GLOBAL WARNING the movie was just nominated for SIX Alberta Film and Television Awards including BEST DIRECTOR – DOCUMENTARY FEATURE

Canada is fast becoming the leading global example for what can happen when climate politics meet traditional energy industry.  It has the third largest known reserves of oil and gas on the planet and could provide affordable, reliable energy to many parts of the world but it’s not. It’s not even producing enough for it’s own people.  It is a country living a potentially tragic story of climate politics with important messages for people everywhere who are ready to see a new way forward.

Global Warning
Documentary : Politics and Social Issues
PG 99 min
Directed by Mathew Embry
Produced by Peter Beyak
Featuring: Catherine Abreu, Ian Clark, Patrick Moore, Gwyn Morgan, Stephen O’Neill, Ray Owl, John Perkins, Danielle Smith, Fritz Vahrenholt, Robert Watson, and others

When climate change politics have devastating social and economic impact on his hometown, internationally acclaimed filmmaker Mathew Embry goes searching for answers and discovers a divided nation living a cautionary tale of warning for the whole world.


Here is the website to visit and support GLOBAL WARMING the movie.

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133 thoughts on “GLOBAL WARNING the movie was just nominated for SIX Alberta Film and Television Awards including BEST DIRECTOR – DOCUMENTARY FEATURE

      • I was disappointed in this documentary. It gave too much credence to the alarmists and not enough to the refutation that CO2 is driving the climate. There was a sense of seeking compromise with the alarmists, hoping for some meeting on common ground, balancing fossil fuel economics with crazy ecoalarmists. Fat chance. Instant rejection from the crazies.
        Yes, Moore had time to express his (correct) views on the lack of any scientific evidence that man-made CO2 is causing global warming, but there was precious little coverage about the geologic and historical record of higher global temperatures when CO2 could not have been the cause. That was well done, but too short.
        I strongly believe that we must make the case for the utter failure of the climate models that are to sole basis for this global warming nonsense. The alarmists have stolen the idea that they have science behind them, when the truth is the opposite – true science must cause us to reject the CO2 hypothesis.

        • thnx for purchasing the VOD and for your review. I agree the alarmists have stolen the idea that they have the science behind them and this is grave problem. We have some fascinating interview material with the late Freeman Dyson that didn’t make it into the film. Professor Dyson was an amazing person. He talked with us about being active on the issues when the politicalization of the science began by way of politicians funding climate modellers exclusively vs the scientists who wanted to use observational analysis. Dyson was in the camp of the scientists who wanted to use scientific method based on observations and historical records. The politicians only wanted to fund climate modellers. Hence problems like the “hockey stick graph” as exposed by Dr. Tim Ball when Michael Mann sued him. Dr. Ball was also a great interviewee but didn’t make it into the final film. Perhaps Global Warning 2….

    • Hari,

      directly below the video link above is a link and that takes yo to a site where you can download the video for a charge of $5.99.

    • So is this “Movie” meant to inform Humanity, or is it a mere vehicle of profit and avarice?

      We understand that it took a great deal of effort and expense, but yet although the well known other “climate movie/docu/sagas” such as those by Al Gore and indeed most recently by Michael Moore, were distributed on multiple platforms free of charge. Though as explained in the story here, it has been nominated for awards etc, the audience will remain largely limited to those interested in internet blogs such as WUWT, and the activists of the search for truth and light in the field of this narrative.

      Joe Public, the actual voter, the general electorate, whose cross on the ballot paper can actually make a difference to official public policy on such matters will never see thus movie, or probably ever even hear about it. The movie will probably never be shown in every school, or on broadcast TV, or talked about widely in general society unless it is made as widely and publicly available as the infamous Al Gore Sci-Fi Docu-Drama. Won’t some concerned philanthropist buy out the copyright and distribute this Free of Charge?

      Perhaps the shadow executive producers, once they’ve had their “pound of flesh”, will relent and put the movie on Free Access? Again the lyrics of “A Special Person” echo in my brain … “We search but won’t reveal” and indeed “We move like Shadows”. Come out into the light, shadow producers, and make this Free Access, if you want to make a real difference to public policy in this field.

