Blockbuster news from China about COVID-19

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By Larry Kummer, Editor / 25 February 2020

Summary: Epidemics are like wars in that truth is the first casualty. I see comment threads in which misinformation makes most readers know less than when they started. Meanwhile, this blockbuster good news from China is lost amidst the chaff.


First, a status report

From WHO’s February 24 situation report.

Outside China, there are 29 nations infected (1 new, 6 since Feb 3). There are 1,374 cases (261 new, 1,221 since February 3). This does not include the 695 infected and then quarantined on the Diamond Princess.

Blockbuster news from China

Here are excerpts from remarks by Tedros Adhanom, Director-General of WHO, at the February 24 media briefing. This is important news – contradicting guesses by the doomsters.

“We’re encouraged by the continued decline in cases in China.. …They found that the epidemic peaked and plateaued between the 23rd of January and the 2nd of February, and has been declining steadily since then.

That is good news, and not just for China. With no preparation and relatively primitive public health networks (compared to those of developed nations), the epidemic stabilized in roughly four weeks – probably due to China’s fast and large quarantines. That is good news, because other nations are relying on quarantines to contain the infection.

Also, this suggests that the doomsters’ predictions that the epidemic would prove uncontrollable in China – sweepting through to its four corners – are wrong. China’s 77 thousand cases sounds like a large number, but it is a small fraction of China’s 1.4 billion people. That is true even if the true number infected is twice as large, or even (implausibly) five times as large.

“They found that the fatality rate is between 2% and 4% in Wuhan, and 0.7% outside Wuhan.”

The fatality rate in the developed nations will certainly be lower than that in China outside Wuhan (medical facilities in Wuhan are overwhelmed), although the estimate of a 0.7% fatality rate might be wrong. Original estimates were over 2% (e.g., here). If proven correct, this is great news.

“They found that for people with mild disease, recovery time is about two weeks, while people with severe or critical disease recover within three to six weeks.”

That is also important news, as the length of time required for treatment of critical cases determines how quickly an epidemic overloads the hospital facilities of a region.

The Director gives the bottom line about the status of the epidemic: it is not a pandemic, yet.

“The sudden increases of cases in Italy, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Korea are deeply concerning. There’s a lot of speculation about whether these increases mean that this epidemic has now become a pandemic. We understand why people ask that question.

“WHO has already declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern – our highest level of alarm – {on January 30} when there were less than 100 cases outside China, and 8 cases of human-to-human transmission.

“Our decision about whether to use the word “pandemic” to describe an epidemic is based on an ongoing assessment of the geographical spread of the virus, the severity of disease it causes and the impact it has on the whole of society.

“For the moment, we are not witnessing the uncontained global spread of this virus, and we are not witnessing large-scale severe disease or death. Does this virus have pandemic potential? Absolutely, it has. Are we there yet? From our assessment, not yet.”

See the WHO website for details about the meaning of “pandemic” (here and here).

The doomsters spread panic

The doomsters are multiplying faster than those infected with the diesase, spreading misinformation. They use graphs showing rapid growth in the small numbers of infected to make this seem like a major pandemic outside China. It’s not, at least yet.

They make bold statements about COVID-19 not justified by currrent research, especially comparing it to the flu. Most importantly, they assume developed nations will have the same rates of spread & mortality as China – despite our vastly better medical infrastructure.

Making this much worse is the same dynamic seen in the climate change debate: experts seeking their 15 minutes of fame by making statements (often quite wild) that are outside of the consensus, without mentioning that. In the early stages of the epidemic, there was pushback to this by other experts. Now, as in climate science, the pushback has stopped – encouaging more experts to fuel the hysteria for their own gain.

What next?

Epidemics are like wars in another respect: their outcomes are difficult to predict. But whatever happens, this is – as I said on January 25 – a historical milestone. The combination of global organization and high tech has allowed preparations during the past 54 days of an unprecedented speed and scale. Without these, by now we might be in the midst of a devastating global pandemic. This is progress.

But as usual, Trump wants to reduce our defenses to anything other than war. In the midst of the Coronavirus epidemic, President Trump proposed cutting funding to the World Health Organization by 53% and to the Pan American Health Organization by 75%. Madness.

It’s easy to follow the coronavirus story

The World Health Organization provides daily information, from highly technical information to news for the general public.

Posts about the coronavirus pandemic.
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418 thoughts on “Blockbuster news from China about COVID-19

  1. China, being essentially a dictatorship, is not going to tell the truth. Hopefully it is on the decline, but let’s wait and see…

    • In end of December, 8 Doctors warned of the a new virus with pneumonia beginning to spread. By Chairman Xi / Communist Party Policies, the police hauled r 34-year-old Dr Li Wenliang and the others in, accused them of spreading Rumors, and forced them to recant. Dr. Li and several more of those doctors have now died. More than 3000 health workers came down with the coronavirus for lack of warning and lack of protection.
      Though warned, in early December, the CPI refused to quarantine before the January Lunar New Year major travel. That rapidly spread the coronavirus. <a href= announcement only occurred about January 26th, AFTER receiving high level permission to do so. That forced massive draconian action to stop the rapid spread.
      Far better to act rapidly and be blamed for alarmism than to delay action and find it worse than hoped for.

      • “Far better to act rapidly and be blamed for alarmism than to delay action and find it worse than hoped for.”

        That’s what the climate alarmists say. Oh dear, what are we seeing here?!

        • We’re seeing that life is complicated and simple rules are bogus. Of course, the simple rule I just stated …

          There is a Daoist story that covers the situation.

          Its origin is unknown but it comes from the Taoist tradition so it could easily be more than 2,000 years old. And even though that’s about as old as stories get, this one is completely relevant to your life and how you can live in the future.

          It’s a story of a farmer and his horse.

          One day his horse runs away. And his neighbor comes over and says, to commiserate, “I’m so sorry about your horse.” And the farmer says “Who Knows What’s Good or Bad?” The neighbor is confused because this is clearly terrible. The horse is the most valuable thing he owns.

          But the horse comes back the next day and he brings with him 12 feral horses. The neighbor comes back over to celebrate, “Congratulations on your great fortune!” And the farmer replies again: “Who Knows What’s Good or Bad?”

          And the next day the farmer’s son is taming one of the wild horses and he’s thrown and breaks his leg. The neighbor comes back over, “I’m so sorry about your son.” The farmer repeats: “Who Knows What’s Good or Bad?”

          Sure enough, the next day the army comes through their village and is conscripting able-bodied young men to go and fight in war, but the son is spared because of his broken leg.

          And this story can go on and on like that. Good. Bad. Who knows? link

          Life is often/usually complicated. I think I can get away with that.

      • Nonsense David. I guess you believe what you want to believe, because why would you believe the story you just wrote? I have zero confidence that is correct. Zero.

        • That’s a brief summary of 1000s of tweets, news items etc.
          Medical Pubs:
          CDC: CDC: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
          WHO: Database of publications on coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
          For Twitter details, follow @DrEricDing
          Dr. Tom Frieden @DrTomFrieden

          Dr. Tom Frieden @DrTomFrieden
          #COVID19 will become a pandemic. We don’t know if it will be mild, moderate or severe, or how many countries it will reach. As we shift from the initiation phase of the pandemic to the acceleration stage, I’ve highlighted 8 things we must do for

          ɪᴀɴ ᴍ ᴍᴀᴄᴋᴀʏ, ᴘʜᴅ MicrobeSneezing faceDNALab coatMosquito @MackayIM

          This post is based on the assumption that a #COVID19 pandemic will occur at some point and that Wave 1 will impact us, wherever we live, in the coming weeks and months. It aims to prepare & familiarise us with that.

          ps Show me where I’m wrong.

          • IMO this is correct.
            It is only now a matter of time.
            Everyone for some reason thinks things that have not happened recently cannot or will not happen.
            But history is clear.
            The way diseases spread is clear.
            Global travel is a reality.
            This virus is now uncontained and past the ability to track and isolate everyone who has it, if it ever was possible.
            So very likely everyone in the world will wind up exposed.

            Okay, so now for the scary stuff.
            Millions of people in Africa and elsewhere, including the US, have HIV infections. Antivirals keep the virus suppressed but there is still a lot of viral replication.
            And lots of people have Ebola…there is an outbreak ongoing.
            Let’s hope that it is not possible for this virus to recombine with another pathogen in a coinfected individual.
            Worst case is the virus becomes more deadly and not less so through one or a combination of reasons.
            It would also be bad if somehow this virus has the ability to cause a chronic infection.
            They need to find out soon if that is actually happening.

        • Interesting…
          Zero confidence and zero proof in your disbelief, or why you have disbelief, or why others should disbelieve.

          Unfortunately, David accurately stated the current state and issues.

          Then again, you probably think the CDC is wrong also:

          “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is warning Americans that they should brace for the spread of coronavirus into their communities, the New York Times reported Tuesday.

          “We are asking the American public to prepare for the expectation that this might be bad,” a C.D.C. official said, according to the New York Times.

          The CDC says it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” the coronavirus will spread throughout the U.S, according to the New York Times.”

          Fabius is neither a trustworthy nor medically qualified source. If he wants to believe everything China says, that’s his problem.

          Risk Assessment

          The fact that this disease has caused illness, including illness resulting in death, and sustained person-to-person spread is concerning. These factors meet two of the criteria of a pandemic. As community spread is detected in more and more countries, the world moves closer toward meeting the third criteria, worldwide spread of the new virus.

          The potential public health threat posed by COVID-19 is high, both globally and to the United States.

          For the general American public, who are unlikely to be exposed to this virus at this time, the immediate health risk from COVID-19 is considered low.

          However, it’s important to note that current global circumstances suggest it is likely that this virus will cause a pandemic. In that case, the risk assessment would be different.

          What May Happen
          More cases are likely to be identified in the coming days, including more cases in the United States. It’s also likely that person-to-person spread will continue to occur, including in the United States.

          At this time, there is no vaccine to protect against COVID-19 and no medications approved to treat it. Nonpharmaceutical interventions would be the most important response strategy.”

          China is actively censoring citizen attempts to post COVID-19 information on the internet. Absolute censoring implies China is hiding the actual facts. Nor is WHO trustworthy as a source.

          Iran’s Deputy Health Minister Infected With Coronavirus As The Country Becomes An Epicenter Of The Outbreak”

          Iran has been dismissive of COVID-19 with minimal controls.
          How bad is it? Pakistan stopped eight Iranians from entering Pakistan because they displayed COVID-19 symptoms.
          Meaning, alleged COVID-19 infected numbers for Iran are far understated.

          South Korea recently showed massive increases in COVID-19 infections.

          LIVE FROM HONG KONG: Coronavirus Expands as South Korea Now Calls For Highest State of Alert with Over 600 Confirmed Cases”

          As did Italy.

          Every 2nd and third with exposure to COVID-19 is dangerous, to themselves and to everyone else. First world countries will be hard pressed to control incoming COVID-19 exposure.

          You believe as you will, holly.
          COVID-19 has all of the earmarks to be a pandemic.
          Alleged graphics for COVID-19 show three illness categories:
          Infected: those believed to be infected, most of these are symptom diagnosed, not tested.
          Deaths: those deaths that reporting countries are willing to acknowledge.
          Recovered: those patients that reporting countries are happy to report as ‘recovered’.

          If a COVID-19 patient is not reported as ‘recovered’ or ‘deaths’; they are still sick!! Not a good thing for a disease that is deadliest during disease later stages.

          Most graphics show a percentage of total infected. That is a false number. Percentages should be of patients who are no longer infected, i.e. recovered totally or died.
          Number of deaths divided by the total of recovered plus deaths equals a truer picture of COVID-19.

          COVID-19 patients in ICUs frequently fail to survive.
          ICUs are small departments in any hospital. When patients are too numerous for ICU care, they end up elsewhere with lower care standards.
          Even in America.

          • One reason South Korea has had such a large uptick in cases is that they started testing large numbers of people who have no symptoms.
            They have now decided to test everyone.
            What this shows is that the disease is already far more widespread than generally believed in many places, and that many people have few or very mild symptoms, like a mild cold our cough.
            I am looking for a link to that report but I did not read it, I heard it on air from some health official on CNBC today…was too busy trading to pay attention to who said it.
            But It sounds like a plausible reason why that place has so many new cases…they have an excellent health system and just decided to test as many as they could.
            Note that in every case that people have been tested, many were found to be positive despite the fact they had no symptoms.
            One thing is for sure…this is gonna serious f**k up the economies of every country in the world.

          • Mr. Mcginley
            Tragically, you are 100% correct.
            As of 1700, Feb 25 (local time), the South Korean government has tested just under 40,000 people.
            Likewise, the Italians HAD been vigorously testing their population (hence the high # there), but reports are indicating a rapid depletion of test kits and follow on testing.

            For ANYONE unable to grasp the magnitude of what is unfolding, shame on you.

            One of the (several) regions of extreme concern (at this moment, anyway) is Iran.
            The ridiculously low number of reported cases in NO WAY correlates to the reported number of infected Iranians showing up all over the Middle East.

          • ATheoK “Infected: those believed to be infected, most of these are symptom diagnosed, not tested.”

            WR: There have been several changes in the way of counting:
            ” China’s changed how it counts virus cases three times now. Here’s why ”
            “But on Thursday the government guidelines changed and “clinically confirmed” were excluded from the tally of confirmed cases.”

          • Atheo, correct on all points.

            This, from the Fabius post is interesting,
            ” the epidemic stabilized in roughly four weeks – probably due to China’s fast and large quarantines.”

            Egads, can you be more out of touch and gullible! China placed “potentially exposed” people into large public buildings with rows of beds right next to each other by the thousands. ( Estimated over 1.4 million) This is the Princess cruise ship on RO steroids. No walls, common breathing air, community restrooms – in short death traps, just as prisons, elderly homes, large apartment complexes where people are locked in.

            That is NOT quarantine, it is a death trap.

            It is worse in nursing homes.


            China’s official numbers are FUBAR. They would never shut there economy down over 2000 deaths over a 7 week period.

          • The Chinese people are not stupid.
            There are people in leadership positions who doubtlessly know that in order to stop a pandemic one has to take steps prior to tens of thousands of people dying, so it is not a logical argument to suppose that they would not have imposed a quarantine for something that has killed a relatively small number of people.
            That is not to say anyone should or can believe the numbers they are disseminating.
            But them not being forthcoming does not automatically mean the worst things imaginable are a reality there.
            When a new virus begins to circulate, and it is one that spreads like a cold or the flu, there is one chance to prevent it from becoming endemic, and that is when all cases are tracible.
            Failing that, it is really just a matter of time before it is going around like every other human illness in circulation.
            Are there any people who do not get colds because they are never exposed?
            Who never get the flu because they are never exposed?
            I doubt it.
            Our immunity and hygiene protects us, each in some proportion.
            How easily it spreads, what amount of virions will cause disease, how many have mild illness, how long it can survive outside the body in various environments…this is what limits other diseases, and what will ultimately limit this one.
            If a vaccine is developed, that will be great, but it will not be very soon.
            That company starting trials in April has a new process but they have had zero successes so far with other viruses.
            Producing a viral antigen is not enough…it has to be safe and then it has to cause and immune response sufficient to block infection.
            Antivirals may work, but that remains to be seen.
            We should know the answer to that soon.
            But antivirals rarely work forever or for everyone…although Gilead is good at making ones that do.
            But against Ebola, Remdesivir was only effective in a certain percentage of cases.
            It is a rare antiviral that works all by itself…most must be combined with something else that works a different way.
            It is early to speculate yet…but people who are homeless drug addicts, are very old, very sick, who are lifelong cigarette smokers, in places with poor hygiene and or not a good health case system…those are the people most at risk.

