into politics, but others are saying data says Kamala Harris is an “anchor baby” and thus unable to become President.

        • Harris’ parents’ citizenship has no bearing on hers, in this case. She was born in Oakland, California and is thus a “natural born citizen”. There’s no traction on this issue. She’s still a left wing socialist idiot, but that’s a different story.

  6. To be fair, Joe Biden is not for or against fracking, it is unlikely he has any idea what it is. He just parrots whatever his handlers tell him to say when he can remember it.

    • Joe is confused, Joe for fracking, but he thought he was “fracking” Jill while his other wife was still alive.

    • One of the problems is trying to be fair.

      The Harris/Biden camp doesn’t give a rat crap about fair … only about power and winning. Fair is defined, to them, as a situation that will be interpreted with usually peripheral or indirect (or even direct) benefits to them.

    • ROFL.

      A Green candidate in an election a Canada clearly did not understand what fracing is.

      (FTR, ‘fracing’ is the correct spelling, from ‘hydraulic fracturing’.

  7. Joe’s current position is to end fossil fuel use by 2035 and net zero emissions by 2050. Both of those require the end of fracking.

    • Not necessarily. We could sell all that oil and natural gas to other countries. that way OUR “carbon” will be lower, but we can still frack.

    • He won’t ban fracking. He will ban all oil exploration and development, but n the process won’t specifically ban fracking.

      • Trump, yes. Biden, who the hell knows.

        I’d be willing to bet that our economy pre-covid was better than yours.

      • Justice Amy Coney Barrett is among our best.
        (That’s why the MSM and the Dems are going nuts, on steroids)

      • Remember, half of all people are below average intelligence . . . and, at least in the US, many of those end up as career politicians of one form or another.


        • Gordon
          Counting those with senility, and those who have fried their brains on recreational drugs, and those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries from accidents, MORE than half have IQs below 100.

          Those who can’t even teach teachers have no recourse but to go on the public dole, or become politicians. But, I repeat myself.

        • depends on how you define “average”.

          (also may depend on how you define “half”, “all”, “people”, & “below” if you are dealing with a Clinton Democrat).

      • I blame it on the primary system. People voting for the person who will represent the party just doesn’t seem to work as well as the smoke filled rooms.
        Also remember the really smart people are far too smart to get involved in government. You end up with half the people hating you and you become a politician. Politicians are best known for kissing babies while stealing their candy. Only somebody who doesn’t know any better or who wants to steal the people blind would run for office.

        • Dena,
          I see the primary system as a violation of our right of free association. When anybody or any group can, by merely registering as adherents of your party, take it over and change its platform, it becomes impossible for groups of like minded citizens to organize and advocate for their beliefs over time.

      • Tom
        What well-balanced person would really want the thankless job? It takes someone with a lust for power or a need to feed their ego to be willing to put up with all the abuse, especially if they are Republican! What the president puts up with from the Media would be considered work place harassment if it came from other employees.

      • America, are these two really the best you can come up with?

        Considering President Trump runs circles around every other world leader currently on the face of the planet, while at the same time serving all people of the United States admirably in what matters, don’t you contradict yourself there Foley?

        • “every other world leader”
          How disappointing. Irrespective of it’s accuracy, that’s one of the silliest, insular comments I’ve read in ages.

        • This is what a majority of Americans and most other people on the face of the planet think of Trump. A buffoon who accidentally won a reality tv show.

  8. The socialist Democrats are going to make the entire US into federal property. So when Joe says no fracking on federal lands he *is* going to end fracking!

  9. Facebook and Twitter, in order to grow even bigger need China’s market. The reason they back Biden is as favor to the Chinese government so can gain market share in China.

  10. CNN Fact Check Admits Joe Biden Told an “Untruth” About Fracking
    I have never believed we are already in end times. I do now!

  11. “it’s also inaccurate for Trump to claim Biden’s current plan is to end fracking if elected.” When you lie and flip-flop as much as Joe does, you can pick videos where he says both things. So which one does he really intend to back? Let’s face it as a liberal his desire will be to end it.

