An open letter to @GretaThunberg and other assorted climate wackadoodles

Dear Greta,

So you got what you wanted.

“System change & Economic Slowdown” is a real thing now.

Airplanes, industry, jobs, restaurants, recreation, and schools are all shut down.

Instead we have fear, poverty, misery, joblessness, economic ruin, and a bleak future.

Happy now?

Anthony Watts
(and thousands of WUWT readers)

227 thoughts on “An open letter to @GretaThunberg and other assorted climate wackadoodles

    • Cicero was founded in 1990 by Gro Harlem Brundtland as ‘Institute of climate policy’, and I personally don’t trust them as they have political bindings. They later changed their name to ‘Center for International Climate and Environmental Research Oslo’.
      Their original mission statement was to ‘provide knowledge which can contribute to solve AGW’. They probably found this to be a bad choice, so it was changed.
      And, they also wouldn’t participate in a live TV debate this month, regarding climate changes. One can only wonder why.

    • “Airplanes, industry, jobs, restaurants, recreation, and schools are all shut down.”

      Wow. So if we go to a green energy source we will haf to practice social distancing? Close down jobs, restaurants, recreation, and schools? Really.

      Maybe we haf to have another WWII and 9-11 too, you know, just to get it right.

      • Seems like WWII is past, so that won’t happen again. Same with the twin towers – gone.

        But the rest of your comment makes sense. Concise and mostly true.
        Good job.

      • The number of Americans who die from Covid19 will dwarf all war casualties. Is that also what Greta wanted?

          • from ehrlich and strong right up to st greta and the ex reb klutzes.. yes this is their wet dream.
            removal of the populations they keep telling us are a “plague upon the earth, or similar terms”
            of course as oft mentioned they and theirs are above the common plebs and should be the new leadership elites.
            while many would be super pleased its hitting the oldies most, too, they forget the knowledge base those oldies have and thats what gave them their start(as well as life itself)
            theyll be damned fast to arrive handsout for the house and inheritance you can bet!
            communal living and squat type groups as some ex reb endorse might be some of the harder hit spots along with outright homeless etc.

          • That is not what she said she wanted. She was very clear that she wants us to panic. Look at the quote or the video. Panic is good for business, in some quarters.

            To see how panic (and lack of it when cooler head prevail) listen to the audio book of the 1665 plague in London (written b Daniel Defoe in 1722). The parallels with the modern pandemic are awesome – the excuses, the denial, the over-reactions, the panic, the catastrophe and the calm that finally ruled.


            So Greta’s parents (Extinction Rebellion staff) did not get what they told her to ask for, nay, demand: panic. Perhaps they will see it, sooner or later, but it will not be because of their demands. It will be because of things far beyond their control. Pandemics work on deeply embedded social behaviours and needs that greatly exceed the narrow political objectives of anti-social extremists. Hear what happened in 1665. There are lessons there about human behaviours and need, reactions and greed.

            Learn sobriety and humility, the hard way if you must, Greta, and do something useful with your life. Selling panic is not.

        • It’s certainly what the “The World’s overpopulated” brigade want.
          They’re a sub-set of the “Climate Crisis” brigade.
          Nasty Americans, using far more than their fair share of resources.

        • Since most of the crowd that Greta runs with are malthusians, yes that is exactly what they want (don’t know if Greta specifically wants it, but given the crowd she runs with, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if she was of a like mind).

        • Prairie fertilizer. Death rates are being reported at 1% to 4% of infected people. An order of magnitude lower than current and historic mass mortality plagues. The 2013 Makuna Ebola outbreak originating in Guinea morted 11,000 of the 30,000 known infected. Around THIRTY percent.

        • If we can find an honest broker to hold the stakes, I’ve got $1,000 that says you’re wrong. It’ll be the easiest money I ever made. Lessee, WWI: 20.5 million dead, WWII: 70 million dead, Korea: 3 million dead, Vietnam: 3.1 million…

          • I’d ask in on that action, but I doubt trolling on the internet pays well enough for Loydo to be able to pay up in the end.

          • Communism – 200 million liquidated, starved, shot, literally worked to death as slave labour etc. Puts everything else into the shade.

            The CCP has been suspected of breaking UN trade sanctions against Iran and North Korea. The huge coronavirus outbreak in Iran is the smoking gun that proves it.

            God know how many have died in North Korea due to this outbreak but you can be damn sure they have it and have no way of treating.

          • Crisp mentions the unknown level, and outcomes of CoVID in North Korea… which has been in a near constant state of famine for the populace for decades. In the infectious disease world that’s like firing a rifle round into an obstructed barrel.

        • Loydo: We don’t know what she wants, but we know her parents want it. And I suspect they will be deeply disappointed as you will be when your prediction of Covid deaths exceeding WWII fails.

          • And there is your problem Paul, you don’t see sarcasm when its staring you in the face. That goes the same for your fellow echo-chamber dwellers. They’ve all piled in with their monstrous projections without even realising. I’ve been warning here for weeks about the looming American tragedy this virus is going to mean. But all I see is complacency, delusion and “quinine will fix it”. It won’t, a ransacked financial system, no public health system, no public broadcaster, countless weapons, a just in time supply chain and a sociopath in the white house, millions will suffer. The odds of there even being a US in 6 months are slim. To see this tragedy turned into a political attack on a 17yo girl is beyond weird beyond sad.

          • “No public health system”
            I’m Canadian, and Canadians swarm to U.S. Hospitals to get urgent care not available in Canada’s public health system without dangerous wait lists. Cancer diagnostics alone can take weeks. And it sure isn’t free.

            ” … political attack on a 17yo girl is beyond weird beyond sad.”

            Greta is a political creation, and hostage. How you ever seen a cop show where the bad guys get to the door to leave the bank, and the cops show up front ? What do they do? Grab a kid, or woman and tell the cops “We get to leave or the kid gets it” Greta is that kid. She is a young girl of a political parent, and an absentee parent. She has the sad mental affliction of Asperger’s Syndrome, and near zero education. She is being used as a human shield ( That’s even illegal in war. ) to ward off legitimate criticism of an entire political class. She takes no questions, because she can’t answer them. Like her actor parents she only has a script. She is a propaganda tool. Her cowardly behind the curtain “handlers” are responsibly for sending her out onto a busy highway.

        • “Loydo March 19, 2020 at 10:43 pm
          The number of Americans who die from Covid19 will dwarf all war casualties. Is that also what Greta wanted?”

          That may be what beelzebub greta wanted, but the foundation of your statement is utter nonsense.
          Proving, once again beyond all doubt that lolly is unable to state facts, honest figures or realistic outcomes.

        • Loydo that’s ridiculous. There are barely 2k deaths worldwide after 4 months, and there are already effective therapies in use. Coronavirus will probably result in less US deaths than H1N1

        • Loydo,
          so far you are proven quite wrong, as the US shows far less deaths per infections and per 1M people than plenty of other countries with far less open borders.
          But keep believing your self generated fairy tales if that makes you feel better.

      • At least during this Wuhan virus crisis we have adequate electricity.

        Greta and her fellow travelers want to reduce the availability of affordable electricty, which will put our economy in about the same situation it is in now. So Greta’s plan will cause our society to end up about where it is now, but with less electricity.

