Angry English Commuters Attack Extinction Rebellion Climate Protestors

Extinction Rebellion Protestor Attacked by Commuters
Extinction Rebellion Protestor Attacked by Commuters. Source (includes video): Sky News

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Grant Griffiths; It looks like commuter patience with Extinction Rebellion’s disruptive tactics has finally snapped.

Furious commuters drag Extinction Rebellion protesters from top of Tube

Climate change activists carry out London-wide protests in defiance of a police ban as leaders try to get the ban lifted.

Alix Culbertson
News reporter @alixculbertson

Angry commuters have pulled Extinction Rebellion protesters from the top of a Tube as activists disrupted services across London.

A Catholic and Anglican priest also climbed onto a train at a different station as part of the protest.

At Canning Town station in east London dozens of commuters were seen pulling two campaigners, dressed in jacket and tie, from the top of a Jubilee Line Tube train after they unfurled a banner saying, “Business as usual = death”.

The pair used a ladder to climb onto the roof, prompting an immediate reaction from commuters, including one who threw his sandwich at them. A drink was also hurled at one of them.

Read more (includes video):

A video of the event:

I hope the Extinction Rebellion protestors were not harmed.

But frankly something like this was inevitable. Big city commuting is miserable enough, even without a bunch of idiot hippies adding to people’s stress and unhappiness with their meaningless daily obstruction and protests.

Update (EW): The commuters who attacked the protestors are being “sought by police“.

247 thoughts on “Angry English Commuters Attack Extinction Rebellion Climate Protestors

    • LOL. How dare you interfere with my meaningless daily existence with your meaningless daily obstruction and protests?

      Somehow these extremists don’t seem to realise that you are not going win public support for your climate crusade by seriously pissing everyone off. They so confident of their moral superiority they just think they can bully everyone into agreeing with them.

      Unfortunately there are real pollution problems we should be dealing with but these cretins will ensure the destruction of any genuine enviro issues.

      Also some serious pushback from Dutch farmers, I think we have finally reached one of those “tipping points” they keep talking about.

      • You’d think that seeing people shaking their heads with frowns of disapproval would nudge their proper British demeanor enough to make them try some other tactic. They are obviously just anarchists- using the politically correct clamor of climate to skirt the law, while terrorizing the very social system which facilitated their existence.

          • They don’t have the money for cocaine. They wouldn’t even make the competent level of criminality required to finance such a habit in the absence of a well paying job. If they had such job in London town then they too would be commuters.

      • The problem for the government is they have officially endorsed the CAGW hoax for so long that it will be difficult now to justify extreme measures to keep protestors from disrupting the economy. It cost them nothing to pay lip service to the hoax, now the bill is coming due.

        • The BBC have been cheering XR on as well as broadcasting non stop climate doom propaganda. The XR nuts picketed Broadcasting House complaining that the BBC were ignoring the Climate Crisis. Yes they really are that crazy. XR are also claiming to have widespread public support, I think that some of them just got a reality check.

    • They got one of the ‘citizen’s assemblies’ they’ve been calling for, but citizen democracy didn’t quite work out the way they expected.

    • “I hope the Extinction Rebellion protestors were not harmed. ”

      Noble sentiment sadly not shared by these extremists. The other day they blocked the passage of an ambulance in London for 20 minutes. I wonder who was on the receiving end of that act of stupid, self-righteous arrogance ?

      • Nope, he is squarely on top when he kicks the guy in the face….that’s Assault here in the US, and grabbing his leg and pulling him down would be Self Defense…

        • He didn’t dress or look like a hippie, either. More like a professional of some sort.

          I’d guess that these protest groups, especially Antifa, attract apolitical sadists and bullies. They see an opportunity to hurt people. So they don the political disguise and spout the rhetoric that opens the door for them.

          Che Guevara is a classic example. He was a sadistic killer who took real pleasure in his murders of political prisoners. The revolution in Cuba was a god-send to him.

          One suspects he eventually deluded himself into belief of the justifying rhetoric. Certainly, lots of today’s dilettante revolutionaries do so.

          • “I’d guess that these protest groups, especially Antifa, attract apolitical sadists and bullies. They see an opportunity to hurt people. So they don the political disguise and spout the rhetoric that opens the door for them.”

            Absolutely, those of us here in the States saw that at the Battle of Berkeley a couple of years back.

          • He apparently gave up his job to do this 🙄 fruit loop!
            Pretty certain most of them are on some sort of drugs, the air around them is difficult green smelling.
            The good think is that they’re digging their own graves doing this sort of stunt, bring it on!

          • Numerous talented people have begun creating memes to counter the hypocrisy of the Left regarding supporting Antifa and Extinction Rebellion and all the other anti-social associations while demanding that the populace at large be disarmed.

            One really clever one shows the “Beto” (aka “Beta-Boy”) actually named “Bob” O’Rourke Democratic Party candidate loon who is campaigning for the nomination for President telling a crowd of students at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, that ONLY the GOVERNMENT can be trusted with GUNS…a quick search of history reveals that it was the GOVERNMENT who fired on the protesters during an anti-war protest.

        • Not sure that he kicked him in the face. Maybe on the shoulder, in any case it was a deliberate, unprovoked and violent attack. He stepped forward and kicked out violently , clearly making contact. That is enough for a criminal charge.

          In any case if that was me on the receiving end I would have used necessary force to ensure he was unable to continue the attack, if you see what I mean.

      • No. The protester, after having a drink thrown at him, clearly tried to stamp his foot on the person trying to remove him from the roof and got pulled down after loosing his footing. I probably would have done the same if I were there. I am not sure what London tubes are like these days but that looked like a very crowded platform ordinary people being intimidated. That’s terrorism as defined in the dictionary.

  1. “I hope the Extinction Rebellion protestors were not harmed.”
    Unfortunately, I think only their pride was dented. Others may not let them off so peaceably!

    • I get the feeling that the commuters were being “sought by police” because they could use their assistance.

      • The British police have a reputation of letting mobs destroy everything in plain sight, while arresting children who eat a sandwich in the shape of a gun. I’m sure the people don’t trust the police in the slightest either.

      • Exactly! Police would like to investigate them to get some tips to do their job properly. What a joke the UK has become.