      • Jack – I am the producer of the film. I am a passionate independent filmmaker. I like to think there is a sustainable model where films made because of a passion to help enlighten humanity can also earn the creators and people who make the films a living income. I also think a model that supports the films financially is the way forward as it will enable people who make content that is counter to the mainstream narrative to make films and society can benefit by having access to content that would never be supported by the politicalized large platforms like Netflix etc. That said we are also considering possibly going out on a “free” model with a “donation” button to address your thoughts and get the film out to more and more people. We are very proud of the work and feel it tells an important story. We are sticking with the “pay per view” at this time as we believe some money for pr and mktg would help us reach more people on the larger platforms but if we can create ways to get more people watching the film and discussing the content we will go there. Thank you for your thoughts.

    • I watch all these climate change movies and have watched this one twice now, since was one of the better documentaries that at least covered both sides of the debate. My opinion was that it biased slightly to the skeptical side, if not cleverly actually being a skeptic movie. If you can stream HBO, I think I recorded it there. This movie is definitely worth watching, as compared to most of them that are 100% biased to the dark side, such as Merchants of Doubt or Climate Change: The Facts both of which were all propaganda. Patrick Moore is in this one, (one of the original founding members of Greenpeace, who is now a climate realist so that should say it all). Watch it when you see it on one of the Movie Channels… you won’t be disappointed. I came away thinking it was a skeptical position, but it was very well done with trying to show a balanced perspective, but in my mind it was for the skeptic, as the movie review below states ‘that it might challenge your perspective’.


      “Set in the home of Canada’s energy industry where the climate change debate is having more impact than perhaps anywhere in the world, audiences are taken on an exploration of the issues in private meetings at the UN Climate Conference in Bonn, Germany, at a pivotal US Congress hearing in Washington DC, in Canada’s First Nations and in the offices of some of the world’s top climate scientists. In-depth interviews, compelling characters and little known science, ‘Global Warning’ is a must see for those ready for a new journey that might challenge their perspectives on this highly polarizing topic.”

    • I tossed them the six loony bucks and watched it today. My assessment is that it is very much analogous to a movie version of Schellenberger’s Apocalypse Never in terms of style.

      A former true believer honestly and at first seemingly approvingly, lays out the other side’s arguments, accepts some of their premises but then politely crushes their arguments, ending up with the Green activist being left literally speechless.

      I don’t think it’s in doubt that the message is sympathetic to the skeptical viewpoint. Embry laments the impact that Liberal policy has had on the economy of his hometown Calgary showing scenes of vacant office space that real estate agents despair of filling. The segments with Moore and Vahrenholt are more focused and compelling than anything said on the alarmist side. The impression being that the skeptics are men of science with no political axe to grind while the activists are shallow followers of a pseudo-religious movement. Ray Owl dowsing for water couldn’t be a more apt metaphor.

      Definitely worth watching and supporting. I suppose that they have a very steep climb to have this reach much of the Canadian public.

  1. It’s not even producing enough for it’s own people.

    Typo alert; possessive pronoun ‘its’ does not have an apostrophe.

      • Thank you Peter for having the courage to produce this documentary and intelligently approach this subject matter. Good luck and all the best in winning these 6 nominations for Best Documentary. You just might have a chance in Alberta!

      • Why don’t all you guys stop whining about spelling issues and comment on the value of the documentary (or not)? By the way I’m a climate change sceptic. This entire climate crisis cult scam was put together by the United Nations IPCC with Gore as it’s first director, supported financially by organizations like the Rockefeller Foundation and George Soros as a tool to convince people to pay for so-called green energy to ultimately redistribute the worlds wealth. The climate will change regardless of what man does and has been changing forever! The crisis is that Alberta, Canada’s oil producer, is being raped by the climate change nutcases. The plan is to “decarbonize” the province by the Trudeau government all in the name of climate change at the same time to destroy its own economy.