            This could fizzle, and for a while I was not overly worried about a pandemic…but at this point this is following the storyline for a pandemic.
            And all that means is it will spread widely in multiple countries around the world.

          • If I go to this site:


            I find (as of 12:12 EST, 2/29/20):

            Global totally recovered = 39,761
            Global dead = 2,933
            So global dead/(global totally recovered + global dead) = 2933/42694 = 6.9%

            Hubei, Mainland China, totally recovered = 28,993
            Hubei, Mainland China, dead = 2,727
            So Hubei, Mainland China dead/(totally recovered + dead) = 2727/31720 = 8.6%


            Global totally recovered, EXCLUDING Hubei, Mainland China = 39761 – 28993 = 10,768
            Global dead, EXCLUDING Hubei, Mainland China = 2933-2727 = 206
            So, EXCLUDING Hubei, Mainland China, dead/(totally recovered + dead) = 268/10768 = 2.5%.

            From a second site (which uses different calculations to obtain death rates):


            Even so, the death rate for COVID-19 varied by location and an individual’s age, among other factors. For instance, in Hubei Province, the epicenter of the outbreak, the death rate reached 2.9%; in other provinces of China, that rate was just 0.4%. In addition, older adults have been hit the hardest. The death rate soars to 14.8% in those 80 and older; among those ages 70 to 79, the COVID-19 death rate in China seems to be about 8%; it’s 3.6% for those ages 60 to 69; 1.3% for 50 to 59; 0.4% for the age group 40 to 49; and just 0.2% for people ages 10 to 39. Nobody 9 and under has died of this coronavirus to date.

            So unless I’m over 80 years old and in Mainland China, why should I be even remotely concerned about coronavirus?

          • It looks like my previous comments were very wrong:


            It’s been shocking to me to see six deaths in the state of Washington with so few people known to be infected. It looks like I seriously underestimated the level of danger here in the U.S. Probably I shouldn’t even have made my previous comments based on results in South Korea and Italy, but I figured a wealthy country’s health system could keep just about anyone who did not have other serious medical problems alive.

    • One should be really silly to trust the China figures.
      It is the healing force of the communist party.
      Zhejiang province: 1205 infected, just 1 dead
      Jiangsu: 631 infected, 0 dead.
      Apparently they found the holy Graal.

      • Alex, don’t yell at me, just playing red herring. Have you been to China? I have, about 20 times between 2010 and 2012. I’ve been to the far north west, bordering on Kazakhstan, and as far as the south east border with Vietnam. It is a very capitalistic communist country. Anyone can get a business license in China. (But much easier for locals.) Yes, they have internet firewalls (CNN is blocked as well as other ironically leftist sites.) I wish our government would block CNN in Canada as well. Singapore has even more stringent internet filtering, and it’s not a communist state. People are generally pretty well informed in China, but no, it is not a democracy. That said, I don’t know why China is usually referred to as a “developing nation”. It’s the second largest economy in the world, and seems pretty developed to me. One issue I have with democracy is that MSM and social media get people like Trudeau and others elected. (Put other examples here.) Sign me up for the “Benevolent Dictator” Job. Voting rights should not be given to people that can’t pass a qualification exam. Example questions could be:
        1.) Do you believe our country can be powered reliably by unicorn farts?
        2.) Are tax dollars limitless resources that appear by magic?
        3.) Is Greta Thunberg an inspiration to you?
        4.) Have you now, or have you ever been exposed to Skeptical Science or Michael Mann?
        5.) Will you vote for Bernie Sanders in the next election?

        Of course the exam would be longer, but clearly there is a large percentage of our democratic citizens (in a lot of our countries) that would answer yes to most of these facetious questions.

        What use is “Free Speech” if you only have the option of speaking your mind on Internet blogs, with no chance to present on MSM? Most of our politicians just want to get elected. They know people will swallow almost everything that’s fed to them, and they weather vane with popular fads like the “Climate Crisis”. None of them have a plan in place for the future if they win, and if they actually did have a real plan, they probably wouldn’t try to use it to get elected. (Because it would have to make sense, and that’s not important during the race to an election.)

        There should be regulations in place that do not allow broadcasters to repeat blatant lies with no opportunity for rebuttal. Sigh. Good luck with that, right?

        • “PeterT February 25, 2020 at 1:29 pm
          Alex, don’t yell at me, just playing red herring. Have you been to China? I have, about 20 times between 2010 and 2012.”

          Allegations, insinuations and ad hominems ruin your comment.
          Few skeptics believe China is a developing nation. That is alarmist trope.

          Nor have you stated the current situation in China.
          Alex’s statement looks to be accurate.
          2020 is not 2012!

          • Give him a break…he got this part right:
            “Voting rights should not be given to people that can’t pass a qualification exam. Example questions could be:
            1.) Do you believe our country can be powered reliably by unicorn farts?
            2.) Are tax dollars limitless resources that appear by magic?
            3.) Is Greta Thunberg an inspiration to you?
            4.) Have you now, or have you ever been exposed to Skeptical Science or Michael Mann?
            5.) Will you vote for Bernie Sanders in the next election?”

            He sounds OK to me.

          • He sounds OK to me.

            I will gladly “2nd” that, Nicholas McG.

            There is lots of “truth” and “common sense thinking” in what PeterT posted.

          • Thank you Samuel and Nicholas. ATheok, I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say, but to be clear, I am a devout skeptic. I’m on this site every day, and read every article and post. I have learned much here.

        • “None of them have a plan in place for the future if they win…”
          Peter, oh, yes they do. They just aren’t dumb enough to actually say what it is. Even Bernie, as bad as what he admits to is, is only revealing half the plan, if that.
          They may be dumb but they ain’t plumb dumb.

          • I am sure I am not the only one who thinks that TDS has caused the leftists to let their masks slip, and to reveal way more than they used to ever reveal about what they really think.
            Look how many are saying Bernie goes to far, but when pressed, admit they will vote for him.
            Have an actual conservative who means what he says when he says it, is far worse than even the most radical extreme left wing socialist (translation: communist) such as Bernie.

      • False equivalency.

        As in …
        “How dare you point out the fecal matter floating by in the sewer water I’m washing dishes in. Don’t think I didn’t notice the water spots on the glassware in your western McMansion.”

        Whataboutism is the favorite tool of the Wumao. Don’t be like the wumao.

    • CDC: Coming disruption might be severe

      From @CDCgov press call: “Disruption to everyday life might be severe,” says @DrNancyM_CDC. She said she told her children this morning, “While I didn’t think they were at risk right now, we as a family ought

      Could a coronavirus pandemic be stopped? US warns of ‘severe’ disruptions

      A federal health official warned Tuesday that the deadly coronavirus could cause “severe” disruptions in the USA as global experts struggled to fend off the outbreak and avoid a pandemic…. Is it too late?
      “Disruption to everyday life may be severe,” Nancy Messonnier, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, warned at a news conference Tuesday. Schools could be closed, mass public gatherings suspended and businesses forced to have employees work remotely, she said.
      Messonnier said the coronavirus has caused sickness and death and sustained person-to-person transmission. That’s two of the three factors for a pandemic, she said…
      “As community spread is detected in more and more countries, the world moves closer to meeting the third criteria – worldwide spread of the new virus,” Messonnier said.


      Now is the time for US businesses, hospitals, and communities to begin preparing for the possible spread of #COVID19. CDC continues to work with business, education & healthcare sectors, encouraging employers to be prepared. Learn more:

      CDC in Action: Preparing Communities for Potential Spread of COVID-19
      See also CDC’s official coronavirus documents
      Outbreaks / Travel Warnings
      Re: CDC’s “aggressive” (bureaucratic) response see COVID19 @V2019N

      While South Korea has run more than 35,000 coronavirus tests, the U.S. has tested only 426 people for the virus. Only a handful of state laboratories can currently run tests outside of @CDC because the kits sent out nationwide a week and a half ago included a faulty component.

      • Preprint: Clinical characteristics of 50404 patients with 2019-nCoV infection
        Pengfei Sun, Shuyan Qie, Zongjan Liu, Jizhen Ren, Jianing Jianing Xi

        characteristics of 2019-nCoV infection were collected for Meta-analysis .Results: 9 studies were included in Meta-analysis, including a total of 50404 patients with 2019-nCoV infection…. the proportion of severe cases in all infected cases was 21.3%, and the mortality rate of patients with 2019-nCoV infection was 4.8%.

        …According to Meta-analysis, among the clinical characteristics of patients with 2019-nCoV infection, the incidence of fever is 90.9%, the incidence of cough is 70.8%, and the incidence of muscle soreness or fatigue is 41%. The incidence of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) was 14.8%, the incidence of abnormal chest CT was 95.6%,

        • re: “CDC: Coming disruption might be severe”

          Noting use of the weasel word “might” in the above … Alex Jones (noted conspiracy pinhead who founded PrisonPlanet et al) could have penned that.

    • And since China is still led by communist power (the CCP), we ought to trust Dr Tedros because he was the third highest ranking member of Ethiopias Marxist Leninist government? Who covered up for cholera outbreaks THREE TIMES because it would reflect badly on them? And who wanted to make Zimbabwe’s Marxist leader Robert Mugabe a UN “Goodwill” Ambassador? So Tedros heaps praise on China’s present emergency actions? And the UNs WHO is a cesspool of corruption that I need to not only trust bu generously “fund” with my taxes?

      Color me skeptical and label Larry gullible in his easy praise for WHO! “…because…SCIENCE?” – insert Dr Evil’s sneer “riiiight” here.

      • Thanks. That’s a good summary of what I heard on Tucker Carlson’s show last night regarding WHO’s current leader. He also mentioned that WHO spends $200 million on air fares and hotels in a year, moe than they spend on several prominent diseases combined.

        Which makes a good case to not send them a billion dollars a year, but rather to put the funding where it can be better used for the purpose of disease management. In other words, President Trump’s team just might be on top of the problems at WHO.

    • China just let the WHO into the country. They still won’t let the CDC in. How did WHO become experts so quickly? Answer, they didn’t. They are getting Chinese Gov. data or, more likely, lies. Charles, if you believe this, I have a bridge for sale.

    • “China, being essentially a dictatorship, is not going to tell the truth”

      Given that you still believe that the hep B vaccine does not cause MS, so called “liberal democracies” are not a lot better…

  2. “… President Trump proposed cutting funding to the World Health Organization by 53% and to the Pan American Health Organization by 75%…”

    Good. These international organizations are completely useless and worthless. They are staffed with international bureaucrats and do nothing but drain money from participating countries, money that would be better spent on hospitals, medicines, and medical professionals wherever they are needed, and it should be up to us, not up to some international bureaucracy, to decide where the need is most urgent.

    • Yes, just like the WMO, IPCC, etc etc etc, these UN spawn are all unaccountable POLITICAL assemblies, infested with unelected operatives whose first and only priority is career advancement, influence, peer recognition, remuneration and perks.

      And whenever anything goes pear-shaped (which is often), they were “only following orders”.

    • Actually, Covid 19 is creating shortages throughout the medical field. This illustrates vulnerability of production and distribution systems in America vindicating Trump’s America first policies.

      • RE: “But as usual, Trump wants to reduce our defenses to anything other than war.
        This over-the top irrationality provides a perfect example of why I am inclined more and more to just ‘tune out’ Larry Kummer.

        • I also, was disgusted with that comment about President Trump J Mac. As far as I can see, and I pay very close attention to what President Trump says and does, not what the MSM SAYS he says and does, President Trump has not yet been wrong on a single issue.

        • Exactly, a pointless rip at Trump which red-flags the article & author. As other commenters have pointed out, Trump’s cuts are about combatting corruption.

        • It is at that point, the demonstration of TDS Syndrome, that I stopped reading the article.
          I seem also to remember that the WHO at first was very happy for international travel to continue; now we see outbreaks of the virus all over the place.

          • I started just skimming the article when he riduculed anyone who didn’t accept the official Chinese numbers without question. When he went out of his way to take a swipe at Trump I gave up completely.
            It really is sad when politics takes precedence over the facts.

          • I saw an interesting segment on the Tucker Carlson show just now about the head guy at the WHO.

            It seems he is a closet communist back in Ethiopia and he wanted to appoint Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s former dictator as the WHO “Goodwill” ambassador.

            And he wants to turn the WHO into the global supplier of healthcare for the world. Just what we need: More corrupt bureaucracy.

            According to the guest, the WHO is totally corrupt and President Trump *should* be cutting their funding. Which is probably why he is cutting the funding.

            You can probably catch a replay of Tucker’s show later tonight.

          • A little more information on the leader of the World Health Organization: It seems this man was head of Ethiopia’s Health Department before taking the job at the WHO, and while Health Minister for Ethiopia, he apparently covered up three separate Cholera epidemics in Ethiopia, which, it is claimed caused unnecessary loss of life because his coverups prevented timely care for people..

            He doesn’t sound like the person we want directing our efforts to fight an epidemic.

          • Why WOULDN’T the WHO want it to go global? The ensuing panic and worldwide economic depression would be their very best shot at crashing Pres. Trump’s re-election!
            It should be obvious by now that the Leftists’ method is to SOW CHAOS by whatever method. The more anarchy, the easier it is for them to take over–“for your own good, dear.”

        • Larry does have a habit of assuming that all spending by the government (except for actual defense) is good and always results in the effects intended by the politicians.

          He used to try and portray himself as being middle of the road politically.

          • Agreed, though he should just realize they don’t need to spend any money they just need pass laws to achieve the desired result. Nancy Pelosi could end the problem tomorrow just outlaw the Corona virus, problem solved.

          • If you are relying on the UN and WHO to save you from an outbreak you are a 3rd world country. The existence of the UN and WHO is largely irrelevant to developed nations they fund it basically help out 3rd world nations but unfortunately large portions of the the money are siphoned off in the bureaucracy.

            Regardless of what Trump does the UN funding is going to change anyhow because China with it’s GDP has to pick up much more of the tab for the UN. They are now number 2 contributor to the UN having just passed Japan

        • +1, J Mac. It’s become increasingly obvious to me too.
          And does he title himself as the editor of his own website?

      • yup your pharmas all rely on China for cheap excipients then then get made in India with their namebrands as well as the generics and the usa people pay obscene prices thinking its gotta be good cosits brand x and we trust them

        Indias already running out of stocks so poop n propellors coming soon, your saline shortage happened whn the Haitian plant got wiped out in the storms
        Heparins all from China
        vit C is almost totally china made
        ditto antibiotics painkillers etc etc
        allof which are now in high demand

    • Interesting that the author managed to insert a bit of TDS and even made the master disengager (relatively speaking) sound like a war monger. The WHO has served as a mouthpiece and number gatherer , its not clear how this event confirms they need a vast budget or if so why that has to come mostly from the US. The UN seems quite aligned with AGW, you believe or not. Over many decades now I have come to realise it is not a force for good, at least for the good of the average person.

        • Annie

          The mistrust towards the WHO is not only, sadly, understandable, the individuals who still give those jokers any credibility are, themselves, unworthy of any serious consideration.

