Chile cancels climate and Apec summits amid mass protests

The BBC reports:

Chile has pulled out of hosting two major international summits, including a UN climate change conference, as anti-government protests continue.

President Sebastián Piñera said the decision had caused him “pain” but his government needed “to prioritise re-establishing public order”.

The COP25 climate summit was scheduled for 2 to 13 December, while the Apec trade forum was next month.

The UN said it was now looking at alternative venues.

World leaders were to gather at this year’s Conference of the Parties (COP) to discuss the implementation of the Paris Accord – a landmark international climate agreement, first signed at COP21 in December 2015.

The COP25 is turning in to a geopolitical game of hot potato:

COP25 was originally supposed to be hosted by Brazil.

But in November last year, just two months after being announced as the summit’s host nation, then President-elect Jair Bolsonaro pulled out.

The far-right leader said this was due to the change of government and budget restrictions, according to local media. However, he had recently chosen a foreign minister who claimed “climate alarmism” was just a plot by “cultural Marxists”.

A month later, Chile was selected to host the climate conference instead. Costa Rica, the other frontrunner, withdrew because of the costs involved in hosting.

Of course their “Science editor” weighs in:

This is a huge blow to hopes of progress on what many see as the crisis of climate change.

Just as the science becomes more robust about rising carbon levels driving up temperatures and triggering a range of dangerous impacts, diplomats and experts have been looking to the COP25 talks in December as a vital staging-post on the way to global action.

And of course this article foreshadows an upcoming article (here) about how people cannot adapt to an incremental change in circumstance over an 80 period, whether or not that change is exagerrated.

And as the news was announced, a US-based organisation also separately revealed that millions more people than previously thought were at risk of coastal flooding from climate-driven sea-level rise within the next century.

Full BBC article here.

140 thoughts on “Chile cancels climate and Apec summits amid mass protests

    • Since Climategate in 2009, I have been reading that we are near the end of this madness. There is, however, too much inertia, too much money, and too many reputations on the line for this to end soon. There is a saying that “a cornered rat will bite a cat.” I don’t see that this rat is yet cornered.

      • That’s what I’m afraid of. And every time the lies are debated it legitimizes them. And most think the fraud is only about money from thin air, which sounds no alarms. So a coordinated, hardcore offensive is needed to fully expose the fraud with FACTS, most importantly the hidden intention, in the plotters’ own diabolical words, to create an eco-totalitarian world government built on the monster of big lies. Only then is it really over and they know it, so we need to stop playing by their rules, restrictions and ridicule.

  1. President Trump should invite the conference here, to the USA and invite Anthony and others to expose their fraud. He could hold it as his golf club,

      • Maldives would be better. Hold it on an Island that we were told was going to dissappear with al the others there. In fact hold all meetings at places of failed predictions. Like Glaciers that have not melted away. Florida would be a good one as there were so many predictions of massive hurricanes virtually removing it from the face of the planet.

    • Point Barrow, Alaska

      Afterall, it’s warming 5x more than the rest of the Planet!!!

      and it would be fitting to turn off all fossil-fueled power sources for the duration of COP25 – you know, to “Save the Planet”

      • Sorry – Point Barrow will not be available. Since Climate Crisis is happening five-times faster there, so is sea-level rise – and Point Barrow itself will be underwater by then.

        – But only Point Barrow and immediate vicinity, so they could charter several cruise liners, tie them up side-by-side off the new Alaskan coast and hold COP aboard them, I suppose…

        Don’t know where all the private jets will land and park though…

    • +42*42^42

      Excellent idea, Teewee (was thinking along similar lines)
      Trump should offer to host it here in the US of A and then invite any skeptic that’s willing to come and present the scientific facts to the attendees.

  2. Chili won’t be hosting COP25?
    Isn’t that why Greta crossed the Atlantic?
    Her presence in this hemisphere was and is a waste?
    Who knew?

  3. “But in November last year, just two months after being announced as the summit’s host nation, then President-elect Jair Bolsonaro pulled out.”

    CO₂itus interruptus (h/t Smart Rock)

  4. Leaving Little Greta wandering the Western Hemisphere in search of a summit to harangue. Her high-carbon footprint quest has been indefinitely suspended.

    Florida is a good idea, since she could reach it in her Tesla loaner.

  5. Oh, no. My girlfriend will be very disappointed. She was going to use a ticket purchased with some of my frequent flyer miles accumulated attending most of the last 12 COP meetings. Bali was nice. Cancun was nicer. Doha was too hot; awesome city, though. Marrakech was fun. Enjoyed the beer in Bonn. Can’t remember anything we accomplished, other than racking up lots of miles. Darn. /s/

  6. “millions more people than previously thought were at risk of coastal flooding from climate-driven sea-level rise”

    I take it that the Obamas are included in this new figure then? They too wish to line up for financial compensation in advance of any actual flooding?