        • I fixed the punctuation on “it’s”. I agree Tex and hope people will comment on the value of the documentary. The people who have commented on this blog have provided some of the most thoughtful comments I’ve seen. I think WUWT is an important audience for the film. If I post on Facebook I find it leads nowhere as people just like to yell and have no interest in watching the film or anything for that matter that may challenge them to look beyond their existing notions of what’s going on. Thanks for your comments.

    • And we produce lots and export most of it

      The problem is we are so brain dead we can’t even build a pipeline across the country so eastern canada can exclusively use western canadian oil

      Instead the east imports it from the USA the Saudi’s etc at full world price while we sell all our western oil at a depresssed WCS relative to WTI

      “Too stupid to live” once again

  2. Ok I went to the web site and I’m unconfused.

    “GLOBAL WARNING features perspectives from many top people involved in the debate including: Catherine Abreu, Ian Clark, Patrick Moore, Gwyn Morgan, Stephen O’Neill, Ray Owl, John Perkins, Danielle Smith, Fritz Vahrenholt, Robert Watson and others”

    I’ve been following this for more than a decade, and have only heard of two of those people. Moore and Vahrenholt.

    • You’re light years ahead of me … I’ve not heard of any of them … don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

      • Gwyn Morgan is a director on the boards of several large corporations in Canada, including EnCana Corporation. (Now renamed Ovintiv Inc. and up and moved headquarters from Calgary to Denver earlier this year because everything is so messed up in Canada) He is also on the board of trustees of the think tank, the Fraser Institute, a director for the Manning Centre for Building Democracy and a non-executive director of HSBC. He is the former chairman of SNC-Lavalin and was president and CEO of EnCana Corporation (Now Ovintiv Inc- a big nat gas play). Morgan writes a column for the business section of The Globe and Mail.

        Gwyn Morgan would be considered fairly right wing, being on the Fraser Institute, which would be the Canadian version of the Heartland Institute.

        • “Gwyn Morgan would be considered fairly right wing,”

          Everyone who’s not a communist is considered fairly right wing these days.

      • Well the one you should look up and watch his talks is Patrick Moore. Co founder of Greenpeace, who left that organization in the 90’s because it had become too radical, marxist and anti-human.

        There is a better lecture he gives in the UK, but it’s harder to find…

        “The video above features Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, and probably the most rational, logical, fact-based, and non-hysterical and reasonable voice today on the subject of climate change. Dr. Moore discusses how we need to look at science and environmentalism together and not just view the sensationalism activism groups show the media. After leaving Greenpeace, Moore has gone on to become what he calls a sensible environmentalist and explains how Greenpeace and other likeminded organizations have moved away from using science as a basis for their projects.”

        Ahh, found it:

        It is worth watching both of these talks by Moore, even though they are somewhat similar.

    • Catherine Abreu belongs to one of the AGW organizations in Canada (forgot the name at the moment). She posts letters to the editor among other things, will not reply if you disagree with her.

    • From featuring Patrick Moore and Fritz Vahrenholt it is clearly a skeptic documentary. No way they would be included in an officialist documentary. It will soon be attacked as a denialist vehicle no matter how cleverly disguised. Patrick Moore is a bête noire for Greenpeace and Varenholt is a well-known German sun-lover (die kalte sonne). The title also gives them away. It is no longer global warming, not even climate change, they are even getting past climate crisis. Now it is climate emergency. If I were responsible for the documentary that’s the title I would have chosen to highlight the contrast between the propaganda and the reality and better confound the alarmists.

    • Danielle smith is a former politician and now full time radio show host on QR77 here in calgary
      She is quite good, very intelligent

      Tough but fair

  3. It’s all a leftist scam – the enviro BS including the climate and green-energy fraud, the full-Gulag lockdown for Covid-19, paid-and-planned protests by Antifa and BLM. ALL LIES!

    We published that the climate-and-green-energy rant was a false narrative in 2002, and by 2012 I wrote that there was a covert agenda. Now the greens are admitting that climate-and-energy was false propaganda, a smokescreen for their extreme-left political objectives.