      • Virtually everything UN related is corrupt and bureaucratic. The orgaanization is A refuge for smart, educated people from the poorest countries of the world. Their educations get them very little at home but they can make Western salaries and travel perks with the UN. IT engages in constant conspiracy at every level to spend donor money. It’s like the Olympic Committee or NASA.
        When GB the 1st asked NASA for a proposal to send men to Mars they came back with a $400B+ project that included a moon base and bigger, better space station. It’s purpose was to fund every single existing program while going to Mars as a side benefit. Musk will do it for less than a tenth of the cost and be prepared to stay there.
        Th UN exists because people fear the lack of it.

    • Isn’t Trump cutting the US contribution to world health organisations as this is a drain on the US?

      He may consider these organisations are of great worth and usefulness but does not wish the burden of their costs to be heavily biassed to the US.

      • What percentage of medical advancement and innovation come from the US verses all the great achievements made by international groups like the UN and WHO? Larry’s statement is just stupid, rarely do international organizations acheive anything other than advance the political agenda of the international socialist movement, and the few times that it does the US always is the one actual doing to work anyway. The single best thing Trump can do for the rest of the world is pull the resources waisted in these organizations and bring it back to the US, at least until the political corruption is removed from these organizations.

    • Gus, so right. The US gives HALF the budget to the World Health Organization, so why? We pay approx. 2.4 billion to an organization with only 4.4 billion in total income. There is something wrong with this picture.

    • Gus,
      Agree. Remember, it was WHO who totally blew the handling of the ebola outbreak in Africa a few years ago.

      • re: “Didn’t Trump just ask Congress for a $2.5 billion appropriation to address COVID-19?”

        Depends where you heard it; the Dems through Chucky Schumer say something north of 3BB are required …

          • re: ” … without providing evidence.”

            Per SOP (standard operating procedure) of the dems (courtesy Prof. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit):

            2.5BB represents “insufficient opportunity for graft”

        • No matter what money figure Trump requested Shumer was going to one-up him and then claim Trump isn’t doing enough.

          The sole focus of the Democrats during this potential crisis is to spin things to make Trump look as bad as possible. In other words: It’s Standard Operating Procedure for radical Democrats. They are worthless in a crisis, or any other time.

          • Agree.
            Even when it comes to a potential disease pandemic, all they can think about is getting a political advantage.
            The current crop of Democrat leaders and candidates are some of the most petty, self-important, and tribal people I can ever recall inhabiting the public sphere.
            I think it is literally impossible for them to do anything for the country, or say anything at all, no matter how necessary it is to say it, if it has any chance of reflecting positively on President Trump.
            At this point they shamelessly throw their own long-time constituents under the bus for the sake of political expediency, without a second thought.
            How on Earth anyone could be considering Bernie Sanders for President, or senile Joe Biden, or a guy who has only ever been a Mayor…a bad one, of a tiny city…is far beyond my ken.
            It is so ridiculous, words fail me.

  3. Reliance upon data streaming sources from a controlled environment political entity such as PRC is fraught with difficulty. Add a sycophantic global organization like the WHO trying to submit to PRC’s every whim adds fuel to the disbelieve fire.
    if the facts prove your hypothesis, bravo. I choose to wait and prepare.
    Oh, let’s try to leave politics out of a scientific discussion. Unless Maximus was in the room, I cannot believe his presidential utterances. we should all just chill and prepare. hope for the best. prepare for something less.

  4. “But as usual, Trump wants to reduce our defenses to anything other than war.”
    Wow Larry, way to advertise your Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). TDS seems to spread faster than COVID-19.
    Trump is the least War Mongering President the US has had in a very long time (yes, even less than Obama). It was just announced that he is seeking increased funding for the CDC to prepare for any outbreaks of COVID-19 in the US. Open your mind, and you may see that Trump isn’t the evil the MSM tells you he is.

    • Jeff, the only cure for TDS is logic and reason. Unfortunately those are the very things that TDS sufferers seem immune to.

      • TDS is the only pandemic I’ve seen in my lifetime, and I remember Ike!

        Sadly, I’m not sure there is a cure!

        On second thought, Global Warming might be a prior pandemic, and for the same reason!

        I find it rather comical that some complain about bringing politics into the discussion when it is obvious that the current strain of Global Warming is half politics, half religion, and practically zero science!

        Just look at Greta Thunberg!

        We might find that Global Warming was manufactured in some geo-weapons laboratory sponsored by the UN, or the Rothschilds, or some such– the real provenance is difficult to determine!

        But let’s face it–this Global Warming pandemic has done more to destroy humans than perhaps the flu outbreak of 1917, in which I lost several ancestors!

        And the worst part is that it has been weaponized and deployed on purpose, without a doubt!

    • Jeff,
      He is seeking more funding and, guess what, Schumer is grandstanding and playing politics about not granting the funding.
      “Never let a crisis go to waste” is his motto, it seems.

    • Jeff in Calgary – February 25, 2020 at 10:17 am

      “But as usual, Trump wants to reduce our defenses to anything other than war.”
      Wow Larry, way to advertise your Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). TDS seems to spread faster than COVID-19.

      Actually, Trump is committed to reduce spending on/for anything that is a “cesspool of corruption” or for programs that are not in the best interest of American citizens.

      And the ones that complain and “badmouth” Trump for his actions …… are usually the ones that have a “vested intere$t” in the program(s) that Trump wants to eliminate.

      The American citizens will be the big beneficiaries of Trump’s Border Wall, but guess who is fighting it tooth n’ nail, by hook or by crook.

  5. Good news, they need to stop letting people travel though from infected areas, as a Italian doctor went to Tenerife today, and he is infected, and now the hotel is on lock down… Chinese builders in Iran infected others, and they are saying the same thing about italy… Until it is controlled with vaccines only then should chinese nationals be allowed to travel.

    • The Italian doctor had been in the hotel for 6 days,not a new arrival, he came from the area of Italy that has been hardest hit. Don’t forget that there was a recent pilgrimage to Medina with thousands of people from around the world present, including from the far east.

  6. Let’s hope that the news that the infection rate has plateaued is correct. One thing that still appears to be correct is that the death rate for corona virus is between 2% and 3%. It appears that SARs and MERs were around a 10% death rate. The only issue that is alarming with corona virus is that it is contagious before symptoms appear in an infected person.

    • Someone should let Mr. Market in on the good news.
      Currently down another 2.8% and counting…

      While the human side sounds optimistic, the global economy is still not recovering.
      This may unravel the trillions in derivatives which could cause a huge economic meltdown.
      Let’s hope that the reinfection rate is a minor problem as people get back to work.

    • Your death rate is wrongly calculated.

      It us closer to 10 percent or more in China.
      With exponential growth it will appear lower outside of China until the deaths catch up to the case load of 3 weeks prior.

  7. Speaking of misinformation, here where Larry writes:
    “But as usual, Trump wants to reduce our defenses to anything other than war. ”

    Triggered much there Larry?

    Larry seems not to understand that Trump just asked Congress for $2.5 appropriation to pay for Corona virus measures by the CDC DHS DOD etc. With it being an election year, no in Congress is going to object to that. And even by the biased media own admission, the Trump Admin’s responses to this has been commendable. The DoS,CDC, DoD, DHS, Surgeon General/PHS, all have been well coordinating the US quarantine, evacuation flights, and other preparedness and response actions, and coordination with other countries.

    As for cutting funds to the UN, I’m all for it much of that. Most of the response to theCOVID-19 is a national level obligation, i.e. China paying for China, Japan for Japan’s expenses, SKorea paying for South Korean responses, etc. Just throwing money at the UN bureaucracy, where more than half the funds goes to support the bureaucracy itself (it very expensive Switzerland), is the Madness.

    As for pandemics that might eliminate millions, Larry still doesn’t seem to get that the global Climate Change hustle is everybit the desire by many globalists-elitist billionaires and their lackies to bring about a pan-genocide on the world population with a death toll in the billions in the coming decades.

  8. I dislike the use of strawman arguments … the biggest fear has not been whether or not the Coronavirus would spread to the four corners of China … the biggest fear has always been its getting loose in populations with little or no real medical care. While Africa is often presented as such a population, I’d submit that much of the Middle East fits as well … and it appears that the contagion has reached there. Given that Iran does not believe in quarantine as an option, can it be contained?

    Also, given that the Coronavirus is prone to frequent mutations, having an endemic population is very scary for the rest of the world. Vaccines are a year or more away. Even if a perfect vaccine for the present strain were created, would it work for future mutant versions?

    You seem to be ignoring these and other issues.

    • Iran is reporting 12 deaths and about 60 cases. Either the cases are a lot higher or the death rate is hugely higher than elsewhere reported. Most likely the first.

      And as you say they are not doing quarantine, and they are having large scale pilgrimages to the holy city. Guaranteed way of spreading it all through the Middle East.

      As the Papal Nuncio said at the sack of Beziers, ‘slay all, the Lord will know his own’. Religious madness has no national or ethnic boundaries. Like Covid.

      • Italy is now 11 / 320 – it’s only South Korea casualties 10 / 970 that brings the numbers down outside China. Why?

        • Jørgen F. “t’s only South Korea casualties 10 / 970 that brings the numbers down outside China. Why?”

          South Korea very recently got a lot of new cases. It takes time to develop critical cases. The number of deaths will rise, I am afraid. Today’s rise in South Korea was 3 more deaths.

          • Win, exactly, once the case is symptomatic then death 8f it does occur is two weeks away on average. So as of the 24th they have about 1000 cases. On about March 8th divide the deaths into 1000. ( This is assuming all the case load is symptomatic. SK is reportedly doing tests on asymptomatic, which adds about 6 days to the mean mortality timeline.

      • Michel: or Iran is lying. They are looking for sympathy and any kind of relief they can get while under punitive sanctions.

      • michel, both are possible. First off, only portions of Iran qualify as first world, most of it is still second and third world. So health care there is less than you will find in many other countries currently battling this virus.
        Secondly, while not as closed as China, Iran is also a tightly controlled country, so the “official” numbers must be taken with a grain of salt.

      • Michel

        The mere fact that a number of the infected showing up in various Middle east countries are actually Iranians shows that the spread in Iran is FAR higher than “official” reports.

    • It’s popping up all over the world…even in people that have had no traceable exposure

      why wouldn’t it pop up in Africa?….I would be surprised if it is no already there

      • There are surely indications that the virus arrived. See:

        February 7, 2020

        “Dr. Eba Abate, director of the institute, said the emergency response coordination center in the institute had received information about 29 people that are believed to have the virus.

        Fourteen of them were quarantined as they had symptoms of the virus. Eleven samples were sent to South Africa for a laboratory test, and eight of them are reported negative.

        Test results of three cases are not yet received, according to Dr, Eba Abate.

        Five of the cases are Ethiopians, while the remaining three are Chinese- according to a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporate. It is unclear why samples from eleven people were sent while those who were quarantined were 14 in total.”

        • Addis Ababa is the main travel hub for Africa, via its new Chinese built airport which is the transit point for flights from all over Europe, the Middle East and China to the most obscure capitals of subSaharan countries struggling to provide safe water, sanitation and primary health care for their inhabitants and who are relying on China to build and maintain infrastructure. If you don’t test for the virus, you can’t find it!

        • No cases reported in any country south of the US, not in Mexico, Central America, South America, Caribbean…only one country in Africa is officially reported cases, that being Egypt.
          None in Ireland, New Zealand, New Guinea, Eastern Europe…
          Here is the map.
          I suspect it is not up to datye, as it appears Switzerland is not highlighted and I think I read on CNBC they have at least one case.
          Probably Austria as well.
          But it is only a matter of time.
          No doubt some countries have it and have not reported, are not aware, do not have it but soon will, etc.
          At a certain point, given the number of people travelling hither and yon every day, it will be everywhere…just a matter of time once it escapes containment.
          And that is once they can no longer track down the source of each case and quarantine all contacts.
          It was probably too late by the time anyone knew anything about it at the end of December, early January.
          Wuhan is simply too busy and crowded of a place, and it was spreading for a month minimum and probably twice that long or more.
          I was surprised to learn every day at the beginning how many people in so many countries had just gotten back from Wuhan. I do not recall ever being aware of any such place prior to this.

        • Two or three, I forget which, Chinese nationals were just caught trying to illegally enter the US via Mexico.
          You would be amazed, I suspect, at the number of Chinese and foreigners from Africa, China, Asia and the ME that they apprehend. I suspect it will be in Mexico soon. The Drug Cartels work with the Chinese to bring Fentanyl into the US and with Afghanies to bring Heroin in. This could well get very ugly.

    • I think Bhutan reported six cases – in people coming from Iran. That’s huge compared to the reported cases in Iran. Either it’s a closely knit family group or Iran has a lot more cases than they realize.

    • I think they worked out the sars vaccine wont work on this variant already
      was mention the sars vax recipients werent any better off and maybe worse?
      no facts just what Ive read around the place

  9. Does this seem plausible?

    The chinese keep changing the way they measure infections, and how can you know how many people are infected with 100’s millions forcibly quarantined in their apartments?

    The markets don’t seem convinced.

  10. Your rant about cutting funding to WHO and the Pan-American Health Organization would be more convincing if your articles detailed what (aside from providing information to the public) the WHO is actually doing in the crisis and how much that actually costs — and had mentioned the “Pan-American Health Organization” at all. The idea that a bureaucracy’s budget can never be reduced has created massive governmental debt. If, as you seem to believe likely, WHO is eventually proved to have acted wisely and usefully in this crisis it will prove neither that they would be less effective in this role with a smaller budget, nor that the budget of this *international* organization is not drawing too much from the United States instead of other countries.

    Money spent on the WHO may well be better-spent than money wasted on climate change mitigation; it at least has the potential to do something helpful. But the obvious problem with Trump’s budget is that it spends far more money than we actually have.

    • It also doesn’t save a single person in the US (it is all about 3rd world). The only way it helps indirectly is hopefully stopping a person coming into the country with the infection. If the US border quarantine protocols break down and it gets loose on mainland US the presence or absence of the UN/WHO and it’s funding is of little significance.

  11. There are unconfirmed reports that Chinese researchers have managed to activate body’s immunity system to ‘neutralise’ COVID-19.

    • Yes, but not large scale practical. They are using plasma infusions from recovered patients, which by definition have developed Covid-19 antibodies. Problem is not enough recovered patients.

    • I’m pretty sure a healthy body knows quite well how to activate immunity. I think what we’re seeing in China is the result of endemic sub-optimal health for various reasons.

        • Like Tamiflu, which may have damaged or killed a lot more patients than those it saved (that is, if it saved anyone).

      • What we see in China data is men are more much likely (something like 2 to 1) than women to be in the 20% of progressing to pneumonia.

        Some point to fact that this COVID-19 gender difference tracks with the higher smoking rates in Chinese men than women.

        But alternative we also know from decades of HIV studies that women have a higher/stronger Type 1 interferon response to most viral infections. This is believed to be why untreated chronic HIV infection and destruction of CD4 T-cells tends to progress more rapidly in women than men. But in the case of an acutely infecting virus like COVID-19, the earlier, stronger type 1 interferon response may lessen the likelihood of progressing to the pneumonia stage with severe lung pathology and mortality.

  12. I view information from the WHO with moderate skepticism. They get a fair amount of money from the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and China has put a lot of money into Ethiopia, where Tedros Adhanom is from.

    Read (I can’t)

    Watch , but with adequate skepticism too. (Watch some of their other coronavirus reports too!)

    Above all, don’t believe any numbers from China, I view their data with extreme skepticism.

    • Where are you getting your numbers, Ric? As far as I know, all the numbers between November and late January were generated from Chinese sources. That includes the WHO’s and CDC’s numbers, which also came from the official reports out of China.

