For Halloween: 10 days of Climate Scares -Debunked

Every year, like clockwork, climate alarmists try to scare us with some new claim, and it seems each year it becomes more and more absurd.

This is the first of 10 videos highlighting false climate scares by climate alarmists. This one shows how Al Gore was COMPLETELY WRONG about the polar ice caps disappearing in the summers, starting in 2013.

We’ll have a new video each day leading up to Halloween.

And since we are starting a day late, here is #9

This is the second of 10 videos highlighting false climate scares by climate alarmists. This one shows how climate alarmists predicted nearly 20 years ago that children wouldn’t experience snow. Madness.

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      It appears that the Justices of the Supreme Court of the USA are no more competent than Canada’s federally-appointed Justices, and that is not a compliment. So any of these Supreme Court have a scientific background? It appears that few if any of them do; if they did, these frivolous and vexatious cases would have been tossed out.

      In fairness, the USA has an open and transparent review process for judicial appointments, whereas in Canada that process is neither open nor transparent, and federal Judicial appointments seem to made in return for services to the ruling political party, with little requirement for legal competence.

      Regarding these lawsuits, what do the plaintiffs mean by “climate change”.

      The catastrophic human-made global warming (CAGW)” hypothesis has been falsified many ways over the decades, as further described below.

      The global warming alarmists (aka “warmists”) strategically moved their false rhetoric from “catastrophic human-made global warming” to “climate change”/”wilder weather”, which is a non-falsifiable hypothesis. “Climate change” can mean warmer/colder, wetter/drier, stormier/calmer, up/down and sideways. The warmists have deceived the gullible public, but competent scientists know that a non-falsifiable hypothesis is non-scientific nonsense – utter drivel.

      “A theory that is not refutable by any conceivable event is non-scientific.” – Karl Popper

      The best objective measure of scientific competence is one’s predictive track record. It is accurate to state that “every scary global warming/climate change prediction by the IPCC and its CAGW acolytes has proved false-to-date” – the warmists have a perfectly negative predictive track record and thus perfectly negative credibility. Nobody should believe them.

      Our predictive track record is excellent. In 2002 my co-authors Dr Sallie Baliunas, Astrophysicist, Harvard-Smithsonian, Dr Tim Patterson, Paleoclimatologist, Carleton U and I wrote:

      “Climate science does not support the theory of catastrophic human-made global warming – the alleged warming crisis does not exist.”
      The CAGW hypothesis has been falsified many ways over the decades – some of those falsifications are described here:

      “The ultimate agenda of pro-Kyoto advocates is to eliminate fossil fuels, but this would result in a catastrophic shortfall in global energy supply – the wasteful, inefficient energy solutions proposed by Kyoto advocates simply cannot replace fossil fuels.”
      Grid-connected intermittent wind and solar power have been a costly, unreliable fiasco, driving up costs, reducing grid reliability and increasing winter mortality. These “green” power systems do not even significantly reduce CO2 emissions, because of the need for ~100% conventional spinning reserve to step in when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun does not shine.

      Repeating, “climate change” is a non-falsifiable hypothesis, so by definition it is non-scientific nonsense. Catastrophic human-made global warming IS a falsifiable hypothesis, and it has been adequately falsified many ways over past decades. These cases should never have been allowed to proceed.

      Regards, Allan

      By GREG STOHR on 10/23/2019

      WASHINGTON (Bloomberg) – The U.S. Supreme Court let government officials press ahead with three lawsuits that accuse more than a dozen oil and gas companies of contributing to climate change.
      Without comment or published dissent, the high court Tuesday refused to block a lawsuit by Baltimore while companies try to shift it from Maryland state court into federal court, where businesses tend to fare better. Individual justices then rejected similar requests in cases from Rhode Island and Colorado.
      The suits are among about a dozen similar cases filed by state and local governments around the country against the fossil-fuel industry.
      The companies defending against the two lawsuits include BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Phillips 66 and Royal Dutch Shell. The companies told the Supreme Court in the Baltimore case they would be subject to “duplicative and unrecoverable” litigation costs if the cases went forward.
      Government officials say they are already suffering from storms, flooding, increasing heat and growing emergency response costs as a result of climate change.
      Justice Samuel Alito didn’t take part in the Baltimore case. Although he gave no reasons, Alito owns stock in ConocoPhillips and Phillips 66, according to his most recent financial disclosure report.
      The cases are BP v. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, 19A368; BP v. Rhode Island, 19A391; and Suncor v. Board of County Commissioners of Boulder County, 19A428.