        We won’t have to shelter in place because of a virus, but because we don’t have the means to move around much, in the future Greta has planned for us.

        After the 12-year doomday date comes and goes, we can ask Greta what she thinks about things then.

  1. Two of my daughters have been furloughed as of today for an indeterminate period due to the WuFlu. Clint Smith at Thunder Ranch would say “No Happy Meal”.

  2. I don’t blame Greta for being a “wackadoodle”. I blame the thousands of people and the mainstream media who should know better, but act like idiots and push her wackadoodle message on her behalf and promote her (and her message) as being the only right course to address what they see as a climate change emergency.

  3. It’s gonna take a long time to clean my computer now.

    She shouldn’t be such a bully. I thought that was supposed to be bad.

  4. Watching in disbelief in Britain as our government knowingly orchestrates the most damaging economic disaster of our lifetimes, it strikes me that there are a number of very clear parallels between how the powers-that-be are handling Covid-19 and “catastrophic” anthropogenic global warming. Note the following:
    – the simply staggering mitigation cost both to individuals and to the economy as a whole – orders of magnitude larger than the likely cost of whatever will otherwise materialise;
    – economy and lifestyle decisions and action taken on the basis of unlikely projections from computer models based on little, and insufficient hard evidence to date (and contrary evidence – eg plateauing of figures in China – being ignored);
    – the whole scare whipped up by a hysterical media and politicians completely ignorant of the underlying science and statistics and getting everything out of proportion (in the case of Covid-19 with no reference to the thousands that die in the UK from the kind of ‘flu outbreaks that happen every few years);
    – those same politicians and media regularly parroting such sayings as “it’s worse than we thought” and closing down any counter-arguments by constantly repeating the phrase “scientists say”;
    – cheaper and more sensible mitigation pathways (eg anti-malarial or anti-ebola drugs in the case of Covid-19) not being promoted by our deluded politicians. It would seem that not being utter doomsters all of the time would make them feel far less important.
    I could go on and on and I’m sure that WUWT readers can think of other examples. There is, of course, one major difference between the governmental courses of action – the cost and economic ruination of CAGW mitigation will play out over a generation. The Covid-19 policies, however, have been enacted in a matter of days.
    As with the whole CAGW scare and associated ruinously expensive schemes, I suspect our children will look back on the actions we are taking with utter disbelief. How could we have been so very stupid?

    • They are aware of chloroquine, they banned exports of it before the news stories broke about it.

      • I and others who have taken chloroquine on a regular basis when living in malaria-prone places were aware that it might be helpful, as it also inhibits other viral infections such as the “common” cold which is often caused by a corona-type virus. Used to be able to buy a box of chloroquine tablets over the counter. At PNGUT staff were supplied free of charge. In Oz you now need a scrip but there’s no point because the pharmacy is not allowed to supply it. Whisper whisper … stock up on tonic water before there is a run on that …

        • You just showed your complete ignorance chloroquine is not the same as quine it has about the same relationship as codiene to morphine.

        • ?? if its prescribed for arthritis or os travellers to malaria zones etc or any of the other reasons theres no reason pharmas wouldnt fill it
          my gp went to hunt info online while i was in the surgery yesterday,
          with an open mind and interest

        • “Martin Clark March 19, 2020 at 5:03 pm
          … Whisper whisper … stock up on tonic water before there is a run on that …”

          Right you are!
          Stocked on tonic water and by an odd coincidence, tequila and vodka.

          Actually, I prefer a dash of tonic water in a glass of water to drinking sodas.
          Just enough tonic to sharpen the taste and not enough to make the water sweet.

          My guess is that ICU units and hospitals will get the chloroquine and Azithromycin shipments first.

          As soon as the ICU units and hospitals have their cases controlled, chloroquine will again become available to the general population.
          I expect the Azithromycin portion will require a doctor’s prescription.
          Still, a drug combo that cures within a week or so keeps the patients from reaching the deadly final phase of the disease.

          In my section of Virginia, anyone reporting or showing symptoms of COVID-19 are sent to the emergency care units to be tested and if necessary treated.

          COVID-19 shedding patients in a doctor’s office exposes many people with pre-existing illnesses to a very infectious disease.

          Sending possible COVID-19 patients to the emergency centers eliminates exposing weaker citizens while maximizing identifying COVID-19 patients. Even with the current ratio where 95-96 patients out of every hundred COVID-19 tests are negative COVID-19 results.

          Though Virginia has been selfish at approving COVID-19 tests; prior to this week.
          At present, VDH (Virginia Department of Health) has tested 2,325 persons to identify 114 cases of COVID-19.
          That rate of testing dramatically increased this week.

    • Keep in mind that China plateaued at over 81,000 cases in part to their “Locking down the country for more than 60m inhabitants of the infected areas.
      Italy has topped 41,000 cases and is still rising despite their quarantine efforts.
      Korea managed to plateau at 8,500 from their quarantine efforts.
      Globally speaking there are more than 200 countries with the potential to equal China in number of cases.
      Given that the global cases are rising on the upswing of the Gompertz curve with no sign of a plateau yet
      There is a potential for 200 x 81,000 = 16,000,000 cases before a global plateau is reached

      • Not sure how much longer China is going to be able to maintain such a severe quarantine.
        People are starting to run out of essential supplies.

        • Indeed. There’s only so many weeks we can carry on consuming without producing before stockpiles run out.

        • “Not sure how much longer China is going to be able to maintain such a severe quarantine.
          People are starting to run out of essential supplies.”

          what ARE you talking about?

          • Yes, I was reading somewhere that things were beginning to return to normal there. I think it was an expat American to made the comment. Wish I could remember where I saw it.

          • The first sign of China reaching normalcy occurred a couple of weeks ago when China shifted citizens from the relatively untouched out provinces into China’s industrial centers.

            While it was possible China sent them to catch COVID-19 while working Chinese factories, it was unlikely.

            The second and additional signs were alarmists suddenly complaining about increases in atmospheric pollutants.

            I may not trust China’s reporting of confirmed sick or those who died from COVID-19.
            I do trust their mercenary intent to get their industries running full tilt. China has big plans dependent upon their export earnings.

      • Cases are not deaths. Only Korea has been making an effort to test the population as a whole, rather than only testing people with symptoms.

          • Not necessarily. More testing could just be showing existing cases that were symptomless, just like the advent of weather satellites showed more hurricanes in the oceans because they could see the ones that never hit land.

            Deaths are a better indicator. The mortality rate has been falling steadily in the US as more cases are found. Two weeks ago it was around 1.9% in the US. Now it’s around 1.4% as more testing is done. It will probably go down more and more as new treatments are implemented and more testing is done.

      • The velocity of increase in Italy and France is beginning to slow. There is still a lot of pain ahead for them but there is a glimmer of hope.

        Germany and the U.S. don’t show that glimmer yet.

        • U.S. has barely begun to test, so “cases” data are of no use.
          Deaths are highly localized in and around Kirkland, Washington where 120 old and sick folks lived. Initial cases were not recognized so a lot of “seeding” happened.
          Otherwise, nothing unusual going on.
          3 major ‘fails’ were involved, now history, and only now being corrected.
          Very sad.

      • Very scary numbers apparently, Bryan A, but lets put them in perspective – 81,000 cases in a population of 1300 million (or so) is only 0.006% of the population! And of this tiny proportion, less than 4% of those have died to date. And trying to be even scarier by scaling these figures up to global scale doesn’t change the percentages. Go scare someone else.

