No seat! Climate Brat Greta Thunberg Learns the Hard Way Why Many People Prefer to Fly

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Deutsche Bahn apologised for allegedly making Greta Thunberg sit on the floor for part of her journey, while travelling on an overcrowded train in Germany.

Greta Thunberg in first-class Twitter spat with German rail firm

Deutsche Bahn says activist’s tweet implied she had not been offered a seat on journey home

Kate Connolly in Berlin
Mon 16 Dec 2019 05.51 AEDT

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has been criticised by a German rail firm for what it said was her implication that she had spent a journey without a seat on an overcrowded train.

The teenager tweeted a photograph of herself looking pensively out of the window of her German train on Saturday, writing: “Traveling (sic) on overcrowded trains through Germany. And I’m finally on my way home.”

Greta travelled by train from the COP25 UN climate conference in Madrid via a climate protest in Turin, Italy, on Friday. She is due home in Stockholm to celebrate Christmas with her family after a year travelling the world by rail, sea and road to highlight the threat of global heating.

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Greta later clarified her position, by suggesting she never said there was a problem, because overcrowding shows how popular trains are.

It could have been worse. If Greta was attempting to travel through France, they’re all on strike, though there has been some talk of interrupting the strike during the Christmas holiday period.

And if Greta was attempting to travel long distance by train in Britain, my personal experience there’s a good chance she would have been sitting in a puddle.

At least that German train floor looks clean.

Update (EW): Some people have suggested Greta travelling on the floor was a publicity stunt, perhaps there was a seat available.

148 thoughts on “No seat! Climate Brat Greta Thunberg Learns the Hard Way Why Many People Prefer to Fly

    • Update (EW): Some people have suggested Greta travelling on the floor was a publicity stunt, perhaps there was a seat available. – article

      Yeah, another attention-seeking behavior posted online to get sympathy. No sympathy from me. I took commuter rails daily to and from work and if there were no seats, you stood in the aisles.

      What a load of baloney this teen is promoting. “Oh, pity me!! (I have a 1st class ticket, but I have to make a statement.)

      Anyone wonder just how long she sat there? Yeah, me, neither.

      • Corbyn tried a similar trick in the UK, but got found out when photos showed there were empty seats available.

      • In a different article on this subject it was revealed that the Lying Loony Limo Liberal Loser had a first class seat and yet staged the floor photo op.

      • I would vote for staged, publicity stunt, particularly as she was offered a first class ticket.

        If I remember correctly, Germans limits the amount of luggage that can be carried on to a train, similar to an airplane.

        There is limited storage on the train and they do not want people dragging piles of luggage through the train.

  1. Looks very overcrowded. All those people standing there, crammed in a small space…
    Oh wait….

    She was offered a 1st class seat.
    Little brat.

  2. Greta Kardashian will do whatever it takes to keep the media talking about her.

    Because – “if there’s one thing worse than people talking about you, it’s people NOT talking about you”

  3. Does overcrowding in public hospitals also show how popular they are?

    Maybe it’s just a service that is offered below cost to the user and subsidized by OPM so there’s no incentive to offer a bed or seat?
    Doesn’t matter whether it is train, plain, bus seat or a hospital bed.

    To be clear, 140-160 million Americans are quite happy with their medical coverage from the jobs, both for union collective bargaining delivered coverage and non-union employees. The actual health care is delivered by private networks of hospitals competing for those coverage contracts. Competition works. Never doubt that.

    If I want a guaranteed seat on a commercial airplane from Phoenix to Stockholm, I simply would pay for it. I have multiple carriers and multiple classes of service to choose from. Each competing for my money.

    Greta apparently wants equal misery for all. AKA, socialism.

    • The train was overcrowded because an earlier service was cancelled. Surely you have flown enough to know a seat on a plane leaving when scheduled isn’t guaranteed at all.

      • I’ve never sat on the floor of a commercial plane which I have a booked seat.
        Have you?

