Climate Claim: President Trump’s Travel Bans Shows We Need More Global Governance

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Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to Oxford Lecturer Kate Guy, President Trump “blindsiding” allies with Coronavirus travel bans and his focus on taking care of the USA proves we are not ready for the coming climate disaster – but we could “rebound” with “more solid” global security and cooperation.

Coronavirus shows we are not at all prepared for the security threat of climate change

April 16, 2020 12.28am AEST
Kate Guy, PhD Candidate and Lecturer in International Relations, University of Oxford

How might a single threat, even one deemed unlikely, spiral into an evolving global crisis which challenges the foundations of global security, economic stability and democratic governance, all in the matter of a few weeks?

My research on threats to national security, governance and geopolitics has focused on exactly this question, albeit with a focus on the disruptive potential of climate change, rather than a novel coronavirus. In recent work alongside intelligence and defence experts at the think-tank Center for Climate and Security, I analysed how future warming scenarios could disrupt security and governance worldwide throughout the 21st century. Our culminating report, A Security Threat Assessment of Global Climate Change, was launched in Washington just as the first coronavirus cases were spreading undetected across the US.

An uncoordinated response

While traditionally a great power like the US might step forward to direct a collective international response, instead the Trump administration has repeatedly chosen to blindside its allies with the introduction of new limitations on trade and movement of peoples. This mismanagement has led to each nation going on its own, despite the fact that working together would net greater gains for all. As the New York Times’s Mark Landler put it, the voices of world leaders are forming “less a choir than a cacophony”, leading to mixed global messages, undetected spread, and ongoing fights over limited resources.

We can treat the current global crisis as a sort of “stress test” on these institutions, exposing their vulnerabilities but also providing the urgent impetus to build new resilience. In that light, we could successfully rebound from this moment with more solid global security and cooperation than we knew going into it. Decision-makers should take a hard look at their current responses, problem-solving methods, and institutional design with future climate forecasts like our Threat Assessment in mind. 

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What are they teaching in universities these days?

There is nothing wrong with different countries implementing varied responses to the Chinese Coronavirus, or any other global crisis.

Imagine if the world had embraced a completely unified response, and granted the incompetent United Nations World Health Organisation had been granted absolute power for the duration of the crisis. The WHO wanted open borders and free movement long after Trump closed the US border. And talk about lack of focus; a senior WHO advisor wants recovery money to be spent on renewables.

A variety of disconnected responses to Covid-19 means multiple opportunities to get things right, instead of putting all the eggs in one basket. Nobody knows what the right response is, but with a variety of different responses, everyone can observe what is working in other countries, and what mistakes they made, and copy the best of what other people are doing.

126 thoughts on “Climate Claim: President Trump’s Travel Bans Shows We Need More Global Governance

  1. Oxford — pretty much a carbon-copy of America’s Haaaaaavard. Fake-education and indoctrination-mill.

    • Ivy League and OxBridge, never mind the lesser ones, have been possibly irredeemably ruined. When all this climate madness has been quelled by nature and honest science, the only course seems to be to create new, sleeker, institutions with notably higher standards, and none of the dozens of navel gazer wifty poofty faculties created by socialists to bring these institutions down by flooding them with the left half of the IQ bell.

      PhDs from this period will have to be revetted or asterisked like the performance drug enhanced baseball players ‘stats’. Perhaps as much as 75% of degreed graduates are basically unfit educationally for work in relevant learned professions. The literature of the last 5 decades, from sciences and the arts, would best be excised from the useful and possibly stored so that real scholars can, in the future, review sections of it to see how we went wrong during this extraordinarily pathological time.

      • “In recent work alongside intelligence and defence experts at the think-tank Center for Climate and Security, I analysed how future warming scenarios could disrupt security and governance worldwide throughout the 21st century. Our culminating report, A Security Threat Assessment of Global Climate Change, was launched in Washington just as the first coronavirus cases were spreading undetected across the US.”

        As my gigantic Polish friend Dr. Tadeuz used to rage: “Ver do zey get zeese IDIOTS!!!”

    • People need to accept the fact that universities are – for the most part as there are always exceptions – BUSINESSES.

      They do not exist to improve the population out of the goodness of their hearts, otherwise education would actually be free. You, or more likely tax payers, pay for your education and universities will gladly sell you one in any flavour you like. This is why hobby degrees* exist. People are willing to pay (or at least take out a student loan they know they will never give back) for a degree in gender studies and universities will gladly take their money.

      Honestly the main function of higher education these days is to prevent the unemployable from cluttering up the job market for another 4 years.

