Is fragile masculinity the biggest obstacle to climate action?

From The ABC

Opinion By Megan MacKenzie Sat at 1:00pm

Growing up in Moose Jaw, Canada, it never occurred to me that some people didn’t know what truck nuts were.

For all you city-slickers, truck nuts (or truck nutz, depending on your preferred provider) are crafted testicles designed to hang from the back of your truck. You’re welcome.

What’s the link between Australia’s politicians, truck nuts and big bush fires?

A white suv with fake scrotum hanging from the tow bar

Photo Trucknuts


The answer to this question might be the key to overcoming the global climate crisis, so buckle up.

Trucks and fast cars have long been understood as symbols of wealth and masculinity. Truck nuts just added a ball-shaped exclamation point to this statement.

But driving a big truck has been used to convey more than manhood.

There’s a history of people coal rollin’ or retro-fitting trucks so they burn more diesel and produce heavy plumes of black smoke.

Consuming fuel and producing smoke are a way to both signal hyper-masculinity and an open distain for environmental concerns. A smoky middle finger to environmentalists, if you will.

There are entire Instagram pages dedicated to coal rollin’, with some drivers making a sport out of blasting smoke at bikers, protesters, Asian-made cars (called “rice-burners”), unsuspecting female pedestrians and hybrid cars.

Here’s where truck nuts and coal rollin’ become helpful in understanding why (mostly white male) political leaders like Trump, ScoMo and Albo champion fossil fuel extraction even as the country literally burns and in the face of overwhelming science regarding the climate crisis.

Put simply, fragile masculinity might be the biggest obstacle to real climate action. Masculinity has been associated with fossil fuel consumption, extraction, and burning for decades.

Who are our biggest climate deniers?

Cara Daggett uses the concept of “petro-masculinity” to describe the ways that fossil fuel extraction has historically been used to fuel western development and provide world leaders with power and a sense of manliness.

Leaving fossil fuels in the ground symbolises a loss of power and money. Some male leaders see real climate action as a threat to power and to profit, through extraction and exploitation of the environment.

Male resistance to climate action has bipartisan support. Any hope that the Labor party might offer climate policy alternatives the Liberals went up in smoke in the past few months as Anthony Albanese announced he doesn’t want to phase out coal.

Researchers in Norway also found what they call a “cool dude effect” when it comes to climate change.

'Climate change isn't real' art

Photo ‘I don’t believe in global warming’ art.


They show that white conservative men, especially those that think they understand the science of climate change, are the biggest climate deniers and the least likely to be moved by further research.

There are multiple examples of ‘cool climate dudes’ and petro-masculinity, including “right wingers…going crazy about meat”, by embracing diets called “the carnivore” or “the caveman” at the same time that vegans are belittled as “soyboys” and “beta males”.

Animal agriculture is the second largest contributor to human-made greenhouse gas emissions and researchers says plant-based diets are best for the environment and for our health.

Yet, a recent Twitter poll had 45 per cent men report that their biggest barrier to a vegan diet was social stigma.

In her incredible article, Victoria Galiardo-Silver concludes, “fragile masculinity says meat is manly”.

This researcher is united in the conclusion that white conservative men have been the ones with the most power in western countries and they have the most to lose by efforts to change long standing practices and structures, including those associated with the environment.

We must shift the way we see world leaders responding to the climate crisis. They are not ill-informed or ignorant, they are just fragile and anxious. We can help them recover.

Full article here

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John Tillman
December 15, 2019 6:10 pm

And yet the CACA most spewers are gamma “males”, like Mickey and Gavin.

Al Miller
December 15, 2019 6:21 pm

I’m a white guy who used to drink the global warming kook aid- but I stopped when I saw how the establishment was telling lie after lie about “climate “ Nice try Megan- trying to make a racist attack on me won’t make climategate disappear. Nor will it make CO2 become pollution rather than a trace life giving gas.

Reply to  Al Miller
December 16, 2019 3:41 am


old : ageist
white : racist
men : sexist

Why is this offensive language and behaviour accepted by the SJW thought police, where are they when you need them?

They are not ill-informed or ignorant, they are just fragile and anxious. We can help them recover.

Yeah, right, all we really need is a big hug from some arrogant condescending racist feminist bitch to make us feel better and we’ll stop being alpha males and roll over on our back and drink soy “milk” from a baby bottle.

Best not let on that this is feminist dominance, otherwise it might not work. Oops , too late.

Robert Beckman
Reply to  Greg
December 17, 2019 2:34 am

Well if she’s “hot” it at least has a plausible chance, doesn’t it?

Reply to  Robert Beckman
December 17, 2019 4:03 am

How many “hot” anti-white, man-hating feminists have you met?

December 15, 2019 6:30 pm

If you don’t have any real arguments you can shut down the opposition with some artful kafkatrapping.

The term “kafkatrapping” describes a logical fallacy that is popular within gender feminism, racial politics and other ideologies of victimhood. It occurs when you are accused of a thought crime such as sexism, racism or homophobia. You respond with an honest denial, which is then used as further confirmation of your guilt. You are now trapped in a circular and unfalsifiable argument; no one who is accused can be innocent because the structure of kafkatrapping precludes that possibility.

Reply to  commieBob
December 15, 2019 8:50 pm

Not only that women who said they were NOT, ever, the target of sexual harassement (f.ex. in the French military) have been accused of exhibiting “internalized misogyny”: they would, in good faith, deny the fact harassement took place, and that they were the victim of it (something complete strangers apparently know better then these women), because they would have been mentally programmed (probably by “patriarchy”) to ignore and dismiss any inappropriate sexual contact.

Reply to  niceguy
December 15, 2019 11:02 pm

According to feminist theory, women can do anything…..except resist a little male disapproval.

Reply to  PeterW
December 15, 2019 11:39 pm

Perhaps not women. We should be careful to avoid indulging diversitist (i.e. color judgments) thought and practice. But rather second and later wave female chauvinists (“feminists”) who have established a religion that sanctions relative ethical codes, up to and including summary judgments of life and death for light and casual causes, social justice, social progress, medical progress, democratic leverage, and profit.

Reply to  commieBob
December 15, 2019 9:09 pm

Look sometimes you just have to man up and admit it global warming is all my fault. Now they have identified the problem all the need to work out is how to convince me to change 🙂

michael hart
Reply to  LdB
December 16, 2019 2:18 am

Women allegedly tend to go for the “bad boys” anyway, so there you have a further incentive to not change.