        • The 2013 Makona Ebola outbreak ( Guinea ) infected around 30,000 people, and killed 11,000. About a 30% mortality rate. The CoVID #’s range so far has been reported at 1% to 4%.

          Mutations can change things fast, but this current CoVID variant is a rookie on the mortality bench compared to Ebola… which is morphing fast to be better at entering human cells. Makona Ebola was twice as efficient at entering human cells than it’s parent variants. But, less efficient at entering bat cells where it was endemic in. It’s taking the next steps in zoonosis.

      • Correct Bryan. Although what China did is not forgivable. Yet the measures are necessary. There is every indication that treating this like a flu would result in an absolute nightmare scenarios of 100 percent overwhelmed hospitals, a CFR ten times worse then if strong defensive protocols are utilized.
        They work fast, they kill the exponential.

        Complainers are like a man with a serious injury to his arm, who falls into a fevered sleep, wakes up and sees that his arm was amputated. He then screams in anger, “look what you did to my arm”, oblivious to the consequences of not doing it.

        • Well, if we’re going to pull unfounded anecdotes out of thin air and toss insults around: Alarmists are the idiots trying to burn the house down just because it’s cold.

          There, did I do it right?

    • The glaring problem with the UK approach is that they seem to be assuming that 80% of 65 million will catch it whereas in Wuhan it was 80,000 from 11 million which represents a tiny proportion and other nations are seeing the start of a plateau at far lower infection rates than 80%.

      • Until there is a vaccine, any lessening of the quarantine will result in an increase in the number of cases. Total lockdowns, such as what has been done in China and is being attempted elsewhere are not long term sustainable.

        • you are right MarkW: That is what I have been thinking. China, though, has gone back to work, and cases are not spreading fast anymore.

      • “…other nations are seeing the start of a plateau at far lower infection rates than 80%.”

        Only after strong defensive protocols.

    • Right from the beginning of this overblown responses by predominantly western governments, I have said that this is just a dry run for something else in the future – they use this as an excuse to impose the draconian measures and test the populations’ responses to them.

      Last year, most of the woke western countries, states, provinces and cities declared “climate emergency”. I seemed ridiculous at the time, but thinking about it now – “emergencies” declared are still in place and on the books. Now, all they would have to do is to transfer the extraordinary powers from this “emergency” to the other one. You already see media stories and articles cheering about how the slowdown of the economies due to the virus emergency is “healing the planet” and that this could be a lesson to learn from going to the future.

      “Every collectivist revolution rides in on a Trojan horse of ’emergency’. It was the tactic of Lenin and Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini, Mao and Pol Pot. In-then collectivist sweep over a dozen minor countries of Europe, it was the cry of men striving to get on horseback. And ’emergency’ became the justification of the subsequent steps. This technique of creating emergency is the greatest achievement that demagoguery attains.”
      ~Herbert Hoover

      • I doubt Hoover ever commented about Pol Pot, what with the former dying in 1964.

        You might want to check that quote.

        • I think this is it.

          “Every collectivist revolution rides in on a Trojan horse of ’emergency’. It was the tactic of Lenin, Hitler, and Mussolini. In the collectivist sweep over a dozen minor countries of Europe, it was the cry of men striving to get on horseback. And ’emergency’ became the justification of the subsequent steps. This technique of creating emergency is the greatest achievement that demagoguery attains.”
          ~Herbert Hoover

      • President Hoover stopped at Mussolini. I see you have added a few more ‘quotes’. Here is the actual quote:

        “Every collectivist revolution rides in on a Trojan horse of ’emergency’. It was the tactic of Lenin, Hitler, and Mussolini. In the collectivist sweep over a dozen minor countries of Europe, it was the cry of men striving to get on horseback. And ’emergency’ became the justification of the subsequent steps. This technique of creating emergency is the greatest achievement that demagoguery attains.”
        ~ Herbert Hoover
        (1874-1964), 31st US President

      • because those happy claims of reduced fossil fuel/energy being promoted are nearly all on sites that dont allow comment
        the real fact of a massive amount of very Pd off angry people with no job for the duration forced home isolation and not being able to go out party or play sport etc and now in Aus there is talk of in nation travel restrictions coming too
        all the club pub live band and events folks are fuming
        zoos galleries and even Libraries are shutting as well
        Aboriginals even want the few spots open like state parks to be shut
        because they(who do NOT live there) think its a risk to them.
        their kin doing a rush home to trad lands are going to be the vector more than greynomads or people wanting a fresh air no people picnic.

    • I’m still a bit puzzled by the reaction of closing the country down. In all previous pandemics from the earliest times people continued life as normally as possible, mainly because they had to. In reality that is still the case. But the whole world is shutting down. But what do we know about this pandemic, after five days it goes one of two ways you recover or it becomes serious. It kills mainly those with pre-existing health issues or smokers (which could be said to be a health problem), the younger you are the better the chance of survival.
      part of the problem is the inability of any health service to cope with an influx of ill people into hospital or GP surgeries. A problem created in large part by modern medicines ability to keep people alive with a reasonable quality of life with health issues that in other times would have killed them 20 years previously.
      What has this shutdown achieved so far? It’s cleared supermarkets of food and toilet rolls in anticipation of 8 weeks isolation. Home deliveries of food are fully booked meaning those on a limited budget who can’t afford to stockpile at short notice if at all have to go out more often than they would in normal circumstances to search for food or whatever. Or friends and family would have drop off supplies every other day.
      As a way of taking pressure off the health services it probably works but is it cost effective? The village of Eyam cut itself off from the outside world in 1665/6 when struck by the Plague. It prevented the spread of the disease but 75% of the population died. Something unlikely to happen if communities self isolate as a result of an outbreak of coronavirus.

      Is it just a global overreaction and panic? Speaking as a survivor of Scarlet Fever and Hong Kong Flu I suspect it probably is.

      • From everything I’ve read, quarantining the sick and those who have been exposed to the sick has been SOP back to at least the middle ages.

        Of course the country didn’t shut down when that happened because most people still lived on farms.

      • Eyam is a beautiful village. I rented a place there while I worked in Manchester for a year. I read that descendants of Eyam villagers that had and survived the plague appeared to have some immunity to HIV. I have forgotten now by what proposed mechanism. I think PBS Nova did an episode about it.

      • “part of the problem is the inability of any health service to cope with an influx of ill people into hospital or GP surgeries”

        No – that’s 100% of the problem.

    • Ian, I agree with you.

      The Global Warming fake-emergency saw politicians taking advice from know-nothing grant-whore “scientists” not fit to wipe the boots of Newton, Rutherford, Einstein. But how can they NOT take scientific advice? There was one politician who knew how to spot trustworthy scientists: Winston Churchill. He wisely judged them on whether their predictions came to fruition or not, notably Dr. R. V. Jones who advised the UK government on the V-weapons and the Battle of the Beams. Boris needs to follow Churchill’s method.

    • I cant believe they didnt shut down the ferries and that chunnel thing asap
      funny how the reports of floaty boaties headng for greece n italy have vanished?