      * If a degree doesn’t significantly improve your professional career, its a hobby.

  2. What are they teaching in universities these days?

    Never let a good crisis go to waste, especially if you can leverage it to get something that you could never get otherwise.

      • In reply to: “My research on threats to national security, governance and geopolitics has focused on exactly this question, albeit with a focus on the disruptive potential of climate change, rather than a novel coronavirus.”

        And her solution is What? This person is clueless…

        National security means protection from threats to our economy …

        Stupid ideas that kill countries can kill economies, just like viruses.

        The Left create ‘crises’. They do not solve crises. CAGW is one of a long list.

        Now we are under attack by the Left and the Virus and our Economy …

        Next the Fake news will announce we need a war to fix the economy, a war to fight the virus, and a third war to fight climate change. H

        Logically, the Left would stop the CAGW war and help with the Virus and the Economy.

        But, No they are still in fight mode.

      • n.n
        They teach social justice, social progress, and social science through em pyscho-pathetic appeals.

        Fixed. 😉

    • They certainly aren’t teaching history. Americans decided we didn’t want to be governed by European arrogance about 250 years ago.

      Despite the yearnings of some citizens, most of us still feel that way; ” and we’re armed”( favorite partial quote from The Core)

      • We barely beat them them back the first time and in 1812, but now I’m thinking we might have a chance to invade the UK and break those shackles once and for all. Then we can turn it into New Australia and send all of our prisoners and democrats there to serve as a penal colony.

        • What! The bloody Yankees tried to invade Canada and got their asses (and horses) kicked back across the border. (I had ancestors on both sides of that debacle.) 🙂

          It will come as a shock to some that there were folks who didn’t want to be American and were willing to fight to prevent that from happening.

          • And after 220 years, cB, Canada is a budding progressive police state and the US looks to have a resurgence of individualism.

            Evidence seems to support that your distant Canadian predecessors made a mistake.

          • … the US looks to have a resurgence of individualism.

            Realizing the importance of the individual is arguably what made western civilization great. We have seen the development of the autonomous individual who is responsible for what happens in the world. That contrasts with God being responsible for everything. link

            The identity politics embraced by the left is a throwback to a time when individuals bore no responsibility for what happened to them and what they caused to happen around them. Sadly, a lot of America seems to think that’s OK.

            People are talking about a break up. link

          • We had the secession argument 170 years ago, cB. It won’t happen again.

            In other news, I think the Enlightenment was a true speciation event. The emergence into sight of Homo individualis. The prior dominant species was Homo collectivus.

            Humans are the only culturally obligate species. The evolution of cultural organization is part of our heritage.

            The Progressives are the latter Hc folk, contesting the cultural ecology with the Hi up-starts.

            All the collective ideologies are mere rationalizations of the visceral urge of Hc to submerge into a reflexive tribal morality.

            It changes the view of events, doesn’t it, to think of them as the behavioral manifestations of what is really a viscerally driven contest of mortally opposed species.

          • Britain (including Canada) and the USA engaged in the War of 1812. The Americans tried to keep warm by burning Toronto, and our side tried to keep warm by burning the White House. Since then, both sides have declared victory – Canadians resent Toronto and Americans resent the White House, so both sides think they got the better of that deal.

          • I think I would rather put my trust in Costco, than government.

            If I get tired of Costco, I can walk away.

      • But, Matthew, recent politics has shown that you Americans have developed a consuming desire to incorporate and be governed by all the worst ideas that have come from Europe in the last 200 years .
        Trump succeeded last time because no one thought that he had a chance . The Democrats and the media know differently now and the avalanche of money and media sniping will overwhelm him .
        Soon you will know what it is like to give up your proud tradition of free thinking , (reasonably) free markets and the rule of law as set down by the Constitution and Bill of Rights and be governed by , essentially , policies of strictly European origin . Just one example: Karl Marx was not an Ohio farm boy who got lucky in the big city , but his ideas seem to be the basis of much of future US policies , economic and social.
        And no , I am not gloating but grieving that the last bastion of right thinking has fallen, and so easily.

          By Tom Harris And Dr. Jay Lehr, May 24, 2019


          The climate cult that has taken over the environmental movement has never been about the environment. It has always been a mechanism to advance socialism, grow government, reduce individual rights, reduce human population, and ignore the human suffering and environmental damage their policies cause. Activists promoting this anti-human, anti-environment agenda appear to suffer emotional and psychological problems which they seem to deal with by attempting to make others miserable.