    • I would have thought the former Commander in Chief of the US Navy would have some idea of the likely behaviour of the oceans.

  7. The rioting in Chile is intended to achieve “economic equality”, which is some sort of socialists dream, something like: if you have more (of anything) than me give some of it to me. Could be more money, more rooms in your house, more golf balls (OK, probably not that), more cars, whatever. The Reality Challenged protestors who burned up many of the public transit buses are now complaining about having to wait in long lines for a bus to show up. The Chile President, Pinerio, cancelled the meetings, even though they sound like gatherings of kindred souls, because it is now impossible to establish any law and order. At first I thought this was funny, now I think it is scarey.

    • Given their recent history, I have thought Chileans would worry where such riots could end up, think sports stadiums.

      Exquisitely equipped militaries in nations who seem to have no overseas enemies, are always likely to have some reservations concerning mob socialism ? Unless, and like Venezuela, the military are profiting from it.

  8. They are banking on a Southern Hemisphere location for some summer warmth for the delegates. The Northern Hemisphere is going to be getting slapped around by bad winter by December.

    I’m thinking they should hold the conference in Caracas, Venezuela. It’ll be warm there. They can then see first hand what CO2 emissions reductions and energy poverty brings to the most oil-endowed country in the world.

  9. COP25 will just have to be moved to a tourism hotspot. Its the best they will be able to do on short notice and all.

    • Beijing would be just right. They could dwell up close on how the Chinese, Indians, and other developing nations have no intention of limiting CO2 production soon. Those nations are too tired of being poor.

      The rising CO2 experiment is going to be played out, wailing and gnashing of teeth by the alarmists notwithstanding. Soon we will see if their climate models are right or wrong about the real world.

  10. Here’s an idea: each country that signed the Paris “Agreement” write down what they “promised” to do (be honest, because it’s on record), and then write down what you have done since then. Subtract the latter from the former, leaving you with what you haven’t done (likely most of what you “promised”).
    Shame on you, or as Greta would say, “How dare you!” Then, with many mea culpas, “promise” you’ll do better in the future, laying out specific plans for doing so. Remember, the world poor, and “developing” countries (like China) are watching, so don’t try to pull a fast one, or Greta will berate you and give you the evil eye, and we don’t want that do we? If we will all just pull together we can vanquish climate change. Yes we can!
    There now, COP25 is done. It’s in the books, and it didn’t cost anything except maybe some bruised egos. Now don’t you feel better?

      • Since the scale is 1990-2016, much of that reduction is actually recession and failure to recover, CBob. Much of the rest, for the US, is attributable to the shift to natural gas.

        • And … I think a lot of Germany’s reduction was due to the shutting down of many of E Germany’s inefficient plants after re-unification.

          • Renewables have done little to nothing to reduce CO2 emissions because spinning reserve is always needed to compensate for renewables’ unreliability. In Germany’s case that has been mostly hydrocarbon-based because they rejected nuclear. And they can always draw energy from the mostly hydrocarbon-based European grid, or dump excess renewable energy at loss to the same, when necessary; thus creating the illusion that a 24/7 grid can be powered by solar and wind.

          • “And a massive investment in renewable energy.”
            If by “investment” you mean “complete and utter waste of money”, I agree with you.

            An actual investment may fare better or worse than just hiding cash somewhere.
            Flushing it down the toilet is not a hiding place.

          • And massive payments to Russia and China for their Fossil Derived electricity and gas
            Germany didn’t really eliminate their CO2 footprint, they just outsourced it

  11. This could spell the end for these climate jamborees. I’m doing everything I can to ridicule COP26, scheduled for Glasgow next year. If everyone pitches in, it too could be cancelled. Please help.

    • Or schedule a Celtics vs Rangers grudge match? (I’m honestly not sure that they have any other kind)

    • Brexit, Scotland declaring independence, English troops blockade Scottish ports and airports, EU starts bombing London etc…..

  12. Is it a coincidence that since Greta has come on the scene, everyone is starting to get cold feet about toting hairshirts ?

  13. Just as the science becomes more robust about rising carbon levels driving up temperatures and triggering a range of dangerous impacts…

    As they have assured us for decades that the science was unquestionable, isn’t it strange that it is only just now becoming more robust?

    How lacking in robustness would it need to be before the science could be questioned?

    I think we will have to wait a bit yet.

    • We need cooling, say 0.3C to start the conversations.