  5. As ever. Brilliant. But somehow I suspect that there will be very little waking-up and working out from Extinction Rabble et al that we have arrived at the dysfunctional economic morass that Net Zero would, or will, be replicating.

  6. The greens are crackheads, totally stupid beyond belief, I wonder if she is still getting her bananas while she relaxes in her warm house and probably big bank account…

    I read that Taiwan told the WHO about corona in November, and the WHO did nothing…

    Chinese officials destroyed samples and evidence of the virus, and now companies are most likely going to shut down, people can not pay bills and buy food.

    Trump said today that chloroquine is going to be used, Bayer shipped millions of tablets, yet a hawaii federal judge stopped the use of chloroquine, his reason was “its interfering with the up coming elections” 😐 Didier Raoult did another clinical trial with 40 patients, and had a 100% recovery rate…

    Is big pharmaceutical companies stopping the use of a 5p pill so they can push thousand dollar pills

    • “yet a hawaii federal judge stopped the use of chloroquine, his reason was “its interfering with the up coming elections” Do you have a source link for that?

    • hawaii federal judge stopped the use of chloroquine

      stop believing every facebook meme that pops up.
      think about it, this news really came out yesterday. no court in the land can move fast enough to block something that has not happened not has anyone had time to file a suit over some item that has not happened.
      idiotic statement.

    • Not that she ever was – it appears that she attends a special school which is more flexible about attendance than regular schools.

  7. Yep. Amen! Oh, and BTW … most of my EXTREME leftist neighbors here in an upper, upper, middle class Bay Area suburban neighborhood … are LOVING this. They are relishing this.

    Oh and BBTW … Pot sales are UP!

    • “Oh and BBTW … Pot sales are UP!”

      I’m reading that smokers tobacco, or cannabis, and vapers have 14 times the likelihood of serious complications including death from the China Syndrome than people who do not smoke.

      • Two problems with vaping.
        1) cleanliness of the vaping tool. Playboy club had an incident of Legionnaires disease (pneumonia)due to improperly cleaned fogging equipment. Uncleaned vaping tools could lead to similar problems
        2) Combining THC oil with Nicotine can lead to lung problems and further combining with alcohol can be a toxic combination. Commercial THC oils produced for Vaping has added Nicotine so as to make it more addictive

        • I’ve also heard that some users get hold of “aftermarket refilling kits” from grey market sources. How healthy does that have to be. Also that some of the burn units inside the vaping tool emit toxic metals.

        • ok vape “juices” are either propylene glycol or glycerine or a mix of both
          then you add nicotine and flavour if you want
          you dont add water at all so how legionella could be blamed on a propely…filled smoke generator is a bit odd. let alone a personal vape unit.
          air con? yes almost always as is spas left sitting w/out a chlorine runthrough.
          people who vape thc might add nicotine to the mix but unless theyre pretty thick they dont ruin the thc with anything.
          that said there are people who mix tobacco with weed its more to do with stretching the supply than anything else.
          and the antivape panic was jumped on by all the hate anything smokewise crowds real fast
          with f all knowledge as it turned out to be backyarders mixes.
          meanwhile a known les than 1% success rate after 12 mths quit rate with expensive gum sprays etc is just fine n dandy?
          oh yes big pharma profits on that..silly me.

    • … most of my EXTREME leftist neighbors here in an upper, upper, middle class Bay Area suburban neighborhood … are LOVING this. They are relishing this.

      I suspect that has more to do with the malicious pleasure they take from watching the ‘lower classes’ squirm, rather than anything else.
      But their chickens will come home to roost when the time comes for their annual pilgrimage to Paris – where they act out their fantasy of living the Hollywood myth of ‘being French’ – only to find there is a travel ban in place. And they certainly won’t like having the same restrictions on consumer goods apply to them that apply to all of us ‘dirty’ people.

  8. Greta’s medicine would be even worse. Sure, very few aeroplanes are flying, but there are still Internal Combustion Engine cars on the road and my home heating is powered by natural gas and most of the electrical energy from the grid comes from fossil fuels. Greta would eliminate all of that too. Sports events and concerts have been cancelled owing to coronavirus fears, but they all involve a great deal of travel, so they would not happen under the green vision either.

  9. Greta needs to learn that Nature is hostile to all living creatures so that its malign influence must be suppressed as effectively as possible.
    Subject to tidying up afterwards, though.
    It was never about being pro nature but rather about being anti human.
    She and her ilk hate us all just for wanting to emerge as far as possible from the primordial soup.

  10. There hasn’t been a single mention of the great god “climate change” on the BBC news (that I’ve heard) in the last two weeks.
    Just shows that it was really not important.

  11. She won’t be happy yet, Anthony.. maybe when the population has decreased by a few billion we’ll see the scowl start to fade..

  12. Beyond good!

    As an aside, just saw that local governments have decided that Pensacola Beach will remain open but hotels required to cut capacity to 50%. All restaurants in Pensacola ordered to offer takeout/delivery only. Schools are shutdown. Athletic/entertainment events postponed or cancelled. Spring breakers have been getting a tongue-lashing. We live in interesting times.

    • The psychological damage has yet to present. About a mile from my home is a Bar & Grill home to what I’d call at lot of “professional drinkers”. Near zero aggression, but high consumption. For many the bar is literally their entire social life, and family. The bar stays open Christmas Day and makes a Turkey Dinner buffet, a lot of their customers live alone, and have no-where else to go for the holiday.

      The Province ordered all bars closed early this week. My prediction, is that there will be a lot of “morbidity, and mortality” among these people all across the Western World that will be invisible to the COVID statisticians. People who’s only contact with the outside world, whether is be libraries, or bars has been shuttered with a days notice if that. Duration undetermined. Some of them won’t make it.

  13. There will be a severe short term / mid-term slowdown, but after that, economic activity and GHG emissions will pick up. So, she won’t be happy.

    • And there is still food to buy in the big cities. How many people live from paycheck to paycheck ? Does anyone think they’ll stay at home when they have nothing to eat but cake?

      • In Colorado, even though schools (and ski resorts) are closed, the schools are preparing to go meals for needy students. I believe this is happening in other parts of the country.

        • I would suggest that anyone in the U.S. who is confused about what they should be doing or where they can get food and medicne and other essentials should call their local Sheriff’s office (not on the emergency line) and they will be able to help you.

          One local sheriff’s office here is putting out the word that they will deliver essential supplies to anyone in their county that needs it. Just give them a call.

          It seems truckers are having a hard time doing their job because of the shutdown of diners and even rest areas, and local people are organizing to get food trucks out to various locations to help feed the truckers, and they are getting food deliveries from others, too..

          There’s a lot of cooperating going on out there! 🙂

  14. So, fellow WUWTians and other ‘goats’ (of the kind worth praising!), my brother chairs a smallish group of forward-thinkers and such. I ‘listen-and-chime’ in daily. There always is a fairly large scoop full of hubris, but the “net reaction of the group” is usually unsurprisingly sound, and close to reality.

    As of today, the consensus is “alarm over the alarm” of the markets’ responses to the CV19 bug. The consequence of the alarm-over-the-alarm is eerily similar to that then taking hold after the Crash of 1929. Central banks are running out of monetary stimuli, they’re running out of dispensable cash, they’re quietly having to thwart corporations and businesses from withdrawing huge sums of ‘term-account’ rainy day funds.

