COVID-19: Is there an opportunity in the crisis? Jane M. Orient, M.D.

DDP 38th Annual Meeting August 16, 2020, Las Vegas, NV

Definitely worth a watch.

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  1. Early treatment with hydroxychloroquine: a country-based analysis
    Covid Analysis, August 5, 2020 (updated August 16, 2020)>Early treatment with hydroxychloroquine: a country-based analysis

    Covid Analysis, August 5, 2020 (updated August 16, 2020) See

    For Papers on impact of Hydroxychloroquine See
    “Global HCQ studies. PrEP, PEP, and early treatment studies show high effectiveness, while late treatment shows mixed results.” Benefits: Pre PrEP 100% PEP 100% Early 100% Late 60% All 73%.
    HCQ benefit in 53 of 73 studies (42 peer reviewed).
    PS Dr. Simone Gold @drsimonegold was just blocked by Twitter censors for sharing this “dangerous” information.

      • Healthfeedback dot org! Really?

        This is nothing but a propaganda front group. I wouldn’t trust anything this organization puts out.

    • I’m disappointed she didn’t mention ivermectin, being used in Latin America, and mentioned in this July JoNova thread:
      “Ivermectin, like hydroxychloroquine is a kind of superdrug — in the sense of being in worldwide mass use. Some 3.7 billion doses are estimated to have been given since its approval. It has been called the Japanese Wonder Drug. It’s the farm drench, a head lice treatment, and works against worm, mites and ticks too.

      “It was estimated to reduce viral loads in vitro massively but most people didn’t think it would work at lower safe doses. Then Bangladeshi doctors claim it was “astounding”. Last month US tests suggest that it reduced deaths by 40%. (Rajter)

      “These are all every preliminary results. More studies are promised for Ivermectin. Especially in Peru, where a grassroots movement of Doctors has ensured it will be used.

      “A US clinical trial of the drug ivermectin found that it reduced the mortality rate of COVID-19 patients by 40%.”

      SEE ALSO:
      “No guts, no glory” 15 August 2020 AU The Spectator Australia Magazine
      Does an Australian gastro legend hold the key to curing Covid?

      “Dr Kylie Wagstaff announced on 3 April that ivermectin, a drug that’s been around for almost 50 years and kills everything from head lice and scabies to the parasites that cause river blindness, also kills Sars-Cov-2 virus in test tubes.

      Since then, doctors using ivermectin have saved thousands of people around the world who were sick with Covid, even many close to death; the mortality rates for those on ventilators dropped from 81 per cent to 39 per cent. As for people who have just been infected with the virus, there is an almost 100 per cent cure rate. And it is also working as a prophylactic, protecting healthcare workers.

      Yet, other than Borody, almost nobody in Australia is treating patients with ivermectin. Why? At first glance, it seems inexplicable. Borody’s triple therapy combines ivermectin with a bog-standard — pardon the pun — antibiotic and zinc. The safety profile is so well-known that there is virtually no risk. There are already 33 clinical trials running around the world. The results so far are uniformly positive. Borody is running a randomised, controlled, double-blind trial in the US, ….
      it’s not just ‘hydroxy hatred’ that is a dogma on the Left; merely to seek a cure is, as a fellow at the Australian Defence Force Academy told the ABC, ‘an individualistic solution’ which appeals to those on the right, in opposition to ‘more left-leaning values around social responsibility.’ It’s a ‘quick fix, a magic cure’ for the ‘problem’ of the virus, he says, not ‘a social solution that implies we have to work together’ — with government —‘to address larger, more complex, and interrelated issues in society to battle the disease.”

    • If Twitter hadn’t kicked me off for masking my browser from them, I would. This video is well worth the little bit of time it takes to watch. Thanks Mr. Rotter.

  2. Faucci: “Just because thousands of independent Doctors are saying that Hydroxychloroquine cures all CV-19 patients, it is not valid until we have a major study done.”

    Faucci: “As soon as the CV-19 Vaccine is manufactured, it must be immediately delivered to Healthcare Professionals Worldwide for immediate Human Injection…Proper studies can be performed later.”

    When is President Trump going this guy?