    The green objective is to destroy prosperity and move the USA into a planned economy – with a few rich at the top looking down on the many poor peasants. That model describes most of the countries in the world. Europe and Canada are far down that path, and the USA will follow if Biden and the Demo-Marxists are elected.

    The book “1984”, written by George Orwell in 1949, foresaw a time “when most of the world population have become victims of omnipresent government surveillance and public manipulation”.

    Well here is the REAL “1984”, an interview that year with ex-KGB officer and Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov, who describes the slow, long-term “ideological subversion” of Western societies. Note Bezmenov’s discussion of ideological subversion. It’s about manipulating the “Useful Idiots” – the leftists in the West.
    See “KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s warning to America”

    One commenter on the video wrote: “This is crazy, almost everything predicted by this guy is already happening.”

    • What could be a more brilliant plan at subversion than to send a fake “defector” from the KGB to America to tell audiences that they have been demoralised? I lived in the US in the late eighties and didn’t find much evidence of Americans being demoralised – quite the opposite.

      Now, that’s not to say he is not fundamentally correct. There has been a slow march through the institutions of left wing ideology. But by 2020 I doubt the KGB has had much to do with it. This kind of stupidity is uniquely home grown.

      • Vincent Causey, do you only draw conclusions from headlines?
        Please see the video first, then comment!

      • Actually the “KGB” was superceeded by the “FSB” (Federalnaya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti) in the 1990s, when The Russian Federation ultimately inherited control of the vast majority of the former USSR. Be assured that more than 66,000 “operatives” are still hard at work in the field of counterintelligence and propaganda. Clones of Yuri Bezmenov are still operating today, but you won’t know who they are because naturally enough they do operate undercover, and often online hiding in plain sight on Facebook, Twitter, and as “Journalists” working for well known “News” organisations such as MSNBC and BBC etc.

      • Nothing fake about this. Seen it in action in Africa. It works! But the film is old. The communist party is not in government in Russia. Putin is re-establishing the Russian Orthodox Church. (Christianity is kryptonite for commies.) Things have moved on. Forget the Russia Russia Russia diversion of the US ‘democrats’. The CCP and their virus are now the new Hitler. And behind it all the Communist International (Comintern).

      • Vincent, patriotic or nationalistic events hello set communist subversion efforts back. The fall of the Berlin Wall. Gulf War. 9/11. Second Gulf war. It’s been some time now since the Second Gulf war. Looking a lot like Bezmenov’s destabilizing phase at the moment.

    • That’s right about Yuri, and I remember well the excerpt from one of the many videos he made decades ago…. “Look at all the bottles on the table … It was part of my job, to pick up foreign journalists from the airport, and to get them as drunk as possible … So they would only remember and write about what we wanted them to see and write about the USSR.”

      In a sense, propagandists are still doing this today, drugging the populace with “free money” and “free stuff” … Don’t look over there at the dystopian truth, but look over here … See, there is a squirrel … isn’t it pretty? Now take this “free stuff” and don’t ask any awkward questions…

      Bah !

    • Here I am living in the UK with what’s considered a right wing govt… one of the most right wing we have had: and they embrace fighting climate change, a net zero target, phasing out ICEs, renewable energy, etc etc.

      This is NOT some leftist plot; the actual left in the UK don’t give a monkeys about climate or renewables as they busily refight the lost battles of the 1980s.

      Argue against the economics of renewables, argue with scientific evidence about the science, but ranting ‘its all a left wing conspiracy’ is just entering tin foil hat territory. Get some perspective across the globe, outside the US.

      • Griff said:
        “Here I am living in the UK with what’s considered a right wing govt… one of the most right wing we have had”

        A new angle of attack from Jeremy Corbyn seems to be that Boris Johnson is presiding over the most right-wing government in living memory.

        Robert Peston political editor (ITV) on twitter:
        Jeremy Corbyn addresses smallish anti-⁦Boris Johnson rally. The attack line, we’ll hear repeated a lot, is this is the most right wing Tory government in living memory.

        …..Griff your Left wing activism is showing my dear, pull it in a bit.