Robert Bissett
Reply to  michael hart
December 16, 2019 5:09 pm

“I’m a man, but I can change…if I have to.” – Red Green/Possom Lodge

Reply to  commieBob
December 15, 2019 9:35 pm

Exactly. And call me a toxic male … but where was the “science” in that nonsensical appeal to toxic femininity to embrace global warming.

Reply to  commieBob
December 15, 2019 9:47 pm

This is why the correct response is “I don’t care.”

The power of that three word spell against SJWs is quite incredible.

Reply to  MarkG
December 15, 2019 11:47 pm

If only that were possible. People do care, or rather they are forced to care, with the threat of cancellation, lawfare, labels, etc. People thought they could safely ignore these formerly fringe activists, and without oversight they enjoyed progress in the twilight. Now it’s April 1st every day.

Reply to  MarkG
December 16, 2019 1:13 am

It invalidates their identity as a moral judge. Their whole power structure is based on entrapping opponents within their framings.

Reply to  MarkG
December 16, 2019 11:15 am

I DON’T GIVE A [BLEEP]! may get the point across better. Accompanied by, IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, SUE ME.

Robert B
Reply to  commieBob
December 15, 2019 10:57 pm

I thought that the only good and moral reason for disagreeing is finding g fault with The Science. Looks like and academic has said that I’m not allowed to do that anymore.

Is there anything that can’t be declared the truth now?

Reply to  Robert B
December 15, 2019 11:49 pm

They speak truth to facts, which are undeniable, lest you be judged and labeled, or worse, cancelled or impeached as a denier.

December 15, 2019 6:38 pm

Hmm. I thought it was rollin’ coal, not “coal rollin'”. As for Truck Nuts (z), it’s a redneck thing. Come on down to the second most redneck town in Indiana and I’ll try to explain it to you… Please don’t mind the deer stand in my front yard…

As for fragile masculinity… Are you a Man? Or a Twink? The answer is simple; what have you done for yourself, your family, your community, your State, your Country, your God?

If you can answer those questions, honestly, then you might be a Man, regardless of your sexuality of gender ID.

Jeff Alberts
Reply to  SMC
December 15, 2019 9:06 pm

I think you’re proving their point.

Reply to  Jeff Alberts
December 15, 2019 11:05 pm


…… and when we have fires, it’s mostly those “toxic” males standing in front, with hoses, protecting people and homes.

It’s the “fragile” who have to kowtow before every feminist demand.

Trying to Play Nice
Reply to  Jeff Alberts
December 16, 2019 5:35 am

My wife and one daughter drive trucks. My other daughter has a Jeep with a Hemi engine. They are all feminine and have never been accused of toxic masculinity.

December 15, 2019 6:40 pm

It just amazes me that a specific segment of society thinks its clever and helps their cause to insult people whose support they need.

Someone send them copies of an old book written by Dale Carnegie, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” They are in dire need of socialization.

Reply to  jtom
December 16, 2019 7:43 am

It is akin to hurting people more with climate policy so they hurt less from warming. Works best on those that are poor and helpless.

Timo, not that one
December 15, 2019 6:43 pm

All that ‘fragile masculinity ‘ is what delivered the freedom from oppression as well as the easy life from having refrigerators and washing machines. Not to mention the freedom you get from owning a personal automobile or from being able to fly anywhere in a couple of hours.
Lets ‘correct’ that and let idiots like this live without air conditioning in summer, and have to heat their house in winter with the same wood stove they cook their food on, if they can grow any.

David Chappell
December 15, 2019 6:58 pm

My take on any male indulging in truck nuts or coal rollin’ is that he is suffering from small dick syndrome.

John Dilks
Reply to  David Chappell
December 15, 2019 8:55 pm

David Chappell,
“My take on any male indulging in truck nuts or coal rollin’ is that he is suffering from small dick syndrome.”

Maybe they just like to irritate people who irritate them.

Jeff Alberts
Reply to  John Dilks
December 15, 2019 9:07 pm

And as a result, irritating people who weren’t irritating them.

Reply to  Jeff Alberts
December 15, 2019 11:13 pm

Don’t kid yourself.
Your sneering self-satisfaction would irritate a plaster saint.

We don’t care about your delicate, lilac-scented feelings any more than you care about ours. You have earned our disregard.

Reply to  David Chappell
December 15, 2019 11:10 pm

Maybe when you adopt that ridiculous excuse (What is it with your fetish regarding dick size, anyway?) to dodge the issues, we just stop giving a Shiite what you think.

Which means we don’t care if you are irritated, any more than your smug, self-declared superiority lets you care about irritating us.

John Robertson
December 15, 2019 7:03 pm

If it were not for projection,these fools would have nothing to say.
Funny how the Trump Derangement Syndrome forces them to self identify as fools.
George Carlin referred to these kind as Symbol Minded, I see them mostly a young scolds and nags.
I too knew everything when I was a teenager.
Researchers Eh?
“They show that white conservative men, especially those that think they understand the science of climate change, are the biggest climate deniers and the least likely to be moved by further research.”
I doubt this poor ignoramus can produce any of that “overwhelming science” she believes in.

Reply to  John Robertson
December 16, 2019 8:48 am

are the biggest climate deniers and the least likely to be moved by further research.

They actually wonder why skeptics don’t pay attention to their “research”? LOL. Practically all the “research” is stupid scare-mongering. And the most important research (like determining the climate sensitivity) hasn’t progressed in 40 yrs.

Gerald Machnee
December 15, 2019 7:05 pm

She calls that “research”
Sounds more like ant-male sentiment plus a total lack of science (Real Science)

John the Econ
December 15, 2019 7:06 pm

That is the dumbest thing I’ve read this weekend. In fact, it’s even dumber the idiots who think it’s clever to make their trucks blow black smoke as a form of virtue signaling.

Reply to  John the Econ
December 16, 2019 7:49 am

I think tuck nuts are hilarious as are torn jeans, purple hair, smart cars, and teenage activists.

Mary Brown
December 15, 2019 7:07 pm

Maybe that explains the rednecks. But the real problem is the general consensus of scientists who DON’T work for Government or university that there simply is no climate crisis. In fact, it is physiologically impossible to even notice the human-caused changes. It’s not Big Oil or rednecks or Trumpsters that are the problem. It’s those annoying scientists that won’t get in line. I proudly count myself as one.

Reply to  Mary Brown
December 15, 2019 7:41 pm

Most science teachers that I met in university are pretty UNimpressive.