      It is interesting that people that care about the poor (may not help the poor but they care) no longer support spending unlimited money on green stuff that does not work.

      The general public is waking up to the fact that green energy is a scam.

      The movie finds, however, that 70 percent of the power Germany counts as renewable comes from biomass — a fancy term for burning trees. Biomass releases 50 percent more carbon dioxide than coal and more than three times as much as natural gas. Ironically, Germany receives carbon credits for every tree it burns.

      Mr. Gibbs and Mr. Moore critique wind energy for requiring enormous amounts of copper and rare earth minerals. Wind farms also require developing large tracts of land. Solar energy gets dinged for its dependence on mining coal and quartz. They were even shocked to find a company owned by Charles and David Koch receiving solar tax credits. Electric cars sound great, but they depend on the fossil-fuel-powered electrical grid.

  14. Just as the science becomes more robust …

    ???? Maybe Loydo or somebody can explain how that is the case.

  15. You only have to look at pictures of some of the protesters with their Che Guevara complexion to know that it is the Unidad Popular all over again. Nothing to do with the purported trigger of rising ticket price of public transport, but everything with an attempt to do a power grab by the hard left.

    • “Nothing to do with the purported trigger of rising ticket price of public transport”

      According to an email I got from CFACT today, the rise was due to Chile’s need to pay more for its high-priced renewable energy. I wouldn’t be surprised if the BBC chose not to mention that, if it’s true.

      • That’s a super simplistic explanation. For starting, yeah the metro ticket raise was the spark, but the movement is deeper; much like the yellow vests in France, it’s against the raising cost of living, corruption, and the general sensation of inequality and abuse, not only economical but in treatment (for ex: how the justice system treats a rich person or a poor one).
        The ticket raise itself in part was due to raising electricity costs (which also is part of the wide movement; the monthly bill raised a lot this past year), but mostly because the Transportation Ministry hasn’t done the necessary public bids to implement new bus lines, buying buses and train cars, etc., so for the past year they have been doing direct contracts, which of course are more expensive. Thus the whole system became more expensive, and the algorithm that rule the ticket price went into place.
        (I’m from Santiago btw)

  16. I for one am getting sick and tired of having power available at the flick of a switch, and also having peace and law and order on the streets.
    Why don’t we listen to Greta, instead of mocking ?

  17. Well they need to hurry up and make up their minds. The prostitutes and limo services need to know far enough in advance to book flights and transport their cars.

  18. The UN and all nations should realize there are many higher priorities to deal with and discuss than this garbage.

    • As a Chilean I couldn’t agree more. What’s happening here can happen in any other middle or high-income country, as France also showed earlier this year. The UN and the international financial system should be more worried about that than maybe-future issues like the effects of climate change.

  19. They wanted costa rica to cover all the costs 😐 Have the u.n. no shame!!!

    However, he had recently chosen a foreign minister who claimed “climate alarmism” was just a plot by “cultural Marxists”. Xr/greta/al bore, perhaps?

  20. Time for an alternative venue. I can think of several-
    1) Antarctica. It will not be catastrophically too hot. There will be no protests. Ok, no cute and cuddly polar bears, but penguins are cute. Refrigerator costs will be minimal.
    2) Soviet Union- the home of Lysenkoism – how utterly appropriate. Cultural Marxism will also still be strong there.
    3) North Korea- they need the foreign currency and it is a Fabian Utopia.
    4) New Guinea- in the highlands where the last vestiges of cannibalism survive. The climate lunatics do have the long term goal of population control. What better way than to have a meal as well. Long pig it is called. The natives would have some delicious recipes . Better still, if the climate lunatics behave too badly, like not paying for their luvvie fest, they can become the food for the natives. Such vegan fed climate luvvies who are softer than marshmallow would probably be a delicacy.
    These ones can start the list, but there are plenty of other places worthy of hosting the climate luvvies ‘ junket.

  21. As they will need a warm Southern Hemisphere venue to avoid the Northern winter, I have written to nominate Cairns on the Great Barrier Reef.
    Not only is it a tropical destination but the attendees can visit the Great Barrier Reef and see how vibrant and healthy it is in contradiction to MSM and alarmist reports.
    Looks like a win/win for Australia and the UN FCCC!

    • aaargh NO
      ok see the reefs ok bit..
      but another flustercluck of warmist amarmists will just have jcrook sobbing stephen and flimflam gain limelight
      as well as the obnoxious robin williams aussies version of bill nye
      and all 250 of the melbourne ex reb peat luvvies and the rest would be there all gussied in wetpaint(latest stunt to avoid being moved on) and howling police abuse.
      71 to be booked so far;-)

      what about kiribas or tuuvalu or some other sinking paradise(not0
      see chinas being bit for billions to make em a safe spot using dredging?

