Enviro Activist Berates Hickenlooper For Once Suing To Prevent A Colorado Town From Banning Fracking

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Chris White Tech Reporter

January 27, 2020 3:00 PM ET

An environmental activist associated with the Sunrise Movement harangued former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper for suing a Colorado town in 2013 that voted to ban hydraulic fracturing.

“Gov. Hickenlooper thinks he can get away with suing his own constituents AND still get enough support to run for congress,” the Sunrise Movement noted in a Monday tweet. The organization, a youth-led group that promoted the Green New Deal in 2019, criticized the Democrat for supposedly “helping big oil execs.”

The Sunrise Movement tweeted a video of a man confronting Hickenlooper, who took part in a lawsuit in 2013 targeting Longmont, Colorado’s citywide ban on a gas drilling technology. The group has since removed the tweet. (RELATED: Hickenlooper: ‘Socialism Is Not The Solution’ To Climate Change)

A screenshot of a tweet shows a confrontation between former Gov. Hickenlooper and an anti-oil activist. (Screenshot/Twitter)

“How can we trust you to fight for the people in the climate crisis when you continually support oil and gas executives?” the man in the video said. Hickenlooper tried to deescalate the situation and pleaded with the activist to be quiet so he could respond to the questions.

Hickenlooper, a Democrat campaigning for a U.S. Senate seat in 2020, asked the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission to drop the lawsuit against Longmont, which had voted to ban the natural gas extraction technique. Colorado sued after the city voted in 2012 to ban fracking.

The former Colorado governor worked out a deal in 2014 to persuade fracking opponents to withdraw two anti-fracking ballot measures in exchange for a dismissal of the lawsuit. Environmentalists have worked for years to nix the widespread use of fracking in the state.

Colorado residents voted in November 2018 to block a measure that would have effectively banned fracking in large chunks of the state. Proposition 112 would have banned new fracking wells within 2,500 feet of homes, businesses, protected areas such as playgrounds and historic sites and other “vulnerable areas.”

Neither Hickenlooper nor Sunrise Movement have responded to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s requests for comment.

39 thoughts on “Enviro Activist Berates Hickenlooper For Once Suing To Prevent A Colorado Town From Banning Fracking

  1. The Hickenlooper confronter looks like another Greta-ite, that is, a know-nothing teenager spouting indoctrinated propaganda.

    I wonder if that sad little kiddee knows where the raw materials and energy came from to make his iPhone or his clothes?
    Or how the food that sustains and energizes his brain’s ignorance is grown and made to useful products he buys at the grocery store?

      • or the machinery that was used to make his glasses.

        or the machinery that was used to make the glasses making machinery.

        or the machinery/equipment that was used by the optometrists to prescribe the correct glasses.

        or the transportation infrastructure that allowed all of the people that made the glasses, machinery, & operators of such to get to the location of the machinery/equipment.

        • Or the handheld another poor young country child operated to video the confrontation in high quality tweetable format. #tweetoo.

        • A short tweet format edition were the only way to bring WUWT near them youngsters with ADHD, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder –

          ( a behavioral condition that makes focusing on everyday requests and routines challenging. People with ADHD typically have trouble getting organized, staying focused, making realistic plans and thinking before acting.)

  2. When will these politicians get the courage to say there is NO CLIMATE CRISIS for Pete sake. When every event that happens is caused by a climate crisis then no event is caused by climate crisis because there isn’t one. Climate change has been happening since the beginning of history. Ice ages and hothouse periods and more ice ages. We were not even thought of back then and yet the climate changed.

    • Don’t wait for Hickenlooper to say it. When an illegal alien that worked in a Hickenlooper restaurant shot and killed police officer Donny Young, Hickenlooper said, “that buck doesn’t stop here.” (I can’t believe it has been 15 years; RIP).

      Hickenlooper is a Demoncrat politician. Maybe not as bad as most as he is a geologist by training, but he is dishonest by nature. Getting caught in a brothel contributed to the breakup of his first marriage.

  3. Hick is a geologist who started in the oil industry. He is a rationalist….. probably too rational to get the nod for the senate candidate.

    • AND Harrison Schmidt was the last man to walk on the moon, a trained Geologist & one of few in any other scientists to wlak on thesurface of it! I’d rather liten to someone like HM as a moonwalker & scientist than a politically motivated money grabber (usually the taxpayers as they have it all!).

      Our UK experience with the politicos is that, when up for election, they are for low taxes/high taxes depending on their ambitions, but when in power this money dissappears as it belongs to the taxpayer, not guvment! Signed, a synical grumpy old man! 😉

    • Jeff L

      It was an ex Oil company geologist turned secondary school teacher who attempted to indoctrinate my daughter with climate change cr@p.