    Moreover, when they do that, word gets around rapidly that the banks are freezing up, putting FAR MORE pressure on them to cough up dough. This is a really rough week, apparently.

    The various central banks of the First World are rapidly trying to decouple themselves from deep, long term market investments made over the last decade. This is adding to the short-side pressure on the market driving down its balance sheet.

    Our considered opinion is that within the next 15 days or so, International Clearance banking will likely fail. After that, a chain reaction to our various nations’ central banks. Some, like America’s central banks by definition can ‘print to cover’. While this would be hugely inflative nominally, in times of dire adversity, so long as immediately following, there is a concerted effort to round up the pre-released cash, hyperinflation isn’t a necessary outcome.

    So in short, this is looking to be the early stages of a Great Depression cycle. Only brilliant, astute and on-top-of-the-narrative geopolitical leadership stands a chance of thwarting the rising contagion. As poor a pun as that might sound.

    ⋅-=≡ GoatGuy ✓ ≡=-⋅

    • GoatGuy,

      We live in a much different time than 1929. What you’re saying smells of fearmongering, which is what causes panics to start. Can you please reveal the evidence behind what you’re saying? Thanks.

  15. I never imagined, in my wildest dreams, that I would witness institutional economic suicide played out daily on prime time media.
    What in gods earth is going on across the world?
    We have had a new viral strain doing the round, not an unusual event, it happens and until now we have accepted medical risk is part of life.
    What changed the rules of engagement? Who decided this new virus would have to be treated as though it was the Armageddon strain?
    It doesn’t even look like it is more than a normal winter virus.

    • Attributed to (among others) Rahm Emmanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff.

      “Never let a crisis go to waste”

    • The panic started with Italy’s overwhelmed hospitals. It became clear that the lack of testing kits made the USA vulnerable to a big infection surprise. The occurrence of seemingly random infections suggested a wide distribution of infection. Thus all stops were pulled just in case.

      Overkill? Maybe, and the fault lies with the early failure of China to work with WHO and the CDC. The early application of Chloroquine, as suggested by Pakistan last December, nation wide, might have squelched the virus in the USA. Unfortunately, the nation was gripped by Impeachment fever, and good governance was hindered.

      • “Overkill? Maybe, and the fault lies with the early failure of China to work with WHO and the CDC.”

        Yes, the fault is all on the Chinese leadership (although I wouldn’t hold the WHO harmless). They put their military in the affected province on lockdown December 1, 2019. I infer that’s when the Chinese leadership realized they had a problem.

        So, the Chinese leadership hid this problem from the world from at least Dec. 1, 2019 to January 14, 2020, when the World Health Organization stated publicly that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission of the Wuhan virus.

        Shortly afterward, it was stated that there was indeed human-to-human transmission.

        On Jan. 21, 2020, the first Wuhan virus patient was identified in the United States. President Trump put a travel ban on China 10 days later on Jan. 31, 2020, which by all accounts has limited the initial spread of the disease in the United States.

        It was stated last night on tv that China, during this time, had actually been threatening other nations into not imposing a travel ban on China.

        So the Chinese leadership not only allowed this virus to fester and spread for two months before sounding the alarm, and on top of that they coerced other nations into not imposing a travel ban on China which allowed this virus to spread even farther.

        When this is all over, people around the world are going to be looking for someone to pay for all this damage. That’s why the Chinese leadership is trying to put the blame for the virus on American soldiers or on Italy or anyone else but themselves.

        The Chinese leadership should be held responsible for the horrific situation we find ourselves in today.

    • New strains of flu are not unusual. However there is nothing “usual” about Covid19. It is both more contagious and more deadly than anything seen in the last 100 years.

      • How deadly CoVID it is has yet to be seen. I don’t see any signs of it being a mass killer. The 1918 Flu pandemic just off your 100 year limit has numbers of dead ranging from 50 million up. Some say way up. It’s age versus mortality had a peak of deaths in the 20 -40 age cadre. People got on trams looking fine, and were blue and dead by the end of the route. Some villages in Alaska saw a 90% death rate. That was a monster. CoVID seems to concentrate it’s death zone at retirement age up, and death rates seem to be being pegged in the 1% – 4% range. Compared to the 1918 Flu Pandemic CoVID is a rookie.

        • Medical science was a lot less advanced in 1918. A lot of people survive today who would have died in 1918.
          We haven’t yet reached the hospitals maxed out and medical workers too tired to go one phase yet.

          • “Medical science was a lot less advanced in 1918. A lot of people survive today who would have died in 1918.”

            I think that’s rather thin. One, again the big cadre of victims in 1918 was curve inverted, occurring in the 20-40 age group, when the usual is young children and the aged. The virus lit off cytokine storms that killed in minutes to hours, and in numbers that would overwhelm even modern Western medicine. How many respirators do you think there are in your local hospitals? And the 1918 flu would have laughed at a few respirators. It didn’t only result in damage to lungs. It used the bodies own defense systems as something akin to internal explosives.

            CoVID isn’t doing that.

        • As too the 90% death rate, that stuff happens when everyone in the village gets sick and there is no one left to take care of the sick.

          • No, what the 1918 flu did to it’s targets was beyond help. Most likely beyond current medicines care in the numbers it felled then. The stories are not invented. People got on streetcars looking fine and were blue faced dead at the end of the line.

          • Italy to date says 3,000 people have died from CoVID. The vast majority being elderly with pre-existing medical conditions.

            At the peak of The Great Plague of 1665, the City of London alone recorded 7,165 deaths in just ONE WEEK of a year long monstrosity.

            I’ll say it again, the morbidity and mortality of CoVID will be exceeded by the panic reaction and subsequent self inflicted economic damage.

      • Actually, numbers don’t seem to show that, depending on how one records cases and does the math. Many illnesses, including influenze, kill millions a year worldwide. This is a coronavirus and “new” so it can be turned into the Godzilla of plagues. At least 105 children have died of flu. We have 161 deaths from Covid 19 so far. That doesn’t even count the adults–over 20,000 dies so far this year. Yet that’s “no big deal” and I really can’t fathom why. It’s not based on reality in any way. (Check the numbers for AIDS/HIV, swine flu, malaria, Hong Kong flu etc. True, it’s not over yet, but all these dangers are there year after year and we just flat out ignore the death tolls and would never dream of doing the insane “crash the world economy” we just did.)

      • Not sure. Numbers from Italy are certainly alarming. On the other hand, I got numbers for a second “plague ship”, the Great Princess, crew of 1500, serving 2000 passengers. Everybody showing symptoms has been tested. 21 cases of Covid-19 – 2 passengers, 19 crew members (all since recovered). Passengers still quarantined, many refusing to be tested, since the only reward would be another 14 days of quarantine. I wonder if this is the same virus as in Italy.

        • I wonder if this is the same virus as in Italy ?

          You last sentence is especially interesting George. With a lot of reading in the history of “the plague”, I’ve read that Yersinia Pestis, seemed to present differently as it moved in place and time from “The Black Plague” of 1348 through a different out breaks in Europe over 300 years. The last in 1654. Mutation based? But, then there were 14 separate famines in Europe in the fifty years before the 1348 plague arrival. Some were regional, some continent wide. Malnutrition has a great effect on immune systems. That may account for the differing mortality rates, and proportions of bubonic vs. pneumonic vs.septicimic presentation. Or, on the other hand, some of the records could just be prairie fertilizer.