      • It boggles the mind that anyone in Canada, and even the U.K. to a lesser extent, could think that warmer wouldn’t continue to be better. It wasn’t that long ago that much of Canada was covered with a mile of ice. Of course Britain was a lot larger in area because sea level was 400′ lower.

        It’s 10C at this very moment in Edmonton and it’s August. That doesn’t seem warm to me. Hell, it’s 21C (at the high) in London today.

        • And it is literally an ice age for 6 months of year, being frozen from November to April. But still, Edmonton and Calgary are my two fav Canadian cities, because of the Candu attitude. If only all those jobs that Alberta has given so many Canadians from out of province would make it back to their home province in the form of a Candu attitude. And the $500+ Billion it has paid out in Equalization Transfer Payments since inception, which mainly the Liberal Gov’t has used to buy votes..

          “In just 11 years, Albertans have paid out almost $240 billion to the rest of Canada.”

          “Other provinces are net negative contributors — they get more back in federal programs and transfers than they give in taxes. In Quebec’s case its net negative contributor was minus $171.3 billion from 2007-2018.”

        • Even the wacko communists exemplified by Corbyn have more sense than to pay someone like Griff for anything at all.

          The current UK government is pretty unremarkable in their political outlook.
          It’s also difficult to even define what right-wing means in the UK these days. The best definition is probably just somebody who the BBC doesn’t like.

        • In the US, right wing is individualist and left wing is collectivist. In Europe, they still have monarchies, so things get more confusing. But the Brit, Herbert Spencer, concluded in the 1880s that socialism and communism were the rebirth of the ‘old regime’. He noted that to organize (in the broadest sense of the word) anything requires cooperation; and that cooperation can be either coerced or voluntary. From there, he made a pithy argument concluding that socialism is doomed by its very nature to degenerate to coerced cooperation. Totalitarianism. Not much different than the savage absolutist monarchy the Brits managed to overthrow almost two centuries before then.

      • griff
        You said, “.. one of the most right wing we have had: …” How would you rate the tenure of Margaret Thatcher?

        • That is history.

          Leftists don’t know of anything they have not personally lived through, thus their repeat of previous mistakes.

      • Griff would think even Jeremy Corbin is right-wing

        That’s how much of griff is left. !

        Anyone that thinks the current UK gov with its support of all the far-left “renewable” garbage is actually “right-wing” is a total looney !

  4. In this case, a slip no doubt but I’ll ignore the accusations of pedantry and point out that there is a viral grammatical mistake that is so prevalent that we even see it in newspaper headlines sometimes.

    ‘It’s not even producing enough for it’s own people.’ means literally ‘It is not even producing enough for it is own people’. I.e., always and only, is an abbreviation for ‘it is’ or ‘it has’. It does not indicate possession. The playwright Bernard Shaw wanted to get rid of this damn apostrophe altogether but nobody listened. Maybe it will eventually go as language evolves but until it does, most of us agree that following the rules helps us communicate quickly and clearly.

    • English is not the only language that employs such concatenation (I forget the exact term), but it is certainly the most confusing. The apostrophe-s can signify possession as well as “is” or “has” in concatenation. And don’t get me started on s-apostrophe!

      I came up with the following awkward sentence using the apostrophe-s in three different ways.
      “It’s certain he’s read the book’s title”

      I despair for anyone learning it as a second language.

      • Yes, then there’s the pronunciation and spelling …. For one example; the letters “ough” can be pronounced in so many different ways, that when read out loud, sentences can have their meaning entirely misconstrued if the the wrong pronunciation of “ough” is used.

        English is not the worst or hardest however, and because English is not actually a language, but instead a collation of many different languages, with so very many words from different roots and etymology, the experienced native speaker may often be able to rephrase the same ideas using entirely different words, and using subtle nuances express themselves more clearly, especially to learners and foreigners, by using words derived from root languages similar to those of their own native tongues. Certainly English lends itself to being a very strong claimant to be the best language for debating issues, precisely because of the multitude of different words with subtle nuances, and shameless aggregation and assimilation of direct phrases from foreign languages. N’est-ce pas ?