        You might not wish them harm Eric, but you’re speaking for yourself there mate.

  2. I hope the Extinction Rebellion protestors were not harmed

    On this occasion they got what they asked for. And a coffee thrown in, too.

    • I saw that in the video. That was so thoughtful of someone to provide coffee to the XR protester. It might start a trend.

      Can’t have that litter all about, so the commuters should continue to provide the coffee, but without the cup. Hot coffee is best. Everyone likes their coffee hot. I can’t imagine it would go unappreciated by the XR crowd.

        • Do remember that McDonalds and Burger King are not allowed to advertise that they sell milkshakes (and, by extension, tea and coffee) if there is some sort of political rally or protest within 200 metres!
          (However, Chick-fil-A have got a beachhead in Reading.)

          Canning Town (or London generally) was a very poor choice for support. Conversely the XR protests in Cambridge (and in Bristol?) blocked the streets but the local authorities, dominated by academics, are highly supportive of promoting the “Emergency” and provide logistic and administrative support and police assistance. Generally speaking, annoying people going about their daily business to earn money does not create respect.

          • McDonalds can’t advertise milkshakes because their “shakes” are not made of milk. That’s why they are advertised as “thick shakes”.

  3. If you listen to the CBC, almost everyone gives lip service to CAGW. That is a thin veneer. When people experience real misery they become a lot more skeptical.

    • I’ve always believed people will put up with a lot until they become inconvenienced or physically uncomfortable. Hungry, thirsty, hot, cold or stuck in a car or commuter train and you start to get a little testy.

      Same with the protestors. 50 of them screaming and acting like fools is not a problem as long as it doesn’t directly affect you. When it does it becomes personal and you get involved, sometimes quite quickly. Throw in the mob effect and people can get hurt.

      • Soon It could become a religious war of believers against non-believers of the Church of Omnipotent Greenhouse In Carbon.

        • A better analogy is the secular Chamber and its acolytes that have the audacity to proclaim human life viable or unworthy of life. Wicked.

  4. It’s about time Londoners “grew a pair” and dealt with these criminals.

    … and I could care less if the phony green thugs are injured.

    The global warming fraud never been about the climate – it’s a false front, a smokescreen for Marxist totalitarianism.

    Bravo London!!!

    • Doesn’t quite seem to be an issue in the US as yet. I’m not terribly mobile anymore, so climbing up on trains is not in my future, but if I’m within arms reach of some XR loon delaying my train…well, the delay will be short-lived. Possibly the loon as well.

      • It could be very amusing if any of thenm tried that here in the US.

        For the most part, subways are in the downtown areas of large cities. In addition to business commuters, the subways are heavily used by inner-city, Democrat voters, and some of them can be very violent. Great care must be used to avoid the appearance of diss’ing them.

        Any XR protestor getting in their way could easily find themselves a victim of a mugging, knock-out punch, or used for target practice.

    • I’m with you, Allan. Nothing but low-grade Marxist thugs. And the people of London are justifiably fed up.

    • Amen. It just hasn’t seemed to dawn on some people that liberty and freedom (what’s left of it) are literally at stake.

    • I agree. These delusional sociopathic marxist thugs are simply trying to gain power by ruining ordinary people lives, based on false scare stories they try to exploit to create fear in the gullible with no real evidence, and without being elected. We waste £10B pa on pacifying this make believe nonsense by law. Already too much. The Police are no deterrent, no physical deterence at all. H&S hopeless and carry these people when they should be dragged, etc. If the Police won’t protect us we must ensure ER regret their actions in a very memorable way at each opportunity, so they don’t dare come back, and shut up. Perhaps the people of London need an organised force to interdict ER, who know how to ensure video records are blocked/suppressed, etc.? I am a people of London, BTW.

    • I totally agree.

      Left wing chaos (problem does not exist and solution does not work)
      Block transit until what?
      We give into their demands?
      Spend a gazillion dollars on stuff that does not work? And we get what?

      Law and order (Logical and sensible) …

      $10,000 fine and six months in jail for interfering with public transport …

    • Where are Britain’s renowned soccer hooligans when you need them the most?

      XR thugs are the modern version of Hitler’s brown-shirts. Wouldn’t you like to have a crack at them?

      C’mon lads – Make XR thugs an endangered species!

      • To Inde-Pedant George:

        To be more clear, George, I have no sympathy for those who deliberately obstruct the freedom of others. I detest the green-brownshirts who try to intimidate and obstruct people from their right to free movement – I regard their conduct as an assault, and am not surprised if it is met with defensive counter-assault – it is the right of every citizen to defend him/herself.

        These obstructive acts by XR and others are criminal conduct. Some of these XR types are being paid to obstruct and that is criminal conspiracy. Note that the global warming/climate change scare is a false crisis, concocted by wolves to stampede the sheep for political and financial gain.

        Regarding violence, I find it abhorrent. I managed two armed hostage crises in the FSU and nobody got hurt – I didn’t call in the authorities because they are worse than the armed thugs. I have travelled through numerous armed checkpoints in the “developing world” where I was the only person with lots of cash and no gun, and I find that uncomfortable. I was also raised in a violent bi-cultural community where we had to fight our way to-and-from school, and we were typically outnumbered at least 5:1 – that was also stressful.

        Having said all the above, if someone confronts me, obstructs my passage, shouts in my face or otherwise assaults me, I will defend my rights, as should everyone.

  5. Great to see. I’m just surprised it didn’t happen sooner. They are indeed hurting their own “Cause”. I wouldn’t call them “hippies” though, as that is from the 60’s and 70’s and has no relevance to today. I’m not sure what to call them, but the word “prats” comes to mind.

    • [Old] Hippies like me use energy hungry Marshall amplifiers, love cars, bikes etc and a nice T Bone steak as well as a spliff.

      XR are latter day Ehrlichians.

      • I rather like running my B-3 through a pair of model 147 Leslies. Perhaps we should “band” together and go mobile to serenade some of these nimnuls in their lonely vigils. A choice selection of Minnesotans For Global Warming’s greatest hits seems appropriate: “Michael Mann thinks he’s so smart, totally inventing the hockey stick chart, ignoring the snow and the cold and a downward line….” etc.

