Police Chief: Climate Protestors are Forcing the Diversion of Crime Investigation Resources

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Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to London’s police chief, resources are being diverted from criminal investigations to perform frontline duties, because of the acute manpower shortage caused by having to deal with Extinction Rebellion’s climate protest stunts.

Extinction Rebellion protests cost police £37 million and led to other investigations being shut

By Gareth Davies 
22 OCTOBER 2019 • 2:09PM

Policing the Extinction Rebellion protests has cost Scotland Yard £37million so far this year and has caused other investigations to be closed down. 

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said on Tuesday that the cost of the two-week protest action this month had cost £21million, a bill set to rise by several million pounds.

Dame Cressida said the policing of the climate change group had put a “horrendous strain” on the force, and as a result some of its other investigations were either being done slowly or in the worst-case scenario – not at all. 

She said: “We are certainly at the point where I would say to Extinction Rebellion this is placing a horrendous strain on London, and on the Met.

“From the Met’s point of view (a) big cost to us and the people who pay for us. Huge drain on our people’s resources and energy, causing their families to have to make massive changes in their personal arrangements.

“Frankly, a less good service to the rest of London. Partly because people get tired and partly because we just had to slow down certain types of inquiries, certain types of investigations would just be done more slowly and some things won’t ever be done at all.

Read more: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/10/22/extinction-rebellion-cost-37m-police-led-investigations-closed/

I’m sure its not just London, the same thing is likely happening everywhere Extinction Rebellion stages their illegal stunts.

A house just got burgled in my neighbourhood, filthy opportunists raiding the house of someone who just died, stealing precious family heirlooms, messing up the house, adding to the pain of an already grieving family.

There are a lot of frail elderly people in my area, many of whom knew the person who died. They are all frightened their house might be targeted by the burglars.

I wonder if the police will have the resources to investigate? Nobody was present when the house was robbed, nobody got hurt, so from the police perspective it wasn’t a major crime. Perhaps the police will be too busy arresting and prosecuting climate protestors in Brisbane to devote resources to solving this case.

79 thoughts on “Police Chief: Climate Protestors are Forcing the Diversion of Crime Investigation Resources

    • “When minutes count….”
      …help is busy miles away trying get mentally unglued XR protesters unglued from inanimate objects

      Hate the diversion of police resources. Love the irony of those unglued people using glue on themselves.

    • “When minutes count….”

      Your surveillance team will be slacking off on the job, You’ll end up following the wrong bloke, and giving a n unnecessary kill order against a Brazilian electrician.. then everybody will lie about it at the subsequent inquest..

      No opinion of Cressida Dick’s should be given creedence without independent corroboration.

    • Eric,

      Minutes is plural. If criminals want to break into an occupied house, not the case here for the unfortunate family, it is seconds that matter.

      My wife and I live in rural Iowa. Most optimistic police response time to an emergency call is maybe 10 minutes. So we don’t rely on the police, no matter how professional and diligent, to protect ourselves and our property. Too many people in this country and the rest of the world just don’t get it. It’s time to let these a**holes know we’re not going to put up with it, and we’re not going to rely on the government to deal with it, because it just won’t happen.

  1. The Twerpocracy continues to absorb media and police attention by throwing tantrums over trifles.

  2. With any luck one of the investigations being abandoned is the investigation into those who pulled the protesters off the Tube train and beat the crap out of them.

    • You can just about guarantee that the investigation into the people who sorted out the tube protest will be followed up with utmost vigiour.

  3. What’s the policy on illegal protesters being handed the bill for expenses incurred dealing with the consequences of their actions? Cost of policing, damage caused, loss of commerce – you know, the cost.

    • Like all protests before, any costs will be waived…sorry…paid for by taxpayers and local rate payers (Council rates on property owners).

      • They need to send the bill to George Soros. Apparently he can afford it as he funds these groups to begin with. Maybe if they hit him hard enough in his investment accounts he will stop funding these temper tantrums.

        • “They need to send the bill to George Soros.”

          Good idea! They ought to be billing the Chief Troublemaker. They also ought to be reigning in his influence as we see what his influence/money does to the lives of normal people. Soros wants his will to be done and he is willing to put up the money to pay for it.

    • Divide and Rule – Isn’t the protesters’ whole idea to create chaos, in order to establish their intended totalitarian system, the New Third Reich. Yah, but they are not right wing socialists. Nah, but they are Useful Idiots thinking they are the divined salvation to the natural world. I have more and more difficulties distinguishing the Extinction Rebellion together with the underlying thinking behind the Green movement, and that of the socialist movement during the 1930’s. Methods and propaganda may have changed, but the funding seems to be the same, like Rockefeller and the British Empire (Now City of London).