  3. A MD who’s probably been practicing medicine for decades says she’s embarrassed because she didn’t know what the innate immune system is. Let that sink in…

      • That’s my point. She’s a product of the modern medical paradigm of treating diseases, that turns a blind eye to harming patients in order to attack and eradicate diseases. Contrast that with treating patients by minimizing harm and maximizing innate immune system support so the body can heal itself.

        • It is not a blind eye. It is an evil eye. This is institutional corruption. Deep state corruption that has gone on for generations.

          This is evil that continues irrespective of administrations.

          Maybe things will change if Trump finds out. This is sort of a political nuclear bomb waiting to go off.

          The majority of common ‘diseases’ our healthcare system is treating are due to the body’s Vit. D deficiency. Correcting the Vit D deficiency would reduce US health care costs by roughly 60%.

          It does not make sense, from an evolutionary standpoint, that there is a cohort of people that suffer organ damage, brain damage, get heart attacks, suffer autoimmune diseases, and so on as they age. These people require more and more expensive medical care as they age.

          There are hundreds of bioactive chemicals… that the body’s immune system and organ protection systems and cancer stopping systems… produce, right at the cell level, at the organ level…

          To stop cancer from developing, to repair muscles, to build new muscle, to protect the brain from aging, to stop type 1 and 2 diabetes, and so on.

          These bioactive chemicals are produced by chemical modules that sit on our cells.

          Our cells can ONLY construct the chemical modules, if they have sufficient 25(OH)D…. which enables the cell in question to access the DNA blueprint, in each cell, that enables our cells to construct the chemical module in question.

          All that talk about how important our DNA is … there is a copy of our DNA in every cell… for this very reason.

          Our DNA in each cell holds evolution’s answer to bioactive chemicals protect and repair and optimally operate our body and cells at a cellular level.

          25(OH)D does not make the cells construct the chemical modules. 25(OH)D enables the cells to construct all of the chemical modules required based on the cell’s and organ’s needs….

          When blood serum levels of 25(OH)D are above 60 ng/ml almost every cell in the body can get the chemical modules it requires.

          The research has shown the number cells with the chemical module upgrades is dependent on the level in the bloodstream of 25(OH)D, with an expected plateau, above 60 ng/ml.

  4. I am now convinced that TRUMP is an Idiot I used to support him 100% he said Sweden was a failure!! The USA deserves a BIden to destroy your country. I am very sorry but China will be the future they are organized and clean and dont allow people to defecate all over their your cities

    • I personally have seen homeless people in China and have unfortunately have seen defecation on the streets, in Wuhan even. It’s not as bad as in SF, for example, because police in China have powers that ours do not.

      • Took a wrong turn in san fran one day and thought I’d entered the set of the Walking Dead, scary as hell and yes lots of crap on the street

        • The store fronts in the most lucrative business areas smell like rotted urine, and the free needles can be seen delivering what evil substances they contain. It’s a symbol and badge of honor of today’s LEFT.

        • Yes, one must be ready for a lot of unpleasant sights and smells.

          I haven’t been to SF in several years but on the last trip I happened to arrive when a pride parade was in progress. I was staying downtown and when exiting the train from the airport on the escalator ride up to the street I saw enough balls to last a lifetime. I saw some pleasant female nudity as well but there was something queer about it.

          I have no desire to visit SF again.

          • Actually, Scissor, I’m surprised that your comment wasn’t disallowed. That said, Pride parades have always looked to me more like provocations than celebrations. They deliberately set out to make people uncomfortable and then, when you complain about being uncomfortable, you get called a bigot. I don’t think that that is really fair.

            Gays and lesbians have the right to live their lives unmolested, but so do straight people who are offended by public nudity.

          • Yes, I am pretty sure that lewd and lascivious behavior is illegal… except if you are on the LEFT… it’s fine.

    • By support, do you mean that you thought good thoughts from you South American home?

      Or did you put up a Trump sign and put a check in the mail?

    • Eliza: I cannot use words you’d understand to respond the way I’d like. Thank God you are not a citizen here.

  5. Trump knows Fauci is a corrupt fraud, there’s a limit to how much he can rock the boat in an election year.

  6. The discussion of Brazil is out of date. She said that deaths plateaued with the use of HCQ but that plateau didn’t last and continued to climb after mid June. Currently, the rate seems to be about steady since the end of July and is possibly declining slightly.

