Venezuelan Miracle Covid-19 Cure: “Ozone Rectal Therapy”

Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro in meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Saadabad Palace
Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro in meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Saadabad Palace. By Tasnim News Agency, CC BY 4.0, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Covid-19 patients will no doubt soon be flocking to Venezuela’s socialised medical treatment centres, to receive “miracle droplets” and “ozone rectal therapy” cures for their illness.

Maduro Debuts Venezuela’s Coronavirus Cures: ‘Miracle Droplets,’ ‘Rectal Ozone Therapy’

15 Oct 2020

Socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro claimed in a nationally televised broadcast on Tuesday that Venezuela had developed several novel therapies to fight the Chinese coronavirus, including unspecified “miracle droplets” he claimed originated with a Catholic saint.

“You put some droplets under your tongue every four hours, it is yielding miraculous results,” Maduro said. “The little miracle droplets go directly, so you can take them with faith. Your body comes out refined, it eliminates COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus.”

“Venezuela is almost ready, we just need the results of the molecular investigations because we have an antiviral that is going to be a slam dunk against the coronavirus, made by Venezuelan minds, with Venezuelan wisdom and science,” Maduro added, claiming that the “miracle droplets” were in Phase Three clinical trials.

Elsewhere in the broadcast, Maduro applauded two new alleged treatments as “out of sight”: “rectal ozone therapy and intravenous ozone therapy.”

“We have a clinical study with more than 600 cases and we can say that we have a 96 percent rate of saving lives and recovery,” Maduro claimed.

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Maduro’s 96% recovery rate, implying a 4% fatality rate, suggests his cures are not doing a lot to help patients.

Perhaps I am being unfair; the impressive “cure” rate might be a measure of the number of severely ill patients who suddenly feel well enough to discharge themselves from hospital, after they catch sight of the “ozone rectal” treatment machine.

The following is a short video of Maduro’s ozone therapy announcement;

104 thoughts on “Venezuelan Miracle Covid-19 Cure: “Ozone Rectal Therapy”

  1. Stand by Californians. The state authorities ever eager to adopt any and every Venezuelan strategy for society, will be investing in anal injectors as soon as Mad-ura lets the Dems know when hey are ready for adoption.

    • I saw J.J. Cale late in his life in a small roadside venue. He played only piano. My date was a pretty redhead. We shared a pizza. I got a little drunk. My date unfortunately did not. I will never forget that evening.

  2. Ozone (IV), chlorine dioxide (IV), hydrogen peroxide (nebulized) treatments all have good reports for treating covid. Though blowing ozone up the ass might sound a little farfetched, studies do show a connection between immunity and the gut biome. That is why, IMO, hospitals blithely and routinely plying patients with antibiotics is a really dumb idea. No telling how much trouble that has caused by k!lling off good microbes while leaving antibiotic resistant, pathogenic microbes.

    • Icisil
      Your unstated assumption is that only pathogenic microbes become antibiotic resistant and only “good microbes” are killed by antibiotics. Where did you say you got your M.D.?

      One time I was out on a sport salmon fishing boat and started to get very sea sick in the Potato Patch outside the Golden Gate Bridge. The captain of the boat suggesting placing a Dramamine tablet in my rectum, based on the theory that it would be absorbed more quickly than if I took it orally. Maybe those showing signs of COVID-19 should try an HCQ tablet in their rectum! They are already dealing with cephalo-rectal insertion. Why not go full circle?

      • It’s not an assumption; there is research to support what I said. If you were really interested you could have researched it yourself and found things like this I just found.

        The drugs [antibiotics] were found to enrich genes associated with antibiotic resistance and to severely affect microbial diversity in the gut for months after exposure.

        The microorganisms in participants’ feces were severely affected by most antibiotics for months. In particular, researchers saw a decline in the abundance of health-associated species that produce butyrate, a substance that inhibits inflammation, cancer formation and stress in the gut.

        One course of antibiotics disrupts gut microbiome for a year

        • icisil
          It has already been established that half of the published medical research cannot be replicated. So, let’s assume for the sake of argument that your citation is at least half true. Given a little thought, people are routinely treated for pathogenic bacteria when they get infected, and the beneficial bacteria are always present. So, the beneficial bacteria are frequently exposed to antibiotics. Doctors are worried about pathogenic bacteria developing resistance to antibiotics. What is it about beneficial and benign bacteria that they would be immune to developing resistance? It would seem to me that, long term, the common bacteria would be more likely to develop resistance than the infrequent pathogens. BTW, it has been documented that at least some antibiotics also inhibit inflammation.

