Journalists Strategising How to Insert Climate Action into Coronavirus Rescue Packages

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Dr. Willie Soon; If you are wondering why during the last week MSM journalists have pushed hard to tie climate action to the Chinese Coronavirus outbreak, the answer might lie in a webinar meeting which occurred on April 2nd.

Environmental Reporters Strategize On Using Coronavirus To Advance Climate Agenda


With the nation locked down due to the coronavirus outbreak, members of the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) last week compared the dangers of the pandemic with climate change and discussed how to leverage reporting on the public health crisis into advancing environmental policies.

In a webinar entitled, “Covering a Crisis: Climate, Coronavirus, and Global (In)action),”discussion was moderated by Emily Holden, an environmental reporter for The Guardian and featured Katherine Hayhoe, a professor at Texas Tech University and Denis Hayes, a member of the Earth Day Network.

Hayes kicked off the webinar by arguing the $2 trillion economic relief package passed by Congress last month should have been geared toward transforming the industrial and energy sectors.

After some discussion about the role reporters should play in covering both coronavirus and climate change, Holden asked about the possibility of poor perception from comparing the two events.

“Is there a risk of environmental journalists’ reporting right now looking kind of opportunist and connecting these two crises or writing stories that are completely unrelated to this one? Is there a way to link these without being in bad taste?” she asked the panel.

Hayhoe empathetically replied “Yes” and described how reporters should frame their stories.

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The participants were:

  • Denis Hayes, Board Chair Emeritus, The Earth Day Network; President and CEO, The Bullitt Foundation
  • Katharine Hayhoe, Professor of Political Science, Texas Tech University
  • Alice Hill, Senior Fellow for Climate Change Policy, Council on Foreign Relations
  • John Mecklin, Editor-in-Chief, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists


The audio for the webinar is available here, or you can obtain huge video files from here.

Webinar members discuss the “terrible difficulty” getting environmental threats covered, and discuss strategies such as “regular visits” to editors, to try to pressure them into upping their climate change and environmental content.

They praised Al Gore’s influence – “he knows as much as a climate scientist”.

Fantasies of a future Democrat President appointing Katharine Hayhoe as head of NOAA, so she can become a “household name”. They hope Hayhoe would have widespread appeal because she is “not part of any tribe”.

Talking points I’ve seen over the last week were also discussed in the webinar.

49 thoughts on “Journalists Strategising How to Insert Climate Action into Coronavirus Rescue Packages

    • It reminds me of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hurst’s message to illustrator Frederick Remington during the Spanish-American war. “Please remain, you furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war”

    • The Guardian ceased being a newspaper when Alan Rushbridger was removed for defying MI5 over the Snowden material.

      It is now a “platform” not a news outlet. The preach their soggy bourgeois environmentalism from their fossil fuel heated offices and regard it as their raison d’etre now.

      They praised Al Gore’s influence – “he knows as much as a climate scientist”.

      Which climate scientist ? I’m sure there are several who at least a stupid as big Al but I want names.

    • ‘see themselves as creators of news’ That is a very pertinent comment. And highly alarming!

    • Jamal,

      I think you have that backwards. And it matters.
      The climate action movement is deep into the media.
      The apt analogy is a malignant metastatic cancer. It is not the body that invades the cancer, but the cancer tumor invades what was a healthy body and destroys it by malignantly invading healthy tissue. The climate action movement is the metastatic malignant tumor. And the body-media is rapidly being destroyed by this climate malignancy. Media like the Guardian were always Left leaning which allowed an easy take-over by the climate tumor. Now the climate cancer has continued to spread though most of the other major media outlets.

  1. ‘They praised Al Gore’s influence – “he knows as much as a climate [change] scientist” ‘.
    Hmm I don’t know about praised, I can think of at least two ways of processing their statement.

        • So this smart as a Climate Scientist, believes the temperature of the earths core is several million degrees? ALGORE took one science class at Yale. The Son of a Tennessee Senator got a “Gentleman’s C” in Earth Science.