  1. These are nice videos, but…… The presentation rate needs to be slowed a bit. There is just time to read each text message before it jumps it the next message, leaving no time to view and appreciate the video background. And the ‘scary story’ juxtapose humor is presented in the video background! Understanding and appreciation of each complete video would be enhanced, if we had time to view and enjoy both the text messages and the background artistry!

    • I agree. I would also like to see more detailed refutations such as graphs. A graph of Arctic ice extent over the period in Gore’s prediction would be very effective.

      But the overall idea of the videos is excellent. One reason that I’m proud to be a sceptic is that not a single prediction of doom (with a specific date) has come even remotely close to being true.
      In fact, here’s a challenge: can anyone think of a substantive prediction of doom with a specific date that actually turned out to be true? I can’t think of a single one.

      There’s probably only one science where whole careers are spent being laughably wrong.

  2. hhhmmmmmm…..
    1- 23
    2- 24
    3 – 25
    4 – 26
    5 – 27
    6 – 28
    7 – 29
    8 – 30
    9 – 31: Halloween.
    10 – 1 Nov: All Saint’s Day.

    “We’ll have a new video each day leading up to Halloween All Saints Day (UK).”

      • Anthony,

        Nitpickers will always pick nits. Apparently, the fact that BOTH #1 and #2 were presented today, the 23rd, went unnoticed.

      • Anthony Watts

        Mr watts, im new here, and thank you for this site and for telling the truth and allowing others to share the truth.. My anxiety has gone down since I found you 😀

      • Not nitpicking. Just British. You get used to it.

        (Try doing a road trip with visiting Brit
        “Where are all the animals”
        “Its a highway. They’re the flat things on the the side of the road”.)

        • In the UK there are many highways, motorways etc but a good few people use the A, B and C class roads in many areas to keep off the main highways. It’s all rather charming and you get to drive past many farms along the way. We also have roadkill on all roads in the UK too.

          When my first wife arrived in Australia from Ethiopia one of the first things she said when we were driving home was “Where are all the people?”. Because where she lived in Addis Ababa not many people could afford a car so thousands walked along the roads to get to the city and in and around the city.

        • How in the “H” can you say that!!!
          If Anthony didn’t have patience with commenters (and insist the ModSquad have the same)
          then WUWT would have gone the way of ‘”Skeptical’ Science” a looong time ago.

          Someone put a lot of work into these meant-to be-short fun videos. The fact that the first presentation is 2 of them instead of “the first” indicates to me that a “deadline” was missed. Maybe finishing these two were a bit a bit rushed. A few small “defects” were noticed that didn’t detract from the effect at all.
          I’d be a bit “testy” if nit-picking was the first I saw. Particularly if I didn’t take a “break” after putting it up before reading the comments.
          Jeff, aren’t you human also?

          • It wasn’t an isolated thing. I’m not talking about someone picking nits, which a lot of us do from time to time. I’m talking about the lashing out.

            I love this site, I read every article posted, and I’ve donated, and was a very small part of the SurfaceStations project.

            I repeat my point. When the host lashes out at someone who has supported him time and time again, I see that as a problem. There are other ways to handle it. Frankly, he’s sounding a lot like Mosher.

        • Anthony Watts is one of relatively few influential people who dare to raise their voices in opposition to the one-sidedness of the public discourse around the issue of climate change. Not only that, he has done so persistently for years. If that’s not a sign of enormous patience, I don’t know what is. Trying to bring a shred of objectivity into a public debate usually entails having to endure a tremendous amount of stupidity from all directions.