    • The trend in reported COVID deaths in Brazil has been down since July 29, but will see if today’s and tomorrow’s tolls come in lower than the two previous Mondays and Tuesdays.

        • Could be right, with more deaths yesterday than on the 10th, although Mondays can include differing weekend reports. Will see what the rest of the week brings.

  7. The mortality graph for Switzerland is remarkable. Deaths immediately tripled when they stopped using HCQ due to the fraudulent Lancet study, but immediately went back to normal when they started using HCQ again (I guess after the study was retracted).

      • There are many problems with the conclusions drawn from the data as presented by Dr. Orient. Most of the graphs she used do not control for any confounding variables, such as progression of the outbreak, age demographics of a population and things that we are learning today about immunity.

        For Indonesia she used old data and current data does not support her claims. As I mentioned above, the plateau in Brazil was temporary. I’m not necessarily saying her conclusions are wrong, but I’m saying that much of the data she’s using is out of date and no longer supports her conclusions. This is a common problem of people taking charts from others and using them out of context.

        Perhaps the Switzerland data is more convincing but as we all know, correlation does not necessarily mean causation.

    • Take a closer look at the Switzerland data. That hump she shows at about 30 minutes in her video represents less than 1.5% of the total deaths in Switzerland. There appear to be two spikes in deaths in that period. It’s worth further examination but it could just be random. As we have seen, some spikes are simply a result of delayed reporting. This needs to be examined.

      Further, active cases began rising after HCQ dispensing was resumed and is continuing to rise today. Deaths are not rising today and this is at least a positive development. Without more detail on case severity and longevity, it’s difficult to much of anything from this.

      In the meantime, I’ll eat my pumpkin seeds and sip some green tea.

      • More cases but fewer deaths is how herd immunity is achieved. Protect the vulnerable while letting the least susceptible live their lives, with whatever precautions they wish to take.

        Democrat governors did the opposite, ie moving infectious cases into nursing homes, while slapping the healthy under house arrest. About 45% of all deaths in the US have been in the five states that did that, with only about 27% of total population. Two of those states, NY and NJ, have the highest fatality rate per million. Two others, MI and PA, are above the national average. Only CA’s rate is below it, possibly from the mercies of suffering from a less lethal strain, relying less on public transport and enjoying better weather.

  8. Jane M. Orient covered so many aspects, she is great for having the courage to speak out loud.
    Still glad for living in Sweden, just sad they went off and on the HCQ-Zink thing.

  9. Got the missus a couple of kittens from the cat orphanage a few years ago.
    They are excellent hunters, bringing back a large haul of mice, rats, voles and various flying things.

    Those creatures bold enough to venture out into enemy territory got the chop, the timrous ones are probbly still alive and breeding. and so evolution rolls on. even in the suburbs. selection of those fittest for their circumstance.

    except for humans obv. who demand their natural right to be selected , no matter what

    • Do you have anything more than hearsay?

      Your reference is an article that says another articles reports that someone said that Trump said something.

      Unless you can back up your claim that “He is now selling oleander,” you are being dishonest.

        • HCQ has been successfully used by doctors actually trying to help people. The CDC and WHO are staffed by bureaucrats with political agendas.

          Oleandrin has shown effectiveness against coronaviruses, although there probably haven’t been enough experiments to satisfy the FDA under normal cirumstances. Let doctors and patients decide during a viral pandemic.

          Please read the Axios article for details.

          • Over 40,000 people in the USA are testing positive each day. Over 1000 people are dying each day. Neither of these snake oils are doing anything to stop this. It would be a good idea if our POTUS would shut his damn mouth until he is awarded an MD degree from a medical school.

          • William [should not] Teach: You wrote:
            “Correct, HCQ is unsubstantiated crap.”

            Evidently you do not know what the word “substantiated” means. You have consistently failed to show you understand the meaning of the words you cough up.

          • Mr. Teach, the average death toll/day from the beginning of this pandemic has been under 1000. You have already proven yourself to be dishonest but in any case the trend is clearly down not up. With regard to number of cases, a typical flu season has more.