          Even if one accepts at face value that “One course of antibiotics disrupts gut microbiome for a year,” I personally have never experienced even short term symptoms, and I suspect that people would be less inclined to use antibiotics if they suffered with obvious symptoms for a year. So, I question the claim.

          • The article says nothing about symptoms. It says the microbiome was disrupted with a decline in healthful species.

          • Clyde why do you assume that disrupting gut microbiome causes obvious symptoms? That wasn’t stated. Any symptoms over a month after taking anti-biotics wouldn’t be an “obvious” symptom anyway. I don’t even know how one could start to gather good data on something like that.
            If you want to understand what I think icisil is trying to say in a not so clear way read the book “Good germs, bad germs”. For a non-fiction book it is a very entertaining read. Lots of interesting stuff.

        • You mean the study by the dentist?

          Egija Zaura, PhD

          “Researchers found that participants from the United Kingdom started the study with more antibiotic resistance than did the participants from Sweden, which could result from cultural differences. There has been a significant decline in antibiotic use in Sweden over the last two decades, Zaura said.

          In addition, fecal microbiome diversity was significantly reduced for up to four months in participants taking clindamycin and up to 12 months in those taking ciprofloxacin, though those drugs only altered the oral cavity microbiome up to one week after drug exposure. Exposure to amoxicillin had no significant effect on microbiome diversity in either the gut or oral cavity but was associated with the greatest number of antibiotic-resistant genes.”


      • Oh I forgot to mention… the image of a San Francisco boat captain suggesting putting things up your anus is pretty funny.


        Research is all over the spectrum on HCQ. We already know that approximately half of medical research can’t be replicated. It is even more suspect when half the research contradicts the other half. Both claims then have almost no credibility.

        It speaks loudly that Trump, having access to the best medical care in the world, did not even supplement his recent treatment with HCQ! When his life was on the line, he didn’t listen to medical ‘experts’ such as yourself, and went with what his physician recommended.

      • You are absolutely correct. I had bronchitis every month for 15 months. I kept asking the dr what was causing this. His reply? We have to get you well to find out.”
        One day, when I could barely get a breath, I whispered a prayer “What is causing this?” I closed my eyes, snd the answer was in neon letters, as if on my eyelids….”GERD”.
        I looked it up, and sure enough Gerd can cause bronchitis!
        When my husband came home, I told him…..we went immediately and bought probiotics.
        I. Have. Not. Had. Bronchitis. Since.
        The next time I had a checkup (several months later), as my dr was walking out the door, I casually said “BTW, I started taking probiotics.”
        He wheeled around immediately and said “Good. That’s what we give post-surgical patients, to keep them from getting secondary infections.”
        I just stared at him. He knew what I needed all along.
        Needless to say, I found a new dr and only go for yearly checkups.

    • Nitric oxide as well. It worked on SARS et al. Small amounts are produced in your sinuses constantly. Several studies under way now for it with Covid-19, IV and nebulized. Helps you breathe better and the lungs get this short lived molecule into your blood quickly where it can kill pathogens and then dissipate. I read 3 news articles yesterday saying how the ‘rona is also an intestinal disease, living there much longer than in your lungs. I’ve read other articles that say how “bad” bacteria is mostly anaerobic, so an oxidizer like ozone, nitric oxide, or H2O2 can kill it, while leaving the aerobic bacteria alone. I don’t need to be a doctor to read papers written by doctors, whether those are essays on general wellness or the result papers of various drug trials.

      Yeah, rectal ozone sounds pretty far fetched. So did “fecal transfers” a couple years ago, and now that is a really big thing for IBS and other intestinal issues. So let’s at least take a fair look at it.

      I have no idea what these “miracle drops” are, but the ozone therapies have been around a while, and are not at all original to Venezuela. There were some homeopathic plant extracts that were supposed to have worked wonders in a matter of hours for the 1918 Spanish flu, maybe these are similar. The more I read about the 1918 epidemic, the more convinced I become that a big part of the fatalities were from overdosing on aspirin. People took it by the handful, then bled to death internally, or gave themselves scurvy from the aspirin leaching them of all vitamin C. So maybe simply not taking aspirin was enough, and some root juice drops didn’t hurt. It was long before my time. Pretty sure I’ve seen zinc supplements in liquid form, and at this point I’d assume plenty of the people there are severely malnourished, so getting some Z in a quick release form could show effects quickly.