      Now, or since mid-January, the occurrence of the virus in other countries can be monitored. I don’t see anything to suggest that the virus’s infectiousness or deadliness are any worse than the Chinese have been reporting. Not surprising, death tolls in other countries are less than China reports:

      Cases / Deaths / Mortality

      China: 77,666 / 2664 / 3%
      S. Korea: 977 / 11/ 1%
      Italy: 323 / 11 / 3%
      Diamond Princess: 961 / 4 / .5%
      Japan: 161 / 1 / .6%
      Iran: 95 / 15 / 15%
      Hong Kong: 85 / 2 / 2%

      I don’t know how “We’re encouraged by the continued decline in cases in China…” qualifies for another “Blockbuster headline” by Mr. Kummer, but for whatever reasons, even banal Coronavirus news seems to command our attentions. Breathless financial reporters explaining the Coronavirus’s infection of the markets last night on News Hour.

      • The only numbers I bother to look at are those from the Johns Hopkins aggregate at

        Anecdotal and slightly better data and commentary on China’s numbers dissuaded me from saving things in a database. I don’t know if recent data is better than it was, but it’s certainly a lot lower from disturbing reports of crematoria running full time and the deaths that implies. Of course, those are highly speculative, but counting bodies burned instead of death certificates is simpler in many ways. It also avoids China’s practice of reporting the preexisting condition as the cause of death.

        I hear China has a very low influenza death rate, I noticed a CDC article saying 92% or US flu deaths were among elderly with preexisting conditions. So I’ve pretty much given up on numbers.

        BTW, your cases/deaths/mortality data is flawed, what you really want is cases/deaths/not-dead-yet to account for people domed to die.

        You could do something with Cases – Deaths – Recovered to represent still sick with unknown outcome, but those numbers could be really poor quality even outside of China. I’ll pass.

      • China lies.

        There are several reasons a first world city like Hong Kong would fare better than mainland China – better sanitation, better hygiene practices, better healthcare system, better educated populace per capita…

        It’s early days in SK and Italy, and we have no idea what’s going on inside Iran.

      • reports that chinas leaders are planning 19? more fastbuilt hospitals sorta precludes a drop?
        and the HUGE UNrecovered numbers?
        many hospitalised for well over 5 weeks assuming the early ones are in the recovered numbers of just around 21k or so

        recovered and able to resume life/work might also be a question needs an answer too?

  13. Excerpt from WSJ

    By Chun Han Wong
    Feb. 25, 2020

    To shape public opinion about China’s response to the deadly new coronavirus, Beijing has turned to a trusted strategy: deploying a massive propaganda campaign and suppressing critical news coverage.

    But with public cynicism running high over an epidemic that has killed more than 2,600 people, some of the propaganda is backfiring, as people question the lack of critical reporting in Chinese media and dismiss what they say are ham-handed attempts to create Communist Party heroes.

    Even state media have acknowledged failings in their approach. Justice Web, a news arm of China’s prosecutor-general’s office, lamented the lack of an independent streak in Chinese media, which it said was instead filled with formulaic stories that emphasize only the positive aspects of the government response.

    “At a critical juncture in the battle against the epidemic, the drummers and buglers are playing discordant notes, severely damaging the credibility of the media,” said a commentary published last week on Justice Web’s Weibo microblog. Encountering information they dislike, journalists “automatically filter it and block their ears, reporting only good news and not the bad.”

  14. Sorry Charles. We don’t even share common data. If it takes ~18 days from diagnosis to (declared) recovery then the fatality rate is much higher than suggested by your conclusions.

    The distribution within China as shown on the JHU map contradicts any claim of containment or plateau.

    We are only now learning of cases of recidivism.

    I merely understand virology enough to comprehend but nowhere near enough to assert an opinion. That said, I do know enough of statistics to see that right now the reporting is diverging from the reality. Charles, you are relying upon “expert” projections that make climate emergency claims look scientific.

    • Ctm just posted it….Trump is occupying my head for free Larry wrote it

      Reposted from the Fabius Maximus Blog
      By Larry Kummer, Editor / 25 February 2020

  15. When information is limited I trust what markets are saying. Markets down big today and treasury yields going lower. When I see full market rebound I’ll believe things are okay.

    • Markets are inherently irrational, otherwise, LTCM would still be in business.

      Long-Term Capital Management – The most famous hedge fund collapse involved Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM). The fund was founded in 1994 by John Meriwether (of Salomon Brothers fame) and its principal players included two Nobel Memorial Prize-winning economists and a bevy of renowned financial services wizards. LTCM began trading with more than $1 billion of investor capital, attracting investors with the promise of an arbitrage strategy that could take advantage of temporary changes in market behavior and, theoretically, reduce the risk level to zero.

    • No.

      No, no, no. Fed scaled down repo operations last week. Fear + less liquidity + massively high valuations = mean reversion. Markets could skyrocket tomorrow if the fed pumps a few hundred billion into the system. Using the “markets” as a signal should be a discarded notion. We should have stopped using the market as a barometer for anything meaningful since the debacle that was 2009.

  16. Why have such viruses only appeared since we had the genetic technology to identify them yet we’ve had worldwide travel for 70 years?

    • Communist China hasn’t been a huge presence in international trade for 70 years. Their fingerprints on international trade 50 years ago probably numbered about the same as Kenya’s. Of course, it’s grown greatly since then.
      Also, doesn’t each year’s iteration of the flu originate in Communist China? I could be wrong about that…

      • I’ve heard that some enterprising medical researchers would, after a study was completed, sell animals for human consumption.

      • That’s over a year with symptoms that are readily diagnosed before becoming highly infectious.

        How long has Covid-19 been around so far, starting from a single infection source?

      • So… three orders of magnitude difference in the numerator and one order magnitude difference in the denominator. Are TRYING to scare the s*** out of everyone?

        The COVID numbers are suspect to complete BS until we get a meaningful sample size population in a western nation. Italy might be the barometer.

      • David A, good point. Also looks like mortality of older folks is much higher. Once reported near 50%. This could be a huge boon to China’s economic future. I know, sounds very cold. But it’s true.

        China is facing a huge problem supporting their aging population. It was assumed this would drag down their growth for years. Now, what if you have 140,000,000 deaths with half of those the very people that would drag down the economy? Add in high numbers of smokers and immune system problems in the rest of the population of deaths. You are left with a much healthier base population.

        Sure, there would be an initial hit but long term it would probably be a big plus for the Chinese economy.

  17. Hm, color me skeptical. Cases are still rising in China so it is too soon to be calling victory. The latest news about the spread in Europe is equally scary. Also China shut everything down for weeks so we peons have to be ready to be locked down in our homes for weeks without a chance to get out for groceries just in case the Chinese solution is applied to us. Other experts out there including people like heads of the government organizations are making alarming noises about “when not if”. As for Trump, the US military has already activated their pandemic preparedness and the CDC test kits are already being distributed to states. Trump is not interested in saving the world nor does he trust the bureaucrats associated with the UN. Trump is interested in protecting Americans and the CDC has always been better than the WHO just as the US military has always been better than any UN peacekeepers. I can’t say I’m surprised at hearing someone blaming Trump though.

    • “Coronavirus: Wuhan to quarantine all cured patients for 14 days after some test positive again
      Recovered and discharged people were sent to designated centres from Saturday onwards
      Decision follows several instances in which recovered patients were found to be still carrying the virus and able to infect others.”

    • That’s like stating that the US army is better than no army at all doing nothing at all. Not a very strong statement!

      (And the CDC is as stupidly vaxxer as WHO.)

    • One of the Democrat presidential candidates was yelling about Trump not having a plan.

      As if a new plan is needed. The military and medical authorities have put together plans for dealing with infectious diseases years ago, and they even conduct exercises every few years to make sure everyone knows what to do in case the plan has to be put in action.

      From what I have read, while the plans are not activated, those who need to implement the plans have all been notified to be ready in case such a step becomes necessary.

      PS: When did we start relying on politicians to come up with medical response plans?

      • Trump’s putting tariffs on China during trade negotiations has had beneficial effects directly related to this virus outbreak. Trump’s tariffs have caused many manufacturers in China to either move part or all of their operations back to the U.S., or move them to places like Vietnam where there were no Trump tariffs.

        This has shortened U.S. supply chains (although we have a long way to go) and will help the U.S. economy weather this virus storm.

        If it is as infectious as it appears, then what’s the point of confining people to cities? We just have to go about our business and let the chips fall where they may because the whole population will be exposed eventually. We should do everything we can to help the situation but locking down cities is not one of them, this will be counterproductive, and will not delay the spread of the virus enough to justifiy putting the whole nation on hold for an unknown period of time. A quarantine would be worse than the disease.

        I guess they have to try to contain it first, though. Europe and the Middle East will be instructive to the U.S. because it looks like they will have to deal with it before the U.S. Let’s see if they have any success in isolating the virus.

        • The cat is already out of the bag, and if the majority don’t even show any serious symptoms, then we really don’t know how far and wide this has already spread. Ruining the economy will just be the main attraction if we allow ourselves to panic. It also means that maybe for the majority it is not going to be any worse than a bad cold or a bad flu. But for me, if I catch this, all I can say is that I have had a good life and the young will carry on.

          This also has to be a wake up call to the West to keep our vital manufacturing and supply lines here at home, and if it costs more, then so be it. Especially essential things like drugs and medicine. Trump is right about this and is vindicated as we speak. The Chinaifcation of the world is another issue that needs addressing, especially the economic/militant assault of Red China on the West and the rest of the world in what they do outside their borders such as the South China Sea or stealing our high tech. Much of it was our own fault, since Nixon to Obama. But this could also topple the CPC and a revolution in China could replace it and who knows what comes next, which could be worse. But I would think major changes are coming as a result of this, everywhere around the world. May we live in ‘intersting times’, as they say in China.

          • “It also means that maybe for the majority it is not going to be any worse than a bad cold or a bad flu. But for me, if I catch this, all I can say is that I have had a good life and the young will carry on. ”

            I agree with that. Rather than mass quarantines, we should focus on the most vulnerable people in our society to this virus, the old and those with serious health problems. Those are the people who would need to be isolated from the outside world for a time, giving us time to develop some methods to fix this situation if possible.

            President Trump is going to address the nation tonight about the virus at 5pm CST.

    • The Marxist Media in the US is jumping all over it!

      The only worse situation is if it had originated in Russia!

    • I always thought the swineflu pandemic was allowed to go through so fast was the pharmas desire to sell the near useless antivirals
      they sure did well
      the recipients less so

  18. I sure hope the news of the decline/containment is accurate. It would be of great comfort to know that the measures are working, or at least helping.

    • Decline of what? How can the number of case/deaths/recoveries fall?

      Number of infected are not available, except from countries with isolate cases.

      • I meant to say a decline in acceleration of new cases. Cold comfort, I know, but some positive news would be a relief.

        • Let them resume operations at 100% of prior capacity. Those case rates will leap right on back up there.

          Not that we’d hear anything about it.

      • They can fall because China went on virtual lockdown, risking its economy and shaving points off its gdp to introduce the largest quarantine in human history. I don’t know why they did this, but I know that they did it. Two weeks ago in Beijing, with only a few cases reported, they shut the city down, turning back travellers from all the surrounding cities. The streets were barren. My daughter, who teaches school there, left her campus to get food. When she returned, an over-zealous security guard would not re-admit her till a school official had identified her. Masks throughout China were mandated. Work-places, restaurants, hotels, airlines… closed.

        In Beijing, as of today, there have been only four mortalities from 400 reported cases (1%). And nine of Beijing’s 16 districts have reported no new cases in over 10 days. Cases can fall because Shi Jinping, with the iron fist of the state behind him, can make them fall.

        • One vlogger from UK (Dr John Campbell) read a letter TODAY that says Beijing is still on total lockdown. Apartment buildings have physical barricades in front of them. All are guarded by party personnel.

          That would be a near apocalyptic scene in, say, NYC.

          • Not total lockdown. jesus.

            FFS, I love Campbell , but everyone at my office is back to work except me.
            No food delivery allowed at the building
            I am stuck in South Korea.

            at your beijing apartment, if they choose to, they will have a guard to take your temperature.
            At some apartments they give you a hall pass to come and go. No visitors.
            Some places let you come and go as you please.

            Hotels have various rules. Some quarantine you, others dont.

            Currently 7 types of people are exempted from quartantine.

            you want a list ask me.

          • @steven mosher – good to hear and thank you for sharing! Too much misinformation circulating about this right now.

        • China’s quarrantines are death traps…
          China placed “potentially exposed” people into large public buildings with rows of beds right next to each other by the thousands. ( Estimated over 1.4 million) This is the Princess cruise ship on R naught steroids. No walls, common breathing air, large community restrooms – in short death traps, just as prisons, elderly homes, large apartment complexes, where people are locked in are.

          That is NOT quarantine, it is a death trap.

  19. As of 24:00 on Feb 24, the National Health Commission had received 77,658 reports of confirmed cases and 2,663 deaths in 31 provincial-level regions on the Chinese mainland and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and in all 27,323 patients had been cured and discharged from hospital. There still remained 47,672 confirmed cases (including 9,126 in serious condition) and 2,824 suspected cases. So far, 641,742 people have been identified as having had close contact with infected patients. 87,902 are now under medical observation.

  20. Will this virus persist throughout the northern hemisphere during its coming summer? Will air conditioners assist this survival?

    Should the virus persist another 3 months (highly likely) the Sth Hemisphere has a big problem just around the corner. A high proportion of the public have at least one cold/yr – mostly during winter months. The moment one gets a sniffle it will be off to the doctor where there will have to be tests. Our NZ system cannot possibly cope. The stupid and unpopular policy of ramping up economic growth through immigration has already stretched our health service to the limit. What of urgent cases of other ailments? They still need care.

    The real positive outcome from this is the imposed realisation that nature rules and that issues like climate hysteria are just a symptom of a spoiled decadent society.

    I have long longed for a global wake-up call to bring society back to what really matters. Maybe then the woke-sickness pandemic will be put to bed.


    • I read somewhere in all of my reading on this subject that influenza transmits year round in the equatorial belt, with seasonal variation aligning to wet vs dry conditions irrespective of temperature.


  21. Warmer Northern Hemisphere weather will significantly dampen transmission rates over the next 3 weeks as Winter ends. The 0.39 degrees of warming the last 3 decades will reduce the transmission and death rates for all influenza strains by several thousand in the US (via Fall and Spring Flu Season truncations).

    This Corona Virus is not easily transmitted via “airborne” vectors, and it is O2 labile. So the more folks spend outside the faster the contagion rates will fall off.

  22. how many tests have been done three weeks ago? how many tests have benn done yesterday? who did it? how did they get to the suspected cases?

  23. “Epidemics are like wars in that truth is the first casualty.”

    Here’s the problem, Larry, I do NOT believe YOU. I don’t know you. I haven’t tested your truthfulness.

    I do KNOW that the Chinese government LIES. Frequently. And that there is absolutely NO way to verify a word that they report.

    I do NOT trust W.H.O. or any other U.N. agency or organization.

    In fact, based on recent events, I have very LITTLE trust in the American government.

    So, if “Epidemics are like wars in that truth is the first casualty.”, then we need to start by NOT trusting a word you or the Fabius Maximus Blog report.

    On the flip-side, I have tested Alex Jones and those he has had on his shows and the articles he posts on his website. I’ll start by trusting the reporting of someone I HAVE tested.

    Dan Bongino suggests a 24- to 72-hour wait to see how a story pans out. The Wuhan Corona Virus story has been going on since before December 2019. I think I’ll wait for a couple more months to see how it plays out.