        Of course if that takes too much rehearsal time, We could just put the PA on 11 and give them a simple, but heartfelt, chant of “F…off, F…heads.”

        • Cool. I wish I hadn’t sold my Ampeg V4B rig and my Fender P-body Jazz bass. We now just run little stuff on stage and pipe most of the stage mix through QSC CP8 monitors in my band. No more Altec Voice of the Theatre cabs either, speakers don’t have to be big to sound big. If we could afford neodymium speakers our old backs would thank us after the gigs.

          • I got back in to playing bass after a long break, too long. Squier J-bass. A genuine American made Fender Jass bass, all original, made in the year of my birth costs AU$16,000!!!

            Maybe next year!

    • The problem with being a hippie was there was no summer uniform

      If this needs explanation then u never saw hippies.

  6. Imbeciles, what did they expect East Enders to do – applaud them?

    It’s good to see them dragged the off the train by the commuters. The police would have taken half a day because they would have been fearful of being sued for not meeting health and safety guidelines and a duty of care!

    • Hope once they are off the train it will return to schedule. With the East Enders luck, the police will spend half the day taking statements while holding up the line.

      • No chance of that!

        “Bristol grandad, 83, glues himself to Tube train in London over ‘suffering and death on enormous scale'”

        • He needs reminding that thanks to fossil fuel and electricity he has lived 13 years beyond his alloted years. He’s also had 18 years pension paid for by the same things.

      • I passed through that station around 10.30 am (3 hours after it happened). The tube line was back to normal with no delays, loads of police still on the platform but no sign of problems.

  7. Why should they not be harmed, exactly? They are asking for it, and are harming others they neither know nor care about by putting hem in harm’s way, deliberately. Who knows the consequences of the arrogant and selfish actions of these delusionals. No surprise that priests are involved, irrational beliefs r uS. Section them all?

  8. In a sane world they would spend 30 days in jail for their disruptive actions. It would give them the opportunity to enlighten their cellmates about the coming extinction.

  9. 3 to 4 hundred XR protestors vs. 8.1 million London citizens. I’ll take London, and give the points, plus I’ll take the over, when the citizens momentum builds early in the first period, and leads to an absolute blowout.

      • Except they wont get much of it ? I’ve seen it said elsewhere that the Police probably cleared them and their tents out of central London because the threat of group violence being inflicted on the XR idiots was becoming palpable. I’d be prepared to place a wager on that spot, as its the case that the one thing that really terrifies the leaders of any society is the possibility of being circumvented, and given the evidence of today’s photo reportage, there’s no shortage of not dreamy middle class folk who would be more than happy to oblige.

        Little Greta and the XR crowd are tailor made to ensure that CC remains mostly a talking point, and a way for governments to extract taxes and nothing more. To put it bluntly, the Climate Duo have probably done more to damage the doomsday cult than two decades of scepticism, and a seemingly bottomless barrel of conflicting evidence and proven fraudulent figures all put together.

        To paraphrase the movie line, I’m going to need a bigger spoon. 🙂

        • Little Grotty Dumb-bird may make them a talking point but it does mean people who previously refused to even listen to my tearing apart the standards of the data now allow me to show that the foundation of the science is so riddled with academic snobbery that the data acquisition fails engineering quality standards for a Christmas novelty sold in a low end cut price chain here but peer review has nothing much to say about this vital but non academic aspect of the work. She opened the door to going on the fly/ cruise without guilt and three travel companies ought to be grateful to her.

          • What really bothers me is they seem to ignore underwater volcanoes beneath the glaciers as being a factor in water warming and ice melting.

    • Those that did not come to London by car!

      Incidentally, their leader is a 47 year old female doctor and at least three of the idiots demonstrating (peacefully ???) are retired senior police officers.

    • Same here TRM. Great laugh at the beginning of a great day! Respectfully yours, from the belly of the beast, California, Silicon Valley, USA.

  10. Diesel or electric the train was sitting there burning fossil fuel power with the lights and airconditioning on and we can’t have that now can we folks? Commuters for Conservation is born!

  11. And you know the protesters use fossil fuels every single day. The level of HYPOCRISY is sky high, they are insane.

  12. I have zero respect for these XR dimwits, but I’d rather they were jailed than beaten by an angry mob. Of course, they’re angry because of XR stupidity and there were no police in sight.

    • Housing someone in jail takes money from the public coffers. A well deserved beating is free.

    • Actually I’d rather they were arrested and their addresses made public so people know where they live, and let the locals deal with them.

    • The blame for this lies squarely on the police. By not arresting these Climate Mongo’s immediately when they do things like block traffic (in this and previous incidents) they send a message that this is acceptable. The “mob” is now sending a message that it’s not. I’d suggest the police listen to that message. However, i doubt they will. They will expend whatever resources are necessary to track down and punish the people who did what they should have done.

  13. Almost everyone I have heard express an opinion about these climate clowns is fed up with these half-wits being treated with kid gloves. Why would anyone with even a passing knowledge of either the IPCC reports or Earth history want to put up with their looney narrative, especially coming from people whose brains got up early to go for a walk one morning and decided not to bother coming back?

    This on the same day Volvo spent a fortune advertising in the newspaper about how eco-friendly they are by introducing their brand new first all-electric car. In the very small print it turns out the starting price is £50,000 . While undoubtedly the people supporting XR would view this as small change, it won’t help anyone on an average wage.

    • Too bad there’s no political party in the UK which has disavowed the CAGW hoax and could benefit from a shift in voter sentiment. They all sold their souls in an orgy of virtue signaling. Boris Johnson has an opportunity here to take a public stand against the hoax narrative. Will he seize it?

    • It seems that electric cars are worst than diesel. But, if it makes them feel virtuous and they have money to burn…

      * Date: 23/04/19

  14. A very nice woman phoned in to LBC radio on this subject. She is with the EXR mob and says that they have been having peaceful assemblies in Trafalgar Square and voting on important issues and that the question of targeting the Tube was discussed and 70% voted against it. She seemed genuinely upset that the democratic vote had been ignored, bless her, and that violence (who would have thought it!) had broken out.
    Maybe she will start to wonder what sort of company she is getting into and what their real aims are.