        • You just triggered my memory of the possible spelling of the word “fish” based on phonetics instead of alphabetically: photi
          “ph” as pronounced in the word “enough”
          “o” as pronounced in the word “women”
          “ti” as pronounced in the word “emotion”.

          • errrr . . . my bad . . . make that “ghoti” and “gh” as pronounced in “enough”.

            Although “photi” still works with “ph” as pronounced in the word “photon”.

          • Ummm…

            “gh” as pronounced in the word “enough” – makes a f sound
            “e” as pronounced in the word “women” – womin makes the e makes an i sound
            “ti” as pronounced in the word “emotion” – the ti makes a sh sound

            would be gheti

          • Except for the fact that “o” in women (plural) also makes and “i” sound”: WIM-IN.

        • Having so many words also lends itself to getting a thought across in fewer words.
          I’ve noticed that whenever I see side by side translations of the same article, the version that’s in English is almost always the shortest. Sometimes by a substantial amount.

      • Anyone trying to learn English will run into problems like:
        “Are you going to read the red book or have you read it already.”

  5. Righty, I’ve just watched the docco. It does manage to tread a very fine line between the warmist/denialist dichotomy.

    Money well spent.

    The warmist crowd are in trouble.

  6. Canada, eh? The country generally north of the continental United States of America, the country where 80% of the population lives within 100 miles of the southern border? I have several times flown over the vast northern FROZEN parts of Canada and wondered if it would every be settled (outside of a few mining camps). The tendency of a natural resource company, when confronted by the greenie crowd gone wild, is to suspend or abandon the project. As a District Geologist I fought the Sierra Club and the Sierra Club Legal Defense Club, and won, and drilled a significant gold discovery high on the west side of the Panamint Mountains in Kalifornia. The fight was viscous, but the win was easy when the Bureau of Land Management Chief Legal Official, in Washington, DC, realized the issue might go to the Supreme Court and be a huge loss for the greenies, based on a Takings issue. This is the best strategy for fighting obstructionists, identify the legal issue in your favor and press it. Election year? Hide and Wait.

    • thoughtful insight. Resource companies have long taken an appeasement strategy as you point out. The problem they have contributed to is by default they enable the misguided political rhetoric around the science to grow unchallenged. Very dangerous imo.

  7. I published the following stories almost one year ago in the USA – Trudeau’s “bought” Canadian press (FP) delayed me for months and then would not publish.

    Over $600 million of (mostly USA) leftist money was spent in Canada to corrupt our election (elect Trudeau) and sabotage our economy (lookup Vivian Krause) – anti-pipeline scheming has cost Canada over $120 BILLION in lost oil revenues. The Alberta government has commissioned a study to quantify and detail the sources of these funds, and the left (“Ecojustice”) has tried to block these findings in the courts.

    This is a green criminal conspiracy that has done enormous harm to Canada, and enabled the election of a covert Marxist as Prime Minister – it is treason. Canada as a nation is probably irreparably harmed.

    The USA should take note – the Green New Deal will devastate to the USA’s energy infrastructure and ruin its international competitiveness – that is not an accident – that is the Democrats’ plan for the USA. The electricity blackouts in California are a precursor of the Dem’s Green New Deal – we predicted these blackouts way back in 2002 – it was basic knowledge even then for competent, honest engineers and scientists:

    Regards, Allan MacRae

    by Allan M.R. MacRae, B.A.Sc., M.Eng., October 1, 2019

    By Allan M.R. MacRae, B.A.Sc., M.Eng., September 20, 2019

    Spencer Fernando August 19, 2020

    Get ready for a massive increase to the cost of living, the destruction of Canada’s economic competitiveness, and a generation burdened by the combination of low-growth and more debt.

    With the Trudeau Liberal government, every time it seems things can’t get worse, it gets worse.
    And now, there are very ominous signals being sent.

    You see, it increasingly appears to be the case that Bill Morneau – at least in comparison to Justin Trudeau & Chrystia Freeland – was fiscally conservative and reasonable.