          On April 27, 1961, at a speech in New York City, President John F. Kennedy said:

          We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence – on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

          Those words describe socialism, a system sold as Utopia. It appears that a yearning for Utopia never dies, because it springs from innate spiritual qualities of humanity. But as we have seen in every instance of national-scale socialist “Utopias” such as Cuba, China, Russia, and Venezuela, the result is inevitably suffering, scarcity, environmental degradation, oppression, and death. Truth, reason, and logic are the first values sacrificed along the way. Professional Societies must stop supporting it.

          • Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.
            -Winston Churchill

            Socialism is the favourite of losers, the goal of thieves, and the darling of the imcompetent.

          • Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.
            -Winston Churchill

            Socialism is the favorite of losers, the goal of thieves, and the darling of the incompetent.

          • Socialism is the theory that the purpose of government is to take money from those who work in order to buy votes from those who would rather not work.

          By Allan M.R. MacRae, B.A.Sc., M.Eng., April 14, 2019


          The evidence strongly supports my hypothesis that “Radical Greens are the Great Killers of Our Age”.

          The number of deaths and shattered lives caused by radical-green activism since ~1970 rivals the death tolls of the great killers of the 20th Century – Stalin, Hitler and Mao – they advocate similar extreme-left totalitarian policies and are indifferent to the resulting environmental damage and human suffering.

          By Allan M.R. MacRae, B.A.Sc., M.Eng., July 4, 2019


          Ever wonder why extremists attack honest scientists who oppose global warming and climate change hysteria? Ever wonder why climate extremists refuse to debate the science?

          It is because global warming and climate change alarmism was never about the science – it was always a false narrative, a smokescreen for the totalitarian objectives of the extreme left.
          The novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, written by George Orwell in 1949, foresaw a time “when much of the world has fallen victim to perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance, historical negationism and propaganda”. It now appears that Orwell had remarkable foresight.

          Here is the real “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, an interview that year with ex-KGB officer and Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov, who described their long-term program to ideologically undermine the western democracies. Note Bezmenov’s discussion of “ideological subversion”. It is all about manipulating the “useful idiots” – the pro-Soviet leftists within the democracies.

          One commenter on the video wrote: “this is crazy, almost everything predicted by this guy is already happening.” Bernie Sanders, AOC and other socialist-Democrats are openly saying what Bezmenov predicted decades ago. The last democracies are under attack by leftist extremists.

          All over the world, countries that once had a future have fallen into dictatorship, poverty and misery. It is notable that of the ~167 large countries in the world, most are totalitarian states, and all but “the chosen few” citizens of these countries suffer under brutal leftist dictatorships.

          Radical greens have used wildly exaggerated stories of runaway global warming and climate change to stampede the gullible, in order to achieve their political objectives. The greens claim to be pro-environment, but their policies have done enormous environmental damage.
          Radical greens have also been destructive to humanity, causing millions of deaths. I wrote recently:

          “Modern Green Death probably started with the 1972-2002 effective ban of DDT, which caused global deaths from malaria to increase from about 1 million to almost two million per year. Most of these deaths were children under five in sub-Saharan Africa…”

          “…radical greens (really radical leftists) are the great killers of our time. Now the greens are blinding and killing babies by opposing golden rice…”

          “The Green movement is really a smokescreen for the old Marxists – and they are the great killers of our age.”

          By Allan M.R. MacRae, B.A.Sc., M.Eng., July 19, 2019


          Radical greens have used wildly exaggerated scary stories of runaway global warming and climate change to stampede the gullible, in order to achieve their political objectives.
          The absolute lunacy of the Green New Deal and its delusional acolytes is now clear – global warming alarmism and green energy nonsense was never about the climate – it was always a false narrative, a smokescreen for the totalitarian objectives of the extreme left. Once the left controls our energy supply, they control everything in our society – it will be “One Man, One Vote, Once!” – the end of freedom.


          Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” is more about drastically overhauling the American economy than it is about combatting climate change, her top aide admitted.

          Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, made the revealing admission in a meeting with Democratic Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s climate director in May. A Washington Post reporter accompanied Chakrabarti to the meeting for a magazine profile published Wednesday.

          “The interesting thing about the Green New Deal, is it wasn’t originally a climate thing at all,” Chakrabarti said to Inslee’s climate director, Sam Ricketts.

          “Do you guys think of it as a climate thing?” Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing,” Chakrabarti added.

          Ocasio-Cortez’s press office didn’t immediately return an inquiry regarding whether Chakrabarti’s admission would undermine the congresswoman’s Green New Deal advocacy.

          The Green New Deal calls for a number of hard left proposals, including getting the U.S. entirely off of fossil fuels within 10 years, providing universal health care, basic income programs and job guarantees.