    • She isn’t a member of the XR elite, she’s, er, useful up to a point. A prole if you prefer.

      Guido also spots super posh climate nutter Robin Boardman-Pattinson lurking around, although he let his inferiors do the dirty work and stop the tube. For a ‘peaceful movement’, it’s interesting to see Extinction Rebellion resorting to kicking commuters in the head – let’s see if this new tactic wins the public over

      Very much one of the outer party.

      • I spotted him too and thought the same. These tools made a BIG mistake picking Canning Town. Probably thought it was now gentrified with soya bas and vegan diners but in actual fact is just as rough tough old East End as it always was.
        I am starting to think the police’s softly softly was a deliberate tactic to allow ER to unravel. Roger Hallam the founder said they were really wanting bad police PR with them dragging off children and grannies.
        The public are sick of them and are also dismissing the doomsday drivel.

    • “She seemed genuinely upset that the democratic vote had been ignored, bless her…”
      Which is interesting bearing in mind one of Extinction Retardation’s key ‘demands’ is the setting up of a citizen’s assembly which can veto policy decisions made by elected members of parliament. Or put another way a mob of chosen ones who can usurp democratic process when ever it suits them.
      Seems a demonstrable lack of cognitive function is a prerequisite to join Extinction Retardation.

    • Yet Extinction Rebellion defaced and urinated on memorials to Earl Haig (founder of the Haig fud which became the Poppy Appeal) and the Memorial to Women in WWII, Even though a couple of ER tried to clean some of the graffiti later (too late) they have managed to alienate Military veterans and the wider military community.

  15. I am in london, and people in General have had enough, these stoned/wasted crackheads have shown their true colours… Its not about the climate, Sorry I mean weather.. They want control, nothing else.. Do these look like the people who you want in power?

    • That is so entertaining. Paul Joseph Watson does a wonderful rant. He really nailed both Global Warming and ER.

  16. Bravo! I was chatting with someone at the weekend about the morons climbing on top of planes- how did they manage to do that without being challenged by the way?- and we were both of the opinion that if we’d worked all year for a holiday and then some nutter stood up and caused chaos to stop the plane there’d be ‘consequences’……

  17. There is a handful of “climate scientists” responsible for this fraud. They should have been glued onto the train. LOL. I would not be surprised that they will start being subjected to similar outcomes in the near future. Watch security being propped up at the Unis. This XR novement is a blessing to us non-believers, XR will alieniate almost 99% people from AGW we hope!

  18. Not clear if they superglued themselves to the trains?

    The protesters sure look like climate Remainers, or Remoaners.

  19. I wish there was a more than Like tab for this;-)
    other report said the transport police protected the silly sods
    but with luck it might make other exreb fools think twice
    about time the masses of public fought back

    • The XR protestors weren’t actually threatening anyone’s life, so I think what happened was a little excessive, though having been on the receiving end of London’s unreliable transport system I understand people’s anger boiling over after weeks of unnecessary delays caused by those idiots.

      • The action of XR protestors climbing on trains is unlawful. As I understand it, preventing an unlawful act is a legitimate action of a civilian, providing they only use “reasonable force”.

        The first XR protestor clearly aims and lands a kick on the first guy trying to climb on the train. That is an assault. Any subsequent rough handling to drag him down does not seem inappropriate given the initial violence of the first protestor.

        Frankly, given this took place in Canning Town in the tough East End of London the XR protestors were lucky to get away with a just a bit of kicking and some rough handling and argy-bargy. The XR protestors must want their hands examining for pissing off such a crowd in this part of London. If XR don’t rein it in they are going to find themselves on the wrong side of a very angry mob and a few kicks is going to be the least of it.

        Anyway, long may XR continue. Nothing could switch public opinion away from claims of catastrophic climate change more quickly than seeing these muppets performing.

        • You are absolutely correct. Their actions were unlawful, intimidating for political aims and thus falls under the definition of terrorism.

        • “Frankly, given this took place in Canning Town in the tough East End of London the XR protestors were lucky to get away with a just a bit of kicking and some rough handling and argy-bargy.”

          Are you insane man??? Someone threw a sandwich!! A SANDWICH!!! Let that sink in for a while. I mean, that sandwich might have had MEAT in it! Or *gasp* dairy products!!! Someone could have gotten CANCER from the impact!!!

  20. There is a tipping point. A tipping point when someone becomes so tedious that you just want to, well, how shall we put it? Choke the living dog crap out of them!!!!

  21. Pack up for the commute with stale veggies, bricks, sticks, and mud. Or a sampler pack can be purchased outside the terminals.

    • Stale veggies? How about half-rotten but still solid enough to launch? Wear gloves and goggles, too!!!

      I wouldn’t use bricks. Your aim might be off and you could hit a friend instead of some stinking hippie protester. How about balloons or thin plastic bags full of water-based red paint, instead? My newspaper comes in a plastic sleeve. I usually use those for cleaning jobs around the house. Saves me some money on gloves and they’re filled with junk that ends up in the landfill, anyway, but it’s contained. Just saying, don’t use something that might hurt YOUR friends.

  22. Without any Transport Police the rule of law is replaced by the mob.

    This is a sign of austerity damaging London just as much as it’s a sign of XR damaging London.

    • It hardly looked like a ‘mob’- and to be honest the commuters have been remarkably patient up to now. This has nothing to do with austerity and everything to do with a bunch of nutters who think they are above everyone else. Don’t want pulling from the top of a train? Don’t climb up in the first place! Personally I think we need Paris style riot police to sort them out- I’d pay for that…..

    • How can you blame “austerity” when the police budget of £13 Billion is exceeded by the foreign aid budget of £14.5 billion, and the destination of most of that money seems never to be publicly disclosed without jumping through FOI hoops. Just reassign some of this foreign aid money (OUR money that is) to where it can benefit the people from whom it was extracted.
      It is not austerity but a gross misunderstanding of priorities through slavish devotion by all parties to wha is judged to be politically correct.
      It is not” austerity” that is an issue when the Mayor of London presides over a city where the knife murders are out of control, but he feels obliged to criticise the Met for attempting (but clearly their hearts are not in it) to ban these illegal stunts.
      And when the Police do arrive it seems they are more concerned to arrest the angry commuters than the extremists, not due to “austerity” but again due to the constant theme of political correctness.