    Because now, with Morneau out of the way, Trudeau and Freeland appear set to massively increase spending and shift to a so-called ‘green economy.’

    In short, they are embracing the radical far-left ‘green new deal,’ and massive spending on top of already massive spending:

    Here’s what Reuters reported:

    “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is weighing sweeping changes to the country’s social welfare system and a series of economic measures that will align Canada with ambitious climate goals, according to people familiar with the matter.

    “The prime minister wants to go big,” said a government source, adding that Trudeau, 48, sees the moves as part of his legacy.”

    That is quite disturbing.

    With Canada already recording the biggest deficit in history, and with our energy sector already being sacrificed at the altar of far-left ‘green schemes,’ the Liberals intend to double-down on all of this.

  8. A silly typo ( s/b warning )
    ‘Here is the website to visit and support GLOBAL WARMING the movie’

  9. I’m a lifelong Albertan, and spent years in my youth doing land surveys for an oil company Our current federal government, in power now for five years, has won two elections on the explicit promise to fight climate change. What they have done, in the guise of protecting the environment and upholding Indigenous rights, is impose conditions on the approval of pipelines that effectively make building the pipelines so difficult that the pipeline companies just walk away from projects that have already cost them billions in development. You don’t have to ban new pipelines. You just have to delay their approval until building them at all becomes uneconomic.

    Alberta is a strange place because our overall prosperity depends on the health of the oil and gas industry, and yet we have a significant cohort of politically powerful people who openly seek to sabotage the oil and gas industry. You know you live in a free society when these people are allowed to proclaim their goals and live unmolested.

    This year, in part because of the pandemic, but mostly because of the collapse of world oil prices, Alberta’s economy will contract. Five percent is a modest estimate, and it’s likely to be at least twice that. Many of the people in the rest of Canada will be delighted at our downfall, as people in the other provinces have long resented out smug pride in our prosperity.

  10. I almost had a brain freeze over it, is there an alternative for it! I once took a mandatory writing course to know how to write properly. When I used that I was told that is not the way they want it. Have never written properly since. I have to admit to admiring good writing and appreciate criticism.

  11. Perhaps there is a silver lining to Gang Green.
    The Federal Government of Canada is so infiltrated with Gang Green operatives that Canada is being split apart.
    For those of us who live in 6-8 months of winter,warming would be a blessing.
    Shame there is no evidence of any.
    So affordable heating fuel is vital.

    The citizens of most of Western Canada have very little in common with our Eastern Comrades,who seem drunk on the Green Koolade.
    Trade is becoming even more North South as inter Canada trade can be shut off at the whim of imaginary hereditary Chiefs.

    The coming breakup of Canada is a golden opportunity for the continental USA to link up to Alaska by land.
    There is even room for Obama’s 57 States.

    After all if Alberta,Saskatchewan and the BC interior join the USA,the rest of the crab bucket will be bankrupt and ripe for take over very soon afterwards.

    The economies of scale are interesting and such a move would solve the undefended status of the Norther Border.
    Along with all the other security threats a defenceless Canada poses for its neighbours.

    And currently we,Canada,seem hell bent on becoming a province of China.

    • John,
      While I am very sympathetic to your plight, I recommend that you seek independence for Alberta rather than statehood. I’m sure you’d get a trade deal at least as good as USMCA. Why exchange overlords from Ottawa to Washington? Do you really need an overlord?

      For our part in the US, what assurance would we have that Alberta wouldn’t be just another “blue” state with two new D Senators? Let’s be realistic, a “conservative” Canadian is typically someone who fits comfortably into the Democrat party as a moderate or uncomfortably into the Republican party as a liberal RINO. Kenney may be an exception, but Sen Notley D-AB certainly couldn’t be ruled out. If neighboring Montana has Sen Tester D-MT, how much more likely that AB senators would skew Democrat?

      Gaining admission to the Union might not be as easy as you imagine. The balance in the Senate and Electoral College would be a prime consideration. Most likely the party expecting two additions to their ranks in the Senate would champion it while the other party would bitterly oppose. It would require a period of undivided government by the party expecting to benefit from admission for the necessary act of Congress to pass both houses and be signed into law by the President. In any case, you’d likely need to have obtained your independence before you could get enabling legislation for statehood.