    • CNN is choosing to believe Biden’s statement of the minute on fracking is his iron clad policy position. It is CNN’s right to take such a position, but I think it is reasonable for other people to draw other conclusions.

  12. Joe OBiden dementiacrat for Senate er President is the way I refer to him. Or the old hair sniffer ain’t what he used to be, ain’t what he used to be (apologies to the old gray mare).

  13. That’s the problem with lying – you have to keep track of the lie you told, and to whom you told it. Of course if the lie was told on any media, pretty much everyone should have access to it, so it is stupid to think you can get away with that lie. However, being coddled by the MSM which itself lies all the time, Biden and his lies are heralded by the kindred media.

  14. He has no understanding of hydraulic fracture stimulation which began in the late 1940s in Kansas and Colorado. The fact that he is willing to base his industrial and energy policy on talking points about which he knows nothing is most disturbing. Very dangerous for the USA people.

      • “Of course most of them have no clue what running out of oil and gas would really be like – they just think those clever engineer chaps should figure out a solution.”

        Of course, it will be like the transition from Super 8 to 4K HD ….. S/

    • My maternal grandfather & father were long time employees of one of the fragments of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. I remember reading articles in the company magazine sent to all employees & registered stock holders. I specifically remember articles on well development using hydraulic fracturing. I also remember articles in the late 70’s & early 80’s about trying to extract oil & gas from shale. The problem to be solved was to increase the area of the well in the hydrocarbon bearing shale. Directional drilling solved the problem as well as minimized the footprint of the wellheads; thereby minimizing environmental impacts on the surface.

  15. Joe’s changing stance on fracking reminds me of another Democrat who ran for president. “I was for the war before I was against it”.

    Joe is a pathological liar, is one now & has always been. His instinct is lie when the truth would serve him better. He may now be cognitively impaired & having been in national politics for 47 years he seems to be ignorant about NEXIS before the internet & the internet never forgetting anything uploaded to a website.

    • and what would the “everyone, without restriction, everywhere, anytime, should vote” advocates have to say about the ability to correct a mistake (checked Biden) on an individual ballot?

      What would Sotomayer rule as the constitution interpreter?

  16. Biden is an idiot
    There is no need to “ban” fracking outright.
    The template for destroying the energy industry while pretending to support it is well established here in canada.
    Just keep fencing it in, death of a thousand cuts.
    Biden deserves to lose for being dumb enough to talk openly of shutting the industry down

    • Joe is no idiot just look at his GREAT Finance ABILITY making MONEY in China 😁!!! Well a little HELP from Hiden Hunter 😂😂😂

  17. We all have to remember that as Christopher Hitchens revealed in his book “Nobody Left To Lie To”, the Clinton strategy was “tri-angulation”, which was telling one thing to one regional audience, and exactly another thing to a different regional audience.

    The Democrats’ playbook hasn’t changed.

  18. Democrats never bother to learn anything.

    Republicans never bother to tell the truth about anything.

  19. The main objection to fracking is polluting groundwater. It is completely absurd, fracking happens thousands of feet underground. Do you know anyone who had to dig their well 5,000 feet down? I don’t, usually around a hundred feet or less.

    Wow, what a crock…

  20. And now Trump should explain what it’ll mean to end fracking. The current cheap price for gasoline will end. No more under $2/gallon. The price will probably triple – at least. Nobody wants that.

    “Fracking” for over 150 years. Do a web search for “E.A.L. Roberts”
    Shortly after the Civil War, Army engineer veteran Roberts started “fracturing” oil wells to increase production dramatically. He received a patent for what he called “superincumbent fluid tamping.” He would lower a “torpedo” filled with gunpowder down a well, fill the well with water to tamp the explosive and then explode the charge. Voila—”fracking” in the 1860’s

  22. The cat is out of the bag and CNN has a reputation of not telling the truth without evidence. I don’t watch CNN anymore than I would watch Baghdad Bob.

  23. Funny how they word-smith (Orwellian-style) “lie” into “untruth”. Well, actually not funny at all.

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