    • We have All Saints’ Day here in the US also. In fact, many of us here celebrate October 31 as Reformation Day, the anniversary of the day when Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation by posting the 95 Theses on the door of the Castle Kirk of Wittenberg. (Halloween is a commercial venture, with no discernible link any more to its religious origins.)

      I enjoyed the two videos very much, and I liked the effects. Much scarier than Halloween!

    • Joel you miscounted.
      1 & 2 – 23 (there’s two videos in the Oct 23rd post due to them starting “a day late”
      3 – 24
      4 – 25
      5 – 26
      6 – 27
      7 – 28
      8 -29
      9 – 30
      10 -31: Halloween

    • If you look at the date of the first one, it was published on Oct. 22. So … one published by Heartland once a day, and ending on Halloween.

      So the nit that was picked never even existed.

  3. Climate-Scare Industrial Complex should start numbering each new “scary” catastrophe like the Simpsons’ “Treehouse of Horror” series — name a new one “Greenhouse of Horror XXXXXVIX” for example.

  4. Sorry for repeating this, but,

    Can we collectively get together and sue the u.n. and the ipcc? If xr can get lawyer’s and a full legal team, then why can’t the people’s who know the scientific truth? If there is enough evidence to show that the U.N. is lying, then it would be brilliant to allow people to live peacefully and build better stronger Infrastructure instead of billions wasted on solar panels and wind farms.

    • Maybe we should sue them on behalf of the plants that want more CO2? As they seem to support “nature rights” over people’s rights anyway…

    • If it is possible to sue the UN then I think we should pursue the idea vigorously. It would be a tremendous coup for the millions of sceptics around the world, and if successful would surely lead to the end of the hoax. Could we not initially seek the advice of an appropriate legal expert to see what the prospects are for a realistic challenge and for which his costs could be crowd funded, a fund to which we would all be more than happy to contribute. We could get the money in the bank before we set on a lawyer.

      • Apparently not:
        No UN can’t be sued as it enjoys immunity under Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations, 1945. Article 29 of this convention provides for UN to decide upon the criteria for ascertaining damages to the State in case there is damage done. Domestic national Courts have repeatedly rejected suits on this ground only.

    • Good luck finding a court that will take the case as most courts will toss in on the basis of the immunity the UN enjoys under the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations, 1945.

      • The UN is about to go bust. Apparently by 1st November, which seems a most appropriate date. Unless the Trump administration bails them out. Pigs might fly…

        • Unfortunately the US government will continue shoveling taxpayers money to the UN. While Trump has threatened to reduce funding, he’s come far short of cutting them off from the US government’s teat completely.

    • Sunny, are you for-real. You make way tooooo much common sense. why do we have to put up with soooo much garbage from an entity that we pay way too much money(taxpayer)to. They lie & we pay and the fools belive them.Time to divest ourselves from this farse.

  5. Hi, don’t take it all too seriously. It is a fun reminder of the propaganda regarding climate throughout the ages. Have fun laugh and have a beer (lemonade for the younger inclusive St. GT).

  6. So the local government for my City declares a “climate emergency”, (along with a thousand or more other local governments around the world)

    Upon reading this declaration in our local paper, as a safety-minded citizen of good standing, I decided to contact our local city offices to find out exactly what was expected of us individual taxpayers to assist the community in dealing with this “emergency”.

    The city’s announcement in the paper nor their website had no specific advice for citizens in how to deal with this ‘crisis’, but their “contacts” page did state that for assistance with all emergencies, call 911.

    So I did, and the operator asked what emergency response agency I needed – ambulance, fire or police, to which I responded – “climate”

    She asked me to repeat my request, and explain the problem, so I told her I was seeking assistance with dealing with the “climate emergency” that our city had just declared.

    She then told me that they had my phone number, and warned me that I could be prosecuted for frivolous misuse of a community emergency agency.