      • Any “ex oil company geologist” who is now working as a school teacher wasn’t very good at finding oil and gas. If you know how to find the stuff they pay u like rock stars 😉

    • Alex

      Young man goes off to university. He returns three years later and says to his pal “Amazing how much my Mum and Dad have learned in just 3 years”.

  4. This is great news. Governor Chicken Pooper is still a died in the wool leftest. Having a disaffected base will help Senator Gardner retain the seat.

      • It’s a sheep ranchers saying, usually in reference to contracted shepherds when they screw up.

        It relates to being irretrievably wasteful & willfully ignorant … relating to sheep that weren’t taken care of properly so they died in the winter, prior to being sheared … not only was the meat wasted, but the wool as well.

        “Governor Chicken Pooper is still a terribly wasteful willfully ignorant leftest (that tows the line).”


    • Surely the lenses too, they haven’t made glass spectacle or sunglass lenses from glass in donkeys’ years! It’s ALL plastic made from evil wicked original sinful Fossil Fuels!!! What was that US comedy movie now, was it “Kentucky Fried Movie”? Where a commentator talks about plastic/madmade stuff, & the sketches show various comical incidents whereby lack of Fossil Fuel products caused all sorts of havoc, including the loss of plastic support systems in a wife’s bra vanished, causing her boobs to suddenly droop, a pacemaker in her husband’s heart vanishes, causing him to fail to react when the plastic compontents in his car’s braking system dissappeared because they didn’t exist causing him crash through his garage wall? It was very amusing, but the poignance of it was lost on this early 20 sumthin boy, & many, many others I dare say!

  5. Climate crisis 😐 “Anti-oil activist” Yet he is using a oil based camera, even his glasses contain oil..

    Why do these people not live like the Amish, instead the rest of us have to change just so they can fulfill some fantasy of perfect weather on earth…

  6. Pleading to be reasonable does not help with those activists. Better to confront them head on and call them for what they are: arrogant, self-righteous and ignorant ideologues not hindered by any real knowledge of what they are talking about and quite happy to sacrifice the freedom and livelihood of others on the altar of their stupidity.

    • Better to take away all their tech toys and everything else that they take for granted, and tell them to spend a full year, winter to winter, living like the pioneers. Then you’ll listen to them – maybe.

      Geezo Pete, do you realize that they think a microwave is going to do their cooking for them if their electricity is cut off? They don’t have a clue. They could not manage a wood-fired cast iron cookstove, any more than I could right now. That’s a huge skill that I would love to pick up.

      The ecohippies take tech for granted along with what runs it. Take that away from them and see how long they last.

    • Ed, I came across this apercu the other day. Don’t know its origin but it seems to fit here::

      Intelligence speaks alone whilst ignorance breeds company.

  7. Hickenlooper may be a Democrat, but he’s smart enough to know that he can’t get elected to the Senate in Colorado if he tries to ban fracking statewide. He’s probably not worried about winning the Democrat primary, since he is already well-known as a Governor.

    Also, since Colorado voters already rejected a measure which would ban fracking in the state, Hickenlooper knows he has most of the voters on his side with this issue, although he allowed a local ban in Longmont to stand.

    If he wants to know what banning fracking can do for him, the activist who confronted Hickenlooper should move to upstate New York, whose governor (Cuomo) has banned fracking and gas pipeline construction, but there is a shortage of natural gas for home heating and power generation. South of the border in Pennsylvania, farmers are getting rich on fracking royalties, but New Yorkers are shivering and can’t even buy gas from PA, due to lack of pipelines!

  8. “How can we trust you to fight for the people in the climate crisis when you continually support oil and gas executives?” Does Jr there know his heat (mom’s basement can get really cold in CO), his car, his cell phone, his lights, and virtually everything he loves and cannot live without depend on oil and gas? Yet he believes that forcing people to live in the cold in the winter, heat in the summer, no cars and no computers or cell phones will get someone elected? Seriously, Jr. there would vote to lose his cell phone and car or public transportation????? I doubt it. Actually, I KNOW he wouldn’t. So as long as adults run the show, he’ll still have his precious oil and gas lifestyle while complaining like an complete fool about how he got that lifestyle.

  9. Then Governor Hickenlooper did not personally sue the City of Longmont, the State of Colorado sued the city for trying to enact local control over a state controlled issue. I was the State of Colorado Supreme Court that struck down the local ban.

  10. There has never been an attempt to drill in the city of Longmont – it was always a green-washing lawsuit. All the drilling around here is to the East where the oil and gas are. I’m guessing that the Niobrara-DJ Basin ends as it gets close to the Rockies, and Longmont is only a few miles from the mountains.


  11. I believe the Niobrara is too shallow under Longmont for fracking production. Temperature is too low and confining pressure too low.

    David Middleton, is that correct?

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