        Greta’s train is paid for with huge OPM subsidies in Europe. Like Wind and Solar power. They will provide it when they can. And when they can’t ???????

        Sitting on the floor of a 10-hour train ride sucks.
        Sitting in the cold, dark of a 14 hour cold winter’s night, night-after-night because green OPM failed to provide enough electricity from “Green energy” can be deadly.

      • Oh dear! Seats on aircraft are allocated, esp at the pointy end, just in case they have to scrape your remains form a seat. You will then be identified by the passenger list. Trains are a bit different.

        • Not quite. The allocated seats on most flights will be helpful in such situations, but you leave the impression that this is a requirement. As a fan and frequent user of Southwest Airlines, where seats are not allocated, I know this isn’t the case. Not to mention, I have been on other carriers, and if not full, often choose to sit other than my assigned seat.

          • That might be true in the US, certainly was when I flew L.A. To New York in 2003 but not all countries and carriers permit that, for instance the UK, Belgium, New Zealand and Australia in my experience.

        • Um. If all the French trains are cancelled, how did St Greta travel from Spain to Italy? France seems to be in the way.

      • Duker, have you ever been on a plane where you had to sit on the floor because all the seats were filled? didn’t think so.

      • Ha, you beat me to it. I wanted to suggest she catch some Indian trains, but on second thoughts I wouldn’t even think of it for her. They are hard.

    • Maybe, if she just said ”crowded” instead of ”overcrowded”
      She seems to say a lot of things she doesn’t actually mean.

      • Well, the ’against wall’ thing was probably not about butchering but just discutering. The Swedes don’t like executing people. They lost their last war 210 years ago. Got rid of their king, and acquired a new French one.

        The winner in that war continues being troublesome and while they don’ t have a cezar any more, their president behaves like bloodthirsty one. Known also by the left as the man behind Trump, and by the right the man who bribed Hillary to get uranium. We Europeans tend to call him the pompouse dictator with a military budget exceeding his gross personal product.

    • I would hope that you and your family never use ssi, medicare, medicade, liheap, hud (which helps house elderly and disabled), tanf (child care assistance, the emergency food and shelter program, job corps, foster care title IVE, adoption assistance title IVE, community health centers, child care food program, etc. etc. etc. I mean seeing as how those are all socialist programs it would kind of make you a p.o.s. hypocrite if you or your family ever used them.

  4. She has an awful lot of luggage, but that twitter pic has the look of being staged (a bit like Corbyn’s fiasco a couple of years ago).

    In my young days it was considered the height of bad manners for a young person to occupy a seat if adults were standing.

    • When I was 15 ,I’m 58 now,I sat behind one of my idols Frank Gifford and his wife Kathy ,not an idol.They were traveling to LA,by plane, for Monday Night Football.Thruogh some small talk I found out that they were going to be there for the game and fly out the next day.So fast forward to baggage claim and there they are waiting at the carousel collecting their bags.Frank had 1 bag that looked like he had owned it since college.Kathy on the other hand had no further than 16 bags.Let me say that again,16 BAGS for A ONE night stay.I was dumbfounded.All I could think of was this woman couldn’t figure out what to wear for diner so she brought half of her wardrobe with her.
      On the other end of the spectrum my best friend from HS traveled the world for 2 years out of a small backpack he ust to use to carry his school books in.
      So 6 bags for a 6 month journey isn’t all that bad,I’d say it was about average, I just don’t want to be the one to wash all that dirty laundry.
      And of course they are derived from fossil fuels. Sustainable materials cost to much ie leather and cotton and are not as durable. So help this climate warrior out and buy her some Louis Vuitton luggage so she can properly virtue signal the world.

  5. “though there has been some talk of interrupting the strike during the Christmas holiday period.”

    The train unions have their credibility on the line on how much pressure they put to stop Macron. They will not back down easily.

    On the other hand, train workers have families and want to be able to do a Christmas dinner too!