    So I said OK, I’ll go back and tell the city’s office that you guys don’t handle emergencies of the climatic genre. She said – “you got that right, bro”

    Whereupon I then emailed the city office and told them that the 911 emergency folks do not know what to do about the “climate emergency”, so is there a special dedicated number I can call that helps citizens deal with the “climate emergency”. I got no reply.

    I then called the elected alderperson for our area, and repeated my quest for advice and assistance, and also expressed my frustration that, upon declaring an “emergency” situation that threatened all citizens, the city had not seen fit to even set up a special contact number to help people. She was not at all helpful – used the term “crank” several times in her (non) response to my request.

    So anyway, that’s where we stand now on the declared “climate emergency” in our city.
    Have other readers succeeded in getting any substantial engagement from their cities on this ‘crisis’?

    • Brilliant response, Mr.

      You really tried, … guaranteed more than anybody else in your town, I’m sure.

      All concerned citizens should now call 911 to report the climate emergency.

      A special number would then be created to take the load off the regular 911 lines.

      That special number would be “Clime-11” or 2546311.

      • In the interests of brevity, I omitted a little exchange from my repartee with the elected city councilor –
        I said to her – “if you people are going to call an emergency, then not make any practical moves to deal with the panic you just incited, then you’re all like movie-goers who stand up on their seats and yell “FIRE”, then all sit down again and continue munching your popcorn and slurping your sodas as you continue to watch the movie, shrugging your shoulders at the confusion and panic you incited”

        An uncomfortable silence ensued . . .

      • The climate emergency cities need to set up a new phone line: 666 – because global warming extremists apparently suffer from demonic possession.

        Think I’m kidding? Read this – very scary – coming soon to a failing democracy near you!

        David Camfield’s article appeared here, in International Viewpoint.

        So I got to wondering: Who are these lunatics? Are they affected by the full moon or what?

        Seems they are infected with something much worse. Surprise!!! They are openly Marxist! Who knew?

        Haven’t these Marxist lunatics killed enough people – probably about 200 million souls just in the 20th Century. Do we have to do this again?

        “Those who don’t know history are condemned to repeat it.“
        – George Santayana

        Regards, Allan

        International Viewpoint, the monthly English-language magazine of the Fourth International, is a window to radical alternatives world-wide, carrying reports, analysis and debates from all corners of the globe. Correspondents in over 50 countries report on popular struggles, and the debates that are shaping the left of tomorrow.

        Our International


        Ours is the Fourth International. The fourth, “Trotskyist”, because the other three disappeared – by political abdication, or organisational collapse.

        So far so good. But in fact the Fourth International has a much broader historical, theoretical and practical foundation.

        A direct continuity with the socialist left which existed before the first world war, and the democratic communist left which existed afterwards. If citing our historical references helps clarify who we are, we identify with Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Rosa Luxemburg, V I Lenin and Leon Trotsky. The many others who have enriched our analysis and theoretical work include Tchernichevsky, Plekhanov, Hilferding, Otto Bauer, Gramsci, Georg Lukacs, Pannekoek, Alexandra Kollontai, Che Guevara, and our leading comrade Ernest Mandel, who passed away in 1995.

        Naturally, one can only build organisations which can fight for socialist revolution by rooting oneself in each national context, and drawing on the best traditions of all the currents of the local workers movement.

        It also means participating in, and learning from, the main revolutionary experiences of this century: Castrism, Maoism, Sandinismo, revolutionary populism, liberation theology, and others.

        Open, critical Marxism

        The Fourth International is characterised by an open, critical approach to Marxist theory. As a result, we have absorbed and adapted to face the economic, social, political and cultural transformations which, over the last 20 years, have changed the face of the world.

        [end of excerpt]

    • Don’t call 911 please. That is for “real” emergencies and people’s lives are on the line for a lot of those calls. Call your mayor, alderman/woman and email them until you get blocked.

      But please do NOT call 911.

    • Oh very good, very good indeed. I will do likewise here in Australia when my local council declares an emergency. I will seek out the councils, 16 IIRC, who have declared such an emergency and ask what precautions I should take when entering their area of emergency.

      But of course, you and I both know it’s just gum-flapping by politicians.