Gerry Loveday
Reply to  niceguy
December 15, 2019 9:44 pm

The high school ones are even worse from my experience. Many did a Diploma of Education with maybe 2 science subjects tacked on and then proceed to parrot the left/big government agenda of catastrophic climate change directly into the minds of our children. Haha, can often be caught out claiming to be scientists 🙂

Reply to  Mary Brown
December 15, 2019 11:10 pm

“Physiologically impossible?” I’ll eat my hat if you have anything above a high school degree Mary.

Reply to  Steve45
December 16, 2019 5:15 am

But she’s a pwofessor, of gender………

Reply to  Chaswarnertoo
December 16, 2019 5:32 am

Most times a Professor of…fill in the blanks is self explanitery, it relates to what you’re really good at. I didn’t know that you could a Professor of gender. Does that mean that you’re really good at crushing men?

Crispin in Waterloo but really in Pigg's Peak
Reply to  Steve45
December 16, 2019 6:53 am


I am not sure if you can understand on how many levels your comment is foolish, but let’s try.

High schools do not grant degrees.
You couldn’t eat a hat if you tried.
We all know you would’t eat your hat if she showed you her degree.
It is physiologically impossible to measure the increase (or not) in the global temperature to an accuracy and precision that can definitively show a change over the past 30 years. The uncertainty greatly exceeds any calculated “change”. That is the scientific definition of an “impossible” task.

Reply to  Crispin in Waterloo but really in Pigg's Peak
December 17, 2019 1:18 am

Totally physiologically impossible.

Reply to  Steve45
December 16, 2019 7:09 am

Are you actually claiming that it takes advanced degrees to notice the BS being put out by the climate alarmists?

Reply to  Steve45
December 16, 2019 7:56 am

Is that word a little big for you. Tell me how you feel the human caused climate changes.

Reply to  Rick
December 17, 2019 1:19 am

“Tell me how you feel the human caused climate changes.”

As soon as you learn how to speak English it’s a deal.

Reply to  Steve45
December 17, 2019 3:49 pm

Mary did not say “physically impossible to measure” she said “physiologically impossible to even notice” which is true. You only notice a difference of around 1.5 to 2 degrees.

Reply to  Mary Brown
December 16, 2019 7:52 am

There are some scientists, academics, and career politicians that make sense. You are now on my very short list.

CD in Wisconsin
December 15, 2019 7:09 pm

I’ve made this argument here at WUWT before, and it appears I will have to state it again. Ms. MacKenzie does not appear to be aware that there are two sides to the sexism coin. The side of it she does not appear to be familiar with is called misandry, the hatred or distrust of men.

Creating an anti-male sexist narrative in an attempt to discredit those who dissent from her views on climate only serves to show how little she understands how scientific discourse is supposed to work. In her mind, the climate alarmist narrative has become an infallible quasi-religious doctrine which cannot and must not be questioned. Her use of a misandrist opinion piece here is little more that an attempt to shut down any threat to that doctrine.

Those like Ms. MacKenzie who think they have the world all figured out are actually the ones who probably still need to learn the most about it. They just don’t know it.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  CD in Wisconsin
December 15, 2019 8:24 pm

“Those like Ms. MacKenzie who think they have the world all figured out are actually the ones who probably still need to learn the most about it. They just don’t know it.”

It’s called “ignorance”.

Reply to  Tom Abbott
December 16, 2019 3:26 am

Sorry Tom, I’m not picking on you today but here I am agreeing with you again. Ms Mackenzie is cherry picking on a grand scale.

I don’t get the whole truck nuts thing, it’s a Canadian ‘in’ joke. We used to have Valiants with fluffy dice hanging off the dashboard mirror, or kangaroo scrotum purses. They didn’t mean anything either, just a crass ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ thing that everyone does at one time or another. She’s reading into things all over the place that simply aren’t there. The reving of cars was simply young boys competing with their mates and showing off to the girls. A mating ritual of sorts, much like birds do. They certainly didn’t have climate issues on there mind. She’s cherry picking all over the place. Attributing a broad extreme feminist view to narrow behavior of young men in a short time span of their lives.

I’m so confused about women who are seeking to emasculate men in the name of feminism. I really don’t understand it. It certainly has nothing to do with equality. I wonder if it’s possible for them to have significant relationships of any kind with any man. Pretty sad really. In my experience both men and women have the potential to be wonderful people. I’ve seen amazing fathers, brothers, sons, managers, teachers, shopkeepers, doctors, etc.sorry the etc is a cop out but all men deserve accolades. This is what equality means. Both men and women care about the same things, both men and women are seeking to find a solution to current issues.

Taking equality further, women too, have equal potential for evil, I have seen it.

Megan, you are happy to make statements regarding the behavior of young boys, can you please tell me what statement young teenage girls are making when they go out late at night, literally with their breasts and arses hanging out, then complain about unwanted attention. Here in Australia we are expected to respect the different cultures that make up our country, but realise that by the standards of some cultures, these girls are seen to be little more than sl.ts. They will not be treated with respect and they are sending conflicting messages to all men.

Megan’s attempt to make analogies in regards to men’s behavior and climate change is nothing short of a joke. What is serious about this whole issue is the damage that’s being done globally with the push for wind and solar renewables and on this matter she is totally ignorant.

In regard to climate issues, I give her the same respect that she gives men, absolutely none! She knows nothing about either of them.

Reply to  Megs
December 16, 2019 4:21 am

was this the american bc or the aussie bc?
but i reckon its the aus mob
and shes a femtard obviously
as a female who grew UP into the 70s so called fem rebellion culture
it left me cold and feminist is a dirty word
most spout the equality line but cant even change their own tyres!
however i AM still waiting 50yrs now for equal bloody PAY for equal work
and I wouldnt consider a car thats not a V6 ever.
I have no little dick issues( being female) but I need a car with grunt for the paddocks towing etc
as well as fitting 6 large dogs in;-)

Reply to  ozspeaksup
December 16, 2019 4:37 am

Yeah I get the equal pay thing, at the same time, some of the government ministers are received a nasty Xmas present and are being shown the door. The thing is, both men and women get equal pay, we’re talking $800,000 plus benefits. That’s equally obscene.

It seems after all that all is not equal, it’s all relative.

Reply to  ozspeaksup
December 16, 2019 7:13 am

Equal pay was achieved decades ago. In fact unequal pay never really existed.

Once you account for the differences between men and women, such as:
Women taking time off for child birth/raising
Men on average more hours per week
Men working in jobs that were more dangerous/difficult

The difference in pay disappeared.

Reply to  Megs
December 16, 2019 8:00 am

Is that word a little big for you. Tell me how you feel the human caused climate changes.