    • Please! Stop being an apologist for these types. Their actions were unlawful, intimidating for political aims and thus falls under the definition of terrorism.

  23. A number of commuters have pointed out to XR protestors that the Docklands Light Railway and the Underground in London are all electric. Isn’t that the type of transport system the protestors claim to support?

    One Londoner simply called the XR protestors “muppets” which, seeing as some are apparently receiving £400 per week in expenses to protest seems apt (thinking “sock puppets” here).

    This protest simply reinforces the naiveté and stupidity of the XR protestors. They chose to protest on a busy commuter morning on a train in Canning Town, heartland of the working class and the East End of London. Annoy some of these people and you are will be lucky just get away with a good kicking, as they did.

    As for the Police looking for the commuters pulling them off the train, they may find that there are no witnesses and nobody saw nuffin’…just sayin’!

    Lawful protest is fine. When the protestors think they can impose their views on others (as opposed to persuade) and the Police abrogate their responsibilities to ensure people can go about their lawful business without hindrance don’t be surprised when the public get pissed off and take matters into their own hands.

    This just confirms to me that XR protestors are complete muppets. They have no clue about the science at all and the interviews they have given show their beliefs are largely irrational. Hysterical, gullible and naïve.

    If climate hysteria passes in a decade or so and the world doesn’t end by 2030 these people are going to look and feel so stupid. And a nice criminal record to help them along too, with luck. Prats.

    • One Londoner simply called the XR protestors “muppets”

      How insulting! That Londoner owns Jim Henson’s creations a huge apology for comparing them to such trash (apologies to trash the world over for that comparison)

  24. From the Daily Telegraph:
    ‘Those on the platform blocked from going to work who took matters into their own hands could be investigated by police, who said their actions were unacceptable.’
    More police time wasted……

  25. From the article:

    “But those on the platform blocked from going to work who “took matters into their own hands” could be investigated by police, who said their actions were “unacceptable”.”

    If the actions of the protestors are unlawful, surely the commuters were simply doing their duty as citizens and acting to prevent a crime in progress?

    • Point 1: It’s a matter of proportionality. The idiots were being disruptive. But one (mis-timed) kick is hardly worth a beating.

      Point 2: The failure of the police to keep the peace is a very public disgrace. They have a defensive need to try and distract from their weakness.

      • MC – Fair points.

        But I think that under the circumstances the actions of the commuters were proportionate. No-one makes the XR protesters do what they do and piss off all the commuters, they did that all on their own. I think they got off pretty lightly under the circumstances.

      • How many times could I kick you before you’d decide a beating is warranted?

        Could be you are more evolved than I.

      • M,
        re: Point 1
        If you assault someone, they have both the right and moral duty to defend themselves. If you start a fight, and kicking someone is starting a fight, don’t complain if it gets too rough for you!

        From the streets: “Don’t start nothin, Won’t be nothin!”

          • Then don’t start a fight with a group of larger than your own. The XR idiot doesn’t deserve any sympathy.

          • M,
            From your perspective then, it would be ‘proportionally unfair’ for a good samaritan citizen to come to the aid of a person assaulted (kicked in the face) by a thug?

            Alternately, if I am attacked by ER 2 thugs, should I wait for them to get more thugs to help them, to ‘proportionally even up the sides’ and make it a fair fight?

            You are arguing from a proportionally weak position. Suggest you ‘stop digging’….

          • Dress it up anyway you like, 20 guys beating up on 1 and then saying “Yeah, but he started it” is not a civilised way to catch a train.
            That’s why we pay police to stop a mob getting out of hand.

          • M,
            Is kicking someone in the face a ‘civilized’ way to stop anyone from catching a commuter train home, in your proportional view? You demonstrate a skewed moral perspective, perhaps constrained by the depth of the hole you have progressively delved, in attempting to defend the indefensible.

          • Again M, ” don’t start a fight with a group of larger than your own”. Proportional or not, the XR thug was stupid and reaped the easily predicted consequences of his own stupidity. No sympathy here.

          • @M Courtney
            You aren’t thinking like a left green would, all you do is get the public to organize an agreed statement. I would suggest the something like “the guy made terror threats” and then you have 20 witness claims and your actions become lawful. That is how the greens got things this far they never let truth get in the way of an agenda.

          • Is it proportional when five cops arrest one man with violence because he”s violent? Your logic is should only be one on one. And no clubs or mace.

    • I’d like to see the public acting together doing citizens arrests and restraining such offenders until they can be passed over to the police.

    • As I posted below, anyone on top of a car is breaking transport law. I hope they get prosecuted for it (Rather than electrocuted. They could have slipped off and landed on the power rail. 600v/dc+ will leave a mark).

  26. The Police said “It is important that commuters and other rail users allow the police, who are specially trained, to manage these incidents.”

    Doesn’t look to me like much “special training” is needed, just a little positive action and assertiveness by the commuters got the job done in just a couple of minutes.

    • The Police said “It is important that commuters and other rail users allow the police, who are specially trained, to manage these incidents.”

      If so it about time Mr Plodd got off his fat arse and did something about it

  27. It appears this is the beginning of the end for XR. At least they didn’t have to wait, what,,,, 12 years, no,,,,, its 11 now? I can’t keep up with all these end of the world dates anylonger. I gave up after Y2K 😉

  28. Too bad they weren’t seriously injured is what I say. It might prevent more of these rtards from doing this again. A serious brain injury might be an improvement.

  29. Big mistake. That’s just gonna make the Climate Crusaders mad.
    Look out. Now they’ll take harsher actions.
    Better to stay weak and timid so they don’t get upset.

      • I do hope the police don’t start prosecuting people who deal with these pointless idiots when necessary.

        That would confirm they really don’t work for most of us, but rather themselves and the elites who pay them and are unaffected by any of this, in their privilege. It must be made clearer to ER that they WILL will get what they deserve, so the police must stay out of such events until the crowd have finished with them, to arrest the suitably chastised ER member. Perhaps the public should strip them with minimal physical harm?