    We are unlikely to ever know the truth about the virus. We will learn a lot of facts, but like Seth Rich, all we will know is “that some people did something.”

    • By the grace of God, man, find a more reputable ‘source’ than PrisonPlanet and that ‘roid-rager Alex! His accuracy for Y2k was ZERO! His ‘FEMA internment camps’ faded like a honeymoon you-know-what! But nobody OLD ENOUGH to remember is around on the ‘boards’ to remind others about these big prediction failures.

    • Well, of course I’ve been to China.
      They have not only no CNN. Half of the internet is cut away. No even Google.
      A month ago my Chinese students arrived. I asked them “what do you think about Greta Thunberg?”
      They answered: “who?”

      I am impressed by China economy. Yet, the power is monopolized by communists. It does not matter they are capitalistic. Communists always were always money hungry.

  24. A longish comment, fact based as we know the ‘facts’ today.

    The incubation period is not more than ten days (2-7 in most case reports, possible viral exposure titer related). Confirmed by the Italian situation. Means 14 day quarantine suffices.
    Unlike SARS, Asymptomatic transmission during incubation is now very well established—Steve Walsh of UK (Singapore to French ski resort) case. Means travel fever screening is useless for containment.
    There are anecdotal Chinese reports of of longer incubation times. Worrisome because in one case 5 people were infected yet the carrier NEVER (as reported by China late last week) developed symptoms—a Typhoid Mary situation cannot now be ruled out.

    Most models now settling in on Ro 2.5-3.5. SARS was 3. The Italian and South Korean experiences also suggests 3ish. That is high and only quarantine and later a vaccine will bring it down.

    Newest estimates are 80% of cases begin resolving in about 10 days from symptom onset. 20% worsen significantly, and about 5% become critical.Deaths are within that subset. Without ICU, that 5% will die of lower respiratory viral pneumonia.
    The numbers are still all over the map. Cannot trust China (low). Cannot trust Iran (high). Looking to Italy and using yesterday’s reports, 7/229 or about 3 percent dead even with ICU support; in Italy, all old and 5/7 with reported underlying comorbidity (cancer, diabetes, hypertension). So in developing world (Iran) and if ICU get overwhelmed elsewhere, 5% is a plausible mortality number from present information. This is half of SARS.

    The clinical trial in China of remdesivir has commenced but there are no interim results yet.
    Moderna crashed thru a potential vaccine targeting stable regions of the S protein, using their novel RNA platform approach (which so far in 9 years has NOT produced any approved drugsnor vaccines. But the target is only an educated guess. 500 vials have been provided NIH and phase one human testing (safety, antibodies) begins next month.

    Not as optimistic as Larry makes out. The Iran and Italian situations are the reasons.

    In Iran it is fairly certain it started by human to human in Qom, which has about 700 Chinese seminarians plus several Chinese construction projects.

    In Italy they have been unable to find patient zero in Lombardy. The first symptoms were in a 38 year old Unilever employee with no China human connections. There is a possibly he received a business air freight delivery from China with viable virus on the packaging, as Virion survival is typically something less than 4 days depending on surface, temperature, and other environment conditions, and airfreight is overnight.

    • “In Italy they have been unable to find patient zero in Lombardy. The first symptoms were in a 38 year old Unilever employee with no China human connections.”

      I’m starting to wonder if this isn’t a virus that already had wide distribution in the human population, and is only on the radar now because somebody was looking for something. Just because we test for and find it now doesn’t mean that it wasn’t there before, because we weren’t testing for it before. Now we test and find it everywhere because it was everywhere.

      George Bernard Shaw once said, “the characteristic microbe of a disease might be a symptom instead of a cause”, which I find to be a fascinating perspective. As an example, most people, maybe everyone, has Candida yeast in their bodies. It doesn’t k!ll healthy people because their immune systems don’t let it. It can, however, k!ll immuno-compromised people. So when a person dies from Candida overgrowth, is the mortality really due to the microbe, or due to a deficient immune system? Remember, everyone is infected with Candida. So really the disease is an unhealthy immune system, and Candida overgrowth is a symptom of that.

      So maybe what we’re seeing now is the result of sub-optimal health, and not some new pathogen that we never saw before because we weren’t looking for it.

      • Interesting. As you know I think there is something funny about it, and I have my favourite theory, but who knows?

    • You wouldn’t need a direct contact in Italy. Couple sits down at a cafe table. The previous occupants were Chinese who were unknowingly infectious. They drank coffee, wine, and talked, spreading micro-droplets everywhere. The new couple pick a napkin from the dispenser and wipe their mouths, put their hands on the table and scratch their nose. That will do it. Italy has vast numbers of Chinese tourists.

    • Rud, you are over-thinking this, and puting too much trust in reports. Stop trying to predict anything by speculating, the information is too inaccurate. Neither the Iran or Italian situations make sense, they are too unlike the other countries, so I suspect the information about those countries is incorrect.
      What we do know, from COVID-19 infections in developed nations, is that it isn’t a very dangerous virus.

      • holly elizabeth Birtwistle: “What we do know, from COVID-19 infections in developed nations, is that it isn’t a very dangerous virus”

        WR: Not a very dangerous virus? Italy: 11 dead out of 323 cases (yesterday 229) and still critical another 19, nearly all deaths from last week. Spreading TODAY to Germany, Spain (mainland and Canary Islands), Algeria, Austria, Switzerland, and to other parts of Italy.

        • Give her time.
          The other day she said it was a nothingburger.
          Today, it isn’t very dangerous.
          Also we know that Italy is not a developed country, and that anything that does not fit preconceived notions should be discarded as making no sense.
          Okay, maybe she will need a lot of time.

      • Childhood measles is ultra non dangerous (kills less than one over ten thousand) in these same countries, but any case of measles still almost causes a panic.

    • Rud
      You said, “Means travel fever screening is useless for containment.” I think that “useless” is imprecise. Because of the high false-negative findings, a large number will slip through. However, the approach is removing some carriers (Along with a very small number of false-positives.) at the height of their symptoms. So, the approach isn’t “containing” the virus, but it is at least reducing the potential carriers and reducing the rate of expansion.

      • one of the american health people on abc aus radio stated that screening at airports would maybe be about 50/50% useful many wont have a fever at that time

    • “Lethality.
      Newest estimates are 80% of cases begin resolving in about 10 days from symptom onset. 20% worsen significantly, and about 5% become critical.Deaths are within that subset. Without ICU, that 5% will die of lower respiratory viral pneumonia.
      The numbers are still all over the map. Cannot trust China (low). Cannot trust Iran (high). Looking to Italy and using yesterday’s reports, 7/229 or about 3 percent dead even with ICU support; in Italy, all old and 5/7 with reported underlying comorbidity (cancer, diabetes, hypertension). So in developing world (Iran) and if ICU get overwhelmed elsewhere, 5% is a plausible mortality number from present information. This is half of SARS.”

      • The all old us because in Italy, like South Korea, the current dead vs case load is very early. This means those that died there, died very early in the illness. ( Elderly and pre-disposed to be vulnerable to this) S.K at about 1000 current cases, will not reach a mortality number for that many cases for at least two weeks. Italy, same thing.

        The more exponential the growth, and the earlier in that growth pattern, the more misleading on the low side is the mortality numbers.

    • China health authorities in Guangzhou’s Liwan district are reporting clinically observed situations where (please click here to see report in Mandarin language) a quarantined family of family of six having been isolated for 30 days without any outside contact and were initially tested negative upon the start of their quarantine, started developing symptoms after 30 days

  25. Today in Europe we got new cases in Italy (various places), France, Austria, Switzerland, Kroatia, Spain (Barcelona and Tenerife), we saw a Dutch minister returning from Iran who has not been tested….., we saw people in quarantine in the hotel in Tenerife that think they can still be together at the swimming pool etc. etc.

    The Dutch minister: “During the flight back we have consulted the company doctor and the RIVM (WR: the Dutch government institute for public health) and in consultation we decided that we normally can enter the Netherlands. The advice was not to get a test. When people don’t have any signs such a test makes no sense”, the minister said.

    WR: People can spread the virus without showing any signs. People who visited Italy took back the virus to their own country. The same minister had contact with his colleague foreign minister in Iran who had contact with an Iranian administrator who probably was infected with the virus.

    We are still VERY naive about the virus. Exactly what we saw in the beginning in China BUT WE SHOULD HAVE LEARNED FROM CHINA, both from what has happened in Wuhan and from what has been an adequate reaction in the rest of the country (which has a surface area comparable to Europe).

    Right now, everywhere in the world but surely in Europe we should:
    • stop shaking hands
    • stop giving hugs
    • take all kind of hygienic measures
    In all countries where we find new cases we should DIRECTLY stop unnecessary social contacts. We should:
    • stop celebrating anniversaries
    • stop visiting all kinds of social events, including weddings and funerals
    • stop all sport events
    • stop all other not strictly necessary events
    • stop as much travelling as possible
    • give the highest priority to isolation of everyone who has been in contact with infected persons
    • project and prepare extra hospitals that are fast to build, isolating every patient apart
    • speed up production for medical necessary items
    • etc. etc.

    No time to loose. China has shown the way how to react, Italy shows us what happens when you react ‘half’. If you want to control the virus you must be PROACTIVE and super straight.

    I don’t like to be an alarmist. But I see the virus spreading rapidly through Europe. And I see our administrators reacting ‘half’ or even ‘not’. Which makes me very worried.

    • To be added (latest news): In the south of Germany a man who has been travelling to Milan in Italy tested positive.

      On average it takes 5-7 days to show signs of the sickness.

      • You describe yourself why it is too late to stop it.
        It is already spreading through communities.
        No point is sweating it now.
        Better to be one of the first infected, IMO.
        A virus that spreads like this one, meaning it spreads like a cold or the flu, has one chance to be contained.
        This cat is out of the bag.
        Anyone who cannot see that is not paying attention.
        Why does anyone think stock markets are dropping like they are.
        The CDC and numerous health officials have said as much, when they say that a pandemic is probably only a matter of time.
        It is only probable if someone thinks it will just go away all of a sudden.
        In time it will become less virulent, but by then probably years will have passed.
        Avoiding it will be like avoiding any other illness.
        The good news is, it is unlikely the death toll will be additive to that of the flu.
        The flu kills so many because of who it kills…very frail people who are one illness away from death.
        This has been demonstrated to be true by epidemiological studies.

      • It is in the US. Someone has tested positive in California with no known contacts with anyone who has been out of the country, etc.
        I suspect that hundreds of people were in Wuhan and left days and maybe weeks prior to the disease being recognized.

    • And,
      1. Try to keep 2 metres space in public.
      2. Avoid talking to strangers.
      3. Cough into your elbow, not your hand, or a tissue or a handkerchief. You’ll get virus all over your hand when you dispose of it/put it away.
      4. Avoid touching things when you are out.
      5, Keep your hands off all handrails.
      6. Don’t touch your face in a public place.
      7. Wash your hands every hour and always when you come in from outside.
      7. When you leave a public toilet, open the door with your sleeve or or your bag, not your hand.

    • “When people don’t have any signs such a test makes no sense”. FFS. I can only hope that they know something I don’t (which would be in any way unusual).

    • Wim, here in Canada, and in the U.S., COVID-19 isn’t very deadly, nor spreading. Why is that I wonder? We are not naive about this virus. It has proven, world-wide, neither to be spreading rapidly, nor deadly. Influenza is more of a threat, and kills more people, but we never hear numbers about influenza’s infection and death rate or other sensible comparisons from WHO or the MSM. Information from Italy and Iran seems at odds with what is happening in other countries. Both WHO and the MSM seem to want to exaggerate and promote irrational and unwarranted fear, and I’m not surprised. Back in the real world, this virus is not a serious threat.

      • Coronavirus COVID-19 represents “a tremendous public health threat” says CDC

        “We are not seeing community spread here in the United States, yet. But it is very possible, even likely, that it may eventually happen.”

        “This new virus represents a tremendous public health threat. We don’t yet have a vaccine for this novel virus nor do we have a medicine to treat it specifically.”


        • re:

          Coronavirus COVID-19 represents “a tremendous public health threat” says CDC

          “We are not seeing community spread here in the United States, yet. But it is very possible, even likely, that it may eventually happen.”

          Did the emote in the head office write that? WHERE was she when I was affected by local contagion that took me a good month to recover from in the early 1990’s? Oh, no ‘internet’ (LIKE we have now) back then. Note also ‘weasel’ terms used in this phrase alone: “very possible, even likely, that it may eventually happen”.

          Emotes going to ’emote’; Does she look like an emote?

          • A virus does not listen to emotions nor to opinions. A virus is very small and is difficult to control. In our interconnected world it is very difficult to keep it outside.

            The German man that yesterday was found to be infected was recently celebrating carnaval.

            We don’t control everything. So we can’t exclude everything. But I hope we can control enough. That is what I wish for every part of the world. But when we close our eyes for what could happen, the unwished surely will happen. So let’s stay awake.

          • re: “A virus does not listen to emotions nor to … ”

            Non-responsive to my question, which addresses office politics and PR moreso than the ‘technical’ issue of taming a virus; Continue on the technical aspect of this subject and we are on two separate ‘trains of thought’.

      • Dang Holly, your head is deep in the sand still, eh?
        It is spreading.
        It is a threat to as many as 2-3% of those who get it.
        The economic damage is a threat to everyone.
        Disrupting travel and commerce can all by itself lead to a recession.
        Recessions can lead to politicians being voted out of office, homes losing value, people losing jobs, and an entire cascade of events.
        You are leaving a few important words out of everything you have said.
        Words such as “As far as I know”, and “So far”, and “At the present time”.
        And people who read the news and keep abreast of world events and such hear all the time about how many die of the flu.
        Also left out is why no one makes a giant big deal out of the large number of people who die of the flu: It kills mostly people who are old and frail and not well already, and typically the cause of death is listed as viral pneumonia.
        In fact the CDC does not sperate out flu and pneumonia deaths in it statistics. They are listed as one number.
        This one kills mostly old and already sick people as well.
        Question: If the virus is all around the world spreading gradually here and there, how would anyone know, prior to someone getting sick enough to wind up in the hospital and getting tested?
        Of course the answer is that there is no way to know until that happens.
        And in every place that has happened, and people who have been in contact with the sick person are tested, it is found that many more have the illness but had no symptoms, mild symptoms, or thought they just had a cold or the flu.
        It takes about a month for some people to go from the time of first exposure to the stage where they are very sick. And that seems to mostly be happening to people who are old.
        So we have no idea how many young people are sick and spreading it, because they are not getting very sick.
        But now someone just got it in California and no one knows how.
        So…still think it is not spreading?
        Let’s see how things look in a month.

    • Dutch Minister eh, should prove interesting given that Iranian .gov blokes are going down with the virus.

    • ” China has shown the way how to react”

      Sorry but no.

      China placed “potentially exposed” people into large public buildings with rows of beds right next to each other by the thousands. ( Estimated over 1.4 million) This is the Princess cruise ship on R naught steroids. No walls, common breathing air, large community restrooms – in short death traps, just as prisons, elderly homes, large apartment complexes, where people are locked in are.

      That is NOT quarantine, it is a death trap.,-508-new-infections-and-as-more-contradictory-cases-emerge-

      The early deaths in Italy and S.K are because in Italy, like South Korea, the current dead vs case load is very early. This means those that died there, died very early in the illness. ( Elderly and pre-disposed to be vulnerable to this) S.K at about 1000 current cases, will not reach a mortality number for that many cases for at least two weeks. Italy, same thing.