      • “Les syndicalistes ont tellement l’habitude de ne rien faire que lorsqu’ils font grève, ils appellent ça une journée d’action”

        Union members are so used to never do anything, when they go on strike, they call that a day of action.

  6. Greta was caught out telling porkies. She did have a first class seat and was even given celebrity passenger treatment. Has Greta managed to derail the Thunberg express?

  7. Come on, she’s an angst ridden teenage girl. Where else would you find her but sitting on a floor, no doubt singing sotto voce in the hope that someone will notice her unbearable suffering.

    • A picture is worth a thousand words.

      I’m very surprised most of these comments are 1st person perception.

      She just crossed the Atlantic Ocean, attended the COP mess, stopped, as invited, to several Countries, and is finally headed home for the Holidays.

      The snapshot is reflective staging or simply a moment captured in time after a long journey. Who took the photo?

      Greta is the posterchild for ClimatePhobia. This is the takeaway!

  8. The issue was in the morning new in German TV today.

    That is how rich spoiled kids wanting to be in the limelight are.
    My parent were not particular poor either, but despite that, we could always adapt to any situation and be thankfully friendly to others. I would wish for her to think about President Trump’s words trying to chill a bit and enjoy her privileged high society circumstances.

    Apart from that, have a nice Christmas Greta, and you do not need to feel bad about the petroleum based presents you may receive and give. The presents may be good for the soul, but will not change the weather in Stockholm one bit. – Ha en bra Jul

  9. The railway company say that she had a first class seat which used, except for two occasions when she went and sat on the floor outside of first class and had her photograph taken.

  10. For someone who claims to be woke, and cares deeply for the environment – she has an awful lot of luggage. And where are all these people filling the seats so she had to sit on the floor? I don’t even see any seats in that picture, even occupied ones. My money is it’s just another stunt to impress the lemmings.

  11. As someone who has traveled on plenty of overcrowded trains in Germany, including sitting on the train floor on the very line she was on, I’m going to believe her that it was overcrowded. The train personnel probably recognized her as a VIP midway and upgraded her to 1st class.

  12. I have just got back from Austria by air, but often travel by train within the continent, once there. It is generally a very pleasant experience and more interesting than a plane. Clearly there are times when it is much easier, quicker or cheaper to fly.

    One big problem with trains is that the journey is often convoluted if you want to travel long distances and the route needs some working out and often becomes expensive and extended.

    So both forms of transport have their merit and Greta was obviously making a point in much the same way as the unlamented Corbyn sat on the floor of a Train here in the UK to make a political point even when seats were available.

    I don’t get your point about long distance train travel in the UK Eric. You would reserve a seat in advance. I have never sat on the floor in a puddle.


    • “You would reserve a seat in advance.”
      You obviously aren’t Jeremy Corbyn who staged a similar stunt.

    • I haven’t traveled Deutche Bahn since the early 80s when I was stationed in Bad Kissingen. It was always very nice and clean, pleasant rides.

    • I travelled extensively across Europe on a 1 month interrail card. The art was finding overnight couchettes that took you somewhere completely different without having to find a room for the night. But some trains definitely got overcrowded, standing in the corridors only for many hours, particularly in Italy. Not a problem in Germany though.

  13. Attention seeking diva.

    Anyone still trying to claim that she has any kind of mental disorder. All this attention seeking really shows how uncomfortable she is and how she wants to isolate herself. all this travelling around the world absolutely screams of someone who needs things to continuously to be in order to stop them from panicing.

    she has a disorder like i have 8 legs.

  14. GT is of a generation that has never had to go without ANYTHING. I grew up without electricity sometimes, not because of environmental issues, no, it was striking coal miners and power workers. I grew up when so many “workers” went on strike the country almost went bankrupt. When I was young, I used to watch the 747’s stream across the skies over south east England and wondered what it looked like from within the cabin, actually seeing the condtrails. I saw this while flying from LA to NY in 2003. And now we have 16 years olds telling us it’s OK to “go without”. Greta, please, go without or go away!

