Climate Nags are Trying to Ruin Christmas

From the “Greta the Grinch” department.

By H. Sterling Burnett

For the religious among us, at least those professing to be Christians, Christmas is a time of reflection on the birth of the Savior, signified in hearts by love and wishes of peace and goodwill towards peoples worldwide, and sometimes on lawns and rooftops by manger scenes and large illuminated stars.

Under the best conditions, for Christians and non-Christians alike, the Christmas season is a time of peace, love, and of sharing home, hearth, and meals with family and friends.

For some, it is a time to give back to the community, to help the homeless and provide blankets, coats, and food to those in need, and toys for poor families with children and for the families of our veterans who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice or who are serving far from home.

Yet since the latter part of the twentieth century, Christmas has also become a time of gifts, gifts, gifts and toys, toys, toys — the rampant consumerism that generation after generation complains has come to overshadow the holiday’s true meaning. Despite the complaining, most people seem to participate — some to a joyous degree — in the purchase and exchange-fest Christmas has become. Both givers’ and recipients’ faces light up when the gifts are unwrapped, and we all know retailers love Christmas.

Another Christmas tradition, since televisions have populated nearly every home, is the watching of Christmas specials. Christmas, like no other time of year, is a time to experience love, joy, and nostalgia through the shared watching of television shows viewed year after year. One of the most beloved shared Christmas viewing experience is How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

The story is actually mistitled, because although it details humorous machinations the Grinch goes through to steal Christmas joy from all the Whos in Whoville, Christmas is not stolen. In the end, The Grinch is a tale of redemption, with a message of the healing power of love and salvation, gained through the true understanding of the holiday.

Sadly, climate scolds are attempting to rob people of the joy and hope inherent in Christmas. They are playing the role of the unredeemed Grinch, telling everyone that unless they turn off their Christmas lights, give up their Christmas sweaters, and stop buying and exchanging gifts, the world will end. Climate Grinches proclaim celebrating Christmas is bad for the planet.

It all began on the much feared and anticipated “Black Friday,” when around the world climate protestors attempted to block the entrances of retailers opening their doors to what is traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year. Based on sales figures, most holiday shoppers ignored the protestors.

In Germany, after years of indoctrination by the cult of climate alarmism, a recent survey revealed 57 percent of households that celebrate Christmas expect to reduce their use of Christmas lights, with 11 percent of those surveyed saying they will not use Christmas lights at all this year; another 10 percent said they expect to not use Christmas lights in future years.

Claiming, “We’re in a climate emergency,” various climate websites and institutes admonish Christmas shoppers to consider their “carbon footprint” when travelling and making purchases, directing people to change their holiday behavior to save the planet. Their directives include using public transit or shared rides and to stop online shopping altogether. “[A]ll the packaging and transportation that goes into delivering that gift (next day!) to your doorstep leaves a way bigger carbon footprint than just going to the store yourself.”

And in the United Kingdom, the charity Hubbub warns people to stop buying new Christmas sweaters, ugly or otherwise, as their analysis shows 95 percent of them are made using plastics (most likely plastics made using fossil fuels), with microparticles of these plastics winding up in our oceans and streams as they break down in the wash.

It’s time to tell climate nannies to relax, share the love, and have a cup of good cheer — and most importantly, if they can’t be happy, to leave the rest of us alone, at least for the duration of the Christmas season, so that we can dream our little dreams of hope and love for all the peoples of the world!

H. Sterling Burnett, Ph.D. ( is a senior fellow on energy and the environment at The Heartland Institute, a nonpartisan, nonprofit research center headquartered in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

66 thoughts on “Climate Nags are Trying to Ruin Christmas

    • A semantic revival. Taking back our language one word at a time.

      As for China, carbon credits, social justice adventures et al, these are clear evidence that the environmental prophecies are balls of yarns spun over decades for political, social, economic, and ethical (i.e. quasi-religious) leverage over competing interests.