          To your point Mumbles, that tells you all we need to know about how “smart” Climate Scientists are. Most of them got their degrees in the social sciences

    • Actually the statement is true. However, that’s a sad commentary about climate scientists.

    • “They praised Al Gore’s influence – “he knows as much as a climate scientist”.”

      Based on people like Michael Mann, I would say that is a pretty low bar.

  2. They have been working climate change in to almost every article here in Australian media.

    It really is a joke. Numbers of people are limited in supermarkets. You have to enter and exit in specific places. You have to stand on spots while queuing. Self-serve checkouts are double spaced by turning off some of them. Yes, people still meander around the rest of the shop with no restrictions and have to cross ‘barriers” to get to other shops within the supermarket.

  3. As soon as they mentioned AL GORE, you know that they all should be locked up !!!!

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  4. Observations may indicate that in countries where there was mandatory vaccination against tuberculosis, the epidemic is not growing rapidly.

    • Countries with mandatory tuberculosis vaccination wound up with endemic tuberculosis because the vaccine doesn’t always work. Also the skin test no longer works as everyone tests positive. That’s why immigration from those regions has to depend on a clean chest x-ray. People from those regions who want to work in places such as schools have extra trouble proving they’re not infected.

    • Hmmm… I hadn’t heard that, ren, but I’m sure more info will soon be appearing.

      Let’s say people start digging in and finding out it is helpful or extremely helpful. If so, I was vaccinated for TB years ago and of course I’m wondering if that preventative protection is still good.

      I suppose it doesn’t matter because if it pans out, we’ll probably see mass TB vaccinations quite soon.
      I’m noticing that a lot of existing drugs show promise for treating or preventing Wuhan Flu. Used for the virus, it’s off label, but if Dr. and patient agree to give one of them a try, those old drugs are already approved for safety, with any warning of interactions and side effects or known contraindications for use in certain patients readily identifiable by their doctor.

      Researchers have really been scouring established drugs and are rapidly coming up with a fair number of promising drugs to try. This has been happening fast!

  5. Since when did journalists “strategize”? I was under the naive assumption they are “supposed” to report the facts i.e. truth, NOT invent it to pursue a political agenda! Rotten to the core!

  6. Ohhh puleeese……’bad science’ again….junk science, you name it…death by association! Sound familiar…

  7. The statement concerning Gore implies that ‘a climate scientist knows as much as Al Gore’.

    About right, methinks.

    I notice that the letters ‘s’ and ‘h’ are missing in Dennis Hayes affiliation.

  8. From the article: Environmental Reporters Strategize On Using Coronavirus To Advance Climate Agenda”

    Should read: Environmental Propogandists Strategize On Using Coronavirus To Advance Climate Agenda

  9. I note the name “Judy Woodruff” on the Society of Environmental Journalist Advisory Board.

    The organization is yet another that was originally founded for somewhat laudable reasons (air and water pollution) and was subsequently infected and bastardized for political reasons. It’s financial support comes from many of the usual suspects (this means you Pew, this means you Bloomberg).

  10. The Wuhan virus pandemic is being taken seriously by most of the population of the world, whereas the Human-caused Climate Change “crisis” is not taken seriously by most of the world with the exception of Western leftists and their political leaders.

    Unfortunately for those wishing to hype the “climate crisis”, the majority of people in the world don’t think there is a climate crisis of sufficient danger to cause them to change their lifestyles.

    And yes it does look opportunistic for environmental propagandists to try to conflate the Wuhan virus pandemic with a fictional Human-caused climate change crisis.

    There is no climate crisis. There definitely is a Wuhan virus pandemic. Fantasy verses Reality.

    • Greta et al., like the soon to be virus, has been planked. It has been the best thing to come out of this virus.

  11. That climate scientists have been compared with Al Gore in terms of their grasp of climate science is weird but could turn out to be true. There are things in climate science that do measure all the way down to the Gore level.

    For example warm ocean water rising from the deep in a known geologically active area is instead attributed to AGW climate change with the argument that warm water from the Gulf of Mexico had been delivered to the Arctic by ocean currents. Pls see

    • Yeah if they only knew what Algore knows. With the water being millions of degrees that seems significant 🙂

  12. Clearly a coordinated propaganda campaign between junk scientists like Hayhoe and the media that is controlled by the Green Slime billionaires to push an agenda.