        PS UK Police are wholly useless at protecting us and disabling criminals summarily, with minimal disruption to the rest of us. Better at collecting evidence after the event, doing H&S assessments, or conducting risk free mob handed dawn raids, and using the deranged or innocent for low risk target practice. In the UK, criminals are often better protected than the law abiding people they offend against. Sadly, that seems unlikely to change.

        • “Brian R Catt October 17, 2019 at 10:56 am

          PS UK Police are wholly useless at protecting us and disabling criminals…”

          So true. But step on the cracks in the pavement or wear a loud shirt in a built up area you’ll attract the attention of the riot squad in no time.

          • Ha! So true.

            In my rather colourful youth in London, I once flipped the bird to a police van that went straight through a pedestrian crossing I was about to cross (in the uk pedestrians have right of way at such crossings).

            They stopped, leapt out and forcibly hauled me into the van, and proceeded to keep me without charge for most of the day, driving around London.

            Finally they took me to Edgeware Rd police station. It turned your that they were SPG (Special Police Group) who are known to be thugs. The station chief hauled then all (5 or 6?) in front of me, said to me, and I quote (it was 40 years ago, but a fine memory I’ll never forget) :

            “We are the metropolitan police. We don’t behave like this. Would you like to press charges?” (holding me without charging was illegal).

            I declined, but only because they knew where I lived and I knew they would hound me and my friends forever if I did. A very satisfying moment, however.

          • “Zig Zag Wanderer October 17, 2019 at 9:38 pm

            (in the uk pedestrians have right of way at such crossings).”

            Not when sirens are sounding.

            Anyway, I got “nicked” by the Royal Naval “Provost” (Navy Police) for being with naval personnel in and around Portsmouth in the 80’s. Took me a while to convince them I was a “civvy”.

  30. Have a heart, guys.

    They weren’t really Extinction Rebellion protesters; they were just creative fare dodgers trying to get home.

  31. The police, and government in general are worse than useless in this whole “climate” charade. People are angry, and no wonder. Yellow vests anyone?

  32. If the cops would have done their jobs from the beginning, all of this would be a non-issue. To “serve and protect” my a$$. No one has a legal right to interfere with the legal travel of others. Doing so is at least a misdemeanor in much of the civilized world.

  33. I guess Prince Charles would need a golden ladder and helpers to climb up there but we will send Jane Fonda instead.

  34. The commuters who “attacked” (i.e., removed the obstacles) are being “sought by Gestapo (excuse me, I miss typed, I meant police”). England was a foundation state for modern values of fraternity, liberty, and justice. It IS now GONE. Replaced by the fictional year of 1984 now. The “native” Brits are slowly dying and being replaced by peoples USED to dictatorial systems. Thus they become 1984 with “Big Brother” watching and keeping the serfs in line. I have NO SYMPATHY for them and their demise.

    • When I first read “Atlas Shrugged”. I was puzzled by Ayn Rand’s characterization of England, and Europe in general, as being socialist or communist.

      Now, I’m astonished at her prescience.

      • Me too. Every time I read it it seems more relevant. Unreal. Out of interest, if you want to wind up a bunch of hippies, sit and read Atlas Shrugged prominently in a trendy cafe…….

  35. Update (EW): The commuters who attacked the protestors are being “sought by police“.

    Typical, the police are incapable of catching criminals, but they are happy to expend resources on persecuting the honest.

  36. Having suck up politicians suck up to you is one thing.
    P*****g off the general public is a whole different thing.

  37. Good, give them a good beating and they won’t be back. When they pulled that crap here in Edmonton a couple of weeks ago and blocked a bridge, the people wanted to get at them, but the cops protected them.

  38. This is the correct way to deal with these Cretins.
    The climate crazies really want people to suffer. That is their goal. Since the government will not do it the people will have to. Until they will honestly debate and discuss their crazy distopian ideas. They should just be laughed at. This was what people used to do to the end of the world crazies. Just push them out of your way and walk by. Or pull them out from in front of traffic and drive by. And if they want to fight call the police and have them arrested for disturbing the peace.

    • I don’t wish anyone harm, not even the idiots from XR. That said, I won’t be surprised or upset if and when one of them gets hurt as a consequence of their actions.

      • Sorry but I am a firm believer in do one to others as others do one to you as it make them understand.
        I was small and mixed race in a racist UK of the fifties and had one hell of a time until I learnt to do a drop kick and learnt then that some sorts of people only learn from serious pain. I personally would be happy to see his wallet taken and his name put up on the internet for suitable protest in return at his home environment.

        • I personally would be happy to see his wallet taken and his name put up on the internet for suitable protest in return at his home environment.

          I certainly wouldn’t shed any tears over that happening. (well, maybe a few but only from laughing so hard at the karmic retribution of it.)

  39. Pretty sad when the police protect the people disrupting society and prosecute the people when they turn on the protestors who are causing the disruptions. Makes you wonder whose side the govt is on.

  40. The psychology of the fashionable protesters hasn’t changed since the 1960s.

    ” What I saw as a political act was not, for my friend, any such thing. It was not aimed at altering the minds of other people or persuading them to act differently. Its whole point was what it did for him.

    And what it did for him was to provide him with a fantasy — a fantasy, namely, of taking part in the revolutionary struggle of the oppressed against their oppressors. By participating in a violent anti-war demonstration, he was in no sense aiming at coercing conformity with his view — for that would still have been a political objective. Instead, he took his part in order to confirm his ideological fantasy of marching on the right side of history, of feeling himself among the elect few who stood with the angels of historical inevitability. Thus, when he lay down in front of hapless commuters on the bridges over the Potomac, he had no interest in changing the minds of these commuters, no concern over whether they became angry at the protesters or not. They were there merely as props, as so many supernumeraries in his private psychodrama. The protest for him was not politics, but theater; and the significance of his role lay not in the political ends his actions might achieve, but rather in their symbolic value as ritual. In short, he was acting out a fantasy.

    It was not your garden-variety fantasy of life as a sexual athlete or a racecar driver, but in it, he nonetheless made himself out as a hero — a hero of the revolutionary struggle. The components of his fantasy — and that of many young intellectuals at that time — were compounded purely of ideological ingredients, smatterings of Marx and Mao, a little Fanon and perhaps a dash of Herbert Marcuse.”
    — Lee Harris, Al Qaeda’s Fantasy Ideology

  41. Isn’t this the group who leader/founder just took a round trip jet plane vacation to Costa Rica ?

    Is that true or mis-reported ?