      If the British MP’s had been humane, critically thinking and better listeners: They would not have encouraged division, they would have listened to their own advisors like for example Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, they would have refrained from supporting Bedtime Story climate propaganda, supporting the tyranny of a foreign teen tool in the hands of Extremely big foundations.
      If the British MPs had been humane, critically thinking and better listeners: The population would not have been so polarized, but rather proud of their inheritance and traditions.
      In the 1970’s, if you were a foreigner in the UK or any other country for that matter, and you turned out to be a menace to the society, you would have the police escort you to the nearest international airport and put on a plane (not glued on the fuselage) bound for the country you came from (even if you didn’t like to fly).
      Had the police been given cart blanche by the MPs to demand full restrictions within the law to stop violent, obstructive and/or illegal protests right away, send foreign protesters home and the rest given a fine, you would most likely not see so many amateur protesters, leaving only a few hard-core professional protesters.
      Can we un-indoctrinate the MPs and their youth without a trial de-industrialization and totalitarian administration? – Maybe if the MSM got miraculous weekend.

      • When he was Mayor of London, Boris Johnson bought two or three water canons to deal with aggressive rioters. The Home Secretary at the time, Theresa May (later Prime Minister) banned their use but they were kept in reserve until last year when Sadik Khan sold them for scrap.

  4. Giving the response from commuters at CAnning Town, perhaps a few more citizens dealing with the problem themselves may solve this. These gutless wonders are quite happy protesting while there are no consequences and the magistrates hit them with a wet lettuce leaf. I suspect however these twerps wont turn up in East London again any time soon. A bit of civil disobedience from those impacted by these protests may do wonders.

    • I suggest the UK police organize a “flying squad” of football (soccer) hooligans in each city, to deal expeditiously with XR thugs. The police and the hooligans are certainly well-acquainted with each other. It’s time that the hooligans put their efforts to constructive use, for the benefit of the pubic.

      If the police are reluctant, this could be done independently, as a public service to speed up the local commute. I suggest paying the hooligans in pints of bitter, down the pub – “crowd funding”. 🙂

      The good people of Canning Town showed admirable restraint in dealing with the XR thugs, especially considering one of the XR cowards kicked one of the locals in the face.

      That restraint should be a model for future activities by the flying squads. Go get ’em!

      Problem solved – a low-cost, quick and effective locally-sourced solution.


      Where are Britain’s renowned soccer hooligans when you need them the most?

      XR thugs are the modern version of Hitler’s brown-shirts. Wouldn’t you like to have a crack at them?

      C’mon lads – Make XR thugs an endangered species!

      • ““flying squad” of football (soccer) hooligans”

        That was a problem, but you can’t get funding for it. Climate change is even bigger, in terms of funding.

      • “…out from the door of the farmhouse came a long file of pigs, all walking on their hind legs…out came Napoleon himself, majestically upright, casting haughty glances from side to side, and with his dogs gambolling round him.

        He carried a whip in his trotter.

        The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

  5. “From the Met’s point of view (a) big cost to us and the people who pay for us. Huge drain on our people’s resources and energy, causing their families to have to make massive changes in their personal arrangements”

    My sympathies, madam but this is your job and if you don’t have the resources to do your job the fault lies with the government that gave you your orders and your budget and not with legal protests however whacko the protesters may be. If these protests shouldn’t be legal then those necessary changes need to be made to your laws by your legislature.

    • So you expect the government to just train up an additional thousand police overnight when budgets are done 12 months in advance…. you aren’t one of these brain dead ER people are you?

      • Darren Porter October 24, 2019 at 7:47 pm
        No Darren chaamjamal is not ER if you have been reading his posts you would know this. It is city Government that is in the end responsible. If the government is allowing such Demonstrations because they are legal then they must deal with it. Provide manpower or ban the gatherings.


        • I can’t see how blocking city centre main roads and bridges is legal. Marches, maybe – but those move on. When XR built a great big tepee of poles in Oxford Street (?) I was wondering where the chainsaws had got to – because if ANYTHING was asking to be cut down, it was that construction!

      • There is no short term solution except for the practice down here in the shithole countries to declare martial law or “emergency rule” and shoot on sight.

        But there is a long term solution.

        • The Met Police are playing the ‘public opinion’ game, and it’s working.

          Were they to in heavy handed there would be scenes of violence, usually police defending themselves, but nevertheless the MSM would carefully present them as aggressors. We have seen all this before on more than one occasion, not least the Miners strikes in the 80’s.

          The reaction on Canning Town Tube Station demonstrates it’s working. These announcements of the wast of money and resources are simply more of a PR campaign to demonise xr as an organisation, not as individuals.

          The Met Police are handling this exceptionally well. However, as usual, police forces are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.