December 15, 2019 7:11 pm

There’s just so much to say here I don’t know where to start.
But I will restrict myself to this ”gem”…..

”Cara Daggett uses the concept of “petro-masculinity” to describe the ways that fossil fuel extraction has historically been used to fuel western development and provide world leaders with power and a sense of manliness.”

Hmmm, what about provide world’s people with…. Computers, cars, books, planes, tv, radio, newspapers, houses, paint, glue, plastic fingernail brushes, steel fingernail files, roads, food, wood, hair dryers, hair dyes, shoes, make up, twitter, scissors, pens, cushions, glass, heat, coolness, frozen stuff, cruise ships, holidays, lawns, fertilizer, helicopters, music, movies, peace of mind ………..

Stone age, here we come!

Another Ian
Reply to  Mike
December 15, 2019 9:39 pm

“Stone age, here we come!”

But won’t that bring back the clubs and the hair pulling and – – ?

Reply to  Another Ian
December 15, 2019 11:46 pm

“But won’t that bring back the clubs and the hair pulling and – – ?”

…. and not a moment too soon!

Reply to  Mike
December 16, 2019 4:24 am

you forgot nail polish and fake tan mate;-) oh and hair gel n spray etc
oh and MOST importantly the synthetic hair for extensions and the silicon for the boobs, and butt jobs;-))) roflmao!

December 15, 2019 7:16 pm

Articles that are this stupid are useful as they give a window into the mind of the Climate Delusionists.

Reply to  nicholas tesdorf
December 15, 2019 9:18 pm

I agree it says more about the writer than anything it says about the subject.

December 15, 2019 7:20 pm

I drive a 4X4 full size crew cab pickup that burns fossil fuels. It is NOT about power and money. It is for the freedom to travel where and when I want. Fossil fuels give it great range between 10 minute refuelings. Full size crew cab, I like the roominess, comfort, and carrying capacity. Air conditioning and satellite radio. Big motor for when I need it, and they generally last longer than overstrung small motors. 4X4 for the seven plus months of ice covered streets and highways.
I also eat meat, because I like to, and God told Noah that we can.
What I don’t like is do gooders telling me how to live my life. MYOB. I don’t tell you how to live yours.
My masculinity is not at all fragile, it is full strength. My feminine side is drinking tea and playing on her computer, I am watching football and typing, well, I do also have a tea though, orange pekoe, black.

December 15, 2019 7:27 pm

I hereby submit that we replace the male symbol with C and the female symbole with H.

Reply to  niceguy
December 15, 2019 8:14 pm

Are you graphite or acetylene.

Reply to  Scissor
December 15, 2019 8:54 pm

I guess that depends on whether you are Cool or Hot.

December 15, 2019 7:27 pm

Nuts to you!

Jean Parisot
December 15, 2019 7:52 pm

I always associated my love of nuclear weapons and carrier battle groups as a masculine signal, my vehicle choice was entirely dependent on role, reliability, and efficiently – I guess that’s mansplaining, too.

Joel O'Bryan
Reply to  Jean Parisot
December 15, 2019 11:14 pm

Major Kong, your alter-ego:

John Sandhofner
December 15, 2019 7:52 pm

If liberals were smart they would stop writing nonsense junk like this. Their preoccupation that all things having a sexual connotation demonstrates how possessed they are of sexual insecurity.

Charles Higley
December 15, 2019 7:56 pm

” in the face of overwhelming science regarding the climate crisis.”

No, there is NOT overwhelming science regarding the climate crisis. Actually there is NONE. Two fraudulent graphs of the CO2 and temperature records, junk science that CO2 controls the climate, and global computer climate models that are based on this junk science and that have been WRONG 100% of the time. For that matter, such models are not science in the first place as they spew out exactly what they are programmed to do.

Nothing is happening out of the ordinary in the Arctic, Antarctic, sea level, ocean pH, extinctions, human health, crops, disease, you name it, all doing nothing that can be worried about. We are not warming and might be actively cooling as the Sun goes into a Grand Minimum, which is exactly why nothing bad is happening regarding warming.

The biggest threat to human and world health is renewable wind and solar power. They are the least green and most expensive energy sources on the planet, have huge footprints, use lots of unsustainable and unrecyclable elements and materials, and have short half-lives and high maintenance. Oh, and they are patently unreliable.


Biofuels are also a waste of time as it takes more energy to make them than we get back when using them. And they take up large amounts of crop lands that should be growing food for the world. Instead, these programs are raising the cost of food around the world and starving and killing people.

We need real and reliable energy. That is carbon based fuels, of which we have more than we ever imagined, and nuclear which could replace all of our caseload grid needs and allow our transportation use of hydrocarbons to be easy as pie. Batteries cannot and will not replace the energy density of gasoline or diesel.

Reply to  Charles Higley
December 16, 2019 5:06 am

Most of us here are right there with you Charles, I myself have raised these issues many times. Megan Mackenzie is not likely to have read past the first sentence. They are not interested in the truth, only propaganda and insulting retorts.

Paul Johnson
Reply to  Charles Higley
December 16, 2019 6:27 am

Charles, you leave yourself open to the claim that “white conservative men, especially those that think they understand the science of climate change, are the biggest climate deniers”.

In contrast, under-educated school children and over-educated white socialists, especially those who get paid to claim they understand the science of climate change, are the biggest climate alarmists.

Reply to  Charles Higley
December 16, 2019 7:15 am

The weather today is different from the weather yesterday.
That’s all they need to prove that CO2 is gonna kill us.

December 15, 2019 8:00 pm

My sister won’t let me talk about sea surface temperature anomalies in the Gulf of Alaska because: “I already know what you believe, you believe in bad science, so we would even go there.”

I may be a little insecure in my masculinity, most men are. How do you think my sister’s comments reflect on the fairer sex?

Joel O'Bryan
December 15, 2019 9:01 pm

Science isn’t divided into “good” or “bad” science.
Intentionally badly done science isn’t science at all. Cherry picking data isn’t science. Cherry picking time series starts and end pts isn’t science. Prescreening tree ring samples for a hockey stick signature isn’t science. The Pseudoscience of “consensus” is not science.

As Dr Feynman said (my very crudely paraphrasing here from memory), “It (pseudoscience) may look like science. They may do such and such… that gives the appearance of science… taking down data, making notes, doing statistics. But they haven’t done the hard work. The questioning of bias. The rigor of the checking of assumptions to know what they are reporting is real.”