    • Latitude
      India produces just 1.8T of CO2 per capita compared to the U.S. at 15T per capita and China at 6.4T per capita. India is mot having a gay old time but struggling to supply basic Electricity to Millions without it.

    • There is nothing wrong with CO2 being in the atmosphere and it matters not at which level. China have obviously done their own research and concluded that the planet and all life on it can deal with more higher levels of C02, and plants just love it.
      Gene, over at Maverickstar Reloaded, has built his own C02 detector and the readings show that C02 levels in one’s own home is way higher than it is outside of the home. The more C02 exhalers in the home, the higher the reading. This has been so since humans have gathered in confined spaces and with no ill effects.

  1. I always consider my “Carbon Footprint” This time of year.
    I go shopping in my SUV because it is far more comfortable and safer than a Smart Car and I can travel hundreds of miles without having to stop for hours to charge an EV.
    I have my purchases wrapped in store and delivered on Christmas Eve no matter how small (so the kiddies don’t get nosy)
    I burn the Yule Log in my fireplace for that warm cozy feeling and to have the sounds of popping chestnuts.
    Any other suggestions for ways to enrich the CO2 levels?

    • Tonight I have 2 long burners going and a wood stove that the outlaws are cooking on, tomoz I shall walk the outlaws in my woods were I harvest and replant what I take.

      A merry Christmas to one and all on watts up with that.

    • Burgers on grill. Is it OK, I Mean approved, to grill twice in seven days? Ha ha,. Merry Christmas . Charcoal of course.

    • It’s unseasonably warm, and the grand-daughters are demanding a Christmas Eve bonfire. I plan on burning about 5 or 6 of the crap-tastic white spruce that someone once planted on the back of my property. It should be visible from about 30,000 feet for anyone flying over. In order to deconstruct them and move them to the fire pit I’ll use my trusty Stihl 420, and my old Case, for a light utility tractor that 48 horse diesel is a beast. Today we produce plenty of CO2 to share with our plant-friends

    • I know of a relatively new university/government funded addition with three parking spaces, one handicapped, one fuel efficient, one usually with a student’s (I presume) big pickup. The other two usually empty, if I was younger and meaner I’d show up with several people and park my SUV in the fuel efficient spot and if anyone complained have proof that I was the most efficient of all since they have no understanding of thermodynamics. But it’s Christmas season and that wouldn’t be very nice, which we try to preserve, and thanks for the post. Joyeux Noël.

    • Any other suggestions for ways to enrich the CO2 levels?

      Bryan A,

      Bake a lot of bread, cakes and cookies ……. and “pop” the tops on your favorite carbonated drinks.

    • Do not even think of synthetic furs. Stick with natural ones.
      (Or not? Which is worse? A true progressive would freeze.)

      • Indeed. I recall reading a piece by the BBC Moscow correspondent what, near 40 years ago.
        He had got permission to go to Siberia in the winter. He and the rest of the crew had the latest western cold weather gear. The local guide had furs. They were very cold. The guide was toasty warm.
        My wife and I both have ushankas though my wife’s is silver fox and mine was a lot cheaper (!) They are great but it is just not cold enough here in the UK…

  2. And here all these years I thought the Holiday was all about skiing in the epic Sierra powder and all the wonderful things that are needed to make that happen, gas guzzling SUVs, gas powered snowblowers, good working fireplaces, plenty of firewood, electric blankets, oil byproduct clothing, plastic based equipment, electric powered lifts, what’s not to like. Oh yeah and plastic passes that can be renewed year after year so we don’t clutter the environment with left overs of these year in and year out. Wouldn’t want to be targeted by some save-the-world nanny.

  3. No cutbacks here. Everyone has holiday lights of all sorts. Can’t find a parking space at many shopping centers (knew I should have bought more shares in retail stores. This quarter’s profits will be huge), traffic is horrendous (but polite), and judging by all the empty boxes at the curb waiting for trash pick-up, online sales must be booming.