          The proposal also calls for “social, economic, racial, regional and gender-based justice and equality and cooperative and public ownership.”

  3. PhD candidates shriek the loudest for that millisecond of notoriety. The sad thing is that strategy tends to work for getting a job offer from the more senior and embedded shriek faculty/administrators.

  4. New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan, California and Pennsylvania are the top six leaders for the number of US CoVid-19 cases and deaths.
    Not only that, together they have more cases and deaths than the entire other 46 states COMBINED!!!!
    Not only that, together they lead the ENTIRE REST OF THE FREAKING WORLD!!!!
    The US and global economies are in free fall because of these six idiots!
    The masked, stay-at-home, social distancing clown show is because of these six losers.
    Besides the obvious, e.g. poor hygiene, too old, too sick, too crammed together, too diabetic, too fat, too smokey just what might be their special talents?
    How ‘bout some of y’all useless freshly minted twit and twat journalism majors free lancing for the fake news MSM investigate and inform.
    Like ya’ know, actually that’s like actually your like actual job description, ya’ know, like.

    • Seem most of this is traceable to one woman who traveled from Iran.
      New York wouldn’t have most of this if the Trump travel ban with Iran hadn’t been rendered moot by pecksniff attorneys.

    • Do you really believe that most of the workforce of a meat packaging plant in fly-over America could become infected, but the slums of India, Bangladesh, etc., escape large infection rates?

      The only numbers that approach the reality are the US, Canada, and Europe. Most of those countries have infection rates and mortality rates, normalized for population, worse than the US.

      • Maybe you know this, maybe not; most of the workforce in meat packing plants are immigrants. They move in vectors and frequencies that most in fly-over country don’t.

        • Which changes what? How did Latinos in fly-over country become infected at high rates, while rates in density populated Latin countries did not? Did more Europeans and Asians fly to Greeley, Colorado, than to Mexico City, Acapulco, Rio, etc?

          The infections in other countries are not being counted..

          • We have no idea what the infection rate is in most Latin American countries since so little testing is going on in those countries.

          • In most poor countries, those outside the cities people die at home and then get buried after a simple ceremony in the local church. The advent of the COVID virus hasn’t changed this.

      • That meat packing plant is owned by China. I would lay money that someone from China came over to manage the plant and brought it with him.

    • Nick,
      Given the political ‘leadership’ and citizen leanings in the states you reference, I highly recommend Socialist Distancing for all of us in the other 44 United States of America!

    • Michigan is not even near the top of the list, it’s Detroit that is #3 in the U.S. in coronavirus infections and close to the top in death rates. The rest of Michigan is relatively free of the disease. I live in a county with zero infections, and an area of over a quarter of a million people with about 27 total infections, all related to travel, all traced, all alerted as to the movements of the infected in the 3-5 days prior to their tests and quarantines, and no new cases no for about a week. In contrast, members of the Detroit Police Department were having house parties in Mid March, crowds were gathering in Detroit parks in early April. That the virus can be deadly isn’t an issue, but it’s clear that prudent adults can deal with it.

      • Nonetheless the Michigan Gov is telling you that you all are like Detroit. That is in between other radical road funding proposals. Keep your heads down and shut up in Michigan or they will show you just how useless that Constitution is.

        • Her time is up in 12 days. The Republican dominated legislature would be required to approve everything going forward. For what it’s worth Whitmer is certifiably insane, and is getting more and more strident and banal by the day

          • Exactly. Decisions and policies should first be done locally (remember the once-common neighborhood/town-hall meetings?), and only go outward from there when necessary. But in today’s socialistic/marxist/conformist/indoctrinated/one-size-fits-all world that’s wishful thinking/fantasy.

  5. Elitist, globalist, ivory tower “a$$hat’, with TDS showing. No other way to say it.
    She must be good enough to be a world ruler because she’s an Oxford PhD Candidate and Lecturer in International Relations.

  6. Yes, for your own safety and well being, send all of your money to a world agency. I’m sure the $200 million spent by the World Health Organization on travel expenses was well worth it. I feel so much safer already.

  7. Centralized Planning destroyed the Soviet Union, made a mockery of Communist China’s response to the pandemic, and is exposing those who would impose disaster on the whole world!

    Defunding is the name of the game–WHO is next, centralized planners? They should be!

  8. Things don’t have to be so disconnected and confusing. On climate change, line up with President Trump. Problem solved. No charge.