            If HCQ had been freely available, many believe that the toll would be even less, but the fact is even the assignment of death is politicized.

            State after state statistics show hardly any deaths of children and teens. A typical flu is an order of magnitude or more worse.

          • Apparently HCQ not being prescribed is proof that the powers that be are successful preventing low cost cures, which would upset the gravy train

    • You clearly understand HCQ is an effective treatment for Chinese Disease, otherwise you would not be here spewing your crap. Oh, and please show your irrefutable 100% absolute proof all these people died from Chinese Disease, including all those drug overdoses, suicides, car crash and house fire deaths. We will be here waiting, moron.

  10. In my opinion there are two groups of scoundrels who don’t want hydroxychloroquine to work:
    1) Trump haters who don’t want him to get credit for anything good. (This group includes nearly all Democrats)
    2) Big pharma companies who don’t want an inexpensive drug competing against their expensive drugs/ vaccines.
    The two groups have launched an effective campaign to keep people from getting HCQ. That action may have cost thousands of lives. The people responsible should be held accountable.

    • That may also be a reason why studies are being opposed. There is no enough proof to hold anyone accountable.

    • Henry Ford Health System in Michigan is conducting one. They are still one of the few large hospital systems that are prescribing HCQ to patients with some success.

      • That’s great. I read their report, a retrospective, and believe it was done well. I cannot for the life of me understand why PROPER study would take this long with the stakes so high for life and death.

        • I cannot for the life of me understand why PROPER study would take this long with the stakes so high for life and death.

          It’s fairly easy I understand once you accept the premise that death is actually wanted (for political reasons).

          • Well, I do agree that is most likely true for some, the ones who can pull levers. However, why can’t more people get it, that there is something wrong, very wrong. It seems that now adays, 1/2 the population believes in literally the opposite of the other 1/2. This one is hard to wrap my head around. All of the logic is lost.

  11. Do medical doctors, researchers, politicians etc. lack common sense, have vested interests, ulterior motives or what? Nearly all of the test programs involving hydroxychloroquine appear to have been designed to fail. Common mistakes are: (1) Started too late. Any effort after the person has been hospitalized is probably too late. (2) Dosage too high. Too much of anything can kill you. Recommended adult dosage is 200 to 400 mg (155 to 310 mg base) daily; maybe double that on the first day only. (3) Didn’t include zinc. About 10 mg/day sustaining, 10X or even more for a few days along with HCQ.

    A comparison of death rates by country depending on HCQ use along with much other information is at (For reasons unknown to me this might not work as a hot link. Copy/paste into your search engine.)

    Why isn’t anyone informing the public to keep their vitamin D up? According to Mayo Clinic, vitamin D is needed for a healthy immune system. I take 5000 IU per day but I am old. Most people should not exceed 4000 (100 mcg). More on vit D deficiency, including some relation to covid is at

  12. The bulk of HCQ is manufactured in India.
    India is reporting > 50k positive tests daily, with over 800 deaths per day. Why aren’t they using HCQ?

    • Besides being ethically challenged, you don’t have a good comprehension of numbers either, do you? India has a population of almost 1.4 billion.

    • The USA has 574 deaths per million, India has 38 per million.

      The USA has a 3% fatality rate for all cases, India has a 2% fatality rate, along with much much poorer health care, rare or non-existent social distance, and a lot of extreme poverty.

      Next silly question?

      • Besides going faster than light, or reaching absolute zero:
        One of the most difficult things is making health comparisons of countries.

        median age: India 28.1; USA 38.1
        % > 80: India 0.918%; USA 3.86%

      • Sweet! That makes sense based just on the the pop being 3 x the US, with fewer cases and deaths… it allows for them counting less than we do per capita too.

    • I saw a story the other day about how the Ohio Health Department had banned the use of HCQ for the Wuhan virus, and the next day they got something like 1,400 complains of one form or another.

      The Ohio governor came out and said he supported the use of HCQ and the Ohio Health Department reversed their order and are allowing the use of HCQ.