  22. The COP meeting was originally scheduled for Brazil, but its president is a skeptic and bowed out of hosting it. Chile stepped up and offered to do so instead—I guess its leadership is green.

  23. I’m Chilean and honestly most people knew from day 1 of the mass protests (Oct 18) that these conferences couldn’t be held. The protests, riots and violence from both sides of the fight are way too big -including eventual human rights violations from the police – plus the incompetence of Piñera’s government makes it hard to see when/where this will end; all of that is risky for foreign visitors. It also would’ve been a further slap in the face of the people to have the government receive all those “important” people to talk about high minded ideals, spending lots of public money, whilst we have such a mess here. COP25 specially sounded so ludicrous; you can’t have ecological sustainability without social sustainability! People here care about environmental issues and climate change (in abstract), specially regarding droughts, but to have “eminences” tell us how to behave to “save the world” in a country where most people don’t make it to the end of the month (middle class folk use credit to buy basic things like groceries), it’s a joke. All the issues that are fuelling the movement where hidden in plain sight… I’m glad these events were cancelled, and I couldn’t be happier Greta won’t come lol. And I hope all of this is for the best.

  24. The riots across Chile ostensibly grew out of a 4% increase in subway fares in Santiago. The socialists and anarchists in Chile seized the moment and launched attacks on rail stations, grocery stores, high rise buildings, banks, and assorted infrastructure across Chile. They are succeeding in making life for the average Chilean far more difficult, by destroying the infrastructure that sustains them. The riots reflect the attempts of the socialists and anarchist to over throw the elected government of Chile, using poverty and class resentment as their cover and source of ‘useful tools’. The Chilean government is a constitutional republic, with branches for Executive, Legislative, and Judicial functions.

    President Pinera decided he could not guarantee security of the attendees at the APEC trade forums and COPout25, while the anarchist and socialists pursued their hell-bent campaign of terrorism in Chile.

  25. “The UN said it was now looking at alternative venues”

    Twitter maybe

    Great transparency
    Low cost to the taxpayers who are paying for it. Low emissions too.

    • They can’t use Twitter. If they did, people would be able to actually reply and ask actual questions.

      That’s a big no no. See what happened when Christopher managed a sneaky question once at an unguarded mic.

    • Why not Antarctica? Since all the ice has melted it should be a good place for a jamboree with tents and campfires.

  26. Some wonderful long-time friends of mine are originally from Mumbai, and are adherents of Zoroastrianism – one of the oldest religions on Earth. They have some dietary rules that push them toward more vegetarian meals, the main rule being “eat no food with a face.”

    I sincerely hope they are never eating French fries should they ever run across that horrific title photograph….

  27. Oh no!! this is just terrible news. Where will all the newly appointed not elected Presidents of the European Union go to be presidential now? The President of the EU commission, The President of the EU council, The President of the EU central bank, The President of the EU Parliament, The President of the EU monetary zone.
    These are very important people, many of them were town councillors before their elevation to Presidenthood (sic) don’t you know. Where can their corporate jets fly to now?
    I should also mention, the EU High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, not a president, but the highest paid appointed nobody in the EU. Where will he/she/it go to be Presidential, sorry I miss spoke, sorry, I mean go to be High Commissioner.
    Do these Chilean rioters not realise, the damage they are doing to the none elected establishment appointees?
    As for that poor child who can see CO2, what ever happened to her super powers? Did she not know before that sailing adventure across the Atlantic, the Cop out meeting was going to be cancelled? Her futurology compass was clearly on the blink.
    As for poor old Al, well he was always uncertain if he could make it, due to the ongoing snow falls and clearing the side walk outside your home obligations. All that tootling back and forth with a snow shovel, to his many snowed in properties wasn’t supposed to be happening. I recall some nobody a few years back saying, we would not know what snow is by now…..
    I have no doubt, Canada will step up and offer to host this very important COP jamboree. The authorities are just a bit anxious, they are not sure if any Canadian airport will be open in December. This early global warming we are having falling in white flakes and building up in huge piles all around the country is such a messy problem. Saint Greta has been asked to intervene, she was last pictured raging at the snow screaming, “How Dare You”!!

    • I do NOT want COP25 in London.
      Es[pecially if Al Gore III is attending.
      London doesn’t do snow – but the Al-Gore-ithm Guy brings Climate Change in White wherever he goes.
      No Thank You.