    • The Bundesbahn made a point of the fact that they purchase only “renewable” electricity. Perhaps that’s why their trains are less reliable these days.

  15. First class 😐 I am actually sick and tired of reading about this vile spoilt girl! She is repetitive, boring, uneducated and has yet to state one single fact about the weather climate…

    First she has multi million pound yachts take her to the usa and back to spain, then a fossil fuel made EV drives her around! Five flights back to europe and four or five back to the usa for the first boats crew, then one flight for her second boat trip, now she has the cheek to complain about a packed train 😡 I truly wish the media would grow tired of her and destroy her “climate scam”…. And trains are made/maintained by fossil fuel products and energy, maybe she should have stayed in school and got a education.

  16. Does anybody know who paid for Greta travelling around the world?

    I know some of the travel was offered for free (yachts, cars), but who paid for the flights used by the crews to get them to where the yachts were?

    How did her entourage, minders, parents get to and from all these places and who paid? Her parents are quite wealthy but surely not wealthy enough to indulge their daughters’ fantasies?

    Who sponsored her?

    • Redge

      I have been wanting to know the same thing, firstly her parents don’t work so how have they got money? Her dad was supposedly on the trip with her, so that shows he has no job, her mother quit working due to co2 or something along those lines..

      I would like to know how much money the greta clan has made and like yourself, who pays for the travel, food, clothing, hotels, train tickets etc etc

      • Her parents are wealthy enough to have paid for the trips. She is an opera singer and he is an actor. Her mothers’ career has been more successful than Greta’s father. Both are activists.

        But since when do activists spend their own money when there are enough wealthier doners prepared to bankroll this sort of thing?

  17. Fact of the matter is, that she and her group had been travelling in first class.And in first class everyone is guaranteed a seat. DB railways have proof in their ticket system. Her handlers ought to be a bit more careful when crafting and sending messages

  18. “overcrowded” means that depopulation program is not working as efficient as intended.
    It is time to start putting the deplorables against the wall.
    What holds them back is lack of progress in CO2 neutral guns.

  19. Q How rotten is this little grub?

    A1 Not quite as rotten as her parents who should never have been allowed to breed and/or
    A2 Nowhere near as rotten as her minders – the Club of Rome.

    • Electricity in Germany is a mix. At times they also import coal and nuclear generated electricity from neighboring countries. Within the borders they have nuclear (slowly closing), coal and NG from Russia. On top of this complexity, the have wind and solar export/import through HVDC via Denmark to Norwegian hydro. Then there is the problem of getting the power from northern Germany to southern Germany where the big industry live.
      They probably have some coal fired steam locomotives on museums and elsewhere if their electricity grid goes down – no problem.

  20. With apologies to Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd-Webber:

    Oh what a circus,
    Oh what a show.
    The world’s gone crazy over the words of an actress named Greta Thunberg.
    We’ve all gone crazy, striking all day and crying all night
    Just to get the misery right

    Oh what a farce, that’s how to go
    First class on a train
    and then sit on the floor
    demand to travel like Ms Thunberg.

    But who is this Santa Greta ?
    Why all this howling, hysterical cheering?
    What kind of goddess lives among us?
    How can we get by without her?

    She had her moments (How dare you?), she had her fans
    The best show in town was XR outside COP25
    crying “5 more years”
    But that’s all gone now
    well until Glasgow next year

  21. The first lesson of political indoctrination is: never let the truth get in the way of your political agenda.

  22. With Joe Ebeni’s comment above, I came to think:
    Would it not have saved more energy if GT had used train and Greyhound bus, instead of the battery car from Arnold? – Hm, forgot she may not be comfortable with all those common people around her in the bus.

  23. It wasn’t really ‘overcrowded’.

    She just used the literal translation from Swedish and didn’t realise it has a different meaning in English.