  9. In this day and age, referencing the NYT is sufficient to throw any story into the Fake News category.

  10. Physical isolation s a temporary, evidence-based policy based on a clear and progressive risk from Wuhan virus (es?) to populations with borders. The Proficy (sic) of [Catastrophic] [Anthropogenic] Climate cooling… warming… change is inferred with liberal license from circumstantial evidence infilled with brown matter and Green energy to sustain a consensus with reality.

  11. Yes, let’s all work under one organization. There’s already an international organization for responding to pandemics. If the world, including the US, had followed its recommendations, there would have been tens of thousands of additional deaths. That would have certainly please some of the elitist trash spouting this concept.

  12. PhD candidate. She is a graduate student. Correction, she is an arrogant graduate student with an enormous chip on her shoulder. There once was a time when students who walked beside their shoes and thought to pontificate before they even had finished a thesis let alone defended it were treated on the nasty surprise of having their work rejected. Alas, I won’t hold my breath.

    • Zoe Phin: “Work together to do what?”

      Fight Climate Change, of course.

      They never say what caliber of bullet is best or if you need tanks and fighter jets to fight Climate Change.

      Heck maybe all we need are boxing gloves or perhaps a stout stick. I don’t know, swords maybe? They never say what weapons to use, just that “We must fight Climate Change.”

      And we must work together to do it.

      Ah! I think I see the problem. It’s a giant tug-o-war and some people are pulling on one side of the rope while others are pulling on the other end. If everybody grabs the same end of the rope with only the puny, easily defeated Climate Change on the other end it’ll be over in a flash.

      I say the whole world gathers on one of those incredibly long beaches in Australia and we get this over with. When the whistle blows, with everyone working together, we’ll pull Climate Change over the line in the sand in two shakes and that will be that. Climate change was fought and we won.

      And since everyone is there, we might as well all kick back, knock down a few beers, and grill some shrimp over open driftwood fires on the beach. Okay, okay. Bring sausages if you must, but the beer is non-negotiable.

      That’s how we all work together to fight Climate Change. That grad student was less than specific, not so much even as to suggest slapping Climate Change in the face with a gauntlet.

      I say we go with my plan. I’ve specified the rules of engagement with a clear decision criterion on whether or not we’ve successfully fought Climate Change and won, and everyone works together to do it.

      She’s got nuttin’.

      • In this enlightened and civilized age, we should at least be adopting the Marquess of Queensberry rules in fighting of any sort, including a contest against an unsuspecting (and inoffensive) Climate.

        A prize has been offered by the U.N ($100 billion I believe, but not out of their own pocket).

        Self-nominating judges have also been forthcoming, but their criteria for awarding points seem to be at odds with each other, to say the least.

        Whilst the exact number of rounds has yet to be determined, in view of the fact that the promotion for this stoush has been going on for ~50 years now, it would need to be of fairly short duration in order to hold the interest of the punters.

        My money will be on the Climate, since on past form over a very long career, this slugger has bounced back from the edge of collapse may times, and gone on stay on his/her feet and win out over “unprecedented” assaults from asteroids, volcanoes and wizards.

  13. “According to Oxford Lecturer Kate Guy, …we could “rebound” with “more solid” global security and cooperation.”

    Yes, rebound but without the Chinese chain-dog WHO, and with much reduced dependence on Chinese manufacture and with freedom from Chinese political pressure.

  14. Whether Climate Change is real or imagined, one thing is certain.
    Giving large amounts of money to the UN or the WHO will accomplish absolutely nothing.

    • Not true they will accomplish one thing to espouse the virtues of China and whatever message China wants to portrait.

  15. CCP agitprop from a pseudointellectual party mouthpiece. Let’s start by revoking Chinese tourist, student, and media worker visas, then see how we go. Maybe then recognise Taiwan, free Tibet, enforce Hong Kong sovereignity. Definitely more tariffs.

  16. The egg heads are desperate to get their global governance in a bigger way than it is now, using the man made / global warming scam as a guise to bring it about. Unfortunately for them, this coronavirus fiasco has caused a lot more people to wake up to the dangers of UN global governance. As we’ve seen here in Canada and other countries around the world , that no one had a plan to deal with a global pandemic, other than maybe one or two. For the most part they all took their orders from the corrupt WHO who actually helped spread the virus around the world. Now everyone is trying to play catch up, making up on the fly as stumble and bumble from one blunder to the next.

    • Appears that you have not accepted and immersed yourself in the benefits of knowledge through diversity.

      You need to spend some time with the diverse, so you can broaden your perspective.

      Maybe go back to school; planning/public administration at the U of Oregon would be be a good place to learn about how people can be so dumb.