          • Agreed. Strikers in the 80’s never got arrested for dropping a concrete post off of a motorway bridge that killed a man simply driving his way home. His family were never compensated. Scargill didn’t give a shit! Thatcher and the Police were blamed.

          • Congratulations HotScot, you win the Internet today 🙂

            I’d go further and suggest that XR and little Greta have been boosted in order to slow down excess zeal regarding climate catastrophe that threatens the equilibrium whereby governments can use the scare as a nice little earner, whilst at the same time realising it is nothing more than a Turnip Ghost ?

      • No Darren but years of cuts to police manning and infrastructure and the court system manning and infrastructure are the governments responsibility….. It’s not like they weren’t informed of the risks and consequences when the decisions were made.

    • The metropolitan police are funded from central government under the home office. Police were drafted in from around the country to support the Met. These forces are paid for out of local taxation.
      Interestingly, the protesters didn’t go into the city of London where the financial area is located, this is policed by the City of London police which is independent of the Met and is a smaller force covering approximately 1 square mile.

  6. I don’t really see what the problem is. The “crime investigation resources” have been allocated to finding white English saying naughty things and using butter knifes and sporks in public. Diverting them to the Extinction Environmentalists would seem to be a step up.

  7. Knife crime in London has reached levels not seen before. So XR are wasting police resources and, IIRC, is a crime in itself. You won’t see any arrested protesters being prosecute however.

  8. When the cat is away, the mice will play. I fully expect there to be a spike in crime over those two weeks.

  9. At some point you have to put your foot down and not allow a few to totally disrupt the many, especially if it is something that punishes the rights of others, like being able to get to work on time or ensure an ambulance or police vehicle can get through to a hospital or the scene of a crime. A line has to be drawn in the sand on what is acceptable and what isn’t. When Gov’t and police are too weak to act, then it just encourages more people to even act worse. All I can say, these protesters are lucky I am not in charge because I would be very tempted to crack some eggs. Especially for something as stupid as doing all this to innocent people who may even happen to agree with the premise of what you are protesting. And it is probably ironic that ER is also making so many people mad that they will drive support away from the whole CAGW cause. So I bite my tongue, since letting them carry on like this will really make them the enemy and not the law abiding citizens trying to go about their normal everyday lives.

    • Is this what you’d like see done Eric? A few fractured skulls, a few dismembered limbs? A beheading or two? Is it the kind of reply you expected? Desired? I guess it is, you’ve had enough practice dog-whistling this sort of thing up.

      • IANAL but I expect XR “protests” fall under the definition of Public Nuisance
        ” Obstructing a highway or creating a condition to make travel unsafe or highly disagreeable are examples of nuisances threatening the public convenience.

        A public nuisance interferes with the public as a class, not merely one person or a group of citizens. No civil remedy exists for a private citizen harmed by a public nuisance, even if his or her harm was greater than the harm suffered by others; a criminal prosecution is the exclusive remedy. ”

        People have lost sight that one function of the police is to protect the accused from an outraged public. And police were only invented in the 19th century.

  10. The police should go back to dealing with criminals, and let the crowds deal with the ER idiots. A few of them beaten senseless or ripped to pieces would solve the problem.

  11. Same thing is happening in Hong Kong but unfortunately not in Urumqi: exercising the human right to peacefully protest. Doesn’t need qualification.

    • Apples and oranges…at least in Hong Kong they are fighting for their lives and up against an evil fascist regime. The protests that ER is doing to innocent people is wrong, and actually counter productive to their cause. Regardless of whether there is much truth to global warming being just 100% bad.

      • Firstly, the actual policemen and women have done quite nicely, standing about watching the clowns dancing around,
        while working people had their lives made more difficult. Lots of lovely overtime.
        But it isn’t ‘the police’ who pick up the tab, it’s those same working people.
        The police still find time to ‘investigate’ those at Canning who dragged down the morons on top of the tube train.
        Secondly, they have made over 1,800 arrests but only charged 160 with anything and that mostly trivial charges. Many of those ‘arrested’ were free to go straight back to the ‘protest’ – and did just that.
        Thirdly, if all those virtue – signalling clowns had been real people protesting about the organised grooming and rape of tens of thousands of little English and Sikh girls by over 80% Pakistani gangs, the protesters would have been cleared off the streets in minutes and dealt with most severely.
        The government and their police protectors don’t give a flying fart about the people who pay their wages.

    • So while these XR protesters (Protesting peacefully? Yeah right!) are exercising their “rights” the rights of the innocent are being violated, and you are OK with that?

    • Loydo October 24, 2019 at 7:49 pm
      Same thing is happening in Hong Kong
      No Loydo. Your comparison is despicable.
      If you do not understand the difference between protests for civil liberties and vain glorious attention seeking, a mob of misfits pretending to want to save the world to prove they have some social worth, then you are valueless as a human being.