  24. Greta Tintin is just preparing us to the near future where her wishes have come true. After the last plane and the last motor car have been eliminated, she will miss the 6 square meter space at the overcrowded DB. Bollywood explains it all her

    Video not relevant to WUWT. Any videos submitted are viewed by the mods prior to approval. Please don’t waste our time with irrelevant or inappropriate material! MOD

  25. She’s a healthy young teen, why did she have to sit down? I commute now as a middle aged lady and even I can stand on a moving train or bus for at least half an hour.

  26. I recall being in Italy on business in the 70’s – bought a first class ticket from Bologna to Milan – and had a first class STAND in the corridor for the 2-hour journey – no seats available. Showed my ticket to the conductor – who did that (typically Gallic) shrug….

    Welcome to the real world, Greta….

    • Same thing happened to family members traveling in France/Switzerland a year ago, because of a cancellation the reserved seat became moot.

  27. A 16 yr old Aussie girl traveled around the world by yacht solo. Used the sweat from her own brow. Gret bitches about first class seating on German trains using staged photographs.

    Judge not by words, but deeds.

    • Yes, land rising because those neanderthals 20,000 years ago melted all the ice, when driving around in their fossil fuel powered Flintstone cars.

      • Sorry Carl Friis-Hansen but that’s a damn lie. Flinstone cars used renewable foot power, not fossil fuels. 😉

  28. My daughter traveled around the world for 2 years and did not have nearly as much luggage. Who does Greta think she is?

  29. Maybe if we just ignore her, whe will go away. She does not deserve the attention or the acclaim she has been given.

  30. Riff on kids. Be proud of your work on this page . . Love that you’re getting kicks from abusing a 16 year old whose only crime is that she’s acting according to her beliefs (right or wrong) – much like the rest of us. . . With every word we reveal who we are . . .

    • Jim hogg

      So we should respect a girl who lies, and causes mass anxiety among young children? She has made children miss days of school, all while she travels all over the usa/canada and europe on yachts, trains and tesla cars 😐

      She isn’t following her beliefs as she isn’t educated in weather sciences or any other sciences, she is following a lie a scam.

    • Sure thing Jim Hogg,I too am proudly supporting child abuse and the cruel usage of a teenage Retard.
      Sorry make that a Teenage very special person,climate expert and future seer.
      Greta’s 15 minutes are over and once again have revealed the callous cruel nature of the Cult of Calamitous Climate.
      Any organization that uses children in this way,has zero chance of gaining any credibility with me.

  31. How many coal or natural gas molecules had to DIE to produce the electricity that keeps the servers running that host Twitter so Greta could send out her tweet to her many followers around the globe?

    No, seriously, if global warming due to fossil fuels is so important, why is it necessary to increase the load on the electrical grid so people know you are sitting on the floor of a train?

  32. Beats an eco friendly ox cart.

    Who took the picture. She is handled by adults and that is where the blame should be.

    • Checking the DB web site, you are asked to reserve a seat BEFORE they collect payment and there’s no additional fee for first class. So if she got parked in the aisle its the fault of the berk who booked the tickets…. or personal choice….

  33. Here we go again! What will be the next media piece about this nice girl? Her triumphant entry in Stockholm, perhaps being received by King Gustav and Queen Silvia themselves? Her celebrated return to the school she hasn’t gone to since the end of the last school year? Her next historic speech at some world stage? Please, it’s high time that the media leave her alone with her opportunistic and unscrupulous handlers (beginning with her parents). Despite them, she is entitled to the “normal” life of a teenager with all her troubles, challenges, duties and responsibilities. Perhaps facing them will help her to mature and become a “normal” adult.

  34. Imagine a world where everyone but the 1% travels the same way, if at all. That’s the goal of Sustainable Defilement, wrapped up in a pretty green package to fool the gullible, while scaring them into losing their minds as Greta has. An army of freaked out useful idiots. The shocking opening ceremony of the Gotthard tunnel, just weeks before Donald Trump gained control of the WH, more-than-hints at the Agenda…
    BBC’s take:

  35. Jeez…

    When I was 14, and my brother close, we went from Oakland CA to NYC NY by Amtrak to visit an old, crazy aunt. 71 hours. Very often I too was on the floor, sprawled out as the other passengers were willing to tolerate. I could color my coloring books, or read Mad magazine again, and again. Or talk with my bro. Or solve puzzles. It was way better than sitting in a seat.