      The more exponential the growth, and the earlier in that growth pattern, the more misleading on the low side is the mortality numbers.

  26. The numbers from China are corrupt, as shown by the massive adjustments they have made. The 3000 cases in other countries don’t provide enough statistics to yield meaningful numbers. Japan has a low death rate, so far. Italy, moderate; Iran, painfully high.

    Unless there are factors we do not yet understand (e.g., a genetic predisposition for higher death rates), this still poses a significant health risk to all non-industrialized countries. They cannot afford to be isolated from the rest of the world.

    Finally, if it takes “fast and large quarantines” to stabilize the virus, good luck if NYC, London, Paris, et al, develop into hot zones. That’s not fear-mongering. That’s recognizing that it is far premature to declare victory, and complacency could come with a steep price tag.

    • It just wasn’t Ebola…

      “Duncan and Scott also note that efforts to quarantine the Black Death were successful. In the wake of the first outbreak, Europeans learned that quarantining infected families for 40 days was effective in stopping the spread. Such a measure would not have worked if the disease were transmitted by rats, the authors suggest, because rats do not observe quarantine”

      “Duncan and Scott believe their theory of a viral cause for the Black Death is supported by the recent discovery of a mutated gene called CCR5 that is resistant to HIV/AIDS. It is estimated that approximately 10 percent to 18 percent of those of European descent carry the gene.”

    • And what about mutation?

      I side with the hope this thing will die down in the NH during spring and summer, giving us time to face it better prepared in the fall. More likely this is like H1N1 in that it stays with us. Hopefully, it will be like H1N1 in that we can develop a vaccine that doesn’t kill the vaccinated (as was the case for SARS in animal testing).

  27. “Epidemics are like wars in that truth is the first casualty.”

    “It’s easy to follow the coronavirus story
    The World Health Organization provides daily information, from highly technical information to news for the general public.”


  28. Propaganda is truth, half-truth, lies, and omissions in support of an agenda.

    In the last decade to decade and a half, the powers that are roll out a new virus boogeyman about every 12 to 18 months. This one is overdue, but none the less, another virus boogeyman. The only difference this time is that there may actually be some kind of sickness going around China. Who knows?!

    As for the propaganda, first, they were manufacturing the propaganda surrounding this virus boogeyman two and a half weeks prior to the “outbreak.” Because they use the same methods each time, it was apparent 2.5 weeks prior that they were cooking up another virus boogeyman. Second, and most revealing, South and Southeast Asia, with their many crowded and filthy cities and deepest connections to China, have suspiciously (omission) not been a focus of the propaganda surrounding the “outbreak.” India, especially. It most likely because of the latest tool to occupy the egg shaped office’s visit to India this week. Now that his visit is complete, expect India to soon start having “outbreaks” of the virus boogeyman.

    Or put another way, the same people that put forth the lies of WNDs and “mobile launchers” in Iraq so as to launch a murderous war, and currently hold all of mankind hostage to annihilation by nuclear war, say we may all be doomed by another virus going around. Almost funny when one thinks about it.

    “They lie about everything. Why would they lie about this?!”

  29. From zero hedge comments section: All of these factors combined look very, very bad.1. Patients that test negative are released with few symptoms then later lest positive.
    2. Many tests are giving false negative results, and only come up positive after multiple tries.
    3. Reports of patients having 3 week gestation periods where they have no symptoms but are infectious, when the quarantine is normally only for 2 weeks.
    4. Italy has not been able to find their “patient zero” who initiated the infections in that country, meaning they are still out there, and the spread cannot be contained. They may be an asymptomatic “super-spreader”, those who are responsible for 80% of infections of others, but make up only 20% of the number of people who are infected.
    5. Reports that the virus can live on surfaces for very long periods of time, perhaps 42 days.
    6. Reports that only one person went onto that cruise ship infected, but hundreds of people were infected while aboard, even though the passengers were locked in their cabins, which probably meant that the virus spread through the ventilation system.
    7. The virus kiIls 1 in every 33 people it infects, and sends nearly 1 in 5 to the ICU. Compare this with a typical flu virus, which kiIls about 1 in every 770 patients (going off the 2017-2018 numbers), and hospitalizes about 1 in every 55 (note that I said hospitalizes, not necessarily sending them to the ICU.
    8. Each patient who gets infected will infect about 3 other people, compared with flu, where each infected patient infects 1.3 people on average.
    9. The number of infections doubled over the past 11 days. At that rate, it would infect a billion people within the next 4-6 months. However, viruses usually slow down their rate of infection as time goes on, but not always.
    10. Reports by a later withdrawn paper from India that the virus had HIV-like features on it which are not found on other coronavirus specimens, with the authors arguing that it was likely man-made. Though the paper was retracted, other reputable scientists have said that it cannot be ruled out that the virus is man-made.
    11. The virus just happened to originate near China’s only level 4 bio-weapons lab that works with coronaviruses, in Wuhan.
    12. More shockingly, a fact that seemingly cannot be coincidence, numerous scientists working at that bio-lab have been caught selling lab animals to the very same meat market where the virus is said to have originated. Some made millions of dollars doing so. The animals are slaughtered live in the market, with the blood spilled in the market. There is no way that just happened to be where they tracked the source of the virus to.
    13. Immediately after the outbreak became official, China deployed their leading military bio-weapons officer to study the virus. That Major General in the PLA has historically worked with coronaviruses often, and also was deployed to “study” SARS.
    14. Only the CDC can test for this virus.
    15. If this virus spreads to Mexico, it will probably go un-detected and uncontrolled in Mexico for more than long enough to spread it all over the U.S. via illegal immigrants, and Mexico will refuse to inform us of their cases, to avoid the closing of the border.If the Chinese military causes hundreds of billions of dollars in damage to the European and North American economy, and it can be proven that they let this happen with sloppy containment protocols, and they get thousands or even millions of non-Chinese people kiIled, that Major General needs to be captured, arrested, indicted for thousands of cases of negligent homicide, and there should be a military response to China’s actions, along with a permanent embargo of all trade with China and the deportation of all Chinese students, tech workers, government employees, and scientists working in the United States, followed by massive sanctions. A crime of such a scale must be punished. If a random scientist did this out of negligence, he would go to prison for life in Europe or the Democratic states in the US, and he would get the death penalty in several U.S. states, Russia, China, the Middle East, India, and much of the rest of Asia. China must be held rigorously accountable. This is yet another example of how foolish our leaders in the establishment have been to deal with China in search of profit. We financed their bio-weapons campaign, and now look at the return on our investment

    • Italy probably had multiple originations from the thousands of Chinese tourists, who would have been completely unaware they were infectious and were doing no wrong. Italian society provides an ideal environment for spreading the disease, which is a shame because I like Italian society.

      Why are there no cases in sub-Saharan Africa? There are lots of Chinese people working there, and they all went home for New Year.Why no cases in Central America & Mexico? If the virus was progressing there then they would by now be in the same state as Iran, being unable to cover it up. Come to that, why are there so few cases in northern Europe with thousands flying in every day from China until 10 days ago, many transit from infection hotspots in China.

      There is much about this virus that does not quite add up, does not work as we expect it to.

        • Yes but I don’t agree with you that it’s not a very dangerous virus. I think it is, but there are peculiarities about how it works that we don’t understand. I just hope we can find out what, and exploit those weaknesses before we see more cities suffering.

      • Why are there no cases in sub-Saharan Africa? There are lots of Chinese people working there, and they all went home for New Year

        Gee, could it be that cases simply aren’t being diagnosed because the medical facilities in this area are far less resourced than the rest of the world?

        • And everyone in SS Africa is too stupid to read about what is going on in the world, and they can’t recognize a list of symptoms? I don’t agree with you.

        • possibly dryness of the air too?
          when they found bats with Hendr living on hospital roofs in Africa they asked where were the Hendra cases?
          reply was on the lines of so many diseases have similar symptoms and people die so often they dont test for much if at all when they do
          Ebolas rather obvious with symptoms n bleeding so gets attention

        • There appears to be some data to support that this thing does not thrive in hot environments. Case in point: India

    • Oebele, if you believe any of that long list pf crap you just posted, you are quite gullible.

      • holly elizabeth Birtwistle, your opinion is not interesting at all. In case you have facts you are welcome.

        • Many of those items are pure bullshit on that list.
          For example, the one about the cruise ship people being locked into their cabins.
          The passengers were supposed to be confined, but they were not locked in. Who knows how many snuck out.
          Also, the crew were not confined to quarters…they were serving food and other needs to the passengers, and cruise ship crew do not get their own cabin.
          Also they were cooking for everyone aboard, running the ship, etc.
          And the people who did not have balconies were allowed out of their cabins but where supposed to stay three feet away from anyone else. Videos of them milling around and walking past each other in long rows have circulated.
          Others had balconies, and went out on the.
          Balconies are stackup up one atop another, and are separated by a thin wall.
          Can virus particles drift downwards, or sideways in a breeze?
          Can crew infect passengers while they serve them all food three times and day and attend to other needs?
          I read at least one report of a girl who was crew who got sick, and after a while was told she did not have to work anymore and she could just go lie down!
          At least one of the people who was taking info for the Japanese government was infected.
          The ship was already infected when they were “quarantines” on the ship.
          (Note, a quarantine means something specific…people are kept separate, attended by people who are not mingling about in public, and sick and well people are not kept in a common area. That ship was no quarantine…it was an infection tent)

          That list appears to be a list of every ridiculous rumor and theory that has been dreamt up, as well as a bunch of stuff that is flat out wrong.

          Another glaring mistake/lie: The level 4 bio lab is not a “weapons facility”.
          There are apparently millions of people who hear or read the words biological research lab and their brain translates it into “bioweapons lab”.
          What a bunch of bullshit.

          Only the CDC can test for the virus?
          I think I need to debunk this list.
          I did not see one item that appeared to be correct info or properly stated.

          If you read that list and thought it sounded good…congrats…you are a dupe.

          • “Note, a quarantine means something specific…people are kept separate, attended by people who are not mingling about in public, and sick and well people are not kept in a common area. That ship was no quarantine…it was an infection tent)

            Unfortunately China created thousands of so called quarrantines that are death traps.

            China placed “potentially exposed” people into large public buildings with rows of beds right next to each other by the thousands. ( Estimated over 1.4 million) This is the Princess cruise ship on R naught steroids. No walls, common breathing air, large community restrooms – in short death traps, just as prisons, elderly homes, large apartment complexes, where people are locked in are.

            That is NOT quarantine, it is a death trap.

            The early deaths in Italy and S.K are because in Italy, like South Korea, the current dead vs case load is very early. This means those that died there, died very early in the illness. ( Elderly and pre-disposed to be vulnerable to this) S.K at about 1000 current cases, will not reach a mortality number for that many cases for at least two weeks. Italy, same thing.

            The more exponential the growth, and the earlier in that growth pattern, the more misleading on the low side is the mortality numbers.

      • Dear Holly. 13:42 BBC News 26/2/20:
        Chinese nurses issue rare global appeal
        “The conditions and environment here in Wuhan are more difficult and extreme than we could ever have imagined […] We need much more help.”

        Two nurses in Wuhan, China, where the coronavirus outbreak began, have issued an unusual appeal for help in a letter to British medical journal The Lancet.

        They ask nurses and medical staff from countries around the world to come to China to help “in this battle”.

        They report that nurses have ulcers from wearing equipment, that their mouths have blisters, and that nurses have fainted from low blood sugar. They are also suffering pyschologically from “helplessness, anxiety and fear”.

    • “If a random scientist did this out of negligence, he would go to prison for life in Europe or the Democratic states in the US, and he would get the death penalty in several U.S. states…”

      What a complete pile of horseshit.
      You should be ashamed of yourself for even passing such crap around.
      If you wrote it, you are one of the stupidest, most paranoid, and factually challenged people I have ever read the delusional ravings of.

  30. An excessive (allergic) reaction of the immune system to an unknown protein can be as dangerous as weakening the immune system.

  31. I understand that the Chinese had had no success with any treatment, the play was simply to keep the patient alive until their immune system could deal with it.
    However they have recently claimed some success for large doses of intravenous Vitamin C. That is also the only thing that has made a dent in the Epstein-Barr virus. I read today that they are shipping vast quantities of Vit. C into Wuhan, although that was BTL on Breitbart and might well be fake.

    • IMO they’re weakening patients’ immune systems. Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) is standard treatment for fever, yet it depletes glutathione, the master immune system antioxidant. Antibiotics impair nutrient absorption in the gut (glutathione requires vitamin C); the more toxic antibiotics can cause adverse side effects; I read about one they’re using in China that can permanently damage the Achilles tendon. Add toxic antivirals and other drugs to the mix and it’s no wonder (to me) that patients lie at death’s door.

      There are at least 3 vitamin C trials going on now. Hopefully we can see some results soon.

      • The paradigm of “hit hard and hit early” popularized for the treatment of AIDS also appears to apply to the way H5N1 avian influenza virus causes tissue damage in human infections. The rapid and intense nature of the host inflammatory response is the suspected cause of severe lung damage (116). In a case study conducted in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, comparing 18 people infected with H5N1 virus in 2004 and 2005 to 8 people infected with seasonal H1N1 influenza virus, elevated levels of MCP-1 (known as CCL2), IFN-γ-inducible IP-10 (CXCL10), MIG protein (CXCL9), and IL-8 were observed in H5N1 virus-infected patients who progressed to severe lung injury (38). Over the past decade, compelling genomic evidence from animal model systems indicates that highly pathogenic influenza viruses aberrantly regulate cytokine and chemokine transcriptional responses, leading to a cytokine storm.

      • Your information about the trials is very interesting. Three trials is good. If they all agree then we probably know something.
        I would appreciate seeing updates when you have them.

    • That makes sense to me Harry. I have used large doses of Vit. C to ward off colds most of my life, and it usually worked. It is non-toxic so is well-tolerated, and as a powerful anti-oxidant, presumably interferes with the virus’s ability to enter a cell or replicate inside a cell. I have heard of large intravenous doses being successfully used on other serious viral illnesses.

      • … and Cayenne Pepper to ‘ward off’ sore throats (which begins in a ‘culture’ irrigated by post nasal drip) for me …

        My sister reports positive results from this regimen too.

        • Wait…are you saying we should be snorting cayenne pepper?
          If that is the cure, I am a goner.
          In other news, a new “challenge” for the kiddies is about to appear on you tube!
          The “Snort a giant line of finely ground cayenne pepper” challenge!
          Film at 11:00.

          • re: “Wait…are you saying we should be snorting cayenne pepper?”

            You can try that if you want to, you’ll be the first (and likely the last as well!) Be sure and write an account of that experience. Additional points for a video to be presented to AFV.

            BTW CP is best taken in liquids, soups, and even a dash in coffee or on mashed potatoes, fried eggs …

  32. “… President Trump proposed cutting funding to the World Health Organization by 53% and to the Pan American Health Organization by 75%…”

    Excellent idea. The UN and WHO and several other related bureaucracies have transformed themselves into vast self-rewarding useless parasitic organisations. Money would be spent almost anywhere else, especially on health and welfare. These bloated organisations are staffed by career orientated money drainers and not people bent on helping humanity.

  33. How much spare ICU space is in your area?

    If the U.S. was over run by the virus the world would lose all its forests for paper to print out all the medical billings and statements.