  28. This is part of what they are saying over at Jonova about the background to the situation :

    -“Apparently the train fares were rising partly because of renewables:
    James Taylor, Heartland, Epoch Times
    Santiago Metro fares are rising, despite falling oil and gasoline prices, because government officials in 2018 traded out most of the Metro’s energy sources from conventional power to wind and solar power. The Chilean government also hit the portion of conventional power that remains with new carbon dioxide taxes.
    In 2015 Chile was the first country in South America to enforce a carbon tax of $5 a ton. The actual dollars didn’t start coming out of people’s wallets until 2018. The government expected to collect $160m in taxes, so that’s less than $10 per capita. But as we all know, there are hidden costs with the “transition” to random energy generators, perhaps the knock on costs are much larger?”-

    Carbon taxes? Perhaps not conducive to public order .

  29. Had to smile at the concluding para of the BBC report on the new catastrophic sea level rise paper that majored on the threat to Bangkok:

    “In places, the ground is going down 10 times faster than the water is coming up.
    This has been true of places like Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, and Bangkok where too much groundwater has been extracted from underlying soils.”

  30. Poor Greta – sour grapes. She turned down the prestigious Nordic Council’s 2019 Environmental Award which was recognizing her for her FridaysForFuture movement of young people, and its 52,000 cash prize that goes with the award, until leaders in Nordic countries start to take action in accordance with what “the science says” is necessary to limit global temperature rise.

    That prize would have payed for the highly anticipated pacific sailing trip to Santiago. 29 Nov planned action will likely go ahead.

    Isra Hirsi, co-executive director of the Youth Climate Strike, and daughter of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), warned yesterday that in 2020, young people will support and vote for leaders “who will listen to us, because we will be here, striking, marching, rallying and voting.” Varshini Prakash, cofounder of the Sunrise Movement of young environmental hit squads, added “We’re putting all politicians on notice. If you don’t stand with our generation and back the Green New Deal, young people will make your life hell as you try to get re-elected next year.”

    • She will be participating in the LA “climate strike” tomorrow (Nov. 1). Since her plans hinged on heading south to Mexico and eventually Chile, those are out the window. The Greta choo-choo has ground to a halt, and is now directionless. Even if they did manage to find a new location, I don’t believe they could do it without re-scheduling to next year. But would they really want to have two the same year? I doubt it.

  31. Imagine this ….. the COP25 summit final option for their gabfest is at Trump National Doral Miami for accommodations and then protests from the greens and the usual suspects shut it down and the whole sordid affair is cancelled!!!

    So …. would the next gabfest be COP25 or would it be COP26? Would having it at Black Rock Desert along with “Burning Man” be the most appropriate option? Yea … that’s the ticket!

  32. OMG! All those hotel and airline reservations will have to be changed. Chile would be too “chilly” anyway. How ’bout Tahiti?

  33. “Just as the science becomes more robust about rising carbon levels driving up temperatures and triggering a range of dangerous impacts,”

    You mean it wasn’t robust before?? That’s what I thought. So what’s different now?

  34. Seems like the perfect opportunity to conduct COP25 by teleconference! The participants can show their enthusiasm from home, doing ‘jazz hands’ in front of their computer screens. Mother Gaia would be pleased.

  35. “Just as the science becomes more robust about rising carbon levels driving up temperatures and triggering a range of dangerous impacts,”

    But wait, the skeptics have been saying for years that the science wasn’t all that robust before. So, despite the naysaying, they’re now admitting the skeptics were right all along. And since they’re claiming it’s more robust what changed to make it more robust? because as far as I can see they’re still saying the same things as when the science was, by their own admission, less robust.

  36. Hi Linda. I’m afraid to say any chances of a debate about what is now being touted by the media as climate breakdown are long gone. The start of the media closing down debate was in the aftermath of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. I used to be permitted to occasionally contribute to a local Dublin radio station about climate change for a number of years. About a year ago I proposed to the station that they interview a climate sceptic science-specialising Irish father and son so as to balance the relentless climate hype that has been rampant on Irish airwaves. I was constantly sidestepped and slow rolled about who they were etc. Luckily, I had initiated this approach prior to Greta starting her antics. What has occured since her climate crusade is that what was once a disjointed agenda to stop supposed runaway global warming has now mutated into an unofficial media offensive to save the planet by whatever biased means possible. Media now consider people like us as deluded dangerous flat earthers. Hugely ironic.

  37. Chile learns a lesson now. There is a limit to what people are ready to endure. Politicians like the grandstanding of big international events and the sunshine it brings for their careers but in the end, its the people who ensure who gets to have a comfy job in government and who stays out at every election. This is a groundswell – and fakery won’t end this.

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