Real science is hard, really hard. Most Climate science today is easy junk fast food.

old engineer
December 15, 2019 10:24 pm

William Abbott-

Whenever you feel a little insecure in your masculinity, I suggest reading the following:


by Rudyard Kiping

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look to good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream- and not make dreams your mathings you gave your lifester;
If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
If you meet with Triumph and Distaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you”ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

If you make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!”

If can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And- which is more- you’ll be a Man, my son!

I doubt that Megan MacKenzie would understand any of that.

December 16, 2019 4:26 am

she’s the sort that gives women a bad name as dumb blondes etc
annoy the f outta me as a female

December 16, 2019 5:25 am

They’ve got to get their…kicks somehow.

December 15, 2019 8:02 pm

Gender, not sex? Masculine, not male? Why the genderism?

Diversity or color judgment and exclusion breeds adversity. Rabid diversity. Perhaps that’s her motive, as Feminists… female chauvinists pitted men against women against women against babies before.

December 15, 2019 8:12 pm

Well she is right in a way, if we were desperate approval seekers it would be much easier to “shame” us into conformation no matter what we actually thought about the climate.

It’s not coincidence that people desperately signalling virtue get anxious when they see people not falling in line, it disrupts the entire social order when people think for themselves rather than following social media influencers.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Kazinski
December 17, 2019 6:20 am

“desperate approval seekers”

Yeah, we want to be just the opposite of that. You are not thinking for yourself when you are desperately seeking approval from others, especially if you have to “get your mind right” to be approved..

John Robertson
December 15, 2019 8:15 pm

On further snickering,this idiotic child blames “masculinity” for the luxurious lives we enjoy.
The association with pickup trucks is classic progressive cant,none of whom work,so they assume no one needs a service truck.
I would love to have one of these virtue signalling nitwits carry my tools from job to job.
Although I suspect most of them could not even lift them.
And after decades of listening to condescending,ignorant scolds such as this fool, I fully support the exhibitionists who torment them.
I have even considered installing oil injection into my gas burners exhaust manifold,just for those special occasions, but earning a living has always taken precedence.
(Cause now you can’t take waste oil to our dump,it is forbidden but naturally there is no where else for it to go.)
And when I am hauling material in my diesel,yes it can smoke.
Funny they do that when working .

A fellow tradesman refers to these whining nitwits,answers their whines with “First World Problems”.

Freezing in the dark appears to be their hearts desire,I have heard enough of their drivel and suffered enough interference through policies appeasing their madness to feel they should receive what they demand.

Joel O'Bryan
December 15, 2019 8:29 pm

In Roman times, mothers who were concerned about their male children growing up too feminine and not tough enough, not manly enough, or might like other boys would make their adolescent sons eat raw, sliced Ram’s and bull’s (sheep) testicles. And the Romans probably learned that from their exposures to ancient middle east cultures in Persia, Egypt, Palestine, and the Levant.
They knew nothing of biochemistry, testosterone or hormones. All they knew from generations of experience is that it grew their boys to be stronger and more aggressive (manliness in a society where young soldiers could help provide for the family, in a world that only the tough survived.

Jean Parisot
Reply to  Joel O'Bryan
December 15, 2019 8:54 pm

With onions?

Joel O'Bryan
Reply to  Jean Parisot
December 15, 2019 10:32 pm

Olive oil glaze with a glass of wine sounds okay to me.
Garnishments optional.

Robert Beckman
Reply to  Joel O'Bryan
December 17, 2019 2:56 am

It’s a common misconception but testosterone can it in practice be absorbed through the digestive tract, so this would have a placebo effect only (though those animal testes may also have some of the precursor hormones which can be ingested, like DHEA and progesterone).

Tom Abbott
December 15, 2019 8:38 pm

From the article: “For all you city-slickers, truck nuts (or truck nutz, depending on your preferred provider) are crafted testicles designed to hang from the back of your truck.”

Well, you learn something new every day here on WUWT. Truck nuts? Never heard of them before today. And I’m not a city-slicker.

You say truck nuts are designed to hang from the back of your truck? Why? What Earthly purpose do they serve?

That’s about as ignorant as having air-ride on your car and lowering the back end so far down that your tailpipes throw sparks on the road.

Yeah, if I see a truck like that with truck nuts I would certainly reflect on the intelligence of someone who would think that is a good idea. I would have a lot of questions.

Fortunately, we don’t have any characters with a truck nut fetish like that around here so I don’t have to shake my head in amazement at such antics.

Some people are nuts! 🙂

Another Ian
Reply to  Tom Abbott
December 15, 2019 9:43 pm

“You say truck nuts are designed to hang from the back of your truck? Why? What Earthly purpose do they serve?”

Successors to fox tails?

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Another Ian
December 16, 2019 8:46 am

Yeah, I can just see a guy sitting a little higher in his truck because he has Truck Nuts hanging from his bumper. He’s probably eager for a good reaction from bystanders. Poor, sad, lonely fellow, searching for a way to be loved.

We all want to be loved, at least those of us who are sane, but I don’t think Truck Nuts are the vehicle. They might be counterproductive. What girl would want to have anything to do with a moron that hung Truck Nuts from his bumper?

Roger Knights
Reply to  Tom Abbott
December 17, 2019 5:55 am

“What girl would want to have anything to do with a moron that hung Truck Nuts from his bumper?”

The mudflap girl?

Garland Lowe
December 15, 2019 8:51 pm

I hope Megan doesn’t receive payment for this BS. This belongs in the bottom of a bird cage.

Reply to  Garland Lowe
December 16, 2019 7:20 am

Good thing birds can’t read.

December 15, 2019 9:18 pm

Go to the original article. The writer is a Prof. of Gender and War at the U. of Sidney.

Chris Hanley
December 15, 2019 9:40 pm

“… Leaving fossil fuels in the ground symbolises a loss of power and money …”.
Are you paying attention David Middleton?

Craig from Oz
December 15, 2019 9:44 pm

What is missing from this post is what role the author actually holds.

She is Megan MacKenzie: Professor of Gender and War at the University of Sydney.

I kid you not.

Make of that what you will.

Reply to  Craig from Oz
December 15, 2019 11:30 pm

Sex: male and female. Gender: physical and mental (e.g. sexual orientation) sex-correlated attributes, masculine and feminine, respectively. War, including: abortion fields, catastrophic anthropogenic immigration reform (CAIR), regime changes. Social justice-mongering, including: abortion fields, CAIR, elective regime changes, etc.