  17. Mmmm, no. The claims of the need for ‘global governance’ is proof that we need to guard our sovereignty.

  18. Comical really, claims in the article about ‘blindsiding’ when a number of other countries had imposed travel bans before the US.

    And yet sad at the same time, the longer the US would have taken, by ‘consulting with allies’, the more dead Americans there would have been.

    Given that Biden/Pelosi/Sanders were calling Trump a racist in February and March for closing borders, it is quite clear to all Americans that a democrat president would have been politically correct (political leftness), and would have sat back and let a million Americans die before even thinking about acting on borders.

    The Oxford types also somehow don’t understand that this crisis will be a big boost to Nationalism.

    Globalism isn’t making any sort of comeback for another quarter of a century at least.

    As for future climate forecast modelling at Oxford as mentioned in the article, I presume they have factored in a range of global cooling scenarios and the subsequent threat to world food supply.

  19. I’m against it since these tyrants can’t be voted out by citizens. Any power given to UN is power lost from citizens of democracies.

  20. A PhD candidate in “international relations” – no management experience, no science education much less experience, never built a business, just some short term positions with government entities and Clintron’s campaign – she’s not actually qualified to do anything – looks like a perfect candidate to join the IPCC.

  21. We have all seen what happens when you give up your control to a bureaucratic entity with the EU … it made such a compelling case that it induced BREXIT. I am sure every country is racing to line up to hand over control to a global bureaucratic entity 🙂

  22. I skimmed through the report which Cam-S was so kind to provide. The word “analysis” is used frequently but there are actually no fact-based analyses of any climate parameter in it – not one – that I could find. It simply contains the usual unsupported talk of increased storms, droughts, sea level and so forth without any reference to actual measurements. It does have really fine layout, printing and graphics of course; really good looking and glossy. And how much did we pay for this?

  23. What are they teaching in universities these days?

    How to be woke, how to no-platform wrongthinkers and making unreasonable or daft demands; decolonising the curriculum etc.

  24. International Relations PhD candidate.

    From Oxford.

    Talking about Imperialism of the New World order (order is small for a reason…)


    Where have I seen that before? I wonder, I really do wonder…maybe I dunno…HISTORY?

    Something this person obviously did not study…her history and now she is bound to repeat it.

    Too bad.

    So sad.


  25. “the security threat of climate change”

    Hold about, did I miss something, is climate now a contagious disease ?

    Shall we, in an effort to curb the green oligophrenia pandemic, ban the travel of all climate delegates and universally prohibit all climate greenie junkets, conferences, get-togethers? Sounds like a plan to me.

    • Climate change anxiety surely is a contagious disease. Sufferers should self isolate or else will be locked down, err, up.

  26. Yes, let’s bring down the US’ response level to that of, say, the WHO. It’s unfair that the rich should live because they can afford more alert leaders. Let’s get those fatality levels uniform! #socialismrocks

  27. “Trump administration has repeatedly chosen to blindside its allies with the introduction of new limitations on trade and movement of peoples. This mismanagement has led to each nation going on its own, despite the fact that working together would net greater gains for all. ”

    Utter rubbish

    When the mud settles it will become clear that small countries and city-states with stable political systems managed the outbreak best. While my country (NZ) is some way from complete control it has been able to implement rapid response with a reasonable degree of understanding of the situation. Our community has accepted and adopted the restrictions without undue resistance. Meantime the discussion on the economic impact is going on, much of it in public. Most of us will be back at work within weeks.

    Across the ditch, Australia with a state political system, has more challenges and less of a unified response.

    As I see it the diversity in US is a strength and a weakness. Controlling the outbreak there was always going to be messy, through no fault of its own. Clear borders – even between states – and local responsibility is essential, as is community spirit.

    God forbid that a global government have any control over sovereign states. Small is beautiful.


  28. It takes a special kind of blind fanaticism to recast recent events into a call for global governance. The UN and WHO were especially corrupt and counterproductive.

  29. According to Oxford Lecturer Kate Guy, President Trump “blindsiding” allies with Coronavirus travel bans and his focus on taking care of the USA proves we are not ready for the coming climate disaster – but we could “rebound” with “more solid” global security and cooperation.

    I seem to recall an incident back in 1776 where some guys declared to the world that the purpose of Government was to preserve the rights of the individual.
    We fought a war and won independence from one nation.
    After a misfire (The Articles of Confederation, a Government to weak to usurp said rights but also to weak to defend them), they formed a Government under the The Constitution of The United States AND The Bill of Rights (to limit what that Government could do that might usurp the rights of the individual).
    The United States owes nothing to the UN or the other Governments of the globe.
    The US government owes it’s citizens what if was formed to do, preserve the rights of its individual citizens.
    Let the other Governments of the globe do the same for their own citizens, demonstrably.
    The UN? It should only be, at best, a forum for countries to still talk to each other after diplomatic ties have been severed. It should have zero authority to dictate the actions of another nation.