    It is quite appropriate that Hayhoe’s university appointment is in the Department of Political Science even though her PhD and training is atmospheric physics and she is called a “climate scientist.” That tells anyone who bothers to understand faulty relationships where her ‘physics” is grounded. Her schtick is simply political activism nakedly masquerading a some kind of science, aka junk science. She simply decided to follow the career blueprint of James Hansen, where activism masquerades as science.

  13. The concept of “looting”, plunder, pillage are well defined and appropriately dealt with directly on the spot under the laws of war.

    Which is quite what happens now. We are at war against the virus. Our economies are devastated.

    Profiteering to divert means for unrelated imaginary needs is looting by all definitions.

  14. Will the MSM ever recognize its culpability for making the CoViD-19 death-toll worse, by crying wolf about CO2 relentlessly for decades?

  15. Environmental Reporters Strategize On Using Coronavirus To Advance Climate Agenda

    Of course. I was wondering the sudden interest in climate politics and corona-climate connection, but it was because activists who journalismed were reading tweets about how to run climate headlines over corona headlines.

    Today the news was the very warm yesterday, an *unprecedented* forevah max 17.5C of the date at one station. And the history goes back over 100 years!

    Until I checked. The station is new from 2006. The forever is something like 14 years at one station. Nobody checked in the MSM, even when the station data is public.

    Not that it would matter. Now I know forever max means a millennial.

  16. My prediction is that as soon as this virus is over, the climate nonsense will resume. I expect Trudeau will continue as he knows nothing about weather or climate and takes his advice from people like Butts.

  17. Let it be written that in the final labored steps of the Great Climate Crusades there was a webinar of the dead enders.

    Also, the only reason Texas Tech is not having a big budget cut and academic restructuring is because of the oil severance tax revenues/reserves for universities in that state.

  18. It is difficult to overstate how mentally ill these people are. The are afflicted with a severe case of delusional disorder. Despite the abundance of measured evidence that rates of warming and sea level rise are negligible, they work themselves into feverish anxiety that the future is apocalyptic unless they convince the rest of us that they are right. They’re not. They’re delusional.

    Here’s a litmus test. Ask any paranoid climate alarmist what the current measured rates of warming and sea level rise are. They are:

    -1.3° C per century warming

    -200 to 310 mm per century sea level rise (tide gauge vs satellite measurements)

    Point out that those rates are smack in the middle of the RCP2.6 scenario, the one that calls for immediate, global action by all governments to drastically reduce CO2 emissions by…wait for it…2020.

    Even though there is no coordinated global action to drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions we’re on track for the mild RCP2.6 scenario that they’ve been agitating for us to accomplish. So, mission accomplished, climate alarmists. Can you shut up now?

  19. Al Gore knows as much as a climate scientist? Well that is a fairly accurate assessment if we are talking about the usual climate scientists who keep telling us the end of times ins here. On the other hand were we to raise the bar a bit and actually require a “climate scientist” to know some real facts about climate and to practice the actual methods of science then I think Al Gore will be a pitiful shadow in comparison. The thought of these fools sitting around their computers plotting how to use a pandemic to make themselves relevant to modern society is just sad and funny all at the same time. I see a future for them all on “reality” TV where the fundamental ingredient is the celebration of human depravity and ignorance.

  20. Never let a crisis go to waste.
    Here in the US, the current Democratic Party leadership are experts at that.
    (And if there is no genuine crisis, they invent one.)

  21. “They praised Al Gore’s influence – “he knows as much as a climate scientist”.”

    Given Gore’s almost complete inability to grasp the basics of the science he presents and his willingness to frame everything in dire prophesy and alarm, this is a condemnation of the so-called “climate scientists” preaching the gospel of AGW.

    One can turn it around and use it to show, “Climate scientists know as much as Al Gore” to good effect if one follows it with his wildly wrong prognoses of how the AGW scam will unfold…

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