  12. Policing the Extinction Rebellion protest in London would have taken a couple of hours and less than a hundred grand.
    It’s facilitating the ER protests that tied up police for fourteen days and cost twenty-one million pounds.

  13. Is this the same police service that said it was investigating citizens for assault when those citizens tried to pull XR protesters down from the top of the train? So…….there is enough money for that then?
    Also, why bother sending police to unglue people who clearly wish to be glued to the pavement/buildings/what have you. Put a few traffic cones around them for protection and let them stay there ten or twelve hours. Until it is convenient to send personnel to unglue. Sales of adult diapers would soar in advance of protests…..

  14. Eric, your concern for the lack of police to investigate a Burglary in Brisbane is not something we suffer from in the UK any more. These days the police never investigate burglary in the UK. They regard it as a civil incident and simply note its occurrence, give the victim a police crime number to put on their insurance claim, and that is their total involvement. They could not care less.Now if you say something on one of the social media platform that they consider provocative, then they investigate and you will be up for prosecution for “hate crime”.
    Meanwhile a container is opened in Kent with 39 dead bodies inside, nothing to do with climate change, everything to do with social change.
    We live in troubling times.

    • Yeah, same in Aus and NZ. But drive 10kmh over the speed limit..sheesh! Or wearing a loud shirt in a built up area?

  15. When the news media parade the likes of Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg and assorted Green Blobbers on television without anyone else present to contradict what they claim then this is what happens.

    What makes things worse is that the interviewers have no knowledge or understanding of what’s out there in the world of climate change, whatsoever. Their inability to even quote the IPCC reports, senate hearings or parliamentary groups allows that motley crew to claim what they want without fear of contradiction.

    The only interviewer I have seen on television in the UK who has taken the correct approach is Andrew Neil and he was extremely successful in exposing Zion Lights of XR as a know-nothing rebel rouser.

    Nigel Farage has had similar success on LBC radio with another senior member of XR, Sarah Lunnon.

    Being in charge of all the cameras, all the microphones, all the written words and all the places of learning is a powerful place to be.

  16. Glad I don’t live in Britain. Used to be a nice place to visit. Not no more. Geezo Pete, get some soccer hooligans beered up and turn them loose on the idiots. How hard is that?

    In the USA, it’s already been determined (I have 3 examples) that the po-po are under no obligation to protect you from a criminal, and that you can’t sue the po-po if they don’t protect you. However, unlike the UK, you can defend yourself against a criminal, so that means that people taking a walk on a bike trail who get attacked by some wanker on a bicycle can fight back and call the cops and get the j*****ss arrested for battery.

    The rights of citizens have no bearing in either of these instances, so I guess that means you Brits/Aussies will just have to take matters into your own hands, and screw the po-po. They’re just useless bystanders anyway. Get some beered up footballers on your side and go for it!!! And if the newspaper marones don’t understand it, enlighten them.

    • That is correct. If your house is being “invaded” by someone you have to call the police, and wait. Can’t defend yourself from this “invasion”. Then, if these “invaders” decided to rape your wife and child, you still have to call the police, and wait. Of course, by the time the police arrive, the house has been raided, wife and child raped and the police issue you an “incident” number. And then, as in my case in a “home invasion”, I had to submit finger prints to, ahem, “exclude” *ME* from any suspect lists! I wasn’t even in the country at the time.

  17. It’s a bit amusing for the police to now be complaining about resources being spent on XR (stands for X-tra Retarded). Perhaps if instead of mollycoddling the buggers to begin with, they had been beating with batons and fire-hosing them, the problem would have gone away.

  18. It’s not just these protests, the on going attrition against the shale gas sites is also costing a fortune in policing and is now being counted as a cost against the frakking companies when the press mentions this process.

  19. A house just got burgled in my neighbourhood, filthy opportunists raiding the house of someone who just died, stealing precious family heirlooms, messing up the house, adding to the pain of an already grieving family.

    Yep. Those ghouls will look through the obits to find out when funerals and visitations are scheduled, knowing very well that nobody will be home. If you post this type of information, you may want to get a house sitter with a gun.

  20. Eric,

    Don’t go public with such info’s. Every one knowing about too knows what house / flat is free hunting area. Unless there’s a warden near / in the house / flat.

    “A house just got burgled in my neighbourhood, filthy opportunists raiding the house of someone who just died, stealing precious family heirlooms, messing up the house, adding to the pain of an already grieving family.

    There are a lot of frail elderly people in my area, many of whom knew the person who died. They are all frightened their house might be targeted by the burglars.”


    Don’t go public with such info’s. Every one knowing about too knows what house / flat is free hunting area. Unless there’s a warden near / in the house / flat.

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