  42. Two big lessons for ER.
    [1] Please ride INSIDE the trains just like everyone else
    [2] Fire Engine hoses are very powerful and it’s best to leave to people who know what they are doing

    It will be interesting to see what ER feels they can ‘have a go’ next.
    They are definitely raising awareness and more people should now be aware of how much ER have no clue what so ever about the world around them.

    • NO, but the heat retained in the CO2 transfers to other gases in the atmosphere, particularly water vapor, which condenses and releases that heat. The primary greenhouse gas on this planet is water vapor, as it not only shields incoming visible light from the sun but removes heat from the surface through evaporation (endothermic process) and releases it in the upper atmosphere through condensation (exothermic process). Anyone who doesn’t understand that process needs to come out here to the southwestern US during the summer and watch cumulonimbus clouds as they build up into the stratopshere, topping out at times near 15 km in height. These rioting eejits and their dopey goo-goo followers love to blather about “science” when in fact they know little or nothing about it.

  43. “I hope the Extinction Rebellion protestors were not harmed.”

    [SNIP…we’re not going to approve posts advocating or wishing harm on anyone. -mod]

  44. Social disruption depends upon the complacency of those being inconvenienced.
    This is an example of complacency ending.
    In 1989, ordinary folk, with the guidance of intellectuals, ended their complacency and took down the Berlin Wall and official Communism
    This example of overwhelming protesters could be just the start.

    • Except that these “social disrupters” are working at complete opposite purposes as those who demanded to take down “die Schandmauer”. Berliners were fighting for the side of freedom, the XR clowns want the complete opposite.

  45. Update (EW): The commuters who attacked the protestors are being “sought by police“.

    I bet they want to thank the commuters for doing their job for them?

    James Bull

  46. Methinks this is PR stunt by the climate crooks IS working at one level. It distracts from the flaw in the logic upon which this whole endeavour is based.

    Let’s assume for a second or two that little ‘how dare you’ Greta and that climate crazy in the US senate are right and we’re all gonna die in 5 years because CO2 is going to make the Earth catch fire or something.
    Surely protesting against a country that is so enthusiastically already ‘doing the right thing’ (actually its the left thing but I digress) that it blew up East Tilbury power station (even Hitler never managed that!) is more than just a tad counter-productive.

    We gave! We’ve done our bit!

    To make a REAL difference campaigning must start IMMEDIATELY (it’s urgent remember, its a crisis) to ban all coal exports to Communist China.
    Oh and do some protesting in the belly of the CO2 beast in Peking or whatever they call it nowadays!
    I’m sure commuters there wouldn’t pull you off the train roofs the way those East Enders did. (Bless ’em.)

    • Better yet, the remnants of a T-bone steak, and a cow’s femur if the objective is making a point with food 🙂

  47. Congratulations to the irate commuters. I understand one of them has been charged with assault.
    His defebce should be that he was trying to prevent an obvious idiot from getting a Darwin award by falling off a train and hurting himself and perhaps others.

    we may need to crowdfund a defence fund .
    I staged my own counter demonstration a couple of days ago.
    I was cycling along a road near Waterloo station when I stopped at a zebra crossing to let the pedestrians pass over.
    The I saw that among the pedestrians was a gaggle of ghastly extinction rebellioners.
    They were all dressed up in crimson tafetta dresses and white faces – the fellows too. Anyway this was too good a chance to miss so I pushed my bike into the middle of the crossing to obstruct their way and turned to glower at them. They all looked offended and then like a parting crimson wave they passed on either side. “Why did you do that” Their minder said “Coz I dont like you. You are a Millenium Death cult and your policies will lead to billions of deaths”
    ” what about current policies ” he said
    “I am fine with them” I replied
    I got a round of applause from the remainder of the pedestrians and toddled off on my bike

  48. A very obvious English 4 letter word came through in the vid.

    Pity the climate cretins didn’t fall off the end of the train onto the 3rd rail.
    There’s nothing quite as appropriate as 630V DC to give a good imitation of “frying tonight” just to get the message across what proper “human induced warming” is all about!

    Next time everyone get back in the train and let’s see the driver, DRIVE OFF, see how they get on in a very small compact tunnel with lots of stray electric cables.

    Couldn’t happen to nicer people!

  49. Obviously, the point of the XR protests were to try and stop people using those evil, polluting, all-electric tube trains and get into their environmentally friendly cars, burning carbon-free petrol as they sit in traffic jams for hours at a time to get to work. They really do care about the environment! Makes sense, no?

  50. Its going to get worse , their fanatics that consider because there saving the planet that justifies ANYTHING .
    Its merely a question of time before someone gets hurt .

  51. I am really surprised how long it took until regular people snapped. Those people are not evil. they try to make ends meet, put food on the table for their kids, pay rent and taxes. Those are fine folks living their lives and those lives are hard enough. They don’t need thugs to block their streets and trains. Extinction Rebellion has shitty arguments and thats why the majority is not swayed. Now they use terror in order to impose their contrived minority opinion on everyone. Like all dictatorships do.

    • Welcome to the world of France’s original Gilets Jaunes, who have been attacked, disfigured, mutilated by police grenades and infiltrated by black blocs (the same type wrecking havoc in Barcelona, in Hong Kong) who never seem to be caught by the same police, in order to discredit their movement, just as merging Gilets Jaune and climate fight does (the original protest was against the carbon tax!).

      No XR goon has lost an eye or been mutilated by police action. Yet now police is going after, not the protester who kick a guy in the face, but those who took him off his roof.

      Academics, celebrities, politicians and journalists alike have all been caught pushing the XR narrative with complacency, stigmatizing ordinary folks. Police will make an example, just like they did against Dettinger the former amateur boxer who took with his fists on multiple harnessed, shield and helmet clad riot police.
      The real fight has begun.

  52. Big Problem: The media still forgive XR because they are saving the planet. 🙁

    Stop the shite: Sphincter Rebellion.