          CoVID is just beginning it’s concert on the world stage. It may have some mutations coming. And, I’ve read that despite it being counterintuitive in a Darwinian sense, pathogens have some pressures to become more virulent. Good luck all.

        • “Maybe the Chinese can whip up an Ebola-Measles hybrid.”

          Don’t give them any ideas. 🙂

          Although it looks like this particular Wuhan virus outbreak was not done intentionally. Stupidly, but not intentionally.

          Now, as to the coverup of the Wuhan virus and its human-to-human spread, that *was* done intentionally, by the Chinese leadership. Enormous damage to the world has been done because of this dishonesty.

    • Salute, Rod!

      “I never imagined, in my wildest dreams, that I would witness institutional economic suicide played out daily on prime time media.” [Trump got elected]
      What in gods earth is going on across the world? [Trump got elected]
      We have had a new viral strain doing the round, not an unusual event, it happens and until now we have accepted medical risk is part of life. [ Trump was elected, the Queen in waiting was not, and the Messiah was no longer in office]
      What changed the rules of engagement? Who decided this new virus would have to be treated as though it was the Armageddon strain? [ Trump was elected]
      It doesn’t even look like it is more than a normal winter virus. [It came from China, and Trump called it a Chinese flu or something, the xenophobic racist that he is]

      Gums sends…

      • Gums,
        Trump got elected. That is how democracy works.
        Boris got elected.
        Macron got elected
        Merkel got elected.
        The leader of the EU commission got appointed
        The leader of the ECB got appointed
        The leader of the IMF got appointed
        The leader of the BoE got appointed
        I have more faith in democracy than in crony appointment systems.
        How about you?

        • Rod, did you miss this piece from his critique?

          [ Trump was elected, the Queen in waiting was not, and the Messiah was no longer in office]

          The Queen is obviously Hillary, and the Messiah was some Kenyan.

        • I think gums is trying to point out that since Trump was elected, most MSM she been claiming everything is a disaster, and blanking it all on Trump. TDS writ large.

          I agree. Even if I have no love for him, the media sure do detest him. A bit like our ScoMo who can do no right according the the MSM.

  16. “… the crackling of thorns under the pot () is the laughter of fools.”. “Ecclesiastes 7:6).

    True believers. Just like Ms. Thunberg.


    Wow, Kenji. Congratulations on moving to such a fine dwelling!

    Suggestion: G. Thunberg with her miserably misinformed views isn’t worthy of notice. DON’T DIGNIFY HER WITH A RESPONSE.

    I realize, Kenji, that she represents a group you want to address. There is, nevertheless, no need to give her yet MORE search engine cred./legitimacy. Simply refute her assertions and IGNORE HER.

    • The Media thinks it is their duty to promote the socialist agenda. Trump and Republicans are in the way of the socialist agenda so the Media trash Trump and the Republicans. It wouldn’t matter which Republican was president. The reason they trash Trump so much is because he fights back against their lies, and he is very effective at dismantling the socialist/authoritarian agenda.

      The Leftwing Media are just a bunch of socialist propagandists. They have always been this way, at least since the 1960’s, but they have turned the volume up to 11 when it comes to Trump.

      Trunp don’t care! 🙂 That irritates the H out of them, too. They think they are the Oracle for the nation and Trump treats them like what they really are: partisan, political liars. He gives them no respect because they don’t deserve any respect.

  17. It’s well known that a debt ‘crisis’ has been hanging over the world since 2008 and indeed 2001, when the crash that should have happened after 9-11 was averted by QE.
    Given the irrational nature of the financial situation, and the impossibility of a correction (you can’t taper a Ponzi scheme) most economists have been amazed that the whole rotten edifice remained standing.
    A Black Swan event was required and duly materialised in the form of WuFlu.
    After many failed attempts, the Millennial Crisis longed for by the media has finally arrived, and now they and their partners in government are revelling in the moment. Misinformation and control; hand in hand.
    Has anyone else noticed that the people who have brought his on are the same people who persistently promoted the Climate Crisis and attacked President Trump?

    We are living in ‘interesting times’.

  18. I absolutely love the enlightened Mr. Watts. I am one of many here who remembers when he (and we) thought that the doomers were operating out of principle. No one would have uttered the word “fraud”. I look back on those days with wistfulness. It is very sad to realize the depths of evil that lurk in our once amazing institutions. You, sir, absolutely ROCK!!!

  19. President Trump is committing economic suicide. He is not leading, he is following. He has feet of clay and needs to do an about face.

    • I’m always stunned to discover how easy it is to run a large country and economy.

      As long as you don’t actually have to run them, of course!

    • He does need to counter the over-reach of some of the governors and mayors that seem eager to inflict unnecessary economic harm on their populace. In PA they shut down logging but left paper mills open. Makes sense, right?

      • RobJ March 20, 2020 at 4:19 am
        …In PA they shut down logging but left paper mills open. Makes sense, right?

        Starve the source, that worked for Stalin’s 1932 genocide in the Ukraine.

      • Government bureaucracy is unwieldy and slow. That’s one reason to want as little government bureaucracy as possible while still accomplishing the necessay jobs government needs to do (the Conservative position on government).

        About the only time a government bureaucracy can work efficiently is when the leader of that government gets personally involved and cuts through all the red tape that is invariably involved.

        That’s why Chinese communist bureaucracies work better than Western bureaucracies in most cases.

        Fortunately for the United States, Trump is a prolific regulation/red tape buster, which is one reason the U.S. economy was booming until a couple of months ago..

  20. The economic and social disruption being caused by CV 19 and perhaps our over reaction to it, will be claimed by the CAGW mob to be just a taste of whats coming with another degree of warming. Just waiting for the BS to start.

  21. Simply put, as usual, I think Anthony is correct, as he is as well on the Climate Change issue, and all the incredible, and I would also add devious ways that much of the climate INFORMATION HAS BEEN MANIPULATED. Please note the latest from the associated press saying, “2019 was the second warmest year on record”. Who are these people that do not even recognize that the Medieval Warm period was in fact a time when it was warmer than the recent past. I will sign my name, if you don’t mind as Rod Chilton, a climatologist that is a naysayer to the present, or should I more correctly say recent warming as human caused.

  22. …. and this is just a start. Corona virus eventually will fade into background but the long term damage may hang around for years, a decade or even longer, world wide economic recession or even depression.
    Our children will not know what the wind turbines and solar panel farms were for, the white elephants of the Anthropocene.

    • Im hearing that but really/
      moratoria on loan repayments rent halts etc can all be given tax breaks or other sweeteners life resumes people very happily return to work and life rolls on
      big deal if banks dont make profit and just go to limbo for the required time.
      annoyed at huge airline bailouts when they post billions in profits and shareholders dont get all that, so they dont have a backup stash? halting airport fees of govts is fine theyre just glorified carparks at the moment anyway. supporting staff with soc sec benefits if they dont have long service hold or super funds access is fair too, for ALL who require it.
      some people will realise eating in home cooked is far better than eating out;-)
      but most will just revert to pre covid habits asap
      farmers are still working so are the procesors and truckies
      the unsung heros in China were the pwower n water people who got no mention and kept it all on and working, as well as the docs nurses and support staff

  23. I remember reading in a recent WUWT article that airlines used about 2% of fossil fuels. Now that the Gretas have gotten this present how be next week we give them another 3% drop in fossil fuel. Stop the internet and see the little kooks rejoice! Following week the coup de gras could be stopping the production of electricity from gas, coal and nuclear. They will be beside themselves with joy while they are either shivering or sweating depending where they live.