  3. A few years ago an nice elderly couple bought the house next door. We learned they had just retired from a successful business doing ‘high colonic lavage’, and the really great machine they used was for sale. Some time later the petite little old lady asked my husband to carry some boxes to the second floor. We discovered that in her retirement she was importing vast quantities of ‘supplements’ and repackaging them for sale. Totally illegal, but apparently a very good income.

    The buyers of random internet sourced home packaged ‘supplements’ need to have their heads read.

  4. No, no you’re not going to trick me into one of those “where the sun don’t shine” comments. I said that about solar energy in Canada once and Bob and Doug showed up at my house.

  5. ““rectal ozone therapy and intravenous ozone therapy.”

    Was this the basis of Trumptons miracle cure ??

    Look at Dr. Birx’s body language, she is literally trying to disappear as she cringes. Look at her legs squirm and face trying desperately not to look up and say, “Stop talking. Stop talking now.”

    • UV light is used extensively in water treatment, because it destroys bacteria and viruses.

      All Trump said was that it would be interesting to investigate.

      I don’t see any problem with that.

      Endoscopes are not a new invention, you know. !

      And anyone who thinks that “going outside” isn’t healthy in most parts of the developed world, is destined to remain locked up like a leftist , in their padded cells.

    • Both the light and disinfectant Trump mentioned are legit treatments. Chlorine dioxide is a water disinfectant, and ClO2 IV has been used in Ecuador with reportedly good success. The UV technology is under development and consists of a UV light stuck down the windpipe into the lungs. So Trump was merely reporting on potential treatments told to him by experts.

  6. What is it with these world leaders thinking they know better than the scientists? You got this fool and then guys likeTrump saying we should consider injecting disinfectant. Crazy.

    • Simon: Yeah, but your alternative thinks he running for a senate seat ….in 1972, I understand. Must must be thinking about his former young intern squeeze or something.

      There must be some sanity left on the left. I can’t believe those dependent on business income won’t hold their noses and switch to Trump rather than cut their noses off in a likely Harris Presidency a year in. I feel sorry for Joe but that’s not something to feel good about in choosing a pres.

      The Dems I’m referring to who know where their best interests lie held their noses and voted for Hilliary last time. Since Trump turns out to be good for the economy, they won’t be afraid of him this time. Lefty Crony capitalists will be all-in for Joe because they sense the end of the gravy train.

      • “Lefty Crony capitalists will be all-in for Joe because they sense the end of the gravy train.”

        Or maybe they just don’t like being lied to, or want some “crazy uncle” for another four years.
        And if you are going to hold Biden accountable for his gaffs (which is fair enough), well I’d rather have a man who makes honest mistakes than someone who lies and makes dishonest ones. “Covfefe” anyone.

        • As usual, the socialist declares that any statement that it disagrees with is a lie.

          Though I’m not surprised that your preferred politician has no connection with reality. He fits in with your preferred scientists.

          • I’ll keep my Crazy Uncle in the white house and not vote for change.
            The U.S.S.A (United Socialist States of America) is far to close to the U.S.S.R
            If Socialism/Communism were the proper path, Socialist Russia never would have collapsed

    • I’m trying to think of a single climate scientist who has more credibility than does Maduro. So far I’m drawing a blank.
      I see that Simon still prefers to repeat lies, rather than actually thinking for itself.

        • Your claim about what Trump said. That has been revealed to be a complete lie. But of course you will never allow yourself to believe that.

          • Markw
            “Your claim about what Trump said. That has been revealed to be a complete lie. But of course you will never allow yourself to believe that.”

            Here are his exact words…
            “And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute, one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning?”

            And here is what I said…”like Trump saying we should consider injecting disinfectant”

            Please explain where I am lying?

          • Simon, you do realize that a question is not a statement. Your own quote shows he is “asking” not stating and even then he is not asking if we can “inject disinfectant” because he says “something like that”. Frankly, injecting something that kills viruses i.e. “something like that” is how AIDS is treated. And how a penicillin shot works on bacteria.
            The man is brainstorming at a public podium. Not the wisest choice for politician with an R beside their name as Gringrich found out.