  53. The trouble is, it’s easy for people to hate XR. Even people who are fully onboard the “climate change” choo-choo dislike them for their tactics, and for what their antics and invonveniencing people is doing to the Cause. What needs to happen is very forceful pushback against the Cause itself. There is way too much complacency, and this idea that “oh well, they mean well”. No, they do not.

  54. Extinction Rebellion Protestor Attacked by Commuters. Source (includes video): Sky News

    That is of course a lie. Trash was thrown to the guy and when a commuter wanted to grab him to get him off the roof, the “peaceful” protester gives him a kick in the the face… Thus this protester got what he deserved.

  55. “I hope the Extinction Rebellion protestors were not harmed.”

    I hope they were.

    Not seriously injured, mind you; a bloody nose and a few bruises would be sufficient, but western society has been far too lenient for decades with provocateurs who expect they can get away with almost anything for a ‘just cause’. They’ve taken advantage of our inflexible rejection of any kind of violence. An occasional bloody nose would help keep the wild-eyed extremists in society in check and remind them that their kind of abuses won’t be tolerated. So all the woke banshees screaming for attention, all the partisan college students denying their opposition the right to a fair hearing, all the occupiers trying to shut down businesses and services because they just don’t give a crap about anyone else should each give pause and reflect on their actions and ask themselves, “Do I really want to do this? Is it worth a few hours in an ear-ringing daze? Maybe I can find more civilized ways to get my point across without getting beaten up by a bloke I won’t let speak!”

    • None of the tube lines are overhead. All are third rail 630v/dc. But, I wonder if any XR members are silly enough to get on top of a car with a 25kv/ac line running above the car, say out of Euston?

  56. Glue them naked and spread-eagle to the front of the engine and drive them through a snow storm. Teach them to appreciate the benefits of “GlowBULL Warming.”

  57. Although I have been out of the rat race (of living and working in London) for 55 years, in one very small way, I wish I were back there – with one object in mind: to have the chance of getting my hands, or boot, on these compulsive morons. Fortunately, maybe for both them and myself, I am now about 600 miles away.

  58. Left-wing politics defecated and from the stinking morass of turdy slime the thicker parts congealed to form the Excretion Rebellion, later called the Stinking Rebellion (or something like that).

    As the world cools they (Crap Rebellion) like the UN’s power play will hit the fan.

    “Mind the gap!” you may slip a piece of sh*t!

  59. I don’t care if the Extinction Rebellion guys got hurt or not. They have ZERO right to assault people, block roads, etc. This is NOT peaceful protests—it’s flatout rampant vandalism and violence. Whatever happens, happens. If you don’t want to get assaulted, etc, don’t start the fight. It’s called “personal responsibility”. If you are going to whine and moan and complain when called on the carpet for illegal and wrong behavior, go home and stay there.

    • TEWS_pilot

      The comments are brilliant, they absolutely Hate the climate bums! The more I click on social media posts and read the comments, the more I understand that normal people don’t believe the u.n’s climate lies! Everybody wants clean streets and clean rivers/lakes/beaches etc etc But stopping hard working people from living and going to work is crazy.

  60. 1. We live in a ‘democracy’ (apparently);
    2. More than 97% of people in that station wanted the train to move;
    3. In a ‘democracy’ greater than 50% wins

    Perhaps ER should now re-access how popular their popular movement really is.

    The thug who tried kicking someone in the face [6sec & at[34sec he is swinging a clenched fist], ( demonstrat-ing peaceful protest !! ) deserved any retribution he got; apparently he’s a doctor, should be struck off.

  61. You might want to not post this comment but, I am GLAD they got pulled off the train. Its’ about effing time we stand up to these people who want to impose their way of life on us.

    I hope next time when they pull off some of these protestors, they superglue them to the inside of the train station.

    • Well, carbon taxes, UN Agenda 21, the Green New Deal etc etc have never been about climate change. It has always been about societal change, one world Govn’t and socialism.

  62. “The pair used a ladder to climb onto the roof, prompting an immediate reaction from commuters, including one who threw his sandwich at them. A drink was also hurled at one of them.”

    Sandwich? Must have been really miffed then,

  63. “Update (EW): The commuters who attacked the protestors are being “sought by police“.”

    Protestors? PROTESTORS?

    Learn to pronounce
    a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.
    “four commercial aircraft were hijacked by terrorists”

    These “protestors” were on top of the rail cars. THAT my friends is ILLEGAL. It is ILLEGAL to be anywhere on the transport corridor outside of a car or platform/station.

    And I bet the commuters will be prosecuted too, a little GBH maybe? This really gets my anger up.

  64. No end to the hypocrisy or foolishness. Paul Joseph Watson provides a nice summary of the situation, and the fraud that is anthropogenic climate change.

    Vietnam war protesters apparently reviled the hippies when they joined their protest movement, and it’s little wonder why. What absolute fools these types are. Nothing but virtue signals and not enough grey matter to recognize the depth of their hypocrisy.

    Extinction Rebellion, like AOC, carbon taxes and Greta Thunberg singing Swedish death metal, draw much needed attention to the inanities of AGW.

  65. Frankly I do not hope they were unharmed. I would get a fair level of support for the use of tasers after a one minute warning. These filth have created a situation where many of the delivery drivers for internet goods who work on minimal condition very near to the survival mark were not paid for three days and as a result suffered extreme self harm level hardship. I would like to see their physical pain match the suffering they have inflicted as I believe in justice and our authorities no longer do.
    Fine if every one could swear hand on heart they had examined the claims for themselves and verified personally that the scientist are right in their wild claims of the effects of emissions.
    The police do not grasp how low they are in public estimation and seeking the protesters after failing to act firmly with tasers for any protesters not moving on has reduced opinion of them to rock bottom.
    if they so much as call in any of those who attacked the protesters after failing to act the are likely to see serious violence soon. The next lot of protesters will be pushed not pulled off the top and will not need to worry about earths problems any longer.

  66. What’s the problem I see video of hundreds of Indian’s riding on the top of trains all the time.

    • Yes, but they are not trying to stop the train or anyone trying to get on it, in the car, side, front, back or roof.

    • Riding train roofs is a form of population control in the developing world, and one of several self selective approaches to Jackass elimination in the developed. Usually effective.

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