Reply to  n.n
December 16, 2019 2:26 pm

She needs to get a life, though that would be difficult considering she has shut out half of the world’s population. How can she ‘label’ men with all these negative attributes when she is incapable of having a normal conversation with them?

Men are not the enemy Megan. Where does a ‘woman’ with views such as mine fit into her world? What ‘label’ would she apply to me. Has it not occurred to her that women equally disagree with the whole Climate Change scam, and that would be because even the laymen amongst us take the time to look at the whole picture. And yes I said ‘layman’, and everyone here knows what I mean, I don’t have to scramble to find a gender specific term.

Reply to  Craig from Oz
December 15, 2019 11:45 pm

”Professor of Gender and War”

No comment necessary…

Reply to  Craig from Oz
December 16, 2019 1:56 am

Modern Universities are a total sc@m.

The higher education bubble will pop one day, and I can’t wait.

Another Ian
December 15, 2019 9:45 pm

“Forget cost and gigawatts — lets solve climate by turning toxic white men into soy boys”

John V. Wright
December 15, 2019 9:49 pm

“In her incredible article…..”
Quite so.

Wayne Townsend
December 15, 2019 9:51 pm

So, 45% of men who are on twitter and respond to a tweet on Veganism don’t want to be run over by the twitter mob or food police “say” they don’t go Vegan because of social pressure.

That proves fragile masculinity beyond a doubt. (Yeah, right.)

I wonder if Megan has tracked all the Vegan Influencers out there who are suddenly discovering that, to be healthy, they have to give up Veganism.

December 15, 2019 10:14 pm

Is it perhaps a case of most women emote, and most men after about 30 think.

Sadly only when the lights and with it industry, stop working, will a degree of sanity return to the Western countries.

While I would not go as far as saying that its all a Chinese plot, certainly they have gained by the Wets “”Fairy tale “”

Our big business with their desire to kill any compertition does not help the deniers.


Walter Sobchak
December 15, 2019 10:43 pm

Yet, a recent Twitter poll had 45 per cent men report that their biggest barrier to a vegan diet was social stigma.

Rubbish. The biggest barrier to a vegan diet is that meat is delicious, and very nutritious.

Reply to  Walter Sobchak
December 15, 2019 11:19 pm

And absent artificial supplements, meat is necessary for normal brain function.

Another Ian
Reply to  Walter Sobchak
December 16, 2019 1:24 am


Doesn’t mention the price differential or who’s got their oar in production of same

December 15, 2019 10:54 pm

Leftists are the by far the most racist, sexist, and generally divisive group of a significant size in the developed nations on this earth. They are so into sexual symbolism because it is a way to attack heterosexual white males. If it’s not truck nuts and climate change, it’s describing firearms as phallic symbols. I really don’t believe that to those leftists with a few functioning brain cells think they’re really props for a fragile white male masculinity as they claim but it’s just a handy juvenile way to try and attack heterosexual white males. A gender and sex which is the focus of the leftists ire because they are viewed as the primary obstacle to everyone coming together and singing Kumbaya and living in harmony in their socialist dreams. And so are an excuse for all the unhappiness and dissatisfaction in their lives. And no this heterosexual white male has no truck nuts nor has any intention of buying a pair.

Reply to  rah
December 15, 2019 11:23 pm

Diversity (i.e. color judgment), including racial quotas, affirmative discrimination, sex chauvinism, denial of individual dignity, anti-nativism, and exclusion breeds adversity. It’s doctrine of the Pro-Choice, selective, opportunistic, politically congruent religion.

December 15, 2019 11:15 pm

Ms Mackenzie has sure swallowed this global warming and of course has to blame white older males .
Surely that would be a racist statement if it concerned any other part of society .
The statement that I want to take issue with this woman is that she said that animal farming is the second largest contributor of human based greenhouse emissions .
This statement shows that this woman is just parroting what some one else has told her .
Farmed animals are carbon neutral as all forage that they consume has absorbed CO2 from the air .
A small amount of methane is belched as the animals are digesting their food .
This methane is broken down in the upper atmosphere into CO2 and water vapour in between 8 and 10 years The whole process is a cycle and not one atom of carbon or one additional molecule of CO2 or CH4 is added to the atmosphere .
Introducing biogenic methane emissions was done without any scientific scrutiny at the Kyoto Accord .
This is the biggest lie in a great litany of lies that are claimed to be facts that don’t stand up when the proper facts are put before people that are capable making rational decisions based on scientific facts .
Fossil fuels and limestone is all extracted from the earth where they have been locked up for millions of years
How does biogenic methane get put in with fossil fuels ?
Why do so called scientists not call this out for what it is ,a scam ,
Graham ,
Proud to be a farmer ,feeding the world with milk products and beef from New Zealand

Reply to  Gwan
December 15, 2019 11:54 pm

feeding the world with milk products and beef

… complementing veggies, which assure that boys and girls develop healthy bodies and minds, without artificial supplements.

Rod Evans
Reply to  Gwan
December 16, 2019 12:15 am

+100, and please send your comment to the NZ PM Jacinda Hardern (Sic) she needs a bit of education when it comes to climate and basic chemistry.

December 15, 2019 11:17 pm

“overwhelming science regarding the climate crisis.”

What is this “overwhelming science?”

December 15, 2019 11:24 pm

Feminist: noun.
A woman living in a society made safe, comfortable and prosperous, by the blood, sweat and inspiration of men…. and whining about “male privilege “.

Fragile masculinity is the kind that gives in to that nonsense.

When there is a fire, it’s more likely to be the “redneck” on the end of the hose, protecting your home and family, while the “fragile” complain over their lattes about the smell of smoke.Peter

December 15, 2019 11:33 pm

A climate of denial, including conflation of logical domains, inference from proxies and myths, models or hypotheses in lieu of observation and testing, liberal license for assumptions/assertions, regular injections of brown matter (“fudging”), and empathetic appeals.

December 15, 2019 11:40 pm

“They show that white conservative men, especially those that think they understand the science of climate change, are the biggest climate deniers and the least likely to be moved by further research.”

That would be the same group that gave us Democracy, Western Civilisation, Science and The Industrial Revolution – to name but a few of the sins of “white conservative men”

Perhaps, and I’m going out on a limb here, the preponderance of “white conservative men” in the perjorative “climate denier” group might be an indication that this group are better on average at discerning the truth value of both ideas and evidence.

Ben Vorlich
December 15, 2019 11:54 pm

As a good feminist she should have changed her name from the masculine Mac = son of to Nic = daughtef of. Or perhaps a gender neutral variant.