  30. albeit with a focus on the disruptive potential of climate change,

    Meaning Oxford Lecturer Kate Guy PhD Candidate and Lecturer in International Relations, University of Oxford, will be very unwilling — likely to the point of deaf, blind, and insensate — to entertain the fact that there’s no evidence whatever of “climate change” as she means it; namely, CO2-induced global warming.

    She’s got her oh-so-portentous narrative and she’s sticking to it. Just like all the rest of the modern academic second-raters.

    • If not “Carbon Pollution” from Man, there’s no excuse for controlling Man.
      (GOSH! Maybe “Global Warming” “Climate Change” is Natural?!?!
      (I thought most of these eco-dudes were into going “natural”?)

  31. “What are they teaching in universities these days?” Do I detect an allusion to the professor’s quote in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, “I wonder what they do teach them at these schools”? Which of course was written by a famous Oxford don.

  32. As with many of these prescriptive-sounding pieces it contains a liberal sprinkling of first person plural pronouns.
    Kate begins by referring to a report by The [‘non-partisan’] Center for Climate and Security (CCS): “… In it we warn: …”.
    But as she goes on she writes:
    “… What do we do with nation-states that can no longer reside in their homeland? How do we compensate sectors for ceasing harmful practices such as fossil fuel extraction and deforestation … we also face new global governance questions … can we handle climate-related disasters during a pandemic? … we can treat the current global crisis as a sort of “stress test” … we could successfully rebound from this moment with more solid global security and cooperation than we knew going into it … we know that even steeper and more frequent global shocks are in store … ” and so on.

    If she is writing on her own behalf or on behalf of her organisation (CCS) she seems to have an exaggerated opinion of her or its importance, I can’t remember ever voting for her or it.
    She could be using ‘we’ as meaning people in general, presuming that the reader must agree with her opinion, but again what gives her that authority?

    • When such say “we” they rarely mean “me”, the listener.
      It will cost all the “me’s” out their in some way.

    • Please notice most of the power grabbers like to create
      organizations that with names that include the word
      “ SECURITY”

  33. These days, the U.N. could not even run a chicken raffle or a sausage sizzle competently. The U.N. should not be let anywhere near something of the scale of the Covid-19 outbreak. The WHO is also a running-dog lackey apologist for the Chinese Communist Party.

  34. Actually, what it proves is we need absolute national control of borders. Global “governance” absolutely CANNOT be trusted. That is the real lesson.

  35. Of course. Global cooperation is the answer.
    Ask Italy of the wonderful EU support they received in their time of need. I think that’s all the proof that is needed that these grand globalist organizations are really all for themselves when it comes down to tough times.
    USA did it right (as right as could be done given the coverup of the Chi-Coms)

    • Global cooperation has different meanings for sophisticated Europeans.
      It looks like the EU has responded by telling Italy to fend for itself.

  36. I think they’re right but they don’t have the full wish list: Build the walls – Mexico as well as Canada. Quarantine all non-US citizens when they cross the border for 4 months – minimum but only if they can pay for the quarantine, else deport them. Permanently exclude all international traveling climate activists and ban any domestic ones from using any public transportation, car, bike, donkey, horse meaning if a CA climate activist wants to attend a NYC climate event, buy a good set of hiking boots.
    That’s the short list. Add any others that come to mind. Fantasy is supposed to be great therapy?


    Germany has become the latest country to close borders as European nations try to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

    Its borders with France, Austria and Switzerland were shut on Monday, except for commercial traffic.

    Spain will also close its borders later while France is considering more stringent lockdowns.

    EU countries have so far refused Italy’s plea for help fighting coronavirus, as national capitals worry that they may need to stockpile face masks and other medical gear to help their own citizens, officials and diplomats said.

    The refusal so far to volunteer help for Italy, which requested face masks through the EU’s civil protection mechanism, highlights the urgency for Brussels as it seeks to orchestrate a coordinated response to the epidemic, and to make use of its still relatively limited powers during public health emergencies compared to the broader authority of member states.

    Desperate travellers in cars and trucks are choking European borders, creating huge traffic jams as they try to get home before borders shut, or to deliver critical supplies to help nations cope with the quickly spreading coronavirus.

    It came as Johns Hopkins University said the total number of confirmed cases worldwide has passed 200,000.