  34. It’s a good thing and not entirely unexpected that China will eventually come to grips with this new Virus. We may want to take some lessons for future new viruses although truthful information from China is always hard to come by. But the way more important side effect from all this becomes apparent slowly. Many companies are rethinking their supply lines. Concentrating things on China has become a risk that puts a premium on anything done there. This will hurt China more than the original virus outbreak did.

    • re: ” We may want to take some lessons for future new viruses ”

      Like: Hand washing? Not eating raw, uncooked (what we could classify as vermin) ‘food’?

    • re: ” Good luck ”

      Adding: As always, should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.

  35. I have returned from Hong Kong last week and on WUWT I have already commented on what I observed.
    One other thing my friends there said may be very relevant over the next month. They said that usually in spring there is a big rise in flu cases and general respiratory unwellness. This applies to Hong Kong and also to much of China. This is contrary to what we experience in the west and is be counter intuitive.
    So if this occurs it may well have a big impact on Chinese covid 19 numbers and severity. It would not herald a big epidemiological increase in covid 19 but em environmental impact.
    Lets wait and see if I am right.

  36. Thanks for the update. Like others have said all data is suspect especially from a government and double that for dictatorships.

    That said it is the re-infection that is worrying me. People recover and then a week or two later they are back being sick. The theories floating around are that it is some environmental factor that they don’t develop a full immunity or much worse that the virus is mutating at a unbelievable rate. Either way they can now infect a bunch more people (again).

    • Have you never had a virus, seem to recover, and then you’re sick again a week later, it seems to linger for a month? So? That’s not unusual. Happened to lots of people I know this winter. 4-6 weeks the doctor said. Environmental factor??? The virus is mutating at an unbelievable rate? Infect a bunch more people again?? The sky is falling? Again???? I find it baffling how so many normally sensible people become completely irrational when it comes to emerging viruses. New viruses emerge all the time, always have, particularly from China. Despite the movies and science fiction books on this subject that have sprung from fertile imaginations, the real world is completely different. Huh.
      Successful viruses do not kill their hosts, which is why so few viruses cause death in healthy individuals.

      • re: “Have you never had a virus, seem to recover, and then you’re sick again a week later, it seems to linger for a month?”

        Here to testify: Yes, I have. REALLY had to ‘throttle things back’ until I finally shook whatever contagion had ahold of me. This was +20 yrs back. Taming the (initial) sore throat that kicked it all off for me was key in not repeating these episodes.

      • “Successful viruses do not kill their hosts”
        Funny thing about complex subjects…when you try to sum them up in a sentence, it is impossible to be correct.
        This is incredibly wrong, in fact.
        You should really shut up about this subject.
        Hepatitis B.
        Hepatitis C
        Lassa Fever.
        Hanta Virus.
        Yellow Fever.
        Eastern Equine Encephalitis.
        And many more than I can recall off the top of my head I am sure.

    • I will believe that report is true, when it is not from the place you just said cannot be trusted to have reliable info.

    • Assuming the report of re-infections is true, another possibility is that overwhelmed hospitals are releasing patients before they are fully recovered, and as a result the virus manages to re-establish itself.

      Patients getting sick again when they stop taking medicine because they “no longer felt sick” is a problem even in western countries.

    • re: “Have you ever seen or heard of a national, state or local government (or
      agencies derived thereof) telling their citizens, “OK, PANIC” ?”

      Would the words “take immediate shelter” qualify? Every so often wx conditions warrant the NWS to make such an announcement over NOAA weather radio …

  37. Why do you give this man a voice at all? He is completely busted by now, and COVID-19 pandemic is about to explode worldwide.

  38. The North Koreans have a solution to Corona virus. The first person who showed signs of infection was executed. Unfortunately for the Norks, they’d have to execute a large percentage of their population to stave off an epidemic. It seems like a lose-lose proposition…

  39. The usual news sites are spreading the “possible US virus spread” story line as they all point to “the US now has 57 infected”. None of them stop to think that 54 of those 57 infected cases allowed into the US were already known infected. There have only been 3 infected within the US, and those were found early on.

    The early monitoring and restrictions put in place last month look like they worked well.

    • It will only turned out to have delayed the entry and spread unless somehow the whole disease goes away and we get very lucky before it does.
      Many of the people infected in the past two weeks are only now getting sick, only getting sick enough to show up at hospitals at some point somewhere between any day now and another couple weeks.
      Read between the lines.
      This thing is in the world, and is very unlikely to be going away now.

      But there are several bright sides I can think of.
      One reason for people actually being able to be conned by some fake problem is due to a lack of any really serious actual problems.
      Something that kills one out of every 50 to 100 people in the world over a period of a year or two seems to me to count as a real problem, while also making it very likely any particular one of us will be fine.
      70,000,000-80,000,000 people.
      That’s a lot.
      But not percentage wise.
      And if it is mostly people who smoke…oopsie daisy…they cannot say they wuz never warned!
      And anyone given to sitting around wishing people were dead, this gives them their first real chance in a long time to get their wish for at least some of the people on their lists!
      So there is that.
      I can think of at least one really old guy I will not be shedding too many a tear for, myself.
      Always look on the sunny side of life!
      So far, my toast tends to fall butter side up.
      But hey, iffen I kick the bucket, I am sure there are a few people who will smile smugly and laugh while they make a fresh bowl of popcorn.

  40. at some point, when enough people have caught the disease and recovered, “herd immunity” starts to take hold, there are too few susceptible people left in the herd, for it to keep going exponentially. I suspect this is what’s happening in Wuhan. I also suspect the reported numbers are an order of magnitude lower than actual infections since there are probably many many people with natural immunity and/or who have had really mild cases that go unreported (and unremarked) .

    • The population in Wuhan is well into the millions. At last report there was 60 to 70 thousand cases in all of China. I’m pretty sure that is 4 or 5 orders of magnitude too small for any herd immunity to take effect.

  41. I stopped reading when the Trump bashing started. Hard to decipher fact from fiction when the writer can’t keep personal bias out of it.

    • Mike, I agree. I’ve never made it through an entire article written by Kummer.

      His bio on the website where he’s an editor says he spent 37 years in the finance industry, most of it at UBS. It also seems to indicate that he’s a “performative centrist”, whatever that means, maybe master triangulater? Won’t waste time on his future posts.

        • In his early posts, every time he criticized someone of the left, he felt it necessary to include an “of course the right does this too”. The problem was that most of the time he just put up this assertion without providing any evidence for it. The few times he did, the evidence was either mostly fictional or highly exaggerated.

          • As his swipes at Trump show, when criticizing someone more conservative than himself, he has never felt the need to provide “balance”.

      • Most socialists when pressed, call themselves centrists.
        Seems that as long as they can find someone more radical than they are, this proves that they are middle of the road.

  42. I was thinking today that in a place like the US, it may be better to get exposed and get it over with right at the beginning, before the beds all fill up, supplies running low, medical staff sick of one more patient, etc.

    • Too bad there are reports of people getting reinfected after having recovered.

      Or could it be that the virus can be suppressed by the immune system to the point of no longer being detectable and can then later flare up again?

      • Or it could be those reports are mistaken.
        Or not as they are reported.
        I would not let that be the one bit of info out of China I am gonna take for granted as true.
        Nothing is true based on one report.

  43. So you got the cheque from the incompetent parasites at the Worldwide Holocaust Office as well did you?
    WHO and CCP are directly responsible for the global death wave now occurring without a single doubt.

    The cover-up, misdirection, lies and spin even of the virus origin (still to this day) says it all.


    Shut the entire economy of 1.4bn down over a few hundred deaths initially? Seriously?
    Still to this day prevent ANYONE independent from looking into the origin at ground zero? Seriously?
    CCP and WHO locking the entire country down, but telling the world to do the opposite? Seriously?

    There are documented interviews of university students in Wuhan in November who on social media were being warned by peers of a killer pneumonia virus.

    WHO funding should be reduced to zero and their leadership frogmarched to the Hague, tried and then hung.
    They need to be punished and cease to exist following this crime against humanity they have perpetrated.

  44. Why is this commentator ‘Holly Elizabeth Birtwistle’ constantly trying to deny growing evidence?

    Did he / she know what the situation would be like today if China hadn’t decided to lock people up in their houses / flats and to limit traffic between cities and regions to an absolute minimum?

    How ignorant are we actually allowed to be?

    J.-P. D.

    • The evidence isn’t growing; certain indices indicating the depth of the ‘pandemic’ are though.

      Oh, and: China =/= USA WRT sanitary practices, food consumption practices, etc.

      • _Jim

        It seems that you didn ‘t notice yet that the World is a bit more than the USA.

        Ever heard of Africa, Asia minus China, America minus USA, and this small corner named Europe?

        That reminds me a Middlewest farmer being asked some decades ago if he ever had been in Europe.

        He answered: “Yurop? Wa’s that? C’na eat it?”

        J.-P. D.

        • re: “the World is a bit more than the USA.”

          Revert to the mean: China =/= USA WRT sanitary practices, food consumption practices, etc.

          Live in a sh*thole country, expect sh*thole problems. Clean up your ‘act’ in your country before giving lectures to others; Not even going to say ‘pleaze’. Germ theory is now well-known … no excuses.

          PS. Where should I send bar soap, Blue Dawn and/or cleanser?

          • re: “What a …”

            Truth as a salve is bound to sting; sometimes more, sometime less, given ‘conditions’ existing on one’s individual mind.

            What? “Freedom of Speech” protects only those discussing cute kittens and fluffy puppy dogs?

  45. “The fatality rate in the developed nations will certainly be lower than that in China outside Wuhan (medical facilities in Wuhan are overwhelmed)”

    This is called wishful thinking. If the virus spreads widely here (US), our medical facilities will also be quickly overwhelmed. There is little spare capacity in the system for emergencies such as this.

  46. Hey, if Tedros says all is good I believe him ! I mean, its not like he has form for downgrading a Cholera outbreak to a bad case of the squits for political reasons right ?

    For those of the esteemed readership in the UK, seeing cases popping up in north western Germany, and Holland, means its already here in Blighty. Buckle up and be at the supermarket when they open at 6am.

    Remember the oft quoted truism from the ‘Hedge’, ”He who Panics first, Panics best” 🙂

  47. Larry, you’ve got be kidding. Do you know who the head of the WHO is?. He was the third highest Ethiopian governmental official and a declared Marxist who not only covered up his countries cholera epidemic, but just hired the murderous dictator, Robert Mugabe.

  48. Here is a prime example of “Larry The Centrist”.


    and my reply to him: (notice he didn’t make a reply to me)

    Comparing Obama to Trump: You wrote, As we start a new era, see the similarities between Obama and Trump By Larry Kummer, Editor, 22 January 2017 “Trump won the presidency (with a minority in the popular vote) making a wide range of big populist promises — many of which will be difficult or impossible to fulfill (e.g., boosting employment in manufacturing, and rebalancing trade with China). Neither entered office with a plan to fulfill their promises.”

    Unlike Obama, Trump Fulfilled his promises and has done much much more.

    Once again, your smug, left leaning bias stands out like a sore thumb! MAGA!

  49. But as usual, Trump wants to reduce our defenses to anything other than war. In the midst of the Coronavirus epidemic, President Trump proposed cutting funding to the World Health Organization by 53% and to the Pan American Health Organization by 75%. Madness.


    Yeah, he proposed those cuts BEFORE the current issue arose.

    But here’s what the real situation is:

    VERDICT: Mostly false. The specialist was not fired; he quit. Some CDC cuts were proposed, but not implemented.

    “Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg claimed at the Democrat debate in Charleston, South Carolina, on Tuesday night that President Donald Trump had “fired” the government’s pandemic expert and “defunded” the Centers for Disease Control:

    One of the great problems today, you read about the virus, what’s really happening here is the president fired the pandemic specialist in this country two years ago, so there’e nobody here to figure out what the hell we should be doing. [Applause] And he’s defunded Centers for Disease Control, CDC so we don’t have the organization we need.

    In reality, the pandemic expert — Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer — left the National Security Council (NSC) voluntarily after then-National Security Advisor John Bolton was appointed.

    Bolton disbanded the unit that Ziemer was supervising as part of an effort to downsize the bloated NSC staff. The purpose of the unit, which had overseen the global fight against Ebola, had largely been fulfilled.

    It is true that Ziemer and his unit have not yet been replaced.

    The Trump administration has indeed proposed cuts to the CDC, but they have not been passed by Congress.

    Trump has not “defunded” the agency, and Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar has said that the new proposed budget would, in fact, prioritize the fight against coronavirus.

    Recently, the administration reversed course, asking for $2.5 billion in emergency funding for managing the coronavirus.


  50. Re: the US cutting funding to WHO, one could argue that in the midst of a potential pandemic health crisis is the very most likely time for OTHER countries to step up and commit more resources, thus balancing the contributions more fairly.

    I think organizations like WHO benefit from having a wide revenue base, if not now then when?

  51. Oh -“Serpenza” has a new China video, see

    While not directly addressing the Wuhan coronavirus, he spends a lot of time on the fascination with eating wild animals and dogs, feel free to skip the first 20 minutes or so. The rest is on hygiene practices in China, especially in rural China and truck stops. He blames the lack of hygiene, even for toilet paper and soap for one of the reasons the coronavirus has spread so well in China and less quickly elsewhere.

    • Compared to China, South Korea is a bunch of neat freaks.

      See how fast it spreads in SK?
      Yes hygiene is important, but even in a nation of constant hand washers (Korea)
      this thing spreads like bugs will do.

      we need warm weather fast

      • “we need warm weather fast”

        That may be happening. Temperatures seem to be warming up quickly in the northern hemisphere. The ENSO meter even took a little jump the other day.

        We are going to have a lot more information on the COVID-19 disease now that it is in countries that have adequate health care facilities and trustworthy reporting.

      • The rapid rate of infection in South Korea was caused by members of a death cult infecting large groups of people at a religious ceremony. That appears to be have been done on purpose.

        I also wonder a bit about the Italy infections.

  52. Iran has had elections last Friday. The government did not want rumors to get a high number of people that were voting. Nevertheless only a very low number of voters went to vote. Information about Corona has been suppressed.

    On that Friday the 21st of February the TehranTimes stated that already THOUSANDS of people went to clinic and that already 735 people had been hospitalized:

    ““Based on latest experiments, 13 new cases of the coronavirus have been so far identified, of whom two have lost their lives,” the official said, IRNA reported.

    He went on to say that over the past couple of days, thousands of people have referred to clinic and a total of 735 people with symptoms of influenza have been hospitalized.”

    The Jerusalem Post: “Iran’s government and media lied about coronavirus outbreak, riots erupt”
    ““The situation inside the hospital is very scary and terrifying,” one man tweeted. “Even the hospital medical staff, some of whom are infected with the coronavirus, are terrified.” ”

    “Yet Iranians were urged by their government to congregate in confined spaces on Friday to vote. The regime wanted the turnout to grow beyond the 11 million who were estimated to have voted. ”
    Source with a lot of information:

  53. The DATE of the detection is anecdotal and not representative of actual data. The decline in China’s reported numbers means nothing at all.

    Remember that there was a severe increase in China’s reported numbers due to management change from “incompetent hiding” to “party line”… and that “party line” is just another word for “military oppression of a captive population of slaves”.

    Tedros Adhanom needs to be fired AND caned in public for spreading truly dangerous lies.

  54. A failing hospital in Italy has been connected with the recent outbreak:
    “Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has tried to allay fears that the central government has no control over the affected regions after he was forced to admit that a hospital in the northern town of Codogno had mishandled the region’s first coronavirus case and had contributed to the deadly virus’ spread.”