Reply to  Ben Vorlich
December 16, 2019 1:42 am

Ben Vorlich, no chance. ‘Nic’ in traditional Gaelic surnames is followed by a heriditary paternal name. It still stands for ‘daughter-of-a-bloke!’ As you probably know.

Of course, some neo-feminists await the day when IVF will provide female-female human conception (100% daughters of course, there being no male chromosomal input possible). All on the taxpayer’s tab, of course.

The technology has already been proven in mice.

They tried it with two male mice as well, but the pups died.

December 15, 2019 11:59 pm

“Trump, ScoMo and Albo champion fossil fuel extraction even as the country literally burns and in the face of overwhelming science regarding the climate crisis. Put simply, fragile masculinity might be the biggest obstacle to real climate action”

Except that the pesky little female in me keeps wanting to look at the statistics.

Rod Evans
December 16, 2019 12:07 am

I was wondering what to buy a couple of my friends who have most things any working male would want. Then I saw this article and realised, It is the perfect option for their ideal Christmas day surprise present. I haven’t checked,, if they do Truck Nutz that come as useful tail hitch covers, but I imagine they will.
Thanks WUWT and thank you Ms MacKenzie. They are going to get the biggest smile ever, as they drive down Chipping Norton High St.
“Hey “Dave” check out my ball hitch cover”!

Roger Knights
Reply to  Rod Evans
December 17, 2019 6:07 am

I Googled “Buy Truck Nuts on Amazon” and got a results page with lots of links:

December 16, 2019 12:59 am

After reading this

What’s the link between Australia’s politicians, truck nuts and big bush fires?

my first thought was:

“If the Australian politicians nuts are causing big bush fires, maybe they should use a lubricant.”

Obviously, a fragile masculine mind at work.

December 16, 2019 1:14 am

I wish I could send her these comments: her hypothesis seems fully supported.

Reply to  Susan
December 16, 2019 5:10 am

Cobblers. Another feminit, as Mrs Warner calls you.

Reply to  Susan
December 16, 2019 7:24 am

Typical social justice nut. If you object to being insulted, that just proves my point.

December 16, 2019 1:24 am

One might think that meat-avoiding soy-boys ingesting all those estrogen-mimickers wouldn’t cause a long-term problem as they’d soon take themselves out of the gene pool (after all, male fertility is going down in a hurry as it is).

However, that could just be an excuse for more tax-funded IVF.

December 16, 2019 1:31 am

‘Fragile masculinity’ is actually swimming in the estrogen-mimickers of soy, while complaining about the potential estrogen-mimickers that may be found in herbicide, still yet oblivious to the increased rates of said herbicide use that would be required to feed more than seven billion people on a vegan diet.

A typical reversal of the facts, from the hard-left, masquerading as unbiased journalism.

December 16, 2019 1:55 am

As a beef-farmer, I can really relate* with the idea in the article above that almost half of men who are not vegan say social stigma is the main impediment… (45% via a Twitter poll, no less).

*Relate, that is, by laughing.

December 16, 2019 2:06 am

I urge strongly that every reader bothered by this article look up Professor MacKenzie’s work at the University of Sydney, Australia.

Seriously. It makes this article look tame.

December 16, 2019 4:02 am

Geezo Pete, this is getting to be worse than the obnoxious decade of the 1970s. I’m tired of this crap. I really am. This beeyatch wrote an article that is not just a clanker – full of absolute crap – but let everyone know she just doesn’t like men?

Tough bananas, you flabby, bony harridan! How do you think you came into this world? Artificial insemination, maybe? Get your own special island, Tootsie! Make sure you sniff the air just in case any testosterone is present. Teh horror!! Get the air freshener!!!!

Does that cow think she just suddenly sprang into existence out of a mudball, or something?

I have ZERO interest in living in a world without men. I also cook.

Reply to  Sara
December 16, 2019 4:22 am

Right there with you Sara, men are great! As are most…many…some women? What’s with this extreme feminism BS.

David Blenkinsop
December 16, 2019 4:03 am

I live in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and it’s the first time I ever heard of testicles on a truck. Sure, there are recurring jokes about the sizes of ball hitch used to pull farm trailers, but the truck nuts thing seems pretty obscure.

Maybe I’m being just a little rude here, but it just seems as though Australia’s gain of this particular editorialist was also Moose Jaw’s gain by subtraction, if you see what I mean.

Reply to  David Blenkinsop
December 16, 2019 4:26 am

You are so lucky David! It’s getting really annoying, their numbers are growing.

Carl Friis-Hansen
December 16, 2019 4:22 am

Thanks Megan MacKenzie, funny to read, but as you surely know, the less you know about climate change the more you tend to steer away from the science and economics.

With your logic Michael Mann must be female and Judith Curry must be male. Can’t you see there is something wrong here?

December 16, 2019 5:21 am

Gotta love academics who fall prey to Eurocentric thinking.

It’s all the evil white men eh?

Looking at the top 15 carbon emitting countries, I only count three (USA, Russia, Canada) that are currently led by white men. I guess you could argue that Iran, Brazil, and Mexico are also run by white men, but people from those countries are usually identified by their religion (Islam) or their geographic/linguistic origins (Hispanic) rather than by their skin color. Either way, the majority of major global emitters are NOT run by white men.

Claiming that white men are the problem when only a fraction of the people running the countries that emit the most of the devil gas CO2 is a serious flaw in her argument. There are plenty of people of color and female leaders that exhibit the same behaviors she attributes exclusively to white men. I can only assume she made that mistake because, when she thinks world leaders, she only thinks of first-world European or European-derived countries and completely forgets the vast majority of the world’s population. In fact, most of those Eurocentric countries led by white men have in fact declined considerably in their CO2 emissions over the last quarter-century. It’s the rest of the world that has seen rising CO2 emissions in the same time frame.

Reply to  Steve
December 16, 2019 5:55 am

You are right to raise this issue Steve. Men are tired of the ‘privileged white male’ label, and rightly so. Such a stupid label. She does not acknowledge that there are 100’s of powerful women globally. Some of them leading countries. Why haven’t they put up their hands to fix the world?

I’m not sure when ‘labels’ became a form of catagorising people but it doesn’t work. It creates division and resentment. The white male label doesn’t tell the full story, any more than any of the labels on there own.

Jubal Harshaw
December 16, 2019 6:38 am

“They show that white conservative men, ESPECIALLY THOSE THAT THINK THEY UNDERSTAND the science of climate change, are the biggest climate deniers and the least likely to be moved by further research.”