    The Johns Hopkins Centre for Systems Science and Engineering’s online tally showed 201,436 cases, with 8,006 deaths, and 82,032 patients listed as recovered.

    Trucks became stuck in 60km long traffic jam as the wait for border control on the motorway A4 near Bautzen, Germany, on Wednesday.

    Now what were you saying about blindsiding allies? What were you saying about coordinated responses? Can you cite any US state that has closed its borders to this extent? Even the off ramp that is Rhode Island was only restricting traveling NYers and not trade.

    No thanks on more of your WHO/UN grift. We’re full up for the next forever.

  38. Absurd comparison: Corona virus and Climate Change!

    How might a single threat, even one deemed unlikely, spiral into an evolving global crisis which challenges the foundations of global security, economic stability and democratic governance, all in the matter of a few weeks?

    Climate Change is going to spiral into a global crisis “in a few weeks”?!

    Kate’s scholastic mentors must be AOC and Greta.

  39. At Oxford it sounds like the elite are convinced they can
    find the right solutions to problems. They seem to think they have a
    duty to impose them on us. Their solutions are correct. Other
    solutions must be wrong and should be ignored or silenced.

  40. Can we have a quick straw poll of those in the UK that want to ditch Brexit and go all the way with WHOever?
    Streuth in Oz you can’t even cross State borders without good reason and then you have to self quarantine for 14 days. As for leaving the big smoke like Sydney for the holiday home down the coast or wherever the locals don’t want you either so welcome to the great global kumbayah. What on earth are these stinkers in residence smoking?

  41. Typical Liberal illogic.

    They were presented with compelling evidence that individuals (in this case – Nations run by a leader looking out for the interests of the People who put him in office) working each for their own good, much like capitalism for individuals, is the best way to compete and optimize outcomes. Like capitalism, such a system does have disadvantages, but the advantages far outweighed the negatives. So with this nationalitic friendly competition so everyone ultimately wins. But then to cite success as a reason to do the opposite?
    The Libtards claim to reach the opposite conclusion, a conclusion counter to their own cited evidence that collectivism is the solution called for.

    Liberal illogic from just more Libtards.

  42. “And talk about lack of focus; a senior WHO advisor wants recovery money to be spent on renewables.”

    I’m pretty sure that’s a feature, not a bug.

    Globalists, just like every other flavor of leftist, engages in subterfuge to disguise their actual agenda. They don’t really believe that some over-arching “one world government” would be more effective or efficient at anything, they just know that it would grant the people running the show (they assume it would be themselves) the power to enact their agenda at will. It’s worth millions of deaths (actually could also be considered a feature rather than a bug considering that many of these people consider humanity a blight upon mother Gaia) in a global pandemic if it means that they get to run the world and decide for us little people what we can eat, where we can live, what (and whether) we can use for transportation, how much power we can use etc, etc, etc.

  43. The WHO and most of the United Nations corrupt groups prove we don’t need global governance. What we need are leaders who look after the interests of their own nations.

    That’s how a free market economy works, too. Self interests and competition drives better governance.

    • The MINUSTAH (United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti) brought an awful cholera epidemic in Haiti. That had to do with shit holes (no the ones President Trump was allegedly talking about… possibly).

      I don’t think the UN is the right tool to fight epidemics.

  44. “What are they teaching in universities these days? ” ANS: BORG mentality, collectivism, authoritarian rule…governmental babysitting.

    What isn’t coming in education? Critical thinking, independence, personal responsibility,…

  45. The WHO’s willful negligence in service to China is more proof corrupt global governance would be a disaster for all but the ‘elite’, so globalist puppets claim the opposite, even still-breathing puppeteers chime in – you can almost hear him salivate…
    he Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order
    By Henry A. Kissinger
    “The U.S. must protect its citizens from disease while starting the urgent work of planning for a new epoch.”

    “Now, in a divided country, efficient and farsighted government is necessary to overcome obstacles unprecedented in magnitude and global scope.”

    “Leaders are dealing with the crisis on a largely national basis, but the virus’s society-dissolving effects do not recognize borders.”

    “No country, not even the U.S., can in a purely national effort overcome the virus. Addressing the necessities of the moment must ultimately be coupled with a global collaborative vision and program. If we cannot do both in tandem, we will face the worst of each.”

    “While the assault on human health will—hopefully—be temporary” Threat?

    “Failure could set the world on fire.” Threat?

    “At this writing, there is no cure.” False. Hydroxychloroquine whether you like it or not.

  46. The climate has always changed and will continue to.
    There is no climate emergency except the emergency of those wishing to
    get rich by creating the image of a problem which they alone can solve

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