      If you rely on the Democrats to defeat Trump and take back the Senate in order to get admitted to the Union you may just find that their Green New Deal isn’t exactly what you had in mind.

      The Republic of Alberta has a nice ring to it.

  12. “GLOBAL WARNING the movie was just nominated for SIX Alberta Film and Television Awards including BEST DIRECTOR – DOCUMENTARY FEATURE”

    Hopefully Global Warning-the movie wins the 6 awards it was nominated for in the Documentary category.

    The content was subtle enough that a lazy alarmist who only followed ‘alarmism’ should have come away thinking that CAGW isn’t imminent from manmade global warming, and that we really don’t have anything to worry about from mild warming, much of which we don’t know how much is natural variation but probably dwarfs anything that modern civilization has created. It did take me a good 15-20 minutes to realize when watching the documentary that it was pro intelligence when evaluating this complex subject. They do give the alarmists their platform and they intelligently disassemble their rationale for why there is any emergency. Very well balanced documentary for those that don’t like being preached to on either side of this fascinating subject.

  13. Was it not global warming that melted the Laurentide Ice Sheet that covered all of Canada in more than a mile of ice, and what is now the Quebec, Canada area under 13,000 feet of ice. It there was no global warming, there would be NO CANADIANS. But thankfully, Climate….and we now have Millions of friends to the North of the USA. Oh, and what is now the Chicago area was under 1 mile of ice. It’s hard to barbecue under a mile of ice.
    1) was it a bad thing that this latest version of the recurring Ice Sheet, the Laurentide, melted?
    2) Did mankind have anything to do with its melt? Hint: it melted at least 10,000 years ago.

  14. The 134 deg reading in 1913 may well be an anomaly . The other 29 readings spread over a 110 year period are all + or – two degrees of 129 deg. 127-131 degrees fahrenheit. Isn’t the real point that high temperatures have remained essentially the same despite a doubling of CO2, and doesn’t this imply that the next 110 years will show the same “weather pattern” (climate)? Yes (IMHO).

  15. there is a farmer youtuber who rails against trudeau and the like often.
    Quick Dick McDick.
    pretty funny, is some cussing, but he actually breaks a kot of stuff down into simple terms.

    this was one of my favorites

    A Quick look into where we find Oil and Gas products and how they get to us. Dedicated to all the hard working Canadian Oil and Gas personnel that have had to contend with so many challenges in the last 5 years. All the best to you all.

  16. I am a proud Calgarian. Now I am even prouder. I have had so many discussions with folks in the oil and gas industry about the missing science behind the arguments to destroy our energy economy, and the disturbing fact that a lot of oil and gas majors have, for many years, been paying lip service to the fraud. So good to see a smart Calgarian film maker try to reveal what underlies this self destructive movement. My best friend was just payed off from oil industry after surviving 9 rounds of layoffs before – all this for simply trying to provide in a responsible way the energy that all of us enjoy and which makes our lives as good as they are. Haven’t seen the film yet but will look to view it as soon as possible.

  17. In 2017 I brought Patrick Moore to Calgary as the keynote speaker at an IEEE event for the oil and gas industry
    Great guy, super intelligent, amazing speaker.
    Loves salmon fishing by the way, lives in Winter Harbour

    I did not control any aspect of his presentation, I just asked him to tell everyone that they aren’t criminals, and we are all doing great work supporting civilization

    Brought a tear to my eye

  18. In this ~90 minute presentation, the inimitable Dr. Moore gives another riviting talk at Calgary during 2019. It’s not the talk you refer to at IEEE, but very similar in content, I imagine. What is it about Alberta that makes this part of the planet see things with such clarity, and able to filter out the lies of propagandists and proselytisers for the so called New Green Agenda?

    “The Power of Truth” – Dr. Patrick Moore

    • We work for a living

      To support all our other mouths, in the East

      People who are given too much apparently have too much time on their hands to make up silly problems

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