    An infected doctor from Italy is named as the reason for the locking of 1000 people in the hotel in Tenerife:
    “The hotel guest who has been diagnosed with the virus is a doctor from Italy. According to the European press agency Europa Press, he comes from an area in northern Italy where hundreds of people are infected.”
    Source (in Dutch):

  55. “The doomsters are multiplying faster than those infected with the diesase, spreading misinformation. They use graphs showing rapid growth in the small numbers of infected to make this seem like a major pandemic outside China. It’s not, at least yet. ”
    Assumes we know the number of infected, is, that reported =actual number of infected. It is not. One needn’t be a doomster to presume that reported numbers are a fraction of the total. On the contrary.

  56. Antiviral activity is demonstrated by organic zinc, vitamin C (with routine) and antiviral drugs given immediately at the onset of symptoms.

  57. All zoonotic viruses that attack the respiratory tract are deadly dangerous. This is not a human runny nose virus. In France, people aged 60 and 55 die. There is no age rule. Healthy doctors die.

  58. “But as usual, Trump wants to reduce our defenses to anything other than war. In the midst of the Coronavirus epidemic, President Trump proposed cutting funding to the World Health Organization by 53% and to the Pan American Health Organization by 75%.”

    You probably don’t play “Go”, an ancient board game of complexity overlaying simple moves that depends on effectively allocating scarce resources. Your view of Trump’s tactics may overvalue W.H.O. and undervalue other wiser moves. There is room for disagreement, but don’t underestimate the President.

  59. It’s generally the aged and those with weakened immune systems or respiratory problems that can die like flu. However a virulent strain like this that can kill the young doctor is problematic in an economic sense as we’ve seen. You can’t lock up large sections of productive economies and a sudden spike strike rate of 20 or 30% of the population can overwhelm medical facilities and we don’t need snowflake societies panicking and flooding hospitals demanding treatment.

    That’s the real risk and not the actual risk of secondary pneumonia and death but where in any of the emergency plans is the method of prioritisation? We aint like China where the State rules with an iron fist so it needs a social pact and understanding of procedure and ranking of importance or there can be entitled mayhem. We aint all gunna die from it but many more unnecessary ones will if there’s a disorganised stampeding rabble.

  60. I suppose this is one way to free up beds in Wuhan.

    If China sends someone to the crematorium while he’s still alive, I assume if there’s a death certificate it will list any preexisting condition as the cause of death. says, in part:

    On Feb. 24, the dissident site Youth Production (少年譯製) uploaded a video of a Chinese woman approximately in her 60s sharing her traumatic experience surviving a stay in a Wuhan hospital while infected with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). In the video, titled “Burned Alive,” a woman wearing a surgical face mask and speaking with a heavy Wuhan accent tells her harrowing tale to a taxi driver who is covered from head to toe in protective gear.

    She starts by saying that she was in bed number 18, when another patient, a male in his 70s, was admitted on the morning Jan. 28 and stayed in bed 17. She said that by that afternoon, a team from Tianjin had arrived and found that the patient was having difficulty inhaling.

    The woman said that she was experiencing the same symptoms, but not as severely as she was younger. She said that the man was weak but was still breathing when medical workers “bound his head” and then his hands and feet, which were “still moving.”

    The traumatized survivor then said that medical personnel placed the man in a black plastic bag and pulled up the zipper, before placing him in yet another plastic bag. She said they then wrapped the man in two more layers with an unidentified material.

    The driver then asked if the man was burned alive. She confirmed that the man was still alive when he was sent for cremation, and she said there were fears that the toxic gas from the crematorium would spread.

    She claimed that she actually saw several cases of living patients stuffed in body bags and taken for cremation. She said that another elderly man in her isolation ward was still breathing but was also sent for cremation.

    The horrified woman said she had never seen anything like it and said the patients were treated “just like dead dogs.” The video closed with the woman saying that those who were dead “were stacked one after another in yellow body bags.”

    • I believed that no one in China would have any reason to make up such a story, I suppose I would automatically believe this.
      But, in fact, I can think of lots of reasons why people would be looking to smear and/or discredit the government there.

        • The name “dissident site Youth Production” certainly had me concerned, and I don’t know how respectable Taiwan News is.

          OTOH, some of the stuff I’ve been reading about conditions in Wuhan lend some credibility to stories like this. And frankly, compared to Larry Kummer’s screeds here the two occupy about the same level….

      • Anyway, it is an horrific story.
        I would not go so far as to say it is inconceivable, but it is difficult to imagine there are large numbers of people willing to suffocate people in body bags and burn them alive.
        Why not just give them some overdose first, if there was some directive that was being carried out by large numbers of people to murder people by incinerating them alive or suffocating them in body bags?
        Just about anything would do it for someone in that condition.
        Even people on deaths door seem likely to go absolutely nuts with panic if this is done to them…at least some of them.
        If this is actually happening, where are the videos?
        Even Nazi soldiers in WWII had a hard time killing large numbers of innocent people (or so I have been led to believe) after they had been ordered to do it a few times…and those were soldiers.
        These are people in hospitals.
        Maybe I am naïve, but I cannot believe that very many people could be induced to do this to others.

        [Genocidal tone here, too. Mod]

        • Moderators…I know it is a very touchy subject, but I was cautioning against taking such stories at face value.
          I tried to make it clear I do not think there are many people in the world who would do what this person described.

        • I looked through all the other comments, and did not see any others flagged, so not sure what others ones are referred to.
          I do not want to violate any policies, so if you want to make snips or suggest anything for me to stear clear of, I am fine with that.

  61. Moderators,
    I think I have some comments from the past few days in moderation, on this and some other threads.
    Do I need to request a check on each thread, or is the moderation bin collective for all threads?


    • I took a look. While I’m not on the moderation team, I do have that superpower. I didn’t see any posts from you in limbo. They were either released, or Pressable just lost them. (There is a single bin.)

      • OK, thanks Rick.
        I have been commenting on several threads and keep making the mistake of using words I know will get a commented moderated.
        Kay aye double Ell is the one that gets me the most.
        Thanks again.

  62. News at this hour includes a long list of additional countries with cases of COVID19 now present. South America, Middle East, Europe…
    And in Germany, some official just said it has now become impossible to track down the sources and contacts of the new cases…IOW, the containment has failed.
    This will happen in one country after another, in my view.
    There is one chance to contain a virus, and it has failed.

    • ‘Trace numbers’ or counts in the 1,000’s?

      What percentage traveled to China? Customs in conjunction with airlines should be able to source those numbers …

      • It is just reports. I think in the countries with new cases it tends to be a low number at first.
        My impression is this is community cases, as they are called. Not travelers in airports being identified.
        Customs and airlines track people?
        Here is how many flights are in the air right now. Not sure if this is only commercial flights or what:
        “Flight Tracker Overview
        Tracking 10,438 airborne aircraft with 984,413,538 total flights in the database.
        FlightAware has tracked 116,895 arrivals in the last 24 hours.”

  63. “There is one chance to contain a virus, and it has failed.”

    I could never see any chance to contain the virus. It was bound to fail. Virus are so small. One suspects that they can suspend in air for a period rather like house dust. Their density would be interesting

    Walk down any street on a blustery day with the infected

    I wrote before about my experience re trying to protect myself and my clothing when handling powdered dye concentrate outdoors. This was years ago but my thought was “Man it must be hard to avoid contamination from a toxic substance”. One needs a laboratory environment. Clearly, many hospital precautions have failed.

    Us, in a everyday environment? No chance


    • They are small, but one virion will not cause an infection, there is a minimum infective dose far any particular virus and person, over some period of time.
      Outside, UV light kills viruses quickly. They are delicate.
      For some, dry cold air kills them, for others, moisture and warm air kills them.
      There are viruses and bacteria everywhere, all the time, but people do not always get sick.
      Out bodies have numerous layers of innate immunity consisting of external and internal barriers and chemicals and cellular defenses, etc.
      The numbers of actual virions can be very high.
      Many thousands.
      “Correlation of 1 TCID50 value to the number of infectious influenza virions is, however, not clear. Ratios of TCID50 to number of virions of 1:100, 1:400, and 1:650 have all been documented (Weber and Stilianakis 2008). Using real-time quantitative PCR, van Elden et al. (2001) reported that 13 copies of viral RNA of influenza A and 11 copies of viral RNA for influenza B equaled 0.02 (1:650) and 0.06 (1:183) TCID50, respectively. ”

      For some viruses, the number of TCIDs to equal 1 M.I.D> is in the millions.

    • They are small, but one virion will not cause an infection, there is a minimum infective dose far any particular virus and person, over some period of time.
      Outside, UV light k!lls viruses quickly. They are delicate.
      For some, dry cold air k!lls them, for others, moisture and warm air k!lls them.
      There are viruses and bacteria everywhere, all the time, but people do not always get sick.
      Out bodies have numerous layers of innate immunity consisting of external and internal barriers and chemicals and cellular defenses, etc.
      The numbers of actual virions can be very high.
      Many thousands.
      “Correlation of 1 TCID50 value to the number of infectious influenza virions is, however, not clear. Ratios of TCID50 to number of virions of 1:100, 1:400, and 1:650 have all been documented (Weber and Stilianakis 2008). Using real-time quantitative PCR, van Elden et al. (2001) reported that 13 copies of viral RNA of influenza A and 11 copies of viral RNA for influenza B equaled 0.02 (1:650) and 0.06 (1:183) TCID50, respectively. ”
      For some viruses, the number of TCIDs to equal 1 M.I.D> is in the millions.

  64. This preprint has some typos and appears a bit confused. They made an attempt to estimate the real case count in Iran, and came up with “We estimated that 18,300 (95% confidence interval: 3770 to 53,470) COVID-19 cases would have had to occur in Iran, assuming an outbreak duration of 1.5 months in the country, in order to observe these three internationally exported cases reported at the time of writing.”

    Yeah, just based on three exported cases, don’t read as gospel.

    I read last night that Bahrain identified six from Iran, which I think would pump up the estimate a lot if there isn’t much traffic between the two places.

  65. A very small insight to China that may not be so small in reality.

    From a friend of mine today:

    Hi Codetrader,

    If its any consolation or any different perspective my daughters softball team has had their jerseys on order for a few weeks and of course they are being produced in China. Well the manufacturer of the jerseys let us know a few weeks ago that there will be a major delay because of the coronavirus and the shutdown of the workforce and quarantine. Well as of a few days ago they are back up and running and production is back on schedule. So it cannot be AS BAD as our news media is making it out to be 😊


  66. What makes this topic interesting is that we can make predictions and find how accurate they are within a shortish period of time. With climate change we cannot – even within many of the here contributors’ lifetime

    How long before we know if this outbreak has a major, minor or minimal impact in relation to global mortality and economics? I’m saying 3 months

    I have always believed that the prime threat to the human species is natural biological – not climate, war or physical catastrophe. But, maybe not within my lifetime

    Nature shows that when a species in an ecosystem rapidly increases in numbers it reaches a point of collapse after which its numbers stabilise at a very much lower level

    Just saying


    • Michael Carter

      I understand your comment, but can’t agree to it.

      Simply because for me, the prime threat to the human species over the long term is – apart from a major supervolcano eruption like Yellowstone – the absolute urge to rule, and to exercise dominion anyway, if necessary even with the worst consequences for humanity.

      J.-P. Dehottay

  67. If you thought car sales were a bit slow in your neck of the woods?

    And for Oz we’ll be heading for autumn and winter with the flu season and if Covid hits you can imagine everyone who gets the flu symptoms will think the worst-

    It’s not so much a medical problem as an economic disruption problem that requires a social compact well ahead of any possible pandemic which under general flu season circumstances won’t have to be that large an infection rate to cause a run on our medical capability.

  68. Now a VP in Iran has Covid-19. says in part:

    Today, Masoumeh Ebtekar, Iran’s vice president and a notoriously cruel member of the group of Iranians who held U.S. diplomats hostage in 1979, announced that she, too, has the disease. According to reports, she met with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his cabinet just yesterday, potentially exposing the entire senior leadership of Iran to the disease.

    Harirchi stated that the government refuses to impose quarantines, because they are premodern and ineffective. Mohammad Saeedi, the head of the shrine in Qom and a local representative of the country’s supreme leader, not only opposes a quarantine but begged people to visit the shrine, calling it a “place of healing.”

  69. Israeli Scientists Say They Will Have Coronavirus Vaccine “In A Few Weeks”

    Quoted {on Thursday, a team of Israeli scientists one-upped the US, boasting that they could have a vaccine ready “in a few weeks.”

    According to a statement cited by the Jerusalem Post, a team of Israeli scientists are on the cusp of developing the first vaccine against the novel coronavirus, according to Israel’s Science and Technology Minister, Ofir Akunis. If all goes as planned, the vaccine could be ready within a few weeks and available for human use in 90 days.

    “Congratulations to MIGAL [The Galilee Research Institute] on this exciting breakthrough,” Akunis said. “I am confident there will be further rapid progress, enabling us to provide a needed response to the grave global COVID-19 threat,” Akunis said.

    For four years, a team of scientists at MIGAL has been developing a vaccine to combat infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), which causes a bronchial disease affecting poultry. The effectiveness of the vaccine has been demonstrated during preclinical trials carried out at the Veterinary Institute.

    During the process, they discovered a process for developing new vaccines that they expect will help facilitate a novel coronavirus vaccine in world-beating time.

    “Our basic concept was to develop the technology and not specifically a vaccine for this kind or that kind of virus,” said Dr. Chen Katz, MIGAL’s biotechnology group leader. “The scientific framework for the vaccine is based on a new protein expression vector, which forms and secretes a chimeric soluble protein that delivers the viral antigen into mucosal tissues by self-activated endocytosis, causing the body to form antibodies against the virus.”

    Here’s how the team discovered their project would be useful for the coronavirus vaccine.

    In preclinical trials, the team demonstrated that the oral vaccination induces high levels of specific anti-IBV antibodies, Katz said.

    “Let’s call it pure luck,” he said. “We decided to choose coronavirus as a model for our system just as a proof of concept for our technology.”

    But after scientists sequenced the DNA of the novel coronavirus causing the current worldwide outbreak, the MIGAL researchers examined it and found that the poultry coronavirus has high genetic similarity to the human one, and that it uses the same infection mechanism, which increases the likelihood of achieving an effective human vaccine in a very short period of time, Katz said.

    “All we need to do is adjust the system to the new sequence,” he said. “We are in the middle of this process, and hopefully in a few weeks we will have the vaccine in our hands. Yes, in a few weeks, if it all works, we would have a vaccine to prevent coronavirus.”

    Akunis said his government has ‘fast-tracked’ all the approval processes for the vaccine to get it out as soon as possible.

    MIGAL would be responsible for developing the new vaccine, but it would then have to go through a regulatory process, including clinical trials and large-scale production, Katz said.

    Akunis said he has instructed his ministry’s director-general to fast-track all approval processes with the goal of bringing the human vaccine to market as quickly as possible.

    “Given the urgent global need for a human coronavirus vaccine, we are doing everything we can to accelerate development,” MIGAL CEO David Zigdon said. The vaccine could “achieve safety approval in 90 days,” he said.

    It will be an oral vaccine, making it particularly accessible to the general public, Zigdon said.

    “We are currently in intensive discussions with potential partners that can help accelerate the in-human trials phase and expedite completion of final-product development and regulatory activities,” he said.

    Israel has only confirmed a handful of cases among travelers who visited South Korea and Italy (one case they confirmed on Thursday). We wonder: If Iran does roll out a vaccine, will it share it with Iran?}

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