        • True, what lie?. Trump didn’t say any.

          Poor Simon, such an LOSER, he can’t understand what is said and the way it is said.

          So sad to be you…. zero sense of humour.. a true ultra-leftist antifa apostle.

        • “rather than actually thinking for itself.”

          Simon is NOT capable of thinking for himself.

          That has been obvious from his first post..

          REGURGITATE the twitter meme…. simple simon.. 😉

      • LOTS of major operations are done “through the skin” nowadays

        Its called arthroscopic surgery.

        And if they did find the right frequency of UV that could disable viruses without hurting human cells, it could easily be done that way.. INSIDE the body.

        So nothing Trump “actually says” in that interview is “way out” as a medical suggestion.

    • Again, Simple Simon didn’t even listen to the Trumps comments

      He suggested it be investigated.. that is all he did.

      You have TDS so bad, that you twist everything he says into you own idiocy. Just like most far-leftists.

      • You say investigated I say considered. So what we are splitting hairs. The bottom line is Trumpy is going down and it’s not on Stormy this time.

  7. Miracle droplets? Reminds me of a “therapy” pushed by some Naturopaths called Miracle Mineral Solution. The inventor claimed that his solution cured Malaria. Some claim it cures diabetes and cancer. There is some info re this solution on search engines.

  8. but… but…they are following the science!

    “We have a clinical study with more than 600 cases and we can say that we have a 96 percent rate of saving lives and recovery,” Maduro claimed.

  9. We knew some Americans in Thailand who were making a good business selling week-long coffee enema “high colonics.” The willing paid thousands of dollars a week for the privilege. They asked me for my marketing advice, which was simply, “Call your company Starbutts.” They protested that certainly they would be sued. “Exactly,” I replied. When that happens, they will pay millions to keep it from going viral. I don’t know what they did, but last I heard, they were floating around the Mediterranean in some big-ass yacht.

  10. Right up there with wearing masks made from old socks and washing your hands with super mystery virus killer solution from China. Whose laughing harder, us the Venezuelans or the snake oil venders. Have you had your daily Covid test? Hahaha haha, maniacal laughter fades.

  11. Ozone, however would be useful in the air in nursing homes or hospitals at around .02ppm to reduce the size of the initial innoculation. Fatality is related to the size of the initial infection due to the cytokine storm. Masks just reinfect the COVID infected person, making their own illness much worse. Knocking out a large percentage of airborne viral particles would reduce the severity of the disease.

    Maduro obviously has no idea about how ozone would work with COVID-4% death rate is on par with no treatment at all. Mind you, IV or rectal ozone does have its place for blood borne infection.
    Socialism does rely on constant big lies repeated frequently, so rectal ozone as opposed to useful atmospheric ozone that helps at the other end is consistent.

    Socialists should stick their ozone up their rectums (and everything else) since they believe the exact opposite of the truth and try to shove their lies down our throats.

  12. I have a pretty good idea of how the idea for this “therapy” came into existence: Some guy came up with the idea of using ozone to cure covid, and when he presented the idea to his colleagues, they all told him to shove it up his @$$.
    And here we are.

  13. On a serious note, here’s a very, very informative “tweetorial,” by an expert, which could be entitled, “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Coronavirus Vaccines (*but were afraid to ask)

    Tweet #1:

    Tweet #138 (the last tweet):

    Whole thread, unrolled by ThreadReaderApp:
    (Best format, if you block the ads, e.g., with uBlock Origin.)

    Whole thread, unrolled by Rattibha:

    Whole thread, unrolled by Threader:

    I was amazed to learn that there are, at last count, 180 different Covid-19 vaccines under development. I’m not kidding.

    On a related topic, it turns out that minks are perhaps even more vulnerable to this disease than humans. So perhaps minks should be used for animal testing of vaccines and other protective measures?

  14. If a frail demented democrat wins the US presidency, AOC will be sure to pressure him to fund research and development of this “technology” that could only arise in a socialist utopia. If successful all school age children will be dose daily at school. Then one day when the human threat to the “natural world” becomes “unprecedented” some socialist bureaucratic might switch out the drops for kool-aide.

  15. People are already lining up in San Francisco outside the Venezuelan consulate for their free rectal ozone therapy consultations.

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