    So what was her complaint, exactly?

    That she got to sprawl out in FIRST class, on a clean-looking (tho’ it wouldn’t have mattered to me or my bro) floor, on a temperature-controlled train, which she didn’t need to drive or advise? Ah, er… seems pretty cozy to me.

    Just Saying,
    -= GoatGuy ✓ =-

  36. Yea. I’ve been traveling in Germany by train at least once a year for the past 9 years. That train wasn’t so crowded she couldn’t get a seat. If it were, there would have been a bunch of people in that area. That’s the passageway right next to the doors and when a train is packed, that’s where most of the overflow hangs out and there would have been a bunch of luggage stashed there, not just the little pile she’s sitting on in the picture.

    Also, if you pay a couple of extra Euros, you can reserve a seat even in 2nd Class. I’ve never ridden First class so I don’t know how that works, but I’d assume you’d automatically have a reserved seat there.

    That was definitely staged.

    • Yea. I’ve been traveling in Germany by train at least once a year for the past 9 years. That train wasn’t so crowded she couldn’t get a seat. If it were, there would have been a bunch of people in that area.

      You mean like the guy sat on his suitcase in the corridor and the other people stood there?Phil.

  37. She’s got a ticket to ride
    But she don’t care

    I don’t know why she’s ridin’ so high
    She ought to think twice
    She ought to do right by me
    Before she gets to saying goodbye
    She ought to think twice
    She ought to do right by me
    She said that carbon O2
    Is bringing her down, yeah
    But she would never be free
    When COP was around
    Ah, she’s got a ticket to ride…

  38. How did she get from Spain to Germany without going through France?

    Some trains are running in France but not many.

    Strange she seems to have just bypassed it all?

    • She went from Spain to Italy via France, and then I think via Switzerland to Germany. Basel was on her route from Turin to Hamburg.

  39. “Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has been criticised by a German rail firm for what it said was her implication that she had spent a journey without a seat on an overcrowded train.”

    Imagine what it will be like when trains are the only fast transport method over the oceans… At least she will not be one of the people suffering mal de mer.

  40. Rail as eco is as honest as all other eco information. Think of the energy used in producing thousands of miles of track and wiring compared to that of a runway. Much of the track is not even used more than once a week.

    • The tracks, the rocks that needs to be extracted, moved and installed; the concrete.

      The bridges, the tunnels.

      Air travel is probably much more enviro friendly.

  41. She should have mentioned the 5 pieces of luggage that she carried on board. Obviously travelling light is not a requirement for a low carbon lifestyle.

  42. Just off topic a little. Is there any way to find out how many gallons of diesel that Greta yacht bought at various ports on its round trip across the Atlantic?

  43. The train that Greta rode was probably pulled by either a diesel or electric locomotive. Even if it was an electric locomotive, the electricity to power it was generated by burning coal (Evil Fossil Fuel) or natural gas (Less Evil Fossil Fuel), since Germany shut down their nuclear power plants. How dare you, Greta?

    From the point of view of emissions, it would be helpful if the train was crowded. A train full of people doesn’t consume much more energy than an empty train, so that the energy consumed (and CO2 emissions) per passenger is less for a crowded train than for a train with a few people on board. Be happy for your crowded train, Greta! For nearly the same emissions, lots of people benefited from the ride, not only you!

  44. A long time ago, I took a train from Southern France to Frankfurt. I got to try and sleep on a train that day. I ended up in about the same place she is right now. Sitting against a bulkhead in the companionway reading book because I didn’t want to disturb my bunk mates..

  45. She is alone in the photo.

    In a crowded train, many people would be visible. Yes, German trains area sometimes crowded. But it looks totally different.

    She is a liar.

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