  24. Investment opportunities like this happen only a few times in a modern lifetime. Cash is king.

    • I agree. Prepare to invest in any company that is well-leveraged with cash or liquid assets as soon as the stock markets start their recovery. I know a few…

  25. If little Greta and her sycophants ever imposed something like the Green New Deal, the economies of most of the developed world (except for the worst emitters, China and India) would tank for a much longer time than this self-imposed quarantine. Waiting a year and a half for a COVID-19 vaccine would be bad, but waiting 30 or 50 years to see whether the climate got cooler would be disastrous.

    Although the news media are not paying much attention, President Trump’s decision to fast-track approval of the use of chloroquine and/or hydroxychloroquine for use in treating COVID-19 patients could be a major breakthrough in beating back the epidemic. People who are on ventilators (or their loved ones) due to COVID-19 will probably immediately demand prescriptions for (hydroxy)chloroquine, since they really have nothing to lose, and if it is as effective on a massive scale as it was in the French study, it will go a long way toward changing attitudes toward the virus.

    Instead of people trying to isolate themselves en masse from a relatively few carriers of the disease (even 10,000 patients out of a population of 330 million is still only 0.003%) and tanking the economy by 30% in three weeks, if there is really an effective cure, people with serious cases of COVID-19 can be given a prescription for (hydroxy)chloroquine, and released from hospital within a week or so, and the fear of this disease (and the fear of running out of ventilators or ICU beds) will decrease sharply, meaning life can get back to normal much sooner, even before a vaccine is developed.

    As President Trump pointed out, this drug has been used for many decades against malaria (developed in 1944 and FDA-approved in 1949), so its dosages and possible side-effects are well-known and don’t need to be studied in depth.

    We may not need to wait 18 months for a vaccine, if a cure can be made available in a few weeks! The President should use his “emergency” authority to order any existing manufacturers of chloroquine to produce millions of doses ASAP and make them available to doctors nationwide, particularly in the areas hardest hit by COVID-19.

    • Not only is chloroquine a treatment – it’s a preventative! People who live with malaria in the neighborhood can take it all the time with only minor consequences. With luck, that would work for the coronavirus-du-jour as well.

      • “Not only is chloroquine a treatment – it’s a preventative!”

        Maybe. We’ll have to see how it does on a large group of people. That test is going on right now and we will have anecdotal evidence in the coming weeks.

        I see where the one clinical test done on a small group of people were able to rid the patient of the Wuhan virus in about five days with a chloroquine/antibiotic combination.

        Very encouraging. But as Dr. Fauci says, we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. The good news is the doctors are leading this charge by prescribing their patients this medicine so we should be getting a lot of results back fairly soon, in a matter of weeks.

        If chloroquine can provide a cure, then the world can go back to work.

        There is also another anti-inflamatory drug I just heard about last night that seems to be having some positive effects on the Wuhan virus similar to how chloroquine is supposed to be able to reduce the overactive immune response of the body which is the real destructive force from the Wuhan virus. The body’s immune system overreacts to the infection and ends up destroying lung tissue.

        We are getting a better handle on the Wuhan virus every day.

  26. The time to ask Gretta if she is satisfied is about a month or two out. By then the Mauna Loa readings will show that the sharply reduced emissions from the silenced economy have not reduced the rate of CO2 growth in the atmosphere and she (they) will have to face the fact that we don’t control it and cannot change it. Will they then back off their demands? At least it should be obvious to all that will look at the numbers. February numbers are in and should reflect the Chinese shutdown but nothing is obvious.

    • You are nicely assuming that these people will respond rationally to evidence.
      It was NEVER about evidence, … or truth for that matter.
      It is about power. Wanted by revolutionaries. Totalitarians
      What do we know about them ?
      When they get it they whack a lot of people.
      Most shot, the rest worked, starved, and frozen.
      Including the silly people who believed and supported them.
      One hundred million people minimum in the past 103 odd years.

    • No, she won’t – and neither will the committed ones.

      But, when you run across a not completely around the bend Green, or Socialist – mention “March 2020, THAT is your Green paradise, THAT is your Socialist paradise.”

  27. Interesting I thought I read that one of the data and modeling advisors of this was Gavin Schmidt of NASA

  28. As a tool of the system, she is duly protected for phase 2.

    What we should all ask western governments, is how come, despite all indications of a major situation in China, these governments never seriously reacted when it was time to react and authorized for so long dismal airport screening and little to no testing among the population afterward? How come the Macron and Trudeau strategies followed the precepts of Guy Verhofstadt, a Member of the European Parliament whose association with Soros Open borders, Open society, open virus for all, have kept European borders open till the last minute, so more potential infected people could fill it up? How come billions of dollars of debt is available when cheaper and more efficient measures would have allowed a better management of the crisis, its shortening and a restart?

    Lagging behind South Korea in term of testing the general population (only one fifth on a per capita basis), Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer wants to flatten the curve, plank it she said with a wry smile on Thursday, meaning that the lock-down situation could last for weeks, even months as Trudeau hinted. The same experts, on February 8, were assuring CBC journalists that risk was low in Canada and politicians let thousands of planes land while passengers were given a pamphlet supposed to frighten the Covid-19 into submission, since Canadians are good guys right?

    The Trudeau government has had a sad record of submitting to the green agenda of de-carbonizing the economy and thus willfully damaged Canadian economy through his sabotaging for $150 billion CAD of energy projects in the past years. Climate change was Trudeau’s main campaign axis, dutifully helped by the evergreen pliant CBC for months prior to the official campaign.
    Macron too is in charge of bringing the submission of the French to this EU green agenda, as it was imposing a carbon tax that started the Yellow Vets movement.
    These leaders have proven record showing their allegiance to external powers and Macron has been using infiltration of hard core leftist violent offenders followed by repression toward the others regular folks protesting to try curbing the revolt of the Yellow Vests for over a year.
    The CBC has been astonishingly silent about these weekly demonstrations in 2019 and now, as if worried contagion could spread to Canada, given what the Trudeau team had in store for energy provinces… After ensuring immunity to fake charities helping stipend a few First Nation Elders, immunity to Americans leading blockades here in Canada instead of sending them packing, Trudeau was now facing the prospect of Wexit from Alberta, all this during China’s fight with Covid-19. That was until the virus entered the Canadian stage…

    Now, Canadians have to shut up and love each other’s or rat on each other’s next, who knows, especially since we test so few…
    Is it incompetence or willful destruction of the “old” economy by letting sanitary conditions deteriorate to the point of mandating curfew like confinement measures, massive layoffs in airline industry, tourism industry, oil & gas industry, food, sports, schools deferral etc… For months? Isn’t that what happens during a coup?