    • You’ve got some pair, Mr., to crank call 911 over this. While I agree with your overall point, I very much disagree with crank calling 911.

    • Trucks in the UK are also classed as a 2, 3, 4 rigid axle lorry and multi-axle articulated lorry (Artic). Shortened to lorry or artic.

    • Egad, man!
      Not enough days, no transcript, and now a TYPO!
      Good Lord!
      What next…no crumpets at tea time?
      No free pretzels?
      I want a refund of every penny it costs me to come here and enjoy stuff that other people spend their valuable time producing!

  7. Will someone please interview that David Viner chap – we could all do with a good laugh when he comes up with some daft weasel words excuses as to why children are still seeing snow in the UK.

  8. Most excellent videos!

    You could start a new series the day after Halloween and do 365 of them since there are so many.


    • hehe I haven’t laughed so hard for ages.

      Imagining the top copper ‘Ida Dick giving a presentation with bobbies sniggering each side of her!

  9. Have to work on a 12 days of Christmas themed song. On the first day of Climate talks the UN sent to me a scam called the Paris Treaty. 2 crashing windmills, 3 storming Thunbergs,4 climate loonies, 5 polar bears…..
    This song relies on the sarcastic lyrics. Just needs to be sung clearly (Bob Dylan will not be invited to sing.) Ok, it has not been written yet, but it will be sarcastic. Will need help with the corny visuals( Eiffel tower with $ all around it, crashing windmills, angry Greta, polar bears on ice, fake charts, 97% consensus studies, 11 leaping lemmings,etc .) Should be able to use my fake operatic voice for this one to sound passable. Now, do I dress up in a Santa costume or as Al Gore ? Perhaps a t shirt with the United Nazis logo on it.
    Watch this space.

    • The 12 Years Of Climate? Otherwise known as A Countdown To The End Of Time. On the 12th day of Christmas my true love sent to me: 12 snowless winters, 11 ice-free arctics. 10 missing hot spots, 9 sinking polar bears, 8 flooded highways, 7 harvest failures, 6 Greta Thunbergs, 5 hockey sticks… 4 Michael Manns, 3 law suits, 2 Climategates, and more cash for the IPCC.

    • Unless you happen to be massively overweight, go with Santa, you’ll need less padding for your outfit. (yeah it’s a cheap shot, but Al deserves no better)

  10. Anthony, please don’t listen to the pickers of nits or the Eeyores. You have a wonderful site with great articles and the MOST enjoyable and interesting comment section on the internet. Very educational from the many scientists who post and comment with a large dollop of humor and sarcasm in which to rub their little alarmist noses! Have a Happy Halloween by burning lots of candles and making fog with dry ice (the more CO2 the merrier.) I’m loading all the guns with silver jacketed ammo for the vampires this year.
    Query: If all vampires are, by definition, bloodsuckers; does that mean they are also socialists or just DemoKKKrats? I may need more ammo!

    • While socialists and DemoKKKrats are all bloodsuckers, not all bloodsuckers are socialists or DemoKKKrats.

  11. The MSM should be doing this but they won’t because they know there would be flak if they did and they have no stomach for criticism so thank you Anthony.

    • This has actually been out there for a little while.
      But this title rather understates the case: Everyplace is warming TWICE as fast as anywhere else.

  12. Great idea!

    Hmmm … It won’t be long until something similar could be done leading up the New Years Day about failed predictions/falsified claims (ie The Hockey Stick), if not “scares”. It could start on January 2nd! 😎

    (It could go on the sidebar just below “Weather Picture of the Day”. What to call it? “Today’s ‘ Swing and a Miss'”?)

  13. The chances of every kid grades 4-12 being forced by their unionized teachers to watch these 3-4 times in different classes like my kids had to watch Al Gore’s B.S. movie ! Anyone ?

  14. Sunny, are you for-real. You make way tooooo much common sense. why do we have to put up with soooo much garbage from an entity that we pay way too much money(taxpayer)to. They lie & we pay and the fools belive them.Time to divest ourselves from this farse.

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