I literally spit out my coffee reading this!

Sun heats Earth – Earth heats atmosphere – water vapor and a few other trace gasses keep it warm at night – planetary movements and axial changes effect ocean temperature creating many oscillations giving us long term climatic cycles – differences in the timing and frequency of said oscillations create shorter term cycles – geomagnetic forces as well as solar magnetic forces also seem to have an effect on thermal distribution.

I’m just a guy interested in the topic who reads this blog and others, no scientific background and I THINK I UNDERSTAND the science of climate change (at least on the surface level)

Neofeminism is a scorge to science. This period of history will most certainly be in textbooks some day in the future.

Keen Observer
Reply to  Jubal Harshaw
December 16, 2019 8:54 am

Starting off her article with a reference to truck nuts showed right off it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Because truck nuts. But that bit you quoted was really the money shot for me. So, so many flawed assumptions and other “bad things” wrapped up in that one sentence, that you just know she’s one of those people there’s literally no point in talking to about…well, anything, really. Fortunately, not everyone from Saskatchewan has their heads so far up their buttockses. Winters are not kind there.

Reply to  Jubal Harshaw
December 17, 2019 3:05 am

December 16, 2019 6:59 am

And here was me thinking about doing something about global warmening when I see I’m not wanted and the ladies have it all well in hand. Time to hang out at the bar I suppose.

December 16, 2019 7:31 am

Everytime I see some knuckle dragging redneck driving down the highway with a set of “trucknutz I want to stop him and give a good swift kick in the trucknutz for being such an overbearing asshole.

It’s not funny, it’s low resolution with a lot of noise…rednecks, it’s either their stomachs or their testicles their thinking about. Not much more than that going on up there in there pointy heads…

Reply to  Michael Burns
December 16, 2019 8:00 am

It’s not funny, it’s low resolution with a lot of noise…rednecks, it’s either their stomachs or their testicles their thinking aboutwith.

Fixed it f’ya

You’re welcome

John Robertson
Reply to  Michael Burns
December 16, 2019 10:57 am

“It’s not funny, it’s low resolution with a lot of noise..”
Got your goat didn’t it?
Just watching the reaction of closet supermen,such as yourself, is worth the few dollars adorning a pickup.Anything that drives you back into your “safe space” is definitely funny and worth doing.

In other words;”Who made you the arbitrator of humour”?

In todays climate anything that aggravates the scold and nags is an investment in your children’s future.
We are living the results of tolerating political correctness,which has empowered the useless and clueless to the point where civilization may fall.
The “Can Do” mentality and spirit of our “Knuckle Dragging Rednecks”is what gave us this life of luxury.

And anyone who uses that label :”Knuckle Dragging Redneck” is both a fool and most likely mechanically incompetent.
Most of us have noticed the link between distain for competent people from the useless.

December 16, 2019 7:56 am

I’m a post-modern vegan.

I still eat meat and dairy, but only with a twist of irony

Joel Snider
December 16, 2019 9:13 am

Hatred and fear of masculinity. Another progressive mantra.

December 16, 2019 9:16 am

ANd here I thought that men got all into fossil fuels because civilization…. (which we came up with to try to reduce the nagging from women about the cold cave floor)… yet we got SJWs and femi-nazis, instead.

December 16, 2019 11:26 am

Rule number 5 from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals: “Ridicule is man’s (sic) most potent weapon.” Use it early and often when you see this kind of tripe.

Reply to  Ralph Dave Westfall
December 16, 2019 3:10 pm

These days the man is simply returning the ridicule, he’s gone into defensive mode.

December 16, 2019 11:38 am

That article is so pathetic with tired, toxic, feminine rhetoric that I’m yawning too much to comment further on it. (-_-) … (-_^) … (-_-) … zzz

Gunga Din
December 16, 2019 2:38 pm

Let’s see now, she played the sexist card, the race card, the age card, the “consensus” card”, a few newly invented cards (What the hell is “petro-masculinity”?). Maybe I missed it but I didn’t see her play the “Models” card. (Those “petro-males” might have liked that.)
Never saw her present any actual measurements (That would make the Models look bad. (Maybe that’s why the “petro-males” don’t find them appealing?)) or “scientific method” type science.
If you’re going to bluff, sometimes you have to hold the right cards.

December 16, 2019 4:00 pm

Hey, y’all!
After reading that “article” I’m actually starting to feel “cool”! Thanks, Megan! (me blowing her a kiss).

Roger Knights
December 17, 2019 5:38 am

“There are entire Instagram pages dedicated to coal rollin’, with some drivers making a sport out of blasting smoke at bikers, protesters, Asian-made cars (called “rice-burners”), unsuspecting female pedestrians and hybrid cars.”

Bosch contends that a re-engineered diesel ICE is greener, all things considered, than a BEV. BEVs are its competition. If I were in charge there I’d assign a team with the task of building, selling, and sarcastically advertising trailers containing diesel generators as BEV accessories.

They would be called Tesla Tenders and BEV Boosters and, when attached for long trips, would convert BEVs into temporary PHEVs. IOW, they’d extend the range of an owner’s BEV, eliminating range anxiety. They would be easy to tow, being short, shallow, narrow, and lightweight—maybe under 200 pounds (??). (A trailer containing supplemental batteries would be too heavy to be practical.)
Perhaps they could be profitably sold for under $5000, and maybe even as low $2500 (for a gasoline-powered version) by a company like Honda. It would be a hoot if over 10,000 were sold—which I suspect might be do-able.

Maybe Big Oil or the Kochs could be persuaded to fund the development of such an item, for fun and profit. For additional deviltry, and for an implicit “dig” at BEVs reliance on fossil fueled electricity, a coal-powered trailer should be offered, using a Stirling engine to drive the generator, and fine-grained, fluid-bedded coal to reduce the smoke to a somewhat tolerable level.

This tender would have four wheels, be half or more the size of the car, have room for storage or sleeping, and be designed to look like the tender of an old-fashioned steam locomotive. It would have the lonesome, moaning, whoo-whoo whistle of those locomotives, and their clanging bell. It would have their chuff-chuff sound effects too.

The cost could hopefully be under $10,000—but it would be worth it a hundred times over, for lulz. The owner of a Bolt + Booster (coal-tendered) could challenge a Roadster to a cross-country race, and win, for instance. Other opportunities for social leg-pulling will no doubt occur to me after I post this—and, hopefully, to you too. YouTube videos of the thing in operation, and the outraged sputterings of our green clerisy, would be a barrel of laughs. Just do it, please, someone!

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