    A tired populace, frightened to submission, whose personal net-worth (or what’s left of it after stock market collapse and negative interest rates) might next be appropriated to help redress the country, would be too weakened and bloodless to fight back Phase 2, that is the Green Coup d’Etat and the de-growth associated with it, the low universal revenue, communal housing and cannabis to make it bearable. Already, the culling of 60+ population would help facilitate indoctrination -hence preserving Greta for the next phase- without worrying of pesky experienced elders who would not fall for the cheap tricks.

    Globalist UN affiliated forces have been preparing this takeover for years now. Is 2020 the year they decided to strike?

  29. Greta and the warmistas answer, “Yes!”. This is exactly what they wanted, only more painful, more authoritarian, more mass suffering, more impoverishment, more death. Especially death. The New Left is a death cult. I refer to them as the Manson Family Party.

    Witness the angry mob egged on by a US Senator calling for assassination of the Supreme Court because they might, possibly, somehow partially limit abortion. Witness the attempt to add more abortion to the Corona Virus Bill. They don’t care how many die of the “pandemic”. More is better. The 20,000 abortions per day worldwide dwarf the Corona deaths by 3 orders of magnitude. The Mansons are not upset by that; they are pleased, inspired, and celebrate it.

    Make no mistake. The warmistas are anti-human being. They hate humanity. They wish to kill off as many people — the young, the old, the in-betweens — as they possibly can for any reason at any time.

    Evil is not banal; it is fresh, imaginative, and seductive to the innocent. Yet the innocent are the principal victims. That is why our shared struggle against the New Left warmista Mansons is so vitally essential to all that is good and to the very survival of humanity.

  30. She won’t give a #### Anthony. She’s an autistic child with little capacity to understand or embrace change generally, which means now that the world has been turned upside down due to the Wuhan Virus, she will either withdraw more into her isolated environment or become more fixated on inane problems that no-one cares about right now i.e global warming. Or and most likely not, begin to realise that bigger problems are at play right now and its best to shut up.

    Either way, a pox on the parents and the hell spawns that encourage her behaviour in general.

    • Craig I think she’s surrounded by “handlers” 24-365 and isn’t really in charge of what she says or does. I’d postulate there’s one psychologically adept, and highly manipulative figure who’s the main puppet master.

    • Nothing could make Greta happy. Some people are just born miserable and want to give meaning to their pointless existence by destroying/dragging everyone else down.It’s the same psychology that drives most terrorists. It’s not about supporting the cause, it’s the purpose and focus it gives their futile life/ego.

  31. But even under a green new deal industry, jobs, restaurants, recreation, and schools are all open… there is transport and freedom to travel… all that would change would be airline travel declining slightly (with high speed trains replacing shorter flights). The UK reduced its CO2 output by 2018 42% on 1990 levels and shut all but 5 coal plants. Nobody even noticed.

  32. “Instead we have fear, poverty, misery, joblessness, economic ruin, and a bleak future.”

    Yes, but this time it is a temporary inconvenience. Further, we are still benefiting from all the accumulated economic wealth, expertise, infrastructure etc. that the prudent exploitation of fossil fuels has allowed us.

    Eco-loons want it to be permanent. After a few years of their vision there will be no time for the luxury of human development and progress, no freedoms/democracy, no reliable food distribution or storage of perishables, no law and order, no health services, no heating, no sanitation, no trees, no wildlife (all ravaged for fuel and food)………. but Greta’s elitist brain-washers will be living it up in luxurious fortress country estates.

  33. You big white heterosexual man bullying a poor defenceless waif of a female genius, Nobel Prize winner-elect n all.


    (Jolly easily??!!)

  34. It’s always shocked me to see the lefts ambivilence towards the suffering of the people of Venezuala, they dont seem to see the consequences of their own policies on real people, even when it’s right in front of them.

    I don’t see why this will be any different. they just don’t get it

    • If they don’t acknowledge the disastrous role of socialist policies, they can blame climate change for causing a migration exodus to justify more extreme global socialism……….. every cloud etc.

    • I read tonight Venezuels govt is going to UP taxes to cope with covid..
      ah yes I can see that working……badly

  35. The most interesting bit to me is that Greta is the one who will have to live her life in this “brave new world” she longs to create. If she ever grows up (an open question) and reaches mature years, I wonder how she’ll feel looking back on all the misery and destruction she tried to enable? (Whether is occurs, or if saner heads eventually prevail.)

  36. ★★★★★
    × 1,000,000

    Nicely done, Mr. Watts.
    Your letter should and deserves to go “viral.”

    Maybe, just maybe, some of the not-so-bright out there will finally understand there’s an issue of cost/benefit involved.

  37. People anxious and suffering everywhere, economic meltdown, retirement funds decimated…Green whackjobs happy and think this is the future. I hope everyone is paying attention to this or this is how our children will suffer.

  38. If the malaria drugs can be shown to prevent the Wuhan virus illness, and reduce the severity of those who get the illness, then we can all go back to work.

    It shouldn’t be that long before we can tell just how effective the drugs are in people. A couple of weeks. I’m sure the scientific community would say a couple of weeks is not enough testing, but the business community might see it differently and press for getting back to work.

    We will know a lot more about this situation by the time President Trump’s 15-day cooling off period is over.

    If we can get the economy back up and running in a short period of time, then the economy will take up where it started, taking into consideration the large number of changes that have taken place with the supply chains all over the world.

    We won’t be booming like we were two months ago, but if we get up and running fairly quickly, we can probably be doing close to that level in about a year. Our economy hasn’t changed. It’s still good. The damages to the economy from the Wuhan virus affair are yet to be calculated but the sooner we get moving, the less it will be.

  39. As a teenager stricken with Aspergers and with no real understanding of climate science, Greta makes the perfect spokesperson for alarmism.

    • Here in UK we have an overpaid BBC ‘expert’ called Chris Packham – also somewhere on the spectrum – who has been given space on their website today because he’s worried that coping with CoVid19 will push Climate Change down the agenda.
      If only!!!

  40. With everything being “shutdown” via local, state or national mandate, it will only take 5 or 6 days before the big cities run out of food and booze, ….. and the people in the suburbs and beyond had better be ready to protect themselves, their food and their property from the hordes of hungry city dwellers that will be intent on ravaging the countryside.

    The looting and burning of electronic and whiskey stores within the cities is one thing, ….. but iffen they come out of the cities looking for something to eat, ……….. “Katy bar the door”

  41. People in positions of “elected power” and others, need to stand up against the Green Blob, its aims if reached in reality would practically be Genocidal.

  42. Hi Anthony,
    I can’t seem to be able to successfully share items on this site with others. I have tried many times.
    Just wondering if others are having the same problem?

  43. Anthony,

    Please make the point that billions have already been spent on ‘climate change’, however as has now been clearly shown that was never the real threat.
    What if those resources over the last 2 decades were put into pandemic preparedness?

    It needs answering by all those academics on the CC gravy chain.

  44. The Glasgow Global Warming meeting will most certainly be a casualty of cCOVID 19; or is that too much to hope for. Perhaps it will rearranged and transferred to China along with David Attenborough

  45. Instead of attacking Greta Thunberg we should promote the sensible informed alternative views of Naomi Seibt – who has a sound scientific education.

    • People are criticizing the “image” of Greta. She is an actress playing a role forced on her. Her ability to understand and meaningfully consent given her disability is more than suspect. This has been forced on her first by her activist parents. Now taken over by shady shadowy figures by radicals from Extinction Rebellion.

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