    Seriously, Amazon, UPS, USPS, Fedex, and other delivery vehicles seem to live on our street. And this was a joy to behold: I was at Publix today (12/24), and there were lines at the deli to buy meat and cheese – produce department (veggies), not so much.

    Oh, and we do it for the children. I wonder how many of them are ready to give up Christmas? Seems like that should be one of Greta’s demands.

  4. From the article: “It’s time to tell climate nannies to relax, share the love, and have a cup of good cheer”

    The only time the nannies are cheerful is when they are in total control of other people’s lives. Absent that, they are constantly stressed out.

  5. I guess if one is on the bad list…
    These days one cannot get a lump of coal… How environmentally incorrect!
    Maybe a jabbering Greta doll?

      • think the electronics would be a no go … perhaps just the doll with a scowl and evil eye sewn on and stuffed with real bull stuff to have the constant aroma to ruin any fun and remind you not to have any.

        Merry Christmas one and all!

  6. My neighbors have enough Christmas lights going to show up on a satellite photo, so I don’t need to get on a ladder (which I do not wish to do) and string lights on my house.

    Otherwise, the climate mopes can just leave my holiday alone!!!!

  7. Merry Christmas to all you wonderful folks around the world who come together on WUWT to share knowledge and opinions. 😎

    • …and live by the truth, genuine scientific research, and pure logic! It may be slow to catch on with some stupid people, but reality will win in the end.

  8. Tesco yesterday was Packed solid, smyths toy store was also very very busy, asda, even my local high street was very busy… It seems people love life and do not care about the hypocrite greens and their queen great!!

  9. You know they think they are losing when the have to use children to voice the message. What with all the climate tax protests this year I think 2020 will bode well for our side.

  10. … the packaging and transportation that goes into delivering that gift (next day!) to your doorstep leaves a way bigger carbon footprint than just going to the store yourself.

    I wonder if that’s true. If I drive to the mall, that’s a 11 km round trip. On the other hand, the delivery person probably drives around one km between deliveries. To my mind, that sounds like getting stuff delivered saves about 10 km. Multiply that by 80 deliveries for each delivery driver, that sounds like a lot fewer cars on the road.

  11. To, Anthony, Charles, Eric, and the many other regular contributors; thanks you for being a beacon of rational thought and hope in the current madness and deceit of the “climate crisis”.

    Merry Christmas and a Hppy New Year to all at WUWT.

  12. To all participants on WUWT,
    May the joys of Christmas resided in your hearts all year long! Peace on earth and good will to man…. yes,
    even Loydo, Griff, and Mosher! Merry Christmas, to One and All!

  13. We bought an artificial tree 20yrs ago and not every year as the mood takes people today to match their colour scheme or lifestyle and those that complain are those that take holidays abroad on planes 2/3/4 times a year. If everyone stops using plastic I for instance landfills would spill over and so we need common sense not this bandwagon that will make businesses millions ….and leave everyone in the same boat …Please have a Merry Christmas …..🎅🏼

  14. Tell all of the climate nags to get rid of their dogs and cats who waste more human resources, world food supplies, and add immensely to our CO2 problems. They’ll allow people to be culled but not their precious pets. Oh; and Merry Christmas.

    • excuse me! our pets eat the waste from OUR food processing and the grains that are downgraded to stockfeed, no one grows animals or grains FOR pet use.
      they take nothing extra we didnt already produce ! but would be wasted otherwise as we con’t use it

      and one of mine just missed being killed by a tiger snake tonight xmas evening
      I got the snake! wont be biting anything ever again
      last dec one other got bit and cost me near 5k to save
      the vets sure had a merrier xmas last year at my expense;-(

  15. The climate grinches want us to give up Christmas celebrations so their leadership from all over the world can fly by the thousands to their conference every year. Why would anyone even think of cutting back (when the warmunists who have the biggest personal carbon footprints in the world) just keep increasing theirs.