      I think that makes about eight States out of the 50 that allows the use of HCQ if a doctor prescribes it. That’s 42 States that have restricted the use of HCQ. They did so based on the bogus ruling of the FDA that HCQ is much more dangerous than it really is. Why the FDA ruled this way should be investigated by Congress.

      There is no evidence that HCQ is harmful in the doses recommended for treating the Wuhan virus. The most prominent Lupus and arthritis doctor on the West Coast, Dr. Warren, says he has prescribed HCQ for over forty years and have *never* had to send a patient to the hospital because of an adverse reaction to HCQ.

      The FDA ruled HCQ dangerous based on nothing scientific. Now, thousands of people are denied this form of treatment because of this political/monetary decision on the part of the FDA. The FDA should be required to justify this decision. If they can. If not, someone should go to jail.

      • “They did so based on the bogus ruling of the FDA that HCQ is much more dangerous than it really is.” No, they did so because DJT said something positive about it in a Chinese Disease presser, FDA spewed their nonsense for the same reason.

        I still say Trump should say good things about Chemotherapy and Homosexuality at a presser so we can see how fast leftards publicly and loudly condemn both. Oh, and extol the virtuous of veganism. Watch them stumble all over each other to be the first trash all three.

        • I think it’s only convenient that DJT endorsed it. There is a synergistic push-pull win win for the LEFT. Pharma hates the good news, and the LEFT is happy to side with anything at all costs that go against Trump.

          • The left is insuring DJT will be reelected in a landslide like nothing even seen in American politics. Their wailing&gnashing of teeth in November will be just as epic.

          • Nobel Prize for being the most vetted President in history, curing the plague (which consists of the LEFT). Surviving and Erasing the Obama legacy.

            The perfect tough guy who jealously looks out for American interests. What’s not to love? And I ask that not rhetorically!

  13. “A lockdown might delay severe cases for a while, but once restrictions are eased, cases will reappear,” Johan Giesecke, the former state epidemiologist for Sweden and the former chief scientist at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, argued in May.

    “Measures to flatten the curve might have an effect, but a lockdown only pushes the severe cases into the future — it will not prevent them,” he added.

  14. If HCQ works, and there are a *lot* of doctors who say it does, then HCQ is one cure for the Lockdown.

    If people can feel assured that if they get the Wuhan virus, they can take something like HCQ that will keep them from having a serious infection, then life can get back to normal.

    • Which is the other reason leftards will not allow real human beings to access HCQ, life getting back to normal.

    • Secondary problem is that it also works for all RNA viruses such as the flu. Good news is that I learned about way to reduce damage caused by RNA viruses through quercetin and small amounts of Zn in my diet… and by being up on Vit D and a increasing health in general. No downsides to what I’ve learned, which is bad for the Pharma industry.

    • They all say that everybody wished HCQ worked…

      But that ain’t true. Many people wanted HCQ to fail just to avoid seeing the IHU (Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire) Méditerranée Infection (*) being right against the Parisian establishment (former Health Minister Buzin, her husband, etc.).

      The more I listen to “les pontes parisiens” (Parisian hospital services directors), the more I fear being treated in Paris for infectious diseases!

      (*) I only recently learned that President Nicolas Sarkozy created those!

  15. I wish to unreseveredly apologise for my comments re lockdowns last night (BTW I was having a few rum and cokes and I am an old man asnd probably quite drunk) but no excuse AW was right saying I should take a hike I feel very strongly about the damage lockdowns are doing to everybody and I feel as an Editor who has an journal that has published 300 articles on coronaviruses that I may have a better knowledge. I only wish the best for USA citizens and am very very pro trump unfortunately I dont think he is being advised properly Sweden is over it has 0 cases and deaths while lockdown countries like USA are 1000 deaths per day . I was being sarcastic about I hope Biden winning and destroys your country that is the last thing I want for the USA. I was just a wake up call for ya alll cheers enjoy life its very short

    • Wow… –believable! And also makes me glad I did not cross any lines in my response last night.

  16. I also wish to apologise for any negative commments about Lord mockton and Jo anne nova although I think they are complete wrong about the lockdowns. I think they are very nice people and I respect their comments but concerning lockdowns I think t]hey are very wrong you cannot stop a virus its to meant protect young people from diseases. This virus is harmless let it do its thing

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