  16. What’s the bet Greta is one of the GJW’s (grinchy justice worrierers) happy to cancel Zwarte Piet, because of the colour of his skin – rather than his culture or character?

  17. Here’s what anyone who would like to see or take part in a rational debate is up against:
    Notice the pitying smirks of the brainwashed, the bias of the BBC , and the belief in ‘99% of scientists’- and the way that any dissenting view expressed by Piers Corbyn is simply ignored.

  18. “For the religious among us, at least those professing to be Christians, Christmas is a time of reflection on the birth of the Savior, signified in hearts by love and wishes of peace and goodwill towards peoples worldwide, and sometimes on lawns and rooftops by manger scenes and large illuminated stars.”
    You cobbled together some words, they just seem to be out of order.
    Sometimes, you just have to hit the delete button and start over.

  19. Merry Christmas to all!

    As for the war on Christmas, perhaps it finally is winding down. Donald Trump has announced that we are free to say “merry Christmas” again—we elected him president, you see, so forth we go. Generalissimo O’Reilly, meanwhile, has declared victory. How long until the provincial wings are brought in line with their commanders we cannot be sure. But this much we do know: the only thing worse than those who commercialize Christmas are those who politicize it.

  20. Thank you, Anthony Watts, for being a witness to what is, a Christian tradition. There is no denying the birth of Christ.

    I find it amazing, even the unrepentant, follows this tradition. This speaks to the witness, within. Without the birth, there is no hope. There is hope.

    Be cheerful and share the hope that lay within you.

  21. Christmas?
    These Nags and Scolds are trying to to ruin the most comfortable civilization man has ever created.
    We live in luxury and wealth our grandparents could only dream of,with no human slaves,but this is somehow “evil” in the eyes of these self hating poseurs.
    Maybe the proper response to haters of cheap,clean reliable a pocket flame thrower?
    Merry Christmas.

  22. Lovely cartoon.

    The best thing, is that I have have seen the “How Dare You!” meme mockingly used across the interwebs in a variety of completely unrelated circumstances. Saint Greta of Thunberg’s speech is turning out to be the greatest own-goal the global warmers have ever scored.

  23. “A majority of Germans said that because of environmental concerns, they would consider taking down their Christmas lights.”

    Sounds like one of those classic “woulda, coulda, shoulda, mighta” answers that most people will give an annoying pollster when accosted during a Christmas shopping trip and prompted by very leading questions to make them feel guilty in public. The same people polled will also agree that it is a very good idea to do something to save the kittens, puppies, poley bears, and starving foreigners. Until, that is, you ask them to get out their cheque book.


    “The poll conducted by YouGov…”

    . So who pays a British polling organisation to go and poll Germans and guilt them about their Christmas habits? I smell a Greenpeace or some equally unsavory organisation.

    Further, there’s no shortage of Turkish Muslims in Germany, who probably don’t go overboard on Christmas decorations.

  24. Greta, the angry Emoji of Global Warming, who missed out on school because of the brainwashing given by over indulgent parents. Her mask is slipping and the PR is getting sloppy. Her borrowed Tesla was stuffed to the gills with supermarket produce and all manner of plastics. See it and gloat on youtube. Also her photo op on a recent train journey backfired after it was pointed out the German train operator provided her and her entourage with free tickets for first class.
    The fraud continues

  25. Why the UN doesn’t demand new taxes on CO2 emissions from Father Christmas reindeers ? Quick, a petition…
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all WUWT.

  26. Merry Xmas and a truly Happy New Year to Anthony Charles sunmod and the others who give us a bright spot of sanity in this crazy world, and all the other readers here,
    cheers Laurel

  27. The BBC News has really gone to town on Climate change over Christmas. You would think they would have the decency to let people have a doom free Christmas. *%^$£

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